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FF-luv cn change ur world

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love can change your world
this ff is based on people that how can love change the whole world around you. and love can also change people. love can change destiny

Abhay raichaand

abhay raichand is a guy who cares 4 others alot......... he is vampire and he has some special powers and very dark history


pia is a girl who never received her parents love. she is always seeks happiness in small things... bt her family history has something dark stored in it.


misha is prankster and lives her life to the fullest.... she is cousin of pia and she loves her alot and can do anything for her.


abhishek is fun loving guy... he believes in style and he wants to hav all the fun in his life.....
neha raichaand

neha loves her family alot and in her life she only cares for them and she can do anything for them and even she can sacrifice her love(kabeer) for them

he is an ideal son and he can do anything for his warewolf community and even he can use his love(neha) 4 it and he loves his small bro alot.

sid is bg tym casonova and lil bit aggressive....... he has got most evil mind in his family

she is strict person in d college......... she hates love and dont believe in love... she is like coconut....

guys if u want pm for my ff plz add me to ur buddy listSmile
and hope u like my ff

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Pia was walking alone on road in her deep thoughts she was not bothered what is goin on around her'

*flashbacks start*

Arnab-  pia m goin to paris 4 my business meeting tonight and sweety(house maid) will be with u and  don't do anything stupid dis tym and I will be back wid in week ty,

Pia- dad u cant do dis to me' u cant go to paris' tmrw is my bday and on dis bday I don't want to be alone like each and every bday' dis is my 18 bday

Arnab- oh m soo sorry pia I 4 got ur bday'. Take dis credit card and buy yourself a gift' bt m sorry dis meeting is really important 4 me

Pia- idont want dis card or any gift, I want ur company and time

By saying dis she threw card away and  stompes off d floor and ran away from her so called home dat ws lyk jail to her

*flashback finish*

She was so deep in her thoughts dat she didn't see car coming at high speed' bt suddenly she felt somebody's hand on her arms and suddenly she came out of her thoughts and she looked at d person who was holding her. He was lookin lyk gothic god in his black attire and his was shining lyk moon in night' his touch on her bare arms were sending shivers to her' he was so close to her dat she can smell his scent' she ws feeling dizzy and out of dat she was not able to react'. Den suddenly dat man lifted her  up to d ground and she ws feeling dizzy so she ws nt able to stand on her feets so he supported her through her shoulders'

Mysterious guy(in angry tone)- are u blind, cant u see a car coming'. (pia was still in shock and aftr watching her face, he changed his tone) are u alright?? Do u need some help

Pia was still lost in his features, den d shake by him, she come back to her senses and "mmm'..i amm okkkkkk' tha'tha'thanx 4 saving my life" she was stumbling

Guy: can I drop u somewhere?

Pia: no its alright m feeling alright(aftr dat she ran frm dere to her fav spot)


Now after running she was dere to her fav spot dat was beautiful and peaceful lake'. Dis ws dat place whn she felt lonely, she ran off to dis place. Now she was crying and saying why am so lonely in dis world dere is no one to whom I can share my own feelings' I feel lyk I am leftout. No one cares for me. I always miss family love. Whn I ws standing on stage for my frst performance he ws nt dere. He ws nt dere whn I came frst in class. He ws nvr dere for each and every parent meeting. He ws nt there whn I ws crying for mom. And my mom left me whn I ws 6 yr old. Mom is also bad why she left me all alone"

Aftr dat she was crying endlessly and droping her tears in d lake' den suddenly a known voice came frm behind" pia are u mad or what I hav been searching 4 ur frm last 1 hr' what u hav been thinking dat I m goin to leave u alone today. Nvr dare to think dis'"

Aftr watching tears in pia's eyes , " d-uh hw can I forget dat whn evr u r in u r in ur own world u come here. By d way u can giv audition for ekta kapoor serial m damn sure aftr watching ur crying talent she is definitely going to select you and u will save her glycerin expense"

Pia- stop it mish and why were  searching 4 me

Misha- u r goin to spend whole night at my house, we will celebrate ur bday and dnt 4 got we hav 1 day of our non-happening  college tmrw which will be turned into happening aftr my entry  and m planning to rag our bimbotic seniors.. now come wid me I want to discuss all d plans wid u

Pia- again planning 4 pranks misha. And on frst day of my college I don't want to gain popularity in negative way

Misha- stop talking like dacko and lifeless people, nw come wid me otherwise m goin to drag u

Pia- u will nevr change

Misha- I dnt want to change myself and to add myself in dumbo and looser list



Misha playing pranks wid senior. Den landing into princi's office on d frst day of college itself



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At night misha celebrated her bday. Misha gifted her a book 100 ways to play safe pranks which was of no use to piya. But she liked somebody cared for her. And whole night she was waiting for arnab's call bt all in veil as dere was no message and no call.


