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Maaneet Express # 22

Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

Joined: 04 March 2009
Posts: 62084

Posted: 25 April 2011 at 12:39pm | IP Logged
 hi all
 how r u all?
 welcome to maaneet Express

Welcome  To Maaneet Express

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We  r here to discuss about maaneet fan fiction, maaneet , GEET HSP.
Enjoy your self here

Members Name

rakhi (PrithviSanyo1)
Hinal (hinal_maaneet)
Shruti (smj1977)
Muskan or wardah (muskaan_cute19)
Muskan (muskanp)
Kate(simi91 )
Sana (untamedtigress )
tia(ghamkansoon )
sanya(kashndsel4eva )
Rakhi (heermeher )
Kyama or FireSafireFire (FIRESafiReFIRE)
Sanz (MohitSanayaDrug )
parul (MaanEET_FAN)
aishwarya , ash(aish_punk)

Khushi (BhartiKhushi909)

Link of previous cc:-
Maaneet Express

Maaneet Express # 2



Maaneet Express # 3


Maaneet Express # 4



Maaneet Express # 5

Maaneet Express # 6


Maaneet Express # 7

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Maaneet Express # 9


Maaneet Express # 10

Maaneet Express # 11 GEET HSP one yr celebration


Maaneet Express # 12

Maaneet Express # 13


Maaneet Express # 14

Maaneet Express # 15

Maaneet Express # 16


Maaneet Express # 17

Maaneet Express # 18

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Maaneet Express # 20


Maaneet Express # 21

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Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

Joined: 04 March 2009
Posts: 62084

Posted: 25 April 2011 at 12:50pm | IP Logged

Members Name

rakhi (PrithviSanyo1)
Hinal (hinal_maaneet)
Shruti (smj1977)
Muskan (muskanp)
Wardah or Muskan(muskaan_cute19)
Kate(simi91 )
Sana (untamedtigress )
Eva(maanujaanu )
tia(ghamkansoon )
sanya(kashndsel4eva )
Sanz (MohitSanayaDrug )
parul (MaanEET_FAN)
Kyama or FireSafireFire (FIRESafiReFIRE)
Rakhi (heermeher )
aishwarya , ash(aish_punk)



1.pls don't bash any actor, actress, discuss about the character but remember IF 's rule
2.pls don't attack members personally. respect their views , if not then just ignore debate is welcome but not fighting
3.pls don't quote unless it's necessary , it'll be good if u , or we will use @
if we use quote then it's decrease the speed of the page and to open the page it's take too much time.

one more thing if this cc will reach 149 then before make a new cc any one of u and  member list and  rules(Which will added here soon) and the link of this cc and  then after complete  this cc means reached page150 then shift to new cc.
 when any one of u will open new cc just  write in title 2or 3 no of cc,
like this no 1 cc our so don't have to write it but from next time we have to write cc's no in title
don't wait for me If I'm not here that time just any one opened the next cc but before that tell here cause if another person also opened it then two two ccs will be here.


Maaneet Express

rakhi -- page 11, 13, 32, 34, 54, promo --62
new scene  page 85,95,100,

priya - - 40, 52, 53, 54. 55, 56, 58, 59, 60, 61,97,101,108

jyoti -- 51, 53, 65- poem, 66, 87,97,108,132

kate poem -- 37, 56,89,94,99,104,108,126,127
muskan poem:-91
Shruti poem:-128,

sonali -- written update of episode -- 39,
maaneet video by sonali page 84

will update time to time

Maaneet Express # 2


 95,96,97 ,103



Video link:-76
Kate :-Poem :-90,131


Maaneet Express # 3

Rakhi 69,143,147
hinal creations:-page 112
Kate :-Poem:-41,43
muski (
7thHeaven) creations:- 80

Dadi- devis prem katha:-
(7thHeaven) :-121,122
Wardah :- song147

Maaneet Express # 4
Kate :-Poem:-16,18,65,145,149


Maaneet Express # 5

Kate :-Poem:-2,5,8,12,46,47,48,49,104
Susana (
Creation by muski(7thHeaven):-144
Priya :-38,43
Poem by shruti:-Page 17,105,106
Poem by hinal:-Page62
Story by Hinal:-Page62
Imp note  by roops on page 1

Maaneet Express # 6
Muskan (7thHeaven):-118
sonali Poem:-79
Story :-
Kya :-26,33


Maaneet Express # 7
Poem :-
Susana ,Samara:-7


Maaneet Express # 8



Maaneet Express # 9

beautiful picture story by shruti:-128

Maaneet Express # 10

Pics of maaneet:-1
Scene by

Maaneet Express # 11 GEET HSP one yr celebration

Maaneet Express Slam book
page 1
Creations of Happy Birthday GEET HSP
by Muskan(7thHeaven ):-Page 1
Maaneet Express Vm
by Roopali
page 1
Spl Creations by
Page 1
Poem by Dia page 1

Pics and quote on page 2

All credit goes to for awesome, beautiful quote  for page 2 post 1 ,by Wardah (muskaan_cute19)
Pics gave by Wardah (
Pics upload credit goes to pic up loader.

pics , poem and quote by hinal on page 2
Poem by kate on page 2

Poem,pics by shruti on page 5,7,8,9,10,11
poem, pics by susana on page 5
Vm by Muskan(7thHeaven ):-Page8

Scene by rakhi

Maaneet Express # 12

zing magazine new page 1
os by ansah Page 21

Maaneet Express # 13

Os by Ansah Page 71
scene by rakhi page 3,7,94,100
Poem by kate :-page 8
Vm by naddia:-Page 76

Maaneet Express # 14
scene by rakhi
page 15,17
VM by muski (7thheaven)
will be add later

Maaneet Express # 15

Will add later
Maaneet Express # 16
will add later
Maaneet Express # 17
will add later
Maaneet Express # 18
will add later

Maaneet Express# 19
rakhi scene:-page 87,88

Maaneet Express # 20
susana :page 146,148
147 & 148
Maaneet Express # 21
Reva's birthday Celebrations:-
Page 125,127,128,129,

Maaneet Express # 22
Reva's birthday celebration:-
Page 1,2,3,6,7
Spoiler pics:-
Pages 11,12
Maan's letter to geet:-
Shruti :-

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Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

Joined: 04 March 2009
Posts: 62084

Posted: 25 April 2011 at 12:53pm | IP Logged

GEET HSP one yr celebration

Maaneet Express Slam Book



Maaneet Express Slam Book

Name:-Rakhi Dutta

After Married

Rakhi Chatterjee

Date of Birth(Only date and month):- 14 May

                                              Likes:- reading book, gardening, listening music, writing story,cooking


Dislikes:-Back stabbing, double faceed

Hobbies:- reading book, gardening, listening music, writing story,cooking


First Forum on IF:-Prithviraj Chuahan Forum

                                                                     First Friend on IF:- manali


First Friend On Geet Forum:-Shruti and hinal

Y u Like GEET:-for maaneet and their love for each other

Something About Maaneet:-Beautiful, brilliant chemistry, they just make me smile

Favorite movie:-

 (a):-hollywood:-Twister , Step Mom(it's beautiful and painful Cry)

(b):-bolly wood :- Rang De Basanti, Lagan


Favorite Actor:-

(a):-hollywood:-Tom Cruise, leona Do the Caprio

(b):-bolly wood:-Amir Khan

Favorite Actress:-


(a):-hollywood:-Angelina jolie, Jenifar Lopej

(b):-bolly wood:-no one


Favorite color:-red and white

Favorite Food:-Chinese ,Mughlai

Favorite Flower:- Red Roses

Favorite Fruit:-Mango

Favorite song:-Thoda Sa Pyaar hua hain Thoda  hain Baki, Nehi hona tha pyaar

Want to  see maaneet in any song:-each and every song  will suited them best

Favorite scene of maaneet:-each and every scene I loved them but sply

Some of them r very close to my heart

1.first hug in jungle

2.kurban hua

3.Hum Tum Moments

4.Jodha Aakbar moments

5.Confession scene. hug

7.khoon bhari mang

8.maaneet seen their baby in ultrasound and tears in their eyes.

