Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Court Dismissed: Brking News-Arjun proved innocent

aksh4IF IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 April 2011 at 12:16pm | IP Logged
Hey guyz, since the other thread is going haywire with spamming and discussions, we are having this thread purely for the main arguements presented by each side. Therefore we ask for you NOT TO SPAM here. Only LIKE it. Smile

herez the link to the discussion thread: Eilaan-e-Jung
Congratulations all for the first thread. discussion thread 2: Eilaan-e-Jung 2

And starting the session today is the prosecution's opening speech:

KSA is a well known public servant in Chandigarh. He is known for his kindness, honesty, bravery and integrity. It is atrocious that he was shot in his own home and is now fighting for his life. This incident has to be addressed and the culprits have to be sentenced. The city of Chandigarh demands justice for their DIG and as their representatives we are here to prove that the accused is indeed guilty of this heinous crime.

Your honor, Arjun Singhania was found at the scene of crime. He voluntarily and in his full conscious state accepted that he had brought a gun into the house to shoot KSA. His finger prints have been found on the offending weapon. He is a well known criminal and is associated with the Singhania empire who are also well known for their illegal dealings. Actions speak louder than words you honor. His actions have time and again proved that he hates the Ahluwalias to the core and he has been hurting them in various ways to continue his father's decades long feud!

His father was arrested under charges of money laundering, extortion, kidnapping and other illegal business going on under pretense of his legal construction company. In order to save his father from jail time, Arjun had kidnapped Arohi and used her life as insurance for his father. We have police records stating the investigation that was taken up to save Arohi. We unfortunately do not have evidence against RPS since it was burnt to save Arohi from him. And even after we compromised with him, Arjun took away Arohi and continued his pretense of a honest police officer. Due to which, Arohi Ahluwalia, fell in love with him and almost got married to him.

After this, KSA caught up with Arjun and Arohi was saved. Then when Arohi was set to marry Siddharth Malhotra (Chiku), Arjun showed up at the wedding, successfully defamed Arohi and her family members and married her in deceit.

After that, Arohi lived with him for months in his tyranny. His family left no stone unturned in making her life hell. They accused her for the mishap that happened with Rashi Singhania. Their own son-in-law misbehaved with her. When Arjun saw, she was too strong and was fighting back, he brainwashed her and fed her some cock-n-bull story about how tragic his life was and how he was not at fault. Arohi got taken in and is supporting him. 

On the night of the incident, KSA went upstairs to change and Arjun followed. We have witnesses who saw Arjun follow him - alone!! After about 15 mins, the people at the party heard a gunshot, and they hurried upstairs to find KSA wounded and Arjun's gun next to him. Arjun has himself confessed that the gun is his. This is a open and shut case your honor. He has successfully taken revenge for his father by both ruining KSA's grand-daughter's life and by almost killing him. KSA is currently in coma and his doctor's report say that he may not survive. And if KSA dies, along with him will die a pillar of strength and truth!!

We want justice your honor. This is a well planned murder attempt. If a criminal walks today, the justice system would have effectively failed. Proseuction rests their case. Thank You,

And remember NO SPAMMING!!Embarrassed

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-TeekhiMishti- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 April 2011 at 12:56pm | IP Logged
Arjun is not any less known in chandigarh...Though he was known for his bad deeds not a single person can point out and say that he is a bad person...sometimes bad circumstances can lead you to bad things doesnt necessitate that you are bad...One rotten apple can spoil the whole bunch and when arjun was surrounded by so many criminals and the master mind being rps him turning out to be a criminal wasnt at all his fault especially when he felt indebted to rps for his new life...So judging him on account of his past is not the way to go cause that wasnt his fault...infact if u dig deeper ksa was responsible for his moms death which resulted in this so there even ksa made a mistake he went wrong still he is considered a saint then why is arjun being labeled a criminal for life when he had himself acquitted this profession for the sake of arohi?Doesnt he get a chance to change?People change all the time why is arjun not being given a second chance when ksa was?

