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princess_dj IF-Sizzlerz

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Hi I have been writing lots of OS 's for birthdays and kuch aise hi... to on a lot of insistence by my friends i decided to compile all of them here...

Thanks Mou and Sonu... for pestering me and encoraging me to open a gallery...

OS 1-6 : Page 1 
OS 7-10: Page 2

Arti OS : Page 7

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princess_dj IF-Sizzlerz

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This was my first ever OS... This was when Mayank had gone to Bangalore. 

ok my first attempt ever to write something... please let me know how it is
Agar acha nahi ha ito bolna... phirse torture nahi karungi
Dedicated to Annie... usne hi inspire kiya...

Its diwali time 'party as usual in samrats house'.everyone busy with the preparations'''..

Nupur is lighting diyas'. Gunjan busy with rangoli'

They start doing the pooja and while the pooja is going on nupur says '.. bhagwaan' dusherra to maine aapse maanga tha ki mujhe is mayank ki jaal main phasne se bachana par aaj main aapse maangti hun ki mujhe aur mayank to hamesha saath aur khush rakhiyega''


She starts remembering last years diwali and how she had fun in mayanks house''. She becomes teary eyed '.she tells gunjan'.. main abhi aayi ''.goes into her room and looks at mayanks pic and starts crying' I miss you mayank'' kaash is baar bhi tum yahan hote'..


suddenly the door opens and

Mayank says'.. aapka hukum sar aakhon par'

Nupur says  Mayank tum yahan kaise'..

Mayanks says maine tumse vaada kiya tha na ki meri vajah se tumhare aakhon main kabhi aasun nahi honge''

Nupur runs to hug mayank'.. she cries and says " I missed you"'.

Mayank kisses her forhead and says miss to maine bhi bahut kiya'tumhari baton ko' tumhari hasi ko'.. and ofcourse tumhe'.'


They suddenly hear firecrackers'..

Mayank says chalo na phatake jalate hain'.

Nupur says' mayank tumhari tabiyat to theekh hai na' tumhe  kab se phatake jalane main interest hogaya''..

Mayank says' Jab se main pichle saal diwali manayi thi tumhare saath'

Nupur starts to leave'..

Mayank says,,, Nupur ek min

Nupur says'. Kya hua'..

Mayank'' diwali pe gift bhi to dete hain na''

Nupur says haan'.

Mayank says 'chalo phir mera gift kahan hai'..

Nupur says'.. vo mayank tum itne suddenly aagaye na ki maine tumhare liye koi gift nahi kharida''.

Mayank tries to be upset''. and after a while says par mujhe  to chahie gift kyunki main to tumhare liye gift leke aaya hun'.

Nupur gets all excited mere liye' dikhaun na mayank please'. Please''

Mayank says nahi pehle mera gift do'.. she finally gives him a peck on the cheek and says '.. chalo diya gift ab mera gift'..

Mayank says'' Nupur'. Ab tumhe mujhe miss nahi karma padega' main Mumbai vapis aa gaya' ma ko yahan pe job milgaya'..

She hugs him and says' mayank issse acha gift mujhe aaj tak nahi mila''. He hugs her back and both start dreaming about their life ahead together''..

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Mayank comes to surprise Nupur, sorts out the babloo thing, he now has to go back to Bangalore….

At the train station…..
Mayank: To main chalun Nupur….. 
Nupur : Haan.Kaash main tumhe rok paati lekin aunty ko bhi to tumhari zaroorat hai.
Mayank: Haan Nupur,but don't worry.main jaate hi phone karunga… aur yaad rakhna jab bhi meri zaroorat ho to mujhe phone kar dena main aa jaunga.
Nupur: Chalo abhi chado train main…
Mayank: Abhi time hai Nupur….
Nupur: Nahi abhi chadho…. Train start hogayi to…. 
Mayank: To…..
Nupur: To tum gir sakte ho, tumhe chot aa sakti hai…..her expressions keep changing as if shes watching a movie scene……
Mayank: Nupur ye train hai koi rocket nahi to start hote hi speed se nikal jaayegi….. but in his heart thinking "Kitni filmy GF mili hau mujhe…….. but kitna pyaar karti hai mujhse"…
N: Ok tum apna khayal rakhna … aur aunty ka bhi…..
Mayank gives a hug a quick hug and says tum bhi…….