9. maaneet personal haldi

10.maaneet marriage scenes.

11.maaneet half SR

12.maan's telling story by showing short movie to geet

And the list going on

Favorite Quote For Maaneet:- Love is unconditional, love is faith, love is trust, love is pain, love is sacrifice, love is smile, love is laughs, love is tears, love is cry, love is u ,love is I , love is we, love is maan, love is geet ,love is maaneet

Favorite dialogue of  Maaneet:- chup blkul chup, bolo na geet ,bolo na,ab se meri har subah aapse/tumse shuru, aur har raat aapse/tumse khatm


Maaneet Express Slam Book


Date of Birth(Only date and month):- 5 aug

Likes:-making frnds chatting n seeing geet,collecting cash frm mom,trying new dishes



First Forum on IF:-geet

First Friend on IF:-hinal_maaneet

First Friend On Geet Forum:-hinal_maaneet

Y u Like GEET:-MSK

Something About Maaneet:- irrestible soulmates

Favorite movie:-

(a):-hollywood  its a boy girl thing,high school musical,black swan

(b):-bolly wood  jodhaa akbar,namastey london,dhoom,london dreams

Favorite Actor:-

(a):-hollywood jhonny depp,zac efron

(b):-bolly wood hrithik,john,salman khan

Favorite Actress:-


(a):-hollywood hilary duff

(b):-bolly wood katrina,rani,bipasha


Favorite color:- pink,black,white

Favorite Food:- golgappe

Favorite Flower:- orchids

Favorite Fruit:- mango

Favorite song:- ajeeb dasta hai yeh

Want to maaneet in any song:- hum ko malu hai ishq masum hai dil se ,

hojathi hai galthi ya [jann-e-maan] 

Favorite scene of maaneet:-after their fake engagement

in hp whn geet cries on maans shoulder n maan comforting geet

Favorite Quote For Maaneet:-

ur d reason i smile

ur d reason i cry 

ur d reason i live

ur d reason im ME today

Favorite dialogue of  Maaneet:-

maan-mein maan singh khurana hu

geet-dekha babaji



Maaneet Express Slam Book

Name:- Muskaan

Date of Birth(Only date and month):- 8 JUNE



Hobbies:- READING

First Forum on IF:- GHSP

First Friend on IF:- --SHIKA--

First Friend On Geet Forum:- M ON SANYAS FROM GEET FORUM


Something About Maaneet:- THEY ARE THE BEST . . .

Favorite movie:-

(a):-hollywood PRIDE AND PREJUDICE

(b):-bolly wood JODHA AKBAR

Favorite Actor:-


(b):-bolly wood HRITIK ROSHAN

Favorite Actress:-



(b):-bolly wood


Favorite color:- WHITE

Favorite Food:- CONTINELTAL

Favorite Flower:- ROSE AND ORCHID

Favorite Fruit:- LICHI

Favorite song:- CANT CHOOSE

Want to maaneet in any song:- LEMME THINK . . . I am not sure

Favorite scene of maaneet:-  kurba hua and where's the party tonight and CONFESSION SCENE WAS THE BEST . . .

Favorite Quote For Maaneet:- I AM NOT A QUOTE PERSON

Favorite dialogue of  Maaneet:- I LUVE THEM ALL AS LONG AS THERE ARE NO MOON TALKS


Maaneet Express Slam Book

Name:- Deepa

Date of Birth(Only date and month):- 3rd Sept

Likes:- reading fictions, listening to music

Dislikes:- violence and hatred

Hobbies:- reading books, fictions, surfing about Rajeev Khandelwal

First Forum on IF:- of course Kahin To Hoga

First Friend on IF:- all from KTH forum (started conversing with many) LOL

First Friend On Geet Forum:- many (know only their usernames) LOL

Y u Like GEET:- for its liveliness, less stress and tension free episodes Tongue

Something About Maaneet:- wonderful chemistry Embarrassed

Favorite movie:-

(a):-hollywood - Twilight and Twilight Saga

(b):-bolly wood - all SRK and Rajeev Khandelwal movies

Favorite Actor:-

(a):-hollywood - Robert Pattinson BlushingDay Dreaming

(b):-bollywood - Rajeev Khandelwal,Heart ShahRukh Khan

Favorite Actress:-

 (a):-hollywood - none in specific Ouch

(b):-bolly wood - Kajol, Aamna Sharif

 Favorite color:- red, blue, white, black, green. all pleasant colors Smile

Favorite Food:- veg. fried rice, briyani

Favorite Flower:- roses

Favorite Fruit:- mango

Favorite song:- tu jahan main wahan from Salaam Namaste

Want to maaneet in any song:- any song chalega with their sizzling chemistry Blushing

Favorite scene of maaneet:- all scenes if them from HP to date Hug

Favorite Quote For Maaneet:- bring up more chemistry and the old liveliness

Favorite dialogue of  Maaneet:- chup bilkul chup, Geeet... LOL


Maaneet Express Slam Book

Name:- Shruti

Date of Birth(Only date and month):- 4/oct

Likes:- watching serials and analysing them

Dislikes:- Hating CVs

Hobbies:- writting, reading

First Forum on IF:- ??

First Friend on IF:- Maanpreetmann

First Friend On Geet Forum:- Rakhi

Y u Like GEET:- Yes

Something About Maaneet:-

Favorite movie:-

(a):-hollywood "THE ROCK" "SPEED"

(b):-bolly wood "QSQT"

Favorite Actor:-

(a):-hollywood -None

(b):-bolly wood "AAMIR KHAN"

Favorite Actress:-


(a):-hollywood - none

(b):-bolly wood "JUHI CHAWLA"


Favorite color:- White and Red

Favorite Food:- Indian (Marwadi)

Favorite Flower:- China Rose

Favorite Fruit:- Mango

Favorite song:- "Chahe tum kuch na Kaho(jo jeeta wahi sikander)

Want to maaneet in any song:-

Favorite scene of maaneet:- when Maan saves Geet from Brij and accidently puts blood mark on her forehead

Favorite Quote For Maaneet:- Most Affectionate Adorable Nice Elegant Eternal True Lovers

Favorite dialogue of  Maaneet:- Maan: Chup Bilkul Chup" & Geet:"Dekha Babaji"


Maaneet Express Slam Book

Name:- Ansah Malik

Date of Birth(Only date and month):- May 10th

Likes:-  Lazing and chatting

Dislikes:- WOW...that's loads

Hobbies:- Basketball...N Facebook

First Forum on IF:- GeetHSP

First Friend on IF:- Oh don't really remember

First Friend On Geet Forum:- same as above

Y u Like GEET:- MaanEet Chemistry...

