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Devyani avoids talking to Priya about Brahmanand. Brahmanand asks Gaurav to bring Vidya back to their house. Aditya asks Gaurav to accompany him to the Minister's house to get their work done before going to Vidya's house. Brahmanand asks Gaurav to enter the house only when he gets Vidya with him. Brahmanand informs Uttara that this is his last chance to save his relationship with Devyani. Devyani saves Gaurav from Brahmanand's wrath. Vidya's father is surprised to see Vidya when he returns home from a trip. Karan waits for Gaurav to come. Vidya's mother asks her not to tell anything about her problems to her father.

Devyani asks Bauji to take care of himself while she is away on her honeymoon. Devyani is not pleased to go on a second honeymoon with Brahmanand while there are some unresolved issues in the family. Priya confronts Devyani about avoiding her to prevent talking about Brahmanand. Karan shows off the new office to Gaurav. Aditya is annoyed with the political party members who undermine him.

Karan tells Gaurav that he cannot live without him. Gaurav tells him that although they will be working together but they would not get back on the same track on which they were before. Priya tries to clarify her stand before Devyani. . Priya asks Imli to prepare the meal as Devyani is emotionally wrung out to manage any chores. Imli tells Uttara that Devyani looked troubled while packing her bags for the honeymoon. Vidya is shocked to see Gaurav along with Aditya. Uttara tells Brahmanand that Devyani does not seem happy with the trip. Priya is shocked when Devyani supports Brahmanand and asks Priya not to tell anyone the truth about Brahmanand.

Priya seeks Devyani's support in bringing down Brahmanand by revealing the truth to everyone. Priya is disappointed when Devyani asks her not to reveal the truth. Brahmanand pretends to be concerned about Devyani to gain Uttara's sympathy. Uttara suspects that Priya and Devyani are upset about something. Gaurav and Aditya have dinner at Vidya's house. Vidya is anxious when her father expects her to return to her in-law's house with Gaurav. Viday is touched with Gaurav's revelation.

Gaurav and Aditya bid farewell to Vidya's parents and get ready to leave. They are delayed when the weather forecast reports that there will be a storm in the next ten hours. Devyani is concerned when Priya does not come down for dinner but Brahmanand asks her to sit back and relax. Priya is frantic when Aditya does not attend her phone calls. Gaurav tells Aditya that they should have stayed back at Vidya's place. Aditya sees the numerous missed calls from Priya and calls her back. Priya finally managed to speak to Aditya.

Vidya is furious when Gaurav asks her to come back home with him. Uttara is conflicted when Brahmanand reveals his feelings for her. She trust each and every words of Brahmanand and ends up finding Devyani in fault. Aditya bids farewell to Devyani over phone. Devyani asks Bauji to take care of himself while she is away. Karan demands to know why Gaurav is at Vidya's house. Karan sees his mother in his room after Gaurav ends their phone conversation.

Priya misses Aditya and urges him to come back home soon. She informs Uttara that Gaurav and Aditya are delayed because Vidya had fallen ill. Vidya's mother is relieved when Vidya regains consciousness. Vidya's father gets disheartened when the doctor informs all that Vidya is not expecting. Bauji questions Priya about the confrontation between Devyani and her. He rebukes Priya for hurting Devyani. Vidya gets nervous when her father asks her to pack up and leave along with Gaurav. Uttara is eager to hear from Brahmanand. Aditya and Gaurav reach Roshni's Devi's house. Karan takes out his anger on Gaurav when he gets to know about his visit to Vidya's place. Roshni Devi's personal assistant overhears their conversation secretly.

Roshni Devi asks Gaurav about Karan's girlfriend. Gaurav gets uncomfortable and tells her that he is not aware. Gaurav informs the same to Karan and alsos tells him that threy need to be extra careful about their relationship. Uttara gets jealous when Imli talks about Devyani and Brahmanand. She finally realizes that she is in love with Brahmanand. Vidya's father asks Vidya to return to her in-laws place as soon as possible. Vidya is hurt with her father's demand and asks her mother why can't she stay with them.

Uttara is wrought with hallucinations of Brahmanand. Priya waits for Aditya in his workplace. The Minister keeps an eye on Aditya and Priya. Roshni Devi insults Aditya in front of Priya. Aditya and Priya plan to go out for dinner. Uttara and Brahmanand gets closer. Uttara realizes that she should control her emotions for Brahmanand. Aditya and Priya struggles for a place to sit in a restaurant. Uttara asks Brahmanand why he is back from his trip all of a sudden.

Brahmanand tricks Devyani and send her alone for the holidays while he returns home. He lies to Uttara and tells her that Devyani deliberately went alone for the holidays and refused to return home with him. Karan gets angry to witness Gaurav's care and concern for Vidya. Aditya and Priya joins Karan and Gaurav in the dinner table. Karan gets angry as he wanted to spend time with Gaurav alone. Brahmanand expresses his love for Uttara. Imli is shocked to see Brahmanand back without Devyani. Brahmanand is happy as his plan is working fine.

Devyani is confounded when Uttara accuses her of going on the honeymoon trip without Brahmanand. Aditya, Priya, Gaurav and Karan dine together. Aditya mentions about Pooja, his old friend to them. Bauji suspects that Brahmanand had deliberately deserted Devyani and forced her to go on their honeymoon trip without him. Priya is agitated on learning that Brahmanand has returned home without Devyani. Devyani deliberately ignores Priya's calls. Priya tells Aditya that he should not worry about work and everything will be alright very soon. Vidya's mother informs her about Gaurav's call. Vidya refuses to return home and her father overhears their conversation. Vidya's father throws Vidya out of his house and orders her to go back to her in-law's house.

