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DMG:Ab Kya Hoga(2)[AR ff] updt69(inst) pg143 6/3/2015 (Page 113)

blue_lotus22 Goldie

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Posted: 01 March 2013 at 7:40am | IP Logged
Awesome part...loved it so much.
Please continue super soon.
Thanks for the pm, take care.

youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 March 2013 at 9:27am | IP Logged
hey friends
i know its been a week and i havent completed the part
actually i am very busy with my project the deadline is on wednessday
and also this is my last semester last month of actually attending classes as in april i have my exams and then i'll pass out from college yeah finally i'll be a graduate so these two months are very crucial for me as in march i'll have many deadlines for various things including my farewell and in april exams so i'll not be regular with my updates for these two months after dt i'll be very regular
i'll complete the part after wednessday once i submit my project :)

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teenorchid IF-Sizzlerz

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okayyy... d b waitinggg
youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 March 2013 at 11:14am | IP Logged
guys theres some problem in posting where i had already posted b4 thats page 112 so i am posting d entire chapter here once again
youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 March 2013 at 11:14am | IP Logged
reserved :D
youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 March 2013 at 11:18am | IP Logged
last but not the least thnk u to all the silent readers of the previous update

Njoy readingSmile


Armaan and riddhima entered sanjeevni while holding hands. Both were smiling and walking in the corridor.

"armaan tumhe lagta hai yeh work karega"

"hain bilkul tum shayad se bhool rahi ho riddhima jab armaan mallik koi plan banata hai toh vo full proof hote hain na ki fool proof"

"hain hain pata hai pata hai lekin mien dr. kirti se kya boloongi kya"

"boloongi kya matlab kal hi toh tumhe bataya tha ki tumhe kya bolna hai"

"mera matlab hai ki kaise unse baat karu tumhe pata hai na vo kitna gussa karengi agar unhe pata chala ki yeh sab ek plan hai"

"basket fikar mat karo dr. kirti ko tum handle kar paogi don't worry or mien toh vahan honga hi"

"matlab tum bhi mere saath chaloge"
"hain Afcorse tumhe support karne toh pakka aaonga"
"wow armaan tum kitne ache ho lekin kal tak toh tum keh rahe the ki tum nahiin aaoge phir irada kaise badal diya"
"miene koi irada nahiin badla hai"
"matlab yeh ki mien dr. kirti ke room ke bahar khada rahoonga unki window se tumhe dikhta rahoonga or agar tum kuch bhooli toh tumhe ishaare kar doonga".
Hearing armaan riddhima's jaw dropped till the floor, she was shocked hearing armaan.
"Armaan tum"
"hain mein kya" armaan said with a smirk.
He knew riddhima thought he would accompany her to Dr. Kirti's cabin. He knew if he goes then dr. Kirti would sense something is fishy but if riddhima goes Dr.
Kirti wouldn't think much and agree to it and dr. Kirti agreeing to it would mean forty percent of the work would be done. Armaan looked at riddhima and saw her nervous.
"Riddhima don't worry mien window ke peeche hi hoonga jab bhi darr lage apni nazar window pe kar lena theek hai"
"armaan tum saath chalo na"
"riddhima you know na if I come dr. Kirti will guess that something is fishy and then the possibility is that she might cancel it also and we both know that if this gets cancelled then everything will be ruined" armaan said in a serious tone.
Riddhima nodded her in understanding after hearing armaan. Seeing her nodding her head in agreement armaan smiled.
"That's like a good basket chalo ab chalte hain" armaan said and riddhima nodded her head in agreement.

Dr. Kirti was standing at the nurse station giving interns their duty.

"Dr. Max aaj aap or dr. Nazuk OT or general ward main duty karenge waise aaj OT main kam kaam hoga but still do check it" nazuk and max nodded their head in agreement.

"Or dr. Priya and dr. Ruhan aap dono aaj children ward main rahenge aaj hamare sanjeevni lonavala se kuch bache aa rahe hain or mien chahti hoon ki aap dono unhe attend kare or hain apke saath saath dr. armaan and dr. riddhima bhi honge vo bachon ko boht ache se jante hain" hearing this priya and ruhan nodded their head in agreement.

Armaan and riddhima who were waiting for dr. kirti to be free were smiling after hearing that children would be coming from sanjeevni lonavala.

"Armaan tumne suna lonavala se bache aa rahe hain"

"hain riddhima suna miene behra nahiin hoo mien"

"armaan tum"

"ok ok peace"armaan said while throwing his hand in air.

