!!...Maryada Lekin Kab tak?...!!(18/10/10-13/4/12)

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I know many have joined later or will join us over the duration and so this is a summary of the episodes from the start.. : D

(None of this so far belongs to me. This has been taken from the written updates from STAR PLUS Website, however I will be editing it...)EmbarrassedEmbarrassed 

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I will keep updating the story .

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!!...Story So Far...!!

Priya, her dad and her brother have a tough time dealing with a bus conductor. They are not allowed to travel in the bus. Priya's dad is very angry with the roadways service. Priya suggests that they travel by train but her dad refuses to do so. On Priya's insistence they finally decide to travel by train. Devyani is seen decorating the house. Her son Gaurav just got married to a girl called Vidya. She enquires Vidya about Gaurav and asks them to get ready as they need to come and take blessings from bauji. Gaurav and Vidya being a newly married couple don't interact much. Vidya is too shy to even talk to Gaurav. Gaurav doesn't let her do his work and tells her that he likes to do his own stuff. Priya insists on buying the railway tickets. Her brother Chinu and her dad appreciates of her taking the initiative and be bold enough to face the outside world. Bauji refuses to give blessings to the newly wed couples. Devyani on the other hand insists him to do so. Vidya is hurt when she hear bauji saying that he is not happy with the wedding.  

Priya hides the one single ticket which she had booked for herself from Chinu. Jaggi books the tickets for Devyani and her family for Mansa Devi. Devyani is shocked to learn that Aditya's dad is not accompanying them. Uttara is seen getting ready for to go with Devyani and her family to Mansa Devi. Rishabh objects on her going along with Brahmanand. He seems to dislike Brahmanand. Uttara reminds Rishabh about Brahmanand helping him get a job. He still doesn't seem to have a respect for him. Devyani,Vidya, Priya and Uttara are seen fighting with their emotions and pain. Aditya is struggling to reach the station on time. He has his first encounter with Priya on the railway platform. Priya is seen getting distracted when she see the cops standing in front of her eyes. Some old memories start flashing and she loses control. She is about to fall on the tracks while a train is coming when Aditya rescues her.

Aditya is impressed with Priya. He develops a liking for her. Chinu gets worried to see Priya disturbed. Devyani is happy to see Aditya come on time. The railway authority books a whole boogie for Devyani and her family. Priya's dad gets angry when they are made to switch from 2nd tier AC to 3rd tier AC. He argues wit the ticket collector. Vidya is stunned when she finds that a whole boogie has been booked for the family. SSP Brahmanand is seen chasing a thief. Priya has some unknown fear on her mind when she enters the train. Jaggi pulls the chain to stop the train when he spots SSP Brahmanand. Brahmanand gets angry with Jaggi and shouts at him for misusing his power. Priya's dad irritates the passengers with his questions. Gaurav seems disturbed and chooses to stay alone. Aditya is happy to see Priya travelling in the same train.

Priya thinks about how Aditya saved her life. She is a little disturbed. Imli asks Vidya to spend some time with Gaurav. Aditya catches Vidya secretly checking out Gaurav. Vidya gets embarrassed. Uttara stuns Devyani and her family with her sudden arrival. Everyone is excited to see her. Aditya gets concerned for Priya when Uttara tells him that a group of men have boarded the train in the same compartment where Priya is. Aditya decides to go and check if everything is fine. Priya's dad and Chinu have a tough time dealing with the men. Priya and her dad are worried when one of the men drags Chinu out of the compartment. They are not able to help him out. Aditya and Jaggi come for help. They disguise themselves and help Priya and her family secretly. Uttara and Imli try to bring Gaurav close to Vidya but Gaurav keep ignoring her. Aditya and Jaggi get concerned when the number of men going on the pilgrimage keeps on increasing. Priya and her dad are worried for Chinu.

Vidya tries to get closer to Gaurav. Aditya tactfully deals with the group of men and make them get out of the train thereby helping the grieving passengers. Devyani gets to know that SSP Brahmanand is injured. Aditya and Jaggi rescues Chinu from the mob and also make the culprit get arrested. Priya and her family get to know that its Aditya family for whom they had to sacrifice their berths. Priya's father gets angry with him rather then thanking him for saving Chinu. Devyani is concerned for SSP Brahmanand when she gets to know that he is injured. Aditya asks the TC to inform Priya and her family that they been allotted seats in the 2nd tier AC. Aditya asks for Gaurav's help. Gaurav asks the guard to let Priya and her family also stay with them. Aditya is happy to find Priya around her.


Priya and Vidya speak to each other. She gets to know that Vidya has just got married. Priya goes into flashback where glimpses of her own marriage keep coming to her.  Devyani insists Priya and her family to eat the prasad. Devyani is worried for Aditya's dad. Devyani asks Bauji to take care of himself. Uttara seems to get disturbed with a call. She refuses to attend it and informs Devyani that it's from an unknown number. Priya seems troubled when she sees a police uniform in front of her eyes. Aditya gets worried not to find Priya on her seat. He finds her ticket and gets to know that Priya ahs booked a one way ticket for her. Aditya saves Priya when she was about to fall from the train.  Priya gets angry when he addresses her as his would be wife. He asks her to take care of herself rather then shouting at him. Priya and Devyani's family get ready for the morning aarti on reaching their destination. Priya is after her dad and brother to get ready as they are getting late. She gets disturbed on hearing a voice which sounds familiar to her.

Vidya is upset as Gaurav ignores her care and affection. Devyani's doubt on Uttara deepens when she sounds confused over the phone talking to Rishabh. Chinu is happy to see Priya smiling again after a long time. Devyani and her family come to the temple. Priya is also there with her family. She happens to see a person who reminds her of her past. Her past comes before her where she was getting engaged to the same person who is standing in front of her eyes. Priya could not control her emotions when she spots Amar and her fianc. Priya's dad too gets angry and tells Chinu that he will not spare him as he left her daughter on the day of her marriage and fled. Aditya hears him saying this and runs after Priya to comfort her. Aditya asks Priya to be strong and accept the truth. Priya is comforted with Aditya's word. Devyani asks the constables to accompany Priya and her family inside the temple so that they could escape the long queue. Amar spots Priya in the temple. Aditya gives a stern look to him when he spots him staring at Priya. 

Devyani along with Priya, Uttara and Vidya pray for her families well being. Devyani offers to drop Priya and her family to their guest house but Priya's father refuses. He is totally against the VIP families who for their own comfort trouble the rest of the people. Uttara is tensed is she was not able to take Rishabh's call. Devyani can feel that something is wrong with her but. Amar is staying in the same guest house where Priya is staying with her family. He walks up to Priya and talk to her. Priya's dad gets angry with him and accuses him for his past deeds. They have an argument. Amar attempts to slap Priya's dad but Aditya drops in there saves him. Devyani asks Gaurav to accept Vidya. She tells him that she is a very nice girl and will keep him happy. Gaurav is unhappy with the marriage and informs her that he does not believe in the marriage. Aditya make Priya realize that Amar is happy in his own world and has no regrets that he had done wrong with her and her family. Priya takes out her frustration by slapping Amar for hurting her and her family. Amar's wife gets angry and accuses her of doing wrong deeds on the day of her marriage with some other guy. Priya's dad drops in there and argues with Amar.

Aditya is disturbed to see Priya in pain. He is stunned to see Gaurav sleeping in his room leaving Vidya alone. Uttara nd Devyani discuss their life. They both miss their childhood. Their discussion ends with both of them upset with their present life but they hide this fact and choose not to discuss about it. Priya and her family are upset with whatever they had to go through. Brahmanand calls up Jaggi and informs him that he is coming to the guest house to surprise everyone. Devyani asks Aditya to go and ask Priya and her family that they can come with them to visit the other temple. Priya's dad is stunned to find a goodbye note from Priya. Priya's father informs Aditya about it. He gets tensed and decides to look out for her. On the way he meets Brahmanand and tells him that that he is in love with Priya. Brahmanand gives his car to him and tells him to find her as soon as possible. Priya is seen standing on a hill top.

Priya is upset with the emotional turmoil's that her parents have to face because of her. Aditya is madly searching for Priya. He finds her standing at a height trying to take away her life. He pushes her and makes her fall down deep inside the water. Priya struggles to save herself and shouts for help. The good time spent with her family comes in front of her eyes. Later Aditya rescues her. Brahmanand surprises everyone with his sudden arrival. Gaurav takes Vidya out for sometime. Devyani gets worried. Brahmanand seems happy and content as both his sons are well settled in life. Aditya save Priya and makes her realize that she needs to be stronger just for his dad and Chinu's sake. Priya regrets trying giving away her life and hurting her family. She tells him that she is not doing this because of a boy who does not even cared for her but there are other reasons are well. She tells her that her dad lost his job and Chinu had to give away hi studies just because of her. Aditya makes Priya realize that she has to live because of his parents. He expresses his love for Priya. Devyani searches for Uttara but is not able to locate her anywhere in the guest house.

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Devyani and her family members are worried for Uttara as they are not able to find her any where. Aditya drops Priya and informs her that he will be back with his family members with a marriage proposal for her.  Priya's father asks her not to take this step again as they cant live without her. Priya waits for Aditya to come but Aditya is too busy with his family members searching for Uttara. Uttara calls up Devyani and asks her to save her. Priya is disappointed as Aditya could not come on time. Aditya reaches late and is depressed not to find Priya. Priya's dad and Chinu regret for not meeting Aditya one last time. Aditya's car breaks down on the middle of the road. The bus on which Priya is travelling passes through the same route where Aditya is standing. Priya develops a wrong picture of Aditya thinking he was not at all concerned about meeting her unaware of the fact that something wrong has happened with Uttara. Uttara informs all that Rishabh has beaten her very badly. Devyani asks her to face the situation boldly till the time they reach there.  Uttara is too frightened to face Rishabh.

Imli narrates Uttara and Rishabh's love story to Vidya. She informs her that they were a happily married couple but things took a wrong turn when Rishabh met with an accident. Uttara is too scared to face Rishabh. She gets concerned when Rishabh finds out about the call that she had made to Brahmanand. Devyani along with her family comes at Uttara's place. Uttara hides everything from them and saves Rishabh. Devyani makes out from Uttara's face that she has gone through a lot. Devyani informs them that everything is fine as she does not want to create more tensions between Uttara and Rishabh.  Brahmanand invites Rishabh and Uttara for the sindoori raat ceremony. Priya's dad ends up having an argument with a rickshawalla. Priya is again depressed when people accuse her for getting involved in appropriate acts.

