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DMG:Ab Kya Hoga(2)[AR ff] updt69(inst) pg143 6/3/2015 (Page 4)

youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 May 2011 at 8:07am | IP Logged
Originally posted by jiyaa

Great part
thnk u sooo much jiyaa di
glad to noe u liked it
nd i hope u love armaan's surprise as well

youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 May 2011 at 8:27am | IP Logged
hey every one todays update is really special iam really nervous for it
credit for the poem goes to none other than me. please dont copy my poem any where else it is meant for strictly this update only.
last but nt d least thnk u to all d silent readers for previous update
Njoy reading




The whole day went by in sanjeevni the plan made by the gang was successful dr. kirti was out of sanjeevni whole day they had nothing to do surprisingly interns also loved the day they were thankful to seniors from inside. Involving navneeta was the best decision she being a child kirti won't doubt it above all will fulfil all her wishes. The whole day in sanjeevni the entire gang had loads of fun while meeting their patients talking to them and some who were there in their time were also there and they all had a gala time while talking with each other. Meanwhile the gang also decided what time will they paint and how will they paint. They were busy chatting when armaans phone rang he excused himself and went to terrace to talk.



"Hain bolo... Hmmm... Theek hai... Nahiin nahiin phool aur hone chahiye ... ji... ji hain wahi wali ...dekhiye yeh kaam jald se jald ho jana chahiye... nahiin aaj raat ke liye hi chahiye yeh mujhe... Around 9 pm... Ok toh mien apko address message kar deta hoon... Ok then thank you bye.



Armaan cut his phone call and turns he is shocked to see riddhima there he started thinking whether he said anything that would give her a hint of what he is planning for her. Riddhima came forward and spoke which broke armaans thoughts "tum kisse baat kar rahe the armaan". Armaan thought that maybe she hasn't heard anything she still doesn't know anything he was mentally dancing, when riddhima didn't get her answer she spoke again "bolo na armaan kisse baat kar rahe the tum". Armaan looked at her and gave her his dimple smile which melts every one down it did melt her down cause she smiled seeing him smiling. Armaan came and hug her which surprised riddhima even further she hugged him back.  When they parted riddhima gave him a confusing look which was understood by armaan. Armaan seeing riddhima's confused face understood that she wants to know about his unusual behaviour so seeing that armaan started speaking without realising what he is speaking.



"Basket dekho mien janta hun ki tum kya soch rahi hogi dekho aisa kuch bhi nahiin hai theek hain na who toh mien bas kuch zaroori baat kar raha tha aur agar tumhe vishwaas nahiin hota toh tum mera phone check karlo mien kisi bhi ladki se baat nahiin kar raha tha pakka promis basket tum mujhpe vishwaas toh karti ho na toh phir mujhpe shaq mat karo bharosa rakho mien na mien tumhe party main bataoonga theek hai" armaan said all this in one breath he was so occupied with the party preparations that he didn't knew what he is saying. Hearing this riddhima made quite a lot of faces whenever she tried to speak armaan didn't let her. Finally her patience was tested enough and she shouted "armaan bas" hearing this armaan stopped speaking further. 



"armaan tum kitna bolte ho" saying this she chuckled and hearing this armaan looked at her and remembered he used to say this line when riddhima use to speak a lot. Thinking this he had a grin on his face and spoke "basket waise toh yeh meri line hai lekin agar tum bol hi chuki hot oh aage bhi bolo" riddhima gave him a confused look so armaan continued saying "yahi ki ek aur baar bola toh agli kiss gaal pe nahiin hogi" hearing this riddhima blushed and armaan's smile widened he continued saying "per main toh chup nahiin honga mujhe kiss gaal pe nahiin chahiye" hearing this riddhima hit him on his arm and said "besharam" and looked down as if searching something precious along with that she was blushing as well. "ab besharam ka tag mil hi gaya hai toh besharam banne main koi problem nahiin hai" hearing this riddhima stopped blushing and looked into armaans eyes.



