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Knowing The New Side final part pg 40 dt 11.08

Janakivallav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 24 April 2011 at 6:59am | IP Logged

Hi all
 how r u all?
me start a new short ff  5-6 parts 


Glitter Graphics

Glitter Graphics

Jealousy, love, trust and support, and a girl , success full in her career but some people , some colleagues envied her and trap her and wants her failure but there is some one who loves her, trust her and give her whole support and confidence then that girl come out from all problem and throw away all obstacles from her way and make herself win and make her man proud .


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ssssmarmishu20laila889inlwgeetpayal906shiffasansheen99zarlishkhan9290860623sharbatvemtoasmi123get_jasneetmans22kinnohemvb--love--aminakhannazsijmaaneetfan123anaum91Kawaljeet1cue1sar786meet555rostMaanKiGeet..poojitha96mounacutyashmaaneetzoha25khushboo22LadyArwensiroililyavani_9CrystalSayaMadhusk-eiya-Swaatiisanjuleecool_gal17ruslanamallu.crowe20abina03prachimishra85cherieLoverteri_susaniceprincess101anks_amsvidu87Neha-KSGianytanujacyum321amzu32muskaan_cute19-SmexySmile-gurudrishtiShimmerranjalisen85amourfouGCsheetalvasagangesegbPLKG90Mayamaan...Mallu...frndz_is_my_lyfDilsayRamhari-Zahra15-ramaheshsimi91krati5luv_DDwajiha-1basicquestion1sanu3108mrk-1meravigilisoblueopalkomlikaajenntehzeeb25vrsharma..hinal..rsroopalimaanseenamita25CrazzyBusysweet scorpiomitzi11aamirkhanfanmaaniqradivareenamonikasethmeghapartipop77-Priti11-swetha10Kash-Gurti-Visusona-rai--Ratna--SahSahambbihaVSai2008preethiaShalve-kawaii-rs12345kahkashansakinaTyropluviophile.hopehotarpitaji6n6s6k6i6r6a6n6Sabmeratu.zaara2212SheenGcianpunam2712Shruti_Goyalana56RageOfAnAngelmaaneetsangel_BlackPearl_-Araina-todayzstarkirti_fijiAmor.Downhillkhwaishfanspvd

Janakivallav IF-Addictz

Joined: 04 March 2009
Posts: 62450

Posted: 24 April 2011 at 7:02am | IP Logged

Glitter Graphics


Maan Singh Khurana

:-30yrs old, business tycoon, MD of Khurana construction. He is very angry young man and wants to maintain discipline in his work place. He loves geet and geet know it, both will marry after some time. He is handsome, dashing and hot, every woman's dream man he is.


Geet Handa

:-27yrs old, Head of purchase department of Khurana Construction .she is fianc of Maan Singh Khurana. She is hard working; she is beautiful, gorgeous. Many men wants be her good book, her three priority r Khurana construction and Maan Singh Khurana and her sister jyoti.


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ssssmarlaila889inlwgeetsimran2608payal906Candy_jsgeetoznikitaagarwal06miss_dreamysansheen99shiffa9290860623zarlishkhansharbatvemtoasmi123poojaaddisget_jasneetnazsijhemvb--love--Kawaljeet1maaneetfan123aminakhansana.saba7sar786anaum91rostMaanKiGeet..mans22teri_susananks_amsmounacutyavani_9-eiya-dh_ritikhushboo22LadyArwensiroililymallu.crowe20sanjuleemaansi007prachimishra85cherieLovercool_gal17abina03iceprincess101vidu87raj_202cyum321amzu32Nav2010muskaan_cute19-SmexySmile-anjalisen85amourfouGCsheetalvasagangesegbMayamaangurudrishtiShimmerrjeyanthi123nats0101kshubhangi-Zahra15-simi91frndz_is_my_lyf-Veritaserum-ritzy09Ramhariwajiha-1ramaheshkrati5basicquestion1sanu3108blueopalajennsweet cherryswetha10Kash-Gurti-VisuSahSah*Dakoo_Minzy*monikasethmeghapartipop77maaniqra..hinal..rsroopaliaamirkhanfannamita25CrazzyBusysweet scorpiomitzi11ambbiha--Ratna---kawaii-Sabmeratu.VSai2008preethiazaara22126n6s6k6i6r6a6n6arpitajiammu5maaneetsangelpunam2712Shruti_Goyalpluviophile.rs12345TyroSheenGciansanum23-Araina-_BlackPearl_todayzstarAmor.pickachukirti_fijifelicitysmoak.khwaishfanspvdDownhill.hayaat.