His father was arrested...he is the main protagonist in arjuns life..arjun could take drastic measures...he could have harmed arohi...Anyone else in his place and we dont know if she would have been alive today or not...But no arjun didnt do any such thing...He kept her the same way she was kept in her much so that she fell in love him,she didnt miss her family,she willingly went with him to sarhali...though cheating her was wrong on his part one mistake cant be made huge enough to decide someones charecter...arjun has suffered enough because of that mistake...and everyone from the ahluwalia family had forgiven him for it after knowing gauri's truth so its ideal that the prosecutors keep only the current issues at hand and dont dig u things that have already been resolved that will get us no where

Arohi is not some 5 year old kid who can be fooled by anything anyone says...If arohi believes arjun there must be some reason for it...If she says she was with arjun it must be the truth cause the prosecutors cant deny the fact that not only arohi but eveyrone had accepted the goodness of arjun and had forgiven him...It can very well be a misunderstanding and that the ahluwalias have misunderstood arjun as they have done before at many many occasions...Arohi though being arjuns wife is also ksa's grand daughter and has morals and principles taught by him she will never go against that and side with a wrong person...So if she is siding with arjun then you have to give it benefit of doubt that she might have her reasons and she might be right you cant write her off saying she is being fooled she isnt that foolish...

Yes arjun followed ksa yes he had a gun yes he had intended to kill ksa but isnt all that already established from the testimony of our client from arjuns mouth itself?How is that relevant how is it against him?He proved his honesty by stating the facts and not running away though he had a chance...only a guilty person runs while the innocent faces the truth with daring and that is exactly wat arjun did...And as for the motive goes trust me when i say this i can give motive to each and every one of the ahluwalia fmaily for killing ksa not only them i can also give the judges as well as the prosecutors motive to kill ksa...but it will merely be theory and speculation just like ur motive for arjun and a case cant be based on biased facts and baseless theories kanoon needs saboot and evidence and that is wat we are here is not an open and shut case...the life of an innocent person depends on cant be handled so lightly...and arjun cannot be called a criminal till he is proven so arjun was aquitted by all his previous crimes by ksa himself and he is not yet proved guilty in this case u have no business calling him a criminal until proven so he is just an accused...and please judges i ask u to please tell the prosecutors to stop addressing arjun as arjun singhania as he has left that house and all that for good now associating him with that is an insult to his attempt to trying to lead a civilised life...

All we ask of you is a fair trial and a fair decision...So that a changed arjun an innocent arjun can walk free...your one wrong decision will again turn him into a criminal again...We ask for truth to be heard and accepted...We ask for the innocent to be acquitted...If the justice system fails arjun this time it will be proven yet again that kanoon is indeed andha after tying that patti on its eyes...Defence rests our arguement...Hope is baar bhi jeet sachai ki hi hogi

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roshaniD IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 April 2011 at 1:28pm | IP Logged
Mr. Arjun Singhania will be referred to as the defendant or the accused or simply by his name till proven other wise..


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aksh4IF IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 April 2011 at 2:02pm | IP Logged
Yes your honor. We will keep your ordinance in mind.

Thank you Arifa for your enlightening words. Evil Smile

First off, if Arjun is known in Chandigarh and is known for his bad deeds, then the people who know him for his bad deeds will point out. I can rope in any number of witnesses who were Arjun's kidnap victims starting with Arohi!! Also, he is not known for good things. He is feared instead of respected. 

Points to be Noted you honor:
- Defense agrees that RPS and Co are criminals and in their company Arjun was also involved in criminal activity.
- Defense also accepts that Arjun feels indebted to RPS with his life since he is an orphan who was adopted. Arjun will go to any extent to help and support RPS and will give his life to carry out the smallest of RPS's orders!!
- What KSA did 25 years ago is not under the microscope here. We are talking about the feud and the reason Arjun Singhania tried to kill KSA!! 

As for bringing up past issues, those were detrimental to the case. We needed to review the events and the motives that led to this incident. Our intention was to show Arjun's motive, which we have successfully now done.

We agree Arohi is not 5 yrs old. But that does not mean she is not susceptible to any kind of misunderstandings. Wasn't she the one who misunderstood Arjun thanks to Gauri? Was she 5yrs old when that happened? NO! I am only trying to stress that misunderstandings have nothing to do with age. Anyone could be misunderstood because of people or circumstances. So the court is fully justified to disregard any evidence presented by Arohi as she was once married to Arjun and believes him to be right and her judgement and statement may be influenced and biased.

Even if we give her the benefit of doubt, other than her word, does she have any evidence to prove that Arjun was not the person who shot KSA? Arjun's fingerprints are on that gun. He was seen following KSA back to his room. The evidence is stronger than her statement.

Defense has openly accused Prosecution of biased and baseless speculation. We would like to prove them wrong and support our stand. We are also representatives of law and would like to uphold justice to the best of our knowledge. We want to see justice for the attempted murder of KSA and we will make sure we prove that Arjun Singhania is the culprit.

And No. We won't stop addressing him as Arjun Singhania because that is his legal surname. The court does not recognize him 'leaving his house and family'. He was legally adopted by RPS and he will remain Arjun Singhania until any information is presented in support of his real identity and his birth parents.

