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FF: Maaneet - Khurana Mystery Epilogue pg49 31.May (Page 30)

ridhz21 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 11:59pm | IP Logged
Wow !!!!!!!!
superb update
loved all d 3 parts


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Mina420 Goldie

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Originally posted by mirnalini

By the way, I had one question...

Are you Gujrati by any chance..??Tongue
I mean the perfection with which you write those rib tickling dialogues of the Gujrati family speaks volumes of your expertise with the language.

I have a sudden urge to learn Gujrati now...ShockedOMGShocked... just wait till my parents here of this new venture of mine... can't even imagine the looks they're going to give meConfused... LMAO...

Yes I am Gujarati. I never learnd to write and read though but my parents insisted in at least being able to speak and understand our mother tongue.

And now it is coming in handy to write dialogues for out Gujju family ROFL.

Well, I can imagine the looks on your parents face. I had that when I told them that I randomly wanted to learn Japanese. Unfortunatly I had to stop half way through because of exams...

Ok, wait for chapter 30, Maan's story is reveiled and chapter 32 will be of equal interest as it is about his mother.

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wajiha-1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 4:38am | IP Logged

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kirannaryani Senior Member

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 4:49am | IP Logged


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Vaidhumom Goldie

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 7:25am | IP Logged
Sorry dear...Busy for the last couple of days
Hey just read chapter 17, 18, 19...
Simply superb
Loved the popat seth and Ketki ben LOL
They Thought Sasha is a begger and Popat decided to give her one rupee and there is a fight between the couple that they should give enough money to the poor girl to buy new dress...LOLROFL
Again Maan angry on Sasha as obviously her dressing sence and the way she was posing communicated her body woh chanda maang rahi thi ROFL
Reading next posts and will keep you updatedEmbarrassed

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meravigiliso IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 7:36am | IP Logged
loved it . read at one go .your style of narration is fantastic  and story is very intriguing . added you as buddy .can you plz pm me.

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Mina420 Goldie

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 9:08am | IP Logged
Note: These are NOT in order of appearance

Geet Handa and Maan Singh Khurana

Aditya Sharma and Pinky Manchanda

Sasha and Tasha

Savitry Devi - Dadi

Meera Suberwal

Naintara and Dev Khurana

Samira Khanna

Romesh (Romeo) Ojha

Arjun Singh Rathore and Anvesha Khurana

Yash Patel

Popat Seth Patel

Ketki Ben Patel

Rano Handa

Vikrant (Vicky) Singh Khurana

Nani (Annie's)

Rajeev Singh Khurana and Sonia Khurana

Arwind (Mota bhai) Thakkar

Lila Thakkar

Godavri (Baa) Thakkar

Meenaxi Thakkar

Baby and Birju

Hemlatta Mausi and Gattu

SORRY for weird order, this Editor is messing with my editting. But I think the names are easily put to the right faces.
I hope I haven't forgotten any important character, if yes plz do tell, I'll add a face.

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Mina420 Goldie

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 9:27am | IP Logged
Here I come with chapter 30 and 31. Thnk you all very much for the lovely comments. I have hopefully added every one to the buddy list who have requested me to do so.

Chapter 30:

Maan's story


After the initial embarrassment Maan and Adi were welcomed in. Everyone thought it might be custom in Delhi to enter from the backyard hence shrugged it off. Some kids though were more intelligent as their elders; at least that is what they thought. They had made a circle around Adi and tried to find the real reason for their backyard entry. He was a complete nervous wreck. After the confusion of who is going to marry who had been cleared, Maan had given Adi a look. That look could even melt steel.

Maan had hard times explaining to the three ladies in front of him what he was doing here. Now that he thought about it he didn't want Geet to know he doubted her. 'How could I in the first place do such a thing?' But it was too late and the damage was done. Geet had run off to her room after hearing Maan say he thought she was cheating him.

Pinky had cornered Adi after the children had given up their interest in him and poked him with her chubby finger. She kept saying things like 'just had to run to DD and tell him' or 'why didn't you ask us?' Adi tried to say that indeed he did try to call them but broke off as Pinky was poking him again.

Meera had taken Yash to a corner and kept hitting him on his shoulder.

"What were you thinking Yash, do you know in how much trouble not only I but Geet and Pinky are, too, because of you. Plus, you arranged my marriage without even asking me. Thank goodness today they only planned the engagement I don't want to think about what might have happened if we were to marry right now.