Vidya's father throws her out of the house, so that she would be left with no other option but to go to her in-laws. He stops his wife from talking to the upset Vidya. Uttara is stunned when Brahmanand admires her, and expresses a desire to marry her.  Aditya lies to Brahmanand about Vidya being unwell, and being unable to come to their place. Priya is worried about Devyani. Babuji suggests that Priya help Devyani out. She agrees to stand up to his trust on her. Kitty Masi meets Devyani. Devyani tells Kitty Masi that Brahmanand could not accompany her, as he is extremely busy with his work. Brahmanand's staff is surprised to see him extremely happy. Brahmanand hopes to be able to trap Uttara soon.

Brahmanand calls Uttara and asks her to meet him for dinner with someone else, at Hotel Kingston, that night. Karan is miffed when Gaurav invites Aditya to come to office with him. Vidya insists on not leaving her parents' doorstep. Vidya's father forcibly gets Vidya seated on a bus to her in-laws' place. Vidya's mother informs Karan about Vidya leaving for Gaurav's place, but he hides the same from Gaurav. Aditya lies to Priya about not going on a tour with the minister. Karan pretends to be lonely, and forces Aditya and Gaurav to invite him to dinner with them. Uttara lies to Priya about going out for dinner with her old friends. Vidya reaches her in-laws' place. Gaurav arrives at his place with Aditya and Karan. Karan notices Vidya hiding and secretly watching them. For Vidya's benefit, Karan thanks Gaurav for accepting him as a partner and not hesitating in bringing him to his house. He makes it clear that he and Gaurav would be spending most of their time together. Vidya is heartbroken.

Karan is worried to see Gaurav trying to call Vidya's house. Gaurav is unable to get the call through. Vidya's mother is worried about her. Vidya is heartbroken, and feels that no door is open for her. She decides to end her life and tries to commit suicide by drowning in a river. An army jawan spots Vidya, and rescues her. The driver drops Uttara off at Hotel Kingston. Brahmanand makes an excuse to send the driver away. Uttara is excited to meet Brahmanand at the hotel. Uttara is stunned to realise that Brahmanand is alone in the hotel, and that he lied to her about dining with someone else. Brahmanand stops her from leaving, and requests to spend some quiet time alone with her. Uttara is fascinated by Brahmanand's desire to be with her. Priya serves dinner to Gaurav and Karan. Uttara and Brahmanand spend some quiet time together. Uttara is stunned to see the bridal saree that Brahmanand has bought for her. Uttara is perplexed when he requests her to be his bride for one night. When Devyani keeps constantly calling him, Brahmanand lies to her about being stuck in work. Devyani is stunned to hear Uttara's voice over the phone. Brahmanand admires Uttara when she wears the saree that he has bought for her.


Aditya regrets having lied to Priya earlier, and tells her about it. Army doctor Pradhan takes care of Vidya and brings her back to consciousness. Pradhan consoles Vidya when she breaks down. Uttara tells Brahmanand about how she was always ignored, since childhood, and Devyani was always considered very important by everyone. Uttara is extremely touched and happy when Brahmanand gives her importance. She tells Brahmanand about how her husband never really cared for her. At a signal from Brahmanand, a waiter has the hotel lights switched off. Uttara is scared. Devyani is extremely upset, but pretends to be very happy with Brahmanand, in front of Kitty Masi. Brahmanand lies to Uttara about there being a power failure and heavy rain outside. He suggests that he and Uttara wait in the hotel till the power is back. Uttara is fascinated by Brahmanand. She gets scared when Brahmanand gets close to her. Uttara gets emotional when Brahmanand fills sindoor in her forehead parting, and requests her to be his bride. Uttara is touched when Brahmanand confesses his love for her. Brahmanand and Uttara get intimate.

Pradhan is shocked when Vidya tells him the truth about her relationship with Gaurav. She stops him from informing her in-laws about her whereabouts. Pradhan is shocked when Vidya confesses that she still loves Gaurav deeply. Uttara repents for her mistake. Brahmanand pacifies her, and promises to keep their relationship a secret. Brahmanand leaves the final decision of whether to make or break Devyani's life to Uttara. Uttara wipes off the sindoor in her forehead parting, for the sake of Devyani. Devyani is upset. Vidya declares that she wants to commit suicide, as Gaurav does not love her. Pradhan stops her and reassures her. Priya wakes up in the middle of the night, and is stunned to see both Brahmanand and Uttara missing. She is shocked when the driver confirms that Brahmanand was supposed to pick up Uttara. Priya is unable to reach both of them. Priya is afraid of Brahmanand trapping Uttara with his smooth words. She is just about to go in search of them when she is shocked to see Uttara and Brahmanand returning home together, wrapped in a passionate embrace.

Neither Uttara nor Brahmanand offer any explanation to Priya. Uttara is worried about Priya revealing the truth to Devyani. Brahmanand reassures her. Priya confronts Brahmanand about having an affair with Uttara. She secretly dials Devyani's number. Devyani is stunned to hear Brahmanand telling Priya that he had a relationship with Uttara because she also desired it. The further conversation between Priya and Brahmanand shocks Uttara. Priya is shocked when Devyani tells her not to interfere in her personal matters. Priya is extremely upset. She does not tell Aditya the truth due to Devyani's words and Brahmanand's threat. She decides to somehow find a solution to the problem. Devyani breaks down. Pradhan's friends tease him for being in love with Vidya. Pradhan takes care of Vidya. He stops Vidya from leaving the camp, and promises to think of a solution for her soon. Aditya notices that Priya is upset. He is stunned when Priya requests him to stay separately from his family.