Seeing in armaan's eyes she saw love they both looked into each other's eyes both lost in their eye lock session began. Soon armaan's one hand went behind riddhim's waist and pulled her towards him without breaking the eye lock session. His other hand went towards her cheek and he started moving his hand sensuously on her cheek. He broke the eye lock session and looked at riddhima's lips and in a second he captured her lips by his. Seeing armaans eyes on her lips she closed her eyes and gave in the moment. Armaan pulled her more closely through her waist his both hands were now on her waist where as riddhima's hands were circled around armaan's neck.  The kiss became a passionate one before anything could happen they heard few voices then they realised they are on terrace so they broke the kiss and a shy riddhima ran from there. Armaan ran his hand through his hair and shook his head. He whispered to himself "basket thodi der aur phir mera surprise tumhe shock kar dega"



The time passed in speed and it was time for the party armaan had kept the party in a hotel's hall since he wanted his surprise to be the best and this place was perfect for his surprise.  Armaan was checking the last minute preparations and also his surprise for riddhima he didn't wanted anything to go wrong especially today he wanted things to be perfect. Meanwhile he was checking the preparations the guys[Rahul, atul, abhimanyu] stepped inside the hall. They were stunned seeing the hall like this it was fully decorated and looking amazing. The curtains were of red colour though they didn't realise that this red colour was special for armaan and riddhim they were completely unaware of the armaan's surprise for riddhima today. They were looking around when they saw girls [riddhima, Anjali, muskaan, nikkita] entering the hall. They three guys were shocked to see them dressed beautifully they looking towards them with wide eyes.



Riddhima was surprised seeing such decorated hall and seeing the red colour she blushed since she knew that what red colour means to both of them.  When riddhima was busy looking at the decoration wind started blowing infront of armaan he closed his eyes and whispered "riddhima" and turned back he saw her busy watching the hall's decoration. He observed her from head to toe and smiled she was wearing a anarkali dress which was of red colour. Then he realised it that he was wearing a red colour shit with black pant and coat, basically they were looking perfect match. They didn't even discussed what they will wear still their clothes matched destiny is with him he thought and this brought a confidence in him for his surprise. The other three girls felt someone's eyes on them and they turned to see boys were staring at them with wide opened eyes.  Armaan walked towards girls absent minded and hugged riddhima. Riddhima was first shocked because they have never ever done this kind of thing in public and today many people were around them.



Riddhima too hugged him back when armaans heard few voices then came to reality and pulled himself out of the hug and then looked at his gang who were looking towards them with their hands crossed in front of their chest. he gave them a smile and gulped down his saliva. He thanked god that dr. shashank wasn't their though he then thought from past few days shashank was behaving differently but still his mood might change from good shashank to again khadoos shashank. Riddhima blushed while her head was down looking towards the floor as if looking for something very precious.  Armaan left the place to avoid his friends gaze he went to the door to receive his guest. The moment armaan left the place the gang giggled while doing hi5.  Seeing that riddhima understood they were just teasing them nothing more than that she sighed and walked towards them but she was still blushing.



Soon the party began the interns dr. kirti and dr. shubhankar along with that shashank Padma and billy annanya also came with the time. Armaan was watching his watch again and again he was getting impatient he wanted to surprise riddhima right now but he had to wait for the right time. Seeing armaan watching the time again and again muskaan asked him "oye hero baar baar apni ghadi ki taraf kyun dekh raha hai". Armaan looked towards her and said "nahiin'.. nahiin toh mien baar baar nahiin dekh raha" he thought it's time to divert otherwise this drama queen will keep on asking him the question "waise muskaan tu boht achi lag rahi hai". Hearing this muskaan started off speaking "hain na mien toh keh rahi thi nikki se ki mien iss dress main boht achi lagoongi lekin kuch logo ko toh dikhta hi nahiin hai andhe jo hote hain"said. Hearing this Rahul understood that she meant him but no matter how much he wants to say how beautiful she is looking can't say it's not right. Things need to settle down between them first then only it will be right time to comment upon her.  To divert the topic and he spoke "armaan waise tune yeh tyaari boht achi ki hai ist beautiful" said Rahul abd saying last few words he looked towards muskaan, he spoke the words looking starights into her eyes giving her the hint. Muskaan understood the hint she was happry from inside but she still pretended that she didn't understand the meaning and is still angry with him.



Meanwhile armaan was missing from the place none noticed the lights were off and a spotlight was there on the stage. Armaan spoke "this one's for you riddhima"


Asmaani rang ho pyar ki boond ho

Armaan pointed towards riddhima and started walking towards her



Roshini ho dhoop ho

There was another spotlight which was on riddhima now while giving the message she has brought roshini in his life and like sun rays she is always giving his life a beautiful meaing.



