Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Court Dismissed: Brking News-Arjun proved innocent (Page 10)

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Today he had done something he had never done. He hadn't been to court; for the first time in his life since he could remember, Billu was not there when Arjun needed him. But what he was doing was more important than that. He knew bhai must have been waiting for him throughout the day. He must have tried calling him too, which is why he had turned his phone off. Now was not the time for bhai's questions. The time was to find answers to his own. Who had framed Arjun bhai? Who was the real culprit behind KSA's attack? Where was Makarand? The thought of Makarand brought back the memory from the previous day when he had got the call. It was Makarand calling from an unknown number and he seemed in a hurry and also in considerable distress. Billu was worried because the last time he saw Makarand was the day KSA got shot. He stares into space when his mind flashbacks to that evening:

Billu watched as Arjun put his gun in his inside coat pocket and took the champaign and walked out. Billu watched him leave and then turned around and saw the rest of the ammunition still sitting on the table. He was worried for Arjun and had to make a quick decision. He had just arrived at the conclusion that he was going to take the spare gun and ammunition and go after Arjun when he was visited by Makarand. Makarand had been in Delhi all this time. Billu had contacted him around the time Arjun had left RPS's home and kept him updated. So when Makarand found out about Arjun's mother and their past, he had immediately come to meet his friend. Seeing Billu with the weapons, Makarand grilled him and Billu told him all that happened and ended by telling him that he, Billu was planning to carry out Arjun's task so that Arjun would be safe.

M: Nahi Billu, mein tujhe aise nahi karne de sakta. 
B: Bhai, aap aur Arjun bhai meri family ho. Aaj agar Arjun bhai ne Kartar Saab ko maar diya toh unki life mein jo thodi si khushi aayi hai woh sab khatam ho jaayegi. Mujhe ye karne do.
M: Mein maanta hun ki Arjun ko rokna zaruri hai. Par ye kaam tum nahi mein karunga.
B: Par bhai...
M: Nahi Billu, tum hum teenon mein sabse chote ho aur mein tumhe apni zindagi barbaad hone nahi de sakta. Arjun bhai ne tumhari zimmedari mujhe di hai. Ye kaam mein hi karunga.
B: Makarand bhai, Arjun bhai ke liye mujhe itna toh karne do!! 
M: Billu tum humesha Arjun ke saath rahe ho aur aage bhi rehna. Mein jail chala jaunga toh tum bhai ke saath rehna. Ab aur kuch nahi. Tum chup raho bas.

Makarand takes away the gun etc. from Billu and walks out before Billu can say anything more. 

Billu comes out of his reverie and is wondering what might have happened that day. He had assumed Makarand had carried out the job until Arjun bhai got framed. He was sure whatever happened, Makarand wouldn't leave any traces that would frame Arjun bhai. It did not make sense. And after that he had no contact with Makarand either and this seemed even more suspicious.

After yesterday, he couldn't even trust Rudr Sir anymore and he felt completely at sea as to how to help Arjun. Normally it was Arjun who took the lead being the oldest of the three. He had always been possessive and protective of Makarand and Billu and had kept them away from the more riskier tasks. Now without the guidance of Arjun and Makarand, Billu suddenly felt very young with a very heavy burden on himself. But then the thought of Arjun acted as a catalyst and his courage grew. 

He was thinking back to the incident. Arjun's fingerprints were on the gun but bhai said he didn't shoot and Billu believed that. So how did bhai's gun get near KSA if bhai was inside the room? Someone must have brought it out. And bhabhi had explained to him that the forensic report had shown one bullet to be missing. So the gun was definitely shot and was shot by someone other than Arjun, who had been able to steal the gun from Arjun. He knew Makarand had gone with a different gun, so he wouldn't have needed bhai's gun. Infact, he would want to shoot with his own gun so that bhai would not be implicated. He concluded, there was a third person that night at KSA's house who also had a gun of the same make and brand. There was no other explanation for the forensic report. But again, the missing bullet made him think of Makarand. Did he shoot? Would he have implicated Arjun? But why Arjun? Billu was shocked at his own thoughts. He had known Makarand as long as he had known Arjun, but at the moment he couldn't trust anyone. Somehow a lot had changed from yesterday. No one could be trusted!! The public prosecutor had led him to be a witness against Arjun. Rudr Sir, their god had led him to believe that he was going to save Arjun and had instead effectively prevented Billu from telling Arjun the truth. Arjun was being tried for a murder he didnt do and Makarand .. well he had stopped Billu from going after Arjun. But what if Makarand did it only so he could himself go and make sure he framed Arjun? Billu's guilt was doubled now. He was responsible for Arjun being under trial and he was also doubting the second most important person in his life. He needed answers.. fast!!

