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Aditya makes Priya believe that he won't let anyone hurt her sentiments ever. Priya is shocked when Aditya breaks the news that Brahmanand was against their marriage initially. Rishabh is angry when he gets to know that Uttara has told everything to Devyani about what he made her do for money. He also does not allow her to leave the house as he doesn't want to get humiliated in public and hits her. Devyani tells Bauji that she is very concerned for Uttara and feels that something wrong is going to happen. Devyani calls up Uttara to find if everything is fine. Uttara in her attempt to save herself from Rishabh hits him with a hockey stick on his head. Rishabh gets soaked in blood but Uttara refuses to stop. Unable to reach Devyani she calls up Brahmanand and asks him to save her. Brahmanand sets out to save Uttara. Uttara gets shocked when she spots Rishabh trying to kill her with a knife. In her attempt to save herself she hits him hard with the hockey stick and Rishabh falls unconscious. Brahmanand comes to rescue Uttara. He is shocked when Uttara tells him that she has killed Rishabh. Brahmanand asks Uttara to keep her mouth shut and asks her to tell him what has happened. Rishabh is taken to the hospital by Brahmanand. He informs Devyani about the incident.



Brahmanand calms down Uttara and tells her that everything will be fine. Priya attempts to reveal the truth to Aditya when suddenly Devyani calls him up and informs him about Rishabh. Aditya rushes towards the hospital without listening to Priya. Everyone is shocked to see Uttara's condition. Brahmanand lies to all that Rishabh met with a major accident. The doctor informs all that it's very difficult to save Rishabh and he is a very critical condition. Sweety is angry with Chinu for acting like a bodyguard to her in the party. Bauji shouts at them and gets angry. Brahmanand asks Devyani to take Uttara away and also asks her not to let Uttara speak up anything about the incident as she might land herself in trouble.  Bauji is shocked to see Uttara's condition. Priya informs Bauji that Rishabh met with an accident and his condition is not good. Devyani gets concerned for Uttara and tells her that Brahmanand will handle everything. Uttara narrates Devyani how Rishabh injured her. She remembers the past when she first saw Rishabh in a hockey match and they both fell in love with each other



Uttara narrates Devyani the story of her life. She tells her how she got married to Rishabh and how Rishabh met with an accident during a bike ride. Imli too narrates Uttara's story to Priya and Vidya and informs them not to expect much from any relationship. She tells Priya that there is s huge difference between saying something and doing something. Devyani asks Uttara to have patience and control herself for Tara's sake. Aditya and Gourav decide to bring Tara. Priya decides to wait for sometime and then reveal the truth to Aditya as things are not favorable. Priya offers to take care of Uttara and asks Devyani to get freshen up and take rest. Gourav comes home and informs Vidya that he is going to pick up Tara. Vidya offers to come with him but her refuses taking her with him. Gourav gets angry with her when she touches the keys to the locker from which he has asked her to stay away. Vidya gets upset with Gourav's behavior towards her. Priya gets concerned when Uttara keeps saying that she has killed him. Devyani asks Priya to go and leave Uttara with her. Sweety informs Vidya that Priya was in Uttara's room all night to take care of her. Vidya informs Devyani that she will pack food for everyone who is in the hospital. Vidya feels Priya is doing every possible thing which an ideal daughter in law is supposed to do. She feels dejected for not being able to do anything good for the family.


Brahmanand asks the doctor to mention in the reports that Rishabh case was an accident. Brahmanand also tells Devyani that it would be difficult to save Uttara if she happens to reveal anything about the incident to the police. Aditya and Priya are asked to leave Uttara alone when the police come to take her statement. Brahmanand gets concerned when Aditya informs him that a police officer has come to take Uttara's statement. Uttara is about to reveal the truth when Devyani and Brahmanand drops in there and saves her. Vidya tells Imli that she wanted to go to the doctor with Devyani but she preferred taking Priya with her. Imli tries to provoke Vidya against Priya but Vidya tells her that it's all her fault and she should actively get involved in all the family matters. Rishabh's condition suddenly gets worse. Everyone gets concerned for him. He is declared dead. Brahmanand asks Devyani to take care of Uttara. Everyone gets shocked when Uttara shouts that she has killed Rishabh. Brahmanand saves Uttara from the police by informing that Uttara was at his place when Rishabh met with the accident. Uttara asks Devyani that she should have let her revealed the truth but Devyani asks her to control her emotions. She asks her to stay alive for Tara's sake. 


Gourav comes to pick Tara at her school. Tara asks him if everything is fine and she enquires about Rishabh. Priya calls up home and informs Vidya that Rishabh is no more. Vidya breaks the news to Bauji. Tara demands to talk to Rishabh. Gourav asks her to calm down. Priya informs Gourav that Rishabh is dead. Gourav informs Tara that Rishabh met with an accident. Tara demands to know the truth. Tara breaks down when Gourav reveals her the truth about Rishabh. She could not believe that Rishabh is no more. Bauji feels bad for Uttara. Bauji tells Devyani that whatever has happened should not have occurred. Vidya tries to make Uttara feel good. She asks her to cry as much as she can and ease her pain. Uttara refuses saying she is fine and don't feel like crying. Gourav informs Devyani that he will there at home along with Tara in some time. Tara asks Gourav not to take her home. She tells him that she don't want to see the dead body of her father. Uttara gets ready for the funeral. She refuses to cry and tells Devyani that she is not at all sad to see herself in plain clothes.


