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Got my eyes on you : Abhi Nikki FF COMPLETED (Page 18)

mitzification Goldie

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Posted: 02 November 2012 at 4:26am | IP Logged

 Next 16


Next day once  Nikki got to Sanjeevani , she came to know it was Abhi's day off  . She felt suddenly angry and stormed off straight to his cabin and angrily punched his numbers .


His voice laced with sleep answered but today her heart wont melt '

"Abhi don't u dare, don't ever  dare keep ur day off when im on duty" , she said still furious. Not allowing him to say anything after the sleep laden Hello.

" where u caling from?" , his calm voice asked her . he seemed to have had woken up now.

"Your cabin...No one will catch me here " , she responded and then burst out laughing at her own smartness.

Abhi shook his head at her pertness ,God she drove him crazy. They talked for a while and Nikki reluctantly disconnected after realizing how Abhi had ended up staying late the previous night and had missed out on his sleep .

In the evening Nikki checked her phone and was surprised to see no call or messasge from Abhi "She consoles herself but yet can't help feeling sad

After work she listlessly got out of the hospital but She brightened seeing his black car , slightly hidden from normal view , he got out of the car barking an order "jaldi karo koi dekh lega ." , he tells her and she happily obeys him.
"Lets go to ur place I want to see ur pics where u look like a roly poly kid ," ,she tells him excitedly as she sat down " I wanna see ur albums .."

" no nikki I don't have ne albums ," , he tells and she looks at him surprised ,

"Abhi don't lie '. " and he shakes his head in defeat . ITs impossible to stop her once she sets her mind on anything , well he should have learnt that a long time back.

Both sit in his drawing room as Nikki looks at his albums. Abhi points out to his picture where he is 3 yrs old , hes holding a toy gun , see this gun Nikki I had kept it preserved , I have nicely preserved everything of mine nicely '. But '"

"But ?... abhi u lost it .."

"No not me , mom , she lost it while shifting but never me iam very careful abt my things."

Nikki rolls her eyes at this kadoos guy and mutters sadu but its drowned by the ring of dinner arriving , they go through more  albums ,  the last album is his college '.

"Bas nikki iske baad I stoped posing for pics ' my brother had picked up a fascination for photography so all pics after that are with him , and as it is nowdays '.. no one takes out pics ,,,, u know facebook n all"

Nikki smiles and is abt to close the album in her hand when she notices another bright pic at the end of the album , for a second her blood freezes 'what if '.. , then she opens the page and is overwhelmed to see her pic from armaans roka there , she had the exact pic and many others at home in her album ' abhi gives her a smile '. I had taken the photographers number and got the pic from him , Nikki gives him a grateful smile , comforted and delighted by this piece of news .

"Lets have dinner " , she tells him and he agrees ,

After dinner nikki insisted she wanted to watch a movie and after a fight a reluctantly agreed to a rom com , halfway  through the movie Abhi was shocked to see Nikki sobbing .

 Abhi gulped , what was he supposed to do  ?loving her was one thing, but consoling her for this stupid movie was a tough task , he tried to give it a shot

"'nikki don't cry!,  its just a movie ' "

"tum ladke bhe naa ' " she shouts aat him '" totally heartless "


He was shocked at her angry retort '. ooops wrong answer .. better he kept quiet and watch the movie ..trying to stop her crying wasn't such a bright idea/somewhere in the movie abhi got too tired and leaving her engrossed in the movie , went to his room ,

 he got up in the morning and realised he had fallen asleep when he had lain down to rest last night, chalo at least he had sucessfuly escaped that movie. He needed to check out how Nikki was doing and walked out only to she her sleeping peacefully on the couch.

He got ready and made coffee and took it to the couch and kept her cup on the table and woke her up.

"Nikki get up ' here's coffee for you , I need to leave now ''."

Nikki sat with the coffee mug in her hand sighing happily seeing him leave, a small contended smile on her face.


In the hospital muskaan was furious and restless .

"Kya hua muski yaar?" , Nikki asks her .

"Wo sadu macchar has given me night duties "

nikki feels bad  and wrings her hands absent mindedly, she looks at ridzy pleading  for some help '

 ridzy shruggs "muski u urself come late for duty and blame him .. now come on get to work ."

Frustrated at her friends , Nikki goes to his cabin .. Abhi is on phone ,but he still motions her to close the door .else all interns will come to know she hits him shyly ' She obeys and sits down silently . Once he is done with the call , Abhi comes to her and stands beside her, observing her sad face "koi pareshani hai Nikki ?" , he asks tenderly and Nikki looks up at him.

"Haan interns were abusing u '. And I don't like it one bit . Abhi when can we tell them '. I really can't take all this mahabharat between them and you anymore. Lets tell them Abhi."
" No Nikki Not before ur exams 'dheere dheere unhe pata lagne do .."

"But ..."

"No Nikki . I am used to that abuse by now . And if it means you being so concerned for me and so hurt for me , I really don't mind it " , he said honestly and Nikki stood up from her chair and rushed into his arms .


