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Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Court Dismissed: Brking News-Arjun proved innocent (Page 7)

idunno IF-Rockerz

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roshaniD IF-Dazzler

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guys we appreciate ur feedback but there's a reason we r asking u not to reply..

we need to keep this thread comment free so that it would be easier for a first time reader to go through it without interruptions... as you can see many *ahem* logics have been applied n we do not want you guys to forget them, by the time you get to the next relevant post...

if you want to comment / add / suggest anything related to the case please feel free to do so in the Eilaan 2 thread.. link below...

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aksh4IF IF-Rockerz

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The day had ended. Aksh had a long day of technical arguements. And thanks to the Ulluwaliyas all her logical arguments were being dissected, autopsied and thrown out the window. She need to take some radical steps to win this case. She will not be losing a case because of such a stupid client. Agreed that it was a huge error in judgement on her part to have accepted this client, but what's done is done. Now she had the chance to win this case if she played her cards right.

She was in a less known neighborhood of Chandigarh. She parked the car on the main road and started walking. This is where her assistant had said he lived. He was a major card she had discovered. As she walked towards her goal, she got lost in contemplation. She had seen him interact with Arjun. They seemed like best friends or rather siblings. His attachment, devotion, concern that shown on his face was obvious and she was going to make use of it. As they say, all is fair in love and war. It was his love and her war. And she was not going to lose it owing to the Ullus.

She turned a corner and checked the piece of paper in her pocket. According to the address, it was the second last house on the right. She walked up to the door, knocked and waited. She heard a bed creak, footsteps and the door opened half-way. His eyes widened in surprise as he realized who was at his door.

"Aap? Idhar pe kya kar rahe ho?"
"Mujhe tumse kuch zaruri baat karni hai. Arjun ke baare me"
"Arjun bhai ke baare me? Bhai toh hospital me hai na!!"
"Haan! Arjun abhi bhi hospital me hai. Par mujhe tumse uske baare me ek zaruri baat karni hai. Woh iss case se bach sakta hai. Agar tum chaho toh, tum uski madad kar sakte ho"
"Apun kya madad kar sakta hai unki?"
"Kya mein andar aa sakti hun? Ye baat iss tarah bahar khade ho ke karna thik nahi."
He seemed reluctant. Aksh could see he was doing some serious thinking. And then he opened the door wider and stepped back.
Aksh smiled to herself and walked in. That was easy.

Half hour later, when she left the house of her new witness, she was one happy lawyer. Now this case was won.Smile

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kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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* It had been a long night without sleep.   Where did it go wrong,  or did it really go wrong.   It is clear that ahluwalia's hate Arjun,  It is easy for them to believe he shot KSA.   But if he did why would he confess about  wanting to shoot KSA, why would he  go through all this with patience.  Knowing his temper and his background he should have escaped by now  but  he did not.  Is there any use of proving this?  He will  be  accused of  trying to gain sympathy and hence get released.  No cannot coninue with that point,  have to find something solid some proof that will  lead to the real killer.   If a small clue is provided, even a very vague one , then this case can be solved.    There should be another angle in which this case should be handled,  think think think,  who is around arjun , who else believes him as much as arohi,  Arjun and arohi must be put on stand,  people and court need to hear from them.     It is the start of a new day a fresh turn. Will truth win, will arohi's trust win. Will ahluwalia's realise how wrong they have been. Will justice be achieved. I hope so. * 

*please  use  discussion thread for comments  Smile*

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aksh4IF IF-Rockerz

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Ya i know, am public prosecutor. But the issue is, ever since our dear DVs have changed the image of Indian judicial system and the Judge on the show, our judges have gone on strike. Yes its true, our judges Jannat and Rosh have gone on strike in indignance of the shocking way in which judges have been portrayed to be soo blind and uncharacteristically moronic.