Kanoon andha zarur hai, par uski andhi nazron me sab ek samaan hai. Chahe woh KSA ho ya Arjun. Jo galat hai, usse sazaa zarur milegi!!

Next my colleague will take over the witness examination!!

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glitter567 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 April 2011 at 2:36pm | IP Logged
A little speech from the judges LOL(a.k.a me and roshaniLOL)

Ladies and gentlemen, as respected judges we can assure everyone that our assessment of evidence and arguements presented will be free from any biases, as we will be taking everything into consideration before coming to a concrete decision. We will also be fair and open-minded.
As the ''triers of fact'', we will decide which witnesses are telling the truth also whether the evidences are credible.
We will be corteous but when necessary we will also be firm.
I hope our decisions will be able to stand up to scrutiny, as we will try our best when it comes down to announcing if the defendant is ''guilty'' or ''not guilty''.

i'm calling on the defendants now, to present their arguments and evidences.

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Posted: 30 April 2011 at 3:02pm | IP Logged
aksh my friend what you said is good but that does not mean mr arjun cannot be given a chance.
as of any witness who know him also know he was never a bad person despite doing theese jobs for RPS.he never killed anyone.he is a man with principles. even we can provide witness who know Arjun since childhood.
everyone is given a chance so therefore i request arjun is also given a chance.the kanoon is here to end crime not criminals and if someone has changed for good.then such events can bring bad effects on all criminalls willing to change and on the kanoon.this is a matter of a innocent live and the faith on the i request this is looked into.nobody is born a criminal circmstances make them criminal and circumstance can change a person.
arohi's evidence cannot be disregarded as much as she is arjun's wife she is also KSA's grandaughter.therefore she also wants justice for her grandad and will never support the person who shot him. she is mr arjun's alibi. she was with him at the time. as of the gun having his fingerprints he has already mentioned the reason behind this.but mr arjun is not seen shooting this case mr rajveer & arvind .,ksa also carry guns which contain their finger prints.if some criminals use their guns and shoot someone does this mean theese officers are the judge sahiba theese are not enough to prove this.
rather than basing a whole case against arjun on alluwalia's personal prejudice  against him.his own confession and finger prints on the gun prosecution should investigate further and provide some solid proof.rather than digging the past and bringing forward old disputes which have been resolved.and have no connection whith this case at all.i request  a forensic test of the bullet found in ksa body and gun found at crime scene.also search for more proof. 

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Posted: 30 April 2011 at 3:23pm | IP Logged

honourable judges

We want to file this bail application on behalf of our client mr arjun.As he was arrested incorrectly just on the basis of his confession which wasnt even taken in writing...The forensics report wasnt out yet...His lawyer wasnt present there...and to top it all acp rajveer had taken law into his own hands and beaten arjun black and blue even though nothing was proved against arjun instead he was punished for being honest and siding with the truth is that how law enforcement officers act i m sure that isnt wat ksa would have done...he was not even allowed to meet his wife or call a solicitor...ACP rajveer has always had personal issues with arjun which were never settled it was just covered by acceptance and one tiny thing and it all came back...he was unnecessarily way too strict with arjun without any solid proof at hand...Arjun has been wronged he could have run away but he didnt he shouldnt be jailed and punished for his honesty...he shouldnt be made to stay with criminals until his crime is proven...pls therefore i request you to  grant bail to my client in the light of all the facts that we have put before you and save arjun from further mental trauma as he is already in a bad client has fully co-operated  with the police in all matters and will continue to do so.any formalities of bail ransom or co-operating and providing further documents me & my client are ready to fullfill.

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aksh4IF IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 April 2011 at 3:32pm | IP Logged
Chandigarh Forensics Lab,
456 Nakli Gali, Ullu Nagar, Chandigarh

Date: 29.04.2011
To: Commissioner of Police, Chandigarh
From: Det. Kavya
Case#: 000701-29-04-11

During the early part of 28th April, 2011, ACP Rajvir Singh Ahluwalia presented our office with one gun with 5 loaded bullets for examination. The evidence was presented to our fingerprinting technician Kuki MLSA for analysis. 

Ms. Kuki examined the said evidence in my presence. The gun was dusted for fingerprints and were matched with those of the accused. Based on my 10 years of experience in this field and as Senior Ballistics Analsyt I certify that this gun was indeed used by the accused although, there is some doubts as to whether the bullet extracted from the victim belonged to this gun since the bullet was damaged beyond repair. We suspect that the bullet has been tampered with sometime between its extraction from the victim's wound to the time it reached our hands.

The evidence remains in our custody and will be discharged to Police Archives when the case is concluded.

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