Janakivallav IF-Addictz

Joined: 04 March 2009
Posts: 62450

Posted: 24 April 2011 at 7:03am | IP Logged


Glitter Graphics


Khurana construction, 11.30 at night,

Geet just complete her work and see the wrist watch and shocked and said oh no, again late, there maan is also there and he already skipped his dinner also.

Geet hit her head and said maan na, chalo, I shall inform Arundhuti Aunty about it, opps no, If I then she will scold me as I'm also skip dinner, oh God, this maan na,


After some time geet knock the door of MD's room.

From inside, maan:- come in Geet,

Geet giggle and said lo sir ko toh pata it's me.

She entered the room and see, Maan is engrossed with some files when geet said lo iye toh aapne kaam mein abhi bhi busy hain. Uff inka kya hoga .

She placed the tray in the table and said maan, come here then u'll continue ur work, it's already pass 11.45 now,

Maan: - baas 5mins more geet.

Geet:- no maan, ur  5mins mean more than 1hour so come here now.

Maan :- who is the boss miss handa.

Geet goes near to maan and sit in his lap and said well I'm and Maan smirked really , geet replied well if u don't come for dinner then Maan then , Geet hold her hair and said u want to know what I'll do if u don't obey my order ,

Maan :- well yes,  then  geet just lick her lips and said well '..

Maan look at geet's full, red luscious lips hungrily and his grips on her waist become tight,

Maan :- r u tasting me now.

Geet:- well no and then geet captured his lips with her lips then said now, come here eat ur dinner and do the rest of the work later.

Maan wickedly smiles and said eat, I'm always ready but u don't give me chance

Geet play fully hit him and said just shut ur mouth mr khurana , u r bad, now come .

Maan smiles and said  u know ur way.

Geet;- well it's just start after marriage I have to change u and ur life style, how workaholic u r maan Singh khurana.

Maan smirked and said oh really Geet handa ,I'm workaholic , then what about u, y u skipped ur dinner.

Geet placed a finger on her chins and said let me think first, hmmm well. Cause we love to work , I don't know now come and pull maan and make him sit in the sofa and both fed each other.



At 1.30 a.m. of that day ,out side of Handa House:-

Maan :- geet, y r u o stubborn?

Geet:- maan, I'm not

Maan:- well u r ,y r u giving me tough time

Geet :- maan, pls try to understand, we should give her a second chance, ,I know she done a huge mistake but she is repenting and I think, and let me tell u something If we give her chance means, her job back then We can transfer to new place , like Shimla, Pune, Bangalore, Jaypur any where .she will stay there away from us, sply from u.

Maan sighed and said well she is danger for u not me, she loves me, not u, and she feels jealous of u .

Geet;- wrong , she is jealous of me cause of my work not cause of u.

Maan:-look, geet  may be  that is also reason but it's also reason that she envied ur work and success and I still think we should not give her a second chance.

Geet:-maan, may be u right but still, for once, look she needs job and she is capable and has ability to do the work, We shouldn't snatch her job and break her dream. Maan from the child hood, I only dream about my career how to become successful and for that I only concentrate on my study when I join kc then achieved success I feel like it's heaven so I can understand it,

Maan:- u know geet, u r such fool,

Geet pouted and said maaan.

Maan:- now, who is angry , people called me angry young man but iha toh mere biwi mujhe akhne dikha rehi hain, suno tum jo kehe rehi ho for ur dream career , it's ur dream not her, u achieved everything by ur hard work, dedication and she want to achieved in her goal by fraudulence, try to trapped her collogues etc etc. I can't take this easily.