Something About Maaneet:- They are once in life time experience...

Favorite movie:-

(a):-hollywood : Titanic , pretty women , The Notebook..Loads

(b):-bolly wood :DDLJ...Mughal -E- Azam...HAKHK...Loads

Favorite Actor:-

(a):-hollywood : Johnny Depp..Leonardo De Caprio...

(b):-bolly wood : SRk...Shahid Kapur...Amir Khan

Favorite Actress:-


(a):-hollywood : Jennifer Lopez...Penelope Cruz..N many

(b):-bolly wood :Priety zinta...Madhuri Dixit...Waheeda Rehman


Favorite color:- Violet...Teal...Bright Pink...Baby blue

Favorite Food:- Home made...Fast food...Chinese...yummmy

Favorite Flower:- Pink roses...orchids

Favorite Fruit:- Papaya...cherries.. mangoes..and all sort of berries

Favorite song:- Way 2 many

Want to maaneet in any song:- Sanson ko sanson mein from Hum Tum

Favorite scene of maaneet:- Kurban Hua Sequence

Favorite Quote For Maaneet:- Two souls with but a single thought, Two hearts that beat as one.

Favorite dialogue of  Maaneet:- Zindagi ki har subha tumse shuru...aur har rat tum par katam


Maaneet Express Slam Book

Name:- HeartSonali Naik Heart

Date of Birth(Only date and month):- 5th august 

Likes:- reading , chating , to making new friends


Hobbies:- theatre ,script-writing , photography

First Forum on IF:- Geet 

First Friend on IF:- dont remember bt I think Roopali , rakhi , priya ,kate.sana , 3 muskans LOL

whome i mate at manneet express

First Friend On Geet Forum:- ans already mention 

Y u Like GEET:- becoz of d charector nad d story of Maan and geet , i jus lov der chemistry Embarrassed

Something About Maaneet:-Heartmade for each other Heart

Favorite movie:-

(a):-hollywood : Titanic

(b):-bolly wood : all romantic and comedy movies

Favorite Actor:-

(a):-hollywood : hugh jackman ,jonathan rhyes Meyers

(b):-bolly wood : Amir khan 

Favorite Actress:-


(a):-hollywood : cameron diaz, barrymore

(b):-bolly wood : HeartMadhuri Dixit Heart


Favorite color:- White 

Favorite Food:- maharshtrian food, especially mom  made

Favorite Flower:- Roses

Favorite Fruit:- Mango

Favorite song:- list is tooo long and space is not enough Wink

Want to maaneet in any song:- Heartchori kiya re jiya from dabang Heart

Favorite scene of maaneet:- when first time Maan slips der khandani ring in geets finger

Favorite Quote For Maaneet:-"A life without love is no life at all"

Favorite dialogue of  Maaneet:- Heart all dialogs by maneet r my Fav  ClapHeart


Maaneet Express Slam Book

Name:-Swati (princess163)

Date of Birth(Only date and month):- 16/3

Likes:- Maaneet!!! hahaha...LOVE readng and music!

Dislikes:- Vamps!Angry Double faced peopleAngry

Hobbies:-wrote above...forgot one...being on Maaneet Express n IF

First Forum on IF:- Geet Forum

First Friend on IF:- muskanp (truly magical)

First Friend On Geet Forum:-muskanp

Y u Like GEET:- Because of their faith in each other...the intensity of their love...the love that they showed in the show...the romance was not what is shown in every other show...its just magical...different and sooo real! makes me wanna fall in love!

Something About Maaneet:- love their intense eye-locks and cute fights tooo much!

Favorite movie:-

(a):-hollywood: Baby's day out

(b):-bolly wood- Hum aapke hain kaun

Favorite Actor:- no one in particular


(b):-bolly wood

Favorite Actress:- no one in particular



(b):-bolly wood


Favorite color:- Baby pink and sky blue

Favorite Food:- Punjabi food (daal-makhani being one major dish)

Favorite Flower:- Rose

Favorite Fruit:-Grapes

Favorite song:- As long as you love me, She is all I ever had

Want to maaneet in any song:-She is all I ever had

Favorite scene of maaneet:-the kurbaan hua track AND  the one in which maan is drunk in disco coz of pari n geet comes and then they hug!!! LOVE ITDay Dreaming


Favorite dialogue of  Maaneet:- both Maan and Geet promise each other-" ab se meri har subah aapse/tumse shuru, aur har raat aapse/tumse khatm"


Maaneet Express Slam Book

Name:- middle name Jessica, nickname is jess, and actual name is Yashtika (hehe)

Date of Birth(Only date and month):- 23/08/96

Likes:- Maneet, dil mil gaye, laagi tujhse laagan, being organised, being healthy, being at school with friends...

Dislikes:- getting sick, too much freedom, being alone, hate it when im angry...

Hobbies:- watching tv, chatting, reading factual books, gardening

First Forum on IF:- Dil mil gaye

First Friend on IF:- Suvi7884

First Friend On Geet Forum:-

Y u Like GEET:- maneet, storyline, its unique, different, maan, characters, the background music

Something About Maaneet:- the best couple ever!!!!...

Favorite movie:-

(a):-hollywood dont have fav movie in hollywood...

(b):-bolly wood kuch kuch hota hai, kaho na pyar hai

Favorite Actor:-

(a):-hollywood dont really have any...

(b):-bolly wood Gurmeet Choudhary, karan singh grover, akshay oberoi, hrithik roshan, salman khan... and theres more LOL

Favorite Actress:-

(a):-hollywood dont really have any...

(b):-bolly wood aishwariya rai, sandeepa dhar, priety zinta, and many more...

Favorite color:- light blue, white...and yellow...

Favorite Food:- pasta, ice-cream, chocolate

Favorite Flower:- hibiscus, marigold, lillies, carnations, and roses :D

Favorite Fruit:- mango'sss mmm yum yum (hehe)just like gurmeet's gf debina LOL

Favorite song:- tu hi haqeeqat, maula mere maula, dil de diya hai... and plenty more :)

Want to maaneet in any song:-  ??

Favorite scene of maaneet:- whenever maan saves geet

Favorite Quote For Maaneet:- ?? dont know anyCry

Favorite dialogue of  Maaneet:-  ??- cant remember any Cry


Maaneet Express Slam Book

Name:-wardah syed

Date of Birth(Only date and month):-21st jan

Likes:-everything about this world

Dislikes:-nuthing except my...

