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Memories In the Making-The Sharmas #2(MN) Note P29

-SAISakura16- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 April 2011 at 1:45pm | IP Logged
Welcome to the FF!
Memories in the Making - The Sharmas is my attempt at continuing the story of Mayank-Nupur, two fictional characters who have made a place in not only my heart but many fans across the world. In the weeks after MJHT ended, I was missing them too much and this idea of continuing their story came to me. Thought initially I was a bit hesitant, I did post my idea. The response, I got from you all, was overwhelming and that is how this FF started. Now, I'm on my second thread thanks to each and every one of you.
Summary of Story So Far:
Well,  I assume that you've seen MJHT if you are reading this FF. At the end of the show, Mayank and Nupur became the proud parents of twin boys. But I backtracked a little.  So the story begins with Mayank and Nupur coming back from Sajan's wedding. After a long struggle, the couple are happy. They finally have the blessings of their elders and are happily waiting for the arrival of their bundle of joy. Next few parts depict their everyday life - their little cute moments of togetherness, their passion,  their hope for the future, their excitement of becoming parents and ofcourse the memories of a painful past. Soon, Nupur starts experiencing severe morning sickness but with Mayank's love and care, is coping with it. With Nupur's final exams coming to an end, the couple are ready to shift to their new home in Pune. And it's Mayank's birthday and Mrs.Sharma is on a mission to make it his best birthday ever...

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Part 13 A : Page 1
Part 13 B : Page 12
Part 14     : Page 

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First of All, I would like to thank each and every one of my readers for their encouragement from the first part. If it weren't for you all, I don't think I would've managed to write out 12 parts and be on the second thread. Thank you so much for each and every one of your comments and also for pressing "like". Hug
Thank you all! (I took this from the part 12b and if anyone is missing, my apologies)
Also, I would really like to take this space to mention a few special people who've inspired me to write and also those friends who've been there for me whe
HeartSajjal, Kinza and Mansi - Actually, if it weren't for you three I wouldn't have even joined IF. Your beautiful pieces of writing is what made me join IF because after a point, I really had to comment on your work. So a BIG THANK YOU! to the three of you. HugHugHug
HeartNikki, Vasu, Jiya, Umi, Nithy, Fari, Aasthu & Payal:
HugHeartHugHeartHugHeartHugHeartHugHeartHugHeartHug for everything you've done for me, as a person and writer. Every convo we had is special for me. Hug
HeartAll the MN writers (I've read mostly MN FF) - each and every one of you are keeping MayUr alive in our hearts!  So Thank you All and Keep Writing! Hug
HeartIf I missed anyone - I'm terribly sorry. It was not intentional but because of my bad memory. Hug
Thank you All! Hug

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-SAISakura16- IF-Sizzlerz

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Heart    My OS Gallery: Memories of My Heart

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First of all, I know it's been more than a month since I updated. I'm so sorry for taking so long with this update. Due to circumstances, I didn't have the time/mood to come up with an update. Thank you for being patient and putting up with my very late update.


Secondly, thank you all for all your support and encouragement. I would never have reached the second thread without all of you. Thank you to each and every one of you.


Recap: It is Mayank's birthday and Nupur surprises him with a midnight celebration. The celebration takes a romantic turn.


Part 13 A

Next morning'.


Mayank was woken up by the alarm on his cell. He lazily reached for it and snoozing the alarm, he turned onto his side and reached for Nupur but she was not on the bed. Thinking that she was throwing up again, he looked towards the wash room but there was no sound of her. He sat up on the bed and looked at the clock on the wall, which showed that it was 8 o' clock. He got up from the bed and walked to the wash room to find it empty.


'Why is Nupur out of bed so early in the morning?' he thought as he made his way out of their bedroom. He looked in each of the rooms in hope of finding Nupur but he was unable to find her anywhere on the second floor. He then started going down the stairs when he heard a voice from the kitchen.


Shaking his head in disapproval, Mayank walked towards the kitchen.


"Nupur! What are you doing here now? And who are you talking to? You didn't even sleep --" he stopped in his track when he heard the doorbell.


"Mayank, Get the door na'I'm busy on the phone," Nupur quickly said before going back to the phone. He moved towards to open the door after quickly saying, "Okay"


The doorbell rang again, for the fourth time and it was getting on Mayank's nerves.


"Coming," he said irritated as he opened the door. He was shocked and didn't know what to do for a second. But next minute, he regained his senses and went forward with the big smile on his face.


"MAA!!!," he said excitedly as he hugged his mom. It's been so long since he has seen his mom and he had missed her so much. Nupur, who had just come out of the kitchen, stopped at the entrance, admiring the mother- son reunion. Her husband looked like a child who has got his favourite toy. His face showed the happiness he felt and the dimpled smile was making him look even more handsome.


"But Maa, what are you doing here? You said you couldn't get a holiday from work.," Mayank asked as he let go of his mom.


"Well, it's my son's birthday and I'm not going to miss out on the celebration," she said, giving her trademark smile. She brought his face down and kissed on his forehead. "Happy Birthday Mayu!"  


"Thanks Maa," Mayank said smiling. "But Maa, Did you come by bus or train? And how did you come home? You should've called me na."


"Mayu, relax beta. I came by flight and Samrat picked me up from the airport," That's when Mayank saw Samrat's car in the drive way.