Hence, we will proceed without judges; for this case involves sane prosecutors n defense teams who will not require a judge to referee them, unlike dear (NOT) Mr. Saxena!!Wink and also, lets observe a 2-line silence for our late Mr. Ram Punjabi

without whom we wud not have had the comic relief and also we would not have needed the much required sanity check. Evil Smile

Court in Session - Day 6. Chandigarh vs. Arjun Singhania. 

Defense, please present your witness.

Audience, please comment here: Eilaan-E-Jung 2. This thread is a Read Only Zone.

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kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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DL  :  Thank you your honour.    Your  Honour I would like to question Arjun Singhania, who is wrongly accused of shooting KSA. 


Arjun : *Geeta pe hath rakhke* main jo kuch bhi kahunga sach kahunga aur sach ke alava kuch nai kahunga . 
*looks at arohi who is teary eyed and tense *
DL :  Arjun  aap jaante hai aap par attempt to murder case
darj hua hai, aap ka kya kehna hai .
arjun: main nirdosh hoon, maine shoot nahi kiya.
DL : Lekin aapne khud kaha hai ki aap ksa ko maarne ke irade se
gun lekar gaye the.
Arjun : haan lekar gaya tha. lekin maine shoot nahi kiya, arohi ne
mujhe rok liya tha, lekin meri gun gayab ho gayi thi aur KSA ko kisi
aur ne mere gun se maara. 
DL : accha we will get to that later.  pehle aap yeh batayiyen ki
aap ksa ko maarne ke irade se kyun gaye, kyunki aapko unpar abhi bhi
dushmani nibhani thi.
arjun : nai
DL : kya aap kisi aur ke kehne par ksa ko maarne ke liye gaye the. 
Arjun : Nai
DL : to phir aisi kya vajah thi jo aap ek jaanemaane mashoor aur imaandar DIG ke ghar gun lekar gaye unko maarne ke iraade se.
Arjun : kyunki  woh mere gunegaar the . *voice chokes and eyes tear up*
DL : aapke gunegaar?  unhone aisa kya kiya tha aur kab kiya tha.
arjun : 25 yr pehle. *suddenly everyone in court is attentive* . pacchis saal pehle  unhone mere nirdosh maa ko encounter mein maara tha, jab yeh baat mujhe pata chala  to main toot gaya, mujhe bhi maa ka pyar mil sakta tha, main bhi sabki tarah ek  khushyali parivaar mein pal sakta tha, mein bhi ek sahi raaste mein jaa sakta tha.
*voice chokes ever more* 
DL : to aapne immediately unko maarne ka plan banaya?
arjun : nahi mujhe tab laga ki shayad DIG se koi galati huyi hogi,  lekin baad mein dad ne bataya ki KSA ek medal jeetne ke liye mere maa ko maara tha, tab mujhe aur kuch nahi meri maa ki aatma ko shaanti pahunchani thi aur woh sirf ksa ko maarke ho sakta tha.

DL : phir kya hua.

arjun: arohi ko iss baat ka  pata laga,  usne mujhe rokne ki koshish ki lekin main nahi maana.  unke ghar party ke shaam champayne lekar gaya, aur ksa jab upar gaye tab mein unke peeche gaya.

DL : phir
arjun :  waha mujhe laga Ksa curtain ke uss paar hai, to maine unhe jaise maarne ke liye nishana lagaya, waha  se arohi bahar aayi.  usne apne aap ko maarna chaha aur use rokte  waqt  mere hath se gun neeche giri.  jab maine arohi ko samjhaya aur kaha ki main aisa kuch nai karunga tab hume gun ki awaaz sunayi di, maine dekha  meri gun nahi thi, hum dono kamre se bahar bahge to dekha  ksa ko goli lagi huyi thi. 

dl : jab aap ksa ke room mein gaye waha sirf arohi aur aap the.

arjun : ji.

dl : phir ksa kaha gaye .
arjun : pata nahi

dl :  jab aapne ksa ko dekha to kya kiya

arjun : main  har direction mein dekha ki shayad jisne bhi shoot kiya woh nazar aaye  lekin koi nahi tha.  main hospital gaya ksa ke sath.  phir waha par arohi aayi aur usne kaha ki rajveer ko meri gun ksa ke paas mili aur tab maine khud confess kiya ki woh meri gun thi.