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mitzification Goldie

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Next 17


As weeks went by , Abhi and Nikki came even more closer to each other .Abhi had started to trust her more and more and started to even share his problems with her a little bit . Nikki was grateful for this change. The trust he placed in her to open up like that , being a closed person who mostly kept to himself he was now becoming comfortable showing his vunerable side to her , she was delighted with this all , because this meant that their relationship was not just based on love now , but it was now both love and trust they had in each other .

One evening Abhi sends her a pager , asking her to come to his cabin . When she reached there , she sees him a little distressed , his hand on his head , staring blankly into the laptop screen.

"Abhi , are you alright ?" ,  she rushed to him worried .

He looks at her and she finds that its more confusion and less worry .

"What happened Abhi ? Is something bothering you ?"

He makes her sit down on his chair and leans against the table , all the while holding on to her hand .

"yes there is a problem . But I am not sure if you will understand ."

"Why ?"

"Because you are too young ..."

"Abhi , please . I am not too young . Tell me , what's bothering you ?"

"I have just recieved an offer from my previous employer ." , he says and abruptly lets go of her hand .Nikki looks up too , surprised herself .

"Offer ?"

"Yes and its a damn good offer too .", he stopped and caught both of her hands again.

"Do you want to take it up Abhi ?" , she asked gingerly , worried that he might end up telling her something she that she did not want to hear and yet knowing that it was her responsibility to give him the strenth to come up with the right decisions even if that meant not being able to see him in Sanjeevani anymore.

"I am not sure Nikki and that's what is so confusing . I mean this was always my dream job and now I have a chance to have it. The pay is better , so many facilities , I really don't know what I should be doing ."

Nikki presses his hands with her own and looks up at him tenderly .

"Abhi , just listen to your heart when your mind doesn't seem to guide you in the right direction. Because your heart can never go wrong."

Abhi smiled at her . "My heart says that I need to be where my love is , where you are . "

"No Abhi , that's just the romance in you speaking . I shouldn't be the only reason that is holding you back from better career prospects . "

"Nikki  , you are right . Its not just you . Its Sanjeevani too. I think I don't want to move out of Sanjeevani and that is the reason I am so confused . I don't want to leave . At least not before I deliver everything that I had promised I would ."

Nikki saw tears well up in her eyes as she felt proud of the strength of his character . She was in love with such an amazing man.

"Thanks Nikki " , he said and bent down to kiss her gently . He saw a new side to Nikki and it filled him up with even more love for her .

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wow123 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 November 2012 at 11:53pm | IP Logged
Hi mitzi,

All three updates are awesome and amazing. I have read AN ff after long time.
All AN fans are busy in their life and hardly come here i guess.
Even i left my AN ff as no one appeared there to comment.
But I m happy you have completed your FF.


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mitzification Goldie

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Posted: 22 November 2012 at 10:25am | IP Logged
yes dear just one part left  
abhilasha_123 Groupbie

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Posted: 09 December 2012 at 10:23am | IP Logged
hi Mitzi,  coming back to this site after almost a year and imagine my surprise that a few writers are still continuing abhi-nikki FFs. i thought ppl would stop one the show is off air.
have a lot to catching up to do on this FF. 

P.S. - would appreciate if you could suggest some good abhi-Nikki FFs to read after i'm done with this one.

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mitzification Goldie

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Next 18

It was Armaan and Riddhima's engagement and Nikki was happily involved in the proceedings when Abhi approached her carefully avoiding getting noticed by any of her friends . He asked her to meet him outside immediately , slightly hassled yet dying to meet him  , Nikki went to Riddhima and requested her to somehow delay dance sequence as Abhi apparently had some urgent work with her.

Nikki was slightly frustrated as she had to be away from her friends but she didn't want to upset abhi also and went up to the balcony . Her heart ached dully as he came in view , moments with him were so precious and few , how she wished she could always be with him . It was a beautiful feeling to be with him and she wanted more of it . She was lost in these thoughts when she realised Abhi was handing out something to her ………… she could not believe her eyes as the diamond sparkled in the moonlight . It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen in her life.All she wanted was to jump in his arms and stay there for the rest of the night but duty to her friends was calling … just trust Abhi to give her a ring in the most rushed time when she didn't have the time to cherish the moment. She hurriedly slipped the ring and rang back to be with her friends.

Later as Abhi dropped her to her house , they walked up to her door hand in hand she invited him in………… 

Abhi woke up with a jerk in her bed , he was  going to be late for hospital ….. he was agitated …… his agitation woke Nikki up

He jumped out of bed and groaned  " Im getting late …. "

Nikki got up and tried to comprehend the situation

 "Nikki give me a towel … "

 Nikki rushed to her cupboard and hands him a towel

" pink towel nikkki ….? "

Nikki is irritated " Leave some of your clothes here then … " she replied proptly , their eyes met for the briefest moments , but there was no time for embarrassment...  Abhi moved to go for his shower .

