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-mesmerised- Goldie

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 4:54pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by SPN_JD_Addicted

Originally posted by -mesmerised-

Congrats Smitha! Hug
For now only a few questions:
1. Name your top 3 'hand moments' in RBO Wink

1)After the chori chori sequence they entwine their hands.His hand engulfs her and it is damn sexy. This is one of my top 3 hand moments too! Like you said, his manly hand engulfing her delicate one, their fingers entwine - symbolic of them finally being one... *sigh*

2)It might not have been funny for Karan to do this but in the scene where he lifts her to take her back(the fist time),Khanak wasn't still in his hands and poor guy he tried to keep his hand at a safe place but cos she is so small in his arms he could do nothing but place them at her side after several attempts to prevent! Lol i remember. Poor guy... he's a lot more comfortable now though! ;)

3)The HM scene in Hotel Girlfriend where before kissing he plays with her fingers.I am damn sure it was not scripted.Such a small nuance. OMG noticed it too! It was a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, but sooo cute and defo not scripted! 

Its really difficult to just choose 3.

2. Which scene in your opinion was more Yasharan than Shanak?

251st episode particularly JA sequence which made me see the difference for the first time.karan as an actor could have been more discreet but he just couldn't take his eyes off Khanak in that whole scene.He was looking at her,smiling genuinely and they both were having the time of their life. So true, there's no denying it after watching this!

The lift before this scene was def YashAran cos I never seen Karan laugh like that and same goes to the bath tub scene.His smile,her shock were very genuine.

3. Which character do you love more and why; Shantanu Khandelwal or Dean Winchester?

Dean Winchester.He might appear a bad boy,with crude language,sarcastic and  funny but inside he is just this little boy who is vulnerable,who craves for his Dad's attention,who takes his Dad's orders seriously and most of all his constant drive to protect his little brother.And when he hugs his brother,he is just so adorable.Same goes when he cries.You just want to hug him.And he is handsome,always a plus point. Always wanted to watch Supernatural but never got the time... seen bits here and there and he is an awesome character! There's just something about a guy with a tough exterior that hides a vunerable and soft interior... *sigh*

4. Who do you think is the better actor and why; Karan Tacker or Jensen Ackles?

Its really difficult to choose cos these are natural when it comes to acting.Both speak through their eyes which I love.

5. Who out of the two above is better looking in your opinion?

Haha!!!I would say Jensen Ackles only cos he is older than me so that people won't think I prefer younger men lol. Haha what a diplomatic answer! Jensen Ackles is just droolworthy, totally my type! Day Dreaming

6. Which track have you disliked the most in RBO so far?

Sunny track cos of the way they destroyed Shantanu's character and reduced him to a sex-obsessed husband when his wife is in turmoil.Karan would have excelled in playing a jealous,obsessive and possessive husband added with self-guilt but they completely ruined it.

7. Which track have you liked the most in RBO?

When Shantanu brings Khanak back the first time and the paatshaala track to Shaan confessing his love.

8. If you were the creative/writer for RBO, what would be next for Shanak...?

A pregnancy track.So that we can see some romance,Khanak's morning sickness and tantrums and cravings,Shaan hovering around her protectively,cute fights,some little adorable talks in between.Its hard and serious but a miscarriage and both trying to over come their pain and finally understanding each other's pain too.I am 100% sure that the CV's would ruin this track so I want them to take SYS(Yumna's)SS and show us exactly the same way.Can't get anymore beautiful and realistic than that.If I were the creative,I def would!!
That's all for now, have fun answering! Smile

Thanks hon!Hope you enjoyed reading them
Thanks for answering Smitha, loved your answers!
Oh yeah, can't believe you're from Manchester - we're practically neighbours! Big smile

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WooHooHaha21 IF-Dazzler

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Congos Smithzzz on being the MOTW.. Hug Wish you have a good time in being grilled.. Embarrassed As I have exams all over so wont be really troubling you much.. But would ask you to make atleast 5 siggies for KT's bday and PM me.. Embarrassed Consider it as a task for being the MOTW.. Big smile 
Read ur answers in previous pages, and I like them.. I like ur hand obssesion the most.. Embarrassed Goodluck for further questos, plz do complete my task.. Smile

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SPN_JD_Addicted IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Roshni_M

Congrats smitha di... Hug
here are my simple questions for u...
ur favourite flower??
ur fav bollywood actor/actress??
Hrithik Roshan.No particular actress really!
fav tellywood actor/actress???
Karan Tacker and Kinshuk Mahajan(both have beautiful expressive eyes),YM and Parul Chauhan(super talented)
fav food??
Any thing Mexican
fav holiday destination???
Scotland.Beautiful and serene!
fav shanak scene???
This is difficult lol.I would say JA sequence cos he looked super hot with a stubble and she beautiful in a traditional wear and it couldn't get any sexier than that
one scene where u find it was yasharan and nt shanak???
Once again JA scene.Karan couldn't control looking at Yashashree and when I got tired of watching him(never!)I noticed YM was smiling and all lol.And the smile they share,picture perfect.
ur bestest friend on this forum???
This really is difficult lol.I love u all girls!
most embarrassing moment??? 
Many lol.As of recently,I thought someone was talking to me and I started talking back only to realise it was the one behind me!Hotha hain lol
cutest thing u did for anyone??
No idea!May be I never did lol
Craziest thing u did??
I stay away from crazy stuff.I am Boring.
describe me in few words... I knw we dint speek much but still...
Hmmm...you live in MUmbai,saw YM once,wants to go visit the sets of RBO and ya you thought Vats is married and you are a sweet girl and crazy too(guess?)
one more thing.. Do u make siggies?? If yes then can u plz make one for me???
I do make sigs.Of course!Would love to!