Priya shows courage and defends herself in front of all. She speaks up for herself and proves herself right. Aditya informs Bauji about Priya. Priya feels good after proving everyone wrong. Chinu feels proud of her. Priya and Aditya miss each other. Priya feels that she has developed this courage within herself just because of Aditya. Gaurav refuses to come for the sindoori raat ceremony. Brahmanand gets angry with Gaurav when he refuses to come. He makes him realize that he has no existence without his name. Devyani tries to convince Gaurav to attend the ceremony for her sake. Vidya and Gaurav get ready for the occasion. Gaurav gets disturbed when he receives a call but refuses to attend to it. Aditya cheers up Gaurav. He still misses Priya and plans to find her as soon as possible. Priya and her family reaches home and are stunned to see the place occupied by some unknown people. 

Priya's family is shocked to see the colony goons inside their house without their permission. They all point fingers at Priya for being involved in wrong deeds. Priya gets angry when the goons start misbehaving with them. She threatens to kill herself and asks them to go away.  Uttara is against the idea of going for the family function at Devyani's place. Rishabh forces her to get ready as tells her that he does not want another scolding from Brahmamand. Everyone avoids Rishabh. Aditya informs Uttara that he missed out meeting Priya the other day.  Devyani helps Vidya get ready for the special occasion and also tells her the importance of sindoori raat. Devyani asks Uttara if everything is fine. She comforts her by saying that a woman can fix every problem if she wants. Devyani asks Uttara to pay full attention to the existing problems rather then letting it go. Devyani does not allow Sweety go down and enjoy as she thinks it's not safe for her to go and enjoy with the men around. Uttara is against this and decides to enjoy the evening in her own way. Devyani is a little concerned with this attitude of Uttara.

Uttara enjoys along with the other ladies. Bauji refuses to come and be a part of the celebration. He asks Devyani not to force him change his decision. Vidya is tensed as it's her first night with Gaurav. Rishabh tries to interact with Bauju. Bauji avoids any interactions with him. Devyani asks Gaurav to go to Vidya as she is waiting for him, but he avoids going to her. Priya and her family are busy cleaning their place when the light goes off all of a sudden. They decide not to mourn over this and take this very lightly because of the recent issues that they have been facing. Uttara and Imli steals liquor without anyone noticing them do it. Devyani is shocked to see the ladies having their own share of fun with the liquor which Uttara brought.

Imli makes Vidya drink alcohol. She loses her control and starts dancing with the other ladies. Aditya and Jaggi are shocked to see the ladies drunk. Aditya misses Priya and imagines her close to him. Rishabh is drunk and creates a scene. He slaps Jaggi when he stops him from consuming more alcohol. Rishabh takes out his frustration on Brahmanand. He insults him in front of all. Uttara apologizes to all on Rishabh's behalf. Devyani asks Gaurav to go to Vidya's room. Gaurav also asks Devyani not to take the blame on her for whatever has happened because of Rishabh. Brahmanand takes out his frustration on Devyani.  He holds Devyani responsible for whatever has happened. Aditya consoles Sweety who is upset with the recent incident. Aditya is excited when Sweety informs him that she had meet Priya's dad the day when they were leaving. He learns that Priya lives in Ghaziabad


Gaurav is stunned to see Vidya drunk. Vidya gets too close to Gaurav. She herself doesn't know what she is doing. Gaurav puts her to sleep. Chinu saves Priya from getting burnt. They find out that someone has secretly entered their house and kept the gas nozzle on. Priya was about to light the gas when Chinu saves her. Uttara calls up Devyani and apologizes for Rishabh's deeds. Devyani asks Uttara to take care of herself rather then depending on her for everything. She informs her that she could not afford to see her family in pain because of her. Uttara is upset as she has no one of her own apart from Devyani. Vidya feels guilty when she comes back to her senses for her awkward behavior with Gaurav.


Bauji asks Devyani if she is hurt because of being tough towards Uttara. Devyani tells Bauji that she had to take this step as she wants Uttara to be handle things on her own rather then being dependent on her for everything.  Priya feels bad when everyone avoids her. Vidya is guilty about the last night incident. She tries to talk to Gaurav regarding this but Devyani drops in there. Aditya prepares to go to Ghaziabad in search of Priya. Uttara gets a call from Rishabh's office enquiring about Rishabh's whereabouts. She tries to talk to Rishabh and asks him to wake up go to office. But Rishabh refuses to do so. She tries calling Devyani but Devyani refuses to take her call. Vidya's brothers come to meet her.  Vidya apologizes to Gaurav for the last night incident. Chinu informs Priya that he was not allowed to sit for the entrance exam. Priya'a dad is harassed by the local goons again.


Priya and her family are harassed again. They are threatened to move away from Ghaziabad. Priya's dad gets frustrated and decides to leave the place forever and shift to some new place. Aditya reach Ghaziabad in search of Priya. Gaurav argues with Brahmanand when he asks him to get prepared to go to Vidya's place. Gaurav refuses to go. Vidya informs her family that she slept on her first night. Her grandmother gives her tips to woo Gaurav. Devyani asks Gourav to live in the present state rather then keep thinking about his past. Gaurav aggress to go and pick Vidya from her house. Aditya misses Priya and imagines spending some good times with her. Priya refuses to leave their house and move to a different locality. She promises to get all the issues solved so that they return back to their normal life. 

Aditya gets disappointed when he could not trace Priya in Ghaziabad. Priya comes to the electricity department to get the issue fixed. Someone snatches her wallet and runs away. Aditya and Jaggi end up finding the wallet and set out to hand it to the concerned person and are completely unaware of the fact that the wallet belongs to Priya. Devyani is shocked when he hears Brahmanand asking someone to fire Rishabh from job. Priya is harassed in the electricity department and no one entertains her. Aditya and Jaggi and still searching for the girl whose wallet they have recovered. Priya thinking of no other way to fix up the issue comes up with a plan. She lies that she had recorded the top level officers voice asking for bribe from her and and also threatens them that she is going to report this matter to police and to the media. The department people gets concerned and agrees to fix up the issue as soon as possible. Devyani tries to talk to Brahmanand about Rishabh's job but Brahmanand ignores it completely. Priya's dad is astonished to see the electricity back.

Rishabh comes home frustrated. He informs Uttara that he is jobless now and blames Brahmanand for this. He beats up Uttara again. Gaurav picks up Vidya from her place. Gaurav and Vidya are on their way back home. Gaurav's car breaks down on the way. They then decide to spend the night in a hotel. They are given a honeymoon suite as that is the only room available. Aditya is heartbroken for his inability to find Priya. Gaurav is stunned when he hears the hotel manager speaking to Devyani. He gets to know that everything was planned by Devyani to bring Gourav and Vidya close to each other. Gourav calls up Devyani and takes out his frustration. Devyani informs him that she just wanted to see Vidya happy. Bauji asks Devyani to stop thinking about others happiness. Devyani is shocked when Bauji asks her whether will be able to give Vidya her share of happiness.  Vidya gets romantic and tries to please Gourav. She feels bad when Gourav laughs at her. Uttara is traumatized because of Rishabh's ill treatment. She tries to kill him.

Gourav comforts Vidya by talking to her.  He explains to her that it's necessary in any relation to understand each other. Uttara loses her control and attempts to kill herself. Rishabh apologizes for his mistake. Aditya and Jaggi set out to leave. They are disappointed for not being able to find Priya. Suddenly Aditya opens up the purse which they recovered the day before. He is surprised to see Priya's ID proof inside it and happily sets out to look for her. Rishabh asks Uttara to leave his place if she wants to. He also tells her that he should not have ill treated her. Uttara refuses to leave him alone and comforts him by saying that both of them will face the situation boldly. Aditya and Jaagi finds Priya's place. Aditya is upset on not finding anyone in the house. Later both Priya and Aditya are stunned to see each other. Priya asks Aditya to go back. Priya refuses to let Aditya in as she fears of her neighbors talking cheaply against her and her family. Aditya fights with the local boys who speak against Priya. Priya prevents Aditya from doing this and slaps him hard to save him 

Priya regrets for her harsh behavior towards Aditya. Aditya refuses to leave when Jaggi asks him to come with him. Aditya gets angry when Jaggi tells him that there is something wrong with Priya's character as the entire neighborhood could not be wrong.  Uttara is happy to see a spark in Vidya's eyes. But she is still unaware of the fact that Gourav has not accepted Vidya as his partner. Gourav asks Devyani to stop running his life as per her wishes. Priya's dad is surprised to see Aditya at his place. He asks Aditya about the injury. Aditya lies to him and does not reveal anything about the incident. Priya's dad doubts that Aditya got hurt while trying to save Priya. Devyani gets angry when she hears Gourav speaking to someone over the phone telling that he could never accept Vidya as his wife. Devyani snatches the phone from Gourav and threatens the other person over the phone to stay away from her son Gourav is angry with Devyani and asks her to stop controlling his life. Devyani refuses to let him live his life his own way and tells him that if he keeps doing this then she will break away all bonds with him.

Gaurav apologizes to Devyani for his behavior. Devyani suggests him to forget about his previous relationships. Vidya overhears Devyani and Gourav's conversation. She gets upset. Priya's father attends to Aditya's wounds. Priya asks Aditya to go away. Chinu and her father ask her not to be rude to Aditya.  Aditya gets on his knees and proposes Priya for marriage. He convinces Priya's dad that he is the right choice for his daughter and loves her very much. Priya's dad leaves this decision on Priya. Vidya calls up Gourav to enquire him about his conversation with Devyani. She informs him that he overheard his conversation with Devyani. Gourav gets concerned. He is shoccked when Vidya asks him not to leave his previous relationship behind. Gourav is surprised at Vidya;s innocence. Priya's dad tries to explain to Priya that Aditya is nice guy and she should think about him once. He asks her to be honest and let Aditya know everything about her and then decide. 

Aditya calls up Priya and makes her realize how much he loves her. He tells her that he will be waiting for her in the same temple the next day. Priya is still not able to decide whether to go and meet him or not. Chinu makes her realize that she should think about her present rather then live with her past. Aditya is glad to see Priya. Priya insists Aditya to listen to her before he takes any decision. Aditya refuses to listen to her and asks her to get ready for the evening as he will be calling his parents. He tells her that it's a very auspicious day and does not want to miss this opportunity. Aditya discusses his plan with Brahmanand. He asks him to come to Ghaziabad along with the entire family to meet Priya. Brahmanand stuns everyone with this news. Rishabh sounds disturbed as things are nor working out as per his wishes. He informs Uttara that her love has changed him completely and he has no regrets from life. Aditya calls up Uttara and asks her to come to Ghaziabad by evening. Uttara refuses to come but Rishabh insists that she should go and meet Aditya. Priya informs her dad that Aditya is not ready to listen to her. He advises her to tell him everything before it's too late.