Nupur comes back home. She keep thinking about mayank and how similar he is to her dream man. and as the night goes on. shes just lost in her thoughts and sleeps.

Next day morning …… College..

Benji: nupur mayank kal chala gaya.
Nupur: Haan benji… main station gayi thi chodne.
Samrat: Tum akeli gayi thi… hum bhi chalte na saath.
Diya: Sammy, please tumne suna nahi kabhi ki threes a crowd

Suddenly there is an announcement……sab log assembly hall main aa jaaiye. Principal sir koi announcement karma chahte hain…

In the hall…….

Principal: Students,is saal hum logon ne decide kiya hai kit um sab log pehle ek pre final doge aur us pre final ke results decide karenge ki final kon dega. Everyone shocked. Uday almost faints at the thought of another exam.
Assembly finishes…

Suddenly Nupurs phone rings Mayank calls….

Mayank: Hello
Nupur: Hello mayank.
Mayank: Kya hua nupur sab theekh to hai na. ye aas pass itna shor kaise.
Nupur: Arey vo abhi principal sir ne bola ki exam se pehle pre final hoga.
Mayank: Aur isliye sab dar gaye hoge.
Nupur: Mere siva.
Mayank: Acha………tumhe kabse kitabon se pyaar hogaya….mujhe to lagta tha ki tumhe to sirf SRK dikhta hai…..
Nupur: Sir jee. Aap agar bhool gaye to main yaad diladun ki main Excel college ke topper ko challenge kiya tha……
Mayank: Acha baba. theekh hai……to ab kya plan hai…. kahan ho…library jao aur padhai karo..
Nupur: Mayank main jaanti hun kya karna hai…tension mat lo…is baar excel ki topper banegi Ms.Nupur Bhushan…. 
Mayank: Nupur……Sab theekh to hai na…kya hua……tum aur filmein chodkar padhai ki baatein kar rahi ho…
Nupur: Mayank...mujhe bhi to zindagi main kuch banna hai na... tabhi to hum dono khush reh payenge...
Mayank is very impressed and is a little shocked to speak ... this Nupur sounded different from the one he knew….. he fell in love with this Nupur too almost instantly…because this part of her had a goal in life….. just like him…
Mayank: That's my girl…… bas tum koshish karo baaki sab apne aap theekh ho jaayega…. Tumhe kabhi bhi meri zaroorat pade na to mujhe call karna ok…

Before Nupur can answer,Mayank says…nupur jaana padega…class start hogayi hai…Ok baad main baad karta hun…

Nupur thinking ….. now a little relaxed after talking to Mayank….. suddenly remembers the exams…… Nupur chal lag jaa padhaayi karne… baar tumhe top karna hi hai…. apne liye…Mayank ke liye….

Suddenly her phone vibrates and she sees a message from mayank….
Nupur … chinta mat karo…. tum apni taraf se poori koshish karo…and I am sure ki you will do great……. I love you…..

She smiles and is now determined to do well in the exams... 

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congo on opening ur gallery i hv read all ir OS .i can safely say  Mn fans wud love to read those.they r all as cute as our fav couple..Embarrassed...waiting for more!

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Principal gives Mayank permission to tutor students in college. Mayank and Nupur move out of the college class room into Samrats out house (idea by annie)Samrat tells Mayank to tutor him for free as the rent.

N comes back from college early and decides to start cooking. At around dinner time M  comes back home.