Uttara informs Devyani that she is happy Rishabh is no more. She tells her that now she can take care of her daughter who was sent away because of her father's behavior. Priya tells Vidya that Uttara is too upset to react to the situation and hence is not able to express her feelings.  Rishabh's dead body is brought in the house. Brahmanand tells Priya that he is glad she is handling the situation bravely forgetting everything. Priya tells him that she has not forgotten anything and is just waiting for the right time to reveal his true identity to all. Tara breaks down when she see her father's dead body. She refuses to come near Uttara and hugs her father's body. Tara holds her mother responsible for her father's death. She accuses her for keeping her away from her father. Uttara breaks down when Rishabh's body is taken away for the funeral. Brahmanand informs Devyani that Rishabh's case is closed now and Uttara is safe. Uttara tells Devyani that she does not want to go to the jail as she needs to take care of Tara. She tells Devyani that she is really grateful to Brahmanand who has done so much of her.



Vidya overhears Gourav talking to someone over phone. Everyone gets concerned when Tara starts shouting and refuses to come near Uttara. She demands to go back to her hostel. Uttara fears of the consequences when Tara will come to know that her own mother is responsible for Rishabh's death. Brahmanand consoles her and tells her that everything will be fine. Priya tells Aditya that it was not at all right for Brahmanand to misuse his power and cheat the system to save Uttara. Aditya informs Priya the darker side of Rishabh. He asks her if it would have been right if Uttara would have spent her entire life in jail for a person like Rishabh who never respected her. Aditya asks Priya what she was trying to reveal on Valentines Day


Priya's words bother Brahmanand. He gets annoyed when Bauji asks him why he is sad. Bauji asks Devyani to control Brahmanand or else things could go wrong. Brahmanand finds out a solution to get rid of all his troubles. Vidya pulls out the keys to the locker and decides to check out what's inside. Uttara is depressed because of Tara's ignorance towards her. Devyani asks Uttara not to hold herself responsible for Rishabh's death. Vidya gets concerned when she sees Priya taking up all the responsibilities of the house. Priya is scared when Brahmanand gives her hints that he can harm her father who is still out of town.


Priya is in a dilemma as whom to choose between her family and her responsibilities. Brahmanand informs all that he has arranged for Tara's admission at a school in Rohtak. Tara refuses to open the door. Later she comes out of her room dressed up and demands to go back to her hostel. Brahmanand gets angry and asks Tara to go back to her room. Tara gets angry with Brahmanand and locks herself in her room. Brahmanand asks everyone not to talk to Tara. He tells Uttara to let Tara realize her importance in her life. Priya is not able to get through Prabudh. She is tensed as she is not able to share her worries with anyone. She goes blank and hurts herself accidently.


Priya is tensed and sets out to search for her father. Brahmanand makes Prabudh talk to Priya. Prabudh informs Priya that his wallet and cell phone were stolen. Uttara refuses to eat until and unless Tara eats something. Brahmanand sympathizes with Priya in front of Aditya. Imli and Vidya decide to make something special for Tara so that she eats something. Priya appreciate and thanks Brahmanand for helping her out in front of Aditya. Vidya attempts to make Tara eat the food but she refuses and also behaves rudely with Vidya. Priya takes the food from Vidya's hand and enters Tara's room.

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Priya makes Tara feel comfortable by narrating her story. Tara is convinced with Priya's story and starts eating. Everyone praises Priya for her attempt. Aditya asks Priya to address Brahmanand as dad. Sweety gives the whole credit to Priya for convincing Tara to eat. Vidya and Imli gets disheartened. Vidya is upset when she fails in her attempts to impress everyone. She tells Imli that she had failed in her attempts to prove herself a good wife and a good daughter in law. Priya tells Brahmanand that he should not demand respect from her as she can't forget whatever he has done to her in the past. Brahmanand asks her to keep quiet if she cares for her family.


Tara considers Uttara responsible for keeping her away from her father. She demands to go back home. Vidya comes to the market to make a duplicate key to the locker. Aditya informs Priya that he is soon joining the youth party. Brahmanand tells Devyani that women should raise a voice if anything wrong goes with them. Priya apologizes to Brahmanand and informs him that she wants to sort out things with him. Brahmanand is relieved with Priya's decision and promises to give her all the comforts which she deserves being the daughter in law of the Jhakkar family. Priya decides to wait for the time when Aditya himself will fight for justice and confront Brahmanand.


Uttara remembers the dreadful moments which led to Rishabh's death and gets disturbed.  Vidya takes an imprint of the key to Gourav's locker when he is sleeping. Brahmanand consoles Uttara and assures her that everything will be fine. The Jhakkar family prepares for Rishabh's condolence. Gourav informs Vidya that he is going out somewhere for some urgent work. Brahmanand informs Aditya that the chief minister will also be coming for the condolence meet and it's a good opportunity for him to get introduced to her. Priya convinces Tara to come for the pooja. Tara refuses to sit near Uttara and holds her responsible for her father's death. .