Devyani prepares for their visit to Ghaziabad to meet Aditya and Priya. She informs Bauji that she has met Priya and liked her a lot. Priya writes a letter to Aditya describing him about the incident which changed her life. She writes to him how Amar were arrested. She describes him the incident where she was asked to meet the top of the police to get the matter solved and how that person changed her whole life. She writes how she narrated the whole incident to the top officer and how he helped Amar get out of the jail and in return what he did to her. She writes how the officer tried forcing him on her and how she ran away from the evil man. She describes him how she and her father were harassed in the police station when they tried to complain against the top officer. Jaggi asks Aditya if he is confident enough that Brahmanand will like Priya. They all are unaware of the fact that Priya was sexually harassed by no one else but Brahmanand. Priya writes how she was arrested on false grounds and was accused to be a call girl.  She writes how the top officer threatened her to ruin her life and everyone associated with her over phone. She narrates that the false news was spread like a wild fire and Amar broke up everything with her. Priya completes her story and regrets not even knowing the name of the top officer who ruined her life. Brahmanand calls up Aditya and informs him that he has arrived along with others. Devyani is shocked to see Uttara in Ghaziabad. Uttara informs Devyani that this time she had taken permission from Rishabh. Aditya is excited to meet his parents. Brahmanaand and his family are introduced to Priya's family. Priya refuses to come and ask Chinu to send Aditya to her as she needs to talk to him once before meeting everyone. Priya is still unaware of the fact that the top officer was no one else but Aditya'a father who made her life hell.

Priya hands over the letter to Aditya and tells him that she had narrated the bitter truth about her life in that letter. She asks Aditya to read it and also tells him not to ask questions after that or else she will move out of his life quietly. Priya prays to god not to disappoint her this time. Aditya returns alone and informs all that Priya's health is not good and she went back alone. Devyani and Brahmanand decide to go to Priya's house the next day with a marriage proposal. Priya fears about her fate after she handed the letter to Aditya. Chinu gets angry with her and tells her that she should forget about her past rather then think about it again and again. He informs her that no boy would want to marry her after knowing her past. Chinu apologizes to Priya for his harsh behavior. Aditya is still not able to decide whether he should know Priya's past. He has still not read her letter. Uttara advices Aditya to read the letter for Priya's sake.

Priya's dad consoles her and makes her believe that she has made the right move. He tells her that everything will be alright. Priya cries her heart out and brings out her emotions. Uttara tells Devyani that she had learnt to manage things on her own without her help. She tells Devyani that she should not have left her alone at her bad times. Devyani tells her that she is happy for her.  Uttara realizes that Devyani was tough to her just to make her independent. She apologizes to her. Aditya asks Priya to come and meet him in the temple. He informs Priya that he is ready to accept her despite of knowing her past. He suggests that she should forget about her past now and live in present. Priya is glad when he tells her that her past does not matter to him and he is ready to spend her entire life with her. Aditya tells Jaggi that he had not read Priya's letter as he is not interested in her past. He destroys her letter and throws it away.

Aditya gets angry when the local boys insult Priya. He fights with them and threatens not to dare say anything about her in future. Priya gets disturbed when she gets to know that he is the son of a police officer. She tells her that she can't get into a relationship with him as he belongs to the police fraternity. Aditya is shocked. Aditya regrets destroying Priya's letter without reading it. He is upset as he don't know the reason why Priya hates police officers.  Priya informs Chinu and her dad that Aditya is a son of a police officer. Aditya discusses this issue with Brahmanad and Devyani. Brahmanand offers to meet Priya and clarify her misunderstandings. Aditya comes to meet Priya and her family with his dad. Brahmanand gets a call and informs Aditya and Devyani that he has to leave urgently. He gives this responsibility to Devyani to convince Priya and family about them. Aditya requests Devyani to handle this situation as he loves Priya and can't live without her. Devyani asks Priya's family to forget all grudge with the police fraternity and tells them that it's not right for them to reject her son Aditya for his father's profession. She assures him that Priya will be very happy in her family. She invites them for a family function and tells them that if they come then she will think they had given a go ahead for Aditya and Priya's relation. 

Devyani speaks to Priya and tells her that she is proud of being Brahmanand Jhakkar's wife. She informs her that she has no regrets being a wife of a police officer. Chinu and Priya's father are convinced that Aditya and his family are good and Priya will be happy there. Aditya informs Priya that now that he is leaving she is going to miss him a lot. He tells her that she will realize his importance in her life. Devyani asks Aditya to concentrate in his exams now. Devyani is angry when Vidya informs all that Gourav left for Rohtak alone after a got a call. Priya's father makes Priya realize that Aditya's family is a nice family and she should think about Aditya once. Priya tells her that it's difficult for her and also tells her wish to meet that top officer once who ruined her life. She informs him that she will feel better once she meets him and takes out her frustration. Devyani tries to call Gourav but he does not pick up her call. Aditya informs Bauji about the whole episode which happened in Ghaziabad. He informs him how Devyani controlled the whole situation. Bauji feels bad for Devyani deep inside and thinks that for how long Devyani is going to handle things by telling lies.

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Bauji tells Devyani that she should'nt have lied to Priya about her family. Devyani cries her heart out and informs him that it was the last option left with her as she could not afford to see her children's sad. Rishabh stuns Uttara by giving her the news that the required cash has been arranged for starting his venture. Bauji shares his fear of the expected clash between Priya and Brahmanand as Priya is against the police fraternity. Devyani assures him that she will make sure nothing wrong happens in future. She tells shim that she can't afford to play with Aditya's emotions. Devyani searches for some evidence to get in touch with Gourav. Unable to find it at home she decides to go to his office. Priya informs Chinu that she loves Aditya but now since she knows that Aditya is a son of a police officer she can't marry him. She tells him that she can't see herself surrounded by police officers all the time as her past will keep haunting her. Aditya tells Sweety that he knows Priya too loves him a lot but there's something which is holding her back. Priya and Aditya miss each other badly.

Priya's family is relieved to see her happy again. Her dad tells Chinu that he can see Priya changing. Priya is stunned to see a change in the behavior of the neighbors as they starts treating her well. Chinu is happy and tells her that it's all because of Aditya. Devyani comes out in search of Gourav to his office. She starts searching for something inside his cabin. She is shocked to see rental receipts at his desk. Devyani is not able to think as to why Gourav has rented a flat.  Priya starts missing Aditya. She imagines him everywhere. Vidya asks for Aditya's help. She asks her how to be friends with Gourav. Aditya tells her the secrets to win Gourav's attention. Priya makes a mess in the house. Chinu teases her and tells her that she is in love. Devyani comes to the flat which Gourav has rented secretly. Gourav is shocked to see Devyani standing at the doorstep. She asks Gourav to let her meet the person who is trying to take away his son from her. Gourav informs her that she is in hospital as she attempted suicide.

Gourav tells Devyani that she can't accept Vidya as her wife. He also threatens to leave the house if she ever forces her decision on him. Uttara is happy to see a change in Rishabh's behavior. She asks him as which business he is planning to do after he gets the loan sanctioned. Rishabh refuses to tell her anything. Devyani comes back home along with Gourav. Priya searches for Aditya's phone number. Chinu gives her the piece of paper which has Aditya's number written on it. Vidya misses Gourav's attention. Priya informs Chinu that she wants to know if Aditya is preparing for his exams or not. She asks Chinu to call up Aditya and find out. Chinu calls up Aditya. Aditya asks Chinu to ask Priya to come to meet him before his exam. Priya is not able to sleep and keep missing Aditya. She is happy and informs her dad that for the first time after that ugly incident she saw Aditya's face when she closed her eyes rather then that police officers.

Priya asks her dad is they can go and meet Aditya in Rohtak. Her agrees and is relieved to see Priya happy. Priya tells him that she wants to live her life happily again. Rishabh welcomes Rastogi who is to sanction his loan for his business. Rastogi gets attracted to Uttara. Priya and her family sets out for Rohtak to meet Aditya. Aditya take blessings from everyone for his exam. He informs all that it's a big day for him as Priya is also coming to meet him. Gourav is shocked to see Vidya wearing tracks and coming to him to practice boxing. Imli tricks Gaurav to come near Vidya. Aditya passionately waits for Priya to come. He is glad to see Priya in front of his eyes. He gets excited and hugs her. Priya gets conscious. Priya and Chinu are busy buying sweets for Aditya and his family. She is shocked to see Brahmanand in front of her eyes.

Priya gets disturbed to see Brahmanand. Priya's dad decides to leave Rohtak as he thinks that place is not fit for Priya.  Chinu resists and tells them that Priya should not compromise with her present for her past and should not leave Aditya. Bauji asks Vidya if she is happy with her new family. Vidya gets concerned with Bauji's questions as this is the first time that he is talking to her.  Bauji gives her blessings to Vidya. He believes that Devyani did wrong with Vidya as he thinks Gaurav does not take care of her. Rastogi informs Rishabh that he will sanction his loan and that that too without any interest. In return he asks him to send Uttara to his place for sometime. Rishabh loses his control and slaps Rastogi. He threatens him to be in his limit. Aditya and Priya spend some beautiful moments with each other. Aditya offers Priya a ride on his bike. Priya is happy being with Aditya and decides not to ruin her present because of her past.


Aditya can't control his excitement and introduces Priya to everyone as his would-be-wife. Aditya then shows Priya his house. She doesn't step inside the house without her father and Chinu coming there first. Aditya arranges for a car and tells his driver to bring Priya's father and Chinu to his house. Aditya invites Uttara home but she is unable to make it. Rishabh doen't tell Uttara about his loan not being sanctioned. Aditya is excited to receive Priya and her family home. Priya arrives with her family.  Devyani welcomes Priya and her family home. Priya seeks blessings from Bauji. Everyone is happy to see her. Devyani and Bauji are shocked to see Priya not wearing the bangles Devyani gave her. On questioning, Priya tells Devyani that she will wear the bangles once the relationship is made official. Devyani makes the Aditya and Priya's relationship official. 

Yashpal apologizes to the SSP and requests him to bail his son out. SSP demands a high fee for the favor. Devyani takes Priya around the house. She asks Priya about how she overcame the fear of the police. Priya thanks Devyani for giving her strength. Vidya is excited to meet Priya. Devyani calls SSP to invite him home but he rejects her calls as he is spending time with Yashpal's wife. Aditya messages him and informs him about Priya's visit and he rushes home. Priya and family leaves by the time SSP arrives. Devyani tells SSP about Priya. Devyani finds lipstick marks on SSP's coat.


