Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer


Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer
Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer

April 25th, 2011 Written Update

Wafah IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 April 2011 at 8:22am | IP Logged
I didn't mention in my other update fro Friday, but 16 days more...

Runjhun brings tea fro Vishnu and Kalsanwali. Vishnu asks Runjhun to bring something to eat too. Runjhun agrees. She is leaving and she sees Guddu standing int he doorway, holding bags of food. He tells them that he's brought some food and sweets for them. He takes the tea cups from both of them and gives it back to Runjhun. He says he brought some samosas (coincidentally I had samosas for breakfast too) and hands it out to Vishnu. Vishnu is hesitant but takes the samosa. Kalsanwali is very reluctant.

She tells Guddu she doesn't have the stomach for it and she's full, but he keeps on insisting. He finally feeds it to her, and Kalsanwali takes a bite. She spits it out quickly, making Vishnu evaluate his own samosa that he has yet to eat. Guddu takes another one and puts it in Kalsanwali's mouth. Kalsanwali ventilates at the spiciness and Guddu asks her if she's having fun. He tells her that she dared to put chilli in his food yesterday. Kalsanwali apologizes and asks for water. Guddu says he's doesn't have water but he has some sweets.

He offers her the sweets which turn out to be salty and Kalsanwali spits that out too. Guddu says that this is all for her yesterday's antics. Runjhun offers water and Guddu slaps the glass out of Kalsanwali's hand. He asks the Anti-Violence Queen (He calls Runjhun Ahinsa-Wadi Devi, that wasn't my addition) why she's trying to help the people who conspired against her and put the spice and salt in the food yesterday. He says that Kalsanwali was responsible for all that transpired yesterday. He says they deserve the punishment they get.

Runjhun challenges Guddu and asks him who is he to dole out punishments. Yesterday he felt that she was wrong so he told her to eat the spicy food. Today he thinks they are wrong and he's trying to punish them. (She's not saying they aren't wrong, but rather questioning Guddu's right to give out punishment) She tells him that even he committed a mistake yesterday, in accusing her. Will he be able to give himself a punishment for that.

Kalsanwali and Vishnu watch the exchange (Kalsanwali though seems more preoccupied with the fire on her tongue). Runjhun says who is he to give punishment, a court, a judge or god (Remind anyone of something Guddu once said to her). Guddu says he's talking for her rights and is taking her defense and she's talking against him. She says that Vishnu or Kalsanwali's acts didn't hurt her as much as his did. His stubborn nature hurt her more. She asks him will he punish himself for hurting her, and then responds as well that he won't. Guddu looks at Runjhun frustrated then walks away.

Runjhun offers water to Kalsanwali and apologizes on Guddu's behalf. Vishnu fans Klasanwali and tells Runjhun not to worry and leave. Runjhun carries all the samosas and sweets back out.
After Runjhun leaves Vishnu congratulates Kalsanwali (even though she doesn't feel much like a victor) Vishnu says that she played Guddu and Runjhun against each other very nicely, and Guddu going out is now imminent. (Gardes we might read a little too much too soon in romantic/flirty scenes...the mamas and mamis read a little too much too soon in the fight scenes)

Jabbo is lost in his own world and is dreaming away. Kukkan and the other men see him and walk towards him. Kukkan asks him why is he so lost. He asksk him what movie did her see yesterday. "The arrowless target" or the "toothless smile" indicating that Jabbo seems to be lost and smiling away for no rhyme or reason. Jabbo responds that he saw "the silent love". He asks Kukkan that if a girl watches someone secretly, and on the sly tries to hand him a rose, then what does that mean. Kukkan and the others say that means that the girl has fallen for the guy. Kukkan asks Jabbo who the lucky guy is.

Jabbo responds that he doesn't know about lucky, but he's the guy. Kukkan and everyone else cheer him on. Kukkan asks him when, why and how. Then asks for the girls name. Their conversation is interrupted by a steaming Guddu. Guddu is cursing all women. He says God must be having a bad day or must have lost his mind when he created women. He says they are the most troublesome the most annoying sort. He mumbles some and rants some, and Kukkan and Jabbo come to him. Kukkan asks him what happened and if Bhabhi said anything. Guddu tells Kukkan not to take his Bhabhi's name in front of him (He's not telling Kukkan not to call Runjhun Bhabhi, just not to talk about her). Jabbo brings a glass of water for Guddu and tells him to calm down.

Guddu drinks the water and tells Jabbo that the further you stay away from a woman the better it is. Women are trouble and nothing good can ever come from associating oneself with a woman. Kukkan just knowingly nods. Their conversation is interrupted by a phone call from Mobile India again regarding the offer. Kukkan tells Guddu that the people have been calling all morning. Guddu still looking to vent, answers the phone and tells them that he has their card and he will call them, and tells them not to bother them constantly. He hangs up the phone and walks back to his seat.

From the window he spies Runjhun walking up to the roof to sort the grains and wheat. He watches her. Kukkan pulls Jabbo aside and tells him to look at Guddu. He tells Jabbo that he hasn't even started taking the medicine, but in Guddu's case the side effects have begin to show. He tells Jabbo to see how Guddu is staring at Runjhun. Guddu stares at Runjhun, and then looks away, then turns his head back and watches Runjhun.

Guddu walks up to the terrace and tells Runjhun he's here and she can do whatever she feels like (man of very little words that needs a lot of explaining) . Runjhun asks him what he means, and what is she supposed to do. Guddu tells her to give him a punishment. He tells her whatever punishment she wants she can give him and he will take it. He admits he was wrong. He says that he shouldn't have yelled at her without thinking and he's sorry for that. He says he wants to prove that he can also take a punishment when he does something wrong and tells her that whatever punishment she wants to give, he will take.