"ok now u shower and ill make you some breakfast ..

"no nikki I will get late"

 "Abhi Please 5 minute ki to baat hai  ..

"nahi .. nikki …"

Exhasperated at his stubbernous but not the one to give up Nikki replied

ok take it wid u …fine ?


Nikki reached the hospital and was confronted by armaan and the gang , she knew her secret was exposed or would be soon.

" I saw u leave wid dr modi .. "

" Haan … nahi Armaan who …."

" what is it Nikki ….  Crush? infatuation …. "

"Haan … who "

"Haan ?  but you hated him …..shubankar ki wedding se dekh raha hoon  , wahi se shuru hua tha naa?"

Ridzi shouts out  " No  no after panchgani …?" and then bites her tongue

The gang turned to her "ridzi .. u knew …?"

Muskan : kya pata hai ..? what is going on between you people

Ar :  yes Niki answer why did you go away so early after our eng , your seen wid that abhi modi all the time , nikki gets nervous

rdz : its her choice guys

Nikki : yes abhi and I ..

"abhi' everyone shouts nikki fidgets with her ring

Ring …..? and ruckus breakes again in the hospital and everyone starts the questioning again.



 She goes to abhis cabi agitated , he was working totally unaware of  nikki anguish .. abhi tum kahan they …she cried angry to see him so unaffected by what she had gone through

Confused , main to yahin tha nikki , why? ,  his concern melted her frustration

Kuch nahi they came to know about us , she said toning down voice , her frustration almost gone  abhi smiled a sly smile

Why are you smiling  ?

Do you know what this means ,,,, Abhi asked looking into her eyes smiling a sly smile

She nodded a no looking back into his eyes

This means they cant pull u away from in front of me now ….

She broke into a smile at his words and went closer to him , but he moved away …

Nikki ..actualy im going away to delhi for 3 days ..

3 days abhi .. but why ,she cried disappointed ,  ill miss you abhi ,

Abhi smiles at her sweetness ..goes near her .. you need sumthing from there Nikki

She hugs him and nods a no

Oh thank god nikki ur pratical enough …mujhe laga you will ask for some silly stuff , but you aremature enuf to  know you can get everything over here in Mumbai.



In her house three days later nikki remembered that scene and sighed with him wont be about balloons and gifts , no cards and no stuff toys . it would be lot of practicality and lot of love too ..and out of the blue maybe some flowers , a gift

The ringing of her doorbell roused her out of her thoughts , she rushed to open it and was surprised to see Abhi standing in the door way slightly wet in the rain. She hugged him and together they came and sat on the sofa.

But Abhi seemed slightly agitated , Nikki looked at him questioning and he

" nikki there is a new development ..delhi is coming up with asias largest hospital …and they r offering me a position 30 % increase in salary ..

Nikki was surpised and her mouth hung open .. where was this coming from

"It's a good deal ..perks..they are asking me to join immediately."

Good deal ?...what about her ….where did she figure in all this  ? he had not asked her anything ?  she was a fool to fall for him…..Aarmaan had warned her but he had warned her late … ofcourse Mr modi , why wldnt he want to grow …she got teary thinking this but Abhi continued unaware

 "But maine unhe bol diay ..not for 3 months …. "

Nikki opened her eyes .. confused stoping her tears

"I want your internship to get over and we can go together …. Whats the point I go there alone and you come later …..what do you say ….." he added the last words a little unsure   

She hugged him in response . She was such a fool to doubt him and think of all such nonsense and he was such a sweetheart he wanted them to go together and had said so point blank to his seniors

She was crying but he wldnt even know why ..he wldnt understand a woman's heart but still he was the best ..

He ranted on,unaware of all the emotional rollercoaster Nikki had gone through since his entry " lekin ek baat hai nikki I hate all the drama cant we have a small wedding (her heart stilled as she heard this and then soared and she laughed inside ) .. getting no response from her he tries to convince more

" I m sure you will like it in delhi ..people say girl die for designer clothes there …"

She shut up his ranting by sealing his lips with a kiss.

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.Dalisay. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 January 2013 at 5:25am | IP Logged
Awww such a cutielicious part... Embarrassed

Niceee...Big smileBig smile

My fav parts... 

Nikki is irritated " Leave some of your clothes here then ' LOL" she replied proptly , their eyes met for the briefest moments Embarrassed, but there was no time for embarrassment...TongueLOL 

mujhe laga you will ask for some silly stuff , but you aremature enuf to know you can get everything over here in Mumbai SmileSmile

The best...

She was crying but he wldnt even know why ..he wldnt understand a woman's heart but still he was the best .. Day Dreaming


After a long time I enjoyed reading, stuff about AN... Thumbs Up

 Thanks so much for writing.,Mitzi.. :) 

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mitzification Goldie

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me so happy i completed this and i do think last part is good , as i did loose intrest in last few parts

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