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"I am a dreamer & I dream large, big & king-size!" - Manish Raisinghani blogs

Hey guys,

Well guys, today I would like to share my little small journey with all you lovely people out there. It just takes me into the whole flashback thingi with all those memorable experiences and situations which has made me what I am!

I was born & brought up in Ajmer. I was a super naughty and mischievous kid. I would bully other kids & boss over them. The number of pranks I have played are too many & the count is still on... ask my co-stars! LOL I studied from class 8 onwards in Pune & did my engineering from there as well. In fact even my modeling phase started from Pune. I took part in an inter-college festival & was spotted as a potential while wlaking the ramp. Thus, Grasim happened for me! 

I was groomed & trained for the runway. It proved lucky for me & I won three titles besides runner up- Most photogenic, Best smile & Best dressed male. It had never happened before in Grasim's history so it was quite an achievement. Smile Then I obviously came to the city of dreams - Mumbai. 

I still pursued my engineering back in Pune & travelled back & forth daily to balance my studying & modeling. Those were crucial and struggling days where I would have to shell out at least 100Rs. a day for travelling etc. My pocket was not very sufficient then, & the train journeys were tiresome. DeadEngineering being a demanding line to study was becoming tougher, with the nonstop submissions, assignments, journal work, tests, finals etc. Somehow, I managed giving my all to both by juggling them & after modeling in Mumbai, I went to Turkey. I was based there for a year, doing international brands. After that, I came back to Mumbai where Balaji happened for me, starting with 'Kahin Kisi Roz'. Then followed 'Kahin To Hoga', 'Kehna Hai Kuch Mujhko', all thanks to Ekta!

A few more came up and at the moment; I'm having a wonderful time with 'Hum Dono Hai Alag Alag'.Talking about Hum Dono Hain Alag Alag, every single day on the sets is a delight & great fun. Something bizarre that I'm unconsciously doing is, is boosting the chewing gum sales! As funny & strange as it sounds, it is a fact! Every time I'm about to do a shot with any of my co-stars, the others pop a gum into their mouth before we start! I ignored it for a while, but later realized it is because they all think I'm very particular & picky when it comes to breath. They are under the impression that I need my co-star to have a fresh breath. Which obviously would be great but I'm not fussy about it! My ex co-star Kadambari, who is extremely professional & inspirational, would use mouthwash & Listerine & floss & all kinds of dental-care hygiene after every meal. Also, I don't eat onions, garlic etc on sets to avoid bad breath & any form of discomfort for my colleagues when shooting. So keeping these two things in mind, our entire cast & crew had the idea that I'm a fanatic for fresh breath! It's a funny misconception. But as long as I'm helping two industries, television & chewing gum simultaneously, I'm happy Wink

As far as the future goes, I am not a very calculative, sketched out person where I have my future figured out. But I am a dreamer & I dream large & big & King-size! Fingers crossed, I hope to progress into films some day. I am meeting people & doing my bit to get it sorted so hopefully, Bollywood will welcome me soon too.

Anyways guys, thank you so much for all the love and adulation you have given us. It feels really different and amazing blogging here to all you guys. It's my first ever blog and I am really looking to forward to all your comments and views, so keep posting!



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Saural Simar Ka SimarMore Pics
Khushi (Jyotsana Chandola), who is hell-bent on making Simar's (Dipika Samson) life miserable, has weaved a conspiracy to trap Simar in Colors' TV's Sasural Simar Ka.

The show will soon reach a high point when in an attempt to expose Khushi, Simar lands up in jail.

The upcoming episodes of 'Sasural Simar Ka' will be gripping and packed with some high voltage drama as the protagonist Simar gets arrested. Its celebration time in the Bharadwaj family as their youngest son Sankalp is all set to tie the knot with Khushi. The preparations for the wedding are in full-swing but all this will come to stand still.

Simar and Roli ( Avvika Gor) have been keeping an eye on Khushi. Now, Khushi will bluff Simar with the help of her friend when she asks the friend to dress up like her.

In the midst of the sangeet ceremony, Simar follows the friend mistaking her for Khushi. Simar lands up at the dance bar where Khushi was supposed to perform and realizes it's a trap.
The situation will take an ugly turn when police raid the dance bar but Roli will somehow manage to rescue her. Khushi will mis-place her cell phone and the cops will reach the Bharadwaj house to arrest Simar.

