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DMG:Ab Kya Hoga(2)[AR ff] updt69(inst) pg143 6/3/2015 (Page 113)

sweetdesire IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 December 2013 at 12:04am | IP Logged
Waana read more
plz continue soonEmbarrassed

nilusoni IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 December 2013 at 6:27am | IP Logged
plzzz continue soon
eagerly waiting for update
plzzz pm me for update

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youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 December 2013 at 10:54am | IP Logged
hey teja
thank u so much
i am glad u loved the update
nd lolz AR's nok hi toh was d jaan of DMG
hey anisha
thank u so much
i am glad u loved the update
nd AR's romance ki hamesha band hi bajti hai
jab gang ho saath main toh band kaise nhn bajegi?
hey maria
thank u so much
i am glad u loved the update
nd lolz armaan hamesha hi bechara hota hai
thank u so much
i am glad u loved the update
thank u so much
i am glad u loved the update
welcome back
it really feels good to c u back
thank u so much
i am glad u loved the updates
hey geet
thank u so much
i am glad u loved the update
nd AR's nok jhok was d only thing dt used to make us laugh
hey amruta
thank u so much
i am glad u loved the update
hey farwa
thank u so much
i am glad u loved the update
nd my exams went ok except 1 paper
hey sai
thank u so much
i am glad u loved the update
how can everyone unite soon
when interns are there for increasing d trouble?
thank u so much
i am glad u loved the update


thank u so much
i am glad u loved the update
Radhika Shah
thank u so much
i am glad u loved the update




thank u so much
i am glad u loved the update
thank u so much
i am glad u loved the update
thank u so much
i am glad u loved the update
hey jiyaa di
thank u so much
i am glad u loved the update
thank u so much
i am glad u loved the update
thank u so much
i am glad u loved the update
ab bechara kya karta candle lagata toh tent jal jata
thank u so much
i am glad u loved the update
thank u so much
i am glad u loved the update


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youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 December 2013 at 10:54am | IP Logged
Last but not the least thank u to all the silent readers of the previous update

UPDATE 66       


After they finished their food armaan asked riddhima for a dance and riddhima happily placed her hands in his and both move in sync with their tune of love.

Before armaan could get more romantic he heard few voices though he tried to ignore it but then the noise was not letting him ignore it. Armaan broke the hug and went towards the entrance of the tent and opened the tent door.


He was shocked to see the entire gang standing there. When gang saw armaan in front of them they grinned at him. Riddhima too was shocked to see everyone.

Armaan gave them what-are-you-doing-here' look to everyone.


Before anyone could speak anything armaan said "mujhe tumh sab ke lame reasons nahiin sunne hain bas itna batao tum log baaz nahiin aoge na hamesha mere romance ki band baja dete ho".

Hearing armaan everyone was shocked including riddhima. Armaan looked at everyone and said "why you all are staring at me like this?" Armaan clicked his fingers to gain everyone's attention.

"Oh hello come back to earth you guys are behaving as if you have seen some ghost and riddhima hasnt killed me yet so I am not a ghost so stop starring at me like this" armaan said and chuckled at his own comment.


Hearing this riddhima was the first one to come out of the shock mode and shouted "you".

Also by now everyone had came out of the shock and they giggle at armaan's comment and on riddhima's reaction.

Armaan looks at the gang and says "see now she will kill me and then I'll become a ghost. Then you guys can surely stare at me like you were doing just now".

Armaan winks at the gang and riddhima makes an 'O' shape face. Armaan turns and looks at riddhima and says "how many times do I have to remind you that dont open your mouth like this some mosquitto will enter your mouth then".

Riddhima immediately closes her mouth and then says "Go to hell".

"Only if you promise me that you will follow me there because I can't stay with out you and we'll together with our love make hell a heaven place" armaan said.

Everyone shook their head as they knew this will just lead to another silly banter of their's. Before riddhima could reply back armaan turns towards the gang and says "don't think I have forgotten my previous statement. Today I really need an answer as to why you guys always end up spoiling our beautiful moment? Jab dekho kabab main haddi ban jate ho pehle kuch bol nahiin sakta tha kyunki hum apna rishta chupa rahe the per ab jab hamari shaadi ho chuki hai tum sabko hum dono ke bare main pata hai toh aaj iss sawaal ka jawab mujhe chahiye hi chahiye".