Geet:- maan, we don't have any prove against her, so how can we throw her away, btw she signed contract with us like  2yrs and still she left 6month or more than 6 months  so, we can't.

Maan:- hmmm.

Geet:- good boy, so, where r  ,

Maan evily smiles and again start to kiss her face, neck, throat , lips and geet who is lay in the car front seat which is now almost  bend in back.

Geet moaned then maan give a love bites in her neck and said , u always tempted me like this, and geet just shily smiles and said wrong , u r coming near to me and loose control.

Maan:- well, I'm still in my control but don' t know how long .

After some geet straight her dress and said maan, good night and give a gentle pick on his lips and come out from the car.

Maan rubbed his hair and said we should marry soon,

Geet:- I'm always ready it's u who delay it.

Maan :- wrong geet,it's u who delayed it.

Then both burst out in a laugh and said we will talk to our parents about this .

Maan smiles and give him flying kiss.


Handa House :-

Here, geet enter handa house when jyoti (siter of Geet) shouts di, this is the time to come home,  y r u giving trouble to jiju.

Geet stops there and said my darling sis, well me is busy with work today so, got late and if ur jiju insist me to drop at home then.

Jyoti rolled her eyes and placed her hands on her hips and come close to her and said they  y ur lipstick come out from ur lips and u and oh God , both of u just. Oh no, I have to talk to mom and dad that they should tie u in a room and don't let u meet with jiju,

 Then jyoti just wink and runs from there when geet runs behind her.

After some geet catch her sister and said bahut badhmash hogayi tu and playfully hit her.

Both laughed and jyoti said well ,I guess both u should marry now.

Geet:-yes and ur way also clear by this way, vicky se milne ka bahut dil kar raha hain mere chutki behen.

Jyoti shied and said aise kuch nehi hain.

Geet:- accha and start to tickle her and both laughed there .


Khurana Mansion:-

Maan enter  the mansion and see every one slept already except his mom Arundhuti.

He smiles and thinks mom will not change and said mom,  y r u not awake still?

Arundhuti :- ma hoon son,  and now go to bed as u took ur dinner with geet, baas geet hain isliye nehi toh

Maan chuckled and said good night mom

At maan's room maan see a new sms in his phone and said good night maan, kal jaldi aana and missed u lots.muhhhaaa.

Maan smiles and kissed the scene and said good night and send it also.


Next day morning, at KM:-

Maan come out from his work out room when he heard some loud voice come from dinning room

He heard some hot arguments between his bro vicky and dadi Jeet

Maan shook his head and said both of them again start .

Suddenly he heard a loud gasp and seen jeet falls  in the floor and vicky shouts Dad?



Game start now

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ssssmarpyarisahelilaila889inlwgeetsimran2608nehavashipayal906sivasvbsbsansheen999290860623ridhisidhimiss_dreamyzarlishkhankrishna.asmi123sharbatvemtoPaingelpoojaaddisget_jasneetbhakbhartifanmmishra1TinkJiamans22shreya satishhemvb--love--taanninazsijmaaneetfan123diyachillaminakhansana.saba7sakadafiMaaneet_DeewanidrashtiMyAnGeLjosh.poojakkaavvyyaaanaum91rostMaanKiGeet..DASTAK..mamatha.teju2292micky11-Magicia-khushboo22rashgirl000avani_9suba2011CrystalSayazoha25dh_ritimounacutysahibasharmaashmaaneetchiki143siroililyBluntlySpeakingLadyArwenimaasthaHADmishti-eiya-mallu.crowe20ruslanamansijani21cool_gal17RukhluvMaanam_sweet_pariabina03prachimishra85maansi007cherieLoveranshimanshianks_amsmoonlight44ridhz21ytanujaamzu32raj_202vidu87cyum321GurruKiDeewani-muskaan_cute19sheetalvasagangesegbamourfouGCjeyanthi123kshubhangiar_artShimmerrnats0101sehrish79Hanishadeviangel-ki-shonafrndz_is_my_lyf-Zahra15-TinkerBellasimi91ramaheshritzy09krati5Krishnaluv94-Veritaserum-Dilsaymrk-1meravigilisoWater.wajiha-1sanu3108blueopalanjucoolksasihindu4lyfsweet cherryajenntehzeeb25t_areebaamirkhanfanmaaniqra-afsha-namita25mitzi11CrazzyBusysweet scorpioSahSahswetha10Kash-Gurti-Visu*Dakoo_Minzy*janu_2006divareenapreethimonikasethmeghapartisona-rai--Ratna--rsroopali..hinal..ambbiha-kawaii-Shalve6n6s6k6i6r6a6n6honeygrapeSabmeratu.zaara2212preethiaVSai2008arpitajiammu5rs12345kahkashansakinaTyrohopehotpluviophile.ana56RageOfAnAngelmaaneetsangelsanum23Loquacious_Aash_BlackPearl_mysteriousmillikirti_fijiAmor.spvdkhwaishfanDownhill

