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Vampire Diaries Boss on a Bloody Midseason Finale, Repercussions, the Sire Bond and More!


The Vampire Diaries

What's a Mystic Falls party without a little bloody destruction and death?

On the midseason finale of The Vampire Diaries, evil Original Klaus struck again, this time taking out Tyler's army of hybrids, but also more importantly, his mom. 

"Klaus is a survivalist; when you betray him, you get beat down," Julie Plec told "When he feels backed up against a wall or mistreated or abused he lashes out in the most dramatic way possible."

So what are the major repercussions of Tyler's failed plan and Mayor Lockwood's death? And how will the love triangle between Stefan, Elena and Damon proceed when the show returns? Keep reading to learn more.

What are the major consequences of killing Carol Lockwood?
Julie Plec:
The first repercussion is that the town is short a mayor. When we come back we'll meet the man who's been chosen to be the interim mayor of Mystic Falls, Rudy Hopkins, who we'll quickly learn is
Bonnie's dad. He's been caught up to speed and filling in the blanks of information that he knew or didn't know over the years so now he's playing both the role of concerned mayor for the town and concerned father for his daughter.

How will Bonnie react to him coming to town?
Like any teenager would handle a parent coming back into her life and trying to boss her around.

Is Tyler now screwed since Klaus found out he was trying to kill him?
Tyler has definitely been marked by Klaus, and that's something that will play out over the next few episodes -- the repercussions of Tyler's move against Klaus.

For a minute I thought Klaus couldn't be that evil and perhaps didn't want to be.
The thing that has always defined Klaus and how he acts and what he does is three things. No. 1 is that he's a survivalist; when you betray him, you get beat down. No. 2 is power, which originates from his unstable upbringing and childhood in which his own parents wanted him dead. [And No. 3] he was a guy who frankly was not loved by his parents and hates himself for still wanting the life where he can trust people and love people. You see glimpses of that in how he deals with Caroline and how he deals with his siblings, but as we've also seen when he feels backed up against a wall or mistreated or abused he lashes out in the most dramatic way possible.

Where is Stefan's head at when the show returns?
When we come back, he has not been handling it well and the episode that we return to definitely draws the dagger in deeper, so to speak. He's got a lot to deal with emotionally and he has a lot of decisions to make about how he's going to deal with what he feels is a terrible, terrible betrayal from his brother, a profound disappointment and the loss of his girl.

Damon told Elena to leave, so is the sire bond over?
It's not that she lost her sire bond, it's that he used the sire bond to tell her to go away so if you're not around someone you can't exactly be sired by them. In the next episode we'll get to see what life is like for both of them when they're apart, how difficult it is for each of them and how strong their resolve is to stay away from each other.

And is Jeremy's hatred towards Elena really gone?
It's not done and over with. It's just easier for him. They've reconnected on an emotional level and he's found coping mechanisms that he can use. His curse in life is that he's hard-wired to want people like her dead so that's not just going to go away, but it's going to allow them to stand together as brother and sister and try to fight it.

Does this mean there will be more Jeremy and bulging biceps scenes?
They've only just begun.

What will we learn about Shane and Silas in the new episodes?
When we get back there's a run of five episodes that is our Silas chapter and it brings everything to a head as far as those things are concerned.

Could Silas perhaps be the next big villain on the show should he be unburied?
Plec: He's definitely someone who is going to be representing a lot of fear and tension for the rest of the season.

Looking back at the first part of Season 4, what's been your favorite story to tell?
I enjoyed being able to take Damon's character to the next level. This is a guy who short of after not being chosen said, "Screw it. I am who I am," and then out of that came this discovery that Elena loves him for who he is without him trying to be somebody different. The relief that came attached to that and the beauty was so short-lived when he realized he couldn't 100 percent trust that it was real. It's really good stuff for this character who has been rejected and denied so many times to taste this happiness, but we'll see if it turns into infallible happiness, if it's real and can stay real.


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Post Mortem: Vampire Diaries Boss on the Big Death, Elena and Damon's Struggles and More!
Tyler's war against Klaus on The Vampire Diaries claimed its first major casualty during Thursday night's midseason finale. The Original retaliated against his hybrid's rebellion by drowning Tyler's mother, Mayor Carol Lockwood — not to mention killing all 12 hybrids in Tyler's pack.

The devastating loss caps off what has been an impressive maturation arc for Tyler this season. But now that he's on his own, he'll be reeling. At least he's not entirely alone — the tragedy secures him a place in The Society of Orphaned Children, a fast-growing Mystical Falls club that already includes Elena, Jeremy, April and Matt (who's practically an orphan).