Devyani doesn't confront her husband regarding the lipstick mark. Aditya makes Priya and her family stay at their guest house. Aditya seeks permission from Priya's father to take her out for some time. Rishab is upset as noone is ready to give loan to him. He doesn't tell his problem to Uttara as he doesn't want to upset her. Aditya introduces Priya to Uttara and Rishab. Vidya is happy when Gaurav gifts her a gold set. Vidya is happy with the gift. Uttara feels uncomfortable when Rishab drinks in front of Priya. Devyani calls Aditya back home as he has to prepare for his exams. Aditya stops his car on the road side to spend quality time with Priya. Devyani catches Vidya sharing her happiness with Imly. Devyani is shocked when Bauji asks her if Priya is a suitable daughter-in-law for their family. 

Bauji tells Devyani that Priya will never succumb to her demands as she is a strong headed girl. He tells her that Priya will go to any extent of saving her pride and she won't even mind crossing her limits for this. Bauji feels Priya is the best choice for their house as she will fight against the wrong and will be an apt daughter-in-law for Devyani. Priya and her family is happy with Aditya. Vidya goes to Aditya's room to give him hot chocolate and doesn't find him in the room. Priya is shocked to see Aditya home. Priya's dad and Chinu catch Aditya in Priya's room in the night. Priya's father forgives Aditya for sneaking in to Priya's room and advises him to get back home. Vidya tells Imly about Aditya, who is missing. Devyani overhears her. Aditya returns home by then. Aditya gets caught by Devyani. Aditya is happy when Devyani tells him that she has called a priest to fix his marriage date. Vidya tries to find out Gaurav's worry. Gaurav tells her that he could never win his father's confidence. He tells her that his passion lies in making idols, but he became a boxer to fulfill his father's wish, but never received an appreciation from him.

Rishab gets angry when Uttara asks him about how he is going to arrange the money. Rishab lies to Uttara about the loan being sanctioned. She is very happy. The priest arrives and fixes a date for marriage after 7 months. Aditya bribes the priest to give a date after 15 days. Bhrahmanand keeps a condition. Bhrahmanand wishes to meet his daughter-in-law before the marriage. Aditya is unable to take him to Priya's house as he has an exam. He tells Bhrahmand to take Gaurav with him. Priya tells her father that she likes Aditya's playful nature. She misses her mother too. Bhrahmanand goes to Priya's house with Gaurav. Bhrahmanand meets Priya's father. He doesn't meet Priya as she goes to college to meet Aditya. Aditya informs Priya about the marriage date. Bhrahmanand informs Priya's father about the marriage date and Priya's father gets upset as he feels it's too fast.

Bhrahmanand calls Aditya and says he is coming to his college to meet Priya. Aditya leaves for his exam and asks Priya to wait to meet his father. Bhrahmanand arrives but meets another girl, mistaking her to be Priya. Bhrahmanand leaves when he gets an important call, and Priya sees his car leaving. Both the families get ready with the marriage preparations. Priya's father is worried as there are only 15 days left. Vidya prepares a wedding list which is inappropriate. She feels bad when everyone laughs at the list prepared by her. Gaurav cheers up Vidya and decides to teach her English. Priya tells Aditya that his father left without meeting her. Uttara arranges for a wedding planner for Devyani. Devyani sees Bhrahmanand return home in an angry mood. Bhrahmanand is angry as he is being transferred to Delhi. This upsets Devyani. Imly tells Vidya to test Gaurav's love for her. Uttara calls the wedding planner home. Rishab is worried about the finances and decides to take loan from Rastogi.

Vidya is happy when Gaurav puts a rose on her hair. Rishab advises Uttara to help Devyani in the wedding preparations. The wedding planner Bindra arrives. Rishab plans to call Rastogi. Aditya tells Devyani that Bhrahmanand did not meet Priya. Priya comes home and looks upset. On questioning, she tells Aditya that she cannot marry him. Priya says that she cannot marry Aditya because her family cannot match upto their standard. Devyani and Aditya go to meet Priya's father. Uttara arrives home and doesn't find Devyani. She meets Vidya and Gaurav. Priya's father gets worried when Chinu informs him that Priya has gone to Aditya's house to cancel the wedding. Devyani meets Priya's father and tells him that she doesn't expect a grand wedding as he is getting his daughter married in an unknown city. Priya's father tells her that there are no hassles and the marriage will be grand as Priya is his only daughter. Everyone is happy.

Priya is worried about how her father will afford the wedding expense. Priya's father leaves for Ghaziabad to get his fixed deposits. Bindra starts planning the wedding. Devyani informs Uttara about Priya's worry. Priya and Chinu are alone in the house. Priya shares her excitement with him. Aditya finishes his exams. He brings Priya to a park and demands a kiss from her.  Priya refuses to kiss Aditya. Priya pushes Aditya back when he tries to force her. Aditya gets angry when Priya says he just wants to get physical with her all the time. Chinu laughs at Priya when she tells him about Aditya's demand. Gaurav advises Aditya to first understand what's in Priya's mind and the proceed with other things. Rishab gives Uttara 1 lakh which he borrowed from Rastogi. He remembers the deal he made with Rastogi in return for this money, which is to send Uttara to him for a night

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Rastogi demands full share in Rishab's business and also asks to send Uttara to him for a night. Vidya looks too excited as she now feels Gaurav loves her, after listening to the love tips he gave Aditya.   Bhrahmanand calls Devyani and tells her that he will return  in 2-3 days. Aditya shares his worry with Devyani and she suggests him to give his and Priya's relationship some time. She advises him to understand Priya's mind. Imly tells Jaggi that she is worried about Vidya, who is trying her best to woo Gaurav, but is not succeeding. Aditya takes Jaggi to Priya's house in the midnight. Vidya sings for Gaurav in the night but he sleeps off. This upsets her. Aditya sings for Priya in the midnight, standing in front of her house, to impress her. Priya gets embarrassed when the neighbors start assembling. Priya stops Aditya from singing by splashing water at him, which gets him irritated and he splashes it back at her.

Aditya confesses his love to Priya. Rishab is shocked to see Rastogi at home early in the morning. Uttara is surprised to see a changed behavior in Rishab, who tells her to stay at Devyani's house and not return till marriage. Rishab forces Uttara to leave. Rishab plans to keep Rastogi away from Uttara till he gives him the full money. Uttara is happy and tells Devyani that Rishab has allowed her to stay at her place till the wedding. Gaurav notices Vidya avoiding him. Aditya is happy as he has confessed his love to Priya. Priya prepares the guest list, to which Chinu is against calling one of his aunt. Priya is surprised to see some people bringing roses and gifts to her house. The man gives a note to Priya, which is by Aditya. Gaurav tries to talk to Vidya but she avoids him. Vidya is happy to see her family arrive. Aditya plans a coffee date with Priya, but Devyani insists on taking her for the wedding shopping. Uttara is surprised to hear Rastogi's name in the guest list Devyani has prepared. Priya's father returns and Priya is shocked to see that he has taken a loan of 25 lakhs for her wedding. Priya's father arranged the wedding money by taking loan against his house.

Bhakti, Prabhdh's sister arrives. Bhakti makes Priya feel uncomfortable by talking about her past. Bhakti wants Aditya's family to know about Priya's past but Priya tells her that Aditya already knows about it. Prabhudh gives money to Priya for her wedding shopping. Prabhudh requests Bhakti not to mention about Priya's past during this happy occasion. Priya goes for wedding shopping with Uttara, Devyani, Vidya and Bindra. They come to a restaurant after shopping. Priya and all witness a fight between a couple. The guy misbehaves with the girl. Priya warns the guy to leave the girl's hand. When Uttara threatens the guy with Bhrahmanand's name, he leaves the girl. Priya advises the girl to stand for her rights and be strong. On seeing this, Devyani feels intimidated as she now realizes that Priya can go against the family for her rights. Priya returns home. Prabhudh introduces Bhakti to Devyani and all. Uttara tells everyone about the incident in the restaurant. While talking, Bhakti mentions about Priya's past again in front of Devyani which leaves her in doubt.

Prabhudh is angry with Bhakti for mentioning Priya's past to Devyani. Gaurav promises to spend time with his girlfriend after Aditya's marriage is over. Gaurav is curious to know about Vidya's changed behavior. He tells Imly to stay in her limits when she gets too personal.  Jaggi suggests Imly not interfere in to Vidya and Gaurav's relationship. Vidya continues to avoid Gaurav. Devyani shares her worry with Bauji, and tells him that she fears Priya going against the family for her rights. She decides to know everything about Priya's past. Chinu gets ready to go for the bachelor party. Aditya comes to meet Priya. Bhakti feels Aditya is a stranger and scolds him. Aditya and Bhakti get introduced by Chinu. Bhakti doesn't let Aditya and Priya meet before marriage. Uttara is upset as Tara has refused to come for the wedding. Rishab is shocked to know that Rastogi has been invited for Aditya's marriage. Gaurav asks Vidya the reason behind her changed behavior. Aditya tells Bhrahmanand that he didn't meet Priya and met another girl by mistake. Bhrahmanand assures to meet Priya once he returns. Devyani is curious to know about Priya's past. Bhakti and Priya arrive for Sangeet. Devyani asks Bhakti about Priya's past but she doesn't reveal anything.

Bhakti doesn't tell Devyani about Priya's past. The men enjoy at the bachelor party. Bindra plans a spinster party for the ladies. Devyani talks in favor of marriage when Bindra opposes the concept of marriage. Jaggi forces Chinu to drink a sip of alcohol. Bindra plans to call male dancers to the spinster party. Uttara feels the men will be enjoying with the female dancers while Priya opposes. All the ladies plan to check on their men at the party. A female dancer is called to the party. The ladies arrive. Imly and Vidya are happy to see their husbands stand away from the girl whereas Uttara and Priya get upset on seeing Rishab and Aditya dance with the girl. Aditya sees Priya in the female dancer and gets close to her. Priya is heartbroken to see this and leaves the party. Aditya is shocked to see her there.  Priya is angry with Aditya for getting close to the girl at the party. Devyani brings Bhakti to her room and inquires about Priya's past. Bhakti tells Devyani that Priya was molested by some police men and then accused of being a prostitute. This leaves Devyani shocked.

Devyani is shocked to know about Priya's past from Bhakti. She gets concerned if Aditya has chosen the right girl for himself.  Aditya feels bad when Priya accuses her for loving her body rather then her. He kisses her and asks her to feel his love rather then contemplate things. Gourav is shocked to see Vidya and Imli in the bachelor's party. Vidya tells him that she is happy to see him not mingling with the other women as other males are doing.  She could not control her emotions and kisses Gourav in front of all. Rishabh gets drunk in the party. Priya informs all that she wants to go home.  Devyani is angry when Uttara informs her that they went to the bachelor's party. Uttara apologizes on everyone's behalf. Devyani comes to meet Priya and tells her that she now know everything about her past. She also tells her that she should have told her about her past rather then concealing it from everyone.