Priya requests Aditya that they stay separately from his family, but he does not take her seriously. Pradhan takes care of Vidya. Uttara decides to spend her entire life with memories of the beautiful time spent with Brahmanand. Uttara is upset to see Brahmanand ignoring her. Gaurav is happy when Karan tells him about their new project. Karan pretends to be angry when Vidya's mother calls Gaurav, and  throws his phone away. Priya tells Uttara not to try to take Devyani's place. Priya tells Uttara that she will not allow her to destroy her sister, Devyani's, house. Uttara pretends to not understand what Priya is talking about. Uttara is angry when Priya asks her to maintain the respect of the relationship between her and Brahmanand. Uttara tells Priya to not interfere in her personal matters. Aditya is worried when Priya requests to meet him urgently. Priya is stunned to see Devyani arriving home suddenly. Devyani is shocked when Priya tells her about her desire to move out of the house with Aditya. Priya threatens Devyani about telling the truth to Aditya. Devyani is stunned.

Devyani is worried to know to know that Vidya has not yet returned home. Pradhan's friends tease him with Vidya. Devyani tries to stop Priya from meeting Aditya, but she insists on leaving the house. They are stunned to see that Bauji has overheard their conversation. Bauji insists that Devyani tell Priya about her past. Uttara is stunned to see Devyani, but Devyani behaves normally with her. Brahmanand does not receive Uttara's calls. Devyani tells Priya about how she was very happy when she was married to Brahmanand, and how the distance grew between them as he got richer. Devyani tells Priya how she once went to the guest house to surprise Brahmanand at work. She left the children in the care of Uttara, who was excited about getting married to Rishabh. Devyani got shocked on seeing Brahmanand in bed with another woman. Devyani tells Priya how she confronted Brahmanand, and he admitted that there were many other women in his life. He beat her up and threatened her when she suggested leaving home. Devyani tells Priya that she did not stand up against Brahmanand due to fear of losing the most important thing in her life.

Devyani tells Priya how she pretended to have a perfect marriage in front of Uttara. Brahmanand openly began flirting with other women. She left his house with the kids, but Brahmanand found them and took her kids away from her. All legal attempts to get her kids back failed. Devyani learnt that Brahmanand was not taking good care of her kids, and went home to meet them. Brahmanand threw her out of the house. Devyani had to plead with Brahmanand to let her in, for the sake of her kids. Brahmanand let her in, on condition that she would never interfere in his personal affairs. He threatened to harm her and the kids if she revealed the truth to anyone. Devyani started pretending that her marriage was alright, for the sake of Aditya and Sweety. Gaurav still bore some scars from the incident. Bauji tells Priya about how Devyani always pretended to have a happy marriage in front of him, but he gradually realized the truth. Devyani swore Bauji to secrecy and stopped him from taking any step against Brahmanand. Priya is touched with Devyani's confession. Priya pleads with Devyani to stand up for herself, now that her kids have grown up.

Uttara is frustrated when Brahmanand does not receive her calls. Bauji and Priya suggest that Devyani stand up against Brahmanand, but she refuses. Brahmanand is stunned to see Devyani back home. Uttara is stunned to know that Brahmanand had forcibly sent Devyani on a holiday. Brahmanand insists that his entire family be present on the occasion of his promotion. Pradhan's friends tease him on seeing Vidya prepare food for everyone. They appreciate Vidya for the delicious food. Aditya questions Priya about what she wanted to discuss with him. Aditya is angry with Priya when she makes excuses. He tells her that he was unable to meet the minister as he was waiting for her. Priya apologises. She is hurt to see Aditya miffed with her. Pradhan is amused to know that Vidya prepared food for everyone as she was bored with the army food. Pradhan and Vidya spend time together.

Brahmanand avoids taking Uttara's call. Devyani tries to ward off Brahmanand's attempt to placate her. Aditya deflects Priya's gestures at making up. Devyani scolds Imli when she realizes that her sindhur box is missing from her room. Priya and Imli look for Devyani's sindhur box in the house. Devyani frantically looks for her sindhur box in Uttara's room and is shocked to find it there. Devyani informs Priya what she had discovered in Uttara's room. Devyani blames Brahmanand rather the blaming Uttara. Priya is shocked when Devyani declares Uttara innocent in whatever has happened between her and Brahmanand. Priya asks Devyani to fight for justice.

Priya pleads with Devyani to break her silence and reveal the truth about Brahmanand to the family. Roshni Devi questions Karan about his work and love life. Karan avoids her question. Brahmanand goes to meet the Minister to boast about his promotion. He asks Roshni Devi to treat his son nicely. Karan tricks Gaurav and does not allow hom to go and pick up Vidya. Aditya apologizes to Roshni Devi for his behavior. Priya likes the way Devyani upholds her position in the house.

Uttara confronts Brahmanand for ignoring her. Brahmanand placates Uttara with apology. Chinu is pleased to see Vidya smile at the soldiers antics. Priya waits up for Aditya but he ignores her. Vidya is grateful to Chinu for making her happy. She is stunned to see Devyani in the soldier's camp. Vidya is angry with Chinu for telling about her whereabouts to Devyani. Devyani tells Vidya that giving up hope is not the solution to her problems. Vidya refuses to talk to Devyani.