have fun...

hope u enjoy reading my replies Rosh!Hug

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SPN_JD_Addicted IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by adventure_gurl

 Congrats Smitha!Thanks SonaliHug

Here are my questions

1. What was your childhood dream(s).  Did any of them come true for you?
I am actually a pretty laid-back person.Never really had any dreams which I wanted to pursue.I wanted to become a GYnaecologist but that didn't happen!

2. What are five things more or less you never leave home without?
My phone,some change,Mp3 player,keys(of course!)Hmm..that's it!

3. If given a chance to produce a movie with Karan and Yashashri, what would be the storyline/ backdrop and what characters would you create for them?

I would love to a murder mystery with lots of romance of course where Karan plays a cop and Yashashree either plays a school teacher or a doctor, from a small town any where abroad,hiding a secret of her own and very serious and unemotional type,target of a mad man and Karan to her rescue.He also would have his share of grief  and he is a serious guy too(Cops being all jovial never works for me and Karan would excel at being a brooding,intense,quiet guy)but feels for others and their pain and sometimes get too attached to the cases he works on.Never let his anger to come out but our girl would surely bring it out!

4. Favorite color and flower

Peach and Jasmine

5.  Osma Bin Laden was caught, do you think it was a wise decision for President Obama not to show the pictures of the dead body?

Tells me something is def fishy!I don't care for these so called 'protectors' taking on the mission of getting rid of bad guys in the name of world peace and all,as these always end up killing the innocent people.Sorry if I offended any!JMO!

6. What do you miss about your hometown, where do you like it better, UK or India?

Everything really!Given a chance I would love to go back.

7. Name one funny event in your life you could never forget

Can't recall lol.Embarrassed

8. Favorite songs right now

Te Amo,Ronan Keating's 'when you say nothing at all'

9. Western or Indian

As in?These days Western.Comfy and all.

10. Mac or Windows xp

Never used Mac so will go with Windows.

That's all from me for now

Enjoy the hot seat!

Thanks hon!Hope you enjoy reading!

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adventure_gurl IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 11:51pm | IP Logged
thanks Smitha, I meant in  clothes, do you prefer Western or Indian/ desi

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SPN_JD_Addicted IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 11:52pm | IP Logged
Pri-an OS?!!!!As for the books,I don't want to overwhelm you and make you run away as you said you are a non-reader,let me come back on that!

Ads-thanks hon!

Nats-5 sigs of just Karan?Never really made that many on a single actor or character lol.

Aysha-u r so close to me!!!Glad you enjoyed reading hon

Updated Sonali!

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purvi08 IF-Rockerz

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smitha di  loved all your answers HugHugHug
enjoy the hot seat
few questions from me
1.your idea about life
2.your favorite book
3. few words about me .it can be bad also .it is upto you

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sweetsute Goldie

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Hello Smitha

Congrats for being in d Hot seatBig smile

Now get ready to be grilled and bakedWink

So, here are my set of questions

1. Name 1 telugu movie where u think Karan and Yashashri would perfectly fit in d lead roles

2. Who is ur idol and why

3. If ur fav actor or star appears in front of you, wat will be ur immediate reaction

4. One thing, u wish to be in d following, but has not been achieved yet
   a. World
   b. India
   c. Andhra
   d. IF
    e. RBO

5.  IF God grants u three wishes, 
    a.  U will be the richest person on earth, but will lack d love of ur loved ones
    b. U will get all d love from ur loved ones, but u won't be richer in terms of money
    c.  U will be neither rich nor u will get enough love from ur loved ones, but u will definately get to see ur loved ones getting all d happiness in life
What option would u choose and why?

6. When Obama said- ' Justice has been done' on killing Osama, do u think he was right?..Give ur reason 

7.  Give 1 offscreen interview of Yasharan, where u think both of them were totally in their characters -Shan/Khanak and not even their expressions were themselves

8.  Do u think In TV and even in Films, lack of talent prevails 

9.  Who were d last couple u drooled over except shanak/Yasharan

10. Describe in 1 sentence
    a. RBO forum
    b. RBO
    c. Karan/Yashashri
    d.  Me

Chalo...now time for tasks

a.  Write a OS/SS or watever u like on Shanak, describing a serious situation and how dey cope up wid it

b. Give a detailed analysis of any Yasharan interview 

c.  Praise d following in atleast 1000 wrdsEvil Smile
     1. Rahul
     2. Jenny
     3. Sam
     4. Duck
     5. Sunny
Heheee!!!...c, i was being so nice...but dis is d last jhatka..ROFLROFL

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