Dipika Samson remained unavailable for comment.
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Jaldi Five with Jayati Bhatia

I'm very impressed by Ranbir Kapoor and in the next few years he'll be the king of versatility
 Top 5 Actors

1. Amitabh Bachchan

2.Dilip Kumar

3.Marlon Brando

4. Al Pacino

5. Shahrukh Khan. (But I'm also very impressed by Ranbir Kapoor and in the next few years he'll be the king of versatility.)

 Top 5 Food Items

1. Machher Jhol

2. French Fries (Any time of the day)

3. Cheese

4. Dark chocolates

5. Salted cashews (Have you noticed how all of them are fattening foods?)

 Top 5 dream destinations to travel

1. The Mediterranean

2. Norway

3. Latin America

4. All the places in India

5. London (I have never been able to go London as some or the other problem comes up so I am determined to make it soon)

 Top 5 Movies

1. Kabhi Kabhi

2. Dilwale Dulhaniya le Jayenge (This movie has to be in everybody's list)

3. Sholay

4. Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron

5. Philadelphia

 Top 5 dance tracks for you

1. Dhunki from 'Mere Brother ki Dulhan)

2. Dhoom Again (This is a very weird choice) from 'Dhoom 2)

3. All songs of Pakeezah

4. Any Micheal Jackson song (Though I can't do the moon walk!)

5. Marjaani from Billoo Barber

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                 Gen Y disconnected from I-Day, say veteran artistes

15th August is a day that emphasizes the equality of all Indians, regardless of where we're from or how much we earn. Considering this, isn't it ironic that there is a huge gap between the way youngsters see Independence Day and the way our elders do?

For youngsters, I-Day is about posting patriotic messages and Independence Day wishes on Facebook, Twitter and the like. But our older generation has a greater connect with the day that signaled the end of our servitude.

Reminisces Alka Amin, who we know as Veena Chopra of Parichay, "We used to attend the flag hoisting ceremony in school and used to rush to collect the sweets that they distributed that day. Even when I stayed in Delhi, I used to organize performances for the kids in our society so that everybody could come together on that day. That feeling is somehow missing nowadays"

Jayati Bhatia, aka the Mataji of Sasural Simar Ka, agrees. "I remember getting up early in the morning to go to the Red Fort and hear the Prime Minister's address to the nation. And being an Odissi dancer, I used to look forward to performing on that day. It was a holiday but it still used to be a busy day for us."

Apart from being nostalgic, the emotion that comes across most prominently in these actors is the feeling of disconnect. Not in themselves but with the new generation. Avers Jayati Bhatia, "The young generation, from the age of 10-12 years, are hooked to Facebook and Twitter. The only knowledge of the world that they have is from that. So they don't know the importance of getting freedom for your country. But the support that Anna Hazare got last year from the youth tells us that there is still hope."

But Alka Amin has a point to make about this disconnect. She says," We had our parents and grand parents tell us anecdotes about the freedom struggle so we could relate to it. I have nothing to tell my children. If they read things about our independence, may be they will think about it as more than just another holiday."

Actor Kunal Karan Kapoor, Mohan of Na Bole Tum… and part of the young brigade, sums up the youngsters' sentiment. He says," I don't know what confinement means as I have never lived the life of non-freedom. So I don't know what freedom in this sense means."
This is a pretty telling reaction on what Gen-Y feels about Independence Day. But even if the older and the newer generation have a different way of celebrating Independence Day, the fact remains that every one of us feels something when the tri-colour is unfurled on the 15th of August.

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Acting is my Passion: Manish Raisinghania.

Acting is my Passion: Manish Raisinghania.

Tellybuzz in talks with Manish Raisinghania...

One of the handsome hunks of our telly industry Manish Raisinghania who is seen playing the role of 'Siddharth' in Colors' 'Sasural Simar Ka', gets candid with tellybuzz…

Lets have a look at the answers he gave for our questions…. 

You are obsessed about?

I am obsessed about Learning. I have a curious mind which is like a sponge which loves to soak in the surroundings. Learning leads to growth, now-a-days its not only important to be the jack of all the traits but it is more important to be the master of all.