Devyani promises Vidya that she will find a way to help her begin a new life. Vidya is shocked when she tells her that she will help her get out of the relationship which she does not want to continue. Brahmanand asks Aditya to leave Roshni Devi's party if she dared to torment or undermine him at work. Gaurav assures Vidya's mother that Devyani is bringing Vidya back home. Vidya's mother tells Gaurav that his friend had attended her call a few days back and had promised to inform him about Vidya's arrival. Brahmanand orders Devyani to be on time for the most important function of his career. Vidya gets ready to go with Devyani and bids farewell to Chinu.




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Tnx 4 all ur hardwork...that's makes smile to our readers...

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Thanks sweety <3
you really did a great job<33

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Brahmanand's family arrives at the Police headquarters to celebrate his promotion.  Aditya remains grim with Priya throughout the function as he suspects that she is hiding something from him. Brahmanand calls up Devyani when she is late in arriving at the function venue. Priya is displeased to see Uttara and Brahmanand sitting together in the VIP seats. Gaurav interrogates Karan on why he lied to him about Vidya. Brahmanand is irked when the Chief Minister commends Roshni Devi. Brahmanand is promoted from SSP to DIG asnd everyone congratulate him. Devyani stuns everyone with her comment on Brahmanand's character.

Devyani tells the Chief Minister about how proud she is of Brahmanand and his career. Roshni Devi introduces Brahmanand's sons to the Chief Minister. Devyani brings Vidya home. She tells Gaurav that she has brought Vidya home to right a wrong. Gaurav is stunned when Devyani decides to support him and accepts his relation with Karan. Brahmanand confronts Devyani for daring to take a stand against him. Devyani confronts Brahmanand and does not allow him to touch her. Brahmanand is shocked when she tells him that she knows about his and Uttara's relationship. Brahmanand tries to placate Devyani when she proves fearless.


Uttara is shocked when Brahmanand forces his way into her bedroom while Devyani is at home. Gaurav receives a call from Karan when Vidya and he get ready for bed. Roshini Devi is confounded when Karan throws his cellphone on the floor in anger. She is disappointed when Karan refuses to share his worriews with her and shouts at her. Gaurav apologizes to Vidya. Chinu is haunted with the thoughts of Vidya. Priya is in tears when Aditya remains grim with her. Uttara is upset with Brahmanand's behavior. He tries to be good to her and tells her how Devyani broke his heart once again with her heartbreaking statement. Priya is happy as Devyani finally dared to challenge Brahmanand's authority. Brahmanand overhears their conversation and gets angry with Priya.


Priya refuses to listen to Brahmanand and cater to his demand of not provoking Devyani against him. Devyani refuses to perform wifely duties for Brahmanand when he spends the night with Uttara. Vidya stands up to Gaurav. Roshni Devi is furious when Karan refuses to talk to her. Uttara and Brahmanand panic when Sweety talks about Devyani's sindhoor box at the dining table. Priya is terribly hurt when Aditya refuses to give in and make peace. Uttara confronts Brahmanand for fooling her with Devyani's sindhoor box. Brahmanand finally succeeds in convincing Uttara. Devyani tells Priya that its difficult for her to avoid Brahmanand's needs. 

Gaurav refuses to accept Karan's apology for putting Vidya's life in danger. Brahmanand arrives at the police station in two different coloured socks. Bauji questions Devyani about the changes in her life. He commends her for attempting to transform herself. Karan is elated when Gaurav tells him that Devyani has accepted their relationship. Roshni Devi's assistant overhears Gaurav's conversation and finds out that he is a gay. Uttara takes over the household responsibilities while Devyani watches. Devyani gets concerned if Uttara can handle everything single handedly. Priya asks her to sit back and enjoy. Devyani asks Vidya to come in the party. Devyani refuses to come with Brahmanand to the party. Brahmanand gets angry with her. Devyani feels bad that as a husband Brahmanand never tried to understand her feelings.


Uttara panics when the caterers drop all the party food on the floor by mistake. She is irate when Imli asks her to call Devyani to set things right. Jaggi tries hard to unite Aditya and Priya. . Vidya is excited to receive Chinu's call. Gaurav overhears Vidya telling Chinu that she misses him. Roshni Devi keeps following Gaurav to find out if whatever his assistant has told her is right. Devyani gets concerned when the guest keep asking for food and food does not arrive. Brahmanand gets angry with Uttara for not being able to manage the guest. Bauji and Priya see Devyani instructing Imli to help rectify Uttara's mistake. Devyani asks Imli not to tell Uttara about it so that Uttara would not feel dejected.


Devyani asks Aditya to entertain the guests as the party gets boring. Gaurav and Aditya arrange for music and dance with their family to entertain the guests. Brahmanand yells at Uttara when there is a power outage and the guests get restless. Karan and Gaurav propose their love to each other in the dark. Roshni Devi and her assistant try to eavesdrop on the conversation between Karan and Gaurav. Vidya comes to Guarav's rescue when Roshni Devi interrogates him about his candid conversation with Karan.


Roshni Devi commends Brahmanand on the success of his party. Priya commends Devyani for being a perfect homemaker and helping out Uttara during the party. Roshni Devi is frustrated when her assistant's suspicion about Gaurav could not be proved at the party. Priya is amused when Gaurav and Sweety question Aditya about his absence during the power outage. Uttara is distressed to learn that Devyani had rescued the party. Imli teases Priya with Aditya. Brahmanand lambastes Uttara for almost ruining the party and thereby his image. She is hurt when he compares Devyani's capabilities with her ineptitude


Aditya and Priya come closer to each other. Vidya willingly lets Gaurav go and meet Karan without complaining. Brahmanand asks Gaurav not to step out of the house as it's too late and spend time with Vidya instead. Gaurav refuses to listen to Brahmanand and asks him to mind his own business. Roshni Devi's assistant follows Gaurav and finds out that he regularly comes to this place with a boy. Karan is happy as it's a matter a few days and everything will be fine and they will be together. Roshni Devi asks her assistant to find out about his partner. Brahmanand considers Priya responsible for ruining his life and provoking Devyani against him. He imagines killing Priya. Brahmanand overhears Priya and Imli talking to each other about the tiff going between her and Aditya. He decides to handle Devyani first and then teach Priya a lesson for making his life miserable.  