Everyone looked at each other's faces as they have no answer to his question.

"Oye hum jaan booj ke nahiin karte yeh sab agar hume pata hota ki tum dono romance kar rahe ho toh hum tumhe kabhi bhi disturb nahiin karte" muskaan said.

"Oh really toh aaj jaan booj kar yahan tent ke bahar nahiin khade huye the" Armaan asked them.

"Hain toh bas aaj hi jaan booj ke khade huye hain isse pehle toh kabhi bhi jaan booj ke nahiin kiya hai na anjali mien sahi keh raha hoon na" atul said.

"Exactly and its not our fault its actually 'bad timing' which needs to be blamed here" anjali said with a smile.

Armaan looks at anjali and in a frustrated voice says "I hate you all and your timing".

Everyone giggles at armaan's condition. Before anyone could speak anything further a bell rings which indicates that the break time is over and they all need to return back on their duty. Armaan was the only one who frowned when the bell rang.

"Like always you guys are once again successful in spoiling my romantic moment. I thought atleast after marriage you guys will stop disturbing us but I guess I was wrong in thinking this, you guys should surely win an award 'how to spoil others romantic moment' award. Also dont think you guys can easily escape I will not leave you guys till I get my answer's from you all got it?" Armaan says this and then walks out of the tent.

Everyone just shake their heads and then leave for their respective duty.


Meanwhile in another tent all the interns were enjoying the chit chatting session of theirs. For the time being all of them have forgotten about their differences which they have with each other and were enjoying talking with each other.


"Pata hai armaan sir was literally starring at riddhima maam" max said.

"How cute they are so much in love hain na" priya said and everyone nodded their head in agreement.

"Sometimes love marriage arent that bad if the love between the two is like armaan riddhima" ruhan said.

"Love marriages dont stay for long havent you seen the statistics" nazuk commented and everyone looked at her with surprised look.

Nazuk looked at them and said "no i didnt mean that they will split or something all I meant is that you guys were saying love marriage isnt bad so I was talking in general".

"Yeah that way many love marriages break but it depends on every individual how they sustain their relationship because falling in love is easy but sustaining a relationship is very difficult those who are capable of doing it their relationship crosses all hurdles and those who cant their relationship breaks" priya said.

Max who was looking at nazuk felt something is wrong but thought not to probe it further.

"Arey now you girls will start with your love marriage versus arrange marriage topic hain na? Please spare us with it because it's really a boring topic" max said and everyone nodded their in agreement.

Max then looked at nazuk to see her reaction and it seems she was happy with the topic change.


"By the way don't you all feel something is wrong between others? Especially rahul and muskaan" Ruhaan said as matter of fact.


"Yes I too have noticed it something is definately wrong because I heard rahul sir saying he'll tell everything to armaan sir tonight something is fishy I am telling you" max said.


"You were eavesdropping?" Nazuk asked him immediately.

"No no I was passing by from there at that time so heard it. I wasnt eavesdropping i swear" max immediately defended himself.

He didnt know why but he surely didnt wanted to be in the bad books of nazuk.

Priya looked at max and said "its ok chill dude you dont need to give explanations, its alright if you have heard it".

"Priya one shouldnt hear anyone else's conversation its bad manner" ruhaan said.

Before priya could reply back the bell rang indicating its time for them to return on their duties lunch break is over. Before coming out of the tent priya and max whispered something to each other.

"Priya kuch adventure karna hai"

"kya adventure"

"armaan sir or rahul sir pe nazar rakhte hain phir pata chal jayega ki problem kya hai. I guess all of them aren't good friends"

"Yeah I too feel they do drama of being friends something is wrong between them"

"Exactly let's try finding out. Are you with me?"


"Yup I am with you"
 "partner" max said and extended his hand for her.
Priya smiled and nodded her head in agreement. She shook hands with him saying "partner".
After that they both leave for their duty.
Meanwhile armaan also reminded rahul that they will talk tonight and there riddhima reminded anjali that they will talk once their duty is over. Everyone then were engrossed in their duty and concentrated on their duty only.

