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Hi Members..


We welcome new members on RBO forum.


My reason for creating this topic is

There have been too many posts by new members regarding old interviews.. or posts of the show.

Most of these old releases have been posted on this forum and hence these will be all repeat topics.


So in order to keep all the OLD news posts in one thread.. I have created this topic where you can post all the news articles or old interviews of the actors or the show and feel free to discuss.

I will be closing all the topics that post anything that is repetitive and direct the discussion in this topic.


Also this will be a good way for us all veterans of this show to revive those articles.





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Originally posted by shivanigupta

i jst came across an old article of swji...its nt related to rbo at all bt i thought to share it wid u all as its related to RBO's director n some of her works as a director...it is a lil long article...hope u guys enjy reading dis one...she is really talented...

Passionate about directing ever since her college years, director Swapna Waghmare Joshi has come a long way. She first came to the limelight with Balaji Telefilms' special effects series Captain House, a spooky yet funny serial which revolved around a haunted house that became quite popular on national broadcaster Doordarshan. She has directed serious drama based on real life and real people. Karam for one is influenced by a real life story. In certain sects, as a part of tradition, a girl goes to stay over at her in-laws place before marriage to get to know the family better. In Karam, the story is about women raped by her fianc and how she deals with it.

Main was about an egoistic actor. As a struggler he despises the way actors become arrogant once they have reached the top. Ironically the protagonist too becomes arrogant as he gains fame, ignoring those close to him. After being told that he is suffering from a fatal disease and has very little time left to live, he shows remorse and goes into deep bouts of depression while contemplating his life

Main's story was conceived keeping Shekhar Suman in mind. He showed an interest in working with me and popped the suggestion that we work together," informs Joshi, who developed and conceived the story line. Production of the serial followed very soon. However, things went wrong somewhere along the line and Joshi, who was the writer-director of Main, was dropped from the serial midway. "I have no clue in fact. We were in our 15th episode and I received calls from fellow directors asking why I wasn't doing the serial," she says. She would rather put this episode behind her and concentrate on two projects she is doing for Balaji. As is the tradition with Balaji, 'K' spells success and the serials have been titled Kalash and Karam respectively.

A double graduate, she has done her bachelors in English literature and dramatics simultaneously. "I did English as I like languages but my focus was more on the degree Bachelor in Performing Arts with specialisation in Dramatics. I always wanted to do theatre," says the multi-faceted actor, director and writer. Apart from directing and writing she has performed in nearly 40 plays so far.

When Indiantelevision's correspondent Harsha Khot met Swapna Joshi it took a little time to adjust to the director in actor's shoes. Joshi looked quite different with her make-up on and was dressed to shoot for Bappa Sawant's Gujarati serial
Shree Lekha where she plays a cameo role. In the serial she plays a negative character "Bindu", a women who lures men into gambling and other vices wrecking their households. A character quite opposite to the "real" Swapna, who creates a lively environment on the sets teasing and pulling everyone's leg. Compared to the dishevelled director tottering around the sets of Karam getting things co-ordinated for shooting a dramatic scene, here was an actor with her make-up on at 5:00 pm ready for a shoot, only to find out that the shot was going take place only towards the end of the day.
Excerpts from the conversation.

When did you realise you had an inclination towards directing?
I don't quite remember exactly when but its most likely while majoring in dramatics where as an assignment we were asked to direct three plays. One of the plays was well received and the rest as they say is history.

How do you perceive directing? What is it like?
Directing is creating everything. While in acting I think of the character. I consider where the character stays, what kind of the socio-economic background does she come from, where and how is she born and brought up, why is she reacting the way she is in the given situation. It is creating one character. Similarly while in the director's chair I think of every character that is there. Their state of mind at the given moment, to what and why are they reacting, and other such factors. Directing is like giving birth to many babies at the same time.