"Waise armaan bache ayenge toh kitna maza ayega na"

"hain or ab toh unhe mauka bhi mil jayega hume tease karne ka hamari shaadi jo ho gayi hai"

"or vo gappu toh phir se natak karega ki usse shaadi main nahiin bulaya"

"I know or kahega armaan bhaiya miene acha khana miss kar diya ab aap mujhe treat denge" armaan said and chuckled after that.

After giving the duties and explaining them their target for the day dr. Kirti left towards her cabin.

"Armaan dekho dr. Kirti apne cabin main jaa rahi hai chalo abhi chalte hain"

"hain or unka mood bhi acha lag raha hai lagta hai kaam ban jayega"

"hain I hope so" riddhima said with a sigh. Armaan could sense that riddhima was nervous.

"Basket sab theek ho jayega tention mat lo" armaan said while wrapping his hands around her shoulder.

Hearing armaan riddhima nodded her head in agreement and then both of them walked towards Dr. Kirti. Armaan showed a thumps up to riddhima when she was about to enter Dr. Kirti's cabin.

Riddhima knocked on Dr. Kirti's cabin and when she heard 'come in' she entered the room. Dr. Kirti smiled seeing riddhima there and riddhima too smiled in return.

"Hey dr. riddhima aap yahan koi case discuss karna hai kya" dr. kirti asked riddhima.

Riddhima looked towards the window which was behind dr. kirti and found armaan standing there with a smile. When armaan saw riddhima looking at him he once again showed her thumps up to boost/encourage her confidence level.

Riddhima smiled seeing armaan standing there, the confidence which had decreased when she entered Dr. Kirti's cabin has now increased. Seeing armaan riddhima's confidence level returned back.

"Uumm nahiin maam actually kuch or baat karni thi if you are free can we talk for two minutes?" Riddhima said in a polite tone. Kirti looked at riddhima and then nodded her head in yes.

"Yes riddhima I am free aap beth jaiye phir baat karte hain" kirti said and riddhima nodded her head in 'ok'.

After sitting down riddhima sighed before speaking to kirti and silently prayed that all goes well. "Actually maam mien soch rahe the ki new interns ka medical camp abhi tak nahiin hua hai" riddhima started the conversation.

Before riddhima could speak further kirti inturrupted her and said "hain vo miene soch liya hai ki yeh sab kab karna hai aap chinta mat kijiye".

Riddhima smiled at kirti and continued speaking "maam actually I was thinking ki agar aap allow kare toh hum seniors bhi join karna chahenge yeh camp". Riddhima paused for a sceond to see kirti's expression.

When kirti saw riddhima pausing she instantly spoke "but why? It's not required and even if seniors are required only few will go not all. Jab apki medical camp hui thi tab sirf shubhankar or mien gaye the toh iss baar bhi two hi senior doctors hi jayenge ya toh shubhankar or mien ya shayad armaan or aap vo doctor shashank decide karke batayenge".

Hearing doctor kirti riddhima's face fell.

Armaan who was standing outside could hear everything through bluetooth. Riddhima's phone was on and connected to armaan's phone who was listening to the conversation happening between kirti and riddhima.

Armaan saw riddhima's fallen face and he knew he has to do something otherwise everything will be screwed up. Armaan started thinking of what to do when suddenly his eyes fell on shubhankar.

Seeing shubhankar a mischevious smile came on armaan's face. Armaan quickly walked towards Dr. Shubhankar while thanking god on his way for sending shubhankar on right time.

"Dr. Shubhankar aap free hai mujhe apse boht zaroori baat karni hai"

"hain boliye dr. Armaan apko kya baat karni hai"

"dr. Shubhankar mien yeh kehna chahta hoon ki uuumm vo jo interns ke liye medical camp ho rahi hai na I am thinking ki hum seniors ko bhi jana chahiye. Vo kya hai na Dr. Shubhanakar interns se agar koi galti ho gayi toh senior doctors hone chahiye na vahan sab handle karne ke liye"

"hain toh Dr. Armaan senior doctors jaa toh rahe hain kirti or mien"

Hearing shubhankar armaan gave an irritated look and forcefully laughed firstly to tame his anger and secondly to let shubhankar feel he cracked some joke.

"Kya hua Dr. Armaan aap hans kyun rahe hain"

"nahiin sir kuch nahiin but apko nahiin lagta ki ab or senior doctors bhi hain iss hospital main" armaan said.

Hearing armaan dr. Shubhankar scrunched his nose and started thinking something, armaan who noticed this thought to ask him.

