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"Beauty And The Beast" [RT-MC]New Promo Pg 148 (Page 78)

Amor. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 27 August 2008
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Posted: 15 March 2012 at 4:22am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Shantell

Wow amazing as per..

Originally posted by swethasyam08

awesome update Khushi!!! loved it!!! Smile

Originally posted by sanyogitaprc

nice one dear...

first part was awesomeEmbarrassed...but FB changed everythingCry...

precap is hopefulDay Dreaming...waiting for next part...

Originally posted by tejjo

wow what update dii Tongueits awesome

loved the scene where robi hold her handTongueTongueTonguenandni felt happy and im tooLOLLOLLOL

but this mauli's pic...oh god yeh wahan rakhi kyun thi...uae to wardrobe me rakh dena chahiye thaConfused

robi ka mood hi kharab kar diyaOuch...or nandni kitni happy thiShocked
i feel bad for her Cry
dii aapne dono stories me mujhe rula diyaCryCryCry
but koi baat nhi kyunki agla update happy happy hoga naClap

cat & dog fight ROFLmaza ayega
par update soonOuch
kyunki mujhe cat & dog ki fight jaldi dekhni hLOLLOLor kuch romantic scene bhi dekhni h...oops padhni h...dekha mein kitni excited hun next update ke liyeOuchOuch

plsss update soonConfused
thanks for pmBig smile
muahhh for updateSmile
luv u isliye ki next update jaldi mil jayeOuch
mujhe pta h ki is baar jaldi milegaTongue
h na..h na dii bolo naSleepy

Originally posted by ridzzi

awesome update...Clap
liked the scene where robi holds her hand...oh...he is trying to console her...Tongue
n he is continously looking at her...well robi prateek is saying right...ab who tumhari hi hai...aur wo bhi hamesha k liye...LOL
but robi ka past kab uska peecha chodega...Unhappy
robi ka mood kharab kia so kia...nandu ki happines pe bhi  ek bucket pani pher dia...Angry
poor nandu...apni first night pe hi ro di...Cry
n yes i really loved the songs u used for the scenes...just perfect...Thumbs Up
n ur one is able to stop them...but as said...nafrat hi toh pyar ki seedhi hoti hai...then hote hote end main sab acha hi hoga...

haule haule ho jayega pyar...
chali aa...
haule haule ho jayega pyar...Wink

song toh suna hi hoga...LOL
update soon...
luv u...Smile

Originally posted by nitali

u know ... best update...
i think cat and dog fight hona chaiye but jeet pyaar ki honi chaiye...

and pyaar does not mean mouli...

by the way ye mouli ki bacchi ko kya hua?? mar to nahi gaiye..???

and nandini has to stay strong..otherwise her heart will break again

Thnku So Much Guyz For Liking & Commenting Frndz!
Regarding mauli she's robi's first love he cant forget her so easily so plz bear her for few more updates!

Amor. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 27 August 2008
Posts: 41175

Posted: 15 March 2012 at 4:24am | IP Logged
Originally posted by pranita1202

love the ud
robi is very supportive
but his  past is pulling him back
no worry i guess after cat-dog i mean cougar- leapord fight n
all moments ...
guess climax will b when nandini will have enough she will attack him typical heroine style u know by saying " i loved u maried but u don't care bla bla . u care for the love u lost but not for u have n more la la"

then guess he will finnnaaally realize then he may , i said may i mean ahem ahem
me n my corrupt thoughtsTongue 

Originally posted by shruja

thanks for update n pm
sorry for late reply
loved update
pratik teasing roby n nandu shying
but after tht very sad part
feeling bad for poor nandu
as her beasty turned again beasty
but she will not leave him so easily
precap is interesting n made me think so
love to read their fights
use of heere monti saaiyan of kailash kher was best its my fav.

Originally posted by Freethinker

nice update..thanks for the pm

Originally posted by anumeha_rajat

amazing part di..

was loving the change in robi..

but phir se wohi sab..

precap is amazing..

hope things change soon..

thnx for the pm...

