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SR-FF LOVE WINS (IMP NOTE Pg-117) (Page 71)

DJ.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 June 2011 at 10:01am | IP Logged

Oh God your story is going great guns ... awesome ... 

None of the part were boring so stop saying that ... Angry

As for Sid and Riddhima I am frustrated with these two When will both start accepting and stop hiding their feelings 

Don't they get tired I guess Sid has and so has Riddhima and I am glad ... now waiting for the dhamaka ... update super soon ... you are going great guns ... I am so waiting for Sid's reaction when he comes to know the Riddhima is pregnant with his child 

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jacobharry10011 Goldie

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Posted: 14 June 2011 at 10:05am | IP Logged
Did u notice u say sorry a lot of time...No need to say sorry
I am liking it with the pace the story is going
eagerly waitng for Armaan's outburst
Update soon

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innocenteyez92 Groupbie

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Posted: 14 June 2011 at 11:10am | IP Logged
nice update... Clap

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loveSR Senior Member

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Posted: 14 June 2011 at 12:50pm | IP Logged
nice update...

continue soon...

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nitikajaiswal Goldie

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Posted: 14 June 2011 at 1:59pm | IP Logged
Very nice update!!!

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indian_beauty IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 June 2011 at 3:56pm | IP Logged
Aww YuNa are getting cuteEmbarrassed

Riddhima *sigh* Finally tht woman is getting some sense and had decided to tell the truth to both Sid n Armaan...oh and Sid's gonna leave...i dnt think so!!! plzzz update soon...eagerly waiting to see both Sid n Haram's reaction...

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mala1108 Senior Member

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Posted: 14 June 2011 at 4:20pm | IP Logged
Hey Sonia awesome update...keep it up sweety...
Your story is going great... Finally Riddhima has decided that she'll tell Sid n Armaan the truth...because she cant see Sid's tears...So eagerly waiting for your next update...

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sonia1000 Goldie

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Posted: 15 June 2011 at 11:25am | IP Logged

Hey GuysHug. Here is the next part. Do leave your comments.

Part 22

Next day Armaan was busy in Sanjivani. She tried to call him but he didn't received her call. He messeged her that he would see her in the wedding as he was quite busy at that time. So Riddhima thought she would tell him at night. Marriage was to occur in a big hall where Sid was busy with preprations, Riddhima came there. Now Riddhima was looking around for Sid to tell him the truth. She saw him many times but every time he ignored her. After what ever he said last night to Riddhima he couldn't meet her gaze.


Riddhima: Sid mujy tum se bohat zaroori baat karni hai…...


Sid(not looking at her): PLZ main abhi busy hoon…...


Riddhima(almost shouting): Sid I need to talk to you right now……


Sid(gave her an angry look): PLZ mujy ap se koi baat nahi karni hai……


Riddhima get annoyed. She grabbed his hand and took him in a room, present at one corner of that hall. She pulled him in the room and locked the door.


Sid: Yeh kya badtameezi hai…..


Riddhima(angry): Acha yeh badtameezi hai….. aur jo tum mujy subah se avoid kar rahey ho…... kya wo badtameezi nahi hai…...


Sid: Main pehley bhi keh chukka hoon ke mujy ap se koi baat nahi karni…..


Saying this he started moving towards the door when Riddhima grabbed his hand.


Riddhima: Sid mujy tum se kuch baat karni hai….. aur tum meri baat sune bagair yahan se nahi ja saktey…..


Now she was getting on his nerves. He grabbed her from her arms and pinned her against the wall.


Sid(shouting): Chahti kya ho tum mujh se….. kyu mujy meri hi nazroon main gira rahi ho haan….. (now he crashed on the floor crying)PLZ main tumharey agay hath jorta hoon…... bas karo yeh sab ….. kya bana diya hai tum ne mujy…..


Riddhima(sat beside him crying): Sid….. main janti hoon maine tumharey sath bohat galat kiya hai…... (now sobbing) mujy maaf kar do….. magar maine…… (Sid intrupted)


Sid: Mujy tum se kuch nahi chahiye ….. maafi bhi nahi….. agar tum sach main mere liye kuch karna chahti ho to PLZ…… PLZ mujh se door raho…..


Saying this he unlocked the door and left the room. Riddhima was still sitting there crying.


Riddhima(thinking): PLZ Sid ek bar meri baat sun lo …...sirf ek bar ….. phir sab theek ho jaye ga.