Devyani does not like Roshni Devi interfering and poking her nose in Uttara and Rishabh's relationship.  Vidya decides to go to the market and get the keys made to Gaurav's locker. She asks Imli to handle the situation till the time she comes back. Brahmanand informs Roshni Devi that Aditya is stepping into politics very soon. She is shocked when Brahmanand tells her that Aditya is not joining her party. Aditya introduces Priya to Roshni. She also demands to meet with Vidya. Imli lies to Priya that Vidya is not well and she is sleeping inside her room. Brahmanand gets angry with Vidya for not coming to meet Roshni Devi. He asks her where she was.

Imli saves Vidya from Brahmanand's wrath. Brahmanand teaches Aditya the tricks of politics. Uttara decides to go back to her house along with Tara. Imli asks Vidya not to share her worries with Priya. Tara insists to go back to her house and refuses to listen to anyone. Uttara returns home. Devyani asks her to think about her decision again. The house reminds Uttara of Rishabh. Priya suggests Aditya that somebody should tell Tara the truth about her father. Aditya gets angry when Priya tries to compare Brahmanand with Rishabh.  Uttara imagines Rishabh trying to kill her. She gets frightened and starts shouting. Later she finds out that its not Rishabh but Brahmanand who has come to her rescue.



Brahmanand gets worried to see Uttara's condition. He refuses to let her stay in the house alone. The Jhakkar family tries to convince Tara to stay with them along with Uttara. Tara blames Uttara for always trying to impose her decision on her. Vidya finds the keys to Gaurav's locker. She opens it and gets the shock of her life. Aditya gets romantic with Priya. Aditya's love and affection brings back the bitter memories in Priya's minds when she was harassed by Brahmanand. She refrains herself from reacting to Aditya's love. Aditya gets angry and refuses to touch her.


Maasimaa is upset because of Robindo's allegations. Taani consoles her and asks her to stay back. Taani asks Jonaki to take anything which she wants but not to hurt people's sentiments. Jonaki tries to be good to Taani in front of Robindo to gain his sympathy. Robindo asks Taani to mind her own business. Nilanjana and Shekhar inform Thakumaa and Laboni that they are planning to send the newly wed couples for honeymoon. Taani refuses to go as she is concerned as who will take care of Ananya's child in her absence. Anurag is happy to see Robindo's dedication towards work. Taani and Anurag spend some time with Kuhu.  


Aditya handles the situation tactfully and stuns Roshni Devi with his presence of mind. Priya calls up Aditya but he refuses answering her call. Roshni Devi is impressed with Aditya and offers to take him in her party. Aditya thanks Brahmanand for all his support. Aditya returns home and is stunned to see Priya's photograph in the newspaper. Priya tells Aditya that she is really finding it difficult to come out of her dreadful past. Aditya feels guilty and apologizes to her for his behavior. Vidya informs Priya that they are stuck somewhere on the way. She also asks Priya not to let anyone know about the truth at home. Priya lies to Devyani that Vidya has reached safely. Devyani feels there's something which Priya is hiding from her

Vidya and Imli land up in a hotel to spend the night. Priya does not let Aditya discuss anything about her with Brahmanand. Tara is shocked when Brahmanand mentions about her admission in Rohtak. Vidya informs Priya that the hotel which they found was not fit to stay so they will be spending the night in the car. Vidya and Imli come to the hotel where Gaurav is staying.  The manager of the hotel refuses to give them any information. Priya is shocked to see Vidya's mother at their place. She somehow handles the situation and prevents Devyani from knowing the truth about Vidya's whereabouts. Vidya tells Imli that she is scared of finding out Gaurav's truth.

Aditya goes to the police station where Priya was brought to find out who was the in charge. Vidya and Imli spot the same girl whom they had seen in the photograph with Gaurav. They are relieved when they see the girl coming to meet a different boy and not Gaurav. Devyani demands to know about Vidya' whereabouts from Priya. Vidya finds out that Gaurav had checked out from the hotel before she came. Vidya is relieved when the manager of the hotel informs them that Gaurav was not staying with any girl. Roshni Devi's secretary informs her that Aditya had come to the police station to dig out for some information for which she had sent him.

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Roshni Devi asks Aditya if he wants to share anything related to his or Priya's past which could affect her party's image. Aditya and Devyani is against Brahmanand celebrating holi as they think Uttara and Tara won't like it. Aditya calls up the police officer who attended Priya when she was brought to the police station years ago. Uttara refuses to be a part of the celebration. Bauji and Brahmanand ask Uttara to forget everything and start life afresh. Gaurav asks Devyani why he was called home all of a sudden. Devyani informs him that Vidya went to the hotel to look for him. Priya informs Vidya that Devyani knows the truth. Vidya apologizes to Devyani and Gaurav.

Uttara asks Tara to be a part of the celebration. Devyani makes Tara believe that her dad would be very happy to see her play with colours. Roshni Devi comes for the puja and surprises Brahmanand. Aditya informs Priya that he met inspector Choudhury and he will let him know about the accused next day. Brahmanand is stunned when Roshni Devi tells him that she knows he tried molesting her own daughter in law. She also tells him that Aditya will very soon also come to know about his truth. She makes Brahmanand plead before her. Brahmanand doubts that it's no one else but Priya who is behind all these mess


Sweety and Chinu asks Tara to play holi with them. Uttara and Devyani are happy to see Tara getting involved in the celebration. Brahmanand promises himself not to let his family reputation get ruined by any means. Aditya promises Priya to find out who the culprit is very soon. The Jhakkar family enjoys the festival of colors. Uttara misses Rishabh. Everyone is shocked when Brahmanand puts colors at Uttara. The entire family then plays holi with her asking her to forget everything. Roshni Devi asks Brahmanand to gear up to face the consequences. Vidya shares her happiness with her mother and tells her that she is very happy. But then suddenly all her happiness is shattered when she spots Gaurav with the same girl whom she had seen in the photograph.