Having watched Arjun work closely all these years, he knew whom to approach. He went to Arjun's trusted weapons dealer and grilled him about anyone else who had come to get similar gun and bullets. He specifically asked, if anyone who knew Arjun had come to ask for the type of gun that Arjun Singhania used. His interrogation was successful and the man pointed him to a hench-man Kali. But then Kali turned out to be in the employ of the Singhania's. This was of no use, for Billu knew that many people who worked for Rudr sir were jealous of Arjun and the importance he enjoyed from Rudr sir.

And then it occurred to Billu that Kali had last been known to have been in jail for attacking Arjun in the jungle. So he was out again was he? And then finally Billu connected the dot. Mikhail!! Mikhail had always been jealous of Arjun and he was the one who had sent Kali last time to take out Arjun. So Billu set himself after Mikhail. 

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i havent seen any thread after 13th may-is this ff is end or what?

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Sorry, we should have left a note stating that we are taking a break since members our busy and also since the show itself is ending, we are taking the time off to fully enjoy the last episodes of the season. Don't worry, unlike the KMH CVs, we will come back and finish what we started - no loose ends Smile Promise!!

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Ohhh Shocked
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*sorry for the delay. understandably the lawyers and judges of ML were on a break to enjoy the last weeks of the show. but we are back now Smile*

*edited above with Billu's investigation part1. Here is part2*

Billu had been watching the front entrance of the Singhania house. He had called at the club Mikhail visited often and had found out that Mikhail hadn't come in that day. He also caught the evening newspaper at the chai stall on the way to the Singhania's. Mikhail and Rudr sir had been in court today and they had given witness against Arjun. Billu's guilt grew. Everybody that Arjun had trusted had gone against him. Well, not everybody. Billu would make sure Arjun was acquitted and at the end of the day Arjun would know that Billu and Makarand (hopefully) were always on his side. Now that he came to think of it, Arjun did not even know that Makarand was in Chandigarh. While he was thinking all this Mikhail's car pulled out of the driveway and Billu started his bike and followed. Having Arjun Singhania for a mentor had to pay off, and what better than applying his teachings in saving him Wink

Billu followed Mikhail and to his utter shock, Mikhail entered a club that he rarely went to. It seemed like Mikhail was trying to avoid all his regular hangouts. There Billu saw Jignesh waiting for Mikhail. Billu's head was spinning... how deep was this maze? Mikhail was in contact with Jignesh? He always knew this Jignesh was a termite hollowing the Singhania empire, but what was Mikhail doing with him? This moron would never learn would he. After what Jignesh did to Rashi also, Mikhail didn't understand this man's true nature.

Both didn't talk for long and Mikhail left. But not before Billu heard the magic words: 'Makarand' & 'Arjun ki haar'. So Jignesh was involved in this plan too. It made sense ofcourse. Mikhail was never one to pull a direct attack. He was too timid for that. He always needed an evil mind such as Jignesh to give shape to all of Mikhail's insecurities. So the chase continued. It made no sense to keep tabs on Mikhail anymore for he would never come in contact with Makarand. Mikhail considered himself above such dealings and he left those jobs for his mate.

Billu followed Jignesh to his house and waited outside for him to make his move. He was sure Jignesh would now definitely lead him to Makarand. He remembered that phone call again from Makarand and yet again wondered as to who was at fault? Was Makarand a victim or ..? Jignesh didn't leave his house until mid-morning next day and even then he didn't do anything out of the ordinary. Billu persisted and his efforts paid off the following night. Jignesh left his house late at night and Billu followed. For nearly 2 hours they drove and they had come out of the city and were on the highway leading to Delhi. Billu was wondering if this was going to be a long chase, for he didn't think his bike had enough fuel. Luck was on his side, and Jignesh took a turn off the highway into a less conspicous dirt road and soon they reached a run-down buiding that looked like a mechanic shed, a garage of sorts. As Billu pulled up some distance away from Jignesh's car, he saw Jignesh walk into the building. 

