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Hate Or Love..!!!- AR FF#2(NOTE-pg/135

Rapunzzel Goldie

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Posted: 24 April 2011 at 11:27pm | IP Logged

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thanks to all my readers n silent reader who read,liked, commented and appreciated this ff
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Rapunzzel Goldie

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1st thread(part 1-16

part 17 ------ pg 1
part 18 ------ pg 15
part 19 ------- pg 29
part 20 ------- pg 43
part 21 ------- pg 65
part 22 ------- pg 85
part 23 ------- pg 100
part 24 ------- pg 112
part 25 -------- pg 127

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Rapunzzel Goldie

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thanks to all the readers who pressed the like buttonSmile

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29priya IF-Dazzler

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hey congrats on d new thread..
plz update soon...

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congrats 4 new threadClap
updt soon
waiting eagerly 4 next part

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saniashzadi IF-Dazzler

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hey dear...

congrats for new thread ... u r awesome writer...wishing u al the success in life...

congrats again...

update the part soon



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Crazyy_Fan IF-Dazzler

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Congratulationzz Party

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Rapunzzel Goldie

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thanks to all the reader who comments and pressed like button, hope u like this part too... SmileSmile


Armaan entered his room after having a long chat with soniya, he looked at the watch which showed 2'o'clock and then looked at Ridhima sleeping curled up on the bed like a baby with a book clapsped between her hands and chest, he shook his head as he saw the comfronter was on the other side...

He moved towards the bed, covered her with the comfronter and carefully took the book out of her grasp, keeping it on the side table he sat on the side of the bed, he saw he sleeping like an angel...

A smile played on his lips remembering the last night


Armaan opened his eyes feeling dizzy, he placed his palm on his forhead and looked at the surroundings "main to nikki ki party me tha, then how did i reach home "aah!! my head" he presssed his forhead and tried to snuggle more into the pilllow, but felt something very smooth under his head, confused he  tilted his head to see what it is?, his eyes wide opened with shock by knowing, that the soft and smooth thing,  he is sleeping is not on a pillow but Ridhima's stomach!!!! he suddenly got up ...

"oh god mai... maine nashe mein, Ridhima ke saath misbehave to nahi kiya???? mujhe kuch yaad bhi nahi aaraha kya hua kal raat?? he pressd his fingers on his temple trying to recognise last night but coudn'nt,...  and looked at her "agar maine kuch ghalat kiya hota to, she will be not sleeping here with me in the same bed" he thought and smiled looking at her sleeping in an uncomfortable position with a frown on her face, he got up and slowly picked her in his arms and made her lie comfortably on th bed, she smiled feeling comfortable... 

seeing her so close, he couldn'nt help admiring her beauty, he looked at her angelic face, her cute nose, her creamy soft skin, his gaze stopped at her pink lips which he wanted  feel on his all the evening , he had a hard time to control on his heart from the moment he saw her in the saree, with a deep back. It hugged her body in all the right areas,  made her look so gorgeous and innocent, though he made her wear saree, to just annoy her, but when he saw her it totally blew him off...  he chuckled remembering  her expression at he party when she came to know that he lied abt the dress code... 

he sighed heavily remembering their dance, and their trance, he was sure if Abhi and nikki would not interupt them he would have kissed her then and there, it's not just her looks that attracted him, it's her innocence, but the her saree made her look very attractive and sexy...

Ridhima slightly wriggled  her nose as her flicks fell on her face disturbing her, he smiled and leaned on her, and slowly blowing the air he removed her hairs, he was so close as his hot breath was kissing her cheeks, he looked at her lips longing ,not able to control further he placed his lips on her, their lips were touching eacothers, he kissed her sofly lingering his lips on her for some moments, he removed his lips from her and chuckled seeing her frown "oh to mrs. mallik was enjoying the kiss"

he sat straight and looked at the couch and then ridhima on the bed, his heart wanted to be close to her but his mind denying it completely, he thought for a moment and listening to his heart he joined her on the bed and snuggled close to her...

------flashback end--------------------


he couldn't understand his own feelings which aroused in him that night, in the morning when he didn't find her on the bed, he thought that she was mad at him, he knew he had to apologise for being drunk last night and called her to his cabin to ask and apologise for his behaviour last night, though he did'nt remember much abt the night, but couldn't bring the topic becoz of soniya's sudden appearance...

Armaan looked at her sleeping peacefully and sighed and caressed her cheeks with his fingers and traced her lips with his thumb, she slightly smiled in her sleep..."why are you on my mind everytime?? why i wanted to be close to u??, I really don't know if what I'm feeling is love, namely because I don't really believe in love. It's a bit hard to explain actually. Whenever you are in the room, I get both excited, yet nervous. I feel the need to look out for you and protect you all the time.

he looked at her sleeping peacefully like a baby "not fair mrs mallik!!! meri neend udake khud chain se so rahi ho" he shook his head "u lost it Armaan, get a grip ,or else she will make u go crazy" he chuckled at his own thought...

his smile vanished remembering that she dosent't like him or even hate him, why she wouldn't after what he did to her, he even used anjali to blackmail her, to accept this marraige and stay with him... but she was adamnt on her decision, so he had to do this, for his and her family...