Priya is shocked when Aditya tells her that the name of the person who molested her. Brahmanand is relieved and tells Roshni Devi that he played his game well. Vidya informs Priya about Gaurav hugging the girl whom she had seen in the photograph with him. Devyani is shocked when Vidya informs her about the incident. Brahmanand celebrates his win over Priya. He is drunk and notices Uttara closely. Devyani tells Vidya that girl might be just Gaurav's friend. Devyani asks her to forget everything for the time being as she does not want others to know anything about the incident. Priya tries to talk to Aditya about Brahmanand. 


Roshni Devi asks Priya to be in touch as now her husband is a crucial part of her political party. Aditya loses his control when a person suddenly enters their house and starts abusing Brahmanand. Priya gets shocked to see Aditya's angry look. Devyani and Brahmanand gets concerned for Aditya as the person whom he had beaten up is in a very critical condition.  Brahmanand gets angry not to find Gaurav when he is required. Priya is very disturbed and tells Aditya that he should have given a chance to that person to speak up. The Jhakkar family is shocked to see police at their place with Aditya's arrest warrant. He informs Brahmanand that the person whom Aditya has beaten is the MLA's only son. Aditya does not let Brahmanand plead for him and offers to go with the police.

Devyani and Bauji ask Brahmanand to get Aditya out of jail. Roshni Devi is shocked when she is informed about Aditya's arrest. She asks her assistant to find out the truth behind Aditya's arrest. Brahmanand informs the police officer that he intentionally got Aditya arrested to teach Priya a lesson. Vidya is upset. Imli and Bauji cheer her up. Priya comes to the police station to meet Aditya but she is not allowed to meet him. She is shocked to see the same person with Brahmanand there who lied to her about his identity before her marriage with Aditya. Brahmanand let Priya meet Aditya. Aditya does not appreciate Priya coming to the jail to meet him and asks her to go home.

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Devyani and Bauji ask Brahmanand to get Aditya out of jail. Roshni Devi is shocked when she is informed about Aditya's arrest. She asks her assistant to find out the truth behind Aditya's arrest. Brahmanand informs the police officer that he intentionally got Aditya arrested to teach Priya a lesson. Vidya is upset. Imli and Bauji cheer her up. Priya comes to the police station to meet Aditya but she is not allowed to meet him. She is shocked to see the same person with Brahmanand there who lied to her about his identity before her marriage with Aditya. Brahmanand let Priya meet Aditya. Aditya does not appreciate Priya coming to the jail to meet him and asks her to go home.


Brahmanand takes Priya to a deserted place and threatens her. He tells her that he is the one who is behind Aditya's arrest as he wanted to show her how much Aditya cares for him. Devyani and Bauji are worried for Aditya. Brahmanand asks Priya to think before she takes any step in future. He makes her realize that she can't harm him by taking Aditya's help and asks her to stay numb. He makes her responsible for Aditya's present state. The Jhakkar family is upset when Brahmanand returns home without Aditya. Devyani tries to console Priya. Priya gets concerned for Aditya and gets nightmare. Priya realizes that only Brahmanand can save Aditya. Priya apologizes to Brahmanand and asks him to get Aditya out of jail. He asks Priya to promise him not to invoke Aditya against him in future.


Priya asks Brahmanand to get Aditya out of the jail and also promises that she won't reveal his truth to him. The inspector informs Brahmanand that the commissioner of police had ordered them not to release Aditya. It's Roshni Devi who had asked the commissioner to release this order.  Gaurav returns home and is shocked to know about Aditya's arrest. Brahmanand is worried as now he is intertwined in his own plan. He informs the police that he intentionally got Aditya arrested and the commissioner of police has no rights to keep him in jail. Roshni Devi is happy when Brahmanand calls her and asks for help. Vidya's mother asks her to take extra effort and try to mend her broken relationship with Gaurav. Roshni Devi informs Brahmanand that she had to take lot of effort to release Aditya from the jail.


Brahmanand is guilty for using Aditya in his plan against Priya. Aditya overhears Brahmanand's conversation and gets suspicious. Brahmanand however handles the situation later. Vidya tells Imli that she can't face Gaurav after the incident. Everyone is happy to see Aditya back Priya tells Vidya that everything will get back to normal very soon. Devyani get concerned to see bruises on Aditya's body and asks him not to risk his life again. Priya gets frightened every time she confronts Brahmanand. Brahmanand threatens Priya not to repeat the same mistake again or else there is every possibility that Aditya might turn against her.


Aditya asks Priya to forget everything and tells her that now they should start searching for her accused.  Priya gets frightened and decides not to bring out this topic again for Aditya's well being. Devyani feels guilty to see Vidya upset and decides to talk to Gaurav about the same. She overhears Gaurav talking to Aarti over phone and gets to know that he intentionally made Vidya see him with her. Gaurav informs Devyani that he can never accept his relationship with Vidya. Bauji asks Devyani about Vidya and Gaurav's relationship. Devyani gives Vidya strength to face the present situation rather then giving away all hopes. Brahmanand informs Roshni Devi that he intentionally sent Aditya to jail to teach Priya a lesson.  Roshni Devi decides to take advantage of Brahmanand's weakest point.


