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DMG:Ab Kya Hoga(2)[AR ff] updt69(inst) pg143 6/3/2015

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hey every one iam sooo happy i guess it would be tough for me to put it in words. never in my wildest dream i thought my 1st ff would have its 2nd thread it really feels great to have one.  iam really very bad with my thank you speech but can only say:
"thnk u from bottom of my heart for supporting my ff and appreciating my writing. your suggestions views and comments have helped me to improve myself further, so keep giving me your suggestions views and comments so that i can keep improving. last but not the least love you all for your overwhelming response"
for new readers the story is based on Armaan Riddhima
its continued from the last epi
it shows the AR's journey with their entire old gang and also with the new gang
also it deals with the encounter between old gang and the new gang
link to first thread

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update 37 - pg 1
update 38 - pg 4
update 39 - pg 9
update 40 - pg 12
update 41 - pg 15
update 42 - pg 18
update 43 - pg 22
update 44 - pg 27
update 45 - pg 33
update 46 - pg 37
update 47 - pg 41
update 48 - pg 46
update 49 - pg 51
update 50 - pg 54
update 51 - pg 57
update 52 - pg 60
update 53 - pg 64
update 54 - pg 67
update 55 - pg 70
update 56 - pg 75
update 57 - pg 86
update 58 - pg 90
update 59 - pg 96
update 60 - pg 100
update 61 - pg 105
update 62 - pg 108
update 63 - pg 114
update 64 - pg 117
update 65 - pg 123
update 66 - pg 128
update 67 - pg 134
update 68 - pg 139
update 69 - pg 143

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hey every one heres the frst update fr my second thread
thnk u to all the silent readers of my previous update
peachgirljaspreet12aar123dimpledsmile  akshadm-g19,    swarobi1AbhiNikiLuver


"what ye log ek doosere se pyaar karte hain" niki bit her lips for bluttering it out they very well knew that things havnt yet solved between them though these small small fights were bringing them closer to each other again like it did before but now what will happen will they again go back to their avoiding routine or behave the same. Now intern were looking towards the gang and the gang was looking towards Rahul muskaan who after hearing nikitas comment had stopped in their places. Every one froze in their position more over Rahul and muskaan looked at each other and before Rahul could speak muskaan left from there since she didn't wanted to break down infront of every one.  The gang who till now were smiling their smile vanished from their faces and tention came on their faces.  "Kya hua muskaan maam aise kyun chali gayi"asked nazuk who was confused why she left crying its ok if nikita maam announced about her relationship with Rahul sir, the gang just looked towards her they had no answer to her question. "Mien abhi aata hoon" said Rahul and went behind muskaan he thought it's high time he solves his problem with her.  The gang just nodded their head and seeing that Rahul went. To change the atmosphere riddhima spoke "guy's chalo hum apne step2 pe dhyaan dete hain" seeing that Anjali smiled and said "yeah lets go to the caf teria". Saying this they started to walk towards the caf teria and interns looked at each other "guy's chale duty pe" said ruhan. "Mhm nahiin kahin aur jaynge"said max other three just stared at him they couldn't believe that he said no for duties. "Phir kaha jaynge"asked priya who didn't understand where max wanted to go.


"seniors ke peeche caf teria"said max he was curious to know what plan are they talking about he couldn't believe that seniors can actually plan against their seniors what if seniors are caught will they get punishment or not??? To answer these questions he needed to know what exactly is going on his seniors mind what plan they were talking about.  "Tum pagal ho Gaye ho kya"said ruhan who didn't understand why max wants to follow their seniors it's not right to follow them. "Nahiin ruhan per what plan are they talking about yeh toh pata lagana hi padega Na"said max others didn't wanted to agree to this but somewhere down the line even they were curious to know what seniors were up to what step2 they were talking about. "Agar pakde gaye toh"asked priya who was scared to get caught she knew seniors do have a reputation even they are caught others know about their capability but they are knew here if they are caught it will only bring negative about their credentials. "Kuch nahiin hoga lets plan it out"said max. "Tum logo ko jo karna hai vo karo mien apni duty karne jaa rahi hun"said nazuk and was about to leave when max stopped her.