What kind of storyline appeals to you?
The script should not make me think, it should touch my heart without my mind interfering to analyse the story. If it touches my heart then it is the script for me. If I analysis what are the good points and the bad points maybe it will be technically good, but maybe I am not the right person to do it. There should be some idea or concept that appeals to me be it of any genre, a fantasy, a tragedy, comedy, thriller ' The only thing is that it should hit me.

What do you do to get the best out of your team?
I keep a very relaxed and happy mood on the sets. I like to keep a very light atmosphere so no one feels tense. I interact with my actors. I don't do "ji, ji" to them. At the same time I don't spoil them. I know how to discipline them. Once in a while I scold them, but I feel they don't mind that and take it in their stride. Fortunately, so far I've never had trouble with any actor. I listen to what they have to say, try and understand their ways of working. Like for instance one of my light men has written a script and has approached to read it and I will.

Do you lose you temper on the sets?
That happens. It is inevitable if things don't work according to plan and if we are running late, I loose my cool.
How do you manage it ?
I just let myself go. I scream at them at times, but at the same moment they are all aware that I appreciate their efforts. But again, sometimes a person can't help such situations from happening. For instance, a good actor who is known to learn two pages dialogue in one take messes up and can't even say two lines in 15 takes. At such times screaming is not going to help in any way, that is the time you have to encourage the person. But of course if someone is fooling around and not concentrating then I am not patient with them.

What constraint do you generally face while directing?
We compromise a lot of the time. If I've got three days and 15 scenes to do, then I have to finish it in that span.

Which of your works are you closest to?
The Gujarati serial Runanubandhan and Hindi serial Ahankaar, since they formed my first experience as director. All my raw energy went into those projects. In my later works I went on to refine those skills. That early dawns has a touch of purity to it and that's the reason they are close to me. Maybe technically I was not so sound then but the emotions were pure. Even now I get very nostalgic while watching them. It leaves my eyes moist.

That was from a personal perspective. Which works are you proud of professionally?
Professionally I am very proud of understanding the character. I have tremendous empathy and sympathy for the character, be it positive or negative. Many times while writing the script for Main, Ahankaar and Karam, I would converse with my character. It may sound weird, but I talk to them, pamper them, speak to them, asking them to tell me what do they want to do next. I am aware it's all imaginary, yet very real.

You feel very close to the character, so how do you get the actor to play the character that has been sketched out. Does it bother you when the actor is unable to bring out the character?
It happens sometimes that I am not contented when the acting does not justify the character. To justify the character, I push the actors to their edge to get the character right. At times I discourage them from using glycerin, and urge them get into the character. As in understand the situation in the scene. Why is the character reacting in a certain way to the given situation. Give them an idea about the kind of emotion I am looking for. I keep telling them 'no this is not enough'. I drive them mad. Fortunately, in Karam I have good actors, and they have moulded into what I want.

Are you particular about getting 'real' emotions, for instance tears instead of glycerin?
Nope. The only thing that matters is that the emotions should be conveyed to the audience. It doesn't matter whether the tears are real or one has used glycerin All that I look for is that it should look real. There are some actors who emote real tears, but it doesn't touch you at all so the essence is lost. Either way, any technique is fine as long it touches the audience.

You are directing Karam as well as writing the script? How do you handle that?
I love the characters and feel very close to them, mind you not the actors, but the characters the actors play. I speak to them, converse with them in my thoughts and dreams. They are my friends and confidantes. There is no specific time when I write the script and when I write, it just flows. I don't think just write. While writing I don't know what my second sentence is going to be.

Some actors feel that scripts generally are not ready on time? How important is it to you as a director, writer?
First of all there are very few good scriptwriters. And most of them have their hands full with many projects, hence the scripts are generally not written in advance. Besides there are very few actors who have showed interest in getting the script in advance to rehearse it. If it were so, I would have made special arrangements to make that available to the actor.