Time passed quickly and now it was time for dinner. Everybody gathered near a table where food was already kept for them.


Girls took their plate and started serving themselves meanwhile boys were discussing something.

"Muski yeh ladke kya discuss kar rahe hain" anjali asked muskaan.


Muskaan looks towards the boys and then shrugs her shoulder indicating she doesnt know.

Suddenly nikki comes from behind and says "or kya cricket discuss kar rahe honge aaj koi match tha na".


"Oh god anyways chodo lets eat our food" anjali said and then they went towards the garden to sit near the bonfire which was arranged for the doctors.


Riddhima who was serving herself glances towards armaan and saw him discussing something with other boys. Riddhima quickly fills her plate and then walks towards armaan.

Armaan on the other hand was talking with doctor shubhankar and suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder. Riddhima had noticed how engrossed armaan was in his talks so rather calling out his name she kept a hand on his shoulder to gain his attention.

Armaan turns around and smiles seeing riddhima there. Riddhima too smiles seeing armaan and then forwards the plate which she made for armaan.

"Yeh lo kha lo ok" riddhima says and then turns around to leave but armaan's words stops her.


"What about you"


"I'll eat you eat first"


"No how can I eat when I know you haven't eaten yet" riddhima blushes hearing armaan.


Armaan smiles and turns towards shubhankar and asks him "sorry sir but can we talk later".

Shubhankar first looks at armaan and then at riddhima. He smiles and says "Afcorse dr. armaan aap dr. riddhima ke saath jaiye".

Armaan smiles and both armaan and riddhima walks towards the table where food was arranged for them.

"Basket tumne meri plate lagayi ab mien tumhare liye lagaonga" armaan says and starts preparing riddhima's plate.

After armaan finishes his task both of them smile and walk towards the bonfire.


Armaan and Riddhima were sitting together on a matress and soon kirti and shubhankar joined them where as abhimanyu, rahul and atul sat on the right hand of armaan on another matress.

While nikki, muskaan and anjali sat on the left hand side of riddhima or rather opposite to boys on another matress. The interns sat directly opposite to armaan riddhima thus forming a sqaure.

Everyone was eating their food silently and were just giving each other few glances making the situation awkward except armaan riddhima.

They were oblivion to these happenings as they were busy feeding each other. They were so much engrossed in themselves or rather each other that they didnt look at anyone else though shubhankar and kirti noticed this awkwardness but instead of doing something they chose to remain silent.

Riddhima gestures armaan something through her eyes and armaan smirks in return and then shakes his head in 'no'.

Riddhima pleads armaan through her eyes and arman once again shakes his head in 'no'.

This time instead of gesturing Armaan riddhima pout's and seeing this armaan smirks.

Armaan bent towards riddhima's ears and in huskily whispers "mien yeh haath nahiin chodoonga".


Armaan had held riddhima's hand and then kept a shawl over their hand so that it's not visible to others.

Riddhima looks at armaan and whispers back "please armaan".


"Yeh haath miene chodne ke liye thodi thama hai" armaan says this while looking directly into riddhima's eyes.


Riddhima blushes hearing armaan and then riddhima also, doesn't pleads him to leave her hand. They were feeding each other in between and were enjoying this moment.


Meanwhile interns were busy in their own discussion.

"You were right there is definitely some problem between all of them, right now none of them talking with each other" priya whispers to max.

"See I told you didn't I? They just pretend to be best friends but reality is they hardly talk with each other" max whispers back.

Priya nods her head in agreement and then says "pata lagana padega ki gadbad kya hai".

"Hain aaj raat dr. Armaan dr. Rahul se baat karne wale hain na toh bas vo batien sunkar sab clear ho jayega"


"hain I am eagerly waiting for the confusion to get cleared"

"Same here from the moment I have seen them I have always felt that something is wrong hopefully tonight everything shall get clear" max said while looking towards the gang.

Nazuk notices that max and priya are whispering something to each other.

"Kya hua" nazuk asks them and both of them shake their head and get back to eating their food.