Billu approached the side of the building to look for a window or a side door. It was a two-storey building and a minute or so later he saw a light turn on in a room upstairs. Helpfully, there was a ladder lying on the side of the building and Billu started climbing. Big smile He stopped two rungs short, just enough to peek in and saw a sight that made him happy, sad and angry. Happy because he finally found Makarand, Sad at the tied up state he had found Makarand in and angry at himself for having doubted Makarand. Jignesh had his back to the window and was talking to Makarand. From their conversation Billu gathered the following:
Makarand had been here ever since the KSA incident.
He had been brought here by Jignesh.
He had stolen Jignesh's phone and tried to call Billu and had been caught by Jignesh. Ever since then, he had been tied up and had not been given food or water at the least.
but before Billu could hear any more, someone tapped sharply on the foot of the ladder, making it shake furiously. Billu looked down and nearly fell off in shock.

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Billu sees the person standing at the bottom and almost falls off with shock...he quickly gets down never stopping eye contact with those furious eyes looking at him as though they will pull him soon as he gets down billu is pulled towards a car hidden close by and the door closes...


Tu pagal ho gaya hai kya billu...yeh kitna risky hai tujhe pata bhi hai?mein do din jail mein iska matlab yeh nahi ke tu james bond 007 ban gaya...tujhe case ke bare mein kuch pata chala tha toh tu mujhe aake bolta tujhe khud itna bada risk lene ki kya zarurat thi?

Arjun kept on rambling in his anger not giving anyone a chance to speak...his love for billu was over powering him...

Billu yeh sab kya hai?

billu knew how furious arjun was beating around the bush wouldnt do him any good...he had to confess and in a way so that he could calm arjun down he didnt like arjun being angry cause of him on him

Bhai...wo mein...mujhe maaf kar dijiye bhai meine court mein aapke khilaf bola...mujhe laga mein aapki madat kar raha hooon...yeh sab uss CHUDAIL PP ne mujhse karwaya tha bhai sach mein...main bas aapki madat karna chahta tha...

Billlu mein samajhta hun...tuney sach kaha...mujhe us baat se koi problem nahi hai...par tu yaha kya kar raha have any idea how dangerous it is...

Billu narrated to arjun all that had happened unknown to him from the day of the shoot out of ksa...filling in some more gaps in the story with his new found knowlegde of makrand being held captive by jignesh...arjun was furious...he knew jignesh could never be trusted but he had gone way over board and now he would pay for it...arjun asked everyone to stay there itself as it isnt safe for them being inside...with the goons and all that jignesh had appointed 

Billu is reluctant to betray his bhai yet again by leaving him alone to handle all this

bhai yeh koi cricket match nahi hai jo hum pavilion pe baith ke dekhenge hum aapki help karenge...

Billu yeh emotional hone ka time nahi hai...mein akele rahunga toh mein khudko sambhal lunga aur makrand ko bhi chuda lunga...agar tum sab bhi andar hue toh mujhe tum logo ki fikar lagi rahegee mein ek saath tum logo ko aur un goons ko nahi sambhal paunga...its for ur own safety...

Lekin bhai aap akele??

Lekin wekin kuch nahi jaisa meine kaha hai waisa karo...

Arjun's determination and the tone in his voice silences billu and everyone else...he steps out of the car asking everyone to remain there...and silently and carefully begins walking towards the place where makrand is held captive...

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Arjun walks towards the place where makrand is kept captive...He mentally calculates the number of guards and strategizes how to take all of them down and enter the building without anyone on the inside knowing...he hides behind a pillar and catches hold of a guard coming that way...makes him unconscious and swaps his clothes so that he could blend in...and so he goes on.. slowly taking out all the guards...what arjun hadnt estimated was the surveillance camera fitted everywhere inside out and so the guard on the inside saw him trying to sneak in...he came from the back and was about to hit arjun when he was hit with a rod on the back of his head himself...

Arjun heard it before he turned around: a rod hitting, a dull thud of someone falling n a very familiar voice saying "Meine toh ab ginna bhi chod diya ke meine tumhari jaan kitni baar bachayi hai"

Arjun turned and to his surprise which turned into irritation soon enough, he saw arohi standing there with a rod with a naughty smile...