So how will Tyler cope with the death of his mom? What do Klaus' actions mean for the increasingly complicated Tyler/Caroline/Klaus love triangle? On a different note, will Elena, now set free by Damon, really be able to stay away from the elder Salvatore brother? And how will April deal with finally knowing the truth about Mystic Falls' strange happenings?

TVLINE | Why was it important for Carol to be the big casualty?
It definitely felt like the consequence of a revolution has to be either the captain that led the charge or one of the people closest to the captain. It was Tyler or Tyler's mom. But somebody was going to have to pay.

TVLINE | We didn't actually see Tyler react to the death. How will he deal with it?
[When] the next episode picks up, a little bit of time has happened, and we'll see that Tyler's not handling it altogether too well. He's keeping to himself, refusing to show his emotions and stewing in his own grief and anger, which is making it difficult to help him. It's sad for Caroline, who just wants to be there for him.

TVLINE | He's lost his dad, his mom and Uncle Mason. Is there any family that's going to come out of the woodwork? Or is he on his own?
At the moment, he is left, sadly and tragically, alone.

TVLINE | Did Tyler just let Hayley go after that betrayal?
His first order of business was to get there and try to stop [Klaus]. Of course, we saw he was too late. After this, if he could find Hayley, he would probably give her a piece of his mind — if not a heart pulled from the chest. But she's skedaddled. We won't be seeing her for a while.

TVLINE | Klaus did some really horrible things in this episode, to say the least. How will that affect his budding, sort-of relationship with Caroline?
It's definitely a fairly severe setback. I don't think Caroline's going to be looking at him with her goo-goo eyes anytime soon. But as we've seen with Klaus, he always has a way of getting under people's skin for better or for worse. I wouldn't say it's the last we've seen of a connection between them. It's the last that she's going to want a connection between them.

TVLINE | Moving on to Elena, is the sire bond really broken?
No, Damon's choice of words was really indicative of what he wants in this moment. He could have set her free and said, "Never see me again, never talk to me again, never think of me again." He could have done all those things. Instead, he just sent her packing back to Mystic Falls. She has to go home. She has to listen to him. She'll be sitting at home, wondering what he's up to, and he'll be sitting at that lake house, regretting his choice, yet knowing it's the choice he had to make. So it's lots of sad longing to be had between the two. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Elena's feelings for Damon could still be real despite the sire bond. Will we get a definitive answer to that?
Until the sire bond fundamentally doesn't exist – which as long as Elena's a vampire, it seems to be that's going to be in play – we'll have to ask ourselves those questions. But the journey of Elena trying to get to the bottom of how she feels and expressing herself to him is going to be part of the ride. 'Cause she, in fact, really believes what she feels is 100 percent genuine and real. She feels like she's got the evidence to back it up, in that there wouldn't be a sire bond to begin with if there wasn't some kind of love there. It's a tale of a couple who wants to be together and realizes that they shouldn't, yet really wants to. [Laughs] So what do they do?

TVLINE | I was curious about something Professor Shane said about the cure for immortality. If one is made mortal again, wouldn't he or she revert back to a dead state?
All these conversations about the cure are meant to have the audience asking those kind of questions. What does it mean? What form does it come in? What will it do to the people who take it? Can it be used as a weapon? Can it be used as gift? Is it one of those horrible Twilight Zone things where you take it and then you age to the age that you were and you're dead? You never know. There's a lot of different ways this could go, and our hope is to keep people guessing.

TVLINE | So clearly April takes out Rebekah's stake, thank goodness. But what's she going to do with all this new information that she has now?
[Laughs] April is going to be like that one person you're like, "Shoot. Why did we let her live?" [Laughs] She's angry. She feels manipulated. She feels lied to. And she's not going to take it lightly. So she's going to be a little bit of a problem in the next episode.

TVLINE | As angry as she is, I can only imagine how angry Rebekah is after being staked yet again.
Rebekah, who's queen of betrayal, has perfected the art of revenge beautifully and really takes some of our team to task in a great, wicked way.

TVLINE | Does she go after Klaus?
No, no, no. She's saving Klaus. She's saving Klaus for another time, another day. First thing first, she's trying to get back at Stefan.


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TVD, 4X10 Promo.

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Vampire Diaries' Damon admits watching his love triangle is 'brutal'

For the last four years, one TV love triangle has toyed with the hearts and minds of fans in the most excruciating ways'and things are about to get even more complicated. The Vampire Diaries, The CW's number-one series, has pushed and pulled Elena, Stefan and Damon back and forth, and for Team Damon there may just be something to root for. Maybe.