Max: darti ho kya miss darpok

Nazuk: mien darti nahiin hun per bewekoof bhi nahiin hun tumhari tarah
Max: what tumne mujhe bewekoof kaha
Nazuk: behro ho kya sunaai nahiin deta kya hain kaha toh kya
Max: miss darpok forget that aap kyun nahiin aaa rahi
Nazuk: mien sanjeevni internship karne aayi hun na ki detective banne
Max: this is called adventure miss darpok
Nazuk: adventure who hota hai jisme fun ho naki Kisi ko stalk karna
Max: oh lo miss darpok ka lecture suru ho Gaya
Nazuk: yeh lecture nahiin hai
Max: what ever tumhe nahiin ana toh mat aao per hum toh jaa rahe
Meanwhile ruhan and priya were constantly looking at max and then at nazuk and thought yeh dono bewekoof hain. In the last line ruhan wanted to say even he didn't wanted to join him but then his curiosity was way more so he wanted to be a part of this detective game he wanted to know more about seniors cause ever since others have come it seems something special about these seniors. If they can play prank on their seniors then definitely they do have some charm which after knowing would help them as well. Following their path might help them to gain the same place in people's heart like they have.  The interns left for the caf teria.


While walking towards the caf teria armaan had pulled riddhima in the fire escape beacause he thought riddhima is thinking about something ever since nikita had bluttered out about Rahul muskaan "armaan kya kar rahe ho"asked riddhima but before she could continue armaan had pinned her against the wall and had kept his hand on her lips so that she doesn't speak further.



Armaan: basket kya soch rahi ho
Riddhima: kuch nahiin armaan
Armaan: tum mujhse jhoot nahiin bol sakti tumhari aakhien sab keh jati hain mujhse

[hearing this statement riddhima looked into his eyes and seeing in his eyes she understood that she cant lie to armaan in no ways she can lie to him she has to share her feelings with armaan]

Riddhima: armaan

[hearing riddhima speak armaan smiled and thought finally she will share her feelings]

Armaan: hmmm bolo basket
Riddhima: armaan pyaar karne walon ke beech hamesha duriyan kyun aa jati hain
Armaan: basket kayi baar duriyan zaroori hoti hai pyaar ki gehrayi samajne
ke liye
Riddhima: kya Rahul muskaan ke beech sab theek hog
Armaan: basket
Riddhima: nahiin armaan bolo Na kya sab kuch theek hoga ki nahiin hum sab yahan saath wapas kaam toh kar rahe hain per phir bhi kuch missing hai
Armaan: basket Rahul muskaan ka kya hoga who toh mien nahiin keh sakta per kya missing hai
Riddhima: armaan mujhe nahiin pata per kuch toh missing hai shayad pehle hum dil se khush hote the aur ab nahiin
Armaan: kya matlab basket
Riddhima: jab hum naye naye aaye the tab sab dil se khush the aur ab hum sabki life main itna kuch ho Gaya hai ki shayad yahan ab koi dil se nahiin has raha especially Rahul muskaan who sirf Hume dikhane ke liye acting karte hain ki voh kuch hain
Armaan: hmm toh tum kehna chahti ho ki tum dil se khush nahiin ho mere paas reh kar

[Armaan wanted to divert riddhimas mind from all these thoughts thus he was trying to lighten the atmosphere through his teasing session]

Riddhima: armaan miene aisa kab kaha ki mien dil se khush nahiin hun tum hi toh mere chehre pe hassi ki wajah ho

[Riddhima said this with a little blush on her face]

Armaan: oye hoye          
Riddhima: armaan tum hamesha mere saath aise hi rahoge na kabhi door toh nahiin jaoge na ab
Armaan: kabhi nahiin basket kabhi nahiin