Runjhun says she doesn't want to give anyone any punishment, not even him. Guddu says why not. He asks her what he has to do. She says a person has to have the courage to admit to their mistakes and accept the punishment. He asks her if he should eat a bunch of the chillies from the one's out to dry on the roof. He says he won't even drink water. When Runjhun doesn't say anything he asks her if she wants him to jump of the roof. She tells him to leave it be. She tells him it's not in him to accept.

Guddu asks her if she's challenging his courage again. Runjhun says she not but tells him that to suffer a punishment one requires a strong will. Guddu says he's got a very strong will and he can do whatever it takes. He says his will is stronger that Anna Hazare (for those who don't know he's the one fighting corruption and in the news a lot).

Runjhun says she's already thought of a punishment but she knows that he won't follow through. Guddu says that his word is like writing in stone, it can not be wiped away. He tells her that his decisions are iron clad and he's decided to accept any punishment and he will. Runjhun then tells him to call the Mobile India Company and tell them yes for the offer. She walks away, and Guddu stops her. He asks her what kind of punishment is this. He says it feels more like a condition than a punishment. He tells her to give him another punishment. Runjhun looks at him and he looks back at her (he doesn't seem to realize that he's already going back on his punishment). She tells him that he wants punishment according to what suits him. She tells him not to worry. He doesn't have to go along with what she says, she won't tell anyone. She is about to leave and he stops her and says that within three days she will see that his Carrom Club and CD center will become Guddu's Mobile Center, that too the biggest in Kannauj.

She says that saying and doing are two different things and he tells her she will see. He tells her to watch and see (The gesture that people use for "I'm watching you", is what he uses only it's Runjhun's eyes watching the CD Center) He rolls up his sleeves and walks away. Runjhun watches him leave.

Kukkan and Jabbo are discussing whether or not Guddu should take the the offer. Kukkan says that it will bring in money. He says that Guddu lost the opportunity to rake in some good money.  Jabbo says that it's better to have a hut that belongs to oneself than live in a mansion of others. He says that there is too much hassle and they have to be professional and according to the system. He says it is too much for Guddu to work under someone and Guddu is usually a man of his own. Guddu walks in and hears their conversation and tells Jabbo that the idea isn't all that bad. Jabbo tell Guddu that working is for the lost and weary. He says Guddu should just enjoy as is. Guddu wonders how can suddenly agree especially since he said no so violently. He asks for Kukkan's opinion because he knows Kukkan is for the Mobile Center. Kukkan says it is a good idea, and tells Guddu it will do good business. Mahadevi is watching and taking notes.

Guddu uses Kukkan as an excuse and says that because Kukkan says so he will do it. He says he will open a mobile center, and say yes to Mobile India. Kukkan and Jabbo are surprised. Kukkan says they were talking about it idly and Guddu doesn't have to say yes. He says especially the rude way they talked to the company, he doesn't think they have a chance. Guddu tells him not to worry. He says he knows how to bring them back.

He walks out of the club and thinks to himself that he will prove to Runjhun by opening the Mobile Center in three days.

Precap: Guddu calls the company but they say that the offer isn't valid anymore and they hang up on him saying htat they gave the offer to someone else. Guddu looks at the phone and sees Runjhun watching. He puts the phone back to his ear and checks his expression, to assure her that everything is fine.

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Thank u soo much Wafah di for the awesome epi updateWink
Ooo, Guddu secretly checking Runjhun out LOLLOLLOL Nidha meri jaan, the CVs are reading you FF and burrowing some ideasLOLLOL I think they read the part where Runjhun stares and checks out Guddu when he was working out in your FF. hehe now if only they would incorporate some of the very passionate and romantic scenes, then it would b awesome. LOL I know its too early for that but one can always hope n dreamEmbarrassedBig smileLOL

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Prabhkallu Goldie

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Thanks Wafah for the great update Tongue

The first scene has really cracked me up till i fell out of the chair..ROFL
That was too good! Way to go Guddu! Clap

The second scene, honestly i did not see that coming at all..
Runjhun and Guddu's conversations about punishment were interesting to watch..

Liking the pre-cap.. The way Guddu over the phone acting all ok. in front of Runjhun.. Cute..Can't wait for tmr.. Smile Hopes Guddu will get the benefits with mobile company..

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Posted: 25 April 2011 at 8:32am | IP Logged
lol I agree with Guddu... what kind of punishment is this.

Funny thing... I was listening to "I hate Luv Stories" as I read the update...LOLLOLLOL

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-Nirvana- IF-Rockerz

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Thanks Wafah Smile

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Thanks, Wafah.
I am feeling a bit lost today and I know why - we knew the outcome and the show felt rushed.
Some things we talked about are in the show as well so the surprise element was missing.  I felt R is again using wiles to reform him on all the things she suffered at his hands through jail, Abhigyan, and other events and make G see his goodness.
Love?  I still feel this is exploration of each other and their emotions.  Certain things are still left unsaid and causes ambiguity in my head.

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thank you!!

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Posted: 25 April 2011 at 8:45am | IP Logged
Oh, and one more thing - Mahadevi is definitely the superspy, carrying tales back to Kalsan ki chandal...
I thought R being called ahinsa-wadi was funny!!  And interjection of Anna Hazare's name was Confused not necessary.

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