"Arohi tum yaha kya kar rahi ho?meine sabko andar rehne keliye kaha tha na"

"Ahh well the problem with that dear husband, is i never listen to you" she replied sweetly

Arjun couldnt resist smiling at that...she never listened to him and come whatever may he always found her beside him in the hour of need...kitani mohabbat hai thought arjun happily feeling lucky and glad had having found her and fallen in love with her...But he wasn't going to let her know that.. 

"Zyada khush na ho iss baat pe.. ek danda maarna kya aa gaya.. khud ko jhansi ki rani samajh liya"

"Haan aur tum toh superman ho na.. agar mein nahi aati, toh iska danda aur tumhara sar!!"

Just then he saw a man charging towards arohi from the back he rushes to her and pulls her behind him and tackles the man that was aiming for arohi in don arjun singhania style [no one can win fighting him neither hired goons nor micky mouses and definitely he doesnt need clowns saving the day for him]

"Dekha, mein khud ko handle kar sakta hun. Ab tum jao yahan se.. nahi toh mein jis kaam ke liye aaya tha.. usse chod tumhari jaan bachata rahunga!!"

"Excuse Me!! Jaan meine tumhari bachayi thi pehle!! Vaise bhi, sirf tum hi nahi, mujhe bhi Makrand ki fikar hai aur mein tumhare saath aa rahi hun"

All the while bickering, Arjun goes in followed by Arohi since he is not able to make her go back...Arohi singhania could be very persuasive when she wanted to be...he moved forward holding arohi and being vigilant guarding arohi from all sides no way was he letting anything happen to her...if anyone wanted to hurt her they would have to deal with him first

Arjun went ahead fighting the guards and moving in the direction of the room where makrand was being held captive by jignesh as told by billu[he had calculated the location of the room when he was peeping through the window-first floor 3rd room to the right]

Arjun asked arohi to hide outside the room while he went inside to handle jignesh...obviously she wasnt agreeing...but arjun got rigid and serious and he wasnt taking no for an answer so she had to do as he said...Arjun slowly and silently opened the door with his gun ready to fire at any sign of danger...Arohi knew arjun was a magnet to trouble and even though he was like unbeatable or something he would always attract trouble n fall in danger...he had had way too much trouble already she didnt want him to get into any was too much drama for her to handle...she calls up the police station and tips them off about this place saying its an emergency

Arjun steps in the room and his eyes meet makrands whose face lightens up seeing arjun...he has hope now...he can survive and get out of this place...with all the guards and cameras he hadnt even tried an escape but now that arjun was here he knew he would get out...Arjun reaches jiggy silently catches hold of his arm and twists it backwards and kicks him with his leg jignesh falls to the ground...he rushes to makrand and unties him within minutes even before jignesh could realise what hit him[since he has loads of experience in this field he is good and quick at this sort of stuff]

Jignesh is finally coherent and gets that arjun is here he stands up and is about to shoot...arjun pushes makrand away and asks him to run taking arohi and that he is just behind them...Makrand is reluctant but rushes knowing arohi's safety was more important and that arjun could handle jignesh by himself...Jignesh hears arohi is there and thinks that this is his only chance to get out of this mess...if he could outrun makrand and get to arohi first he could escape with her as his hostage...

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Jignesh rushes to the door and beats makrand to it...he is just about to step out when he is dragged back by makrand who turns him around and punches him...arjun reaches there and is furious even at the thought that jignesh was going for dare he...he starts hitting and punching jignesh as well...he beats him black and blue till jignesh is unconcsious and then ties him to the chair where he had tied makrand...

They hear police sirens outside who have come in after all the action is just just like typical hindi movies...arjun leaves makrand to  answer the queries of the police and take care of them while he heads towards arohi...he runs and rushes only to find her beside rajveer who is trying to make conversation with her trying to apologise and make her forgive him while she is facing the other way and not at all interested in it she had had enough...a friend in need is a friend in deed...chachu had left her side in the worst of times...if he wasnt there in her worst days he didnt deserve to be there when things were sorry doesnt change all the mistakes of the past...and so arohi could neither forgive nor forget

*Rajveer was suspended but still had contacts in the police and when he heard about this situation and that arohi was in danger he couldnt stop himself from rushing there...after all he still had a little bit of brains and heart and arohi was his best friend when the truth[arohi tells the police the whole story on the phone why n how they were there just to make sure they come] was out he had to be there for her...wardi toh utar ke phenk di par zindagi mein atleast ek dhanga ka kaam toh karna hi tha usse bhi...Rajveer has been briefed about the situation from the police and also the cupid gang waiting outside the wounded guards had the same story to tell...he knew this was the mastermind of jignesh...and he was extremely guilty...he saw arjun furiously rushing towards them...and went into flash back remembering their conversation in the cell...