dl ; tab rajveer ne kya kiya.
arjun : tab rajveer ne maara aur sudhir ahlu ne kaha ki jo bhi mere maa ke sath hua usme ksa ki galti nahi thi balki unki thi.  dl kya aap ko pata chala ki woh kaisi galti thi?

arjun nahi

dl : phir kya hua.

arjun : phir mujhe rajveer ne aur maara,  aur mujhe arrest kiya gaya.

dl : aap adalat se kuch darkhast karna chahte hai?

arjun : your honour , main maanta hoon ki maine kuch aise kaam kiye hai jiska  mujhe fakr nahi hai , lekin main ne aisa kaam kabhi nahi kiya jisme kiski jaan chali jaaye.  main badal gaya hoon,  meri jindagi mein ab arohi ke ilava aur koi priority nahi hai. main apni zindagi mere ghar mein arohi ke sath bitana chahta hoon.  aap mujhe iss baat ki saza de sakte hai ki maine ksa ko maarne ke irade se gaya tha, lekin goli maine nahi chalayi. 
DL : your honour  aapne  suna  ki arjun ke maa ke sath kuch nainsaafi huyi thi. woh kya thi. kyun  sudhir ne kuch aisa kaha,  ksa ne kya kiya,  rps ne arjun ko kyun uksaaya, in sab baton ki jawab  tehkikaat karne ke baad mil sakti hai.  ur honour I request you to appoint a team to investigate this.  rahi baat arjun ki ,  he is innocent you honour, usne jo bhi kaha sach kaha hai. uss gun par zaroor iski fingerprints hai, lekin waha par aur koi maujood tha jisne ksa ko maara. I would like to interrogate more witenesses your honour. 
judge : proceed.

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-TeekhiMishti- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 May 2011 at 12:41pm | IP Logged
I would like to call lovedeep ahluwalia to the witness box for questioning...

Lovedeep ahluwalia witness box mein hazir ho

*lovedeep lost in thoughts yet confidently steps into the witness box*

*Arifa walks upto her puts her hand on lovedeeps gives her a re-assuring look to relax her a bit and begins*

Arifa: Miss Lovedeep ahluwalia how are you related to the victim?

Love : Ji woh mere bauji hai

Arifa: Aur kya aap unse pyaar karti thi?

Love: Ji mein unse sabse zyada pyaar karti hun...unhi ke liye meine aaj tak arjun ka saath nahi diya aur aaj unhi ke liye uska saath de rahi hun

Arifa: Lovedeep aap mujhe confuse kar rahi hai kya aap court ko yeh statement detail mein samjha sakti hai?

Love: Mein is ghar ki beti is said that ghar aur pita ki izzat beti se hoti hai so mein apne bauji ki izzat ke liye chup thi arjun ke saath nahi thi lekin phir mujhe ehsaas hua ke wo mere bauji se pehle DIG KSA hai aur wo kabhi kisi begunah ke saath nainsafi hote dekhna pasand nahi karte...wo puri duniya ke khilaf ho jate par insaaf ki raksha karte mein apne bauji ki isi seekh par amal kark arjun ka saath de rahi hun...

Arifa: Matlab aap ka yeh kehna hai ke arjun bekasoor hai?