M: Nupur.. kahan ho tuM

N: Main kitchen main hun... tum itni late aayeho

M: Tum aur khana... tumhe aata hai ... 

N: Aur nahi to kya...main expert nahi hun but bana leti hun... Chalo tum change karlo main khana lagati hun...vaise tumne bataya nahi late kyun hua...

M: Kya nupur... tum bhi biwiyon ki tarak sawaal karti ho... arey kal Sunday hai na... chutti hai... library band hogi... to socha Monday ki class ka preparation karlun..

N: Ye biwiyon ki tarah baatein ka kya matlab.. biwi hun tumhari. To vaise hi baat karungi na.

M: Theekh hai baba.. chalo main change karke aata hun.

N sets the table and waits for M...

N: Ye mayank aaya kyun nahi abhi tak.mujhe bhook lag rahi hai

She goes to the bedroom to check on him and finds him sleep peacefully. She doesn't have the heart to wake him up. She knows that he has been working hard for both of them. She covers him with a blanket and goes into the kitchen. She keeps the food in the fridge aur phir vo bhi so jaati hai.

In the morning, N wakes up to see mayank still sleeping. She actually wakes up because M is snoring and her sleep is disturbed. When she looks at him and sees his calm face she ruffles his hair and kisses him on cheek.

N: Good morning

M wakes up looks at her and says Morning... subah hogayi kya. Main.. Main kal thak gaya tha to socha thodi der aaram karta hun mujhe to pata hi nahi chala ki kab meri aankh lag gaya... tum mujhe utha deti na

N: Tum ekdum bachche ki tarah so rahe the...mera mann nahi hua tumhe uthane ke liye. Vaise bhi tum itni mehnat kar rahe ho na mere liye

M: Tumhare liye nahi . Humare liye Nupur... phir bhi tum mujhe uthati to sahi...

N: Theekh hai na mayankBy god. Sone diya to bhi sonata hai.koi baat nahi Ab utho.<o:p></o:p>

N goes to take a shower and M goes into the kitchen to make coffee.. He sees dinner untouched in the fridge He smiles as he realizes that Nupur also might not have eaten in the night.

M: Ye ladki bhi na..pagal hai... 

He makes the coffee..

M: Nupur.. coffee.

N: Aayi..

M: Nupur tumne kal raat ko khana kyun nahi khaya.

N: Vo. Bhookh nahi thi..

M: Nupur

N: Sachi mayank  she tried to lie again but couldn't..  tum sogaye to maine socha ki main khana kaise kha sakti hun jabki tum bhooke pet soye ho. Isiliye.

M: Itna fimly hone zaroori hai Nupur.

N: ab main to aisi hi hun

M : Khana khaleti na Nupur agli bar aisa mat karna

N just smiles M gives her a hug and says meri filmy biwi

N: Vo to hun. Acha batao.aaj to Sunday hai to kahan jaana hai. mujhe kahin ghumane le jaao na.

M: Kahan.

N: Beach pe jaate chalo.main abhi ready hokar aayi

M: beach pe.nahi nupur

N: Chalo na Mayank... please...

M: acha chalo.

On the beach they have fun playing in the water, eating chat and ice golas and Mayank says to himself. Ki itni choti cheezon main ye itni khush ho jaati hain I am so glad to have her in my life

Mayank and Nupur walk on the beach hand in hand. thinking about the beautiful future that lay in front of them

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princess_dj IF-Sizzlerz

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Mayank and Nupur come home late from college.

N: Mayank aaj late hogaya na. Ek kaam karte hain kahin bahar khana khane chalte hain.

Mayank was tired and hence was a little irritated.

M: Nupur aaj ghar pe khate hain na please'

N: Nahi  Mayank. Main thak gayi hun . Chalo na chalte hain.

M: Nupur please'

N: Mayank'maine kaha na chalo to bas ab chalo'vaise bhi shaadi se pehle to bade bade vade kiya karte the ki tum jo kahogi wahi hoga. ab kya hua ? kahan gaya vo pyaar?