"It's brutal watching this trio sometimes, 'cause it's just an odd situation to be in love with your brother's girl and also not be able to have her and be able to maybe have her and have guilt about it," said Ian Somerhalder, who plays the 172-year-old vampire Damon, in an exclusive interview with Blastr.

"Initially, Damon starts off not happy at all this season. Because he did everything he was supposed to do," said Somerhalder. "He sat back and watched everyone really screw everything up. And he's basically saying, you know what? This is me. This is who I am. If you don't like it, oh well. I can't help you. I listened to you guys. The decisions you made were wrong. ... I've tried to be the good guy. I tried to not hurt my brother. I've tried not to hurt people around me, because people had asked me not to. Now Elena's dead, and now she's a vampire, and you guys are all a bunch of idiots."

Major developments this season have dealt with Elena becoming a vampire, and had her break up with Stefan only to learn her heart can no longer deny her feelings for Damon. However, no sooner did the two hit the sheets than it was discovered that Elena actually has a sire bond to Damon, which clouds the subject. Does she really have a choice when it comes to her feelings for the one-time villain or is it just the sire bond at work?

On tonight's episode, "O Come, All Ye Faithful," Damon is supposed to do the right thing by Elena and set her free from their sire bond. But can one of TV's most fascinating antiheroes actually "do the right thing" if it means losing the girl he's been pining for for four years?

"Damon is a very flawed character. You know, he's a flawed man, but he's got emotions and feelings just like us, and he's vulnerable sometimes and strong others, and this is a journey of this person, of this character," said Somerhalder.

"It's a phenomenal character. There are challenges every day. The challenge is to take the material that's in the script and make it my own. To keep it interesting. The Damon that was in season one is no longer the Damon that is now. Which is unfortunate for me, I think, because he was so fun to play. But [creators] Kevin [Williamson] and Julie [Plec] had to beat it into my head that this is a 100-episode arc of this man. You can't be a one-trick pony. You can't just be the bad guy for all six years. ... So the challenge lies in keeping it true to my own world so I can continue to put that into the work."

According to Somerhalder, the challenge is in keeping the relationships interesting and dynamic.

"Elena loves both of these guys, and they love her dearly. I mean, they'd literally die for her. And one of them probably may end up one day doing that. It's powerful," said Somerhalder.

"If it is Damon who ends up dying for Elena, the point right before he dies, hopefully he looks up into the eyes of his killer or Elena or the camera, straight down the barrel and says, 'You had to drag it out this long?'" cracks Somerhalder.

Love Smolderhalder!  He is hilarious LOL

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Scoop on Klaus on The Vampire Diaries!

Prepare for an epic showdown between Klaus and...Shane! You really didn't think those two would never come face to face, did you? Especially after Klaus learns that Shane was the mastermind behind the plan to kill 12 hybrids? Yeah, he's pretty mad. Watch out, Shane!

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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Vampire Diaries
Have you looked in your local roller disco? Because that may be where the show is headed. Though exec producer Julie Plec hastens to note that nothing is set in stone, she does admit, "We're just now writing a script which, in a perfect world, will take us back to the '70s in New York City. Everything could change, but it's an era we haven't explored yet. It could be a lot of fun." Especially since she adds that "it'll definitely involve our brothers in some form or another." Cue the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack in 3, 2, 1…
Question: I am enjoying this season of The Vampire Diaries, but the one thing it needs is Katherine back! Any chance that's happening anytime soon? —Ali
Ausiello: "That elusive vixen is still somehow lurking in the shadows," teases Plec, "but keeping herself well hidden… Given Klaus' continued presence in Mystic Falls, we shall see if we'll be able to get her back into town." Scram, Klaus!

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Why Is The Vampire Diaries' Klaus Sitting Pretty?
Joseph Morgan "In the beginning, Klaus and Kol start off more on the same page, but Kol definitely comes in with his own objectives and motives," Morgan says. "They do end up at odds and issuing threats at each other and it does become quite serious." Klaus' relationship with Rebekah, though, is a little more complicated. "Klaus is the one who daggered her and he's really used her in a way that's unforgivable. They have both attempted to exploit each other, but are also bound by this love and his feeling of wanting to protect her from her own weaknesses. So it's all mixed up in there like a big old wasp's nest of emotions."
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Vanessa: Got any more scoop on Twilight star Charlie Bewley's role on The Vampire Diaries? I'm so excited to see him on the show!
Bewley will debut as Vaughn in the CW series' 13th episode and let's just say he's got his sights set on the Salvatore brothers. You see, he's a hunter, one of The Five, to be exact, and like Connor, he's pretty damn good at his job. Expect an interesting first meeting between Vaughn and Damon that will only show off just how much Damon cares for Elena.

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