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AR FF Love Is Just a Click Away-Ch8 Pg74 15/07 (Page 68)

Rhea.KaJen Goldie

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Posted: 10 July 2012 at 8:11pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Afia-

<font size="1">Rhe tujhe ye aaj pata chala haiROFLROFL

Arre pata toh hamesha se tha.. Just stating it! :P

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..Ashi.. Goldie

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Hey Dad. Goodmorning Ammi!" Riddhima excliamed as she walked down the staircase in her loose baggy tshirt and PJs towards the breakfast table. Her parents wreciprocated her wishes and welcomed her to the breakfast. Taking a seat on the opposite side of her mother and besides her beloved father who sat at the place of the head of the family with pride she took in the aroma of the yummylicious Aloo-Paranthas with wholesome butter, gulped down a big bite and started talking "so aaj aap logo ke kya plans hai?". "I have some important clients to attend today who are flying down from Karachi, so i guess my day will go off dealing with them and your dearest ammi has to attend the charity function to which i was invited and now that i am going to be busy she will attend on my behalf. You tell how are you going to spend your day Riddhima?". "Oh nothing much. I have college for about only 2 hours today and then i shall be free. Lets see i might complete some assignments or watch a movie". The conversation went on between the trio when Riddhima asked, "dad have we not made the payment for our internet for the previous month? It wasn't working well last night or maybe there's some error. Do you mind informing the service centre about it please?". While most of the fathers could have straightaway answered to the question Mr.Khan's face turned hard hearing about it and have a stone expression on his face. "Riddhima i wanted to talk to you." He said in a low voice and when fathers say 'i want to talk to you' it mostly spells doomsday and that surely made Riddhima stop hogging on her paranthas and the first thing which came to my mind was 'he knows about Armaan!'. Riddhima was making prayers to the almighty to save her from whatever was going to come up in the next few moments. But seeing her father's face she gathered the courage and said, "sure dad. Say." 

Are you a user of these social networking sites Riddhima? Dont take it as an interrogation but..". Riddhima's breath got caught in her throat with the question she was being subjected to and tried to answer. "Yes dad. I have an account but not really a frequent user. Why? You sound grim. Anything serious?" "yes Riddhima! Indeed it is. I have recently come across the fraudulent activities going on these sites and i want to warn you beforehand. Not that i dont trust you but as a father i am concerned for my daughter." He said. Continuing further, "last evening one of my acquintances who happens to be working in the cyber crime branch told me stories how girls are being fooled by boys who try to get close to them, flirt with them and compel them to do indecent acts in private with them and how they leak those things online and get the girl into trouble. MMSs are being made of these innocent girls and circulated all over the internet. They are emotionally blackmailed in ther name of love, called to meet up and killed. You getting my point throught Riddhima?". Riddhima who was silently listening to her father was taken back by his words and though she trusted Armaan her mind surely was developing some doubts considering she had only known him for a week or so. They barely knew anything about each other's backgrounds or characters. He seemed like a really good guy but what if what her father was saying came true with her as well? She came out of her reverie when he stopped talking and answered, "umm, haan dad, i know i should be aware. I dont know what to say here but i wont do anything that would get me or our familly's name into a wrong light." She managed to say. "i know riddhima but it is my duty to inform you. Okay now i need to rush or i will get stuck in the traffic and get late. See you later and finish up your breakfast fast and get going to your college. I am leaving the driver and SUV for you." With that he bid adieu to riddhima and hurried towards the door but Riddhima's apetite had already vanished with her mind playing games with her oscillating between her budding feelings for him which made her miss him and the mess she probably might be in already if she believed what her father had told her a few mintues back. Leaving the rest of her meals untouched, she went up to her room to get ready for college.

The jet black Mitsubishi SUV gracely yet speedily took over the posh roads of the city, racing past all the other vehicles reaching for its destination, Riddhima's college. While the driver merrily drove the expensive road monster Riddhima sat resting her head to the luxurious leather coated head rest at the backseat oblivious to the world around her lost in her own which was screaming of confusion, agitation and sadness, Sheer sadness. 