Priya clarifies her stand to Devyani and tells her that she had already reveled her dreadful past to Aditya. She narrates her past to Devyani as well. Aditya is upset with Priya's allegations. He tells Uttara that he is unable to understand Priya's state of mind. Vidya gets concerned for Aditya. Her grandmother gets angry with her as she thinks she is doing nothing to woo Gourav. Priya makes Devyani realize that now that she and Aditya know everything about her they should decide whether they want to go ahead with this relationship or not. Devyani fells bad for Priya and accepts her. Devyani sympathizes with Priya and tells her that she is proud of her for being strong enough to deal with such a difficult situation. She asks her to forget everything about her past before she takes up new responsibilities. Vidya and Gourav argue over trivial issues. Gourav does not like when Vidya interferes with his life.

Gaurav does not like Vidya poking her nose in his matters. He asks her to mind her own job and act like a friend rather then a wife. Vidya is hurt. Priya tells Bhakti that that she is happy to have a mother in law like Devyani who is more of a motherly figure to her. Priya misses Aditya and contemplates on whatever has happened between them. She tries to feel the pain with which Aditya must be living with at that point of time. She is guilty for hurting him. Aditya refuses to take Priya's call. Priya and her family get ready for the dance rehearsal. Gourav apologizes to Vidya for being tough to her last time. She gifts her flower bouquet. Vidya's grandmother charges Gourav for coming home late. Gourav handles the situation smartly. Uttara is shocked to see Rishabh at Devyani's place all of a sudden. He surprises Uttara by gifting a jewelry set. Priya and Aditya's family gather for the dance rehearsals. Aditya ignores Priya. Uttara tries to bring them together.

Priya feels bad as Aditya refuses talking to her. Gourav makes Vidya dance with her. They all make their respective pairs and rehearse. Aditya imagines dancing with Priya. He on the other hand is not comfortable dancing with her when the choreographer makes them rehearse together. Priya apologizes to Aditya for her mistake. Aditya tells her that he loves her immensely and will dare not touch her until and unless she is comfortable. He also promises not to touch her till the time she ask him to get close to her. Devyani and Uttara help Priya select jewelries for her wedding. Uttara makes Aditya help Priya try out the jewelries. Aditya refuses to touch her. Devyani informs all that Brahmanand will be back very soon. Uttara makes everyone gets ready for the party. Brahmanand is angry with the top official Sarita Devi who makes him say please to her to stop his transfer order. He decides to teach her a lesson.

Vidya rehearses for her performance. Uttara and Gourav are glad to see her rehearsing dedicatedly for the function. Uttara asks Vidya to get ready for the function. Priya tries to impress Aditya and sends him gifts. She asks Aditya to meet her but Aditya denies and tells her that he needs some time to get out of the misunderstanding created between them. Priya thinks of a different way to impress him. Priya shares her plan to impress Aditya with Chinu and asks for his help. The ladies are out for the party. Devyani is impressed with Mrs. Bindra's arrangements for the ladies party. Uttara is unhappy as there are no boys in the party. She is exited when Priya informs her that there will be performances by boys. Chinu, Jaggi and Gourav as per Priya's plan bring Aditya in the ladies party by tricking him. Devyani and the other ladies are shocked to see him there. Priya apologizes to Aditya in front of all and expresses her love for him. Aditya is impressed with Priya. She dances for him and stuns everyone with her performance. Aditya and Priya are happy being together again.

Priya apologizes to Aditya and ensures him that she will not let anyone come between them ever. Aditya is touched to see Priya's love for him. Brahmanand is on his way back home. Devyani asks everyone to take rest as the next day going to be hectic because of the sangeet ceremony. Vidya gets tired because of the hectic schedule. Gourav gets concerned for her asks her to take rest and takes care of her. He refuses to attend to his calls and pays personal attention to Vidya.  Devyani informs Brahmanand about the party and how Priya surprised Aditya. Both of them are happy for Aditya. Priya's dad gets emotional as Priya will be leaving them very soon. Priya asks him not to worry as she will never let him go far away from her. Aditya is sad not to see Priya along with Chinu and Bhakti. Chinu tells him that Priya will be reaching in sometime. Aditya gets concerned and goes to pick Priya. Vidya health gets worse. Everyone thinks that she is pregnant. Devyani gets concerned for Vidya and asks Jaggi to call the doctor.

Priya is waiting for Aditya when suddenly she and Brahmanand come face to face. Priya is shocked to see him and gets frightened. Brahmanand too recognizes her and misbehaves with her. Priya develops courage and threatens Brahmanand to take revenge from him for whatever he has done with her. She tells him that now she will not keep her mouth shut and will tell the whole world about his misdeeds. Aditya gets concerned to see Priya disturbed. Priya is relieved to see Aditya and tells him that she spotted the same person who tried ruining her life and this time she threaded him with dire consequences rather then keeping numb. Aditya is clueless as he still does not know about Priya's past. Vidya and Gourav are shocked when everyone congratulates them. Everyone is under the impression that Vidya is pregnant. Brahmanand is angry when he recalls whatever Priya has told him. Priya informs her dad and others about her encounter with Brahmanand. She tells them that she was more confident this time and for this she gives full credit to Aditya. Aditya still have no clues about what Priya is saying. Brahmanand reaches home and Devyani gets concerned to see him disturbed. Vidya's family members are disappointed when the doctor informs them that Vidya is not pregnant. Uttara is excited to see Brahmanand. Brahmanand tells Uttara that he is excited to meet his new daughter in law. Priya thanks Aditya for making her more responsible and developing courage in her. Aditya decides to reveal the truth to Priya and tells her that he knows nothing about her future as he did not read her letter. Priya is disappointed when she hears this.

Aditya clear his stand to Priya that he does not wanted to give importance to her past but wanted to pay attention to their future. He tells her that this is the reason he did not read her letter. Priya is hurt and tells him that she wanted him to know what she been through. She tells him that he should not have ignored her. He asks her to narrate the incident to him again. Priya narrates her past to Aditya. He tells him how she was bullied and harassed. Aditya consoles her and asks her the police officers name. Aditya loses his control and sets out to in search of the police officer. Priya tries to stop him but Aditya refuses to listen to her. Vidya tells her mother that nothing has happened between her and Gourav after marriage and hence there is no possibility of her getting pregnant. Vidya mother asks her to try and get closer to Gourav as they are not friends but husband and wife. She asks her to explain this to Gourav as well. Devyani gets concerned as Aditya has still not come home with Priya. Aditya looks out for a gun and sets out to search for the person who has harassed Priya in the past. Devyani and Brahmanand controls Aditya's anger. Brahmanand gets concerned when Aditya tells him that he will not spare the person who has ruined Priya's life. He tries to join the broken links and is forced to think if Priya is the same girl whom he had molested in the past.

Aditya promises Priya that he is not going to spare the person who has tried molesting her in the past. The party begins with full enthusiasm. Mrs. Bindra introduces the performers for the evening. Everyone is excited to see all the family members dressed up in bollywood style. Brahmanand is forced to think if Aditya is getting married to Priya. He can't imagine his son getting married to the same girl whom he had molested in the past. Uttara stuns everyone with her electrifying performance. Devyani stuns everyone with her performance as well. Vidya performs along with Gourav. Everyone is happy to see them perform together. Aditya and Priya give a performance together. Brahmanand is on his way home for the party. He is shocked to see Priya in front of his eyes. Now it's confirmed to him that Aditya is getting married to Priya and no one else. He could not accept this fact and is shocked to react in any way.

Brahmanand could not believe his eyes when he spots Priya with Aditya. He decides to leave before he comes face to face with her. Uttara spots him and does not allow him to go until and unless he meets Priya. He refuses meeting Priya and tells Uttara that he is not well. Uttara finds his behavior very weird and shares this with Devyani.  Devyani too finds out that something is wrong with him. Bauji finds Brahmanand in a very confused state of mind. He asks him the reason but Brahmanand gets annoyed and refuses to tell him anything. Gaurav and Vidya win the dance competition. Everyone congratulates them on their win. Vidya misses Gourav's love and affection when he spots Aditya and Priya together. Priya's father is relived and content to see Priya happy after a long time. Rishabh is shocked to see Rastogi in the party. Rastogi demands his wish to be fulfilled as promised by him. Rishabh asks him to have patience till he breaks his silence to Uttara. Uttara finds Rastogi's behavior very weird when he tries to get close to her. Rishabh could not see Rastogi getting closer to Uttara and steps out of the party. Devyani tells Aditya that Brahmanand is not keeping well. Aditya decides to go and meet him. Priya too demands to go with him and meet his father. Brahmanand recalls everything which had happened in the past and gets disturbed.

Brahmanand throws his and Aditya's picture out of frustration. He also asks the servant to pull out each of the family photographs from his room. Vidya's mother asks Gourav as why he remains detached from Vidya. She asks him if Vidya lacks something in her. Gourav feels bad and walks out of the party. Vidya gets concerned for him. Aditya is on his way home. He asks Priya to call up Brahmanand and enquire about his health. Brahmanand refuses to take his call. He keeps on recalling his earlier encounter with Priya. Brahmanand imagines Priya coming face to face with him and asking Aditya to kill him as he has molested her in the past. He gets startled to hear Aditya's voice and is shocked to see Priya with him as well. Brahmanand escapes from Priya's eyes and avoids coming face to face with her. He lies to Aditya that he has to go and complete some urgent piece of work. Priya tells him that she is not able to understand as why she is not able to meet his dad every time she attempts to meet him. Brahmanand conspire against Priya and plans to ruin her dreams of marrying Aditya.

Devyani is tensed as Brahmanand is not taking her calls. She calls up Aditya and asks him to come back to the party along with Priya. Gourav avoids Vidya and refuses talking to her. Gourav is angry with her and tells her that she should not have told her mother about their personal life. Gourav tells her not to talk to him anymore. Vidya starts crying and apologizes. Uttara is tensed as Rishabh is not taking her calls. Brahmanand calls up Devyani and tells her that Aditya and Priya can't get married. Devyani is shocked and could not think as why Brahmanand took such a drastic decision all of a sudden. Priya thanks Devyani for bestowing happiness on her. Devyani feels bad for Priya as she still is not sure why Brahmanand is against Priya and Aditya's marriage.  Uttara comes home and finds Rishabh there. Rishabh tells her that he loves her a lot and asks her how much she loves him. Rishabh tells her that he had done everything which she wanted out of him. He tells Uttara that it's her turn now to do something for him.