Meera calmed down and Yash simply rubbed his arm. He didn't know exactly what Meera was angry with and just kept quiet. Then Meera looked down and said:

"Thank you Yash for bringing me to your family. I never knew till now on what I missed out." Yash embraced her and Meera hugged back. Yash had gotten his answer.

Even Pinky had calmed down, not because she had forgiven Adi but because she was hungry. She took off in search for something eatable and Adi sighed with relief.


Maan had taken after Geet. He found her crying into her pillow like a small baby. He put his hand on her shoulder but she shrugged it off. He tried to take hold of her hand but she didn't let him.

"Geet, I am really, really sorry. I know I shouldn't have said that" Maan tried to explain.

"You shouldn't have thought that in the first place." She yelled back but her voice came muffled as she yelled into the pillow.

"The way things looked' I couldn't explain your behaviour any other way. Geet, please stop crying" Maan again tried to touch her but Geet hit his hand. She looked up from her pillow and said:

"The way what looked? We had to do all this drama because of you. I even told Dadi everything so she didn't worry."

"Dadi knew? And why because of me?" Maan asked, happy at least Geet had stopped crying.

"Yes, yes, just because you are the world's biggest dusht daanav and keep firing people if they romance a little. That is why Yash, Pinky and I met at the caf opposite to KC and that is why Pinky and I had to keep you away from office so we could take leave from Adi sir. You always ask million questions and raise your eyebrow in that funny way and you don't like it when people lie and fire them so we couldn't even do that. Romancing in office is not professional I guess but of course his own rule never apply the great MSK himself, why should they, he made them and he breaks them" Geet said it all in one go. So that was the problem. Maan had his issues with romance in the office but if he would have known his Mishti would go to such lengths to make Meera's and Yash's love story a success he would have ' well what would he have done? It was less a rule but more a feeling that overcame Maan every time he saw someone romancing. He couldn't put his finger on it and dealt with this problem just as with other unsolvable problems. He got rid of them or in this case fired the individuals.

He rubbed him temple with his palm. He sat on the bed and put his head on Geet's lap. At first she wanted to push him off but he would have fallen down and she didn't want him to get hurt.

"Geet, let me tell you a story." Maan said closing his eyes and putting his arms around her waist.


"I was at university when I had met Samira Khanna. Sweet, bubbly and innocent was how I used to describe her. She wasn't like anyone else I had met. And beautiful she was no doubt about that."

"Mujhe kyun sunarahe ho? Get off me" Geet pushed Maan, angry that he was talking about this girl and praising her when he should explain himself. Maan fell down and banged his head.

"Ouch" he screamed and Geet realised what she had done.

"Sorry, sorry, sorry." She helped him up and made him lay down properly on the bed putting his head on her lap. She caressed his forehead which luckily didn't get injured.

Maan continued as he knew he had Geet's attention.

"I was attracted to her and it looked like she liked me, too. We became friends and friendship grew into love. I often visited home to meet dad, Dadi, Dev, Vicky and Naintara (Dev's wife) and I wanted to introduce them all to her. But she kept refusing. She was shy she had said and I believed her. Years past and she kept finding new excuses not to come home. She wanted us to get married secretly fearing how everyone at home would react to her being half orphan. But I told her not to worry. Even I was kind of half orphan.

She pleaded me for marriage and I wanted to surprise her and brought her home. She was not pleased and for the first time I felt it: a strange kind of coldness. But being in love I just brushed it off. Dadi was happy and so were Dev, Naintara and Vicky. I showed her to the study where dad was.


"Dad, do you have a minute?"

Rajeev looked up at his son and nodded smiling.

Maan moved aside and revealed Samira.

Rajeev's smile got wiped off that instance.

"This is Samira Khanna, dad. We both are in love and want to get married as soon as possible. What do you think dad? "

There was silence as Rajeev looked from Maan to Samira and back.

Maan misunderstood his father's silence and said:

"Ok, you want to talk to her alone? Fine, then I'll go get some refreshments for us till then you guys can chat." To Samira he said: "Dad is really easy going just talk to him as you talk to me."

Maan left keeping the door slightly a jar. He rushed to the kitchen and got something sweet and some drinks. On his way back he heard a heated conversation in the study going on.


Maan recognised the voice as that of his father and rushed inside.

Samira ran off past him leaving Maan and his dad alone.

"What happened dad? Why were you screaming?"