M: Nupur'' meri baat to suno'.

N: Mujhe kuch nahi sunna'. Mujhe to ab bhookh bhi nahi hai'main change karke sone jaa rahi hun.

M: Arey Nupur... sun to lo...

Nupur just goes inside... Mayank goes into the kitchen and makes some sandwiches and coffee'

M: Nupur'. Chalo khalo kuch.

N: Maine kaha na '. Mujhe bhookh nahi hai...

M: Arey... tum mera gussa khane pe kyun nikal rahi ho..

Mayanks takes a bite of the sandwich...

M: Hmm'Mazaa aagaya.'. Kya sannwich hai'.Nupur ek bite to lo... Taste karo..

N: Nahi chahiye bola na..

Mayank then forces her to eat a bite and she finally eats the sandwich...


While drinking coffee Nupur notices that Mayank looked  too tired and was relatively very quiet.

N: Mayank'. Kya hua.

M: Hmmm

N: Mayank''.

M: Haan Nupur'. Tumne kuch kaha...

N: Kya hua Mayank... she ruffles his hair expecting him to say " Balo ko mat chuo"' but he just rests his head on her shoulder''

N: Mayank '. Kya hua''

M: Kuch nahi Nupur vo bus mere sar main dard hai. kaam baot tha aaj college main.


N suddenly realizes that she should have understood this before that he was tired'.. and instead she fought with him.

N: Sorry Mayank'.. mujhe samajh na chahiye tha' par main bhi na '' itna bolti sochti hi nahi hun'

M: Nahi Nupur'. Its ok''.. tumhari ye bak bak mujhe achi lagti hai'..

Mayank then just puts his head in her lap and she puts some balm for his head ache'. After a while she realizes that mayank is fast asleep. Not wanting to wake him up'.. she gently puts a pillow under his head and covers him with a blanket.


Next day morning'..


Nupur wakes up for the milkman, then irons mayanks clothes. She then goes into the kitchen makes tea and comes to wake up Mayank.


She sees Mayank sleeping, lost in his dreams and has a childish smile on his face'..

N: Ye lo''.. main subah se kaam kar rahi hun aur ye maharaj soye huye hain abhi tak'.. Pati dev''.. uthiye zara''.

M: Hmm'

N: Mayank chalo utho'.. maine chai banayi aaj'. Ek to itni mushkil se banayi chai''ab thandi piyoge kya ' mujhse mat kehne phir garam karne ke liye'.'. and leaves from there..

M: Mayank wakes up to see a tray with a cup of tea , and a note next to it'..

He picks up the note that says " Good morning mere pyaare Pati dev. Kal ke liye Sorry.".

N comes back to see him smiling at the note'. She gives him the chai.

N: Mayank I am sorry kal ke liye'.. and to mayanks surprise kisses him on his cheek.  M:  Its ok''


N: Chalo chai piyo aur fresh ho jao'' college ke liye late hojayenge'


M comes out of the shower to see his clothes were already ironed.''

In the meanwhile, N had already made breakfast and folded up the bed sheets'..


N: Mayank' Jaldi aao'''. Ek to subah se kaam kar kar ke thak gayi'.. upar se itna late kar raha hai ye ladka''

M: Nupur'' tumne mere kapde iron kar diye'.. aur sab kaam kar liya... wow...

N: Ab karna to padega na''. tumne chart jo banaye tha'' agar nahi karto to sadu mayank jo jag jaata phirse''..Chalo breakfast karte hain''.


They have breakfast and go to college''.


In the evening when they come back, Nupur decides to cook and goes into the kitchen'''. She has tears in her eyes because of the onions''

N: Ek to kaam karo'' upar se ye pyaaz kato'' meri aankhen  aise hi kharab ho jayengi''

M is listening to all of this from the back'' he comes into the kitchen and hugs her from the back'..