Hobbies:-reading love stories,

First Forum on IF:-kitani mohabbat hai

First Friend on IF:-you sweet heart ummm rakhi

First Friend On Geet Forum:-dont kno her nameConfused

Y u Like GEET:-coz of maaneetz unconditional love

Something About Maaneet:-everythign spl abt them

Favorite movie:-

(a):-hollywood-A walk to remember,lord of the rings

(b):-bolly wood-ddlj,mohabbatein

Favorite Actor:-

(a):-hollywood-jhonny depp

(b):-bolly wood-srk

Favorite Actress:-


(a):-hollywood-jennifer connelly

(b):-bolly wood-madhuri


Favorite color:-black,purple

Favorite Food:-All but desi

Favorite Flower:-Rose

Favorite Fruit:-Mango

Favorite song:-nt in particular any mostly old songs

Want to maaneet in any song:-every

Favorite scene of maaneet:-outhouse scenes vese every

Favorite Quote For Maaneet:-Love is a symbol o eternity .It wipes out all sense of times,destroying all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end.

Favorite dialogue of  Maaneet:-Yeh ladki mujhe such mein pagal kardegi and mujhe pehli baar esa kyun lag raha hai ke main khud se haar raha hoon or shayad haarna itna bhi bura nahi hai


Maaneet Express Slam Book

Name:- Huner

Date of Birth(Only date and month):- 20th July

Likes:- Movies, Skiing, Books, Painting, dancing..

Dislikes:- Gossips, winter, Being sick etc.

Hobbies:- Um.. Depends on my mood..

First Forum on IF:- GEET Hue sabse parayi

First Friend on IF:- Keyama

First Friend On Geet Forum:- Sonnal

Y u Like GEET:- Coz IT's the best show everrr! and ALSO Becoz of Maneet!! And their BURNING chemistry..

Something About Maaneet:- MAGICAL jodi

Favorite movie:-

(a):-hollywood Titanic!

(b):-bolly wood Jab We MET

Favorite Actor:-

(a):-hollywood Leonardo Dicaprio

(b):-bolly wood Shahid Kapoor

Favorite Actress:-


(a):-hollywood Angelina Julie

(b):-bolly wood Priyanka Chopra


Favorite color:- Black and Blue

Favorite Food:- Rajma Chawal

Favorite Flower:- Rose

Favorite Fruit:- Strawberry

Favorite song:- MANY!! Cant choose one.. But one of them being. TUM SE HI

Want to maaneet in any song:- Jaa.. Tum Se hi

Favorite scene of maaneet:- Kurbaan Hua sequence

Favorite Quote For Maaneet:- Aaj ke baad har subah tumse shuru hogi aur har raat tum par khatam! Embarrassed

Favorite dialogue of  Maaneet:- Chup.. bilkul chup.. (Silence speaks).. Wink


Maaneet Express Slam Book

Name:- FireSafireFire

Date of Birth(Only date and month):- 21-11

Likes:- anything

Dislikes:- anything

Hobbies:- sking

First Forum on IF:- "Meant to be" - my first ff :)

First Friend on IF:- naddiya26 

First Friend On Geet Forum:-naddiya26

Y u Like GEET:-' depth of the characters

Something About Maaneet:-' lovely chemistry' amazing' awesome'.

Favorite movie:- Inception...

(a):-hollywood- for now inception/ kings speech'.

(b):-bolly wood- sharuk khans DDLJ

Favorite Actor:- 

(a):-hollywood- learned decaprio

(b):-bolly wood- Sharuk khan/ Amir Khan/ salman khan

Favorite Actress:-


(a):-hollywood- nun

(b):-bolly wood- Rani mukerji


Favorite color:- Blue

Favorite Food:- anything...

Favorite Flower:- Blood red rose

Favorite Fruit:- orange

Favorite song:- anything...

Want to maaneet in any song:- no'. perfect in every song

Favorite scene of maaneet:-' nun'. there chemistry makes it special'.

Favorite Quote For Maaneet:- chup! bilkul chup' :D

Favorite dialogue of  Maaneet:- chado'. Maan "ku?"


Maaneet Express Slam Book

Name:- Hinal

Date of Birth(Only date and month):- 21 dec

Likes:-maaneet n reading novels

Dislikes:-arjun-annie n doing my annoying sister's work bcoz of her emotional blackmailing

Hobbies:-reading novels n ffs

First Forum on IF:-geet

First Friend on IF:-muskanp

First Friend On Geet Forum:-muskanp

Y u Like GEET:-bcoz of maan singh khurana n geet's blabbering

Something About Maaneet:-unconditional love for each other

Favorite movie:-

(a):-hollywood-twilight n its sequels,harry potter n its sequels,black swan

(b):-bolly wood-all hrithik movies,dabangg,namaste london,salame namaste

Favorite Actor:-

(a):-hollywood-robert pattison,johhny depp,leonardi caprico,steve stallone

(b):-bolly wood-hrithik roshan,salman khan,aamir khan,akshay kumar

Favorite Actress:-

(a):-hollywood-kristen stewart,emma watson

(b):-bolly wood-prity zinta,ashwariya rai bachan,rani mukherjee


Favorite color:-black,red,white,blue

Favorite Food:-all indian foods especially chaats

Favorite Flower:-orchids,lily

Favorite Fruit:-mango,watermelon,apple

Favorite song:-chakna chakna

Want to maaneet in any song:-dil ibadat

Favorite scene of maaneet:-maan n geet dancing on mahi mahi as it was on my birthday

Favorite Quote For Maaneet:-love is immortal it never finishes even if the persons who loved are no more

Favorite dialogue of  Maaneet:- geet -baby ke papa ko ghussa araha hai n then maan- chup bilkul chup


Maaneet Express Slam Book


Date of Birth(Only date and month):-25-dec




First Forum on IF:-24-jan -2009


First Friend on IF:-dewdropred,firesarefire,muskan

First Friend On Geet Forum:-rakhi,priya,trishuu,pratz,shreya,macho,mina

Y u Like GEET:-love it

Something About Maaneet:-beautiful couple admire

Favorite movie:- Brokeback Mountain, the lord of the ring,pretty woman


(b):-bolly wood

Favorite Actor:-

(a):-hollywood-jonny depp,jacob taylor

(b):-bolly wood,john abraham

Favorite Actress:-


(a):-hollywood-Julia Roberts,Sandra Bullock

(b):-bolly wood-sridevi


Favorite color:-purple

Favorite Food:-mexican

Favorite Flower:-hibiscus and lilies

Favorite Fruit:-strawberry

Favorite song:-cant be with you tonight

Want to maaneet in any song:-We Belong Together

Favorite scene of maaneet:-maaneet first hug

Favorite dialogue of  Maaneet:-dusht dhanav


Maaneet Express Slam Book


Date of Birth(Only date and month):-24th December

Likes:-horses,Driving.Movies.My friends.dancing,

Dislikes:- Cheaters/Copiers/Liars

Hobbies:-novel,poems,listening music

First Forum on IF:-1/1/2011

First Friend on IF:-muskan

First Friend On Geet Forum:-muskan ,priya,muski,pratz,rakhi,susana,fire,jyoti,

Y u Like GEET:-yes

Something About Maaneet:-there adorable couple

Favorite movie:- Mary Poppins,The Sound of Music


(b):-bolly wood

Favorite Actor:-

(a):-hollywood-leonardo dicaprio

(b):-bolly wood

Favorite Actress:-


(a):-hollywood-  julie andrew,kate winslet

(b):-bolly wood


Favorite color:-blue

Favorite Food:-italian

Favorite Flower:-bougainvillea, Wild Roses...they are beautiful and the aroma is phenomenal

Favorite Fruit:-apple

Favorite song:-because you loved me

Want to maaneet in any song:-

  Born To Make You Happy - Britney Spears

Favorite scene of maaneet:-meri mangetar tum banogi

Favorite Quote For Maaneet:-"Inside the heart of each and every one of us there is a longing to be understood by someone who really cares. When a person is understood, he or she can put up with almost anything in the world."

