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AR FF Love Is Just a Click Away-Ch8 Pg74 15/07 (Page 43)

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Posted: 02 October 2011 at 7:50am | IP Logged
Dear Readers,
we are finally back with an update and we apologies for delaying it yet again. But u guys must be used to it by now ;)Wink

We specially dedicate this part to Those 2 Friends whom we both love from the deepest bottoms of our heart and without them our lives would be void and empty.
This part goes out for Rhea (our darling Peekaboo) and Armaan, we lucky gals have a guy named Armaan in our lives (our Mr.Shareef) LOL

the story of Riddhima in this part is actually the truth of Someone's life and we both are proud of him for being a strong guy and overcoming each and every obstacle of his life...
just one thing for u here YOU ARE THE BEST :DBig smile


Armaan showing his concern for Riddhima made it extremely difficult for her what she wanted to do. Riddhima had kept her emotions, her feelings, her insecurities bottled up in her soul for a lifetime now and she couldn't help but feel the need to vent it out now. But what scared her was, "will Armaan understand me ? Or show sympathy for me like every other normal human being shows towards the unfortunate ones?"

Riddhima had often noticed her friends pitying those who were tied by their fate and till now she had never confided in anyone thinking they might behave in the same manner towards her. What if they started behaving differently with her?

Riddhima was brought back to her senses when Armaan's message popped on her chat box.

"Hey Riddhima…"

She was debating with her inner voice and her mind to whether start this conversation ..whether to actually confide in a stranger. 'maybe its better to be pitied by a stranger than your loved one…if this goes wrong..i shall block him..big deal'

"Hey "

"are u free for now…errm…we can talk u know..if u want../"

"well im free…say"

"have u been crying" Armaan tried to start the conversation with a lot of guts.

"no..they have dried up " She lied.

"look Riddhima..i know its difficult to place your trust on me..we had just met and hardly know each other..but as a matter of fact..i know that your not fine…its just..what can u call it..yeah..sixth sense…and I wanna share your burden" He sounded extremely concerned and worried about her

"Armaan its not like that..i mean..i donno how to say..i have never confided in anyone before and …I really donno what to say"

"Riddhima I can see its difficult for u…but I just wanna say that I cant promise if I will understand your problems Because the person who goes through them only understands them and know what it is like to be in that position…but I promise..i will listen patiently..through everything..and definitely wont do what others do every time they here a sad story"

"what do others do?" Riddhima asked confused at his words

"pity them.."

Riddhima was surprised and her apprehensions about confiding in Armaan were definitely fading away..but one's mind thinks too much..well God has made it that way right? To obstruct the voice of your heart

"what if I still feel like im being pitied upon though u don't do it purposely?"

"Trust Me..u wont regret it " Armaan sighed..'I hope she speaks her heart out now..or I will die out of worry and anxiousness'

"ok …I think I can do this" Riddhima exhaled.

"good now start here"

"u wanna know the whole thing?"

"well the more u vent..the better I would say"

"wouldn't it be difficult..i mean aalsi " She pouted

"LOL I wouldn't mind even calling you if u give me your number..and please for heaven sake don't think of me as one of those wanna bes' who are just trying to get closer to a gal by getting number , pictures and stuff"

"haha…I didn't take u that way…but honestly..cant give away my number ..any other way out?"

"errmm….come on Skype if you r there"

"well I think I have a skype profile…had made it sometime back..wait lemme check"

Riddhima hurriedly fished out her Skype profile and added Armaan. But before they could make a phone call to each other Riddhima put up a condition in font of him
They Wouldn't Do Video Calling

Armaan was very much expecting this condition considering Riddhima's reserve nature so he hardly objected it.

He finally made the call to which Riddhima hit the answer button.

Silence prevailed between both the callers. No one knew what to to say…how to start speaking..talking..finally breaking the ice between the Duo , Armaan spoke

"Hey are there right?"

Wow..did she just hear such a sexy deep …so husky…so…ughh..leave it..the gal is out of words..too mesmerized!!!
Coming our of the reverie Riddhima replied


Now it was Armaan's turn to gasp…Ms.Khan sounded like honey sweet.

