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FireSafireFiree IF-Sizzlerz

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Part 75

A BIG HUG who have always presed the lIkes & comments..
THANK YOU SO MUCH.. pls do always do it..
it motivates me allot

After almost 2days of straggling kesar managed to find geets home address. She have 2 home now. One deli & another here. Mumbi. He knocks. No answer. Silent. He tries few more time. Still no answer. He half unwanted  turns round, was about to leave when the door cracked open...
Kesar "geeettt..." the voice nearly left his thought. It came out as a scream. Geets eyes widens instantly. Kesar did not wait a single second as he ran towards her & hugged her tight.
Kesar "where have you been? How could you!" geet stood there frozen. A small tear drop craweled down her eyes.
Geet "ka hua? Sab khariat toh hi na!"
Kesar "you have to come with me! Where have you been all this year!"
Geet "I was out!" kesar did not wait to here a single word from geets mouth. He dragged her out of the house. "you have to come with me now! Please!"
Geet "I can't!" she replied coldly. I have to go.
Kesar "NO! NO! Bro is dying. He needs you. Please come back." kesar pleads.
Geet "nahi... No... I can't!" she stragules to free her grip.
Kesar "but why? WHY CAN'T YOU! Why can't you come." he almmost screams out his plead. Kesar could not wait any longer. He did not have free life exactly. He is a busy Dr him self. Every holiday , he even took months off just to locate geet. What he have not done, detectve, she was not in this town at all, & when he is lucky enough to find her, here she refuges. Refuges to see her love.
Kesar "you love bro!"
Geet "I did once!"
Kesar "why? Why not now! When he loves you madly! Why you doing this to him. Yes he have done mistake, but those mistakes hunting him every second. Please come back"
Geet did not know what to think, how to think, 2 years have been. Suppressing every memory. Suppressing her self. She does not have the strength to fight back any more.
Kesar "I am giving you 10 minute to get ready, if you don't come by your self! I will force you!" geet looks at him shock. What was he saying.
Kesar looks at her every face reaction. He knew well geet won't come, so he did have no other choice.  He holds geets hand firmly & drags her along with him.

They reach shimla at 8 am. but before geet went to maans place, she went to one of the close by majar..

. some reason, she wanted to pray... just pray for him... geet closed her eyes... his illution was always there... & when she opens it back..

. there he was standing in front of her. maan... she smiled... & within a second.. it disspeared agin...

 Kesar knew roughly where anjali could be. Geet have been out & god knows where she have been. It took him long time to locate her. 2 long years, in no way he will leave her sight now. Car stops infront of a big bungalow. Geet who have no intention to see man, she held her place in the car. Refuge to come out.
Kesar "geet! Come with me!"
Geet "why have you brought me here?" that's the only question she asked. Kesar have asked many time where she was the past 2 years, but in return geet only answered nun of your business. She simply refuges to give any answer to him.

Kesar drags her out & walks in to the house along with him. Anjalis eyes widens seeing geet. Somewhere she is glad to see her, somewhere a pain. Her presence, maan will not be here any more. Maan surly will leave now. For past two years, yes she did build a very strong connection to maan. She seen the real maan. She seen the maan who is in love. Not the maan where she dated once! Its a maan who is madly in love wiith geet & somewhere she is envying her.

Geet is in her usal get up. White. She kept looking at kesar now & then who have no intention to let go of her hand. Both walks along the stair. Maans room. Geets eyes instantly filled up. His hand bandaged.  No surprised there that he tried to kill him self again. She knew that well.