Most serials appear to be churned out on similar lines. What do you do to try and bring out that something different through your serials?
My characters are very strong. For instance in Karam when the girl confides to her parent about being raped by her fiance and that she is pregnant, her father don't just simply hush up the whole thing and ask her to forget the incident. He empathises with her situation and supports her and even suggests to her that since marriage is on the cards anyway, she might as well get married to the guy and later on leave if she feels she needs to. This way the child will at least have the name of the father. Isn't that a smart move? Generally it wouldn't have been that way. For instance in the 70s it would have been shown that the girl commits suicide. Shocked by the incident, the father gets a heart attack and dies. That is precisely what would have been shown believe me. I am fortunate to have a strong father. He has stood by me through whatever the given circumstances were. In fact that is exactly how ideally a contemporary father should have reacted, then why should I not show this perspective.

What kind of serials you would be averse to directing?
Horror. My four-year daughter dotes on all the series that I do and I would not feel easy exposing her to the gore in a horror serial. At no point would I want to her to associate me with horror serials. The uneasy emotion that one feels while watching gruesome scenes is something I am not very comfortable with.

How particular are you about your work schedules?
Quite particular. I work on only two serials at a time, and maximum 20 days in a month. I try and avoid late night shoots as much as possible and work toward winding up by 9 pm to 10 pm not any later. I really don't mind starting the day even at 7 am as long as we don't have to work till late at night. The other days in the month, I do other things. Say keep a track of development in editing, scripting, meeting and then just stay at home with my family.

How do you unwind?
I read a book, surf the net. Be with my daughter, and watch the programmes she wants me to watch. I surf a lot. I have good net friends. In fact my net friends have given me tremendous strength and support. I am in a field where people are generally drawn towards me because of the title director, unlike my net friends. The net friends would stand by me even if I were just anybody. Say a housewife.

What about your husband?
Oh, he is generally out of the picture busy with his work so we decided that one of us has to stay at home.

What books do you like to read?
All sorts of books. Right from Richard Bach to Mill and Boons. On a rainy day you could catch me sitting by the window reading a Mills and Boon, while other times it could be anything from Archies comics to gossip magazines, novels, books by Ayn Rand to Sidney Sheldon. Anything that interests me. I used to read lot of Danielle Steel but that appeal is fading. I like Fountain Head by Ayn Rand while my consistent favourite has been Sidney Sheldon. His books read like a screen play with a dramatic beginning, lots of twists and turns and a dramatic end. The Other Side of Midnight, If Tomorrow Comes, they are gripping and make interesting reading.

Do you adhere to the script or do you try to go beyond it?
I try to go beyond the script. But at the same time adhere to it as well. For instance in one of my serials Shalini and Parmeet who are in the eyes of the law married to each other. They both know she is pregnant with his (Parmeet) friend's child. In a scene where the girl has to leave for America where she would give birth to this child, they have mutually decided they would tell others that the birth was a premature one. However, the situation is such that over the period of staying together, they have grown fond of each other and are going to miss each other when they separate, but our idea was convey this message with the emphasis on emotion. That is where I try and go beyond the script.

What was your reaction to the tremendous response that the character Mihir got in Balaji Telefilms Kyun Ki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi when he died. Many felt that move was indirectly playing with the audience's minds?
To put it bluntly, we are not here to take care of people's minds. We are here for entertainment and mainly TRPs. I don't see anything wrong with that move. In fact it was a brilliant one.

Is all that heavy make-up really necessary?
Like I said we are in the entertainment business, even if I have to show slums I would make them look good. People want to be entertained. If showing reality was the idea I would have taken up documentaries. The very word 'make-up' implies making up for the things one lack. For instance if the actor has dark circles then those would be covered with a touch of make-up.

According to you who are the good directors?
Gulzar, Raj Kapoor, V. Shantaram and Guru Datt. In movies by Raj Kapoor, his scenes were spot on. If someone prolongs the takes then one gets a feeling that something is amiss. He made movies in such a way that the audience did not sit back and think but just flowed with the movies and at the end liked it. I cannot say I having watched a lot of movies. About Gulzar, his work touches me. Maybe its how he manages to say the right words that touches my heart. When I was a child, my father used to let us watch select movies and that's when I got to see movies by V. Shantaram and I liked it a lot.