Originally posted by megha01

kya bolu ... as i told u already... i was carried away dis tym :)

both d songs... my fav n very aptly used
mauli wala scene ... touched m very deeply

so first nite barbaad as expected 
well it will definitely tk her lot of tym to win him over
lets c kese kese hota h

upd soon

Thnku So Much Guyz For Liking & Commenting Frndz!

Amor. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 27 August 2008
Posts: 41175

Posted: 15 March 2012 at 4:25am | IP Logged
Originally posted by anu93

 Nice updateBig smile...Beautiful song selection tooClap
@Khushi di: Sorry for late comment yaar actually I was busy with exams toh...Inbox mein bhaot  sare msg aye hai dheere dheere sab comment kar rahi hoonTongue

u dnt need to be sorry dear
thnku for giving time to this ff n comment as per ur comfortSmile

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Tyro IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 March 2012 at 10:53am | IP Logged
her one pic reminded him all abt their past...

hope nandu comes to know what is bothering him...

continue soon...

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Amor. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 27 August 2008
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Posted: 15 March 2012 at 12:11pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by jyoti_l

her one pic reminded him all abt their past...

hope nandu comes to know what is bothering him...

continue soon...

thnku dear

next part is coming in few minutes Smile

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Amor. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 27 August 2008
Posts: 41175

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Amor. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 27 August 2008
Posts: 41175

Posted: 15 March 2012 at 12:15pm | IP Logged
Part 18

A tear drop out from nandini's eyes to her hand,
she saw it n then robi , who was actually not sleeping but pretending to be sleeping.

Nandini(to herself): beasty kahin ka, rula diya mujhe, chodungi nahi ab ise.

She removes her ghunghat n jwellery, untie her hair n pushes robi tightly n he fell down from bed.

Robi with open mouth  dnt realize for the first few seconds wat happen to her... n then shouts on her

R: hw dare u

N: hw dare me,ye mujhe kehna chahiye

R: wat is this nandini, is it time to play

N: ahhh hann u think m interesting in playing with u beasty

R: then wat hv u done

N: ohhh u really wanna know wat hv i done

She pick the pillows n started hitting robi , who was already on floor, he was trying to save himself...

R: nandini stop it...(saving himself from pillow)

Outside the room...

Pratek: gya ye to aaj

Laboni: zarur isne nandini ko kuch bola hoga

Ananya: kaki , sab sun rahe hai roko inhe, kitni chillam chilli machi hai, thy r newly wedded couple sab kya kahenge

P: di kehne do , is rakshas ko pata to chale isne kis se panga liya hai

Ritesh n ananya laughs at prateek's sentence...

R: lets go , let them njoy thr first fight as husband wife.

Thy leave but inside the fight is still going on, nandini's pillow beating dnt allow robi to even stand, he was lying on floor, asking her to stop , n she was hitting him from bed, it makes robi more angry n he holds her hands tightly to stop her n she lost the balance n fall on robi...

Man chaahe sanam mere yaar
Dil tujhape aaya ab hum kya karein
Tu hi dil mein samaaya ab hum kya karein-2
Haan haal-e-dil tha tumko sunaanaa 2
Lekin mushkil tha kah paana
Tanhaayi mein 2
Tanhaayi mein lipata mujhase wo tera tha saaya
Tune chain churaayaa 2 haannn mere yaar
Dil tujhape aaya ab hum kya karein
Tu hi dil mein samaaya ab hum kya karein

Nandini's hair came to his face, nandini knew he's gng to push her away but she has her own plans, she kissed him , like it happen due to fall not intentionally... robi immidiately pushes her away n stands...

N: awww robi u r so rude

R: oh really ...then let it be

Nandini stands n again take the pillow to hit him n hits one more time but this time robi is not ready to take the hits n he holds her tightly

Robi(with lots of aggressiveness n passion): Nandini...

Look into her eyes...deep deep...lost n forget everything...

