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FF: Maaneet - Khurana Mystery Epilogue pg49 31.May (Page 8)

puth IF-Dazzler

Joined: 22 February 2010
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Posted: 10 May 2011 at 11:50am | IP Logged
just caught up with this FF dear..its freaking awesome...
can you please add me to your pm list...

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sb1412 Senior Member

Joined: 03 April 2011
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Posted: 10 May 2011 at 12:22pm | IP Logged
superb both tubelights...LOLLOL

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t-mayur-sajan-j IF-Dazzler

Joined: 10 October 2009
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Posted: 10 May 2011 at 4:48pm | IP Logged
wondeful ff
just read all of the parts nd geet is so innocent
want maneet to be together soon their soo sweet
update soon

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Krishnaluv94 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 03 October 2010
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Posted: 10 May 2011 at 7:55pm | IP Logged
WOW! great FF!! please PM me, i sent you a buddy request! :) waiting for update!

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Vaidhumom Goldie

Joined: 08 January 2011
Posts: 2275

Posted: 10 May 2011 at 10:33pm | IP Logged
Hey have an amazing way of writingClap
Loved the warning before reading slam book LOL
Finally...MSK came to know who is Geet Wink
MSK compared to school true...he is one actuallyLOL
Rolled out with laughter when you described Maneet belonged to Tubelight worldROFL
Maneet separation for 1 week...jaan levaDead
Loved Daadi-Maan convo...really niceEmbarrassed
Waiting for next updateEmbarrassed

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ridhz21 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 May 2011 at 11:05pm | IP Logged
Both the parts r awesome
thx for pm

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Mina420 Goldie

Joined: 17 April 2010
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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 4:45am | IP Logged

Ok, I am feeling generous. You are getting 4 chapters, two now and two later:

Chapter 11:

Friendship for Love


When he reached office he thought about his favourite topic: Geet.

Collecting all the fact what did he really know about her?

  1. She is beautiful (your hair, your figure, your eyes, you're just perfect)
  2. She is a great cook (after tasting your food I don't like anything else anymore)
  3. She is not affected by my anger (how dare you)
  4. She has no one (you have me, I'll always be there for you Geet)
  5. Her friends: Adi, Pinky and Meera.


That was it; he had to ask them to help him. He called Adi and talk to him. He arranged for Adi to stay back after 7pm.

Meanwhile Sasha was busy preparing for Mr Chopra's launch party. Although she had to be at the hall for most of the time she kept coming to KC to meet MK. She didn't like what she saw. Every now and then he kept going to BG, even tough it was closed for the week. And when ever he came down he had a huge smile on his face. He even yelled at her twice for interrupting his thoughts. This was so not MK. She had ordered Tasha once to follow him but she couldn't find out anything either. But she was Sasha, she would find out. MK was her catch and she would not give him away that easily.


At 7 Adi and Maan were in his cabin. Maan looked at Adi and gave him a smile. This made Adi even more nervous.

"Adi, I want to know what you think about me."

'What sort of question is that?' Adi thought.

"What do you mean, sir?"

"First, don't call me sir now. Right now I am Maan, your friend. Second, you know me since I was a kid. What do you think about me?"

Adi was happy. It had been ages since Maan sir had called him his friend. They always were but nevertheless he never talked to him as a friend since he started working in his office.

"You are a very good person from heart, Maan." Adi said honestly.

"Even though you tend to get angry at times but you care a lot for people."

Maan liked it. Adi had been by his side for a long time now and he always valued him for his honesty.

"Then tell me, after Samira do you think I should get a second chance?"

Adi kept silent for a minute. Maan sir never talked about Samira, she was a black part of his past but more over it was painful. He had lost a lot because of her and even though it was not really his mistake he always blames himself.

"Absolutely. You really deserve a second chance. Anyways, the old Maan was always better then the present one."  

"What if I tell you I want to get on with my life and get married?"

Adi fell from his chair. This was unimaginable. Maan repenting, yes that was possible. But Maan and marriage???

"Who with?" was all Adi could say. He really wanted to know who the (un)lucky girl was.

"Geet." Adi sighed, so Dadima's plan had worked after all.

"Geet is a nice girl. And more over she in not like…"

"Not like Samira, I know. But I don't know what she thinks about me. Does she like me or no? What do you think?"

"I am not sure. Last Sunday, Pinky and I spend the whole day with her and Meera. She was upset that you called her food disgusting." At this point Adi gave him a quick look.

"But she also said you might not have meant it. You see, she can't bear it when someone says something about her cooking that is why she was in tears." Maan explained Adi why he had said that word. Adi understood Maan's dilemma. He liked Geet and wouldn't be ready to help if Maan SIR had asked him. But Maan was his friend and he knew he deserved to be happy.