Brahmanand is drunk and disturbed. Uttara asks him to face situations boldly and tells him to share his feelings with her. Brahmanand is attracted to Uttara. Devyani, Priya, Vidya and Uttara gets upset when they think of their present lives. Gaurav gets surprised to see Vidya happy and talking to him in a way as if nothing has happened. Priya gets concerned when see overhear Aditya speaking to someone over the phone asking him to find out about the accused. Uttara and Devyani are shocked to when Brahmanand ask Uttara to wear color clothes rather then the usual white attire. He asks her to forget everything.

Imli is shocked to see a sudden change in Vidya's attitude towards Gaurav and informs the same to Priya. Vidya tells Priya and Imli that she can't let anyone take over Gaurav from her. Vidya decides to fight her war alone. Everyone is happy to see Uttara in different attire. Brahmanand appreciates Uttara's decision and tells everyone that he does not believe in isolating women and make them feel left out. Uttara thanks. Brahmanand lies to Aditya that Priya was discussing about the police inspector who tried ruining her life. Aditya gets angry as Priya had asked him not to reveal anything to Brahmanand. Bauji tells Uttara that he is happy to see her coming to life again. Tara demands to talk to Devyani. Bauji tells Uttara that Tara would very soon realize her mistake and would come to her.


Brahmanand tries to provoke Aditya against Priya. He tells him that it's very difficult to understand women and trust them. Vidya packs food for Gaurav and decides to take it herself to his office. Imli tells her that Aarti would also be there but Vidya decides to go there alone and handle things of her own. Devyani is surprised to see Vidya's dedication for Gaurav. Roshni Devi informs Brahmanand and Aditya that it's really difficult to promote Aditya as a member of her party after his arrest. Gaurav is concerned with Vidya's behavior towards him. She shares the same with Aarti. Aarti tells him to have some patience. Vidya and Aarti comes face to face with each other at Gaurav''s office. Gaurav does not appreciate Vidya coming to his office. He asks her to go away and leave him alone.


Aditya offers to help Roshni Devi with a case for which she is worried. Gaurav and Aarti gets disturbed to see Vidya. Gaurav tells Aarti that he knows how to keep Vidya away. He starts avoiding Vidya in front of Aarti and makes her jealous. Priya decorates her room to surprise Aditya. Devyani asks Priya to help Tara with her studies. Tara refuses to discuss things with Uttara and tells her that she does not consider her worthy enough. She tells Devyani about her preference of schools in which she wants to get herself admitted. Vidya waits for Gaurav to finish his work bur Gaurav pretends that he is very busy. Brahmanand tries to cheer up an upset Uttara. He tells her that she can discuss anything with him. He tries to comfort Uttara but Uttara had no clue what's going on in his mind.


Brahmanand tells Aditya that he is deeply hurt when Priya told him about the accused and not him. Aditya feels guilty and at the same time gets angry with Priya because it's her who has asked him not to discuss things with Brahmanand. Aditya gets angry with Priya and tells her to accept the truth. Priya refuses saying she had not lied. Aditya gets confused when Priya asks him to choose between his father and her. Vidya is hurt when she see Aarti sitting in the front seat in Gaurav's car. Devyani tells Brahmanand that he had made a mistake for making Uttara wear colored clothes. Uttara overhears their conversation and gets upset. Brahmanand too gets angry with Devyani. He gets concerned to see Aditya sitting in his car all alone. They spend some time with each other. Devyani apologizes to Uttara and tells her that whatever she had said is for her own good.

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Brahmanand makes Aditya drink with him and asks him to share his worries. Vidya comes home and lies to Priya that she had an awesome day at Gaurav's office. Priya is shocked to see Aditya drinking with Brahmanand. Imli tells Jaggi that they are most happily married couple in the house. She informs him about Priya and Vidya's woes. Aditya expresses his feelings in front of Brahmanand when he is drunk. Brahmanand is shocked to know that there is no physical relationship between Aditya and Priya yet. Brahmanand tells Aditya that it's very difficult to understand women. Brahmanand is drunk and enters Uttara's room while she is sleeping. He then refrains himself from touching her and comes out of her room. Devyani witnesses this incident and gets shocked.


Priya tells Aditya to talk and resolve things rather then stay numb. Aditya tells Priya that he is annoyed after getting married to her. Priya is hurt when Aditya tells her that he shouldn't have married her. Devyani asks Uttara is everything is fine. She feels as if something terrible is going to happen. Sweety and Gaurav plans for Aditya's birthday surprise. Priya plans to surprise Aditya and decide to prove her love for him. Brahmanand tells Priya that he will very soon throw her out of the house. Priya seeks Sweety's help to plan for Aditya's birthday surprise.