M: Lao nupur main kaat deta hun pyaaz'.

N: Nahi main karti hun''tumhare chart ke hisaab se mujhe hi karna hai na..

M: Its ok Nupur'.. main kar deta hun''. He takes the onion and starts chopping it'

Both of them finish cooking'..

N: Chalo'. Khana ban gaya'' Ab itni mehnat se banaya maine khana'. Koi table to set karo''. Sab kaam karne ka theka kya maine le rakha hai'

M: Theekh hai baba''. Main khana lagata hun'. Nahi to aur pata nahi tum kitni saari filmon ke heroine ke dialogue sunaogi'.


At dinner''


M: Acha Nupur''. I think the chart said'' 2 kisses''. Aur jahan tak mujhe yaad hai'. mujhe ek hi mila hai subah se''.

N: Aur ek hi milega'.. jao'.. Ek to baaki sab kaam kiya maine'.. voto yaad nahi' par kiss ek diya vo yaad hai''. mayank tum kitne bure ho' kitna kaam karvate ho bechari ladki se''. ab khane ke baad mujhe bartan bhi ghisne padenge'..


M goes in to sleep and N comes in after doing the dishes'..

N: Chalo''. Main to thak gayi hun'kitna kaam kiya maine subah se'.. main badi galati ki vo chart ki baat maanke'. Tum to kabhi laayi karoge nahi '. Ab mas mujhe ho karna padega sab kaam... Mayank tum sun rahe ho' tumse baat kar rahi hun main'..

M just looks at her''

N: Tumse to baat karna hi bekaar hai'' sadhu baba baithe rahi apni kitabon ke saath'..Good night'

M realizing that N is starting her nautanki again' her a hug'.. and says'.

M: Nupur'Aaj to tumne mere liye kiya'.. uske liye thank you'. Tumne saare tasks kiye'

N cutes him in between and says''

N: Aur nahi to kya'.. maine saare tasks kar liye''. Dusting bhi karungi lekin weekend par'. Aaj ke liye main thak gayi hun ''.

M smiling''.

M: lekin.tumhare ek task to incomplete reh gaya'. to chalo main tumhari help kar deta hun use complete karne main..

N: Konsa task'..

M: Ye wala and he gives her a hug and kisses her forehead saying Good night...

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This one was on mou's insistence cause she wanted one with the brithday

Its Mayanks birthday tomorrow…. The gang and Nupur are acting as if they don't remember it….

Mayank was doing a project in the evening…. Suddenly his phone rings…..

M: Maa…. Kaisi ho……

MM: Main bilkul theekh hun Mayu….

M: Maa……. Aap apni sehat ka dhyaan to rakh rahi ho na… mujhe pata hai jab tum kaam main busy hoti ho to tab tumhe kuch yaad nahi rehta….

MM: Arey wah…… mera beta itna bolne laga…. Shukar hai shaadi ka kuch to asar hua…

M: Maa……. Tum bhi naa..

MM: Acha chalo... ab Nupur to phone do...

M: Theekh hai maa…

Mayank calls Nupur and gives her the phone….. Nupur takes the phones and goes inside the kitchen.

Mayank then goes back to work on his project and suddenly realizes that tomorrow is his birthday. He remembers how his mom used to buy him a gift and bake a cake every year. He wanted to tell this to Nupur but then he knew that she was still worried about gunjan and hence kept it to himself.

Nupur comes back with the phone…….

M: Kya kaha maa ne…

N : Kuch nahi... aise hi...

M: Aise hi matlab... kya baat ho rahi thi...ab chile main ju earthquake aaya hai uske baare main to baat nahi karoge na……

N: Bola na Mayank kuch nahi…….. waise bhi ab main kya baat karti hun ye sab tumhe batana padega kya... kitne question poochte ho...

M: Theekh hai...

Mayank goes back to his project….