Kesar "this is just your maan. Not maan sing khurana. The great MSK... Who's name never went beyond the front page. This is your maan. Not that man who's life used to suround with girls, money, business, pleasure, lust. This is your maan, who loves you madly. Who lost everything, just for you. He is not that maan any more geet. He have lost everything & he needs you. I only brought you here, because I can't see him like this. Yes, I am no longer a part of the khuranas any more, but he is after all my brother. My blood brother. For past 2 years, his mental stability be came wars. I don't know how to explain any more. I have tried many time. I have tried. I could not locate you & when I did, it was wrong address or  wrong number. Now is you.." kesar looks round. Geet was already in the room. She stood against the door. Tears rolled down her eyes. How could she. How could he. She slowly makes her way towards him. His body, it looked like a dead body. There is no life inside him. Geet sat beside him. Stroked his hair back. He moaned a little. Like he knew that was her touch. Like he knew even with his eyes close. Its his geet. Geet covered her mouth with her hand, trying not to wimp & ran out. She did not stop until the chile wind touched her skin. Geet took a sigh breath. Even after all this years his presence suffocated her. Even after seeing him like that, why she could not feel the love, yet she was dying, every second, every moment along with him. There was not a single second that his name did not touch her thought. Hallucinate!!! She used to see him everywhere. Is a way she also went crazy in his thought & yet here, seeing him after many years, did not ease that pain.

Kesar "please. Save my brother!" tears did not stop. He is her love. Of course she will do anything for him but how? How can she convince her self to do it... Geet walks in again. She sat beside him, just observing. Nothing els.
Kesar "he is in sleeping pill!" geet nodes.
Geet "when will he wake up?"
Kesar "in few hours maybe!"
Geet "lets go back to deli!"
Kesar "you don't have anything there! Not even a house! Dev have taken everything!" geet looked at him in shock. She was indeed absence of everything. She cut her life off from maan. She closed everything... But now regretting in her decision. Maan, its all her fault.
Geet "he brought me a house. No one knows about that!"

Anjali walks in. She did not like the idea at all, that some one walks in after 2 years and just leaves with her patient. "I can't let you do that!" kesar looks at her angrily. Geet did not say anything. She did show her alertness of a female voice but nothing more.
Kesar "she is his wife & I think, she can choose what to do with her husband!"
Anjali "& where was she for past 2 years!"
Kesar "nun.."
Anjaly "doesn't mrs khurana have her mouth to speak!"
Geet still did not look at her, or wanted to. She probably was another maans X! She will feel disgust, & the confidence that she at the moment building up to take maan. It will disappear.
Anjali "I am talking to you mrs Khurana!" geet looks at her. She instantly knew who exactly was she. & there it went. Everything disappeared instantly. Geet now was having hard time to believe that this lady have been looking after maan with out her satisfaction in it. The trust between husband & wife was still not there! What trust she thought, they barely came out of there remoras. Geet stands up instantly & just walked out. Kesar gave her an angry glare & flowed geet.

Maan slowly opens his eyes, his heart skipped several beet. Its his geet. Its geet... Somewhere, the drowsiness was still there. But the urge to see geet... Maan called out loud as possible but it only came out as whisper... Geettt...


Part 76 page 21

:D thanks for all the love & support..
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Me 1st to comment for the very 1st time Shocked  Party msn dancing emoticon 02   msn dancing emoticon 01
Finally , Kesar found Geet *phew* ; I know Geet still would like to believe that she does not feel love for Maan , but then why she offered prayers before meeting him ???
Why every moment spent w/o him she imagines him & his presence everywhere ??
Why she even saw him @ dargah before visiting him ? 
These r indications that Geet should forgive Maan @ least for humanity's sake for the present .
How will she ever live in peace seeing him like this , broken & shattered ????

Geet should o back to him ; for the simple reason that now he's just Maan 
She cannot give Maan Singh Khurana a chance but @ least can give just Maan some time till he cures . 

Am sure Geet'll go back to him Approve
Beautiful part Clap, loved it ...

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i will kill anjali telling you nw,,,please stay her away from maan and geet..i love lesar he did it..geet ki problem kya hai  hate her now she is agian miss understand him shame on her ,,,,,i hope kesar clear things for her again she will hurt maan better kill him i cant see him like this i am sorry but i m angry with geet now

great update well going thank you for updating

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at last
updated waiting from ages let me read first

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beautiful part
 continue soon.

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VSai2008 IF-Sizzlerz

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great update

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Breath taking update!!!!!! I didn't even blink once until i finished reading it great workClapClapClap
Main toh soch rahithi ki ab sab teek hojayega but phir se sab badal gayaCry plzzz Maan ko bachalooo...

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nice update pls cont soon

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