Rajeev was fuming and grabbed the next bottle he could get and drank from it.

"Dad, stop."

Maan tried to stop his dad but he was pushed away. He shoved Maan out and locked the door. At loss as to what to do next he called Samira but she didn't pick up her phone. His dad was there for hours and didn't even come out for dinner. Next day everyone was worried. The study was open but no one was there. They searched at different places when Maan and Vicky reached the outhouse.


"Dad was hanging from a rope." Maan stopped as the opened chamber of memories brought old pain with it. He wrapped his arms around Geet who was trying to console him.

"Police said it was suicide but no note was found. Dadi's health decreased and she was rushed to the hospital. Dev, Vicky and Naintara were with us. It was difficult for us. On one hand dad was dead, then Dadi had a heart attack and Naintara was pregnant at that time. I don't know how we managed. It was then that I missed my mother most. She was a gem, Geet, just like your mamma." Geet had tears in her eyes and kissed Maan's forehead.

"If she was there then she would have handled but now it was my responsibility. Dad was cremated and Dadi slowly recovered. After the initial tension was gone I called Samira and wanted to talk to her but she said she was going back home to London to stay with her mother. I was crushed. I still don't know whether it was her leaving me or not supporting me that caused me more pain. I rushed to her hotel and found her talking to a guy in the restaurant. I wouldn't have eavesdropped but the way Samira was in his arms'


"Oh come on Mike, Maan's dad died. This is even better than I had expected thing to go. I told Maan that I am going back home to mom and I'm sure he will be rushing to me. He'll try to stop me and that is when I'll play my cards. Marriage or I'm gone."

"Sam baby, you love me and will marry him?"

"Of course, what do you think I am doing all this drama for? He is blind enough not to comprehend what his father had meant when I was at his place. After I marry Maan I get what is mine. Then I'll divorce him and we two will live happily ever after."

Maan left from there. His body felt numb and his mind was empty. Samira's words kept playing in his mind and he stopped at his father's words.


"I think dad didn't want me to marry Samira but I still don't understand what made him commit suicide and that, too, in the outhouse. He never liked it there; it was always a place for my mom or me. I since keep it looked. I feel guilty some how. Maybe if I would have tried harder to make sense of my dad's words I could have stopped him." He had closed his eyes and clutched onto Geet's waist. His fingers were digging into her flesh and it was paining her but she wanted his pain to leave him and did not protest. After some time she asked:

"Samira ka kya hua?"

"I didn't talk to her as she had expected. She came home and tried it another way."


"Maan, I am sorry for wanting to leave you. You needed me and I wasn't there for you" Tears were running down Samira's face.

"But now I will stay with you forever. You and me can live happily in this big Mansion."

"SAMIRA" Maan screamed, not wanting to hear her lies anymore.

Maan told her what he had heard in the restaurant. Samira was caught and there were only two ways in which she could help herself. Either plead innocent which Maan would never buy or plead guilty and ask for forgiveness.

"Maan mujhe maaf kardo please. I got greedy. Please Maan give me one chance, please."

Maan's heart ached seeing her like this but he couldn't forgive her so easily either.

"Fine. I will forgive you and we can start afresh. I will tell Dadi to arrange for our marriage." Samira brightened up.

"But I have one condition. You will sign a document stating that after our marriage you will never take any money from me or my family. You will not get any family jewellery but can keep gifts. Do you agree?"

Samira went pale.

"You can't do this Maan, you trust me don't you then what is all this?"

"I love you Samira hence I want to give you a chance to prove your love for me. But at the same time I can not get the image out of my head with you and that boy."

"Maan" Samira turned angry now.

"I told you it was a mistake but punishing me like this. Do you have any idea what this will mean?"

"What will it mean? We will live together as husband and wife and don't worry; I'll make sure you get an annual allowance."

"No, you must be joking. Why don't you forget what happened at the bloody restaurant."

 "Samira, why don't you admit you are still only interested in my money?"

"Yes I AM. And I have a right on it. Your father killed himself because he was a b******, who '"

Maan had slapped Samira hard and she fell.

"I feel ashamed of myself. How did I fall in low with such a b**** like you? I will never accept you or forgive you. Get lost from my life before I lose myself completely."