What gives you a sense of achievement?
Personally the smile on my daughter's face, professionally TRPs.

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Originally posted by souryachak

Star One's new show Paheli is rechristened as Odhani Rang Badalti Jaaye. The show produced by yash patnaik  may also see Karan Thacker as the lead along with Yashshree Masurkar.

Karan is currently seen in Love Ne Milla Di Jodi which will soon go off-air. He has been approached for the main lead in Odhani, and though things are not yet confirmed there are strong chances of him doing it. The show is an unsolved love mystery and is expected to go on air sometime this month.

Karan said, "Nothing is finalised yet. I will let you know as soon as things fall in place."

Odhani is set in Gujarat and is about Kanak and her love interest, Hriday. She is all set to marry him when he dies in an accident and that gives rise to a mystery. The show will see Yashshree Masurkar and veteran actor Vinod Kapoor who will play her father.

Patnaik remained unavailable for comments. Swapna Waghmare Joshi will produce the show and Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy will be composing the title music.

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*Please read, rate and post on the main article...Comments target is atleast 200Smile...*

Karan Tacker tipped to play lead in Yash Patnaik's show on Star One..
Friday, February 05, 2010 | 3:33:11 PM IST (+05:30 GMT)   
Karan Tacker tipped to play lead in Yash Patnaik's show on Star One..

Karan Tacker of Love Ne Mila Di Jodi fame, in all probability will get a second innings on Star One with Yash Patnaik's love story...

Star One's revamp program will start soon, with their first promo on the change in programming line-up hitting the television sets in few days' time!!

As reported, Geet produced by Endemol will take the place of Love Ne Mila Di Jodi, which will be ending on February 26th. The other show waiting in the wings is Yash Patnaik's love story which was earlier titled Paheli. The show has got its final title now in Odhni Rang Badalti Jaaye.

As reported earlier by Telly Buzz, Yashshree Masurkar who was seen in Zee Marathi's Lakshman Resha will play the female lead. The latest is that one of the faces of Love Ne Mila Di Jodi, Karan Tacker will in all possibility be finalized as the male lead.

According to our source, "Auditions were on for a long time to find the main guy. The channel and production house have few options under their belt, but Karan Tacker has almost been finalized for the role".

When contacted, Karan Tacker told us, "Yes, talks are on. But no decision has been taken yet. If I get to know anything, I will surely let you know".

We tried calling Producer Yash Patnaik, but he remained unavailable.

As reported earlier, Swapna Waghmare Joshi will be turning Producer with this show. And the very popular composing trio Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy will be scoring the title music for the love story.

The shows which will in all probability survive the revamp on Star One are Miley Jab Hum Tum and Jaane Pehchane Se Yeh Ajnabee.

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

Edited by The_May_Rose - 10 June 2011 at 5:13pm

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Karan Tacker handles 'hot stuff'!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010 | 7:23:01 PM IST (+05:30 GMT)    
Karan Tacker handles 'hot stuff'!

Karan Tacker had to battle the cruel Rajasthani sun while shooting for his upcoming show ' Star One's Rang Badalti Odhani'

Karan Tacker who became very popular as Sameer of Star One's Love Ne Mila Di Jodi returns on the same channel in a show based on social issue- Rang Badalti Odhani produced by Beyond Dreams Pvt Ltd and Anahita Productions.

Karan had no clue that shooting for this show would involve getting fried in the sizzling-hot Rajasthani sun. The actor candidly shares, "We all suffered in the horrible heat of Bhuj. Plus, I had to wear a jacket which made things all the more grueling."

Karan explains why in spite of the heat the costumes weren't substituted with simple cotton ones. "See, in all the shows heroes have to look different, look cool. Even if he falls in the gutter and gets out, he has to look fairly clean and not look yuck," he laughs.