"Now that your questions are answered, would you move aside, others are waiting to hug Maa too," Nupur said shaking her head and smiling.


"Okay okay, I'm getting out of your way madam," Mayank smiled and moved aside to get the bag from Samrat. The two women moved forward and hugged each other. 


After thanking Samrat, Mayank moved into the house with the bags. The sight that welcomed him was one he loved seeing and one that always made him feel like he was the luckiest person on Earth. The two most important women in his life were sitting on the dining table chatting away like two old friends. Well, their relationship had always been like that. He remembered the first time his mother and Nupur met. It was on a Diwali day and there was an instant connection between them. They were both fun people, who loved to talk and it was no surprise that they both loved each other's company. There were many times where they had both ganged up together to tease him and though it irritated him at that moment, they were sweet memories of his life. His thoughts were interrupted by their loud laughter. He found them laughing so hard at something Nupur had mentioned. That was another similarity between them - they both found happiness in the smallest things in life.  He was a lucky person for they showered immense amount of love on him.




He was brought out of his thoughts by the voice of his wife, who was looking at him keenly.


"Yeah," he said as he moved towards them.


"What are you doing there? Come and join us na" He nodded and walked to the dining table. He sat down and watched the two women in his life talk about anything and everything. He didn't get much chance to talk, given he was with two of the most talkative people he knew but Mayank didn't mind a bit.




After awhile...


Shilpa Aunty went up to the room to freshen up and Nupur turned to the kitchen. Mayank carried the bags up to the room for his mother and came back down to see Nupur in the kitchen, kneading the dough. With a big smile adorning her face, she was humming "Tujhe Dekha to ye Jaana sanam" while her hands worked the dough.  He quietly went up to her and hugged her from behind, taking Nupur by surprise. Before she could say anything, he kissed her cheek, keeping his lips there for awhile. His hands ran down her arms and found hers in the dough. Tightening his hold on her, he stood right up against her, nuzzling into her neck and leaving kisses on her neck and shoulder blades.  She felt her heartbeats increase and her cheeks turned crimson. They kept kneading the flour, though their concentration was elsewhere.


The wall clock in their living room chimed and brought them back to their kitchen.


"Mayank, Chodo mujhe. Maa might come in..," Nupur said as she tried to get out of his hold.


"So Mrs. Sharma doesn't have a problem other than the fact Maa might come in? Well, then for your information Maa has gone for a bath," Mayank said while hugging her a bit more tightly.


"Mayank...I've a lot to do, leave me na'," Nupur said.


"Exactly Madam! You've done a lot already'so let me prepare the breakfast," Mayank said.


"But Mayank, I want to make it for Maa'"


"Nupur, come on'you can make it another time for Maa, when you are feeling better. You didn't even sleep properly"


"Mayank, please'" Nupur said with the pout that Mayank couldn't say no to. The woman knew how to melt his heart. He turned her around in his hold and looked at her.


"Mrs.Sharma, let's make a deal. You can cook but only if you let me help. Otherwise, I'll do it myself."


"Mayank'," she tried to argue.


"Ok, then I'll do it myself - " Mayank said with a stern face.


"Fine'u can help," she mumbled.


"Good!" he said touching her nose but saw the frown on her face. "Sorry Nupur' but I don't want you to tire yourself out'"


Though Nupur wanted to make the breakfast herself, she understood he had a point. Also, she didn't like seeing her husband feeling bad, so she nodded with a slight smile. She put her hands around his neck and said, "Ok then Chef Sharma, you continue with the dough and I'll cut the vegetables."


"Done Ma'am!" he said and they got to work.



To be Contd...

Ok, I know it's a short update and that too after a long time. Embarrassed Sorry, But I just wanted to post something this weekend. I promise to update within a week, with a longer Part 13b.Big smile

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perkilicious IF-Sizzlerz

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lovely update di!Hug
u kno eveytym u update, i wonder which dream u will fulfill of ur readers regarding MN...u always write wat we wanted to see in mjht..n that makes ur ff d best for me...coz its really like my MN...n m watching them/reading abt them..
evn in this update u brought back SA ,one of d most awaited mayurian's dream to c in season2!!Hug seriously it was worth d wait!!!
coming to d was superb!! the SA's comeback...awww..the mum-son reunion...Heart i just adore these two...<3 n then nupur-SA's reunion..awww...Heart it was so cute...but the best part was wen mayu standing in d corner was admiring both of them...the way u related the past n how hez grateful to hav them in his life, di..i love u!!EmbarrassedLOL
then the MN romance...Blushing it was seriously ahem ahem...WinkLOL ...i loved it...Big smilen how cutely he manages to make nupur agree to let him help...Embarrassed
m waiting for 13b...more SA moments with MN, MN romance n mayu's bday celebration...Big smile
i wont say cont soon...coz i kno u r real busy..n how u wrote this update...but then we all r waitingEmbarrassed
last but not the least...CONGRATS fr ur second thread for ur FIRST ff!!Hug n m sure there r many more to come!!
u rock di..Hug ur writing is so vivid n awesome-ly done everytym! keep writingHug n u kno m ur fanBig smile
love u endlessHug tc<3 keep smiling<3 godbless<3

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res... Big smile Big smile

ps.. u r such a sweetheart! Embarrassed Hug

pps.. did i ever tel ya how much i love ya.. Hug Heart

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res 2

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