Mayank wakes up in the morning…… he opens his eyes to see Nupur isnt next to him and instead there is a tray with a cup of coffee and a note saying " World ki second best coffee World ke best husband ke liye. Happy Birthday Patidev"…… He gets up from the bed and starts looking for Nupur…..

M: Nupur….. kahan ho…..

When he goes into the kitchen he sees his mom…… doesn't really realize its her… and just keeps calling Nupur….

MM: Acha bachchu…..Biwi aagayi to maa ko bhool gaya……kya beta hai mera…

M: Maa… and goes and hugs her…..tum kab aayi….

MM: Mere bete ke birthday pe to aa hi sakti hun na……

Mayank is really happy and Nupur is watching this from the distance.

Nupur : Mujhe to koi poochta hi nahi hai aaj kal….. kya kare…. Meri to kisiko parvah hi nahi hai…..

MM looks at her and smiles cause she knows Nupur has started her nautanki…. She goes to her and gives her a hug too and says beta…. Tumhe koi kaise bhool sakta hai… itni pyaari jo ho….

M : Aur haan…… itni baatein jo karti ho…. Koi tumhe ignore kaisa kar sakta hai...

N: Haan haan... aur tum to ... shes about to say something...

MM: stop it both of you……… shaadi hogayi par jhagda karna nahi chodoge tum dono…. Chalo ab main thodi fresh hoke aati hun…... bahot thak gayi hun…. And she leaves…..

MM: Waise Mayank….. tera gift mere bag main hai….

M: Jee maa….. main le loonga…… ( He knew it would be a white shirt )

N: Maa……. Aap fresh ho jao … main breakfast banati hun….

M goes to see his gift and comes back to see that N is busy making breakfast M comes and hugs her from the back…

M: Nupur….. dekho…. Maa ka gift….

N: Acha hai Mayank…. Aaj yahi pehenna ok…

M looks at her and sees that she is a little upset…

M: Kya hua Nupur…. Tum upset lag rahi ho…

N: Vo mayank ….. main tumhe sorry bolna chahti thi…

M: Sorry kyun…

N: Main tumhare liye koi gift nahi kharid sakti na…

M: Nupur…. Gifts humesha kharidne ki zaroorat nahi hai…. aaj jo tumne kiya….vo kisi gift se kam nahi hai…. Tumne maa ko bulaya... mere liye coffee banayi... ye sab zyada mayane rakhte hain... also main jaanta hun ki tum mujhse kitna pyaar karti ho aut tum mere saath humesha rahogi...

N: Phir bhi... main koi to gift de sakti na...

M looks at her lovingly and said haan ek gift hai... he pulls her closer and give her a peck on the cheek…. Aise koi gift vapis milega to chalega…….. she blushes and ultimately gives him a kiss on the cheek……

MM comes into the kitchen and looks at them…….

MM: ahem….. ye kya ho raha hai yahan…

MN suddenly break apart

MM: Lage raho lage raho….. waise bhi mere aankhen aise adult cheezein nahi dekh sakte….

She leaves MN alone… and goes into the living room to watch some TV…

In the evening the gang celebrates Mayanks birthday... 

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this was for mou's birthday 

Mou... this ones for you too...

Since you pester me to write OS's all the time...I hope you like it.

Dhruv is now out of MN's life forever….

Mayank takes Nupur home …. She is going to his house … her house…… their house for the first time….

Mayank opens the door…..

M: Nupur main ek second main aaya…….

Nupur tightens her grip around his hand and says….Nahi… please mujhe chodke mat jaana…..

M: Nupur kuch nahi hoga……. Ab main hun na tumhare pass….. ab kyun darr rahi ho…..but she doesn't let go…. Mayank gives in and goes into the house along with her….

In the night……. When they are having dinner…….