Favorite dialogue of  Maaneet:-chup bilkul chup


Name:- Sana (sindu555)

Date of Birth(Only date and month):- 31-August

Likes:- Various

Dislikes:- Various

Hobbies:- reading , music, cooking

First Forum on IF:- Geet Forum

First Friend on IF:- Prats (Rocks.Dhara) / Mina (-Mrinalini-)

First Friend On Geet Forum:- Prats (Rocks.Dhara) / Mina (-Mrinalini-)

Y u Like GEET:- Awesome Chemistry / amazing acting

Something About Maaneet:- Divine love

Favorite movie:- Many (cant pick a single one)


(b):-bolly wood

Favorite Actor:-

(a):-hollywood Richard Gere

(b):-bolly wood Amir Khan

Favorite Actress:-


(a):-hollywood Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts

(b):-bolly wood Madhuri Dixit J


Favorite color:- Red

Favorite Food:- Desi, Chinese

Favorite Flower:- Orchid, Roses

Favorite Fruit:- Mango, Lychee

Favorite song:- Mein Tenu Samjhawan Ki (Rahat Fateh Ali Khan)

                                 Kissay Da yaar na Vichray (Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan)

Want to maaneet in any song:- they'll look amazing in all of them

Favorite scene of maaneet:-

First outhouse scene

the dance club hug

confession scene

hospital hug scene

baby ultrasound scene

haldi scene

wedding scene

honeymoon scene 


the list is never ending J


Favorite Quote For Maaneet:- You are my love, my life, my mornings, my nights. You're my everything !

Favorite dialogue of  Maaneet:- Chul bikul chup / Nazrein chura rahee ho .. haan Geet / Zindagi ki her subha tumse shuro aur her raat tum per khatam.


Name:-  priya/parul/frndz also cal me casper!LOL

Date of Birth(Only date and month):- 3rd feb

Likes:- chatting , listening to music, watching movies etc

Dislikes:-  can't do fake talks .. and dont like liars!

Hobbies:- um... badminton has recently hav become my fav of hobbies.. but i do painting and writing and reading...Embarrassed

First Forum on IF:- MJHT, jhansi ki raniLOL

First Friend on IF:- tama (sukklover)

First Friend On Geet Forum:- i think it was muskanPs, coz she was the only one with whom i chatted for the first time on GHSP forum!

Y u Like GEET:-intensity and maturity of the love story.. and also the depth of characters... and last but not the least.. becozz of Maan and geet!Embarrassed

Something About Maaneet:- aww.. they are most magical and the most unique characters i hav ever come across!

Favorite movie:-

(a):-hollywood i like many holly movies.. but.. i like umm... pride and prejudice and a walk to remember the most!

(b):-bolly wood Parichay and Solva Saal in oldies and many more Wink
and K2H2 and Iqbal and Dor and lots more!LOL

Favorite Actor:-

(a):-hollywood um... all are good.. but i think Brandton Routh looks just so delicious!Evil Smile

(b):-bolly wood Aamir khan and many more!

Favorite Actress:-


(a):-hollywood Keira knightly  and Kate Winslit and Ann hathway(in princess dairies!)

(b):-bolly wood kajol, priety, madhuri and many more!Tongue


Favorite color:- blue 

Favorite Food:- all Indian veg cuisines 

Favorite Flower:- white roses

Favorite Fruit:- orange and water melon!

Favorite song:- tere liye hum hain jiye(veer-zaara) and musafi hoon yaron(parichay)

Want to maaneet in any song:- umm.. all suits them!

Favorite scene of maaneet:- um.. all the old sc pre confession!

Favorite Quote For Maaneet:- not a quote but a word... Perfection personified! 

Favorite dialogue of  Maaneet:- chup bilkul chup and bass itna hi samjh payi ho mujhe!



Maaneet Express Slam Book

Name:- revathi V

Date of Birth(Only date and month):- 26/04

Likes:- music, books..cant live without them

Dislikes:- bitching

Hobbies:- reading, music, browsing, sleeping

First Forum on IF:- GHSP

First Friend on IF:- muskanP,

First Friend On Geet Forum:- muskanp, reet

Y u Like GEET:- its different

Something About Maaneet:- heavenly jodi

Favorite movie:- i am not a moviebuff

(a):-hollywood- i am not a moviebuff

(b):-bolly wood i am not a moviebuff

Favorite Actor:- GC

(a):-hollywood- none

(b):-bolly wood- none

Favorite Actress:- drashti


(a):-hollywood- none

(b):-bolly wood none


Favorite color:- white

Favorite Food:- anything prepared by me and my mom

Favorite Flower:-  white rose

Favorite Fruit:- strawberry

Favorite song:- casablanca

Want to maaneet in any song:- the list is neverending...i want them in all romantic melodies

Favorite scene of maaneet:-

Favorite Quote For Maaneet:- chup bilkul chup

Favorite dialogue of  Maaneet:- cant pick one


Maaneet Express Slam Book

Name:-Eva Shah

Date of Birth(Only date and month):-04th september

Likes:-music, partying, hanging out with friends, car racing or bike racing

Dislikes:-cooking, cleaning

Hobbies:-treking, horse riding, playing basketball, beach volleyball

First Forum on IF:-Geet Forums

First Friend on IF:-muskanp

First Friend On Geet Forum:-priya,rakhi,sana

Y u Like GEET:-its a story of an individual

Something About Maaneet:-loving couple

Favorite movie:-

(a):-hollywood Fast & Furious, Step up

(b):-bolly wood Dhoom 1&2, Race

Favorite Actor:-

(a):-hollywood BRAD PITT

(b):-bolly wood Abhishek Bachan,Shahid Kapoor &Akshay Kumar

Favorite Actress:-


(a):-hollywood JENNEFER ANISTON

(b):-bolly wood Ash &Shilpa Shetty


Favorite color:-Blue & Black

Favorite Food:- Chinese &Continental

Favorite Flower:- hate flowers

Favorite Fruit:- Oranges

Favorite song:- way too many to pick 1 but Ignition by R Kelly

Want to maaneet in any song:- still thinking on that

Favorite scene of maaneet:- almost all early scenes including Office scenes

Favorite Quote For Maaneet:- not that gr8 @ Quotes

Favorite dialogue of  Maaneet:- Chup Bilkul Chup


Maaneet Express Slam Book


Date of Birth(Only date and month):-    sep 25

       Likes:- watching Geet...thinking about Maan                      

 Dislikes:-  hypocrisy ,double faced people...
Hobbies:-    Listening to music,Reading