"Ok I donno what to say and how to shall we continue from where we left on FB?"
"umm..yea..and Armaan… I hope you didn't mind me keeping that condition..i mean.."

"its ok Riddhima…I can understand…no need to explain..and yeah…once we are done with our purpose of conversing here..u shall tell me the reason behind a Hindu name for a Muslim girl..ok?" he tried sounding all cool and calm..trying to keep her at comfort…but what he didn't knew was….

"the story you want to hear is the reason behind my Hindu name Armaan"

Riddhima was left dumfounded when Armaan said those words but yet she calmed herself down and finally made up her mind to lighten the burden of her heart..for once and for all…Hopefully

Some years back…down the memory lane …when Riddhima was 14

Riddhima Khan was home alone and wasn't complaining at all.
She had the whole house to was summer time and she was leaving no stone unturned to enjoy and make the most of them.
Riddhima did whatever she liked and whatever she felt like doing..
Cooking, dancing, singing, reading novels all night, playing badminton with her daddy dear, skating ..blah blah blah

Riddhima unlike many enjoyed being home alone..she always liked having the space to herself ..she loved spending alone with herself.
That day she was having this sudden craving to read some old novel of Mills and Boon which were perfectly stacked in the library of their house. But to her bad luck she couldn't find it anywhere in the room. She was losing her patience going through racks after racks.
Riddhima went over to the drawers where some old files were kept hoping to find it there.

But what she found were
…. Her Adoption Papers

Riddhima could nit believe her eyes to what she saw. She couldn't grasp in the fact that she wasn't the actual daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Khan but an adopted child.
She went through the papers again and again thinking she might be reading something wrong or maybe it was a scary nightmare but it wasn't so. The reality hit and she slumped on the wooden floor with a bang. Gulping down the lump which had formed in her throat and had started to hurt her and finally inhaling some air after moments of being almost choked, tears started to run down her eyes ..tracing a watery path across her cheeks.

She remembered all those times when many of her friends inquired about her Hindu name and she didn't have an answer and whenever she asked her parents they would confidently answer saying that they loved the name so just kept it on an impulse and she blindly believed them.
With her trembling fingers she gripped the file and started to read it. She came to know that she was adopted at a very early when she wasn't even a year older.there were also some reports of Mrs.Khan which stated that she couldn't become a mother and she drew a conclusion behind the reason for her being adopted by them.

Riddhima had gone through them again and again and had sat there in the library forgetting about the world she just kept questioning herself and God the questions which she got no answers to.
She couldn't help but feel abandoned though she had a name, a family, a family which she could call her own. Who were her real parents? Why had they left her to rot in this cruel world alone? There were questions and more questions and there was no answer..
She was getting frustrated every passing second when the door bell rang. She ignored it at first but then realized that it must be her 'parents'.

She for once wasn't excited at running to the door to welcome them and went in slowly and without even looking at them or greeting them she just stepped aside and let them enter the house.

"Riddhima !! im so glad to see u…

"Riddhima so glad to see u after such a long day..ghar aake Riddhima ka chehra dekh lo..poori thakaan mitt jaati hai" he said giving her a side hug to which she barely reciprocate.

"Arey Riddhima…tune khana nahi khaya? Tu bhookhi thi poore dinn? Kya hua?" her mother asked her shocked to see the food laying on the dinner table untouched..just as she had left it.

"Kuch nahi Ammi..bhookh marr gayi…" Riddhima spoke void of any emotions. She was hurt, angry and felt utterly betrayed. She couldn't understand the reason behind them keeping her adoption thing under wraps.

"Kyu beta..tabiyat theek nahi hai kya? " Asma asked worried.

"Nahi bas ye dekh kar" Riddhima showed them the papers of her adoption and it felt as if the ground had been snatched beneath the feet of the couple.