The whole day passed just like this but she couldn't tell Sid the truth. Armaan have reached there for YuNa marriage. He was even more excited than YuNa about their marriage, because after marriage he is going to take Riddhima back home. Finally YuNa got married and everyone moved back to their home. Armaan and Riddhima reached their house. Armaan opened the door of house and signaled Riddhima to enter first.


Armaan: Tum andar chalo main abhi aata hoon….


Now it was time for Riddhima to tell Armaan the truth. She was in bed room waiting for Armaan to come so that she could tell him the truth. She was in her thoughts when she felt his arms around her waist.


Armaan: I missed you……(saying this her nuzzled her neck)


Riddhima: Ar….Armaan….. kya kar rahey ho…... PLZ choro mujy…..


Armaan: No Riddhima….. atleast not now…... you have no idea how much I have missed you…..


Riddhima: Armaan mujy….. mujy tum se bohat zaroori baat karni hai PLZ meri baat sun lo…..


Armaan(in seductive voice): Riddhima aj raat kuch mat kaho…..


Then he kissed the nape of her neck. Riddhima just couldn't take it, she pushed him back. Armaan lost his balance and fell on sofa present behind.


Armaan(shouted): Riddhima….. what the hell is wrong with you?


Riddhima turned towards him with tears in her eyes. She crashed on floor and started crying loudly. Armaan came towards her grabbed her by her shoulder and pulled her up with anger in his eyes.


Armaan(shouted): Now what? Whats the matter to cry like this haan?


Riddhima(while sobbing): Armaan….. maine tum se ek baat chupayi hai…..


Now Armaan was scared, that what it could be because of which she is crying like a maniac.


Armaan: Kon….Kon si baat?


Riddhima: Armaan….. Armaan main…..maine tumhain dhooka diya hai…..(Armaan's eyes widened)….. maine….. (closed her eyes) yeh bacha ….. yeh bacha tumhara nahi hai Armaan ……


Armaan was to shocked to react at that time. He kept thinking no it can't be true, they had shared a relation that a normal couple shares….. but he don't remember any thing. Even he is not sure, did any thing happened that night or not. Armaan's eyes reddened with anger and rage.


Armaan: Mera nahi….. hai to kis ka hai?(Riddhima kept crying and didn't said any thing)….. (Armaan grabbed her from her shoulder and jerked her)KIS KA BACHA HAI YE RIDDHIMA……. (Riddhima was scared to see Armaan like this if she told him about Sid what he would do than) JAWAB DO MUJY…..


Riddhima(with her head down): Si….Sid…...


That one name was like a slap on Armaan's face. How could it be possible? Riddhima told him the whole story that how when why all that happened. Armaan heard every thing but that one name kept echoing in his mind.  'SID'...


Armaan(not wanted to believe): Riddhima….. keh do ke yeh jhoot hai…..


Riddhima(looked at him with teary eyes): Nahi….. Nahi Armaan yeh sach hai…..


Armaan(lost control over his anger): How dare you….. HOW DARE YOU RIDDHIMA …..


He slapped her with full force. She fell on the bed and her lower lip started bleeding. She was so scared at that time. She hadn't ever seen him that angry. He was looking as he is going kill someone at that time.


Armaan(shouting): You characterless ***** how dare you….You slept with that b******….. I'll kill him……


Riddhima(defending Sid): Nahi Armaan… sab main Sid ki koi galati nahi hai ….. maine….. maine hi use uksaya tha….. us se zayada kasoor mera hai….. agar tumhain saza deni hai to mujy do Sid ko nahi….. he is not at fault…..


Armaan: Riddhima tumhain yeh sab karne se pehley ek bar bhi khayal nahi aaya ke tum kisi ki biwi ho….. how could you….. HOW COULD YOU DO THIS DAMMIT…….


Riddhima: Armaan main janti hoon maine tumhain dhooka diya hai... aur tum is ke badley mujy jo saza do gay mujy manzoor hai…..


Armaan was so angry that he don't want to listen any word. He punched on the mirror present in the room and broke it down into pieces. He moved out of the room in anger and locked Riddhima in the room.


Riddhima: Armaan PLZ open the door….. Armaan PLZ darwaza kholo….. I m sorry ….. PLZ darwaza kholo…..


Riddhima crashed on the floor crying. After some time Armaan entered the room. Riddhima jumped from where she was sitting. She saw tears in Armaan's eyes. He came towards her.


Armaan(softly): Riddhima….. I m sorry mujy tum par aise hath nahi uthana chahiye tha …... main us waqt bohat guse main tha…..


Riddhima was shocked by Armaan's sudden change of behaviour. Just a few hours ago he was behaving as he is going to kill her and now…...