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Vidya asks her mother not to speak to Gourav anything related to their married life. She makes her believe that she is very happy with Gourav and his family. Bauji asks Devyani why she looks gloomed. He tells her that there's something wrong with Brahmanand as well. Devyani tells him that Brahmanand does not want Aditya and Priya to get married. Vidya tries to explain to Gourav that whatever her mother told him is something which any mother would get concerned for. But Gourav is still not convinced with her and refuses to talk to her regarding the same. Devyani is disturbed and could not think as why Brahmanand is against Priya and Aditya getting married.  Uttara is shocked to see Rastogi in her house early in the morning. She gets concerned with his weird behavior as Rishabh is also not at home. Rishabh does not appreciate Rastogi coming to his place early in the morning. He tells him that he has not forgotten his promise and will offer him what he has asked for as soon as he gets the money. Aditya calls a doctor for Brahmanand. Priya is happy to see her dad smiling and happy after a long time. Her dad gets emotional for Priya and tells her that he will miss her badly. Buaji asks Priya and others to get ready for the mehndi ceremony. The doctor tells Aditya that his dad is alright. Aditya asks Brahmanand to wait till he brings Priya home. He tells him casually that he can't marry Priya until and unless he approves of their relationship. Brahmanand refuses to meet her. Aditya is surprised.


Aditya gets tensed when Brahmanand straight away refuses to meet Priya. Later he tells Aditya that he was just pulling his leg. Devyani tells Aditya that she is concerned for Priya if she would completely be able to forget her past. Aditya assures her that everything will be alright. The preparation for the mehndi ceremony begins. Uttara is tensed and tells Rishabh that she doubts Rastogi's intentions. She tells him not to invite Rastogi home any more. Rishabh makes her believe that nothing is wrong. Everyone gears up for the wedding. Brahmanand is completely against the marriage and asks Devyani to cancel everything. Devyani informs him that it's too late to cancel everything. But Brahmanand insists her to call off the wedding. Devyani assures Brahmanand that she won't let Priya's past haunt her and her family in future. Brahmanand tells her that he can't let a girl like Priya become a member of his family who already has a very bad reputation. Aditya is excited for Priya's mehndi's ceremony. Priya and her family wait for Aditya's family for the mehendi.  Devyani is still in a confused state of mind as whom she would give preference to. She finally thinks of a solution to get away from the confusions.

Devyani tells Bauji that Brahmanand is against the marriage and hence she is going to cancel everything as she has no other alternatives. Devyani sets out for the mehndi ceremony but refuses to take Aditya along saying he is not allowed at the ceremony. Devyani and her family are at Priya's place for the mehendi ceremony. Priya tells Devyani that she reminds of her own mother and also thanks her for bestowing happiness on her. Aditya surprises Priya by coming at her place. Rastogi tells Rishabh that his whole property is now in his hands and if he does not fulfill his promise then he is going to pay a heavy price for the same. Rishabh asks for some more time to convince Uttara. Devyani is still confused as how she is going to call off the wedding. Aditya shocks Priya by entering her room. Devyani decides to talk to Priya. She too comes inside Priya's room. Aditya disguises himself as Priya when he sees Devyani enter Priya's room. Devyani mistakes Aditya to be Priya and shocks him by telling that the marriage could not happen.

Devyani tells Priya that she can never be happy at her place. She asks her to forget about this relationship. Later Devyani is shocked to see Aditya instead of Priya. Aditya is heartbroken to know about Devyani's feelings. He tells her that she should have discussed her problems with him before taking such a big step. He tells her that he can't afford to stay away from Priya and sets out to talk to Brahmanand about the same. Bauji gets angry when Aditya speaks against Devyani. He asks him to find the reasons why she had taken such a drastic step. He also tells him that Devyani loves him a lot and can't hurt him ever. Bauji asks Aditya to ask Brahmanand as why he is against the marriage. Aditya refuses to believe that it's his dad who is behind all this. Brahmanand tells Aditya that he has full confidence that he will obey his orders and will not get married to Priya. Brahmanand tells Aditya that he is not ready to accept Priya's past. He tells him that her past will spoil the family's reputation. Aditya tries to convince him but Brahmanand is totally against the relationship. Aditya finding no other options tells him that he had already accepted Priya as his wife and hence it's too late for him to step back now. He tells him that he will leave the house. Imli and Uttara talk about their respective husbands and how much they love them. Vidya is upset as she misses Gaurav's love and affection. She tells her mother to let her know if she lacks something in her. She also expresses her desires to lead a beautiful married life like others.
Brahmanand and Bauji have a heated argument with each other. Bauji tells him that he is not a good father. Brahmanand threatens Bauji to throw him out of his house. Devyani drops in there and pleads them to calm down. Brahmanand accuses her for being the sole reason behind the mess going on in the house. Devyani tries to stop Aditya but he refuses to listen to her. Aditya apologizes to Devyani for getting her wrong. Priya is upset as the mehndi reminds her of the past which is still hurting her. Her father consoles her and tells her to forget her past and live in her present and make it beautiful. Brahmanand shocks all by saying that Aditya can marry Priya and stay with them in the house. He tells him that he was trying to test his love for Priya. Aditya is relieved and thanks him. Devyani and Bauji are confused with Brahmanand's decision. Bauji congratulates Devyani for making Brahmanand change his decision. Devyani apologizes to Bauji for talking to him in a rough tone. She tells him that he is the only one in the family who understands her feelings. Bauji also shares his feelings and tells her that he has full faith in her that nothing will go wrong as long as she is there in the family. Brahmanand tracks Priya's history and plans to get her out of Aditya's life. He refuses to kill Priya as he thinks Aditya won't be able to survive without her.

Priya asks Aditya the reason why he left her place all of a sudden. Aditya confirms her that everything is alright. Uttara does not like Rishabh mingling with Rastogi. She tells him that she does not like Rastogi and does not want him at home. She gets angry when Rishabh tells her that Rastogi is now his business partner. Vidya is happy when Gourav helps her eat her food as she has applied mehndi on her hands. Vidya's mother tells her that she feels Gourav did not help her wholeheartedly. Devyani is shocked when she gets to know that Gourav has invited someone in the wedding who she does not want to be there. Vidya, Uttara and Devyani are upset with their present situation. Aditya is after Devyani to let him meet Priya once. Devyani is totally against this and tells him that he can't meet Priya before marriage. Aditya asks for help from the family members to convince Devyani but no one could help him out. Aditya comes to Brahmanand and ask for his help to meet Priya. He asks him to accompany him to Priya's house and meet Priya. Brahmanand tells him that he will go and meet Priya alone. He asks him not to go against his mother's decision.

Priya and her family are busy preparing for the wedding. Aditya calls up Priya and informs her that his dad might come to meet her. Uttara is angry with Rishabh for the last night incident. Rishabh apologizes to her and tells her that he loves her. Uttara tells him to ask Rastogi not to come to their place. Uttara gets confused when Rishabh tells him that she is only person who can get rid of Rastogi very easily. He tells her that he will let her know about the same after she is free from Aditya and Priya's wedding. Priya and her family are waiting to meet Brahmanand. They all are happy when they are informed that Chinu has been offered a seat at the Rohtak Medical College. Priya asks Chinu to go with his father and submit all his documents as it's the last day for submission. She also tells them that she will receive Brahmanand on their behalf.  Chinu informs all that it's Aditya who had arranged a seat for him. Devyani tries to comfort Vidya and asks her to find out a way to come closer to Gourav. Aditya is excited as Priya is going to meet Brahmanand for the first time. He asks her to handle the situation boldly.
Aditya is tensed as Priya is meeting Brahmanand for the first time. Gourav asks him to calm down and tells him that everything will be alright. Brahmanand sends another person on his behalf to meet Priya and asks him to introduce himself as Brahmanand Jhakkar. Priya thinks its Brahmanand who has come to meet her personally. She is happy when he praises her and tells her that he is happy that Aditya has chosen her. Chinu and his dad are on their way back home to meet Brahmanand. Brahmanand keeps a track on Chinu and Prabudh and informs his assistant who is there in front of Priya to leave as Chinu and Prabudh are on their way back home. Vidya cries in front of Imli and tells her how sad she is. She tells Imli that Gaurav has never accepted her as his wife. Imli suggests her to change her lifestyle and adopt a modern way of living. Imli finds out a way to help out Vidya. She gets to know from Sweety that a computer can help her find a solution to every problem. She asks Vidya to learn how to operate a computer. Imli asks Vidya to find the solution to her problems while Sweety is away. Brahmanand gets to know about Priya's way of thinking from the police officer who went to meet Priya instead of him. He finds out that Priya is a girl who can bear anything to keep her family reputation up.

Priya thanks Aditya for getting Chinu admitted in the medical college. Aditya tells her that it's not him who has helped Chinu but tells her that Brahmanand might have helped Chinu get a seat.  Sweety gets angry with Imli for wasting her time when she gets to know that Devyani has not called her. Vidya has a tough time dealing with the computer. Uttara keeps on thinking as what Rishabh is going to tell her about Rastogi. She asks him about the deal. After arguing for a long time Rishabh tells her that Rastogi has agreed to give him a huge amount to invest in his business in return of her. Uttara is shocked when Rishabh tells her that Rastogi wants her. Uttara is shocked to hear what Rishabh has just uttered. Later Rishabh cheers her up and lies that he was just kidding. He asks Uttara how she would have reacted if he would have sold her to Rastogi. Uttara tells him that she has full faith in him that he will not play with her emotions. Aditya is excited to see Brahmanand and asks him whether he liked Priya. Brahmanand tells him that he liked Priya a lot. Prabudh decides to meet Brahmanand personally and thank him for Chinu's admission. Priya and Chinu irritate Bhakti with their small fights. Priya and her family get emotional as she will get separated from their life very soon.

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Brahmanand threatens Devyani to let Priya know about the family traditions as soon as she comes home. Vidya gets tensed to witness his behavior towards Devyani. Aditya and Priya are happy as it's just a matter of two days and they both will be together. Mrs. Bindra prepares for the mehndi ceremony. The Jhakkar's are all busy with the preparation. Chinu along with Prabudh and Bhakti leaves for Aditya's house for the ceremony.  Prabudh thanks Brahmanand for all the help offered. Prabudh tells him about his plan to shift to Rohtak by finding a job for himself. Brahmanand decides to help him out as he wants Priya to thank him for such a help offered to her father. Priya disguises herself and come to attend Aditya's mehndi ceremony secretly. Vidya spots Priya in the house. Priya asks her not to tell anyone that she is there. Priya surprises Aditya. Aditya is shocked to see Priya inside his room. He is surprised with Priya's sudden arrival. They are both together when Brahmanand arrives. Priya gets frightened with the consequences of Brahmanand noticing her with Aditya.