"Kya hua dr. Shubhankar aap kya soch rahe hain"

"kuch nahiin dr. Armaan bas soch raha hoon or kaun senior doctors hai jo jaa sakte hain"

"arey sir hum sab hain na riddhima mien atul anjali rahul muskaan or abhi nikki lagta hai aap bhool gaye ki hum bhi ab senior doctors ban gaye hain"

"arey hain aap log bhi toh hai aap log jaa sakte hain"

"kash sir kash hum jaa pate" armaan said in a melodramatic way.

"Kyun kya problem hai"

"sir ek hi problem hai or vo hai dr. Kirti"

"kirti? Vo kaise dr. Armaan"

"actually vo keh rahi hain ki aap or vo jaa rahe hain toh hum sab nahiin jaa sakte"

"hain toh sahi toh kaha agar hum senior doctors jaa rahe hain toh aapko jane ki kya zaroorat hai"

"arey sir aap samajte nahiin hai yeh interns toh naye hain agar inse koi galti ho gayi toh? Isi liye or doctors ka hona bhi zaroori hai"

"yes doctor armaan aap sahi keh rahe hain mien abhi kirti se baat karta hoon" dr. shubhankar said and walked towards kirti's room and armaan did a winning dance.

When armaan was busy explaining shubhankar riddhima was trying hard to keep kirti engaged in something else. Riddhima had seen armaan talking to dr. shubhankar through window and she knew armaan is trying to do something and she needs to buys some time so that what ever armaan is doing can happen.

Riddhima had shifted the conversation by discussing one of the patients case. Dr. Kirti finished telling her views regarding the patient and riddhima slowly started closing her file and stood up. Riddhima with a snail speed started walking towards the door.

While walking she was praying that dr. Shubhankar comes on time. Riddhima reached near the door and sighed. Taking a deep breath riddhima forward her hand to open the door when suddenly the door opened and dr. Shubhankar came in.

Seeing Dr. Shubhankar there riddhima smiled and smilingly said "good morning dr. Shubhankar".

Hearing shubhankars name dr. Kirti looked towards the door. "Shubhankar tum yahan kuch kaam tha kya" kirti asked while standing up.

"Hain mujhe kuch kaam tha"


"jo medical camp jaa raha hai mujhe lagta hai hume apne new senior doctors ko bhi leke jana chahiye"


"arey kirti vahan kitne log ayenge or four interns se kya hoga, agar kuch ho gaya toh kaise sambhalenge" shubhankar said.

Before kirti could say anything riddhima interrupted by saying "I agree with dr. Shubhankar dr. Kirti this time for medical camp the place we are going is very rural and people out there might require special treatment".

Before anyone could speak further there was a knock on the door. Kirti asked that person to come in. Riddhima smiled seeing that person as it was none other than Armaan Mallik.

"Dr. Kirti vo ek case discuss karna tha apse" armaan said with a smile.

Before kirti could say anything shubhankar said "acha hua Dr. Armaan ki aap aa gaye aap hi bataye medocal camp main sabko jana chahiye na?"

"Matlab" armaan asked. He was trying to act innocent and confused.

This time kirti replied "Dr. Armaan Dr. Shubhankar ka kehne ka matlab hai ki medical camp main aap sab seniors bhi interns ko join kare".

Before armaan could say anything riddhima said "sorry to interrupt maam but I feel shubhankar sir is right".

Armaan smilingly said "yes maam even I think the same".

Kirti thought for a moment and said "theek hai agar aap sab ko lagta hai ki even seniors should join toh aisa hi sahi".

Hearing kirti armaan and riddhima smiled and showed thumps up to each other which went unnoticed by shubhankar and kirti.


Nazuk was checking a patient when max came and stood behind her without uttering a single word. After few seconds nazuk who was updating the report of the patient by writing new medication felt someones presence behind her. She looked towards the patient and saw him smiling.

Max had seen that patient was about to tell nazuk about his presence so he gestured him not to speak anything by keeping his index finger on his lips but unfortunately nazuk turned towards him and saw him doing it. When max was caught red handed he smiled sheepishly.

Nazuk raised her eye brows and asked "tum yahan kya kar rahe ho tumhe toh OT main hona chahiye tha na agar dr. kirti ne dekh liya na toh tumhe daant padegi".

Hearing this max smiled and thought 'she cares for me she doesn't want me to get scolded from dr. kirti she cares for me may be she likes me too yeah that is a possibility'.

Max was on cloud nine and was doing a victory dance. Nazuk was confused seeing him smiling so she quickly mumbled a 'hello' but max didn't pay attention to this instead he was busy thinking.