Adi suggested they talked to Pinky and Meera. Both knew Geet much better than him and surely would help. Maan was reluctant. Adi was his friend, but they?

"Maan, I know you for a long time now. Do you remember how in college you would befriend everyone? You were so easy going. Don't think of Pinky and Meera as you staff just as you don't think of me as one. Maybe then it will become easy to approach them."

With this he left Maan alone. Maan thought about his college times and how he used to make new friend. He smiled removed two pieces of paper, made a handwritten note on them and folded them up. After completing his work he kept one of the papers at Meera's desk and the other at the reception for Pinky.


Pinky and Meera were sitting in their MD's cabin. Both were a nervous wreck. They had been invited by their boss to a cup of coffee and the note was signed as Maan. They had no idea what was going on and the fact that he kept looking at them didn't lighten up the situation either.

"So Pinky and Meera, how is work?"

Both looked at each other and then at MK.

"Fine" they said hesitantly.

Maan could see that he was frightening them and had no ides how to lighten the situation up. He looked at Adi who seemed to enjoy the situation. Maybe it was better to be direct.

"Look, I want to be your friend. What do you think?" He smiled at both and extended his hand. Both girls didn't know where this was leading to, but shook his hand, smiling nervously.

"Do you know, Adi and I were together at college, weren't we Adi?"

"Yes Maan." Meera and Pinky's jaws dropped. Did Adi sir just call MK by his first name? The last time an employee had done that he didn't even have time to pack his stuff before he was kicked out.

"Well now there are four of us. Adi told me you went to the same college Pinky."

Pinky nodded. It was there where she had first seen Adi. He had never noticed her as he was mostly with Maan and his other friends.

"Nice. Now isn't there one more amongst us. Geet?"


Meera looked up, so this was why he was doing all this. Meera didn't have any siblings and she considered Geet as her younger sister. Even though Meera was a little shy and clam but she was very protective about Geet. And she didn't like the way MK was asking. Maan noticed the change in expression on Meera's face.

"Kya hua Meera?"

"Sir, why are you asking about Geet? She is like a sister for me and she is really innocent. I agree she can be open at times and say stuff at the heat of the moment but…"

"Calm down Meera" Maan was astonished. Never did he think that Meera would burst at him like that. But he felt at ease since he knew that Geet had someone so protective.

He took a deep breath and dropped the bomb:

"Look, I….."All three waited. "Geet"

Silence. No one said anything. Maan felt he had to explain.

"I know you think I am a rude and arrogant beast, but truth is I wasn't always like this. Things have happened because of which I turned like this… but would like to get on….with Geet on my side."

"Oh you mean Samira" Pinky had said that before she could stop herself.

Adi and Maan looked at her. "Woh, everyone at college knew" she said looking down.

"It is ok Pinky. Maybe knowing what happened you will understand me better." Pinky nodded.

Meera was still unconvinced.

"But what about Geet?" she asked.

"Well I rather thought you guys could help me out. She is friends with you and she might confide in you…"

"So you befriended us to find out about what Geet feels for you?" Both Pinky and Meera stood up and putting both their hands on their hip and giving Maan a dangerous glance. It had completely slipped their mind that they were talking to MAAN SINGH KHURANA, their DD, MK, the MD of their company, Geet's dusht daanav.

Maan looked at them. 'Damn, now what?'

"Ahem, no, not at all. We are still friends." He wasn't confident at all.

Women he had always thought were devious and good for nothing. But that they could be dangerous simply by looking at you came new to him.

Adi calmed them down. He had never since college seen Maan get so frightened. The last time was when Annie had caught him smoking and threatened to tell their mom.

"Please. I really like her but I want to know how she feels for me. Will you guys help me?" Meera gave in. Pleading was really out of character for MK, maybe he was really changing. And Geet was the reason, so why not?

"Ok" Maan sighed. Adi had thought of a plan.

"I have a plan. How about Pinky and Meera play truth and dare with her. Maybe she will tell you something."

"Good idea, but what shall we ask her?"

Maan thought for a minute. He grabbed into his bag a removed a Bluetooth devise.

"Take this and put it on your ear. Keep your hair open so she can't see it. Then keep close to her so I can hear what she says. That way the questions will not sound odd."

'Maan really is Dadi's grandson' Adi thought.


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Mina420 Goldie

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 4:46am | IP Logged

Chapter 12:

Truth and Truth


So that evening when Geet came home she was greeted by Pinky and Meera. Geet told them all about the preparations and that everything was finalized for tomorrow evening. Even though Geet was a little tired she made some cheese sandwiches for all. Maan who was on the other line felt his mouth watering.

The game was on; they played for some time asking casual questions. Meera and Pinky had decided to ask each other as Maan was listening to the answers. Then it was Geet's turn and Meera asked:

"Geet, is there currently someone you like, you know as in some guy?"