It was a long night at their home when the confrontation took place. Riddhima , her father and her mother had cried buckets of tears. The couple left no stone unturned to make her realize her worth in their life and they begged her to forgive them.
Riddhima was taken to the orphanage she was adopted from and the authority there gave her the full information on how and when she was found.
Riddhima was found wailing beneath a tree near the woods on a chilly night when the late owner of the orphanage had picked her up and nursed her. She was merely some days old.
She a Hindu whose ancestors had come to Pakistan after the separation and so she named her Riddhima. Asma and Ahmed Khan had visited the place to adopt a child just few days after the incident and Asma couldn't help but fall in love with the little bundle and they then and there decided to make her a part of their family.
They had decided not to change her name Because that was whom she actually was. They had decided to keep this news a secret to her until she grew old enough to understand the gravity of it. But destiny had its own plans and she had found it before they could tell her which shook her immensely.

Riddhima sobbed and sobbed uncontrollably while all Armaan sat at his end dumbfounded with her words. He couldn't understand how to console the sad soul.

"Riddhima..take your here..calm down please…" Armaan told her in a soft tone.

"Arm..Armaan.." she was hiccuping now.

"Riddhima do as I say please.."

" hhmm.."

" firstly Riddhima please go and have a glass full of water dear.."

And she started doing what he told her to do..

" now go and stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself…"

"Armaan I just told you such an important part of my life and u.."

"riddhima look at your beautiful face which im sure looks too gloomy right now..and if its actually like it..well I know..its that go and wash your face and then come back"

Riddhima finally calmed down herself and came back to talk with Armaan.

"I am back" she said meekly…

"Riddhima ..u feel better now?"


"acha may I ask you some questions?"


"ok lets do it..but please don't answer in a 'hmmm'?"
Armaan tried to lighten up the atmosphere a little bit which he actually succeeded in because he was sure he heard Riddhima chuckle lightly.

"riddhima did they ever make you feel like you're an adopted child?"


"did they ever act differently around you after that incident?"


"you think they don't love you?"

"Armaan what are u asking..such lame questions…they love me a lot but.."
Riddhima didn't know how to put her feelings into words..She had never been good at it..

"go ahead Riddhima..I am all ears.."

"im scared Armaan..scared that they might stop loving me one day if I do something wrong ..its like you see in movies if an adopted child does something wrong the parents lash bitterly on him and the child is know..what I mean right?
What if they leave me forever to deal with this world alone just like my actual parents to didn't even care about me..who left me to die …"
The picture started getting clear for him..why did she behave in the manner she did…he let her continue…

"Armaan I have a loving family but when you are an adopted child there is always a part of you that questions your actual identity..the reason for being the way you are today..
Why did my parents leave me? Was I an unwanted child? I am a maybe they left me to have rot and try for another child..a son…or maybe they were so poor that they couldn't have brought me up…Armaan jab paalna hi nahi tha toh paeda hi kyu kiya unhone mujhe..isse achha maar daalte naa?" and she was sobbing yet again…

"Riddhima I can understand your fears..your insecurities and your turmoil here but you need to move on from that phase…look riddhima Allah wanted you to have a happy family, a family which could love you the way you are loved today… you were born to fill the hollow of someone else's life . I don't really know how to put it into words Riddhima but you are getting what I am trying to say right?"

"Hmm…do you pity me or sympathies with me Armaan?"

" no..actually I am absolutely proud to have known a person like level headed yet so vulnerable ..and im glad you spoke your heart out to me today..i hope I helped.." Armaan said .

"I can be more thankful to you Armaan…you're a gem of a friend…thank you."

"oyye don't you start with this thanks and blah blah business..i am so not gonna tolerate it..gotcha?"

"yeah" Riddhima said with a smile. She actually felt so relieved to have talked to Armaan about this. Opening up to him actually took their newly found friendship to another level of trust and affection. She could finally let go of her fears and insecurities

"Riddhima today when your parents come back…give them a tight hug okay? And let them know that they are precious to you as much as you are to them..hmm?"