Love: Ji arjun bekasoor hai

Arifa: Lekin aapke ghar wale toh kuch aur mante haina lovedeep?
*looks apologetically for bringing family up and forcing her to say something against them...but this was necessary*

Lovedeep: Haan par wo shayad is liye hai ke unhe arjun ko thik se janne ka kabhi mauka mila hi nahi...ek ghalat situation aur sabki arjun ke liye jo pehle feelings thi wo wapis aa gayi...par mene arjun ko badalti hue dekha hai arohi ke pyaar mein dekha hai...arjun arohi ko khudse zyada pyaar karta hai...Isliye agar wo bauji ko marne aya bhi tha toh arohi ko apne samne pakar usne apne kadam rok liye honge...Mein arjun ko apni family mein sabse ache se janti hun...Wo aisa nahi kar sakta...wo badal chuka hai...wo begunah hai...aur agar arohi bauji se itna pyaar karne ke bawajud ye keh rahi hai ke arjun nirdosh hai toh shak ki koi gunjaish nahi bachti

Point to be noted...Betiyan baap se bohot zyada close hoti hai...phirbhi lovedeep arjun ka saath de rahi hai kyunki wo manti hai ke wo begunah hai...ek beti apne baap aur ek poti apne dada ke katil ke saath nahi khade ho sakte na?especially jab wo ksa ke sanskaro mein pali badi ho jaha sach sabse bada hota hai sikhaya gaya unhe??inke actions ka koi to reason hoga na...Reason sirf ek hai arjun ki begunahi jo ek beti ko apne ghar se alag hoke sach ka saath dene pe majboor kar deti hai...Arjun ka sach jisne inhe yeh himmat di apne family ke against jane ki kyunki sach sabse bada hota hai...

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kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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Your honour  Defence would now like to call Arohi to the witness box. 