Nazuk scrunched her eyebrows and waved her hands infront of his eyes but still max didn't respond. Irritated with his lost behaviour nazuk clapped infront of him and this brought him back to reality.

"Huh kya hua"

"kya hua kaha kho gaye"

"huh kahiin nahiin tumne sahi kaha mujhe OT vapas chale jana chahiye" saying that max left for OT leaving a confused nazuk behind, who was still trying to understand his behaviour.


"RUHAN" priya shouted.

"Kya hai" an irritated ruhan asked priya.

"Miene tumse kaha tha na ki sanjeevni se bache aate hi honge usse pehle yeh room ache se saja do tumne abhi tak nahiin kiya"

"mien kyun karu sara kaam akele or by the way mien yahan dr. kirti ke orders follow karne aya hoon tumhare nahiin tum khud karlo jo tumhe karna hai"

"how mean and rude of you"priya said while crossing her hands infront of her chest and pouted too.

"Complain karna band karo or chup chaap kaam karo bache aate hi honge"

"mera dialogue mujhe mat bolo"

"mien toh sirf tumhe yaad dila raha tha" ruhan said while shrugging his shoulder.

Priya looked at him and thought 'mujhe kuch din pehle yeh insaan acha lag raha tha he is so mean to me koi nahiin ab iski aisi band bajaongi na ki hamesha yaad rakhega mujhe'.

"Oh hello kaha kho gayi dekho yeh time nahiin hai dream land main jane ka chalo kaam karo" ruhan said and this brought priya back to reality. She made faces and then both of them started decorating the children ward.


Armaan and riddhima came out from kirti's room while smiling widely.

"Oh god armaan pata hai mujhe ek second ke liye toh laga ki hamara plan toh flop ho gaya"

"pata hai basket ek pal ke liye toh mujhe bhi aisa hi laga per jab tumne meri taraf dekha na umeed bhari aakhon se tab mujhe pata nahiin kiya hua mujhe laga ki tumhara yakeen jo mujh par hai usse tootne nahiin de sakta" armaan said while placing a kiss on riddhima's temple.

Riddhima smiled seeing armaan and said

"mera yakeen jo tum par hai vo kabhi nahiin toot sakta".

Armaan smiled hearing riddhima.


"Vaise ek baat batao armaan tumne dr. shashank ko pataya kaise"


"oho basket unhe patane main kaunsi der lagti hai vo toh jaldi maan jate hain"


"hain vo bhi hai"


"hain or vaise bhi koi bhi kaam karna Dr. armaan mallik ke liye mushkil nahiin hai"


"ab locker room chale dekhte hain vahan kya chal raha hai or un sabko batana bhi toh hai ki hum sab medical camp jaa rahe hain"



"hain chalo"armaan said and both of them went towards the locker room.


Anjali was searching something in her locker when atul entered the locker room. He saw anjali searching something so he went towards her with a smiling face and said "hey anjali kaisi ho tum".


Anjali turned and said "theek hoon".


Anjali didn't say anything further and started doing her work this upsets atul so he slowly walked towards his locker. After few seconds muskaan entered the locker room followed by rahul. Seeing muskaan anyone could say she is angry and it gives a signal that nobody should mess with her at the moment.

"Hey muskaan kya hua tujhe" atul asked.


"Kuch nahiin atul mera dimaag mat kha abhi" muskaan said in an irritated voice.


"Dimaag hona bhi toh chahiye khane ke liye" rahul whispered.


"Tune kuch kaha kya" muskaan asked rahul while giving him 'I-will-kill-you' look.


"Nahiin meri koi majaal ki mien kuch kaho"rahul said and then opened his locker


"Kya hua muskaan" this time anjali asked.


"Kuch nahiin anjie iss waqt mera mood theek nahiin hai" muskaan replied.

Before anyone could say or ask anything armaan and riddhima entered the locker room with a smile. They saw everyone was busy looking inside their locker and there was pure silence in the room. Once this room used to be filled with everyones banter masti and now it looks so dull.

Riddhima looked towards armaan with a sad face and armaan blinked his eyes saying everything will be fine. Riddhima just nodded her head and then both of them walked inside.

"Hey guys tumne suna hum sab bhi medical camp jaa rahe hain with the interns" armaan said while smiling widely.

"Really but why" anjali asked.

"Di kyunki jahan iss baar hum jaa rahe hain na vahan zyada doctor's ki zaroorat hai isi liye" riddhima replied.

Everyone just nodded their head in agreement and then left for their respective duties.