N: By god …. Kya khana banaya hai Mayank…… lagta hai pichle teen saalon main…. Khana tumhi bana rahe the…..she suddenly stops remembering the 3 years and goes back to being quiet……

M:  Acha…… par ab to tum banaogi na ……. Chef Mayank ki aaj se chutti………

Nupur just nods her head not saying anything further….. Mayank expects her to fight and so is left a little bewildered……

Right after dinner…. Nupur tells him she will take care of the kitchen but Mayank doesn't agree….

M: Nahi Nupur……… tum aaj ke baad bahot thak gayi hogi……Main kar leta hun…..

N: Nahi Mayank …… main aagayi hun na main kar deti hun….

M: Dekho waise bhi ab tum aagayi ho to aaj mujhe kar lene do…….. kal se to tumhe hi karna hai…….

Mayank tries a lot to lighten the atmosphere but Nupur keeps going back to the 3 years……

Mayank also wonders as to why did she not try to tell him in all these 3 years the she was alive……. Did she not trust him……… but these questions he thought again will have to wait………. Wait until his Nupur gets better…….

M: Madam ke liye world ke best coffee banaun?

N: Hmm……

Mayank is just not used to his Nupur acting this quiet and tries even harder over the cup of coffee to cheer her up……… Mayank talks about movies, SRK……. Etc just so that Nupur feels better but to no avail. She has been through so much in the past 3 years that she has changed. He looks at her eyes and senses the fear……He vows to himself that he will get his bubbly, crazy Nupur back at all cost hoeever long and hard he may have to try.

He then takes her to their bed room……. Makes her sleep…….. Nupur feels safe and dozes off……..

He covers her with a blanket  and  goes back to the kitchen …….. does the dishes , cleans etc……. and then sits down to prepare for the class tomorrow at college……Suddenly his cell phone rings……. Samrat calls…. Just to check on Nupur…….Mayank tells him shes ok and sleeping….

Meanwhile……the moment Nupur hears the ring of the cellphone…….. she wakes up and is suddenly scared…….she  gets panicky and starts sobbing………

Mayank comes to check on Nupur and is shocked to see her in this state.  He goes near her…..

N: Dekho maine kuch nahi kiya…….. vo main jaa rahi thi raste main aur main gir gayi to vo ladka mujhe help karne aaya…….. main kisi aur se pyaar nahi karti……. Please mujhe maarna mat………

M: Nupur…… Shant ho jao………. Kya hogaya………. He tries to go near her……

N: Please mat maari mujhe……… main us ladke ko nahi jaanti…..

Mayank is really shocked and also feels bad as he realizes what his Nupur had turned into…….. He again tries to go near her ….

M: Nupur…….. main hun……. Tumhara Mayank………. Main kyun maroonga tumhe………Tumhe kuch nahi hoga Nupur…… tum aaram karo……

N out of impulse hugs him and holds on to him as if her life depends on him……

M hugs her back just to reassure her that shes safe……..

Nupur tells him that Dhruv used to have his friends spy on her and whenever he would meet a guy or some guy used to look at her…… she used to get beaten…….

He then brings her a glass of water and says …..

M: Nupur vo job hi hua ab tumhare saath kabhi nahi hoga…….. main tumhe kabhi bhi apne se door nahi hone dunga. Main Mayank hun.. tumhara Mayank…… main kabhi bhi tumpe haath nahi uthaoonga… aur naahi tum pe shaq karunga…….

N calms down a little bit and lies down……..

M: Mujhe thoda kaam hai main apna kaam yahin lekar aajaata hun ok…….tum aaram se so jao….. bas yaad rakho ki main hun tumhare saath humesha……. Main is baar tumhe kabhi khone nahi doonga Nupur…… ye mere waada hai tumse…….

M starts working sitting nect to her on the bed……… and Nupur goes to sleep staring at him. She stirs in her sleep and he just puts a hand on her forhead ……. Once she knows he is around …….. Nupur after about 3 years finally feels protected and sleeps with a smile on her face.

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