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Tuesday - 3rd May 2011 - EpisodeUpdate By Eclat
 Madhu holidaying...
Visagam's two minds quarrelling - to knock the door or not. (YesterdaylEndhu quarrel and not yet decided -  hmph) Finally she decides to knock, raises her hand, holds her chest and falls down leaning  near the door.  The milk spills.  After a couple of hours, Vasu wants water, he asks Amudha who opens the door and Visagam falls down..  The doctor is called for.  He checks with the Steth , asks water for Visagam.  Amudha goes in to get it,doctor tells Vasu that Visagam would be awake soon , she had a mild heart attack, should be careful henceforth.  And to bring her to the hospital for an ECG the next day (dont they take these things immediately??)  says he has injected some medicine to Visagam.  Vasu goes to drop the doctor, Amudha gives water to Visagam who wants to know what happened?  She fainted, and Vasu has gone to drop the doctor Amudha updates Visagam.  Visagam wants to know if she was a kebab mein haddi?  Amudha says no - no...she will beget a grand child for Visagam by next year.  All those unwanted generalisation talks of bad ashram, bad DIL is flashed... Amudha goes to get milk for Visagam and Visagam climbs up the drumstick tree telling herself that she got cheated.
Anjali in tears, measuring the mezzanine area of her house.  Suresh comes, sees her in tears and tells he will convince Satish.  Not possible replies Anjali.  Ok, then lets go to CM -  she will solve the problem.  Anjali feels that as of now Satish wouldnt believe anyone, only AK can solve this.  She doesnt want a husband but a father for her child.  Madhu is privy to this conversation.  Anjali climbs down the stairs with Suresh following her, both of them not noticing Madhu.  Madhu in tears (aah...8th wonder) talks to herself, my daughter is made to cry by you AK.  AK who passes that way is surprised to see Madhu in tears, questions her.  She wants Anjali's life to be put on track again.  Asks AK to tell the police that CM was responsible for the car bomb.  AK knows how to tackle Anjali's life, requests Madhu to keep quiet for three months.
Madhu asks who is Sanjeevi who works in MA's office.  AK who was almost at the stairs, come up and says he doesnt know.  He just funded Suresh, doesnt know anything about the workers.  Now wants to know what about Sanjeevi, Madhu wants to know why he is shouting.  As usual they argue.  Madhu telling he came to pick Suresh's handphone.  Why bring office staff home, doesnt look to be a house he laments.  Madhu wants to tell the same, for now , she wants to take Anjali on a holiday.  Wants the Holiday Membership Card, goes to her room.  AK takes the mezzanine space to measure - wonders why Sanjeevi came home?
Madhu and Anjali  reach a farmhouse - resort  thingy.  A maid and servant welcome her.  The luggages are carried inside.  Madhu enquires about he house, the maid says it covers 10 acres.  Only 10 acres comments Madhu.  Anjali goes to see around.  Madhu tells the maid that she helped the owner of the house, 10 years ago, with Rs. 1 lakh when he was  a pauper.  The maid asks if she was in Dubai, Madhu has never been to Dubai, a very hot country. The Maid tells that the owner came to India only 5 years ago, he was in Dubai before that.  Dubaakoor Madhu tries to salvage her pride. Wants the man servant because the maid is talking too much.  The maid look - vittufies and leaves.  Madhu tells the camera that she hates the lady.
Anjali is standing near a pillar.  Madhu takes her to see the house, keeps chatting on the way.  Anjali never replies.  Finally tells Madhu that she is not interested in this place, wants to go back home.  Madhu tells Anjali can leave, but what would she tell Satish?  Anjali is very happy to hear that Satish would be there, asks Madhu if he will forgive her.  Madhu will do all the necessary arrangements, they can stay until childbirth and then can come home.  Stay away from CM.  Why drag CM into this, when will Satish come is Anjali's query. Ayyoda Madhu doesnt want Anjali to talk anything about CM when Satish is around.  No talk, thought about CM.  Anjali agrees, goes for a walk.  Madhu remembers Sanjeevi telling that he was not responsible for the car bomb, watches Anjali walking around.

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May 5th,2011 - Wednesday   Update By KK

Anjali and her pasakkara mom at the Milan Resort in Pondicherry (Really Superb Place!!!!!) Madhu follows Anjali who is lonely at a place trying to call someone. Madhu questions whom she is calling. Anj replies that she is trying for Satish and AK also. But, none is attending the phone. Madhu concludes that When Anj and CM are patching up at one place, something unusual is happening. Anj is all unhappy and asks her to leave alone. Madhu says that she needs  a promise from Anjali. Anjali asks what?? Madhu asks whethere she will take Revenge on Satish. Anjali does a oppari and says she doesn't want to take revenge on satish. She says that her child needs an appa and they should live happily forever. Madhu says herself that she will give her life also for the sake of her daughter (Adengappa!!!!!!Enna nadakathu indha serialla??? Madhu kku suddena paasam ponging like anything)


Madhu leaves Anjali alone. Madhu calls Sanjeevi. S tells all the details regarding Madhu,how many SIM cards she have,what numbers everything. Madhu is surprised. She also tells all the kolai details of Sanjeevi. S is shocked but talks to Madhu. She says to S that she has a big job for him to be done. She orders him to meet her in the resort tomorrow 1:pm. Sanjeevi says ok


Mad calls Satish  and asks him to come to resort. Satish says no first and after agrees when Madhu tells that she will show the killer who killed Satishs annan and anni. Satish is on cloud nine. Ready to go to resort.