Gaurav and Aarti are shocked to see Vidya again in the office. Sweety calls up Aditya and asks him to come and pick her up as she is going out with her friends. She does this as per Priya's plan. Brahmanand gets to know about the same and calls up Sweety to confirm. Gaurav and Aarti are irritated to see Vidya again in the office again. Aditya comes at the banquet hall to pick up Sweety but is shocked to see to see the whole floor decorated and a birthday cake which has his name. Priya comes there and apologize to him. Priya is shocked to see the entire Jhakkar family at the banquet hall. Sweety informs her that Brahmanand had asked to come for the party. Brahmanand comes home and plans to spend time with Uttara while nobody is at home. Devyani calls up Brahmanand but he refuses to take her call. Aditya celebrates his birthday with his family.

Devyani is concerned for Uttara as she is alone in the house. Brahmanand tells Uttara that he likes talking to her and shares his feelings. Uttara too thanks him for all his support. Brahmanand is shocked to see Devyani at home before time. He gets angry when Sweety informs him that they had left Aditya and Priya alone for sometime.

Brahmanand loses his control when he gets to know that Priya and Aditya are together. Gaurav gets angry with Vidya all of a sudden. He gets irritated when Vidya does not react but listen to him patiently. Devyani gets concerned to see Brahmanand disturbed. Brahmanand asks her to mind her own job and stay away from him. Gaurav tells Aarti that it's high time and they should find out a solution to get rid of Vidya as he can't keep hurting her again and again. Brahmanand calls up Aditya but could get through him. Tara asks Sweety and Chinu to give her some gift ideas for Aditya. Uttara drops in there and suggests her to make a picture book for Aditya. Priya and Aditya spend some beautiful moments together. Uttara is shocked to see Brahmanand using all his powers to find out about Priya and Aditya. Aditya and Priya are made to vacate their room because of a raid. Priya gets to know that the raid is done as per Brahmanand's order.


Uttara asks Brahmanand to share his worries with her. Aditya and Priya returns home. Brahmanand does not allow Aditya to spend time with Priya and asks him to sit with him for sometime. Vidya wakes up and is shocked not to find Gaurav in the house early in the morning. Everyone wishes Aditya on his birthday.  Brahmanand threatens Priya not to play game with him. Priya informs him that no one can come in between her and Aditya's love. Gaurav gets irritated to see Vidya in the office early in the morning. He tells her that he loves Aarti and asks her to stay away from his life. Vidya claims her possession on Gaurav and tells him that being a wife she would keep trying to win his love. Gaurav tells her that she stands no where before Aarti and can't even be compared to her. Vidya gets disheartened.

Vidya is shattered when Gaurav expresses his love for Aarti in front of her. Uttara is about to tell Tara about Rishabh's truth but just then Devyani comes and stops her. Devyani gets tensed to see Vidya crying. Gaurav is guilty for hurting Vidya again and again. Devyani apologizes to Vidya for all the pain and sufferings which she has to go through. Devyani lies to Gaurav that Vidya has not come home. Aditya and Priya miss each other. Vidya tells Imli that she has to go a long way to win Gaurav's love. Priya gets ready before Aditya comes. Aditya comes home and asks Priya for his gift. Brahmanand gets concerned to see the closeness between Aditya and Priya.

Brahmanand informs Priya that Aditya will not be coming home tonight. He tells her that it's useless to wait for him. Aditya confirms the same to Priya. Uttara tells Brahmanand that she wants to talk to him for sometime. Priya waits for Aditya. Brahmanand imagines getting intimate with Uttara. Uttara expresses her desire to go out and work but Brahmanand tell her that she is his responsibility now. Gaurav is relieved to see Vidya at home and hugs her. Vidya is happy and informs Devyani about the same. Aditya returns home and apologizes to Priya for coming home late.


Uttara makes Priya play a prank on Aditya. Aditya plans to take Priya for honeymoon. Tara is excited to go to her new school. Devyani plans to take her out for shopping but Uttara does not approve of it and thinks they are being a burden to Devyani. Uttara tells Devyani that she is very fortunate to have a understanding life partner like Brahmanand.. Priya plans for her trip with Aditya. Gaurav and Aarti have an argument. Aarti feels that Gaurav is attracted towards Vidya but Gaurav does not approve of this and gets angry. Uttara gets ready to come with Tara and Devyani for shopping. Tara tells Devyani that she will not come if Uttara comes with them.


Vidya asks Sweety to help her get over her village girl image. Brahmanand asks Aditya not to get involved in any tricky case as it is not good for his career. He gets to know that Aditya and Priya and are planning for an outing. Sweety agrees to help Vidya transform her personality. Uttara tries to keep herself occupied in the house by performing the household chores. Gaurav could not get through Aarti when he tries calling her Sweety helps Vidya with the basic etiquettes. Chinu too steps in and helps her out.  Uttara prepares food for everyone as she had nothing to do. Tara returns home after shopping with Devyani. She refuses to reply to Uttara when she asks her about the shopping. Devyani gets shocked when Uttara announces that she had prepared food for everyone.


Gaurav returns home early and asks for Vidya. Sweety and Chinu are busy giving lessons to Vidya. Vidya tries to walk in high heels and falls down. Gaurav gets angry and tells Vidya not to try doing things which she had never tried before. Devyani informs Brahmanand that Uttara has prepared dinner for everyone. She gets concerned as her family has the habit of eating food prepared by her only. Brahmanand tells Priya that he would not let Aditya come with her. He also tells her that Aditya would very soon cut her out from his life. Priya tells him that she would never let this happen. Uttara is happy when everyone praises the food prepared by her. Devyani tells Bauji that he should not have lied to her about the food prepared by Uttara. Bauji tells Devyani that he did not wanted to hurt her.