Saying this armaan leaned forward and captured riddhimas lips with his trying to convey that he is always with riddhima he wouldn't leave her ever. He is there to protect her he is here to walk beside her all their life. He is there to never bring a tear on her face he will do anything possible to see her smiling. Though the kiss was a soft one but soon tunred out to be a passionate one since riddhimas hand went behind armaans head and pulling him closer to her.  Armaans broke the kiss and whispered in riddhimas ear I love you basket and bit the ear lobe which made riddhima tilt her head and moaned his name. Armaan then kissed her on her neck near the ear and his hands were moving up and down her spinal cord.  Riddhima was loosing her senses with armaans every touch she closed her eyes and her body was responding to armaans touch. Armaan removed riddhimas dupatta from her right hand shoulder and now her dupatta was only on the left hand side shoulder. Armaan pulled her kurta bit side from the right side and kissed her there riddhimas hand which was in armaans hair turned into a fist grabbing some of his hair. Armaan now came forward and and started kissing her throat and in return riddhima raised her head backward giving him proper access.  Armaan now looked towards her and saw her eyes were closed he again captured her lips and soon the kiss was converted into a passionate kiss.




Before they could continue further their pagers rang "abe yaar" said armaan he was mad at the person who dared to spoil his romantic moment.  He read the message they need to come to the caf teria for the step 2 of their plan by atul. 'Atul ko toh mien chodoonga nahiin'said armaan in his mind mean time riddhima adjusted her dupatta again she was feeling shy to look towards armaan. "Chalo basket plan 2 poora karne hum pagal the jo inka saath de rahe hain" said armaan he was thinking if they wouldn't have agreed to be a part of this plan they wouldn't have been disturbed by them either. He then looked towards riddhima she was fidgeting with her dupatta armaan kept his hand on her and looked towards her. "Kya hua basket" asked armaan he couldn't understand what happened to riddhima. He looked into her eyes and understood cause she was also blushing which made it clear she was thinking about their moment. "Hey basket, look here"armaan cupped riddhimas cheeks and made her look into his eys. "Basket tumhe bura" armaan couldn't continue further because riddhima kept her index finger on his lips. To answer her back she leaned forward and kissed armaan conveying that she didn't feel bad about their moment what ever he was thinking isn't true. She stopped the kiss and ran from the fire escape leaving armaan is a shock state. 'Basket just took the initiative she kissed me' he was feeling on top of the world that riddhima took the initiative and kissed him and then he realised 'oh toh mis basket shashank gupta ko kisses achi lagte hain hmmm' thinking this he had a sweet smile on his face. "Basket aaj shaam ki party main apko mileg ek surprise armaan malik ka surprise"saying this he left the fire escape.








Rahul muskaan were already there in the caf teria when they had left the nurse station. Muskaan had come to take coffee to relax her mind but then she saw Rahul also came behind her so they avoided each other though both wanted to talk but somehow both couldnt speak to each other something was stopping them to speak. When the gang came they saw Rahul and muskaan siiting on different tables to lighten the mood they thought better way is to concentrate on the plan which they had made. Then they realised that armaan and riddhima are missing and when the realised every one ad guessed it that they must be busy doing their romance and had a smile on their face. They were talking about their plan when armaan and riddhima entered the caf. First they were really happy to see Rahul and muskaan were there with others and then they were happy to see little navneeta their. When navneeta saw armaan riddhima she ran towards them and hugged them.




"Guys time for action navneeta you are ready na" said armaan he remembered his and shubhankar's conversation before their performance that he wanted to take kirti out for dinner and now the plan was bit changed instead of dinner he was sending them for lunch so that they are realived from their duties. Navneeta nodded her head in agreement and others gave her a thumps up sign. "Guys agar plan successful ho gaya toh maza ayga"said muskaan. "Maza toh tab ayga jab successful hoga agar flop ho gaya toh" said Anjali. "Exactly" said atul and Anjali shook her head while others smiled. "Anjy I think it won't flop"said nikita "hain di positive socho"said riddhima instantly. Anjali nodded her head and then navneeta got up from her seat and left towards shubhankar's cabin where kirti and shubhankar were their discussing about the case.