Talking about his transition from a youth based show to a social-issue centric one, Karan says, "Working in a youth based show is fun. You get to be more of yourself. You have an extended leeway for showing off your silliness. However, doing a serious message oriented show too brings its own contentment. You are, after all, giving out a worthy message (smiles)."

Talking about his character, Karan says, "I play the character of Shantanu. He is a 24 year old fun loving guy. He is rich and spoilt. He has an air of arrogance about him. He feels that everything can be bought with money. But there are no negative shades to this character. It's just that his arrogance puts out such an image."

So will Karan be able to sustain his young Love ne' fan-following with
Rang Badalti Odhani, which caters to a more mature audience? Karan answers matter-of-factly, "I'm too much of an amateur to reply to this question. If they like the subject or relate to any particular character, they might just as well take a liking to it!"

Karan Tacker tonight at 10pm on Star One, Beyond Dreams Pvt Ltd and Anahita Productions' Rang Badalti Odhani.

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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'I so want to be like Madhuri Dixit' - Yashashree Masurkar
Friday, April 09, 2010 | 6:23:21 PM IST (+05:30 GMT)   
'I so want to be like Madhuri Dixit' - Yashashree Masurkar

On a tete-e-tete with Yashashree Masurkar who makes her hindi debut as Kanak on Star One's Rang Badalti Odhani...

Yashashree Masurkar is no stranger to the Marathi audience as she became a hit with her debut show Laxman Resha in Zee Marathi">Zee Marathi. She makes a crossover to mainstream Hindi small screen with Star One's Rang Badalti Odhani produced by Beyond Dreams Pvt Ltd and Anahita Productions.

The chirpy actress exudes energy as she shares her journey from school to small screen'

What kind of a character do you play?
I play a seedhi saadhi hasti khelti ladki (straight simple laughin' playin' girl).

How did you bag this role?
The producers of the show saw me on Laxman Resha that airs on Zee Marathi">Zee Marathi and gave me a call asking me to appear for the auditions.

So far, how is your shooting experience?
It's been very nice. I'm very happy.

Do you relate to the character?
I partially do because I'm very bubbly and always like to be active. But Kanak is born and brought up in rural Rajasthan whereas I'm mostly brought up in Mumbai. Kanak doesn't know English but she's smart in her own way and learns from her environment.

It seems you play a sort of rebel'
Well, you know, I get married to my childhood sweetheart Suraj (Harpreet Singh). And I lose him because of something that Shantanu (Karan Tacker) does. So I take revenge' and if that makes me a rebel'then I guess, yes, you are right.

How did acting happen to you?
When I was in eighth standard I was offered to play the role of a mad girl in school theatre.  I sportily took it up. It gave me an impetus to take more of drama in school. Then I participated in a fashion show organized by Maharashtra Times and won the title of Shravan Queen. This brought me into the spotlight and I landed the role in Zee Marathi">Zee Marathi's Laxman Resha and now Rang Badalti Odhani.

Don't you feel you got it all easy'without the much struggle?
Yes, but I had to struggle in'umm'other fields of life.

Is Kanak difficult to portray?
She is not much difficult to portray. All that she was, was fun. To be very frank I didn't have to go through so much research etc. Just had to learn the twang of the dialect.

Who is your inspiration?
Madhuri Dixit! I so want to be like her, but I can't dance like her'unfortunately (laughs).

Do you like wearing heavy jewelry like Kanak?
To be honest, I don't wear even a speck of jewelry when I'm at home. On any ordinary day you'll find me in a simple pair of jeans and tee with my hair all whacky (laughs).

Are you parents happy with your entry to the glamour field at such a young age?
Yes, they are very supportive and are happy for me.

How are handling the work pressure of a daily soap?
When you do something that you don't love, then work becomes mundane and pressurizing. I love every moment of being an actor so the tight schedule doesn't bother me at all!

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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thanks veena for the articles

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thnx...also update all of deir video interviews too if u can plzz

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