Devyani is worried as she thinks her importance is getting diminished in the house because of Uttara. Vidya keeps repeating her lessons in her sleep and disturbs Gaurav. Priya tells Devyani about her plans to surprise Aditya. She tells her that she had already booked the tickets for Shimla. Devyani is still not able to accept the fact that Uttara can make better food then her. Bauji consoles Devyani and tells her that nothing can beat her persona and importance in the house. Gaurav informs Vidya that he has taken the day off and would stay at home. Vidya gets concerned as now her lessons would get affected. Priya takes Aditya away from Brahmanand saying she wants to go to the temple with him. Aditya is surprised when Priya tells him that they are going to Shimla. Brahmanand asks Aditya to come back early as he needs to discuss something urgent.

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hey thnks alot ! PM Uzma a.k.a Modhish to make it sticky Big smile

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Brahmanand cooks up a story and prevents Aditya from going to Shimla with Priya. He plans to send Aditya off to Goa for a rally away from Priya.  Aditya postpone his honeymoon plans with Priya and leave for Goa. Aditya asks Priya to come along with him but she refuses and gets angry with him. Brahmanand celebrates his win over Priya and makes her feel low and depressed. Chinu consoles Priya and cheers her up. Aditya reach Goa for the rally. Aditya is disappointed with Priya's behavior and refuses to take her call.

Devyani is surprised to see Brahmanand happy and in a celebration mood. Brahmanand is shocked when Devyani announces the next morning that Priya has left for Goa to meet Aditya. The members invite Aditya for the party after the rally gets over. Aditya is surprised to see Priya in front of him. Brahmanand is angry with Devyani for sending Priya to Goa without his permission. Aditya and Priya get ready to go for the party. Brahmanand tries to call Aditya but Priya does not let Aditya take his call. Aditya and Priya meet someone in Goa who asks them to stay alert in the party. Priya and Aditya enjoy themselves in the party. All of a sudden Priya and Aditya are interrogated for keeping drugs with them. ACP Vishnu Kamat enters the party.

ACP Kamat enters the party and arrests everyone present there. He refuses to believe Aditya when he tells him that he is not a drug peddler. Later he lets them go when Fernandez takes their responsibility and tells him that they are innocent. Aditya is surprised when ACP Kamat tells him about his family history. Priya responds to Brahmanand's call on Aditya's phone and makes him angry. Brahmanand's loses his control when Priya does not let him speak to Aditya. He asks his assistant to hit him hard. He hurts himself as well to make his wounds deeper. Aditya prepares for a surprise for Priya. The Jhakkar family gets concerned to see Brahmanand's condition. They are informed that he met with an accident. Aditya and Priya spend some intimate moments with each other.

Devyani tries to contact Aditya and tell him about Brahmanand's condition but she is not able to connect with him. Aditya and Priya gets cozy and express their love. Aditya gets worried for Brahmanand when Devyani informs her about his accident. He sets out for Rohtak along with Priya. Gaurav is disturbed and thinks why Brahmanand does not give any importance to him. Vidya tries to comfort him. Brahmanand pretends as if he is feeling bad to ruin Aditya's honeymoon plans in front of Devyani. He is glad as he has successfully executed his plan. Uttara asks for Devyani's help to convince Tara go to school. She tells Devyani that she will prepare breakfast for Brahmanand and feed him. Brahmanand is happy to have Uttara around him. Devyani gets concerned to see Brahmanand's behavior towards Uttara.

Aditya and Priya returns home. Aditya is shocked to see Brahmanand's condition. Priya gets to know Brahmanand's intentions. Brahmanand is shocked when Priya informs him that his fear has become a reality now. Brahmanand creates misunderstanding between Priya and Aditya. Vidya and Imli overhear Gaurav telling Aarti that he won't be coming to office. Aditya is angry with Priya for being rude to Brahmanand. She apologizes to Brahmanand in front of Aditya to make things better. He also offers to prepare medicine for him. Aditya appreciates Priya's care and concern for his father. Brahmanand refuses taking the medicine prepared by Priya. Later he drinks it when everyone insists.

Vidya practices her lessons when Devyani comes inside her room. She is happy to see her dedication to win Gaurav's love. Priya asks Aditya if he is still angry with her. Devyani gets concerned to see Brahmanand getting attracted towards Uttara. Brahmanand asks Uttara to spend some time with him and tells her that he likes to share his feelings with her. Devyani gets concerned to see the close proximity between Brahmanand and Uttara. Sweety and Chinu gives dance lessons to Vidya. Imli is happy to see an improvement in Vidya's communication skills. Uttara asks Devyani to let loose of herself sometimes and enjoy life to the fullest rather then being rigid all the time. She also asks for a favour from her asking if she can keep herself busy with all the household chores.

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Vidya asks Gaurav to take her out for dinner. Sweety and Chinu assures Vidya that everything will be fine and she should be able to impress Gaurav. Sweety brings Vidya to the parlour for a makeover. Gaurav informs Aarti that Vidya has invited him for a dinner tonight. Aarti gets angry. Imli and Vidya get tensed to see Aarti in the same par lour where they have come. Brahmanand asks Priya about Aditya. He gets worried when Priya informs him that Aditya is out to solve the case of the couples who are missing. Brahmanand gets concerned for Aditya and tells Priya not to hide anything from him in future. Brahmanand is happy when Uttara caters to his needs. Vidya faces a tough time escaping Vidya's eyes in the parlour.