The gang didn't notice that someone or rather some people were listening to their talks. "yeh logo ko yeh sab karke kya milega"said max who couldn't understand what will they get from their plan what big achievement will they cause hearing a bit of plan he couldn't judge it. "Pata nahiin navneeta ko toh ye log keh rahe the shubhankar sir or kirti maam ko sanjeevni se bahar le jane ke liye isse kya hoga"said ruhan who after utilizing his brain couldn't understand what exactly the gang wants to achieve with their plan. "Guys mujhe lagta hain hum time waste kar rahe hain inka peecha karke koi faida nahiin hone wala hai Hume" said priya who was tired standing hear and trying to hear her seniors conversation. But the result was she could only hear the conversation in tits and bits she didn't wanted to waste her time doing nothing better was she could have completed her pending cases if she doesn't completes them today she would surely be hanged by dr. kirti since she would check it today after their duty finishes. "guys lagta hain yeh log kahin jaa rahe hain chalo inka peecha karte hain"said max both ruhan and max nodded their head and started walking where the gang was walking they were making it sure no one sees them while they are following the gang.




Meanwhile in kirti's room navneeta was trying her level best to make kirti go on lunch where as kirti was busy telling her that they won't be able to go due to the pending cases kirti has. A nurse came and informed kirti that patient who was suppose to come for check up has cancelled his appointment and would be coming tomorrow or day after tomorrow. Hearing this kirti sighed and agreed to navneeta's wishes. She was packing her stuff when she could hear some voices she went out of her room she couldn't see the gang but she could see the interns there happily saying to each other maam is going. "Interns"shouted kirti and hearing that all the interns froze. "Aap log yahan kya kar rahe hain aap sabko toh is waqt duty pe hona chahiye tha na"asked kirti interns looked at each others faces none had the answer so they bent down their head as if surrending. "Aap logo ko toh punishment milegi" said kirti and this time none of the interns said anything because they remember when last time max tried to argue with kirti they punishment just increased so this time they won't make the same mistake they thought. Kirti gave them rectal examination for two days.




The gang who was hiding till now were surprised what were interns doing here were they following them these were the only questions which were coming inside their brains.




Anjali: yeh interns hamara peecha kar rahe the? That's it what else is left

Nikki: nahiin anji shayad Kisi kaam ke vajay se aaye ho
Riddhima: haan di lagta hai bechare hamari wajah se phas gaye
Muskaan oh please yeh koi behcare wechare nahiin hain ha
Rahul: muskaan who sach main bechare ho sakte hain
Muskaan: oye Rahul ke bache tujhe bada pata hai

[the gang shook their head they again started fighting who would say that sometime before they were avoiding each other before the fight could continue armaan spoke]

Armaan: guys I think hume judge nahiin karna chahiye ho sakta hai sach main who kisi kaam se aye ho or phas gaye ho unhe pata nahiin ho ki kya ho raha hai or jab unhone suna ki dr. kirti jaa rahi hain toh khush ho rahe hain jaise college main jab koi class cancel hoti thi toh kitna maza aata tha
Anjali: oh armaan please mujhe lagta hai ki yeh log hamara peecha kar rahe the

[Armaan shook his head everyone knew that Anjali is stubborn if she is behind something she doesn't leave that until she finds out the whole truth]

Atul: anjalai mujhe lagta hai armaan sahi bol raha
Muskaan: oye atul chup kar yeh interns itne seedhe bhi nahiin hain jitney lagte hain
Nikki: muski yaar shant ho jaa abhi toh aye hain hum aise kisi ke baare main bolna sahii nahiin thode din main pata chal jayga na
Anjali: yeah right ab toh pata lagana hi padega

[Hearing this gang understood anjali's new mission is to find out about the interns]