Next morning misha was waiting for  outside while blowing horns endlessly. All neighbours were familiar with such kind of behavior as misha was famous for it. Then pia comes out

Misha: how much tym do u take to get ready? Are you trying to give competition to bimbo

Pia: calm dowm mish you blowed 100 horns in jst 2 mins

Misha: k! whatever I don't care

After 2 mins silence

Pia: whats in dat bag

Misha passes her devil smile

Pia: no mish it cant be

Misha: d-uh it is, you just wait and watch how I am goin to rock dat boring college

In talking and making her plans she ws so busy dat she bumped into another car.

Pia: mish how many times I have told u to drive slowly. Now see what u hav done

Misha: chill mata. I can handle dis like everytime

The damaged car owner comes out of his car. He removes his black shades. His complexion was wheatish and his body was mascular. His eyes were black and he was wearing white shirt and blue jeans and dat was complementing his body. He came there full of anger"don't u knw hw to drive dis ws my new car dat ws gifted to me for my frst day of college"

Misha; hey stop showing off ur car, I will pay your bloddy damage.

Abhi: abhishek singh kunvar never  takes chaity from others, what do you think of yourself

Misha: hey  u idiot how u dare to talk like dis to misha khanna. I am goin to kill you.

 Then immediately dey grab collars of each other and den suddenly pia comes in between them

Pia: stop it guys, behave like adults you two are blocking traffic we really need to move

Den pia to guy"m really sorry from her side" and misha was furious at pia and dat guy

After dat misha and dat guy moved to dere respective cars with glaring each other.

In car: misha: what does he think of himself moron,  Idiot, psycho, stupid. Once more he meet m I goin to him what is misha khanna made off.

Pia kept herself mum cz she knew it is not safe to say something when she is angry.

Mount college

T and her gang were ragging juniors. She made dem do dance on some nasty song in front of others. Den she approached misha and pia and asked dem to do so.

Misha: (makin puppy face) I really dnt knw hw to dance

Den t gang strts laughing while lookin at other side and misha quickly drew superglue from her bag and pour some near her shoes and her shoes immediately got stuck wid dat glue, den mishamisha threw some burning crackers near them and soon whole college was cracking with the sound of crackers and screams of t and her gang. D juniors around dem were laughing a hearty laugh. T was so scared dat d expressions on her face was worth watching. And den misha clicked t's some pics.

Princi was taking round in corridors and she caught misha and called her to her office

Pia was tensed she immediately took out her cell and made a call" maasi misha was caught while playin prank in college, u plz come soon to d college"

Natasha: what on frst day itself mithoo is caught, m cumin in half hr

Den due to stress she bumped into a guy whom she met last night. she lost her balance due to all of sudden collision and den she fall into his arms.



Pia  walks in her sleep den again dat mysterious guy saves her.

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Misha in prinici office

Misha- why did you call me here? (In very casual tone)

Princi: as if you don't know? What the hell you did outside? (angrily)

Misha- I give tit 4 tat. Those bimbo seniors were ragging, so I decided to teach them how to rag.

Princi- do u consider urself admin or teacher?

Misha-(very rudely)  nopes, I don't want to be like those good 4 nothing people. Cz they did nothing whn dis ragging was goin on.

Princi-(realising a lil fault on his staff side)- so you shud hav complained me.

Misha- okay thn nw m complaining against ur staff and some foolish seniors

Den princi realizes dat dere is no fun in arguing wid her and he decides to gave up

Princi- as this is ur frst day in dis college, so I m goin to give you last chance in dis college sin future if u creates more nuisance in dis college den u will be out

Misha- k whatever' I don't care. And we will see to it

After that misha leaves d prinici office and bangs d door of d office tightly making  d big sound which can rock up d whole college


In corridor

Pia is in abhay arms. Her heart was racing like rocket. She felt so dizzy by his touch that she was not able to react. Then with a jerk he makes her stand.

Guy- where are you lost and are you in habbit of getting into trouble when I am around you

After listening to this pia felt like somebody has slapped her but she recovers her courage and speaks"no it was ur fault who came here from nowhere"

She says this in one breath and suddenly realizes what she has said to a person who saved her life last night.

Guy: (rudely)  ya right I came from nowhere and what about you. You were walking in corridor like it is some park

Then both of them realizes that they are talking to each other very rudely.

Pia: m sorry for talking to u like that. Thanx 4 saving my life last night. hi I am pia

Before landing in abhay's arm she was tensed for misha. After talking to him she felt like she is in other world.

Abhay: hi I am abhay m new in dis college. Can u tell me where is princi office??

He already knew  where is princi office. But he doesn,t know what was  forcing him to talk to her. Some of his instincts were forcing him to be around herand protect her from any danger. He never felt so protective for any girl. His powers were saying him dat he needs to protect her from danger. This type of feeling was new for him in these 150 years.  Last night he ws not able to note her features bt today he ws noticing everything of her. Her eye color was chocolate brown and her face was like white pearl in ocean. Her skin was flawless for which every girl would like to spend lots of money. She seemed like an angel to her. He instantly felt like conncetion to her. In mere 2 meeting his powers were connected wid abhay. Now he can feel any emotion. Through which she ws going. It was very rare thing. He was lost in his deep thoughts. Den a sweet voice like honey brings him back to  present.