Chinu is pleased to receive Vidya's phone call. Vidya expresses her concern for Gaurav to him. Karan is pleased to have Gaurav back. Roshni Devi's assistant tries to get proof of Gaurav's discreet meetings with his boyfriend.  Gaurav is shocked to see Roshni Devi's assistant in the same building where he is meeting Karan. The security guard clicks Karan's photograph when he steps out of the room as asked by the assistant. Roshni Devi questions Karan when he comes home late. She asks him to stay away from Gaurav. Vidya dreams that Brahmanand confronts Gaurav about his relationship with a man. Karan tells Gaurav that he feels something is not going right. He asks him to come and meet him urgently.


Roshni Devi is furious when Brahmanand brushes off her warnings. Brahmanand rants to Devyani about Roshni Devi and Gaurav. He is irate when Devyani dares to leave the room in the middle of his rants. Roshni Devi questions Vidya about Gaurav's absence at the dining table. She tells Brahmanand that she has some hot news about Gaurav. Devyani and Vidya are worried when Roshni Devi talks to Brahmanand about Gaurav. Roshni Devi's secretary finds evidence about Gaurav's illicit relationship with Karan. Vidya overhears Roshni Devi's conversation and finds out that she knows about Gaurav's relationship. She rushes to meet Gaurav and Karan and tell them the truth. Brahmanand and Roshni Devi end up in war of words and Roshni Devi tells him that Gaurav is a gay. Brahmanand goes mad when he gets to know the truth. He threatens to kill Gaurav if whatever she ius saying is right. Karan and Gaurav decides to unveil their relationship before all.


Gaurav and Devyani rush Vidya to the hospital. Roshni Devi is dejected after learning of Karan and Gaurav's relationship. Karan warns Rosini Devi to talk to Brahmanand and make everything alright for Gaurav. Brahmanand clears up the legal tangle when the hospital personnel hesitate to treat Vidya's bullet wound as it is a police case. Gaurav threatens Brahmanand's life should Vidya's life take a turn for the worse.  Aditya calls up Vidya's mother to give her the bad news. Everyone prays for Vidya's well being. Karan is shocked to hear of the sad news about Vidya and informs the same to Roshni Devi as well. Gaurav informs all the Brahmanand is responsible for Vidya's present state.


Aditya is shocked to learn that Brahmanand had shot Vidya. Brahmanand tries to convince his saying it was just an accident. Karan apologizes to Gaurav for the trouble Roshni Devi had caused. Roshni Devi tells Brahmanand that she had lied about Gaurav having a relationship with a man. Roshni Devi is heartbroken to know of Karan's relationship with Gaurav. Vidya's parents are shattered when they get to know that she has been shot with a bullet. The police demand to treat Vidya's case as a legal one. The doctor and nurses rush to operate on Vidya after receiving blood from Vidya's mother. Doctors declare Vidya as dead and this leaves the whole family shattered.


Gaurav is traumatized when the doctor informs them that Vidya is no more. He refuses to accept the fact that she is dead. Suddenly the whole family brightens up when Vidya comes back to life. Chinu is shocked when he is informed that Vidya is hospitalized. Chinu succeeds in convincing his senior to let him go and meet Vidya. He realizes that he is in love with Vidya and can't wait to see her. Brahmanand tries to win Aditya's confidence but he refuses to listen to him. Brahmanand tries to clarifies his stand before Vidya's father. Brahmanand is worried when the police comes to the hospital to enquire about how Vidya got hit with a bullet and who hit her. 

Roshni Devi hopes for Karan's forgiveness but he remains grim with her.  Karan is taken aback when Roshni Devi treats his sexuality like a disease. Brahmanand contemplates Roshni Devi's words with liquor in hand. Bauji slaps Brahmanand for his actions. They both ends up having an argument with each other. Priya comforts Gaurav at the hospital. Bauji is shattered and considers himself responsible for Brahmanand's deeds. Devyani makes him believe that he is her pillar and she would not be able to survive without him. Brahmanand asks Devyani to tell the police that the shooting was an accident.

Priya and Aditya tiredly wait in the hospital corridor. Aditya tells Priya that he don't want to waste his best days of his life fighting with her. Chinu condemns Gaurav for Vidya's condition. Gaurav is relieved to see Vidya regain consciousness. The doctor is happy with Vidya's recovery. Brahmanand apologizes to everyone for his mistake and making Vidya suffer. Vidya pleads Gaurav not to let out the truth that Brahmanand is responsible for her present state for the sake of the family. Devyani admits to being present during the shooting incident. Brahmanand is anxious when Devyani is interrogated by the police.


Vidya informs the police that the bullet hitting her was just an accident.  Brahmanand is relieved when the police dismiss the case with the conclusion that it was an accidental shooting. The police inspector vows to find evidence to prove Brahmanand guilty. The whole of Jhakkar family is shocked when the police comes to arrest Brahmanand. He is informed that his own father had registered a complaint in the police station. Devyani pleads with Bauji to withdraw his legal complaint against Brahmanand to save their family. Brahmanand threatens the new SSP with dire consequences if he does not let him go. 