Nikki: acha chalo caf teria abhi must be waiting
Muskaan: tujhe badi jaldi ho rahi hain

[Hearing this niki just blushed where as girls smiled and boys shook their head]




While going towards the caf teria armaan pulled into the fire escape and pinned her against the wall. Armaan was surprised that this time riddhima didn't protest or say anything he raised his eyebrows at her and in return even she raised her eye brows giving him what look. Armaan raised his hand and tucked her hair behind her ear and riddhima closed her eyes in response. Seeing that armaan smiled and then remembered he is here for to talk to her then said to himself 'focus' 'focus you here to talk not to flow in the moment'




Armaan: basket mujhe tumse kehna tha ki hum aaj raat date pe chale
Riddhima: armaan tumhari yaadasht ko kuch ho gaya hai kya

Armaanshook his head

Riddhima: toh tum kaise bhool Gaye aaj shaam tumhare ghar main party hai or agar host hi nahiin rehga toh socha guests ko kaisa lagega
Armaan: miene thodi rakhi thi party or wiase bhi mujhe tumhare saath time spend karna hai basket and as usual hamare pyaare dost kabab main haddi bane huye hain yeh kabhi hume akela chod sakte hain

[saying this armaan just got a smack from riddhima on his arms and he smiled]

Armaan:acha jokes apart aaj tum red wali dress pehnke aana
Riddhima: kyun
Armaan: kyunki birthday boy ne kaha hai
Riddhima: zaroori thodi na hai ki main usse manoo
Armaan: nahiin manogi toh punishment milegi
Riddhima: kaisi punishment
Armaan: mine tumhe sabke samne kiss karoonga

[hearing this riddhimas mouth left open]

Riddhima: tum tum aisa kuch nahiin karoge
Armaan: main aisa kar sakta hoon basket

[riddhima didn't utter a word cause she didn't wanted to go ahead with the topic]

Armaan: aur waise bhi aaj ek surprise hai tumhare liye something very special so do wear the red dress.




Hearing this riddhima blushed and wondered what the surprise could be she was getting curious to know the surprise but then she also knew that if she would ask armaan he wouldn't tell her so its better to wait for the tonights party. While she was busy thinking she felt armaans lips on hers she closed her eyes and started responding towards it. Though it wasn't a long one cause armaan broke it and left the fire escape and went towards the caf teria. Riddhima came out of the moment and realised armaan wasn't here any more she hit her fore head and walked towards the caf teria.




She saw armaan standing with the guys so she went and joined ther girls. Their main aim of the plan was to send kirti out so that they could celebrate their come back by giving a treat in the canteen to all the patients. They were highly enjoying that their first day in sanjeevni really went great and their old times were definitely back with a bang. They haven't lost their touch of pranks yet they still possess them even after a long time they could manage to make their plan suceessful.




Armaan saw riddhima standing with the groups of girls when she felt someone's gaze she turned to see it was armaan looking at her. When armaan saw her looking towards her he winked and she blushed in the response her cheecks were matching armaans favourite colour. "oye hoye"said armaan and in his mind said "miss basket gupta aaj raat ke surprise ke liye tyaar ho jao basket, aaj ki raat hogi sabse khaas raat"





Coming up

1.       Armaans party

2.       Armaans surprise for riddhima

[updated in my favourite colour red and armaans fav tooWink]
hey how was the update looking forward for your comments suggestions and views. i will update the next part soon and all i can say is armaans surprise will defo bring a smile on your facesSmile along with riddhima afcorseLOL.

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Radhika Shah IF-Sizzlerz
Radhika Shah
Radhika Shah

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Great part...

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youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Radhika Shah

Great part...

thnk u sooo muchSmile
glad to noe ki u liked itEmbarrassed

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Radhika Shah

29priya IF-Dazzler

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superb part..
waiting 4 armaan surprise...

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congrats for new thread

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Riddss IF-Sizzlerz

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nice part
continue soon

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