Her father's words rung in her skull again and again like church bells with a faint sound of Armaan's voice in the background. The very voice which had consoled her and had brought her out of her misery when she was in utter need of it. It was sound of friendship. His voice spelt truthfulness and loyalty. He was different, her heart knew it but her mind? Yeah this very mind which loves to come to conclusions much before they are needed and screws up everything and then blames the heart. While her heart calmly told her not to overthink, her mind screamed on the top of it's lungs(if they would exist) to listen to her father who obviously had seen much of this world and had the best of her intentions and being the obedient child she always was how could she ever go against him.

The epic and never ending battle of the mind and the heart were on , Riddhima was lost in her thoughts and the driver was simply staring at his boss's daughter through the rear view mirror wondering why was she sleeping with her eyes open and not getting out of the car when they had already reached the college. Clearing her throat and trying to sound as low and gentle of possible he spoke, "ma'am aapka college aa gaya hai." Seeing her not responding he tried again, "ma'am.." and yeah her ma'am finally came back from her mental battleground to the real world. Riddhima realised they had already reached the college and to top that the bell had already rung. Its shrill sound reminding all the Chokraas and Chokrees to stop loitering around and enter the classrooms to do what they had been enrolled to do here, study!

Riddhima swiftly got off the SUV and walked off to the building after absent mindedly closing the car door shut behind her. This day is going to be long and tough.

sshh! Stop it you food sucking balloon! I'm sleepy! Shh!" Armaan kept growling while hiding his face under the huge fluffy pillow into another one making a human sandwitch of his face while sleeping. It was around midnight in California when the boy was sleeping and his stomach was making whale sounds because it was deprived of food. After turning and twisting in bed for several minutes while the noises from his stomach got even stronger he finally gave up and threw the duvet and his pillow off his body across the room and sat up. Rubbing his eyes and trying to adjust to the automatic lights that went on themselves, he groaned again, "kya yaar doosro ko alarms uthate hai aur yaha mera pet hi meri neend ka dushman hai". Reaching to the side table for a quick glass of water, he noticed the time in his digital clock and realised he had been sleeping off for almost the whole day now. "Wow! I slept for quite long actually. Okay Mr.Stomach i'm sorry for getting angry on you earlier, let's get you some food", he said while patting his muscled torso and his stomach groaned yet again in agreement.

Armaan had been utterly busy since the last 48 hours with the collefe fest preparations and the constant blasting off of people on his cell phone had drained out it's life and inshort it had died. The result of his extreme hardwork and screaming-shouting on his mates had finally given them a fantastic result. The fest was a massive success with them winning most of the events and to top that Armaan had been praised endlessly by the college authorities. As a token of their appreciation he had been granted extra credits in his last semester as well as a 3 day off too. And that called for some serious celebrations! After wrapping with the last event of the day he had taken all his classmates to a pub where they had partied till the wee hours of the day. Endless dancing, screaming, shouting , boozing had taken place leaving them all completely exhausted and Armaan had straightaway drowned himself in sleep the minute he reached home and kept sleeping for the whole day!

Reaching the kitchen he opened the fridge to find some frozen food as he was still very much exhausted and sleepy to cook something fresh for himself, but look at the boy's luck, the fridge was totally empty only with an old milk can and a half eaten pizza. "Great! Ab toh coffee bhi naseeb nahi hogi" he said to himself. Dragging his heavy body to the cupboards he tried finding something to sombre his hunger but alas! Disasppointed anyways! ' i think i need to call the store or my hungry body will kill me tonight'. Armaan went off blabbering to himself to his room trying to find his cell phone. Playing a nice round of hide and seek with his Iphone in his bed trying to spot it under pillows and duvet his hand accidently reached his pocket and yeah you get it right! It was there itself. ahh! Bagal mein chora and shehar main dhindhora! Boy under armpit and hypercity noise pollution. Okay too much of bollywood. But if you dear readers forgot Malik's cellphone had died down. Maybe Friday the 13th was playing games with him.

Putting the cellphone to charge he went back to the hall to order the meals and if someone is wondering how, well people own cordless phones too. Waiting for the food to arrive and working on his cell phone to check his social networking accounts notifications he stumbled across Riddhima's comment on his last wallpost and it struck him how he could not reply her back due to his busy day. Feeling guilty over not talking to her and forgetting about her totally he decided to leave her a message.