Chahton ki gunj ho

He came and stood infront of her for a second then moved behind her



Aanchal main hai fanak chandini

He held her dupatta and kept of his face which slided down his face since riddhima was pulling her dupatta down.



Hathon main who chand hai

Armaan held her hand and looked into her eyes.



Gairo se bhi hai wasta

Apno main pehchaan hai

He continued his eye lock session  with riddhima



Tarararatarira Tarararatarira  Tarararatarira

Tu zindagi

He hugged riddhima tightly



Mera izhaar hai pyaar hi pyaar hai

Yaron ki yaar hai tu zindagi

Armaan bent down on his knees while holding her hand



Tararartarira Tararartarira Tararartarira

Tu zindagi

He stood up and then hugged riddhima while lifting her from the floor. He was talking rounds while standing on the same spot and also while holding riddhima.



tujhse main kya kahoo

Tu hi mera sukoon sang tere rahun tu zindagi.

He lept her down and looked again into her eyes.

Every one clapped for them but still the lights wernt on. armaan held riddhima's hand and started walking towards the stage.  He held a mike and started speaking while others just heard him.



Armaan: aaj mera birthday hai aur aaj mom dad ne mujhse poocha ki mujhe gift main kya chahiye yahan tak ki mere doston ne bhi mujhse yahi poocha per miene kissi ko bhi nahiin bataya ki mujhe kya chahiye per ab bata hoon ki mujhe kya chahiye. Har saal birthday candles blow karne se pehle hum ek wish mangte hain meri hamesha se ek hi wish thi ki mujhe meri angel mile kissi din. Aaj mujhe meri angel mil gayi hai aura b baari hai uss angel ko apni life main lane ki...



Hearing this everyone looked confused, the gang looked into each other's eye's whereas the juniors were totally lost they were only hearing without thinking what does it means. The four people that is Padma shashank and billy ananya were smiling as if they understood what he means. Armaan who had paused for a minute to look for others reactions continued.



Mujhe pata hai aap logo ko samah nahiin aa raha hoga ki mien kya kehna ki koshish kar raha hoon aur yahan tak ki meri basket ko bhi nahiin aa raha [riddhima hearing basket came out of her thoughts and looked towards armaan with a confusing look. She was thinking what is he saying when she realised armaan wanted to give her a surprise may be this could be a part of the surprise]

Armaan looked towards riddhima and smiled and continued, basket aise confussion look se mujhe mat dekho  per isme tum boht cute lagti ho or mien jo bolna wala hoon who bhool jaonga[hearing this every one giggled when everyone giggled armaan realised what he was thinking may be has muttered it out and and since he is holding a mike even a whisper can be loudly heard he mentally kicked himself riddhima felt bit of shy hearing this above all every one's giggle was also the reason wish she could run from here she thought]


 [armaan starts speaking these lines]

20th august milli mujhe ek teekhi mirchi

shuruat hui ek kahani ki

khoob lade ek doosere se

kya pata tha kar bethenge pyaar ek doosere se

pyaar ka ahsaas nahiin tha itna aasaan

ek doosere ke baare main hi soch soch ke pareshaan

hote the hum, per ahsaas nahiin hua jaldi

jab hua ahsaas ho chukki thi ek galti

toot gayi dosti hamari

lekin lag chuki thi pyar ki bimari

kiya ek hone ka intezaar

jab ek doosere se kiya izhaar

dil main jage naye armaan

mann kiya baagh jaye kisi aur jahan

ham phir bhi ladte

aur phir ek doosere ko manate

sabko apne pyaar ka yaken dilana nahiin tha asaan

lekin phir bhi hamara pyaar paar gaya yeh imtihaan

pyaar ki naiya (boat) gusri boht tufaano se

hamare pyaar ne kiya sabka samna pyaar se

jisne pighla (melt) diya sabka gussa

chu mantar ho gaya sabka gussa

aaj ka din hai bada khaas

jab aaj hoga hamare pyaar ka aghaas

aaj hogi shuraat ek naye saffar ki

do pyaar karne walo ki...

after saying this armaan started walking towards riddhima and bent down on his knees