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Thanks for the update .

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Priya comforts Aditya when he agonizes over the family's recent troubles. Aditya asks Gaurav forget whatever has happened. Gaurav tells him very diplomatically that nothing can happen to Brahmanand as he will use all his powers to get out of the mess. Vidya narrates the whole incident to Chinu. Aditya informs Roshni Devi about Brahmanand's arrest and seeks her help. Uttara asks Imli about Brahmanand's whereabouts. Aditya frantically looks for Bauji when Brahmanand is arrested by the police on the basis of Bauji's legal complaint. Uttara questions Bauji about why he got his own son arrested. Bauji refuses to answer her. Brahmanand is denied the privilege of contacting his lawyer after the arrest. His peers and subordinates rejoice his arrest.

Uttara cross questions Devyani about why she didn't informed her about Brahmanand's arrest. Aditya visits Brahmanand in the police station to give him the bad news that court is closed for the day hence he will have to spend the night in jail.  He vows to get Brahmanand out of jail at any cost. Jaggi feels bad for Brahmanand. Priya gets angry when Chinu speaks badly about Brahmanand. Roshni Devi consults a doctor for Karan's condition. The doctor explains to her that Karan's sexuality is not a disease to be treated and remedied. Roshni Devi gets angry and challenges the doctor that she will leave no stone unturned to cure Karan. Uttara brings food to the police station for Brahmanand. Devyani finds out about Uttara's lie from Imli. Priya asks her to control the situation.


The doctor informs Gaurav that Vidya can be discharged in a day if her condition remains stable. Chinu asks Gaurav to go home with Vidya's parents while he stays by Vidya's side in the hospital.  Chinu professes his love to Vidya while she is asleep. Devyani confronts Uttara about her relationship with Brahmanand. Devyani asks Uttara to stay within her limits. Uttara is shocked when Devyani tells her that she knows everything about her relationship with Brahmanand. Uttara is shattered and feels guilty of her actions. Aditya refuses to eat and agonizes over Brahmanand and Vidya. Aditya think of ways to sort out differences between Gaurav and Brahmanand. Priya tries to clarify Aditya's doubts.

Devyani soothes Gaurav's heart. She makes him beleive that there is nothing nothing wrong with him and he is perfectly normal. Grief engulfs the family. Aditya brings a lawyer to the police station to bail Brahmanand out of jail. Bauji withdraws his complaint against Brahmanand. Brahmanand warns the senior officer. Devyani is relieved to learn that Bauji has withdrawn his police complaint against Brahmanand. Priya is unhappy to hear of Brahmanand's release but she resigns herself to it for the sake of the family. The family prepares for Brahmanand's welcome.  Chinu takes good care of Vidya. He asks Vidya not to go back to her in-law's house. He talks about leaving the army and getting a job to support her. Gaurav overhears their conversation.

Gaurav asks Chinu to take Vidya away from all where she is happy and is free from all the worries.Roshni Devi goes to a Panditji to find a remedy for Karan's non-existent problem. Roshni Devi leaves no stone unturned to cure Karan. Devyani is relieved to hear that Vidya will be discharged from the hospital soon. Vidya's parents inform Gaurav that they are taking Vidya back to their house. They tell him that Vidya will not be returning to her in-law's house hereafter. Brahmanand demands an apology from Bauji.  He decides to leave Brahmanand's house.


Bauji is determined to leave Brahmanand's house. He denies staying in the house. Devyani and Priya plead with Bauji to change his decision. On Aditya's plea Brahmanand stops Bauji and apologizes to him. Devyani is disheartened to learn that Vidya is going to her parents' house from the hospital. Vidya is upset to hear that she will not be going back to Gaurav's house.The Jhakkar family is busy decorating the house for Vidya. Devyani is sad for the family is unaware of Vidya not coming home. Vidya denies going with her parents and questions her father's decision. She questions them and Gaurav always deciding about her life. Vidya asks Gaurav to take her to


Priya is shocked listening that Vidya is not coming back. Devyani and Priya are surprised to see Vidya home. Vidya is overwhelmed by the surprise party in her honour. Devyani tells Gaurav about Brahmanand's bail. The Jhakkar family spends good time together. The Minister warns Brahmanand to protect his reputation or else it would be difficult for them to retain his position as a DIG. Devyani is grateful to Vidya for coming back. She vows to relieve Vidya from her marital bonds soon. Vidya denies for breaking her relation with Gaurav and tells Devyani about her love for Gaurav. Uttara comes to soothe Brahmanand while he expresses out his frustration and hugs Uttara.


Priya stops Aditya going towards Brahmanand's room. Priya condemns Uttara for resuming her relationship with Brahmanand. Uttara feels guilty for her actions. Vidya tells Devyani that she in love with Gaurav and is ready to sacrifice her happiness for him. Gaurav overhears the conversation between Devyani and Vidya. Vidya tells Gaurav about her wish not to leave the house. She tells him that she has no expectations from him and he is free to live his life his own way. Gaurav is dumbstruck listening to Vidya's love for him and shares his guilt with Vidya. Chinu visits Vidya in her room. He is infuriated when Vidya stays in her in-law's house for Gaurav's sake.