Armaan: Riddhima….. mujy sirf ek baat ka jawab do …… jo bhi tum dono ke beech hua kya wo sirf ek galati thi ….. ek kamzor pal tha ya tum Sid se ….. Sid se pyaar karti ho….. (Riddhima didn't answered him) Riddhima….. ek pal ke liye bhool jao ke main tumhara pati hoon….. ek dost samajh kar hi bata do….. ke kya tum Sid se pyaar karti ho…... (riddhima didn't said any thing and kept cryng) Riddhima….. PLZ mujy sach batao….. tumhara yeh jawab hum teeno ki zindagi ka faisla karey ga ….. PLZ mujy batao….. kya tum Sid se pyaar karti ho…..


Riddhima(nodded): Haan…..(Armaan closed his eyes) Haan main Sid se pyaar karti hoon…..(after a pause) main janti hoon Armaan maine tumhain bohat der tak dhooke main rakha….. mujy maaf kar do…..


Armaan: Kya Sid yeh baat janta hai….. ke tum…..


Riddhima(shook her head in denial): Nahi….. use kuch nahi pata is barey main….. use to yeh bhi nahi pata ke yeh bacha…...(closed her eyes)


Armaan: Main Sid se baat karta hoon….. (Riddhima's eyes widened) main Sid ko sachayi bataoon ga….. Riddhima main chahta hoon ke tum khush raho….. agar tumhari khushi Sid ke sath hai to main tumhain nahi rokoon ga….. subah hotey hi main Sid ke ghar ja kar use sab sach sach bata doon ga…..


Riddhima: Magar Armaan …... (Armaan intrupted)


Armaan: Itna to bharosa rakho mujh par Riddhima…... main Sid ko tumharey pass wapis le kar aaoon ga….. I promise…..


Riddhima(crying): I m sorry Armaan maine tumharey sath itna bura kiya phir bhi tum meri khushi ke liye….. itni bari qurbani de rahey ho…..


Armaan(wiped her tears): Riddhima PLZ rona band karo….. aur so jao….. kal subah tumhara pyaar tumharey samney ho ga…..


Riddhima folded her hands infront of Armaan and crashed on floor crying.


Riddhima: Thank you Armaan….. tum bohat achey ho….. pata nahi main tumharey is ehsaan ka badla kaise chukaoon gi…..


Armaan: No need to say thanks….. ab so jao…..


Riddhima nodded her head and Armaan left the room. Next day Riddhima got up with a smile on her face, she was on cloud ninth, she was happy  that finally Sid is going to be with her, and this time she won't let her confused mind to come in between them. At the same time she was feeling bad for Armaan as she had done wrong to him by hiding the truth for so long. If she had told him before that it might not hurt him that much. She was in her thoughts when someone knocked at her door. She looked at the door. A smile drew on her lips.


Riddhima(smiling in tears): Sid…..


She wiped her tears quickly. And moved towards the door. She saw Armaan standing on the door. She looked every where to find Sid but couldn't see him.


Riddhima: Sid…. Armaan Sid….. Sid kahan hai….. (Armaan had disappointed look on his face) Armaan….. Sid kahan hai…..


Armaan: Riddhima…... Sid chala gaya…..


Riddhima(shocked): Chala gaya….. kya matlab chala gaya…..


Armaan: Riddhima….. maine use sab sach sach bata diya magar us ne….. us ne tumhain apnane se inkar kar diya….. (Riddhima was completely in shock)


Riddhima(not believing): Nahi….. Sid aisa nahi kar sakta….. wo mere sath aisa nahi kar sakta….. main nahi man sakti ke Sid aisa kar sakta hai…...


Armaan(in tears): Riddhima….. wo aisa kar chukka hai….. maine use bohat manane ki koshish ki magar us ne meri ek nahi suni aur wo chala gaya….. Even I told him that you are… are carring his child ….. magar us ne kaha ke….. ke use koi farak nahi parta…..


Riddhima still can't believe that Sid can do this to her, inspite of knowing that she is carrying his child. She was so shattered at that time that she couldn't even think properly. She crashed on floor, Armaan's words kept echoing in her mind  

'Sid chala gaya'


Armaan: Riddhima….. us ne tumharey pyaar ko thukra diya …...use tumharey pyaar ki kadar nahi hai…... use to is baat se bhi koi farak nahi para that you are carring his child…..


Riddhima wasn't listening any thing, she kept thinking in her mind he can't do this. Her mind wanted to believe but her heart kept saying that Sid can't do this, He can't run away from situation like this.