  First Forum on IF:-   Mohe rang de                                                                          

                                                        First Friend on IF:-     Sami


First Friend On Geet Forum:-      MRD friends of them are here                                 

Y u Like GEET:- coz of MSK ,MSK and MSK                                                                    

 Something About Maaneet:-     Awesome ,Awesome and Awesome                                                                                                                                       

 Favorite movie:-

 (a):-hollywood:- one fine day,  There's something about Mary                                        

(b):-bolly wood :-     Andaz apna apna, Chupke chupke
Pushpak,  Chhoti si Baat,   Angoor n many more          


Favorite Actor:-

(a):-hollywood:-George Clooney,Heath Ledger

 (b):-bolly wood:-      Hrithik Roshan

 Favorite Actress:-


(a):-hollywood:-      Jennifer Austin

 (b):-bolly wood:-            Kajol                              

Favorite color:- Green n White

Favorite Food:-    Rajma Chawal,Sambhar Chawal,Golgappe                      

Favorite Flower:-             Orchids                                                                                           

Favorite Fruit:-      Lychee                                                                                                  

Favorite song:-        well ..the list is endless...I basically like songs that are soothing and soft                                                                                                        

Want to maaneet in any song:-        Dil ibadat kar rah hai...

Favorite Quote For Maaneet:-   Made for each other

Favorite dialogue of  Maaneet:-Chup bilkul Chup


Maaneet Express Slam Book

Name:- Khushbu (Khushi)

Date of Birth(Only date and month):- April 12th

Likes:- Readin suspense books, watching geet,  talking with best friends for hours,  learning anything about indian history..

Dislikes:- back stabbers, rude persons, american history n some i cant remember ryt now...

Hobbies:- indian history, astronomy, tennis, badminton, spending times with friends, writing ff's

First Forum on IF:- Dill Mill Gaye

First Friend on IF:- love_iqbal_khan (Kattie)

First Friend On Geet Forum:- Rakhi

Y u Like GEET:- Every little things about her, her love for manan, her simplicity, every personality...

Something About Maaneet:-they simply rock the world, awesome couple, gerat chemistry, makes everyone speechless n touches their hearts, their love for each other is eternal according to me.

Favorite movie:-  

(a):-hollywood ehh... i dont watch hollywood movies often. maybe only 2-3 per year. 

(b):-bolly wood lots... few are DDLJ, HSSH,Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham,changes over time...

Favorite Actor:-

(a):-hollywood uhhh pata nai...

(b):-bolly wood SRK, shahid kapoor

Favorite Actress:-



(b):-bolly wood Rani, Amrita, kajol, Madhuri


Favorite color:- Blue, Lavendar

Favorite Food:- Punjabi, Chinese

Favorite Flower:- Lotus

Favorite Fruit:- Apple

Favorite song:- Lots and lots..endless...

Want to maaneet in any song:- Each and every song... each song would suit with them..

Favorite scene of maaneet:- them accepting their love in hospital, their marriage scene, their meeting in KM, nf mostly all of them 

Favorite Quote For Maaneet:- will add soon

Favorite dialogue of  Maaneet:- can't remember


Maaneet Express Slam Book


Date of Birth(Only date and month):- 10 sep

   Likes:-Reading Books

Dislikes:- Nothing specific

Hobbies:- Reading books listening to music

 First Forum on IF:- Geet forum

            First Friend on IF:- Muskan p

 First Friend On Geet Forum:- Muskan p

Y u Like GEET:- very much

Something About Maaneet:-Adorable couple

 Favorite movie:-

 (a):-hollywood:-Legally blonde

(b):-bolly wood :-Fanaa


Favorite Actor:-

(a):-hollywood:-Colin Firth

(b):-bolly wood:-   SRK           

Favorite Actress:-


(a):-hollywood:- Julia roberts

 (b):-bolly wood:- Kajol

Favorite color:- Pink

 Favorite Food:-Italian (Bruschetta)

Favorite Flower:- Tulip

Favorite Fruit:- Orange

 Favorite song:- Musafir hun yaroon Na ghar hi na thikana

 Want to maaneet in any song:-  They are good in all the songs

 Favorite scene of maaneet:- Dhaba scene

Favorite Quote For Maaneet:- Marriages are made in heaven

 Favorite dialogue of  Maaneet:- Chup bilkul chup


Maaneet Express Slam Book
Date of Birth(Only date and month):- 9 september
Likes:- Music,Games n love to live alone.
Dislikes:- Liers, Fraud n m very short temperd n very annoying person
Hobbies:- Playing Guitar, piano, mouth organ n all musical instruments, Basket ball, Chess n many more
First Forum on IF:-GHSP
First Friend on IF:-rocks.dhara
First Friend On Geet Forum:-rocks.dhara
Y u Like GEET:-wonderful n amazing chemistry
Something About Maaneet:-they r special 4 me sumwhere related to ma lyf not whole story hehehehe...
Favorite movie:-
(a):-hollywood:-Twilight, Inception, Helloween, Titanic
(b):-bolly wood :-Rang De Basanti, Lagan, Jodha Akbar,KKHH,KHNH
Favorite Actor:-
(b):-bolly wood:-hmmm lem me think not yet
Favorite movie:-
(a):-hollywood:-Twilight, Inception, Helloween, Titanic
(b):-bolly wood :-Rang De Basanti, Lagan, Jodha Akbar,KKHH,KHNH
Favorite Actor:-
(b):-bolly wood:-hmmm lem me think not yet
Favorite Actress:-
(a):-hollywood:-blah blah blah
(b):-bolly wood:-no1
Favorite color:-blue, black
Favorite Food:-Italian, continental
Favorite Flower:- Red Roses, orchids
Favorite Fruit:- Fruits ???? no ways...
Favorite song:-m too moody its depend on ma mood
Want to see maaneet in any song:-may b love 2 see them in romentic songs
Favorite scene of maaneet:-all r special moment
Favorite Quote For Maaneet:- wrong question
Favorite dialogue of Maaneet:- Chup bilkul chup, Haayyee babaji


Maaneet Express Slam Book


Date of Birth(Only date and month):- 4th septEmbarrassed

Likes:- music, animes, chocolates, ice-creams and maaneetHeart


Dislikes:- vegetables...yuck!!!Dead and liarsAngry

Hobbies:- singing, painting, reading books,

listening to music and spacing out to infinityLOL


First Forum on IF:- Prithviraj Chauhan ( tht was way back with my old username sweet_aishu)

First Friend on IF:- KiimEmbarrassed


First Friend On Geet Forum:- gurtilover (farheen/adaa)

Y u Like GEET:- cuz i luv the chemistry between maan and Geet and luv the storyline

Something About Maaneet:- they r the bestest couple in Indian telly acc to me!!!Big smile

Favorite movie:- not a movie freak..but i've seen sum!

