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Pride and Prejudice:Maaneet Style THREAD 2 (Page 28)

mirnalini Goldie

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Posted: 21 May 2011 at 1:06pm | IP Logged
Part 35:
"And YOU!!!!...",
but before Geet could begin reprimanding Maan there was the noise of a closing door and running footsteps as Meera and Yash rushed into the living room where Maan and Geet had been standing.
They had been missing ever since Yash had rushed after Meera to pacify her, and things had gotten so messy and busy for everybody after that that there had been no time or chance to contact.
"Geet what is this??!!", we just saw this crazy thing on the news about Rahul and Maan fighting, and their going to prison!
What happened!!??!!"
"Oh! So now you two found the time to come and enquire after us!
Well isn't this just too much attention from you two!!
Plz don't spoil us!", Came Rahul's sarcastic reply.
"Rahul!", spoke Geet in a warning tone.
Yash and Meera looked down in embarrasement as they realized that they should've been there to help their friends, but they had no idea about what had transpired at the restaurant after they had left.
Then they remembered what had happenend between them...
Yash rushed after an angry Meera.
"Meera honey plz, listen to me!!"
But she was no where near stopping.
She reached the parking lot to get into her car when Yash pulled her and turned her around.
"I am not going to marry you!!
Do you understand that Yash!!
Get lost!!"
At this Yash lost his gentlemanly demeanor and grabbed Meera harshly, shaking her in anger.
"Enough Meera!!
Enough with this drama!!
There's nothing to get so upset about!
Quit overreacting!
I've been observing you these past few weeks. You've been screaming almost all the time, and totally create a molehill out of every petty issue!
You know what! I can't take this drama any more!
You don't wanna get married! FINE! Don't!
Cuz I'm frankly tired of running behind you all the time!"
and saying this he pushed her away against her car and turned around, running his hand through his hair in frustration.
That is when he heard soft sobs from behind that kept growing exponentially in their intensity.
he turned to find Meera's back to him, crouching in front of her car hiding her face in her hands and sobbing very hard now.
He felt guilty at having burst at her thus, it wasn't him to talk to someone like that.
He pulled her around and tried to take her in his arms.
It wasn't very hard, though she resisted at first, she eventually gave in.
He held her in his arms as she buried her face in his chest and cried her heart out.
He opened the car and they both sat in the back seat, with Meera now on his lap, crying in his chest. He patted her back and gently stroked her hair.
After a while when she seemed to have calmed down a little he said
"I'm sorry.
I know I shouldn't have talked to you like that."
And saying this he pushed her face back and kissed her on the lips.
As the intensity of the kiss grew, Yash slipped his hand under Meera's shirt and trailed it up her bare back.
Meera shivered as Yash's hand reached her bra strap and unhooked it.
Pushing him away she said, "Yash! What are you doing! You know you're not allowed all this before we get married!"
"I know, and you've kept me at an arm's length all this while, but you're clearly upset about something bigger than our fight, and though you won't tell me, I have to still soothe you in my own way"
"Yash no", Meera whispered, but she had no energy left in her to resist him.
She was exhausted with all the emotional turmoil that she had been going through lately.
Yash pulled the blinds over all the windows of the car.
After caressing her back, he moved to undo her shirt that had one long zip running through the front.
He started unzipping it slowly from the top and pulled the zipper down to the end.
Her eyes now closed and breathing heavily, Meera shivered as Yash's hand touched her bare stomach and then her waist.
He slipped off her shirt as Meera crouched in his embrace trying to shield herself from his eyes.
He pushed the hair that blocked the view of her beautiful face behind her ears and kissed her forehead.
He took off hs own shirt and started gently nuzzling her neck, kissing and nipping it here and there.
He pulled out a throw and coverd themselves with it, Meera's warm body wrapped in his embrace protectively.
"Though I'd love to, I'd still not go further, as I want to explore you in detail the first time on our wedding night, and if I take off your bra and take your breasts in my hands right now, I won't be able to stop myself from taking off a lot more, and taking in my hands a lot more", he said as he slid his hand up her inner thighs beneath her skirt and slid it right upto where her undergarment rested, pointing at what he was refering to.
Meera trembled uncontrollably at the choice of his words and the liberty he was taking with her.
She had never seen this side of Yash.
He had always been the getlemanllike, soft, sensitive, and sweet lover who never crossed his boundaries. Though Yash was naughty, and did take her breath away by at times getting too intimate, it was always done in a teasing manner. Meera was a modern girl, but had conservative thoughts regarding such matters, that Yash had always respected. Having no family, she was extra careful, and extra strict with herself.
But today, he was not teasing her, he was damn serious, and the intensity with which he was touching her and was explicitly talking to her scared her.
She was always the one in control in their relationship, the one who screamed,and scolded, but today she saw how Yash had just let it be like that, when he was very well capable of screaming and controlling himself.
Not able to control himself any more, he slipped his fingers through the soft fabric gaurding her femininty and held it in his hand.
Meera moaned at this completely new touch in the yet unexplored asset of her virginity, and held Yash tightly as she again started silently sobbing in his tight embrace.
Yash knew he was evoking new feelings in her.
They had never gotten this close before, and he had never breached the norms of modesty thus with her.
But he will take the liberties he never had prior to this day because she was hurting, and he'd do anything to take that pain away.
"Tell me what's bothering you"
Concious of the way he was touching, she was unable to meet his eyes.
Yash pushed her down on the seat and lay beside her, still not removing his hands.
"Tell me before I'm compelled to take other liberties"
At this her eyes shot up to meet his as she blushed a deep hue of cimson.
"I..", but she could not go on, as her breath was still caught up in her throat.
Seeing his effect on her he felt the urge to carry on what he wanted to do, but decided against it. Meera was not used to this, and he had already done enough for one day, plus the girl looked so scared she might just faint out of terror.
He knew she was really vulnerable underneath, and put up this scolding, terrorizing facade to shield herself, that's why he was always so soft with her. She was a delicate flower that he'd never let shrivel.
I'll do you a favour", and saying this he removed his hand to let her speak.
Meera left the breath she had been holding and again started stammering.
And before she could go on she was silenced by Yash's mouth on hers.
He kissed her passionately and said "You know you don't have to be afraid of me, I love you, you trust me right?"
She nodded silently.
"Then tell me what's wrong"
Meera took a deep breath and said in her tearful voice.
"I am just so afraid Yash.
Ever since we got engaged, the memories of my childhood keep coming back to me.
You know my parents didn't have a succesful marriage.
They hated each other!
That's why they broke up and left me with a nanny when I was 11.
They hated me too! Becuz I reminded them of their failed marriage. Of all the torturous years they had spent together.
I am very scared, what if I've inherited it from them!
What if we too have a failed marriage!
What if we start hating each other afterwards!
You know how I am. I shout at you so much.
What if one day you've had enough of putting up with me and leave me!
I won't be able to survive without you!
I'll die without you Yash! I swear I'll die!"
and saying this she broke into another bout of sobs and turned away from him.
So this was the problem!
He pulled her to face him, and wiping away her tears and kissing her on her forehead, he cupped her face and looked deep into her eyes.
"Number one, I don't mind your scolding me, and I never will. I actually rather enjoy it.
Number two, no matter what happens, I'm never going to leave you, nor will I let you leave me.
Once we're married, it's a contract for the next seven janams, as the pandit says, and if you try to breach this contract, I'd be more than willing to even tie you to chair and gag you to keep you with me if need be.
Number three, failure of marriage is not a hereditary problem that you can just inherit from your parents. They had their own problems that we are unaware of, hence you can't really say what triggered their decision.
I'm not saying that we won't have issues. I'm sure we will. But we will work through them, and fight to protect our realationship.
Cuz frankly Meera, I'd rather spend the rest of my life fighting with you and being scolded by you than spend it without you. Cuz with you, life is life, it has meaning, but bereft of you, life is worse than death.
I wake up every morning in the hope of seeing your beautiful face during the day, and I go to sleep every night in the hope of meeting you in my dreams.
Loosing you will mean loosing all hope, and being away from you would mean taking the meaning away from my days and my dreams.
At this Meera began to laugh, with tears of happiness still glinting like diamonds in her eyes and Yash beamed at seeing her face all lit up with her beautiful smile.
Meera hugged him tight and the tears escaped her eyes.
She really was blessed to have fallen in love with such an amazing man.
kahan kho gaye??!!??", Rahul screamed at them.
"Ab...", they were both stammering in embarrassment, thank god their friends didn't know what they were thinking.
Meera shifted on her feet uncomfortably.
And Yash was all flustered.
So folks,
that was the 35th part
Hope you enjoyedTongue
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rsroopali IF-Sizzlerz

