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Story Writing Competition: Closed

FragranceOfLove IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 28 August 2009
Posts: 15190

Posted: 22 April 2011 at 2:38am | IP Logged

Hey Guys!


I am here with the top five entries + one most voted entry. Trust me; it was so difficult to choose these from all the thirty entries. I mean, all of the entries were spectacular!!! I loved each one of them, but unfortunately, I had to chose just five.


Well, I saw that people were upset that there is this 'most voted' competition, so I decided that I would choose top five entries myself. But to respect all the reader's choice, I have kept one entry as the "Reader's choice".


Trust me; it was really difficult to choose the top five. All of you guys are just fabulous writers. And yeah, add me in your pm list, so that I can always read your marvelous work.


For all the readers, whose entry is not selected, don't ever try to think that you didn't write well. It was a very hard competition and everyone was just awesome. But you know I just had to choose five entries only.


But I seriously loved all of the entries. They are praise worthy. As a writer, I know how much it means to you guys. So, when I read those pieces of beauty, I just had to comment on them.


So, I have taken out time to comment on each of the work. You can call me anything you wish, but I loved every entry. You can see my reviews on your stories, after this post. Like I said, they all were truly spectacular.


It's just that, the top five + reader's choice entries were a little more polished and touching. But you all did wonderful.



The top five entries are:


1) Women: SajanRox11

Direct Link : http://img846.imageshack.us/i/captionit1013831740d32.jpg

Likes: 51

Hats off to you for selecting such a sensitive topic. It was amazing and downright beautiful. Thankfully, this discrimination never occurred with me. My father considers us [me and my only sister] to be his sons and he pampers us like anything. But I have seen this thing happening with my first cousins. Same dialogues and everything. I thought that I was watching a movie. And even I used to wish that I was a boy, though for complete different reasons. I wanted to be a boy so that I could help my father in his business. Even though we are completely modern and my father loves me like anything, my grand-mother stills wishes that my papa had a son. I am fed up with female infanticide. How can anyone abort their child just because she is a girl? Disgusting! I loved your entry. It truly touched my heart and won it.



2) Letting Go: pluks

Direct Link : http://img695.imageshack.us/i/captionit1021342895d32.jpg

Likes: 6

It was truly spectacular. I loved each bit of it. Awesome is such a small word for it. I don't know why, but I so loved it. It just touched a chord in my heart. And I loved the fact that it was from his point of view and not hers. I totally loved it. Congratulations for the selection. I couldn't resist myself from nominating this one. Truly emotional.



3) Before The End: --Angel.Nidhi

Direct Link : http://img714.imageshack.us/i/captionit1030123160d30.jpg

Likes: 19

To be very honest, I had read this story of yours, a few weeks before. I even commented on it I guess. This story of yours make me speechless. The pain and the sacrifice was so beautifully described. No one can really understand. People always draw conclusions the way they find it convenient. I just loved this one-shot like anything. It is so beautiful that I must say that I had to fall in love with it. It was the most touching one-shot I have read among all the entries, in a different way. It is truly spectacular.



4) But you words are platinum: perfectsmile

Direct Link : http://img27.imageshack.us/i/captionit1030903415d32.jpg

Likes: 68

It's truly a mystery how the mind or an orphan works. He/she thinks that they don't deserve happiness, which I think is just rubbish. I mean, everyone deserves happiness and true peace of mind. And I could understand why she was so nervous. And the proposal was really spectacular. I loved each lines of it. Just because she couldn't respond, he left her? That was really bad and I felt real tears falling down my cheeks. And then how she finally said those words and he accepted her, was beautiful. It was an awe-worthy one-shot. I really loved it. There were technically no faults that I could find in it.



5) Ordinary: -Kanky-

Direct Link : http://img189.imageshack.us/i/captionit1033205725d30.jpg

Likes: 16

Hm...this was really different. And I completely loved it. I have absolutely no words for this perfect piece of work. There were hardly any grammatical errors. And the beauty was enhanced by the fact that she was just another ordinary woman. I loved this story. This was something that I could see happening in various places. Awesome touch of reality.