Finally the time was up and everyone decided to retire to their respective tents. Everyone was tired as it was a hectic day for everyone.

"Chal ridz" anjali said to riddhima who was standing with armaan.

Before riddhima could reply armaan said "yo anji I know vo tumhari behn hai lekin vo meri patni bhi hai or mien bhi bol sakta hoon 'chal ridz'".

"Armaan" riddhima whines and playfully hits him on his elbows.

Anjali rolls her eyes and then say "yeah whatever mien jaa rahi hoon. Ridz when you are done come to the tent will be waiting".


Riddhima nods her head in understanding and anjali leaves from there.

Riddhima turns to armaan and asks "what was that".

"Kya ever since start she has kept on saying chal ridz and I have always felt like saying the same and finally today I got my chance. Earlier our relationship was hidden from them so I couldn't stop you from leaving but now? Now we are married so I can stop you" armaan said while smiling.

Riddhima smiles and looks into armaan's eyes. She could see his love for her in his eyes. Both of them were staring into each other's eyes.


They both were oblivion to the surroundings they could only see each other. Their eyes were depicting the unconditional love that they have for each other. With rahul's voice their trance breaks.

Rahul was waiting from long for armaan to return in the tent and when his patience gave he thought to look out for armaan.

When he saw armaan he had no idea that armaan and riddhima were starring each other's eyes he could only see armaan from behind.

"Armaan jaldi aa na" rahul shouted and this sudden voice brought armaan and riddhima back to reality.


Armaan looks at rahul irritatedly and murmured "something things will never change, kabab main haddi hamesha rahegi".


Riddhima giggles hearing armaan and when armaan glares at her she stops giggling.

"Anyways tum jao rahul se baat karo or mien di se karti hoon ok" riddhima says and armaan nods his head.


Riddhima quickly pecks armaan's lips and whispers goodnight before running towards her tent. It takes few seconds for armaan to realise what his wife just now did.


Armaan enters his tent with an irritated look and found rahul was pacing from one place to another.


"Vahan mere romance ki band baja di or yahan maze se ghoom raha hai huh" armaan muttered. Rahul stops pacing when he sees armaan.

"Where were you I was waiting for you" rahul said hurridly.

"Who asked you to wait for me then" armaan retorted back irritatedly.

Rahul looks at armaan for a second and then speaks "armaan in morning we decided that we'll talk with each other after our duty finishes".

"Duty ke baad baat karenge yeh kaha tha mujhe bulane ko ya disturb karne ko nahiin kaha tha" armaan murmurs.

"What are you speaking" rahul asks armaan.

Armaan gives him a forced smile and says "kuch nahiin".

"You want to talk tonight right?" Rahul asks armaan in a confuse tone.


This brings armaan back to reality and he immediately replies back saying "afcorse why wouldn't I want to talk first of all how can you think something like this".


Nothing your behaviour made me thinks so" rahul said.

Armaan sits on his bed and gestures rahul to sit on his bed which is directly opposite to armaan.

Meanwhile priya who was in the tent heard few noises and she immediately looks towards the window. Her eyes become wide seeing max there and he was gesturing her to come out.

Priya nods her head and looks towards nazuk and says "mien abhi thodi der main ati hoon".

Nazuk nods her head in understanding and priya leaves the tent. As soon as priya comes out of the tent she sees max was waiting for her.

She walks towards him and taps on his shoulder. Max looks at her and then both of them walks towards armaan and rahul's tent.


Riddhima enters her tent and found anjali was applying some cream on her skin. She smiles and walks towards her suitcase.

Anjali sees riddhima and asks her in teasing tone "boht jaldi chod diya armaan ne mujhe laga aaj tum tent main ane hi nahiin wali".

"Di" riddhima whines hearing anjali.


"Kya what wrong did I say" anjali says and then smirks.

Riddhima blushes and says "mien change karke ati hoon or hain uske baad we'll talk".

Riddhima walks inside a bathroom which was attached with the tent. Anjali sighs and thinks 'mien jaldi se so jati hoon phir baat nahiin karni padegi'.

Meanwhile priya and max reach near armaan and rahul's tent. "Yahan aa toh gaye per ab batien kaise sunai dengi hume" priya asks max.