*Arohi gets up and comes to the box,  now that they are in front of each other arjuhi are lost in their world*
DL :  *cough *  Arohi  *cough*
Arohi :  oh sorry ,  *Geeta par hath rakhke * main jo bhi kahungi sach kahungi , sach ke siva kuch nahi kahungi. 
DL :  Arohi  kya haatse ke waqt  arjun aapke sath the.
*expected PP to raise objection , but was surprised that PP was sitting quietly * 
Arohi : haan arjun mere sath tha jab goli ki awaaz sunayi di.
DL : arjun ne abhi  adalat  ke samne  kaha ki  you stopped him from shooting ksa.
arohi : ji.
DL : agar aap rokte  nahi  to   woh  KSA ko shoot karta tha?
arohi : *pauses *  mera confidence abhi bhi yahi hai ki woh shoot nahi karta tha.
DL : to phir aapne apne aap ko maarne ki dhamki kyun di.
arohi :  main bhavuk  ho gayi thi.   maine  arjun ne daddu ke liye jo kuch bhi kaha woh sun liya,  woh bahut  dukhi tha,  use laga ki  daddu ki vajah se woh anath hua tha,  aur agar woh daddu ko shoot bhi nahi karta to woh yeh kabhi nahi bhul pata ki uske sath meri family ki vajah se kya hua.  Maine bhi  yeh  baat arjun se chupayi thi, main bhi uske gunegar thi vajah jo bhi ho.  aur jab usne gun daddu ke liye uthaya , mujhe laga main khud mar gayi,  jeene ki vajah kya thi. 
*tears  rolling down her cheeks.  arjun was completely shaken , if only he could hold her and tell that he would have never held her responsible *
DL : phir kya hua.
arohi : phir  arjun mujhe dekhte hi ruk gaya,  aur thodi der baad mujhe samjhaya ki woh aisa kuch nahi karega, utne mein goli ki awaz sunayi di , usne dekha aur kaha ki uska gun nahi hai,  hum dono daddu ke room se bahar nikle, waha sab jam huye the, daddu gire huye the *cries* ,  sab shock mein the.  aur  daddu ko hospital le gaye.
DL : phir
arohi :  phir maine dekha to chachu ko ek gun mili daddu jaha gire huye the waha par.  uss gun ko forensics ke liye bheja aur kaha ki finger prints ki report le aaye.  Maine dekha to woh arjun ki gun thi,  arjun gloves to nahi pehna tha to uspar arjun ki finger prints hogi .  to main immediately hospital gayi aur arjun ko yeh baat batayi aur  use  waha se bhaag jaane ko kaha. 
DL : aap ne use bhaag jaane ko kaha kyun?
arohi : kyunki  main apni family ko jaanti hoon.  woh  arjun se nafrat karte the .  woh kabhi yakeen nahi karte ki arjun ne kuch nahi kiya,  saboot arjun ke khilaf thi. 
DL : tab arjun ne kya kiya.
arohi : usne kaha ki woh nahi bhagega,  woh  ab bhagna chod diya hai aasan rasta chunna chod diya hai,  usne kaha ki  iss baar sach uske sath hai, main uske saath hoon.  to usne khud chachu se kaha ki finger prints uske hai . aur phir use arrest kiya gaya.
DL : kya arrest ke baad aap arjun se mile the.
Arohi : main arjun se milne gayi thi,  lekin mujhe milne nahi diya gaya.  mujhe bahut intezaar karna pada , puri raat  bahar barish mein bhigna pada tab commissioner ne taras khake  mujhe milne diya. 
* there was a visible stir  in arjun  &  amrit  on listening to this*
DL :  ek akhri sawaal arohi ,  Aap arjun se mohabbat karti hai yeh sabko pata hai.  Lekin kya aap bata sakte hai ki  zabardusti shaadi karne ke baad  arjun ne aapke sath kaisa salook kiya .  kya usne aapko koi chot pahunchayi ya dukh diya, koi pabandi  lagayi,  koi zor dala tha. 
Arohi : *looks at arjun and starts talking without takin her eyes of him *  Arjun ke sath maine ab tak jo bhi safar kiya bahut sundar tha aur aage bhi hoga .   * she smiles along with arjun.  her voice is less emotional and more confident now*
Jab arjun se pyar hua tab main uske baare mein kuch nahi jaanti thi,  jab pata chala ki usne mujhe apne dad ke liye kidnap kiya to main yakeen nahi kar paayi.  usne bahut koshish ki  mujhe manane ka. usne apna ghar choda, mere liye koi bhi naukri karne ke liye tayar ho gaya , lekin halaat ke vajah se main usse aur door hoti gayi.  uske behen raashi jab humare ghar aayi tab uske sath hatsa hua,  uske zimmedaar gauri thi.   tab yeh baat kisiko pata nahi tha.   arjun  ko  apne sath sath  main bhi  hatse ka zimmedaar lagi ,  aur  shaadi ke din mujhse dhoke se shaadi ki .  main use sabak sikhane uske ghar gayi,  aur dheere dheere  uske baare mein jaanne lagi.  nafrat ke neeche jo pyar ki chingari dabi huyi  thi use aag banne mein bahut der nahi lagi.  jitne bhi din arjun ke sath thi usne kabhi mujhe koi chot nahi pahunchayi ,  maine uske saare paise jalaya , uske bahut hi kimti cheez uske mom ke cheez woh bhi jalaya,  uske  dad ke sath ki memories jalaya,  phir bhi  usne mere sath bura saluk nahi kiya,  hum dono  apne pyar chupa nahi sake,  mohabbat ki jeet huyi.  ab mujhe apne rab se jyada  vishwas arjun par hai.  itni mohabbat hai ki main uske liye fanaa ho sakti hoon.  Koi maane ya na maane mujhe pura  vishwas hai ki arjun ne koi  zurm nahi ki. 
*arjun and arohi are again lost in their world *
DL : your honour  aapne dekha  ek patni ka bayan apne pati ke liye.  Arohi ek  zimmedar police officer ki poti hai ,  jis par  DIG KSA ka bahut  jyada influence hai.  woh jhoot nahi bol sakti.  Mere adalat se darkhast hai ki KSA ke room ko seal kiya jaaye aur  waha par  rakhe  samaan par arjun aur arohi ka finger prints  dhoonda jaaye .  ur honour  I strongly believe ki arjun  haatse ke waqt arohi ke sath tha.   aur  iss baat ki  tehkikaat hogi .   Arohi,  arohi  ...AROHI .*with a smile * .. ab aap jaa sakti hai

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