Reader's Choice Entry: Tista: -Rinky-

Direct Link : http://img594.imageshack.us/i/captionit1020345414d32.jpg

Likes: 110

I simply have no words for this story. I mean, what was this? I felt such a strong connection to this story that's it unbelievable. The girl was so lonely and she sacrificed herself for the sake of her so-called family members. This wasn't simply good, this was way beyond that. This story was so random, so abstract but so beautiful. Awesome entry.




Hmm, so after all of this is done, I would request the readers to comment and vote for one of these six entries. This time, the vote really matters.


And the last day to post your vote is: 30th April, 2011


As after that, I have to announce the winner. Okay, all the very best to all the participants and my heartfelt congratulations to all the six writers.

Okay, friends, now my work is done.


I already told you that I am extremely sorry for the late. However, I have finally selected the top six entries.


It was completely awesome effort. I loved all of the works.


Hope you can forgive me and be my friend.


If you ever want me to read your work, do pm me. I would love to read.


And now, go on everyone. Comment and vote for you favorite entry.



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FragranceOfLove IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 28 August 2009
Posts: 15190

Posted: 22 April 2011 at 2:40am | IP Logged

Okay, now my comments on each of the entry and in some cases, I even tried to reason why they didn't make it up to the top six entries. But in others, they were flawless but still, I had to choose only 5. Sorry.




My Childhood: By missinguonly

Likes: 63

Wow. It was truly touching. For sure, a child doesn't understand why all of this happens. And I won't say that I feel sorry for your loss. That would be wrong on your behalf. You are too strong to have someone feel sympathy for you. And I am not going to be the one who feels sympathy for you. I adore you for your strength. It must have taken you a lot of courage for writing this down. I can't compare this emotional piece with someone else's fiction. It was way beyond beautiful: a bitter truth of life. Hats off to you for writing on this topic of your life. It was a short, but a touching piece of work. No comparisons, sorry. I don't have the heart to compare it with someone else or point out some mistakes in it.



Khamoshi: By drfizaahmed

Likes: 41

The way you started was beautiful. I liked the poetic lines you used in the starting. But I was a little confused. I mean, you never introduced who the narrator is, and directly started writing. At some point, I was wondering if Fiza is the one or Madz. And why did Madz called Fiza as nups?? Later I came to know that Fiza was the narrator. And things started clearing up from there. In love, religion doesn't matters. God! After reading the story, I felt like wow. I mean, denial is a form of love. A stage of love. I wish your love story was complete. I wish he came back in your life Fiza. I wish for his comeback, I seriously do. The poetic lines just struck a chord in my heart. I really wish for this incomplete story to become complete in real life. Thanks for writing such a piece of your life. Don't deny that this isn't your story, because trust me; I can feel when it is truth and when it is fiction.



Perpetual love: By jeflkjfkljfkj

Likes: 63

Wow! Beautiful piece of work. But how can HIV Aids be cured? I mean, I am have studied about it and I don't think that HIV can be cured by sacrificing one's life. But still, it was beautiful. And that fact that he wasn't miserable made it more realistic. And the last line was truthful and perfect. Truly, love doesn't means happily every after. Wonderful work. Though short, still praiseworthy.



Walking through the memory lane: By Sajan_Ekta

Likes: 40

Walking down a memory lane is never so easy. Sometimes it brings pain, and sometimes happiness. I am not being philosophical here. Philosophy was never my subject. I am being truthful, for I have enough mixture of memories to last me a life. First day of a new school is always so difficult and nervous. The poetic lines were too good. You wrote them yourself? They were truly nice, I mean with all the rhyme and all. I hate 'Truth and Dare' game because it always results in revealing one truth of my life. But I loved how Manjari acted as a catalyst. Wow, Gunjan was really lucky to have dodged this question. I was shocked when Mayank proposed her. They both committed suicide. And I hated media for the joke they made out of their love. Beautiful story, with so much love and its power. I just wish they didn't have to suicide and could live together.



Tere Liye: By –Sajjal-

Likes: 70

The pain was so beautifully described. I often wonder how you can express such issues. And the importance of a mother was so beautifully inscribed in it. It was really beautiful. It was short, but the pain was so heart-felt that I just went and hugged my mother, thankful to God for having her. Life never ends and goes on. And it was a really marvelous piece of work. Hope to read more from you.



