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There's always that one person...ARSH FF Updt pg114 (Page 6)

Laila.N Senior Member

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Posted: 01 May 2011 at 8:40am | IP Logged

Originally posted by zARqaa_X

heyy awesome ff!

do continue soon n plz add me to yur pm list :)

zarqaa x

Thank you Zarqaa ! Smile

Originally posted by cue1

OMG awesome dude!!

Please update soon and add me to PM list!!

Thank you ! I will. ^^

Originally posted by bubblysifu

cool start...update soon...

Thanks !

Originally posted by Klutszy_KaShian

Originally posted by Laila.N

Originally posted by Klutszy_KaShian

Aawww Shilpa is so cute!
N i aoplogize for my lame french!!

But here it goes again, u are the only person i can actually talk to in french...

Ton ecriture est formidable, j'aime ta l'intrigue et la characteuse de Shilpa! Armaan est un bon ami, mais il est irresponsible je pense. Tu as une bonne narrative!

I know i suck but i'll stop if u dont get it!!

Btw, i am Jinil!


No your french isn't lame, just need some practice, and I'm totally willing to do so with you 


Nice to meet you Jinil, and please don't stop, I perfectly understand what you're saying in french.


Merci pour tout tes commentaires, ca me touche vraiment !  Oui, tu as bien devine, Armaan est totalement irresponsable Haha !


(Thanks for all your comments, really touching ! And yeh you guessed it right, Armaan is totally irresponsible Haha ! )


how do you do it?? how are you so perfect at both English and French?? Seriously, you are helping me improve my French, but I wish I could do something in return??


Great to know you understand... half the time i don't understand!


and please my comments are not as touching as your fic is... vraiment vous etes superb.


heehee... armaan is irresponsible mostly...

Lol Thanks Jinil ! Smile I doubt I'm perfect at any languages but I'm happy to help you in french Big smile

And you don't have to do anything in return, it's a pleasure to speak french here Wink

But I will surely need help in hindi for some dialogue lol LOL

Anyway thanks for reading and liking the ff ^^

Originally posted by _Afrin_

nice start...loved the prologue and the 1st part...
plz add me to ur pm list...
cont soon...

Thank you so much Afrin Big smile I will continue soon ^^

Originally posted by Armaan-KSG

Hey, just caught up with your ff and its really good. Well the prologue and intro sseem to be very guessing Armaan and Shilpa are planning to get married because of some reason..nd i hope armaan makes Shilpa realize that she is extremely beautiful ;)


Please do pm me :)

Hey ! Smile

Well yes, they're kind of planning to get married. And yes, Armaan needs to make Shilpa realize many things actually Wink

Thanks for reading ^^

Originally posted by MeetPremeer

awesome concept dear
btw ur english is quite good
loved it
pls add me to ur pm list

Thanks you for liking the concept. Smile

Hope you'll like the rest of the story. ^^

Originally posted by -poornima-

amazing update

loved it

gr8 part

ArSh r so meant for each other

update the next part soon


Thank you ! Yes, they're just meant for each other... but need to realize it Wink

Originally posted by sammy4u

hey dear amazing inhro loved it

here's the link to my ff

lots of fun n love

do read it.and obv. comment too.




Thanks for liking the intro. and thanks for the link, I will surely check it ! Big smile

Originally posted by esheena

wow intro is awesome

 armaan is cho chewwwt 

plz update soon

Thank you for liking ! Smile

Originally posted by Jenny_KaShian

Lovely Intro Laila...
Loved it to bits...<33

I so liked the whole Armaan-Shilpa Convo on Yahoo...

Do Continue Soon...<33

Thank you ! I wasn't sure about how to write it.Confused 

I'm glad you liked it Embarrassed

Originally posted by twilightmystery

wow osam start

loved the intro

continue soon

n plz do add me in ur pm list

Thank you ! I will Smile

Originally posted by princessrashida


Thanks Embarrassed

Originally posted by MaNaLoVeKaSh

nice intro 
love it
plz add me in your pm list 
continue soon:)

Thank you ! Smile

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Laila.N Senior Member

Joined: 11 December 2009
Posts: 568

Posted: 01 May 2011 at 8:49am | IP Logged
Hey Guys ! Smile

So, here is the part 1. Actually, I wasn't sure how to write it. I wanted you to understand more what kind of relation Armaan and Shilpa shared in this part.

To tell you more about the story. Parts will describe every phase of Arsh's life and their relationship before getting to the scene of the prologue. And then, the story will continue from there. But I need to write those parts because it's important for you to know about everything that happened before that scene.