Brahmanand hides himself from Priya's eyes. He avoids coming face to face with her. Mrs. Bindra informs everyone about the wedding plans for the next day. Devyani asks Vidya to go and call Aditya. Aditya and Priya are sharing some romantic moments when Vidya drops into their room. She feels uncomfortable. Vidya apologizes to Priya and tells her that she should have knocked before coming into their room. Vidya helps Priya escape from everyone's eyes and go home. After witnessing the love that Aditya and Priya have for each other Vidya longs for the same love from Gourav. Vidya's mother tells her that being the first daughter in law of the Jhakkar family she should insist Gourav to plan for a baby soon. Vidya promises her that she will do everything possible to bring Gourav closer to her. Rishabh thinks about how to tell Uttara about the promise he has made to Rastogi. Devyani asks Gourav to take care of his wife rather then neglecting her. Gourav refuses to entertain Vidya. Devyani tells him that people have started raising questions about his relationship with Vidya. She also tells him that the only way to prevent this is to give an heir to the Jhakkar family. Vidya tries to attract Gourav but gets upset when he refuses to notice her and leaves her alone in the room

Vidya and Gourav are frustrated with their life. Imli does not appreciate Gaurav's ignorance towards Vidya. It's Priya's last night with her parents. Prabudh gets emotional. Bhakti asks everyone to go and take some rest as the next day going to be hectic. Priya spends some time with her father. Aditya and Priya are over excited and are not able to sleep. Priya tells Chinu that she is blessed to have a loving husband and a family like Aditya's. Brahmanand is lost in his own thoughts if Priya will act as per his wishes. It's Aditya and Priya's haldi ceremony. Everyone is excited. Vidya misses Gaurav's attention. She is angry with Gourav. Gourav apologizes to Vidya and tells her that he was not able to sleep last night. He tries to explain her that it's difficult for them to wipe out all the issues between but they can still try to nullify the issues as a friend. He asks Vidya not to expect any other relationship from him rather then friendship. Vidya is hurt and refuses to listen to him. Priya gets ready for the wedding.

Prabudh gets upset with the thought of getting separated from Priya. Rishabh asks for Uttara's support to finalize the deal. Devyani asks Brahmanand to cheer up just for Aditya's sake. But Brahmanand is still angry with her and tells her that he is really disappointed with her for getting Aditya married to Priya. He upsets her by saying that he can never forgive her for this. Aditya is too excited for his marriage. Bauji helps Aditya tie the turban and helps him get ready for his wedding. Aditya thanks Brahmanand for getting him married to the girl he wants to be with. Aditya and his family set out for the wedding. Vidya avoids Gourav. Uttara is angry when Rastogi keeps following her and tries to get close to her. Later when Rastogi crosses his limit Uttara slaps him hard for misbehaving with her. Uttara is shocked when Rastogi tells her that Rishabh has sold her to him for one night.


Uttara refuses to believe Rastogi and threatens him to stay away from her. Aditya is too excited and dances along with others. Bauji encourages him and also asks Brahmanand to be a part of the celebration. Priya tells Chinu that she is very nervous also sad with the thought of getting separated from them. Uttara is disturbed with whatever Rastogi has told her. She fells uncomfortable when Rastogi misbehaves with her. He reminds her of the day when her own husband will catch hold of her hand and will ask her to sleep with him. Imli tries to bring Vidya and Gourav close to each other. Prabudh informs Priya that the baraat has arrived. He gets emotional and tells Priya that he is going to miss her a lot. Mrs. Bindra asks Prabudh to welcome all the guests. Bhakti and Prabudh welcomes Aditya and his family. Vidya remembers her own wedding and recalls that Gourav was not at all happy at the wedding day. Uttara is still disturbed and decides to talk to Rishabh. Devyani explains Priya the importance of marriage. She asks Priya to be happy as she thinks that way she can keep everyone happy. 



Devyani brings Priya to the mandap. Priya and Aditya welcome each other with the jaimala. Brahmanand keeps himself away from Priya's eyes. Devyani and Bauji gets concerned to see him standing away from all. Brahmanand gets angry when Devyani asks him to come and stand near the mandap. Aditya and Priya complete the pheras. As per traditions both of them get married to each other. Vidya's mind is flooded with questions. She is forced to think that Gourav takes care of her but he does not love her. Uttara is in deep thoughts if whatever Rastogi has told is right. Devyani asks Brahmanand to see Priya from her eyes and forget all grudge that he has for her. Prabudh and Chinu get emotional when Prabudh does Priya's kanyadaan. Brahmanand thinks, now that Priya is his daughter in-law she will choose to stay quiet and will not let anyone know the dark truth about him. Priya and Aditya are officially husband and wife now. Everyone congratulates them. Brahmanand tells Thakur that they need not worry now as Priya will not let anyone know about the past. Priya and Aditya take everyone's blessings. Brahmanand steps out of the marriage hall as he avoids coming face to face with Priya. Devyani tries to convince Brahmanand to give his blessings to the newly wed couple but Brahmanand refuses to entertain her.

Brahmanand gives his blessings to Aditya when Priya is away. Devyani and her family prepares for the bidaai ceremony. Rastogi tells Rishabh that he can't wait any more. Rishabh assures him that he will fulfill his promise very soon. Uttara overhears this and gets shocked. She asks Rishabh directly if he has sold her to Rastogi for a night. She asks him if she is making a wrong assumption. She is broken when Rishabh informs her that he had sold her to Rastogi for a night. He makes her believe that all their problems will be solved after this. Uttara is astonished and refuses to sleep with Rastogi. Rishabh tells her that the deal is fixed and she can't back out now. Brahmanand drops in there and asks if everything is fine. Rishabh assures him that all is well. Priya's bidaai takes place. Priya gets emotional as she has to leave everything behind. Prabudh and Chinu wishes her all the best in life. Brahmanand chooses to stay away from the ceremony. Chinu cries a lot after Priya leaves. Prabudh tells him that they should be happy as Priya is married in such a good family. Devyani welcomes Priya into her family. Brahmanand refuses to welcome Priya when Devyani asks him to be with her and welcome the newly wed couple


Aditya insists Devyani to ask Brahmanand to be a part of Priya's welcome ceremony. Vidya suddenly starts crying in front of all as she is not able to handle the pain any more. The family members get concerned for her. Everyone attends to Vidya when suddenly Brahmanand drops in. Priya is shocked to see him in front of her eyes. She recalls the past encounter where he tried molesting her and gets unconscious. Brahmanand tells Devyani that he is not at all happy with Priya's condition. Devyani makes him believe that Priya must be tired but he tells her that he is concerned as how she is going to handle the family. Brahmanand feels he has succeeded in his mission and Priya is scared of him now. Imli tells Vidya that Priya is trying to gain everyone's sympathy. Vidya asks her to mind her words. Imli unknowingly tells something which hurts Gourav a lot. Rishabh asks Uttara to come with her but she refuses. The doctor informs everyone that they should not worry as Priya is alright. Aditya asks Priya if she wants to say something to him. Priya refuses saying anything as she feels its just a misconception and she also does not want to break Devyani's trust and belief. Vidya tries to talk to Gourav and wants to tell him that they should plan for a baby very soon. Gourav pretends to be sleeping while Vidya is talking to him. Vidya asks Priya to get ready and come down as everyone is waiting for her. Its Priya's first day in the kitchen and she prepares food for everyone as a part of the tradition. Devyani asks Priya not to stress herself but Priya makes her believe that she is alright. Brahmanand wait for Priya to serve the food. Priya is about to see Brahmanand sitting but he escapes from Priya's eyes. Later he asks Jaggi to tell Priya to come into his room and call him personally for the lunch. Priya enters Brahmanand's room and is shocked to see her molester in front of her eyes again. Priya asks him to go away and also attempts to call Aditya. She is shocked to know that he is Aditya's father and her father in law.

The Jhakkar family waits patiently for Brahmanand and Priya to come back. Devyani gets concerned for Vidya and Gourav's relationship. Brahmanand asks Priya to forget about the incident which happened to her and stay within her limit. He threatens her that if she ever opens her mouth then he will ruin her family. Rishabh gets angry when Uttara refuses to take his call and return home. Rastogi threatens Rishabh to send Uttara to him. Gourav tells Devyani that he can't keep on fulfilling everybody's demand. He asks her to let him live his life his own way. Gourav asks Devyani why he is not allowed to be with the one whom he loves. Devyani tells him that if she would have allowed him to go ahead with his relationship then the whole of the Jhakkar family would have been humiliated by now. She pleads him for a grandchild and give Vidya what she deserves. Devyani gets concerned to see Uttara tensed. Devyani gives her phone to Uttara when Rishabh calls her on her cell phone. She tells Uttara that she don't want to get into their personal matters. Rishabh tells Uttara to come back to him or else she would see him dead. He threatens to kill himself if she refuses to come to him. Bauji gets angry when Brahmanand refuses to come on time. Aditya gets concerned to see Priya missing. Brahmanand lies to Devyani that he had not met Priya. Everyone gets concerned when they could not find Priya in the house


The Jhakkar family searches for Priya in the house. Devyani is concerned to see Uttara disturbed. Uttara tells her that she needs to go home as Rishabh is waiting for her. Devyani asks Brahmanand to help them search Priya. He gets angry and tells her that he don't want to tell the entire world that his daughter in law is missing and don't want to get humiliated. Rishabh gets angry when Uttara asks him if she can stay back and help all to search for Priya. Brahmanand gets concerned as he thinks Priya might reveal everything about her past. He asks the police department to search for her and inform him as soon as they find her. Devyani calls up Prabudh and is shocked to find that Priya is not with them as well. Aditya gets concerned for Priya and asks Brahmanand to find her as he can't live without her.  Devyani tells Bauji that she is very concerned for Priya and can't afford to hear people talking against the Jhakkar family. Priya is heartbroken and is not able to believe that her molester is none other then his father in law. Aditya too sets out in search of Priya. Priya comes to the temple and speaks her heart out before the idol. She thinks that nor could she afford to stay in the house as her ugly past would keep haunting her daily neither could she speak up and inform all about it. She then decides to face the situation boldly when she thinks about Aditya.