Three way proposal: By WhiteFantasy

Likes: 38

Despite not loving him, Dev had no right to accuse Geet for falling in love with Maan. And being a Maaneet fan, I already dislike Dev too much for my own good. I loved the fact that Maan never let Dev strike her. Love or not, a man has no right to strike a woman. A really nice one-shot. It captured her emotions and her dilemma. I loved how it played essential for their love-story. And I loved that how non-cheesy this proposal was. I was fed up with hearing such cheesy lines, that this one-shot was almost a gift to me. Wonderfully written.



Being Friendless: By …Aashi…

Likes: 8

Okay, first of all, let me be very clear with you. I absolutely adore this piece of work. If only I hadn't been the judge, I am sure that I would have chosen you. But people would call me partial. So I am not selecting your entry. But I love this one-shot more than any of the one-shots I have written so far. And I absolutely adore you. Love you bacha. Having true friends is important than having friends. You can always have some friends but only true friends are trust worthy.



Not fair: By Fantasia

Likes: 55

Beautiful story dear. I mean it. Colour discrimination is so wrong and should be illegal. But I loved how the girl moved on, instead of being depressed. Loved her spirit and confidence. I loved how she doesn't have any complaints or anything. Such things do happen and I guess it's high time that people realize that. It isn't something you can have a part in! Wonderful story.



Promise: By Adi4Ayu

Likes: 18

What does MKRM stands for? A really nice way of portraying your own emotions. I hope that she lives for you. I wish for her life. Somehow I don't doubt it, I know that love will make her strong and she would live. It was a heart touching story. Thanks for writing it down. Hope she stays with you forever.



Destined to love: By Princezz22

Likes: 27

I quiet enjoyed the kid attitude of Armaan. I could actually place Karan Singh Grover there. And trust me that was too funny. I likes when he said that he didn't had to prove his love. True, why should he? Nice story. I liked the way it was presented. They were quiet destined to love.



Soulmates: By Princezz22

Likes: 25

The proposal scene was really nice. I kinda enjoyed it. And the romance element was good too. It was very short and didn't give me time to go into the depth of feelings, but still I enjoyed reading it. It was presented before me and I could feel their love. Friendship vs. love always is such a delicate topic. Wish some people could have courage and confess before it's too late.



Armaan's Basket: By vaaniKSGmallik

Likes: 22

It was really a very romantic start. I was kinda blushing. I understood her nervousness and could feel how difficult it would be for her. I mean, she was really nervous. But it was really sweet of Armaan to ask her decision. And trust me, it was really romantic one-shot. And then afterwards, the sweet talks were nice. And it was a complete package of romance.



Saajna- True love: By vaaniKSGmallik

Likes: 26

This was a nice story. Armaan loved Ridhima as well as Shilpa. How can that be possible? How can a single person love two different individuals? But still, I loved your originality and enjoyed reading it.



My first friend and love: By mohit-rockstar

Likes: 13

It's easy to hate someone if you can't become like her. Her siblings hated her due to this only. It was a rushed. You could have given time for proper things. But this story was cute. And it was a cute love story.



The other side of mirror: By nishi-sajan

Likes: 46

A very intriguing name. she was so ill-treated by others. But no one actually went to ask her the reasons. I hate when people assume things. Who gave them the right to draw conclusions? She died? She killed herself? She should simply have killed the monster inside her and not herself. A genuinely nice story.



A place in your heart: By ruky786

Likes: 13

A nice short story. At first I was a bit confused with all the speedy happenings, but I totally understood. It was short, sweet and nice story. Great attempt.



The golden memories: By AttractiveAdya

Likes: 66

A nice description of atmosphere. I always love describing the atmosphere. I hate the people who consider ragging to be fun. Stupid people! They got married and even had a miscarriage. It must have been truly hard for her to loose her baby. But her second baby and her husband made her happy. I liked this story. It was very sweet.



The letter: By Prinnia

Likes: 8

A very nice letter. Atleast the letter stopped her from making a mistake of leaving him alone. It was a very beautiful one-shot. I enjoyed reading this. A very sweet and genuine effort. Awesome.



Vanessa – an orphan: By –Angel.Nidhi

Likes: 16

It was a really nice one-shot. I would have loved its originality if I hadn't seen the movie from which it was inspired. But you one-shot truly was amazing. It touched my heart. All the emotions were beautifully portrayed. Amazing work done! Keep writing. And yeah, the orphan part was amazingly written. All the feelings were beautifully described.