" I will"

"good girl and now don't cry anymore..okay? I hate women crying specially beautiful women crying.." Armaan flirted

"and how do you know I am beautiful?" riddhima said with a cocky grin

"well I saw your pictures in Sana's profile"

"huh? What? I told Sana not to put up my s not leaving her" Riddhima fumed

"ohhh Foolann devi..chill I was kidding I haven't seen your pictures..relax..but I am sure your beautiful just like your voice" he said in awe

Riddhima blushed.."well thank you.." that's all she could manage and she was so glad that they weren't doing a video call or Armaan would have left no stone unturned to tease her on her blushing. " you also look and sound good" she said shying and lowering her gaze as if he was having his eyes set on her .

Armaan felt butterflies in his stomach and his heart thumping hard when she said that and she pressed his heart hard with his fist …and there was a silly grin on her face.

"okay Riddhima I think I should take a leave ..its pretty late and I have a packed schedule ahead of me good night.."

"oh sure..good night..and thanks…and when can we talk again?"

"call pe?"

"well whatever your okay with?"

"hmm..i think soonish…lets see…im all free for you"

"tum kabhi chance maarne se nahi chookoge naa?" she huffed in fake anger..

"well…." "Riddhima…you wont cry anymore right?" he seemed genuinely concerned.

"no I wont..pinky promise" Riddhima giggled.

"good and if you do..just go in front of the mirror and im sure the dark circles will help you control your tears " he laughed

"shutup go.."

"okay bye"

But before Riddhima could cut the call..Armaan stopped her..

"uumm..Riddhima I have something more to say to u.."

"yeah say? "

"wo actually" "yeah go ahead"

" I just wanted to remind you…" he said slowly…

"haan say naa Armaan"

"well-just-don't-look-good-I-look-HOT" he said it in a go and cut the call reminding Riddhima of her stupidity she had done sometime back and she was left staring into the screen and then a shy smile adorned her beautiful face, when suddenly she found herself yawning.
Well it was time to get some sleep..some peaceful sleep…FINALLY!!

Love Ashi & Afia

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Afia! Heart Hug
Ashi Heart Hug
Armaan Heart Hug
I actually don't knw what to say...
I have tears in my eyes... (Yeah Ashi i knw i've been crying these days toh its like a usual routine! Hehe..)
But sacchi yaar...i have tears in my eyes...
I just LOVED this update...
Remember maine apne pehle wale comment par likha tha ki i won't comment lekin i CANNOT help it...
I HAD to comment...

Their converstion was sweet...
I have fallen in love wid these two all over again...

And Ashi this part made me laugh like anything: "Good girl and now don't cry anymore..okay? I hate women crying specially beautiful women crying.." and oye Ashi, i'm sure you knw why! Hahaha!
Does Afia knw abt it? ;) Lol... ROFL

Afia jisko dedicate kiya hai na, usse padha zaroor dena... :)

Afia and Ashi, we need to talk on skype soon...its like its been ages since we've chatted together...right?

All i want to say is: Thank You! :)
I just LOVE you three: Afia, Ashi & Armaan! :) Heart
A BIG hug to the three of you... Hug
Muahhh! ;)

Please continue soon...
Loads and loads of love...
Peekaboo... :)

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Awww...The update is just too adorable..AR conversation, just Touched my heart...Poor Riddhima feeling bad for her...But Thank god that she have Armaan as a friend...and what can I say about Armaan..he is Friend, anyone can wish for...Just Love him to the core...lets see how love will blossom between them...please try to update soon...Thanks for the PM...Take acre


Lots of Love



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hey dear
wowww awesome partClapStarClapStarClap...
loved it so so so much...
armaan n ridz chatting amazing...
their little tesing superbbb...
ridz story little sad but oka armaan is there na to help...
superbbb parttt
thanks for pm
plzzz continue soon

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awww so cute part

update soon

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do continue soon

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Awww i LOVED the part.. It was so freaking cute...
 i loved the way ammy listened to her patiently...
waiting for them to come face to face...Big smile

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the part was awesome and cute!

loved the way Armaan listened her patiently and consoled her.

thanks for the pm.

cont soon!



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