Gaurav scolds Imli for being careless with Vidya's medicines. Devyani talks to Gaurav about Vidya's sacrifice.Gaurav calls Karan but Roshni Devi deletes his number from the call logs in Karan's mobile phone. She hides a charm in Karan's bed to cure his non existent problem. Uttara tells Brahmanand about Devyani revealation. She is shocked to know that he knew it long time back. Brahmamand tries to act innocent to gain Uttara's confidence. Gaurav is alarmed when Vidya's wound bleeds.Vidya is touched to see his care and concern for her. Gaurav admits that he cant stay without Karan but also agrees to do help Vidya in all ways he can.


Chinu confronts Gaurav. He accuses Gaurav of pretending to care for Vidya. Chinu asks him not to play with Vidya's emotions. Priya sees Chinu confronting Gaurav about Vidya. Roshni Devi informs Karan about a babaji coming to their house. Karan refuses to come in front of him. Devyani informs everyone about Brahmanand's illness. She instructs Imli and Priya to prepare food for Brahmanand. Devyani also asks Uttara to take the food to Brahmanand and tend to his illness. Priya demands to know why Devyani had willingly sent Uttara to Brahmanand. Devyani tells Priya that no matter how bad Brahmanand had treated her she still cares for him. Gaurav takes care of Vidya. Imli tells Vidya about the surprise Priya has planned for her. Uttara has a difficult time dealing with Brahmanand's illness.


Roshini Devi's is upset when Karan disregards the puja she had arranged for his benefit. Karan insults the babaji who had come to cure him. Roshni Devi realizes that its difficult to change Karan and gets disheartened. Gaurav asks Vidya not to strain and to rest peacefully. He goes to meet Karan.Aditya calms Brahmanand down while the doctor checks him. Uttara takes care of Brahmanand. Imli signals to Uttara that Bauji wants to see her. Karan ignores Roshni Devi's call. Gaurav tells Karan about Vidya's sacrifies.


Karan tells Gaurav how gratefull he is to Vidya for saving his life. He tells Gaurav that they should end thier relationship. They part ways.  Uttara and Brahmanand have a fight when he behaves like a child because of his illness.Brahmanand compares Uttara to Devyani and criticizes Uttara's efforts to tend to him. Roshni Devi seeks Devyani's help to break Karan and Gaurav's relationship. Roshni Devi tells Devyani that its difficult to accept Karan and Gaurav's relationship. Devyani questions Roshni Devi what is more important to her. Roshni Devi tells Devyani that she can do anything to keep her son happy.


Roshni Devi promises to follow Devyani's advise. Brahmanand sees Devyani and Roshni Devi together and gets suspicious. Roshni Devi apologizes to Gaurav for coming between Karan and him. She promises to support their relationship. Imli and Juggy dance to entertain Vidya and the rest of the family. Gaurav and Sweety join in the dancing. Priya urges Devyani to dance. Uttara reminds Devyani about the dance competition between the two of them in college.  Priya asks Devyani to dance in front of everyone. When Devyani dances, Uttara also joins her and takes it as a competition.Uttara dances until and unless her leg is injured.


Gaurav is disturbed. Aditya thinks about leaving Roshni Devi's party and starting something of his own. Chinu helps Sweety with her packing. Aditya and Priya share a good time with Chinu and Sweety. Devyani approaches Uttara to talk about Brahmanand.She tells Uttara about Brahmanand's truth. Gaurav comforts Vidya when she has a nightmare about the shooting.Uttara refuses to believe the truth about Brahmanand. Roshni Devi is upset when Karan does not come home. Her assistant advises her to give Karan some space and time.Roshni Devi is determined to bring Gaurav and Karan back together.Uttara accuses Devyani of fabricating lies.


Aditya and Priya are stunned to see Devyani cleaning the house late at night. Priya gets concerned for Devyani. Gaurav takes care of Vidya and put her to sleep. Priya tries to confront Uttara when Devyani tells her what has happened. Vidya is surprised to see Gaurav in bed with her. Priya is infuriated when Uttara tries to take over the household management from Devyani.Sweety bids goodbye to all and leaves for US for her studies. Roshni Devi comes home and pleads Devyani to convince Gaurav to accept Karan. She informs Devyani that Karan and Gaurav had a break-up.

Devyani refuses to cater to Brahmanand's needs. Brahmanand goes berserk. Vidya learns that Gaurav had broken up with Karan. She questions him about it. Vidya asks Gaurav not to avoid his relationship with Karan. Gaurav warns Vidya not to interfere in his personal matter. Roshni Devi pleads with Karan to come back home. Karan refuses to come back home. He threatens to leave the country if Roshni Devi nags him to come back home. Brahmanand considers Priya responsible for his downfall. He promises himself to ruin her life.

Vidya informs Devyani about Gaurav and Karan's broken relationship. She asks her to bring them together again but Devyani refuses to interfere. Roshni Devi assigns the responsibility of her party campaign in several villages to Aditya. Her plan is put into action when Aditya decides to go to Adhampur for the party campaign.  Chinu explains the real meaning of love to Vidya. Aditya tells about his new project to Vidya, Devyani and Priya. He also informs that he is going to Vidya's place to start the project. Priya and Devyani taunt Uttara.

Priya speaks to Devyani to put an end to Uttara and Brahmanand's relationship. Vidya calls up her mother to inquire after her family. She also informs about Aditya coming to their village for some official purpose. Jaggi convinces Aditya to take him along with him. Priya expresses her view of getting Uttara remarried. Priya is sad to see Aditya leave. Vidya's mother makes room for Aditya in her house. Brahmanand is questioned by the media about an escaped convict.