DCs assistant (Iva innum indha kandravi pinnale sutharayya) comes to Snake and requests her to put Satish in the place of DC. (Snake enna Police recruitment officer????) He also tells that Bomb that blasted dc and his wife had come from DCs home only and that tooo it was being kept in a steel carrier. Snake is like Current shock adicha kaakka.LOLLOLLOL She remembers the scene where she tried to open the Mysore-Pak box. She starts sweating. Satish idiot comes to Snake.(Iva oru loose payya!!!!AngryAngryAngry) and updates about the kolagaran. He says that he will not spare him.


Snakes overacting starts. (Habba thaangamudiliye saaamy!!!!!D'ohD'ohD'oh) She tells Satish to be safe since she doesn't want to lose him.(Adi paavi!! Annan is in paralokam. Now your eyes on thambi???????) Satish is thiru thiru muzhichings. Says bye to her and leaves.


DCs assistant praises Snakes acting (Nee oruthan thaan praise pannanum!!Hmm) Snakes tells to arrange a person to follow Satish. DC does a boom boom maadu


Freeze……..(Nyayama partha snake mooji mela thaan freeze pannanum, creativity is beyond limits in Radaan team, So they gave a Superb Terror BGM for the resort house and freezed ……….)

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rojapoooo IF-Sizzlerz

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                Thursday 5th May 2011

                         Deal o Deal

Update By Srima

CM cutting veggie. Pearl enters. Long time no see anni  , why so asks CM. Wanted to take some important independent uninfluenced  decision ,quips Pearl , hence avoided you [ammadi aanalum aasai rombathan. Thalai irukka vaal aadakkudadhama].CM speaks - if  have come with thathu pithu decisions like case vapas , OK for divorce ,then the house door is open for you to leave. Pearl's veera dheeram mellows - illa chellama , have taken the decision after a lot of deliberation , no more faith on Beach's return who has no love for self & Rathna  , Let him live happily with that crew cut sorry sorry crooked lady . Nooo says CM you are mistaken , Snake has no love for beach, her sole intention is revenge , pazhi vaanging our family. Put your decision on hold for some time.  Now my turn [ rather prerogative] to take independent un influenced decision. Give me a weeks' time will solve the problem cut & right. OK says Pearl , will be back here on the 8th day [ to mutely to agree to your verdict]. Done , the deal is finalized.

 Serene Pondicheri resort [ spoilt by terror BGM] .Madhu tensely waiting for somebody. Uyir kolli [ Sanjeevi] arrives. Madhu wants to conclude a deal before Anjali comes - wants Sanjeevi to own up bomb planting charges in the car to kill DC/wife , the price for that is 5 lacs , advance 2 lacs . She wants him to confess his crime to Satish. Sanjeevi feels madam has gone nuts , owning responsibility for uncommitted crime will land him in jail  [ 5 lacsku apparam enna use ??]. Madhu assures to release him from the case later.

The maid brings coffee. Sanjeevi hides his face , tells Madhu to get the coffee from her . When Madhu goes to collect Sanjeevi puts some thing  in to the flower vase. Sanjeevi decides to leave, collects the 2 lacs , Madhu asks  if the deal is OK , Sanjeevi says , not ready for her game , the money is to cover his Chennai- Pondicheri trip. Livid Madhu tries to blackmail him , threatens to report to police. Sanjeevi unperturbed , says will voluntarily surrender after committing 2 more murders - minister son & Satish. Madhu turns pale , Sanjeevi further threatens her saying he has placed a powerful bomb inside the flower vase , no moving from the seat , long range remote in his hand , added to it has some secrets up his sleeve which might send her entire family to gallows if she tries to act smart. Saying so Sanjeevi walks out leaving the petrified Madhu with her wild imagination of the bomb bursting.

Out goes Sanjeevi , in comes Satish.  Sanjeevi purposely brush past him & picks his pocket. Satish's mobile changes hand. Both part with an apology. Madhu fervently looking at the vase & polambing., olaring .Satish is puzzled at her behaviour. Takes the vase & empties, Madhu screams in fear ,  a lemon rolls out from inside,  nice aapu for Madhu. Satish  asks about  the car bomber. Madhu tries to avoid the question .Dharma sangada situation saved by Anjali's arrival ,anjali all happy to see Satish while Satish not so happy , insists on knowing about the DC car bomber. Madhu unable to speak out  ,visions of sanjeevi's threat , kudumbathoda galoows , thrusts kozhukkatai in to her mouth.

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Vani19 IF-Rockerz

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Thanks Eclat, Visagam's bad inner voice jeikumo? Ouch
srima IF-Dazzler

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Thanks eclat. While Visakam's inner vouce continues fighting Vadai's inner voice asai poding CM's wish , he being her husband in the next birth also - unnoda one janma bandame  equivalent to 100 janmas.

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kittykrishna Senior Member

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Thanks for the updates EcalatClapClapClap
Such a sweet understanding coupleBig smile. But, Vadai would have told the truth. Cha Missed it...
She wants Vadai in next jenmam tooo. I think its in next serial alsoTongue
Indha First Night kooda Bomb episodes madiri one or two week prolong pannuvaana?????LOLLOLLOL

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Thanks Eclat - Roja is sure of one thing - all these serial writers
are sex starved !!!! EppO paarthaalum athe subject le Chekku maadu
mathiri suthaaraanga ??? !!!

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