Rajvir.. dushmani chahe dil khol ke karo.. par itni gunjayish zarur rakho ki baad mein jab hum dost ban jaaye toh ek dusre ke saamne aane se sharmaye nahi.. kyunki tum abhi jo marzi keh lo mujhe.. arohi ko.. baad mein pachtaoge.. jab sach tumhare saamne aayega!! *

Arjun has reached by arohi's side...he looks at rajveer...Rajveer is filled with shame and guilt...his eyes lower and he just stands there with his head wrong he was...he was so out of the line...usne itna kuch kar diya justice ke naam was like he was possessed or something and still for nothing other than doing injustice and spreading so much negativity and burai in arohi's life, who was the princess of ahluwalia house, that too to prove an innocent man guilty...rajveer apni hi nazro mein gir gaya tha...

Arjun is way past father theresa mode with all the hurt that rajveer had caused to arohi...he had seen her crying her heart out thinking of her chachu and all the things he said and did...there was no way he was going to forgive or forget

Tum yaha kya kar rahe ho? Police mein the tab toh kuch policewalo wale kaam kiye nahi...ab suspension ke baad kya hero banne aye ho yaha?agar aisa hai toh andar jao aur police walo ke saath ASLI mujrim ko pakdo...justice ka saath do which you should have done long back...yaha tumhari zarurat kiseeko nahi hai

Arjun...wo mein...wo mujhe maaf kardo...

Rajveer enough...tumhe jitna sunana tha tum arohi ko suna chuke ab humein kuch nahi sunna...apology not accepted...jab arohi ko tumharee zaroorat thi...jab mein uske paas nahi tha rather than being by her side tum uske against ho gaye aur usse duniya bhar ki baatein u just expect ke just because tumhara dimaag finally sahi direction mein chal raha hai, arohi aur mein tumhe maaf karde? what if next time you do the same have already proven that your trust in me is worth two seconds.. what happened once can happen twice!! how will she ever be able to trust you?thanks but no thanks my WIFE is better off without you in her life

Rajveer lost his tongue at this...what could he say in his defence??he just walked away silently with his head down knowing that his mistake was too big to forgiven and he would regret and curse himself everyday for what he had done

[sorry guys i hate bringing in rajveer as much as u all but i couldnt do without this redemption and punchful scene for him]

Arjun...tumne...mere liye chachu se deal kiya thank you...i dint have it in me to tell him off

Mujhe pata tha arohi...iseeliye meine tumharee taraf se bola...dont worry jo bhi ho...when you need someone you'll always find me beside you...if not in person then in spirit i m and will always be with you and then arjun kisses arohi on the forehead and hugs her as tight as possible

Mujhe yakeen nahi hota ke mein itni lucky hun ke mujhe tum jaisa husband and pyaar karne wala pati mila...panditji ne sahi kaha tha mera pyaar aisa hai jisne meri zindagi badal di...aisa pyaar jo na kiseene dekha na suna...seriously arjun tumhe mujhse kitani mohabbat hai!!!

Itni mohabbat arohi ke tumhari sanso se meri sansein chalti hai...jab jignesh ne meri taraf gun point ki toh mujhe bilkul dar nahi laga...par jab wo tumhari taraf aane ke liye badha, toh mujhe aisa laga jaise ek pal ke liye kiseene meri sansein cheen li ho...mein tumse itna pyaar karta hun ke tumhare bina apni zindagi soch bhi nahi sakta...arohi please mujhe kabhi chodke mat jana...mein zindagi bhar isee tarah tumhe pyaar karte hue and tumse pyaar lete hue answer karna chahta hun ke kitani mohabbat hai and yeh mohabbat itni hai ke am sure zindagi kam padh jayegee par mohabbat nahi...

Arjun and arohi walked outside and joined the cupid gang elated that jignesh was finally caught and this was all all that was left was a final hearing and arjun would be acquitted and proved innocent...finally the dark night was jidhar bhi dekho bas mohabbat hi mohabbat thi...

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