Uttara takes over the cooking responsibility and orders around Imli while Devyani watches. Brahmanand goes in pursuit of a dangerous and armed convict. Brahmanand's family watches the pursuit live on TV. Gaurav and Devyani suspect that Brahmanand must have used the media to increase his popularity. Vidya assures Chinu that she was not affected by the shootout between the police and the convict. Aditya praises Uttara's food preparation. He talks to Brahmanand about the idea of second marriage for Uttara.


Brahmanand is shocked when Aditya talk about second marriage for Uttara. Uttara refuses to marry a second time. He gets a mixed set of reaction from the family members. Aditya is upset with his family's reaction. Priya assures Aditya that the family members will come around in time. Gaurav and Karan miss each other. Vidya feels helpless to do anything about their relationship. Aditya asks Brahmanand to persuade Uttara to consider a second marriage. Brahmanand tentatively broaches the subject with Uttara in front of his family.

Brahmanand suggests Uttara to get marraied again. Uttara confronts Brahmanand for daring to suggest a second marriage. Brahmanand convinces Uttara that he was trying to hide thier relationship from Aditya. Priya is upset that Aditya is leaving to Adhampur without her. Imli bids farewell to Jaggi. Aditya thanks Brahmanand for convincing Uttara for a second marriage.Brahmanand is furious to learn that Priya had come up with the idea.Vidya sees Gaurav looking at a photo of him and Karan together. She overhears Gaurav's phone conversation and gets suspicious.Brahmanand threatens to punish Devyani for Priya's deeds. Vidya sends a text to Karan from Gaurav's cell phone asking him to meet.

Priya panics when Brahmanand learns that she had come up with the idea Uttara's marriage. Imli is sad that she will not be celebrating karvachauth with Jaggi. Devyani tells Priya that she will call Aditya for karwa chauth festival. Brahmanand buys jewellery. Uttara informs Brahmanand that she is going to celebrate karvachauth with him. Vidya asks Chinu to take her to Garden cafe to spy on Gaurav. Gaurav finds Karan in garden cafe and gets shocked.Karan tells him about the text he has received from him. Gaurav shouts at Vidya for hurting Karan. Vidya's mother gives warm welcome to Aditya. Chinu gets angry on Gaurav for scolding Vidya.

Aditya talks to Vidya's father about the political scheme and the need for the villagers' consent. Aditys is still ignorant of Roshni Devi's plan to ruin his future. Roshini Devi plans to ruin Aditya's life with this political scheme to avenge Karan. Gaurav is furious with Vidya for interfering in his personal affairs. Vidya apologizes to Gaurav but he refuses to accept her apology. Chinu fights with Gaurav in Vidya's defense. The family cheers the boxing match between Gaurav and Chinu. Gaurav observes Vidya's affection for Chinu.


Aditya talks to Vidya's father about the political scheme and the need for the villagers' consent.Vidya forgives Brahmanand and asks him to forgive Gaurav as a favour to her.Brahamanand doesn't listen to her and asks her not to interfere in his business.Aditya tells Vidya's father that he wants to finish work soon and go back home for karvachauth with Priya. Devyani, Priya and Vidya starts the preparation for karvachaut.Gaurav sees Vidya tending to Chinu after the boxing match. Gaurav asks Chinu if  he loves Vidya. Uttara is furious when Brahmanand surprises Devyani with a gift for karvachauth


Gaurav asks Chinu if he loves Vidya. Priya argues with Brahmanand, and asks him to stop playing games. Uttara hears everything. Devyani returns Brahmanand's gift and reveals to him that she is not keeping a Karvachauth vrat this year. He gets very upset. Gaurav tells Vidya not to keep a Karvachauth vrat for him, while asking her if she misses someone loving her. Brahmanand gives the gift to Uttara, who also wants to fast. Brahmanand mentions that she will come to know his motives after Karvachauth. Devyani shares with Priya, that though she told Brahmanand she won't fast, she will still keep it. She is also plans for Priya to meet Aditya on that day.


Aditya misses Priya, when Jaggi comes in. Vidya's dad tells Aditya to call the whole family for Karvachauth. Vidya's mum calls up Devyani, and the latter tells Priya that now she won't be able to pretend about the fast. Devyani calls up Vidya's mum and tells her that Jaggi will help with the preparations. Vidya wakes up dreaming that Gaurav is getting intimate with her. Brahmanand goes to Uttara's room in the middle of the night and Uttara's sindoor box is missing the next morning. Brahmanand says sorry to Devyani and that she should forget everything as she is his wife, giving her the sindoor. Uttara is shocked to see this.


When Uttara sees Brahmanand giving Devyani the sindoor box, she tries to snatch it from him. He tells her not to act crazy, and that only Devyani is his wife. Devyani refuses when he puts sindoor in her forehead and says it's too late for all this, knowing that he is trying to trap her. Devyani reveals that Priya has already told her about Brahmanand's plans. Vidya invites Chinu to join them to her parents place. Gaurav asks Vidya to help Chinu with the packing. Uttara is packs her bags to leave. Brahmanand tells her to understand his emotions and what he is doing. Uttara goes back inside.


Aditya tells Priya that he is fasting for Karvachauth. Vidya's father talks to the villagers about the political scheme Aditya is campaigning for. Roshini Devi tells her secretary that she does not want anyone to know that she is behind the fraudulent political scheme. Devyani comes to know that Uttara is not leaving the house instead going with them to celebrate karvachauth at Vidya's native place.Devyani broods over Brahmanand's apology.Priya is surprised to see Devyani holding the lost sindhoor box. Devyani comforts Uttara. Vidya's mother anxiously awaits the arrival of Vidya's in-laws for the Karvachauth celebration.


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