Armaan: Riddhima….. Sid hamesha hamesha ke liye chala gaya hai….. ab wo kabhi wapis nahi aaye ga…..(still no response from Riddhima) Riddhima….. agar tum chaho to main aj bhi tumhain apnane ko tayar hoon….. main sab kuch bhula doon ga….. hum phir se ek nayi zindagi ki shuruwat karain gay….. (Riddhima looked at him with tears in her eyes)….. bas tum….. tum…. Abortion karwa lo…..


Riddhima's eyes widened but still she didn't said any word because she had already lost the ability to think or speak.


Armaan: Riddhima….. jo kuch bhi hua main use bhula sakta hoon lekin us bachey ko bar bar apni ankhoon ke samney nahi dekh paoon ga main….. main bhi insaan hoon Riddhima …... PLZ Riddhima hamari zindagi ko ek mauka de do ….. I promise is bar main kuch galat nahi hone doon ga…..


Riddhima(sobbing): Nahi …..Armaan….. Sid aisa nahi kar sakta…..


Armaan: Look Riddhima….. Sid ab wapis nahi aaye ga kabhi nahi….. (Riddhima started crying loudly) Riddhima us insaan ke liye apni zindagi barbad mat karo jis ne aise waqt main tumhain chor diya….. Riddhima PLZ mujy ek mauka de do …..


Now Riddhima have completely lost the ability to think and she agreed to what ever Armaan said without even knowing what he is demanding.


Riddhima(without knowing what she is saying): Main abortion karwaoon gi…..


Armaan took Riddhima to a nursing home and told the doctor that they don't want this child. Doctor asked Riddhima but she was still in shock and didn't replied.


Doctor: We can't do it….She is very weak and fetus is in third month of development….. it could be dangerous for her life…...


Armaan: We just don't want this child….. I want this child to be aborted in any case…..(Riddhima still didn't said any thing)


Doctor: OK….. PLZ wait outside for some time….. I need to do her ultrasound…..


After a few hours Armaan and Riddhima were heading towards their house. Riddhima was still silent. Even Armaan didn't said any thing on their way to house. Finally they reached their house.


Armaan: Riddhima…..


Riddhima(who was lost in her thoughts): Huh….


Armaan: Ghar aa gaya…..


They got out of the car. Riddhima opened the door of their house and directly moved towards her room. She sat on her bed and started crying loudly.


Riddhima(crying): Kyu Sid …...kyu kiya tum ne aisa…..


She kept crying until Armaan entered her room. Riddhima got up from where she was sitting. The look in Armaan's eyes scared her. He took steps towards her, and she kept moving backward. Now she was pinned against the wall and Armaan was standing infront of her. She have no idea what he is going to do. Armaan placed his hand on her waist.


Riddhima(eyes widened with fear): Armaan….. PLZ mujy….. maine…..


Armaan: Ssshhh….. Riddhima….. don't say any thing….. main janta hoon Sid ne tumharey sath bohat galat kiya….. us ne tumharey pyaar ka mazak banaya hai….. faida uthaya hai tumhara…... bas ab aur nahi Riddhima ab main hamarey beech kisi ko bhi nahi aane doon ga….. ab hamarey beech koi dooriyaan nahi rahain gi….. sab theek ho jay ga….. hum phir se nayi shuruwart karain gay….. (saying this he cressed her cheeks with his hands)


Riddhima(begging): PLZ Armaan don't do this….. I beg of you …..ek bar meri baat suno…..   


Armaan didn't listen any word. He grabbed her dupatta and threw it away. Then he threw her on bed and covered her with himself. Riddhima kept begging to leave her. But Armaan kept trying to kiss her. Riddhima was trying to push him.


Riddhima(crying): Armaan PLZ….. PLZ mujy chor do….. PLZ Armaan….. stop it…..


Armaan lost his control. He tear her shirt from her arms. Now Riddhima have started crying loudly.


Riddhima(loudly): ARMAAN PLZ STOP IT…..


Just then someone grabbed Armaan from his shirt (from behind). He pulled Armaan from Riddhima and punched him hard on his nose. Riddhima looked at the person infront of her and was completely shocked.


Riddhima(shocked): SID!!!!!!!



It was quite long part. I don't know what would be your reaction to this part. It is quite confusing but I'll clear all the confusions in next part. You might be thinking why Riddhima agreed for abortion but at that time she couldn't think properly. She didn't knew what she was saying and doing, in other words she was completely on shock. If you have any questions PLZ ask me. I m in hurry so I can't write any thing more.



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