Mr. Perfect: By vaaniKSGmallik

Likes: 7

The mood was so romantic. I was literally blushing after reading it. The playful banters were extremely cute. I totally loved it. Although I couldn't get that why you named it as such, but I totally blushed after reading this story. Wonderful essence. I should learn how to write romantic things, from you. Teach me please. Amazingly wonderful romantic one-shot. Beautiful.



Confession: By vaaniKSGmallik

Likes: 7

All the confession really took place in the hospital. Cute one-shot. And the romantic element was still present in this one-shot also. You rock at writing romance. Awesome one-shot. A bit speedy but very needy. Amazing.



Rakhi: By SujaLuvsMayur

Likes: 53

The bond between two siblings is amazing. We all share that same bond. It was so different and so beautiful. I loved it completely. This story completely brought tears in my eyes. The storyline was so strong that by just playing a little attention to describing feelings, you could have done wonders. It was totally amazing. Wonderful.



Imaan: By Shehnaazz

Likes: 9

She came from an abusive family? I felt really bad for her when her father did that to her. How could he? She tried to suicide? Wow! That must have taken a hell lot of courage to do. So Raj saved her life. Philosophy is so easy to say and do while the one, who has to go through, only understands. I loved the fact that now she would live her life. Maybe the struggles comes, but she can handle them. And would handle them. Beautiful story.



Tere Bin: By mohit-rockstar

Likes: 3

Hmm…so Samrat is shown to be a vampire. Nice plot. I really enjoyed reading this story. I would like to give you a suggestion, whenever you write a story, please make sure that you always specify the speaker's name. although it was really amazing, I would have loved it more if the characters name were clearly specified. Finally the love was accomplished. Nice attempt.




Okay, friends, now my work is done.


I already told you that I am extremely sorry for the late. However, I have finally selected the top six entries.


It was completely awesome effort. I loved all of the works.


Hope you can forgive me and be my friend.


If you ever want me to read your work, do pm me. I would love to read.


And now, go on everyone. Comment and vote for you favorite entry.



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thegameison IF-Sizzlerz

Jedi of CC
Joined: 01 July 2010
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Posted: 22 April 2011 at 4:11am | IP Logged
Uh, hey. You selected me, that's gracious of you! Luck, everybody. Approve

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AttractiveAdya IF-Rockerz

Joined: 21 December 2008
Posts: 9915

Posted: 22 April 2011 at 6:39am | IP Logged
I  am  confused  all  the  stories  are  just  really  awesome  and  touchy  but  I  would  go  with  "Tista"  by  -Rinky-. Rinkz  has  really  done  a  lovely  job  on  it.

Off  topic  I  can't  believe  my  story  had  66  likes...ROFL.ROFLits  the  4th  highest  in  terms  of  the  "like"  tab! At  least  66  people  thought  it  was  worth  reading! :) Thank  you  Mahak  for  the  competition  and  not  taking  out  the  flaws  of  my  story. Big smile

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-Rinki- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 29 November 2009
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Posted: 22 April 2011 at 7:07am | IP Logged
Thats really sweet of you Mahak :) Thanks for selecting me and thanks to Adya too :)
All the best to the other entries too.

Edited by -Rinki- - 22 April 2011 at 7:07am

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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 16 January 2010
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Posted: 22 April 2011 at 9:39am | IP Logged
Thanks Mahak!
I am glad you chose my story! :) And I wrote this only because I truely have strong feelings on this topic! <3 & even my dad pampers me & my younger sister alot! Well, for me, I never wished to be a boy! my dad always wanted girls. but I have seen this discrimitination happen in front of me.
Thats why I could write so much! and :O 51 likes! Wao!
And thank youuu very much for selecting my story !!

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perfectsmile Goldie

Joined: 02 May 2010
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Posted: 23 April 2011 at 2:14pm | IP Logged
Thanq so much Mahi, for your time and consideration.
its indeed true that an orphan's mind and heart are huge mysteries.
and coming to relationships, one couldn't make it work if one don't voice their feelings out. Coz in reality, words carry more weight than actions, atleast in relationships.

Good luck to everyone.


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taniyaarman IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 April 2011 at 8:07pm | IP Logged
My vote for

But you words are platinum: perfectsmileSmile

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