A well spent holiday is like?

Anywhere with my family and loved ones: doing anything from chilling, relaxing to gaming and playing sports.

If you were invisible for a day?

If I was invisible for a day I would use that capability to work for Jullian Assange(owner of Wikileaks) and know the biggest secrets of world politics and so also the jackpot of the highest paid agent of the world. I should portray the Sindhi side of me of earning money even though invisible (smiles).

If you were the prime minister for a day?

I would play around with the priority of things for a while. I would bring back the black money first which is lying in Swiss Bank and belongs to our poor Indian tax payers. I will definitely not just sit back playing the blame game about who was responsible for the scam and wasting my energy on attacking the whistle blowers and defending the culprits. Of cource to bring the culprit in the limelight is more important but obviously if my friend meets with an accident than I will firstly save my friend and then find out the culprit before running behind him and put my friend's life at stake.

The festival you love the most?

I love all the festivals firstly because it adds spice to our lives and gives us a reason to celebrate. Secondly it connects every religion. We celebrate Eid and Diwali with all our friends in the unit at shoot together without questioning whom it belongs to. 

Your favorite hang-out place?

My house. Trust me that is the most fun filled place, not just for me but for all who have been here. You will find every game and gadget that will amuse you and how can you forget me(laughs) as your host. In short my house is a fun place and that makes it my favorite hangout destination.

The social networking site you use the most?

Facebook but I barely use that because I am so busy with my real life that there is no time to be a part of virtual worlds.

Your first debut on television?

'Kahin Kissi Roz' which was aired on Star Plus.

How emotional are you? Rate on the scale of I to 5…

5 on 5 for the people who are connected to me and 3 on 5 for others. So yes I am  an above average emotional person.

Your dream destination?

Keeps changing every now and then but my next holiday would definitely be Australia and New-Zealand for some crazy adventure sports.

Diet for you is?

It is totally meaningless to me because I eat anything and everything under the sun at anytime of the day or night. So this is basically a question that doesn't go for a foodie like me. But ideally what I can preach and not practice is that one should have a nice balanced healthy diet to stay fit(laughs).

Any ongoing show on television you would want to be a part of? (Except your show).

I would love to be the lead of the Sony channel's daily soap 'Badde Acche Lagte Hai', it is one of the cutest love story made on television.

Acting to you is?

Acting is my passion. Cinema and Television is all about creating a dream world. I am lucky to be a part of this industry where I can create dreams and I love every bit of my work whether behind or in front of the camera (smiles).

If not an actor you would be?

An engineer or a scientist. Engineer as I'm basically a mechanical engineer and I have worked as an engineer too. A scientist because I have a very high inclination towards innovation.

A quote you follow in life?

Lots of them but what tops my mind right  now is "you rather be sincere than serious"! This statement reflects me, so I pretty much like it. I rather have fun written on my face and sincerity reflecting in my work!

For more such interesting articles keep reading

Reporter and Author:Krishma Solanki.


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wow thanks alot for all the articles
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  Paresh Rawal meets Simar & Prem of Sasural Simar Ka
Bollywood actors are now seen adopting unique and innovative ideas to promote their films.

After Akshay, Kareena and Ranbir it's time for talented actor Paresh Rawal to throng various TV shows to promote his upcoming film 'OH My God'.
Paresh who plays the role f Kanjibhai in his upcoming film produced by fellow actor
Akshay Kumar is an antique shopkeeper. Thus, keeping in mind the basic idea about his character, the actor met two of the popular characters of the small screen Simar and Prem of Color's TV's 'Sasural Simar Ka' played by actors Deepika Samson and Shoaib Ibrahim respectively.
Paresh was seen selling the deity of Lord Krishna to Simar and Prem. The Baradwaj family is expecting a baby as Khushi has turned a surrogate mother for Simar.

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TOI -article                     
                        Top 10 bahus of TV
She's perhaps the meekest bahu on television and she's ever obedient. Yes, we're talking about Deepika Samson who plays Simar in Colors TV's Sasural Simar Ka. She's the bahu who keeps her family's name intact, protecting each and every member and agreeing to mata ji's every wish. Only if bahus like her existed in real life!

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