Aditya finds Priya and asks her the reason for her sudden disappearance. Priya is about to tell Aditya the truth when Brahmanand drops in and prevent her for revealing the truth. He asks Aditya to take Priya inside. Devyani asks Priya why she went out all of a sudden without informing anyone. Priya lies to all that she saw a police uniform and got scared. Brahmanand supports her statement and informs all that Priya has this phobia and they need to take good care of her so that she forgets everything. Imli tells Vidya that she don't trust what Priya is saying. She speaks against Priya and also asks Vidya to claim her position at home before Priya takes it. Devyani gets angry and asks her not to speak anything against Priya. Priya apologizes to Aditya. Aditya tells her that he is really proud of his father who supported her. Uttara informs Rishabh that she will not sleep with Rastogi. Rishabh threatens to kill himself but Uttara tells him that he does not have the guts to do that. Rishabh tells her that he is doing this for her and their daughter Tara. Rishabh informs her that if she does not fulfill Rastogi's promise then he will kill him. Devyani reminds Priya the promise which she had made to her. She asks her to forget everything and begin a new life. She tells her that Brahmanand would have felt really bad for this action. She asks Priya not to hurt him again. Priya serves food to Brahmanand. He praises her in front of all.  

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Brahmanand gives a gift to Priya as a part of the tradition. She is made to take blessings from him and is asked to touch his feet. Priya is completely shattered as she is not able to share her feelings with anyone. Vidya gets emotional when her mother sets to leave. She asks her to plan for a baby soon. Devyani asks Vidya's mother not to worry and assures her to take care of Vidya in her absence. Uttara apologizes to Devyani for leaving all of a sudden. She lies to Devyani that everything is fine. Aditya is concerned for Priya and tells her he knows that she is worried. He asks her to take some rest and makes her feel comfortable. Vidya tries to get closer to Gourav. Gourav gets angry and asks her to stay away from him. Vidya is hurt when Gourav refuses to fulfill her request. Brahmanand is glad as he thinks Priya is under his control now. Priya comes to Brahmanand and informs him not to underestimate her. She tells him that she will very soon reveal his real identity to Aditya. Brahmanand is shocked when she tells him that she will respect every relation in the house except his. She threatens to uncover him in front of all very soon.


Brahmanand tells Priya that Aditya would never ever believe her. He tells Priya that if she tries telling Aditya the truth then that would ruin her relationship with him. Priya tells him that she will wait for the day when she will win Aditya's trust. Vidya gets concerned to see Priya outside her room at night. Priya lies to her that she is not able to sleep as she needs some time to adjust to the new house. Devyani is happy to see both Priya and Vidya together. She tells them that she is really happy to have a loving family and is glad that now her family is complete. Uttara is shocked to see Rishabh trying to kill himself. She pleads him not to give away his life. Rishabh refuses to listen to her. Uttara then finding no other reasons agrees to sleep with Rastogi. Gourav is searching for his wallet. Vidya finds out that there is a locker in the cupboard about which she was still unaware. Brahmanand informs all that it's always good to forgive someone for the sake of others. He also asks Aditya to work towards his dreams of becoming a politician and asks him to come to Delhi with him.



Devyani asks Priya to get ready as Chinu might come any moment to pick her up for the peg phera. Prabudh and Chinu prepare meal for Priya. Devyani calls up Uttara and gets concerned when she hears her voice. Aditya is upset as Priya will be away from him for few days. Priya tells Aditya that she never knew that he was interested in politics. She tells him that politics is not an easy task to perform. Aditya makes her believe that as long as Brahmanand is there he need not worry about anything. Prabudh and Chinu welcome Priya. Aditya misses Priya. Devyani tells him that every girl has to go home for few days after marriage as per the tradition. Priya is about to reveal Brahmanand's truth to Prabudh when he calls up and informs him that he has arranged for a job for him in Rohtak so that he can stay close to her daughter. Priya asks Prabudh not to take any favor from Brahmanand but Prabudh make her believe that there is nothing wrong in accepting the offer. Brahmanand decides to teach Priya a lesson if she attempts to reveal his truth to anyone.  Prabudh decides to wrap up things in Ghaziabad before he finally moves to Rohtak. Devyani comes to meet Uttara. Uttara lies to her that she is going out with Rishabh for dinner. Uttara asks Devyani if it's right for a wife to do anything which is in favor of her husband. Devyani tells her that it's always right for a woman to do anything for the sake of her husband.


Devyani asks Uttara if she wants to tell her something. Just then Rishabh drops in and asks Uttara to get ready fast. Devyani senses that something is wrong. Priya is upset when she see the property papers which Prabudh has put on mortgage. Prabudh makes her believe that everything is under control now and he thanks Brahmanand for this. Uttara gets ready for her sacrifice. She expects Rishabh to stop her from committing the crime but Rishabh does not stop her and sends her away to Rastogi. Devyani is tensed as she feels there in no one in the house who can understand her feelings. Gourav assures her that he wants to prove himself a better son and asks her to cheer up. Vidya tries to open the locker and keep her jewelry inside. Gourav gets angry and asks her to stay away from his locker. Uttara is not able to accept the fact that she is going to sleep with the same person whom she hates the most. Aditya packs his stuff and lands at Priya's place to stay with her. Devyani is shocked when Imli breaks the news to her. Bauji tells her that he has given him the permission to go and stay with Priya. Rastogi is angry when Uttara does not reach on time.


Rastogi is happy to see Uttara in front of his eyes. Uttara pleads Rastogi to let her go. Rastogi refuses saying he has paid for her and won't let her free until and unless she fulfill his wish. Rastogi threatens to call up Rishabh. Uttara finding no other reasons aggress to surrender herself to him. She asks Rastogi to give her some time to prepare herself mentally for the task. Prabudh asks Chinu and Aditya to sleep in one room as he wants to spend some time with her daughter. Aditya gets upset as he wants to be with Priya. Vidya tries to sneak into the locker which Gourav does not allow her to open. Rastogi tries to force himself on Uttara when suddenly Devyani comes to her rescue. Rastogi gets frightened and asks for forgiveness. Rastogi also offers to handover the cheque to Uttara so that Rishabh does not scold her for not keeping her promise. It was Uttara who called up Devyani and asked to help her out. Uttara slaps Rastogi for his misdeeds. She thanks Devyani for helping her out. Devyani asks Uttara to give Rishabh one more chance to prove himself a better husband. She asks her to think about her daughter once before taking any drastic step. Uttara and Devyani are about to leave the hotel when they see Brahmanand coming out of a room. They both get shocked to see Brahmanand at such a place.


Devyani lies to Uttara that Brahmanand might have come to the hotel for some official purpose. Uttara tells Devyani that she is feeling awkward to return to Rishabh after this incident. Rishabh goes mad with happiness when Uttara handover the cheque to him. Uttara is broken when Rishabh leaves her unattended after taking the cheque. Gourav and Brahmanand have an argument regarding their responsibilities. Brahmanand tells him that he does not have the guts to give an heir to the Jhakkar family. Brahmanand takes out his frustration on Devyani. He accuses her for not keeping Gourav under control. He threatens her that if Gourav does not live in the house as per his wishes then he would throw him out of the house. Rishabh avoids Uttara when he imagines Rastogi touching her. Aditya asks Prabudh and Priya to send Chinu with him to stay at their place till Prabudh comes back to Rohtak. Devyani asks Imli to clean the room for Chinu. Chinu thanks Brahmanand for arranging a seat for him in the medical college.

Uttara wakes up in the morning and is shocked not to find Rishabh beside her. Rishabh tells her that he slept in the living room as she was watching a cricket match. She feels awkward when Rishabh does not let her touch him. Everyone plans for the Valentines Day. The wives plan to woo their husbands on the other hand the husband's think of ways to make their wives feel special. Devyani asks Uttara to join them as this can be a very good opportunity to make things better between her and Rishabh. Priya plans to give a surprise to Aditya and asks for Chinu's help. She plans to tell him the truth which is buried inside her. Aditya asks Brahmanand to be part of the Valentines Day celebration but he refuses. Vidya shares her plan with the other ladies in the house. Bauji, Devyani and Uttara share their love stories. Bauji informs all that it's very important to love their better halves for a happy married life. Devyani informs all that it's the ladies in the house who are responsible for binding the family together. Uttara feels why only the ladies have to suffer.

The husbands and the wives prepare for the surprise. Devyani feels bad as she thinks she will be the only one who will celebrate this day without her husband. The husbands are surprised to see the preparation when they come home. They hand-over the gifts which they have brought for their wives. Brahmanand surprises all by his presence. He informs all that he has arranged for a dinner for everyone. He also gives gifts to all. Devyani is happy to see a change in Brahmanand. Brahmanand tells Priya that he is glad that everyone is happy. He tells her that everything will be ruined if she takes one wrong step. Aditya asks Priya to come with him as she has a surprise for her. She refuses saying she too has a surprise for him. Aditya decides to check out Priya's surprise. Gourav brings Vidya to the restaurant for dinner. She is glad to see the arrangement but Gourav disappoints her by saying that Aditya has made all the arrangements. Priya brings Aditya away from all. Aditya is glad to see the arrangements made by Priya. Priya is forced to think if Aditya would be able to deal with the pain when she will tell him the truth about Brahmanand.


Aditya thanks Priya for making his day special. Priya attempts to tell Aditya the truth but he refuses to listen to her saying he don't want to spoil the evening. They both get romantic. Devyani thanks Brahmanand for the surprises. But later she gets upset when Brahmanand leaves her alone. Uttara is also upset as Rishabh keeps avoiding her and refuses to talk to her. Uttara is shattered when Rishabh shouts at her for no reason. Vidya and Gourav spend some beautiful time with each other. Vidya gets upset when Gourav all of a sudden separates himself from her while they are dancing. Uttara questions Rishabh as why he is avoiding her. She asks him why he is not letting her touch him. Rishabh gets hyper and tells her that he does not want to touch her after she spent the night with Rastogi. Uttara gets angry as he was the one who sent her to Rastogi. Uttara accuses Rishabh to take advantage of her and tells him not to dare touch her ever.

Vidya receives a call on Gaurav's phone while he is away and gets disheartened to hear the voice of a lady. Devyani is disturbed. Bauji asks her to come with him as he wants to play cards. Uttara packs her stuff and set to leave the house. Rishabh asks her to not to go and assures her that everything will be fine with time. Rishabh asks her to stay back as he is concerned as what would the society and the people think if she goes away. Uttara gets upset to hear this and tells him that he does not even care to think about her. Rishabh is shocked when Uttara breaks the news that she is still pure and nothing happened between her and Rastogi.  Aditya is shocked to know the truth from Priya. He refuses to believe her and slaps her for accusing Brahmanand. Priya is relieved when she gets to know that it was just a bad dream. She then decides not to break the truth to Aditya. Bauji asks Devyani if everything is fine. Devyani tells him that she always gets concerned for everyone who are attached to her. She tells Bauji that Uttara is going through a very bad phase. Rishabh refuses to believe Uttara. He tells her that Rastogi would never ever let her go away without fulfilling his wish. Later Uttara shocks Rishabh by breaking the news that its Devyani who helped her get rid of Rastogi. She narrates the whole incident to him.

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