Janakivallav IF-Addictz

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Posts: 62450

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Glitter Graphics






































































sweet scorpio


sweet cherry













Will be update later

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inlwgeetzarlishkhanasmi123shreya satishmans22Kawaljeet1--love--nazsijsana.saba7tobblerturbosiroililyavani_9mallu.crowe20abina03muskaan...sanjuleemansijani21mounacutyanks_amscherieLoverprachimishra85Rohini20raj_202ridhz21Nav2010amzu32muskaan_cute19sheetalvasaShimmerrprincess163ninavi-Veritaserum-Dilsaysimi91-Zahra15-krati5sanu3108wajiha-1ramaheshfrndz_is_my_lyfsweet cherryblueopal--Ratna--maanseeaamirkhanfanCrazzyBusysweet scorpiomitzi11-afsha-Kash-Gurti-VisuSahSahmonikasethmeghaparti-kawaii-sun-naaaaaaaaaVSai2008pluviophile.RageOfAnAngelmaaneetsangelSabmeratu.ammu5Tyro_BlackPearl_Amor.pickachuspvdkhwaishfan

Janakivallav IF-Addictz

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Glitter Graphics

concept:-Page 1
Character Sketches:-Page 1
Part 1:-Page 1

Part 2 :-Page 13
Promo of Part 3:-Page 22
Part 3:-Page 27
Final part :-Page 40

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inlwgeetzarlishkhankrishna.asmi123MaanKiGeet..rashgirl000mounacutysiroililyavani_9cherieLoveranks_amsmallu.crowe20abina03muskaan...sanjuleeprachimishra85amzu32muskaan_cute19raj_202ridhz21ninaviShimmerrfrndz_is_my_lyfsimi91-Zahra15--Veritaserum-Dilsayblueopalsanu3108wajiha-1ramahesh-kawaii-VSai2008--Ratna--aamirkhanfanCrazzyBusysweet scorpiomitzi11monikasethmeghapartiKash-Gurti-VisuSahSahTyropluviophile.RageOfAnAngelmaaneetsangelpickachutodayzstar_BlackPearl_spvd

ZooniBegam Goldie

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Do update more!

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t_areeb IF-Sizzlerz

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good luck

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Tyro IF-Sizzlerz

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first of all...congrats...on the new SS...u r truly a diamond...found rare...n we love u...Hug

coming to the was awesome...Clap...loved it...Clap...

both maaneet are such workaholics...n blaming the other one...LOL nice to c both wait for each other for dinner...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...n not leaving without each other...

loved to see the bold geet for a change...Big smile..n naughty too...Wink...LOL

who r they talking abt?? giving a second chance?? it sasha or some other employee or a family member...Confused

love the bong the sisters share...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...(of course mere naam ki sis ho toh adorable to hogi naa...LOL)

maan's mom is so nice...she knows her son very well...Smile..n still waits for him...Embarrassed

waise really y r they not married??Confused..i think they have been in a relationship for long time...what is stopping them?? dont tell me work...D'oh

update soon...

n in teh end...thank u...for the lovely SS n making me a part of u...Hug

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