Anyway ! Enough of talking, here's the part, hope I won't disappoint you, I wrote it hastily. Confused


Part 1:

"Oye Rahul! Am I seeing things or is that Armaan there?" Atul said.

"No dude, you're right, it's him!" Rahul replied after a pause while looking in the direction Atul was pointing at.

"Hey guys! What's up?" He said while approaching them with a smile.

"Armaan?! What happened man? What are you doing here?"

He laughed as he saw the shocked expression on his friends' face.

"What am I doing here? Funny Rahul! Should I remind you I'm still studying here?" He gave his friend an amused look.

"Yes actually you should. It's been weeks since we have seen you in class!"

"Yeah I know...Bad time... but now I'm definitely back!" He replied with a big smile, showing his excitement.

"Don't listen to him yaar, we're happy to see you back!" Atul exclaimed while offering him a comforting smile.

"Thanks." With that, the bell rang and they all went towards their classroom.

"Mr Malik! I must say I'm surprised. So kind of you to join us today!" The teacher exclaimed as they entered.

Armaan gave her a smirk and nodded, keeping himself from retorting to her comment.

As the lecture begun, he tried to stay concentrate as much as possible and surprisingly...he made it through the whole day without being thrown out once!

After school, the three drove to Atul's place to hang out for some time.

"So, tell us, what's behind the new 'super student' like behavior of yours?" Rahul asked smirking while opening a Red Bull can.

Armaan laughed at this. "Nothing guys... Let's just say, I finally find some motivation." He announced while grinning.

"Really? What kind of motiva-" He was about to ask when Armaan's phone rang and he got interrupted.

As he wasn't picking up, Rahul and Atul shared a confused glance and then looked at him for an answer.

After a moment, he noticed their look and replied matter of factly "Its Nikki."

"So? Why are you not answering?"

"Don't want to." He replied completely non interested in the conversation.

"But why?!" They both said at the same time.

He finally sighed and retorted jaded "Because she'll keep on complaining about why I didn't try to please her as I knew she was angry. And how I don't care about her, and don't love her and so on... So, as I'm in a good mood, I'm saving this for later."

As he finished, they both burst out laughing.

"And plus, if I don't answer Nikki's calls... Someone will surely be asked to call me and sort things out... So, I'm eagerly waiting for this call!" He added, grinning fully this time.

"Oooh ! Your dear friend from London... What's her name again? Shilpa, right?"

"Yeah, I am missing her. And she always needs a good reason to talk me, so I'm giving her one." He continued sipping from his drink.

"You're sick man! Why don't you call her yourself if you're really missing her?"

"Because that will break our "I hate you!" act, which is part of our relationship...Actually I'll say the beauty of our relationship. That's the only way she'll call me, knowing I'm still acting as a big jerk with her dear cousin." He finished laughing.

"Find some other way, without using Nikki for example. By the way, how long it has been since you've talked to her?"

"I messaged her on yahoo yesterday but it's been so long since I've heard her voice!" As he said that a silence took place in the room, with both his friends looking at him with a confused and shocked face as Armaan and Nikki never chatted on Internet. It was Armaan and Shilpa's thing only.

"Hum...Who were you asking about?" Armaan asked confused.

"I think he was asking about Nikki, Armaan..." Atul recovered and asked smirking knowingly.

"Oh...hum..." He fumbled, a little embarrassed with his outburst. He looked at his friends, laughing their heads out. He threw a pillow at them and answered Rahul "I don't know, maybe a week since we argued."

"Yesterday, right? Hmm, now I guess we know where the sudden motivation comes from..." He highed five Atul while throwing a mischief look at his friend.

Armaan smiled at this. He was right. Shilpa had always been the only one who could make him change his mind. She was the only one who believed in him and even if she has her own way to express it, he understood it. He didn't care about what anybody thought of him, but Shilpa's opinion mattered a lot to him. And she was the only person he didn't want to disappoint. He just couldn't.


"But you know him na, he has always been like that..."

"Yeah! But you know, I thought that maybe he'll change, once we'll be together, I thought I would change him... I guess I was wrong. It seems as if he's not even interested in me, nor in this relationship, so why do I bother so much..."

"Hey Nikki! Stop saying that, you know that's not true. He cares about you, I know it! He's just still immature and commitment is not on his priority list right now. But I'm sure he does love you a lot, and once he'll be enough mature to understand that, he'll regret his behavior. You both are still young, you should be patient..."

"I don't know for how long I'll be patient Shilpa. I'm so tired of all this. It's like I'm all alone in this relationship. I feel like he's playing with me..."