A kid was shouting in the children ward.

"Mujhe tum dono se ilaaj nahiin karwana pehle tum dono mujhe ice cream khilao or chocolate phir tumhari baat manoonga samjhe" said the kid.

"Beta tumhe ice cream chocolate khana mana hai it's not good for you please beth jao" said ruhan.

Before priya could say anything the kid again said "jao mien tumhari baat nahiin maoonga".

"Gappu" said armaan and riddhima while entering the children ward.

Gappu seeing armaan riddhima smiled and ran towards them and hugged them.

"Jao dr. armaan mien apse baat nahiin kar raha" gappu said.

"Kyun, Kyun baat nahiin karoge"armaan asked while kneeling down.

"Apne mujhe apni shaadi main jo nahiin bulaya mujhe tasty khana khane ko nahiin mila" gappu said.

Armaan smiled and said "oho toh yeh toh boht badi vajay hain mujhse naraz hone ki".


"Hain na vaise riddhima didi mien apse bhi boht naraz hoon inhone toh mujhe bulaya nahiin per apne bhi nahiin bulaya" gappu said.

Riddhima smiled and held her ears and said "sorry gappu".

Armaan too held his ears and said "don't worry gappy tujhe tera favourite khana khiladoonga ab natak mat kar or jaldi se injection lagwa le".

"Theek hai lekin sirf aapse lagwaoonga" gappu said and armaan smilingly obliged with his demand.

Riddhima smiled seeing this finally something good happened today hopefully soon everything will be fine and sanjeevni will have its charm back if their plan succeeds, dekhte hain ab kya hoga

Coming up: -

medical camp,

AR plan

Happy bday to our very own KSG HeartParty

Hey friends,
finalli completed the update thnk u for being patient finally all my pending work for clg is over hope the update was worth waiting i am trying my best to bring the DMG feeling backEmbarrassed
P.s AR romance to come in medical camp nd loads of romantic scenes not just one or twoWinkEmbarrassed
i'll update His Way too by this weekEmbarrassed
eagerly waiting for ur views comment n suggestionsSmile

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youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 March 2013 at 11:19am | IP Logged

jiyaa_m hey jiyaa di

thnk u so much
iam glad u loved the update

blessed4 hey

thnk u so much
iam glad u loved the update
KaSh-Maneet-Fan hey sai
thnk u so much
i am glad u loved the update
nd rofl AR kaise badal sakte hai
they will always remain like this only
u'll have to wait to see what AR have planned
sweetdesire hey geet
thnk u so much
iam glad u loved the update
even i miss DMG a lot
nd rofl AR r AR after all kaise badal sakte hain
new interns seekhenge lekin dheere dheere
dr. kirti ke gusse se kaun bacha hai jo AR bach jate
sakshilksg hey sakshi
thnk u so much
iam glad u loved the update
nd even i miss DMG
AR will never change
amruta04 hey amruta
thnk u so much
iam glad u loved the update
awesomecouples hey
thnk u so much
iam glad u loved the update
teenorchid hey
thnk u so much
iam glad u loved the update
punishment toh milni hi thi
dr. kirti kisi ko chodti thodi hai
nd yup interns seekhenge lekin dheere dheere
crazy4KASH_AR hey asma
thnk u so much
iam glad u loved the update
nd rofl dr. kirti ke gussse se kabhi koi bacha hai?
jo aaj AR bach jate
nd thnk u for d compliment
even i get reminded of DMG while writing this story
Radhika Shah hey radhika
thnk u so much
iam glad u loved the update
thnk u so much
iam glad u loved the update
XxDeansChickxX hey maria
thnk u so much
iam glad u loved the update
1D_D3-Crazy hey nikki
thnk u so much
iam glad u loved the update
and happy to know u could relate it to DMG
priyanka52 hey
thnk u so much
iam glad u loved the ff
welcome to this FF's thread
hope it keeps entertaining u n future also
nd would wait for ur reviews in future
blue_lotus22 hey
thnk u so much
iam glad u loved the update
nd i'll give AR moments from now on
wait for d camp
mijanur hey shuridh
thnk u so much
iam glad u loved the update
nd even i miss
i guess everyone does
girlz-rule hey
thnk u so much
iam glad u loved the ff
welcome to this FF's thread
hope it keeps entertaining u n future also
nd would wait for ur reviews in future
Riddss hey ridss
thnk u so much
iam glad u loved the update

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youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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guys i am pasting d entire chapter here
pata nhn jahan inst dala tha pg 112 pe vahan post hi nhn ho rha tha update

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