Priya consoles Devyani and tells her that Brahmanand will be fine very soon. Devyani tells Priya that Brahmanand is the back bone of the family and they can't afford to see him suffer. Brahmanand refuses to eat the food brought by Priya. He tells her that he can't trust her any more. Priya feels bad when Brahmanand asks her to eat a portion of the food to confirm that the food is safe to eat. Vidya gets ready for the dinner. Everyone gets surprised to see her in a new look. Vidya thanks Chinu and Sweety for all their help and sets out for the dinner with Gaurav. Brahmanand gifts a pendant to Uttara.

Vidya waits for Gaurav but he does not turn up on time. Everyone in the restaurant admires Vidya's beauty. Uttara refuses to accept the gift given by Brahmanand saying being a widow she should wear such fancy things. Devyani gets disturbed to see Brahmanand helping out Uttara wear the neck piece. She loses her control and takes out her anger on Imli. Vidya gets worried as Gaurav has still not reached. Vidya is delighted to see Gaurav in the restaurant. She later gets shocked to see Aarti as well along with Gaurav. Gaurav and Aarti are too engrossed in them and refuse to entertain Vidya. Vidya later stuns them with her communication skills.

Devyani is disturbed because of Brahmanand's behavior. Vidya thanks Gaurav for coming with her for dinner. She invites Gaurav for a dance and this makes Aarti jealous. Devyani gets restless and starts imagining Brahmanand and Uttara together. Aarti gets jealous to see Vidya dancing with Gaurav and leaves. Gaurav tries to stop Aarti but she leaves. He holds Vidya responsible for all the mess. Vidya tells Gaurav that he should not have married her if he loved someone else. Gaurav informs her that he married her because of family pressure. Gaurav apologizes to Vidya and asks her to stop trying to impress him. He stuns Vidya by saying that he can never leave Aarti and would be with her life long.
Devyani enters Uttara's room to make sure everything is fine. She is shocked to see Brahmanand entering Uttara's room. Aditya is shocked to see Vidya standing in the middle of the road all alone. Aditya drops Vidya home and searches for Gaurav. Vidya informs Chinu that Gaurav did not liked the surprise. Chinu and Aditya console Vidya and Gaurav. Vidya asks Devyani she wants to know as to who pressurized Gaurav to marry her. Devyani feels guilty and informs Vidya that she is the one who is responsible for her present state. Devyani offers to talk to Gaurav but Vidya tells her that she wants to sort out the differences herself.


Vidya is disturbed because of Gaurav's statement about Aarti. She decides to sort out everything and visits Aarti's place without informing anyone about the same. Aarti is shocked to see Vidya in at her place. Gaurav looks out for Vidya in the house and gets concerned on not finding her. Sweety and Tara asks Gaurav about the surprise which Vidya gave him. Vidya requests Aarti to go away from Gaurav's life for the sake of her family. Aarti tells her that this could not happen. Aarti asks Vidya to sort out this issue with Gaurav. Vidya tells Aarti that she can do anything to save her marriage. Brahmanand is surprised to see Vidya in a new look.  The kids give a surprise to their mother's on Mother's Day. Tara neglects Uttara and refuses to wish her.

Devyani and Uttara are surprised to see the arrangements made by the kids. Aarti tries to speak to Gaurav but he is too busy with making the arrangements for Mother's Day. Vidya tells Imli that she went to Aarti's place this morning. Brahmanand speaks to Tara and tries to make her feel comfortable. He asks her to change her attitude towards Uttara. He tells Tara about Uttara and Rishabh's relationship and also about the sacrifices made by Uttara. Devyani and Uttara are given special treatment on Mother's Day. Devyani shares her feelings on being a mother. Uttara is surprised when Tara addresses her as "Maa". She also apologizes to Uttara for neglecting her. Tara informs all that Brahmanand made her realize her mistake. 

Uttara is happy to get Tara's attention. Priya informs Brahmanand that she is impressed with the way he mended Uttara and Tara's relationship. Gaurav gets angry when Vidya informs him that she went to meet Aarti. He asks Vidya to stop interfering in his life. Uttara tells Devyani that she is thankful to Brahmanand for whatever he has done for her. Devyani suggests her to focus on Tara. Aditya comes to settle the case and look out for the couple who are missing. He has a heated argument with the panchayat who refuses to tell him about the whereabouts of the couple. Uttara comes to Brahmanand to thank him personally.

Aditya gets involved in a fight with the villagers when they refuse to tell him the whereabouts of the couple. Brahmanand drops in there and takes him away. Aditya holds himself responsible for not helping out the young couple who are missing. Chinu gets concerned to see Vidya upset and informs the same to Gaurav. Aditya returns home and refuses to talk to anyone in the house. Gaurav sets out to meet Aarti late at night to sort out the differences. Priya gets concerned for Aditya and tries to calm him down. Aditya cries in front of Priya and tells her that he has failed in his attempts. Aarti calls up Vidya and asks her to come and meet her urgently.

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