Shilpa sighed. She knew Nikki was right. Armaan was just being unfair to her, for no reason. Nikki was Shilpa's cousin sister, they used to all hang out together since childhood and Nikki has always had a crush on Armaan. She was nothing like Shilpa; she was bold, impulsive, outgoing and always fights for what she wants. Armaan was what she wanted, and so 4 months ago, she decided to take her chance and ask Armaan out. He gladly accepted this long distance relationship. Shilpa was happy for them as she knew Nikki never liked when elders or friends used to stick her and Armaan together. She always felt guilty because she knew Nikki liked him, and so she helped a lot in getting them together and distanced herself from Armaan. But what both the girls didn't expect was Armaan behavior. He lived in Manchester, while they both lived in London, and after he got with Nikki, he never came to see her, never called her. It was always her who did the effort. And now, she was tired of his attitude.

"Can you please talk to him?" Nikki asked a little hesitant.

"Hum... Nikki, it's between you and him, I think you should both sort it out together. It's not my business..."

"Please Shilpa, I'm asking you, it's not like you made the decision. Please, I just want to know why he is behaving like that, and you're the only one he'll listen to anyway..."

"I doubt he'll listen to me, but okay, I will..."

"Thank you!!" She hugged her instantly. "Okay, I have to go sweetie, my mom's waiting for me. Will call you. Bye." She gave her a kiss and walked out.

"Say hi to aunty and uncle." Shilpa shouted after her.

"I will!" She waved from where she was.


His phone buzzed. He checked the caller name and his lips curved in a smile as it read 'Shona'.

He immediately answered joyfully "Hey, what's up?"

"What's up?! You moron!" She kept on cursing him loudly, while he put the phone a little away from his ears. 'Man, she was loud!' He thought.

"What the hell is your problem Malik?!"

He laughed at this.

"What did I do again?"

"Why are you so mean to her? Why are you ignoring her like that?" She asked as she calmed herself a little.

"Who? Nikki?"

"Who else Armaan?"

He sighed. "I must say I'm disappointed Shona. And here I was thinking you were calling me because you were missing me..." Armaan said ironically, trying to lighten the mood, even if he really did felt disappointed deep down. But he was expecting that anyway.

"Stop kidding Armaan! I don't understand you. Why are you playing with her? She loves you and you just keep hurting her. Don't you care about her?"

"Did she ask you to call me?"

"She's worried and completely confused with your behavior Armaan... She doesn't know what to do anymore."

"You didn't answer the question." He stated with seriousness.

"N-no. I thought to call you to sort out things between you two." She lied.

He stayed silent for a moment.

"Wow. D-did you just try lying to me?" He said highly disappointed.


He interrupted her. "Tell your cousin I'll call her later. Have a good night."

And with that he hung up, without waiting for her answer.

"Heck! From when did she start lying to me?! And all that because of her cousin!! Everything that's in our talks, everything that's between us now is Nikki! It was never like that between us." He shouted angrily, standing and pacing in Atul's room as his friends watched him. They noticed every expressions of him during his talk.

"I miss the time before the whole Nikki thing..." He said finally, sighing and looking at his friends.

"Armaan... Aren't you crushing on your best friend?"

He looked at them for a moment and after sitting back on the couch said "Maybe."



Laila Smile

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sammy4u IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 May 2011 at 9:12am | IP Logged
amazing update dear...loved it

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spicyheart IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 May 2011 at 9:19am | IP Logged
osamm!! loved it!!
so ammy crushin on shilpa huh
i hope nikki doesnt create a prob now
do continue soon

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MysticalRealm IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 May 2011 at 9:27am | IP Logged

Dude is your name Laila?? I don't want to keep on calling you 'you'.

Oh wow. Armaan an Nikki are dating! I kind of got the hint in the prologue but it was surprising to know how Armaan doesn't even care. I thought he loved her and she had the attitude! It is great to know that it is the other way around. And he is 'crushing' on her!! That is fantabulous! I can not believe that you are French. Vraiment. Ton anglais est tres bien. I loved how you explained Armaan and Shilpa's bond, and especially Armaan feelings towards it. Let's wait for the next and hopefully see Shilpa's side of the story!

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Laila.N IF-Sizzlerz

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great part!
i hope niki doesnt get inbetween arsh!
oohhh armaan startin to fall for her =D
continue soon x

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m4manju IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 May 2011 at 9:59am | IP Logged
awesome part...armaan and shilpa's relation is kinda cute Embarrassed... she trying to get him hooked with nikki...the guilt she is feeling... and armaan missing their old friendship days...hope they meet up soon ...Smile

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MeetPremeer IF-Rockerz

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loved it dear
thanks for the pm

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