Now he could just wish that someday she would forgive him, he could not even tell her what he feel for her, nor he could see hatred in her eyes  ... he stared at her "i dont even know what i feel for her is just attraction or something more... he sighed heavily "whatever this feeling is??? but i cant help myself being attracted to you" he leaned and brushed his lips on her giving a soft peck " sweet dreams " ... he got up and lied on the couch and drifted to sleep looking at her...


Next moning

streching her hands out Ridhima got up from her sleep and looked directly at the couch  "lagta hai mr.punctual is already up" she sighed and got up, had a quick shower and got down wearing a pink chudidaar...

Ridhima stopped in her tracks seeing soniya arranging the table while all others were waiting for the breakfast... "finally Ridhima tum aagayi, hum sab tumahaara hi wait kar rahe the" soniya said and with a excited smile... "mera wait??? confused Ridhima moved wishing billy and anaya , she took a seat between Armaan and Rahul...

"haan tumhaara wait, kyunki, aaj ka breakfast hamaari pyaari chef soniya ne apne pyaare pyaare haathon se banaaya hai "Rahul said and winked at soniya ...

"beta tum baith jao, tum is ghar ki mehmaan ho, sevants will serve the food" said ananya...

"nahi aunty khaana maine banaaya hai to serve bhi main hi karoongi, aap log shuru kijiye i will join you" sonia said stubburnly, to which Ridhima rolled her eyes...

"aur haan Ammy maine tumhaare favorite aloo ke parathe bhi banaaye hai, taste karke bataao kaise bane hai" she asked placing a paratha in his plate...

"hmmm sonia ur too good,tum haare haathon mein to jaado hai, hmm this paratha are awesome" he said munching his paratha... Ridhima fumed in anger seeing Armaan prasing sonia, ananya and billy also praised her cooking and excused themselfs after quickly finishing their breakfast since they have to catch a flight for delhi to attend a party...  they bid bye to everyone and rushed to the airport...

"Soniya, tumhaara future husband to bada hi lucky hoga, jise aisi wife milegi jo ek successful doctor ke saath ek awesome cook bhi hai" Soniya blushed listening to Armaan's comment...

Rahul nudged Ridhima and gave him "see -i -told- u look", ridhima stared back at the duo teasing eacother and laughing, ... at that time she felt soo out of the place which pierced her heart but why??? she was furious but couldn't understand for what or whom???her chain of thoughts was broken by soniya's voice " Ridhima tum kyun nahi kha rahi ho, acche nahi bane hai kya??"

"nahi to aisi  koi baat nahi hai, acche hai, bahut acche bane hai" Ridhima forced  smile... 

sonia smiled back at her, and excused herself as her cell started ringing and went to attend the call...

"hmm rahul, chalen we are getting late" she said finishing her plate..

"oh Ridz mai tumhen batana bhool gaya ke, dr.Abhi ne mujhe ek patient ki report study karne di thi, as i will be assisting him in the surgery tonight, isiliye aaj meri reporting lunch ke baad hai, sooo"... he was cut in middle by Ridhima "its ok Rahul i will manage, and all the best" Ridhima wished him with a smile and took her belonging to go...

Rahul shook his head "Ridzy main to ye keh raha tha ke, today u can go with bhai, kyun bhai??" he said and winked at Armaan...

Armaan looked and Rahul and then at Ridhima who was looking down at her finger...

"hmm Rahul i promised sonia, that i will accompany her so..." he was cut in between by a furious Ridhima "mere liye kisi ko bhi pareshaan hone ki koi zaroorat nahi hai, i can take care of my self, you can go ahead with your important work" ridhima furiously sprung on her feet grabbing her bag  and started moving out,  her eyes were red with anger... she didn't why she was angry, but she just want run from there, it pricks her heart whenever she see Armaan  with soniya , she didn't know why but it hurts  her...

Armaan was taken aback by her anger and rose on his feet "Ridhima listen" he yelled  and ran to stop her followed by rahul...

Armaan almost ran upto the gate but saw Ridhima leaving in a cab, he stood with his hands on his waist trying to catch his breath...

"o god bhai , mujhe nahi pata tha ki Ridzy ko bhi itna gussa ata hai , i must say she is perfect match for you, both blew their top very often" Rahul said and chuckled...Armaan gave him a deadly glare..

"are maine kye kiya hai, aap hi ne to kaha ki aap ko soniya ke saath jaana hai aur aap Ridzy ke saath nahi jaa sakte"

"shut up Rahul! main to tujhe bolne wala tha ke tu soniya drop karde...lekin usne mujhe bolne hi nahi diya...bas gussa hoke chali gayi" Armaan said frustrated at her behaviour.

"arre to bola kyun nahi...aap ki hi galti know na girls" he shook his head, "ek baar gussa hogayi to itni asaani se nahi manengi...ab jaiye, manaiye usko..." Rahul said and went inside...

Armaan looked at Rahul's retreating back and then at the place from where Ridhima left "but why she was soo mad at me?? he said aloud confused by her anger...


hope u like this part
do comment, u r comments mean a lot to me and
dont forget to press like button...

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