Armaan: basket ... jab bhi yeh shabd (word) mooh (mouth) main aata hai toh basketball game ki yaad aati hai per mere liye aisa nahiin hai jab bhi mien yeh shabd suntan hun toh mujhe meri angel mera pyaar yaad aata hai or uske saath hamari pehli mulakaat. Ek VO waqt tha jab hum mile the or ek vo waqt aya jab hum pyaar main pade per itna asaan nahiin tha pehle realisation main time laga or phir confession main. Har relationship ki tarah hamari relationship main bhi misunderstandings ayi per pyaar sacha tha toh aaj bhi hum saath khade hain vo kehte hain na hum toh chale the dost banke jaane kaha dil mil gaye. Ye line perfect hai kabhi nahiin socha tha hamari dosti ya yuh kahoo dushmani pyaar main badal jaygi. (when armaan said the word dushmani every ones eyes popped out since they didn't knew what he meant and armaan noticed that) dushmani se mera matlab har love story ki tarah pehle hamari kismet ne hume milaya milate hi jhagda karaya jhagde ke baad dosti hui dosti pyaar main badli hum alag huye or jab alag huye toh pyaar ka realisation hua confession hua or ab last stage baki hai (armaan winked looking at riddhima when he mentioned about last stage and hearing that riddhima smiled or rather blushed) agar aap log soch rahe last stage ka matlab toh mien bata doo I meant shaadi (while saying shaadi armaan blushed himself since he had never thought he would say something like this in front of so many people while others hooted especially the gang whereas shashank Padma and ananya billy smiled) [riddhima hearing the hootings blushed and wanted to just run off so that she can hide her feelings she wanted time to stop so that this moment can never paas by she turned to hide her blush and feelings just then armaan saw her and spoke basket [riddhima  turned hearing her name] basket boht pareshaan kiya na miene tumhe boht jhagda bhi kiya na miene tumse per mien honestly kahoo mujhe maza aata tha tumhe satane main tumhare gusse wale chehra dekhna or phir uske baad tumhe manana. Mujhe pata hi nahiin chala ki kab tumhare asson mere dil ko chubne lage  kab tum iss dill ki dhadhkan ban gayi kab yeh dill sirf tumhare naam pe dhadakne lag gaya, tumhe dekh kar mera din shuru hota hai tumhe dekh kar mere chehre pe muskaan aati hai mien tumhara chehra saari zindagi dekhna chahta hun apne dil ki dhadhkan roz tumhe sunana chahta hun or ek basketball ka match roz subha khelna chahta hun tumhe iss duniya ki har khushi dena chahta hun or hamesha tumhare saath rehna chahta hun bolo  kya tum mujhe mera birthday gift dogi ????  kya mujhse shaadi karogi basket riddhima gupta???? banogi mrs riddhima armaan malik?????





Coming up


What will be riddhima's reaction??? [answer is obvious]

What will be the reaction of others???


hey every one i hope  u loved the update i really wanted armaan's marriage proposing style to be different from any other ff's i hope i was succesfful in this ????? i was very nervous for this update hope armaans proposing style was amazing??? i noe wrong time pe roka but wish to make it different so wait fr the next update.  till then please leave your comments views and suggestionsSmile
again a reminder the poem has been writen by meEmbarrassed so please dont copy  or paste it any where elseSmile

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..Maitree.. IF-Rockerz

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Okay This part was just fab!! Loved the way you wrote everything..From preparing the surprise to the proposal !! I Loved the Poem..Gosh u wrote it? WOW..It really held so much meaning! And OMGish Asmaani and Armaan's proposing style just brought a big smile on my face,Awesomely written Srishti Loved it <33 Specially,I loved that part when Armaan blurt out," tumhe dekhkar sab  bhul jata hu " Awww<33 So cute and Armaanish! And Ofcourse,Loved the way u're handling the track! Very well-written! Update soon!

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ksg_ritika Goldie

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yay finally  ... loved it ... it was so beautiful ... i mean d way ammy proposed ridzi was so cute ... i so so loved it .,... do continue soon n thanx 4 d pm ...


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Radhika Shah IF-Sizzlerz
Radhika Shah
Radhika Shah

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Thanks for the PM..
Continue soon!

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gr8 part
cont soon

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shaaz_91 Goldie

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Posted: 04 May 2011 at 9:38am | IP Logged
luvd d part
n d way arman proposedDay Dreaming...waz so romantic
cont soon

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youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by ksg_ritika

yay finally  ... loved it ... it was so beautiful ... i mean d way ammy proposed ridzi was so cute ... i so so loved it .,... do continue soon n thanx 4 d pm ...


thnk u sooo muchSmile
glad to noe ki u loved 
d way armaa propsed riddhimaEmbarrassed
abhi wait fr ridzy's nd others reactions now

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