(a):-hollywood:-  TITANIC...ooohhh how much i cry seeing thtCry & twilightEmbarrassed

(b):-bolly wood :- hmm...currently its Jodha Akbar...but it changes wid tymLOL


Favorite Actor:- hmm...lets see wht options do i get!LOL

(a):-hollywood:- not a freakBig smile

(b):-bolly wood:- umm its hritik roshan!Embarrassed

Favorite Actress:-


(a):-hollywood:- NoneBig smile

(b):-bolly wood:- noneBig smile

(as i not a freakLOL)

Favorite color:- purple...and n e shade of purple

Favorite Food:-  anything IndianEmbarrassed...except bhindiDead

Favorite Flower:- all the flowers...i luv dem

Favorite Fruit:- apple & grapesTongue

Favorite song:- currently avril lavigne's when you're gone!

but it changes with tymLOL

Want to maaneet in any song:- it would be...yeh haseen waadiyan, yeh khula aasmaan frm the movie roja!Blushing

Favorite scene of maaneet:- all the office scenesBig smile

Favorite Quote For Maaneet:- haye rabba...maan kitna hottt lag raha hai yaar!!!LOL

Favorite dialogue of  Maaneet:- " tumne suna nahi meine kya kah...mujhe koi rukawat nahi chahiye aaj...shabdon ke liye koi jagah nahi hai humare beech" (by maan in their SR)


Name:- aishwarya

Date of Birth(Only date and month):- 7th Nov

Likes:- talking, teasing, hot guys! :P

Dislikes:- people with attitude, people who use others

Hobbies:- dancing, writing, making sigs sometimes

First Forum on IF:- i think was FFs

First Friend on IF:- um, niky, i think.

First Friend On Geet Forum:- amreen

Y u Like GEET:- i like it for Maneet, and the awesome concept.

Something About Maaneet:- they're hot!..n damn cute too.

Favorite movie:- (a):-hollywood - The Proposal, The Ugly truth, Jerry McGuire, Pursuit of Happyness

(b):-bolly wood - DDLJ, KKHH, 3 idiots, Dhoom series, any SRK movie, basically.

Favorite Actor:-

(a):-hollywood - tom cruise, ryan reynolds, robert pattionson, taylor lautner

(b):-bolly wood - SRK, ranbir, imran, hrithik,shahid, ranveer

Favorite Actress:-


(a):-hollywood - renee zellwelger, sandra bullock, lindsay lohan

(b):-bolly wood - kajol, kat, deepika, sonam, sonakshi, shruti hassan, PC


Favorite color:- red

Favorite Food:- indian chaats, pizzas, burgers, spicy food, aloo paranthas. all kinds of junk food!

Favorite Flower:- tulip

Favorite Fruit:- none

Favorite song:- Tonight(im loving you) by enrique, atm.

Want to maaneet in any song:- Main Agar Kahoon from OSO

Favorite scene of maaneet:- their first scene, when he rescues her from the water.

Favorite Quote For Maaneet:- idk.

Favorite dialogue of  Maaneet:- i don't remember. but i love 'maaahi'

will be updated later.

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Happy Birthday Reva
Wish Ur All Dreams Come True

Smiles and laughter, joy and cheer
New happiness that stays throughout the year
Hope your birthday brings all these and more
Filling life with surprise and joys galore!

Hope your birthday blossoms into lots of dreams come true!
I hope all your birthday dreams and wishes come true.


Happy Birthday Reva

Happy Birthday Reva

 ur name:-Muskaan(7thHeaven )
when u meet reva:- At BSLS thread about a month back
cards, poems, for reva:-

 ur name:- Hima(Ramhari )

when u meet reva:-Recently through the love of all the Maaneet express mates

siggy, or os, vm for reva:-Dont know how to do any of these but I have a pic for u

cards, poems, for reva:-

spl msgs for reva:-

My heartiest and warmest wishes on your birthday
May you have a wonderful day

ur name:-susana(sharmake11 )
when u meet reva:-at maaneet express
siggy, or os, vm for reva:-

Birthday Cake Comments
Birthday Cake Comments

cards, poems, for reva:-
Spread a smile,
spread the cheer
Look around it is your day,
make a list to spread it all
and then everyday is your day.

Fill the rooms, with baloons,
and stuff some mouths with sweets.
Make a list to do it all,
and then enjoy the pleasant treats.

Gather some faith, earn some hope,
make the most of this beautiful day.
gather it all, just to give it all
spread the joy, it is your day.

I wish you a very
Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Poem
Once a year I get the chance
To wish you birthday cheer.
It pleases me no end to say,
I wish you another great year.
So happy birthday to you (Reva),
From the bottom of my heart.
And may your good times multiply,
Till they're flying off the chart!
i'm glad i know yu may yu blessed each year with
amazing birthday so we enjoy with dear

ur name:- aishwarya( aish_punk )
when u meet reva:- i meet her in Maneet Express, i think around a month back.
siggy, or os, vm for reva:-
cards, poems, for reva:-
spl msgs for reva:-

reva, your an awesome girl :) i had fun talking to you, and you're really sweet too. i guess you're also from bangalore right? which is awesome.
happy birthdayy!..hope you have a blast, n i def expect a treat from you!
ur name:- JYOTI(jyoti_l )

when u meet reva:- I MET ON THE EXPRESS...
I'M AN INNOCENT GIRL...Embarrassed
cards, poems, for reva:-



spl msgs for reva:-

From morning till night
May your birthday be bright
And nicer than ever before''
And as years come and go
May your happiness grow
And your dreams be fulfilled
Even more

Happy Birthday to you!
Big smile

 ur name:- Ansah(ansah )
when u meet reva:- When i wrote my first FF...ZDP...we met there

Geet standing and passing orders to her husband"Kya maan look" this is not set properly she said finding fault in the setting of table cloth"Maan gave her his famous glare"

We have to make it perfect maan" you know it is special occasion" Geet was at her stressing best"Babaji please let everything be fine"

Geet will you stop complaining and get some wor doing" Mujhe kabse kaam Karwarahi hai" Geet narrowed her eye,went close to him"Putting her hand at her hips"Giving deadly looks

Kya kaha aapne" she demanded

Meine...woh...kuch bhi toh nahin" He stammered and rushed out"

Maaneet were not the only people in the hall, a hug group of girls, were there too, each and everyone was busy trying to make the day special"Yes it was indeed a special day"

Rakhi what are you doing Jo said irritatingly" Roses would have been a better choice"

Ansah jumped in their conversation, i prefer pink roses, she said making baby face"

Noone wants you opinion Saut, Jo retorts...Ansah gave her a glare and said, i will get back to you"and went to complain to Shruti di.

Shruti who is the Di for all her friends, was busy checking onto arrangements,Ansah tried to talk to her but was shooed away...

Dia was running around confused, how to set the table,"Should i put the chairs side ways,Putting her hand on her forehead she said"Babaji this maan is such a distraction" withe this said Sana step in as she shared the same sentiments..."I don't want to work" This maan why is he so good looking, i so want to sue him" Dia wholeheartedly agreed.