"Hello Miss Khan. I hope you are doing well. Sorry yaar I left our conversation in the middle that evening coz i was busy with my college festival and later my cell phone died too and since the time i returned home i had been so exhausted i was sleeping like a pig the whole day. See my stomach growls too coz i havent had any food till now. Oh my meals are knocking the door. I shall see you soon. TC.
p.s. was I missed? Wink

Riddhima was sitting in one corner of the class away from her friends in the free period reading a book or rather pretending like reading it so that her classmates didn't disturb her. Everyone knew Riddhima was a bookaholic and dare someone disturb her when she was with her best friends. But today it was different, she was using books to keep the world at a distance from what she was actually doing, battling, still battling with her mind and heart. She was engrossed in her thoughts when her facebook messenger alerted her about a new message. Giving a small sigh and keeping the book aside she unlocked her cell phone and was shocked to see Armaan's message. She could almost feel her eyes welling up when she read the last lines. She missed him, was just an understatement, coz even she couldnt figure out what was it. Why she missed him so much and how did she. She just knew she missed his words which were as soothing to her heart and mind as silk's touch to the skin. But the morning incident had changed something, maybe more than just something. She couldn't bring herself to tell him now that she needs him, misses him. Trying to make her words sounds as much as bereft of emotions as possible she replied, "Apology accepted Armaan."
Please check the next post by Afia. 

Thank you Smile

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"Abhi hum zinda hai!" Big smile

Yes! That's right abhi hum zinda hain. Updating after a very long time feels really good we're really excited 
We hope you'll like this part. So the story is We've been busy studying well i have a better word dying so yes we were dying & didn't get time to write actually that's ashi job to do madam had exams about a month ago jiska result aana wale hai iss weak please pray for my partner Smile & We recently watched Bol Bachchan & Cocktail & they were amazing so unka ka fever hai iss liye line mari LOL & now coming to my usual talk
It takes a minute or two to write a small comment & hit the post button if you can't do that then what can you do?
Hit the like button & comment too because i won't leave you & i have something else to say too today
soon i'll be making a new PM account & i'll message that to everyone so please add us we'll be sending pm's to only those who'll be in the account's friend list to  i hope ke you can press a single button which says buddy 

chalo i'm leaving but don't think that i'm actually leaving. I'll have my eye on you because i am a big kameeni 

I feel like clapping for myslef right now Big smile
like this Clap LOL

P.S Pm's in a bit
P.P.S Rhea Sharma dare you say this was a short update & i will kill myself so i can haunt you at night!

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res. by Ashi :P
Haan Ashi.. I know ki tune reserve kiya! Thank you! :P
Okay firstly, welcome back!! Its been sooo long since i've read a new update from you guys!

Okay.. Bol Bachchan ka dialogue? Seriously Ashi? Yaar maine movie nahi dekhi.. itni mushkil se maine Cocktail ke liye time nikala! :P
And the whole cyber crime thing was written very well..
And maybe its true also but I dont know.. I have great online friends! ;D

I loved Armaan's msg.. The last bit.. "Was I missed? :P"

Riddhima has feelings for him already? Awww..
Poor thing.. She was so confused as to what is to be done..

Yaar Afia I was gonna complain par tera woh warning wala msg dekhkar i dont think i'm gonna say anything abt it! :P
Abb tum dono please jaldi update kardena.. Pehle ki tarah mahino gayab mat ho jana.. :P
Love u guys! :D

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crazy4KASH_AR IF-Sizzlerz

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Amazing part.
I just loved it.
Ridz's fears are quite genuine and so is her father's concern for her.
I know that Armaan is the right guy for her.
I guess Ridz has started to fall for Armaan.
Plz update the next part soonest.

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SankiPagal IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 July 2012 at 10:32am | IP Logged
OH finally you guys updated.. i am glad.. very nice part.. but short..:/... i am just waiting to see how AR meet... 

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sweetdesire IF-Stunnerz

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Hey guys...Finally you updated...Gosh...Tum logo ka kuch nahi ho saktaTongue...Anyway...Just love the update...Awiee...Poor Ridzy.completely understood her feelings and her confusion...Really want to know ki wts going to happen next so guys plz at least try to continue soon yaarErmm...yahan we are waiting like despos for updates.Embarrassed.Thanks for the PM...take care



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amruta04 IF-Rockerz

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nice update
loved it
do continue soon
take care and thanks for the pm.

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