"Shhh dheere bolo varna pakde jayenge or ither aao" max said and walks towards another side of the tent.

"Yahan se kuch kuch sunai de raha hai hain na" max asks priya and she nods her head in 'yes'.

Inside Rahul walks towards his bed and sit's opposite armaan with a sad face.

"Oye devdaas banna hai toh mien so jata hoon vaise bhi mujhe boht neend aa rahi hai" armaan says and Rahul looks at armaan with I-will-Kill-you' look.


Armaan giggles and shows peace sign with his hands.


"Peace, now tell what's wrong"

"Wish I knew what is wrong"



"matlab yeh ki I myself have no idea from where things started going wrong I mean after that farewell party which Muskaan threw for me I had decided not to leave and be with Muskaan once again but"

"But what"

"I just don't know I went back home packed my bags and left for airport that's when I realised I shouldn't leave so I came back and found Muskaan in my house"


"Oh yeah she must have as atul and me went to drop drunk Riddhima and Anjali home" armaan says and chuckles.

Rahul glares at armaan and says "can I continue my story? You can remember your moments with Riddhima later".

Armaan chuckles and nods his head which means continue speaking.

"Thank you so where was I? yeah I went back home and found Muskaan there and when she saw me there with a bag first question she asked me was am I planning to leave and without thinking I said what if yes"


"Hold on who asked you to say this"

"Like I said I don't know why I said this and hearing this"


"Let me guess she exploded like a bomb"

"Exactly she said it will be good if I leave forever and then left from there didn't even give me a chance to speak anything further"


"What other reaction you were expecting from her when you said what if yes'" armaan mimicks Rahul.


"Ek vo din tha or ek aaj ka din hai tabse bas ignore hi kar rahi hai mujhe baat karne jao toh or gussa ho jati explain karne ka mauka bhi nahiin de rahi" Rahul said with a sad voice.

Before armaan could speak anything to pacify Rahul he heard few voices from outside the tent and he gets up to check who is outside their tent.


 Coming up:
max and priya caught or not,
Anjali and Riddhima's talk,
Mission milaap
Hey friends,
I know I am updating after ages sorry was very busy infact from tomorrow i.e 17th dec my exams r starting n will end on 24th dec after which i'll be free for 3 mnthsEmbarrassed hayee eagerly waiting for 24th to comeLOL 
But today I had to updateEmbarrassed The reason i am updating This ff today is cos today is its Happy Bday Embarrassed I started this ff in 2010 as i was missing AR a lot then and cant believe 3 yrs have passed Shocked 
I know its been more than a month since i posted an inst hereOuch really sorry was caught up with something really badly and then last week i caught fever the whether here is so chillyOuch I am fine now i am extreemly sorry for the delay once again Ouch 
btw lets c wt happens nextWink all i can say is story will be interesting DMG feel is wt u all will feel from nowEmbarrassed (hopefully/touhwood)Smile
hey I have made a new PM A/c cos everyday someone adds me or I add ppl as i read other's ff so its getting so confusingOuch hope none of u have a prob in adding this new A/c Smile it will make my work easier Embarrassed
eagerly waiting for ur views suggestions and commentsEmbarrassed 


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nilusoni IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 December 2013 at 11:31am | IP Logged
Very nice part
all the best for exams
congrats for 3 years completion of this ff
really happy for you
plz pm me for next part
continue soon

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anishaalluri Goldie

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Posted: 17 December 2013 at 1:10am | IP Logged
First of all Kabab mein haddi's kabhi nahi sudhrenge :P
2nd is I want max n priya to b dono bhi kuch kam huddiya nahi hai.. They always need to know everything n always negative thoughts :/
AR moments were cute as always :)
Cont soon..


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jiyaa_m IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 December 2013 at 11:33pm | IP Logged
aww poor armaan lol

complete it soon sri
sweetdesire IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 December 2013 at 1:42am | IP Logged

Hey Sristhi

Love the installment dear

Poor Armaan

Har koi uske romance ki band bajata rehta hai

Love hs frustration

Too cute

So now new gang is going to do some jasusi

Waana read more

So do complete it soon

Take care


Lots of Love


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