Roops and Hinal were putting up lights, hey di this one is better hinal suggested" Nahin mujhe dosraywala zayda acha aga" There they started with their bickering," I am elder and i will pass orders" Chup bil kul chup" so whay you are elder, i will choice the lightings"Priya has to step in, you both leave it, i wil decide"I too her awhile to put extinghuser on fire" Thank God priya said and rushed out"

Khushi,Zoha,Sam,Jessika, Avani and Ash were doing their share of work,busy trying to make the day special.

Nammu,Casper were busy setting the banner, the birthday banner" Hey yaar thoda idar kar na"OK...K doing it.

Swati, who was standing at the distance was observing the banner and giving in her take" Swati do some work, Pooja taunted putting hand over her shoulder" I guess same applies for you and both brust out laughing...

Hima was one busy soul, here everyone was helping and she was busy instructing her sons, Hari and Ram i don't want any masti understand.."Yes they said in unision"

Muski and Keya at oneside, discussing about their FF's and the threats they get everyday and laughing it off.

Wardah,Sonali,muskaan circled around the cake, telling the other how they cannot wait to ahve a bite.

Lakshami,Susana,Pratima and kate showing off their beautiful clothes,"My dress is more gorgeous" Nops mine is better" This teal gown suits me better" they continued!

Tanu,Deepa,Rakhi2,Sana2,Huner,Tia,Eva,Khushi2,Ash2,Sanz,and Sanya were engrossed in their work.

Maan and Geet checked every detail,"Ladies i am so proud of you all" All the girls were drooling at him, grinning like idiots baring two" Geet gave maan a look and there after he dared not say anything.

We are ready ladies,are we geet said"

Yes came the reply in Unison"

As the clock strike 12 everyone stood on their toes in anticipation"

They there walked in a beautiful girl" Someone palyed the music

Na jaane..Na jaane kahan ko jaayegi

Deewana kisi banagegi yeh ladki

Happy Birthday Reva...everyone said on top of their lungs...

Here reva wishing you a very happy birthday from Maaneet and MEians

Loads of Love...wish all you dreams come true

pl msgs for reva:-


All the happiness wishes and prayers with u

 ur name:-Hinal(hinal_maaneet )

when u meet reva:-On Maaneet Express

siggy, or os, vm for reva:-

cards, poems, for reva:-

True Friend

A true friend is hard to find,
Someone who is always kind.
Words of advice; freely share,
Helping hand, always spare.

A true friend is hard to find,
Someone always on my mind.
Listens, cares, and understands,
Hardships; mutually withstands.

A true friend is hard to find,
Someone like you! Let me remind.
Birthday greetings, from my heart,
This celebration, we must start.

Remember Those Times

It's your birthday, let's remember those times,
With a couple, funny rhymes.
Partners in crime, since young and tender,
No matter what, we never surrender.

Young and foolish, got in trouble,
Tried to hide it; became double.
Rarely thought before we acted,
Didn't take much, to get distracted.

Remember those times, and all that fun,
Never seemed to escape the sun.
After all those years; a bond,
Most times, I am fairly fond.

spl msgs for reva:-
Hope u have many more years to come Reva n may all the years be special to u in 1 way or the other.I may meet u or not I dont know but I know 1 thing for sure that u have made a permanent place in my heart as a true friend who helps when needed n also makes fun of u.I truly thank god to have sent an angel in disguise as my friends n u r one among them.Once again I would like to tell u a 

ur name:-ROOPALI(rsroopali )
when u meet reva:-IN MANNET XPRESS
siggy, or os, vm for reva:-

cards, poems, for reva:-
                                       On your birthday,
I wish for you the fulfillment
of all your fondest dreams.
I hope that for every candle
on your cake
you get a wonderful surprise.
I wish for you that
whatever you want most in life,
it comes to you,
just the way you imagined it,
or better.
I hope you get as much pleasure
from our friendship as I do.
I wish we were sisters,
so I could have known you
from the beginning.
I look forward to
enjoying our friendship
for many more of your birthdays.
I'm so glad you were born,
because you brighten my life
and fill it with joy.
Happy Birthday!    
spl msgs for reva:-MAY ALL UR WISHES CM TRUE 

 ur name:-POOJA(poojaaddis )
when u meet reva:- MAANEET EXPRESS

siggy, or os, vm for reva:-

cards, poems, for reva:-

spl msgs for reva:-

 ur name:-kate(simi91 )
when u meet reva:-?
siggy, or os, vm for reva:-

cards, poems, for reva:-

To You, On Your Birthday

By Anonymous
May your very special day
Overflow with
love and peace,
Thank God for his grace and mercy
His wonders to me never cease.
life you've been blessed to touch
Reminds us to persevere,
Your commitment and obedience to God
Opens hearts and minds, it's clear.
Unwavering strength you possess
A devoted servant in all that you do,
Reverence the One from whom you're made
Ever faithful, ever loving, ever true.
Let's celebrate and enjoy this moment
Or reminisce about years ago,
Vow we have to cherish you
Even more than you'll ever know.
Dear Reva,
Happy Birthday!

Perfect Birthday

On your birthday I wish you much pleasure and joy;
I hope all of your wishes come true.
May each hour and minute be filled with delight,
And your birthday be perfect for you!
spl msgs for reva:-
luv yu dear may ur day full
of colors & more love spread on yu

ur name:- Aishwarya( kawaii_geet )

when u meet reva:-
when she commented on my ff FAIRY...TAIL for the 1st tymEmbarrassed

siggy, or os, vm for reva:- here a vm

cards, poems, for reva:-

spl msgs for reva:- 
a very very very happy b'day to u dear!!! hope u get the bestest of the best in ur life!!!

 ur name:- Rakhi(
when u meet reva:-Wink
siggy, or os, vm for reva:-sajde ki hai lakho
cards, poems, for reva:-
spl msgs for reva:-Happy Birthday Cheers


On this day
Whatever you ask
May you recieve
Whatever you seek
may you find
Whatever you wish
May it be fulfilled
On your birthday & always
Many Many Happy returns of the Day Dear Reva

We may not know each other well enough, but i wish you all the pleasant happiness in the world and may you recieve everything you deserve. On this wonderful day, May you feel special and God bless you sweety... On each birthday, something special happens... I pray to God that this Birthday brings true your aspirations. 

Believing hear, what you deserve to hear:
Your birthday as my own to me is dear...
But yours gives most; for mine did only lend
Me to the world; yours gave to me a friend.

Meaning, hear only what you deserve to hear, your birthday is dear to me just like mines is to me. But one thing different is that when i was born, i was lent to this world, but on ur birth, it gave me a very dear friend. It's not written by me but hope you like it

Enjoy your day!

ur name:-dia(-dia- )
when u meet reva:-in cc
siggy, or os, vm for reva:-
cards, poems, for reva:-

spl msgs for reva:-

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Congrats guys for the new thread ... finally we matched TM's number of threads Smile  

Happy Birthday reva 


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wedding dress graphics 
Stock Photography - birthday cake with burning candles. fotosearch - search stock photos, pictures, wall murals, images, and photo cliparthappy birthday my ur wish come true reva

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congo congo

 new thread
yippe now 22

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