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try uploading in n thn copy paste it 

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VSai2008 IF-Sizzlerz

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rsroopali IF-Sizzlerz

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wow awesomeee n me 1st yeahhh
n woww yash is soo understandinggg

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preethia IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 May 2011 at 1:17pm | IP Logged
loved the update...
iss baar bhi maan ko daant nahin padi...
but enjoyed meera-yash romance and their convo...
wish maan had the temperment and maturity of yash...
well he has already done the damage...
lets c how far he can hold on while living in the same house...
whether he is able to win her trust back...
pl cont soon

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kahkashansakina IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome update
loved it 
meera and yash romance and conv enjoyed
pls cont soon
red gerbera - flower, gerbera, green, red

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mirnalini Goldie

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Part 36:
SAVE GEET!!!!!!!!!!!

"Ab.. am...wo...actually...", but before he could stammer on his eyes fell on the fifth presence in the room
"What is he doing here??!!??"
"I'll be living here with you lot for the next 15 days, and don't worry, I too am not thrilled at the prospect!!
I have no other choice!!", Maan bit at Yash.
Don't use that tone with him!!
This is our house!!
And keep your attitude for your employees and your family members, cuz we're not tolerating any of it!!", Rahul snapped at Maan.
"I'll use whatever tone I want to.
And you're not doing me a favour by letting me stay here. Your neck's on the line too, dumb ass!!"
"You rascal!!"
You live here peacefully for the next 15 days and you leave.
I will not tolerate an unhealthy atmosphere in this house.
Yash, Meera..", and she narrated to them the whole incident.
"I want everybody to behave maturely.
We have kids in this house, and a wedding is going to take place very soon.
I don't think we should reduce the joy of it by being unpleasant.
So let's just plz go to sleep, we'll talk tomorrow."
And saying this Geet left for her room.
Rahul too left after glaring at Maan, and Yash and Meera left after stealing nervous galnces at each other. Maan on the other hand left in a fit of rage.
Maan was pacing in his room.
Anger boiling through his veins.
A wedding..., but whose??
Who exactly was Geet engeged to.
That day at the Italian restaurant he had heard the manager address Geet as Yash's fiancee, and today he had witnessed a live proposal from Rahul to Geet.
What exactly was going on here??
Who was Geet going to marry??
Rahul, or Yash??
And the ring that the despicable man had slipped on her finger looked really expensive, they were definitely serious!!
Or was Geet engaged to them both?!!!
"OH MY GOD!!!"
Was she cheating on them??
Something here was definitely amiss!!
But he'd find out who was getting married to whom.
Oh he most definitely will!!!
Well that was PART 36
Hope you enjoyed!!Big smile

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mitzi11 IF-Sizzlerz

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love it love it

waiting waiting


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