"Maan, if you won't accept me, I'll make sure no one gets you"


"My head kept saying that she was gone for good and my heart hoped she would return realising her love for me. Her leaving for London gave me my answer tough. She really wanted me for my money. When I heard about the wedding and thought about how you tried to keep me away from yourself I couldn't help but think that history was repeating itself and you were turning out to be like Samira. I am sorry Geet." The last sentence was filled with so much pain that Geet said:

"Don't say sorry. I agree that things were looking rather funny. I mean Adi sir's face expression was to be seen when he saw the wedding dress." She laughed and hoped Maan was feeling better now. Geet kissed his forehead again. She had been listening till now and felt an incredible pain in her heart. She understood how he felt and how much he had gone through. She understood why he had turned so cold. She understood why he had been so aggressive towards her. She understood why he didn't trust anyone, especially any woman and she even understood why he didn't like office romance. Geet rubbed his back. She wanted to ask him few questions but maybe this was enough pain for a day. Remembering old times was not easy, she should know best.

Geet caressed his cheeks. She wanted to say something but kept fighting with her. The last thing she wanted was to hurt him more.

"Mujhe pata hain ke aap ko office romance kyun nahin pasand" she said after a while. Maan got up and looked at her.

"Aap ko yaha" she pointed at his heart. "Yaha bohut takleef hoti hain jab do log ek doosre se pyaar karte hain. Aap ne Samira se pyaar kiya lekin usne aap ko istemaal kiya. Aap ko lagta hain ke aap ki love story bigad gaye lekin doosro ki banjati hain. You are hurt and you don't know what they have to deserve such happiness to have someone who truly loves them and you don't. You are Maan Singh Khurana who has name, fame, money and success but they have love and every time you see them you want it, too. It hurts you and you want this feeling to go away that is why you fire them." Maan looked at Geet in awe.

"Tumhe kaise pata?" He asked her when she pulled him closer.

"Because" they were very close now. "I live in your heart. I know what is going on in there much better than you do." She leaned her forehead on his and they heard the knock.


"Oye Geet kya'" Pinky and Meera burst in. They saw Geet and Maan sir. Maan quickly got up and so did Geet.

"Meera, ka hua?" Meera wanted to change the topic, too and showed her the ring. Geet made big eyes when she understood.


"Geet, thand paa" Pinky said.

"It all happened so suddenly. I was still angry on Adi sir when they announced the time has come. They exchanged rings and we thought you must be somewhere around but then we looked and didn't find you or DD'" Pinky broke off.

Meera looked downcast.

"Sorry Pinky, Geet, meri waja se tum dono ko itni takleef hui. I mean' I guess we all are going to lose our job now."

"WHO said that?" Maan was his usual self again and said in his MSK style.

"I am MSK; I make the rules so I decide. Meera, you have a month leave from after your wedding and when you return you are getting a pay rise because I assume your family will increase. Pinky, you are getting a rise, too. I must say you have guts to plan such a thing and go against me. This must be appreciated." Meera's and Pinky's jaws dropped. Did they just hear right? Geet waved her hands in front of them and they came back to normal.

"Arre Geet, hum teen isi kamre mein rahenge aur Maan sir ke liye Maa ne next door room tayyar karwadiya hai. Sab log sone chale gaye hain, tu bhi change karle" Meera said.

"Theek hain, mein chalta hu." Maan said but took Geet with him. She just looked back and Meera and Pinky gave her thumbs up. They went down stairs and into the backyard. It was dark and no one was around. They sat next to each other on the big swing.

"Geet, now that you know all about me'. do you still like me?" Maan asked hesitantly. She vigorously shook her head in negative. Maan's heart felt like it was ripped apart into million pieces.

"It's ok. I can understand you don't like me anymore. I mean I am not worthy of love in any case. But I hope you find some nice guy and marry him and be happy with him for the rest of '" he broke off; the pain was just so unbearable.

"Kya mujhe itna hi samjha hain aapne?" Geet asked sweetly. Maan looked at her and he only saw love in her eyes. Love for him.

"You asked me if I like you, no I don't. I LOVE YOU. And after hearing your story I love you even more. Just remember one thing for the rest of you life. I am not Samira. I love you for yourself. I loved you knowing you are a dusht daanav, a wild beast who loves to run havoc, thinking you didn't even know my name, being convinced you couldn't even stand the sight of me. I loved you always and this will never change."  Geet embraced him. He felt so warm from within. He felt at peace. He had found her. The girl that will love him for what he was, the girl who understands him better than he does himself, and the girl who will forever be his support. He had found GEET.


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