O dil chaahe teri chaahat le loon – 2
Sab kuchh apana badale mein de doon

Jeena kya hai 2
Jeena kya hai jaana humne saath tera jab paaya
Kaisa jaadu chalaaya haan kaisa jaadu chalaaya mere yaar
Dil tujhape aaya ab hum kya karein
Tu hi dil mein samaaya ab hum kya karein

Man chaahe sanam mere yaar
Dil tujhape aaya ab hum kya karein
Tu hi dil mein samaaya ab hum kya karein

He picks her n take her towards bed, she was looking to him continuosly...

Dil tujhape aaya ab hum kya karein
Tu hi dil mein samaaya ab hum kya karein

put her on bed...

R: gn jao ab bahut hua

He took the pillow n move ahead...

Nandini holds his hand lovingly : yahin so jao

R: no its f9, m comfortable on floor

N: dnt wrry , i'll not push u this time...

R: i said its ok

N: areee pyaar se bol rahi hu to bhav chad gye kya, so jao , rape nahi karungi tumhara...

R(looked at her surprisingly): shut up nandini, dnt talk rubbish...

N: ok then yahin so jao mere paas (making sweet face)

R: acha meri maa

He lay down on one side of bed n nandini feel happy...

She goes to change her dress n when she returns robi was in deep sleep...she came on bed n move her hand on her hair...n kissed his forehead...

She lie down on another side n both felt asleep within few minutes...


Nandini n robi were sleeping quietly, laboni knocks the door, robi opens his eyes...nandani n robi were on same pillow,
He saw her innocent face, removes her hair n then realize that she was holding his hand tightly in sleep also...
He slowly take away his hand n goes to open the door...

R: gud morning maa (touches her feet)...

Laboni bless him n saw here n there, the room was a mess, pillows n blankets on floor...

L: hey maa ye kya kiya hai tum dono ne, kitni bar bola bacho ki tarah mat lada karo but kaun samjhaye(she shouts)...

R(asking her to speak slowly): shhh, maa dhere bolo , chudail uth jayegi

Laboni stares him: sharam nahi aati tujhe, meri phool si bachi ko chudail bolta hai...

R(irritated): ya right vo phool si aur main rakshas...

He leaves from there...

L: are ruk to robi...

He dnt e leaves, laboni wakes up nandini n saw her angrilly...

N: kya hua bua

L: tu bol ye sab kya hai(points towards room)

Nandini(embarrased): meri alti nahi hai , inone mujhe rulaya to mujhe gussa aa gya

L: ye dekho ek taraf respect de rahi hai dusri taraf maara mere bahe ko

N: haan vo bacha hi hai sach me...

She too leaves in anger.

L: pagal hai dono(she smiles).

Precap: Nandani tease robi again...sum romantic moment to share.

Edited by BhartiKhushi909 - 15 March 2012 at 12:23pm

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sweetsanyo IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 March 2012 at 12:27pm | IP Logged
haye di, kya ho gaya h aapko...
saare ke saare ud  itne cute n happy ud de rahe ho...
bada maaza aaya.Party
hamari nandini kitni naughty hai nah!...
so sooper of her...
god , imagining her like dis, hitting pillow to awesome...
kya kamal ki ladki hai...Hug...
robi is surely going to have tough time with her, handling her is surely not a task which he can do...D'oh

hamaari shaitaan nandiniCool ne chalo ek kiss ka maza tho le hi liya first nite main...
naughty gal...Blushing...

the way robi carried hr to her bed-side wsDay DreamingBlushing...hayeBlushing sharamBlushing aa rahi h, itni tho nandini ko bhi nhi aayo hogi...Blushing...

''CHINTA MAT KARO!, RAPE NHI KARONGI!'' ROFLi just expected this dialouge, i mean jab maine first time pada tha ki he collected his pillow n ws moving...maine aapne aap se kaha tha yeh dialouge-''kya robi, tera rape nhi karegi nandu!''LOL
phir do line baad, yeh dialouge khood aa gaya, maine teen baar padha isse, confirm karene ke liye, kahin aivein tho nhi padh rahi main...Day Dreaming...

good nite kiss bhi mili robi ko, din ban gaya boss, OOPS! night ban gayi boss!..

subah uthe tho same pillow...oye hoye!!!!!!!!!!!!!Embarrassed

Edited by sweetsanyo - 15 March 2012 at 1:04pm

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