Geet turned red. She was mostly thinking about Maan sir in her free time and now this question; she felt being caught red handed.

"Ahem, why are you asking?" Maan laughed.

"Geet, this is the game, we gave you a question now answer us." Pinky said. Both had noticed her head turning into a tomato.

Geet thought for a minute them nodded her head. After all Meera and Pinky were like her sisters. What was the harm in telling them?

"Sach, whom? I mean do we know him" both asked so loud that Maan had to keep his phone away from his ear.

"Only one question at a time" Geet said.

"Arre game ko mar goli. Tell us, who is the lucky guy?" Pinky exclaimed.

"Woh, 'woh '.office main.." Geet muttered.

"Office mein kya?" Meera asked. Maybe they were pushing her too much. Even Maan noticed and quickly said:

"Meera, ask her if he is good looking"

Meera asked. And Geet nodded. "Yes he is" Meera said rolling her eyes but Geet didn't see.

"Now ask her if he is just as good looking as me?"

Meera asked. Geet turned even more red but nodded again.

"She says yes." Maan had made sure not to hire someone better looking than himself after all his ego would get hurt if some girl would look at his staff rather than him.

"Ask her the name." Meera hesitated. This was a bit too direct but she did.

"Waise, naam kya hain uska?" Geet looked up, shocked. She was looking at Meera and Pinky who waited for an answer. Should she tell them? What would they think of her? But it is not like they are going to tell him, right? 

"Dusht Daanav" 

Both her friends were shocked at the revelation.

"Oye tera matlab hain Maan sir?" Pinky asked. Geet nodded.


"Parr kya Geet?" Meera asked.

"I don't know. Pehle toh Maan sir ko yeh bhi nahin pata ke main hi BG chalati hu aur mera naam Geet hain. Upar se jab bhi mujhe dekhte hain mujh pe baras parte hain. Mujhe nahin lagta ke woh mujhe kabhi pasand karenge. Aur phir Rahul ke wajah se'" Geet bit her tongue.

She had never told Meera about Rahul when they were in Mumbai. She knew Meera was protective of her and wouldn't let her go anywhere alone after that.

"Yeh Rahul kaun hai?" Meera asked strictly. Maan was listening intently. He knew Geet was right, his behaviour in front of her wasn't really talking in his favour but what was it about this Rahul. He remembered the photograph of him in Geet's scrapbook.

"Woh, main jab cooking seekh rahin thi tab main Rahul se mili thi. Woh mujhe bohut accha laga'" Maan didn't like this.

"Phir" Pinky asked.

"Mujhe laga ke main usse pyaar karti hu lekin he had other intentions." Geet looked down. She couldn't face Meera who was staring at Geet unbelievably. Meera never thought Geet would hide such a thing from her, she was hurt.

"Mujhe pehle kyun nahi bataya? Haan, kyun batati, main teri lagti kya hu." She got up. Geet and Pinky got up, too.

"Meera, sun toh, aisa kuch nahin hain. Usne aise kuch nahin kiya."

Maan was in flames, he had to find out who this Rahul was and what he did to his Geet. Even in front of her sister like friends she might not say everything.

Meera was in a fix. She wanted to ask Geet more details but MK was on the line. And even if Geet didn't know Meera would feel uncomfortable asking.

Pinky came to the rescue:

"Accha phir kya hua? You broke up, right?"

"Haan, maine usse maar maar ke uska bharta bana diya." All three laughed. Meera hugged Geet, careful not to expose her Bluetooth device. Geet went to bed and Pinky went home, too.

"MK?" Meera asked hesitantly.

"Haan Meera. Bolo." Meera could sense that MK was angry.

"Main phone rakhti hu."

"Suno Meera'" He didn't know how to ask her. Only Geet could tell what really happened.

"I will ask her, shayad bata de."

"Thanks" Maan cut the phone and lay on his bed.


He was enraged but the thought that Geet liked him, too, cooled him down again.

Tomorrow he had to come to the food festival that is where he would see her again after a week's long wait. He had missed her no doubt and he had to admit that after tasting food from her hand he didn't like anything else anymore. Morning coffee had become a pain, it tasked disgusting and even lunch which he had from his favourite caf had lost its charm. Now that he knew what she felt for him it was now necessary to take another step. He thought of what Geet had said about Rahul. It seemed that she wasn't ready to trust her feelings that easily.

'Just like you, isn't she' his inner voice said.

Me, how?

'You didn't trust your feelings for Geet after Samira, either. True, both situations might not have been the same but both resulted in breach of trust. Now it is up to you to make her trust you.'

How? I have a pretty bad image in front of her. She even calls me Dusht Daanav.

'Yeah, your first impression might not be too good but why not show her who Maan really is. She likes you and that is a bonus for you. You have always been a charmer, use it.'

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