Pia- the office is last one in this corridor.

Soon she remembered that she is talking about princi office where misha might have been thrown out of the college. And she gets tensed  and abhay notices this.

Abhay: what happen?

Pia: actually my friend is in princi's only coz she played some stupid prank in d morning

After telling this she felt so much relieved

Abhay: calm down. Don't worry everything will be fine



Than a voice comes from pia's behind" what does this moron princi thinks of himself.he don't know that last chances are not meant for misha khanna."

Then pia turns to mishaand runs towards her and give her tight hug "thankgod misha you are back,m soo haapy"

As now pia was happy so abhay also felt happy inspite of being no reason to be happy

Misha- (in her casual tone) chillax mom part-2 and dat was jst princi office not any war ground"

Abhay notices  the closeness of misha and pia. Then he moves towards both of them "okay pia I will see you later"

Pia watches abhay going. Misha notices this and watches pia with  surprised filled eyes coz it ws frst tym she was seeing pia talkin to a stranger

Misha- voaoho who was he pia? Now you have secrets  from me too mom part-2, this is not done

Suddenly listening to mom part-2 she remembersthat she has called Natasha

piaa- (nervously)  I will tell  about dis later. Now u don't beat me up after listening to dis. I hav called massi to save u frm princi mess and she is coming here.

Misha- (angrily) gosh, pia what have u done nowshe will carry whole college on her head.

Suddenly both of them listens lots of voices coming from outside

Misha & pia together- oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

College ground

Misha and pia rushes to dat part of ground from where lots of voices are coming and a lady was shouting "where is the principal, I want to talk to him right now. How he dared to call my daughter to his office. Don't he know that she is daughter of Natasha khanna"

Meanwhile misha & pia reaches to herafter clearing out d whole crowd

Misha- calm down naut(nautanki)' why are you holding up whole college on your head

Nats: oh my mitho, does that insane prici said something to you, I am goin give him good lesson that what does it mean to create mess with the daughter of biggest lawyer of this country. I am goin to drag him to the court

She said all dis in angry tone and in one breathe

Misha: chill jawalamukhi''. First dnt call me by dat stupid name m grown up nw''..second I can handle my probs myself

Den misha looks at d crowd which was gazing them''..

Misha to crowd-  "is dere any kind of nautanki goin on" and den aftr lookin at nats "I knw it is bt its over now. Now move and play love-love here and there"

Nats: bt how dare he''. Leave it''..hws u mitho?? Did u missed me whn I was away for 1 day?

Misha- d-uh mumma don't call me mi nw I m grown up

Pia was looking at both of them with her teary eyes and nats notices and she knows the reason behind this

Nats- happy bday my princess. And karela(arnab) ka call aaya

Pia says nothing and nats gets her answer

Misha- d-uh dnt spoil  the mood

Nats- So aaj  ke kya plans hai

Misha- koi plan nahi hai (makin puppy face)

Nats- dnt worry I have plans frst of all we will go 4 shopping and den dinner at some nice place

Misha- yayyy

Pia- bt massi classes

Nats- dnt worry kuch bahi hoga and today is ur frst day

Den dey go 4 shopping and nats gifts her many dresses and dey hav dinner at pia's fav place'..

Raichand mansion 

Haseena-(husky tone) chaand dnt u think we should tell abhay now about prophecy

Chaand- no way. We cant tell him now let d right tym come

Haseena-(eyes filled with care for abhay)  it is about him, he needs to know this

Chaand- don't dare to tell him cz dis will make things more complicated

Misha's home

Pia is sleeping sound sleep then she listens her mother's voice which is calling her and guiding her where to walk and pia follows d instructions obediently'. Then following instructions she reaches a cliff and when she is abt to jump d cliff''.. abhay grabs her arm


To be cond'..


Pia shares her loneliness wid abhay'''. Misha again bumps into abhishek

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Chapter 4

Pia was feeling so happy in her mind cz today she saw her mother who was wishing her on 18 bday and who was calling her. Den abhay  tries to wake up pia and tries to read her emotions. Abhay is shocked to see dark magic shield around pia which can be clearly seen in dis moonlight with his vampire eyes. Aftr dat without wasting any time further he tries to wakes up pia. Den pia feels like somebody is calling her back from the grounds of death.

Abhay; come back pia, dnt listen to anybody' plz come back' dnt go dere' plz come back' I will not happen this to you. (he is scared of loosing pia)

Aftr dat abhay slaps hard to pia to bring her back from fake dream world. And with a jerk pia comes out of it to find dat she is in d arms of abhay dat too in midnight and she is drenched with lots of sweats, her heartbeat is irregular'. And aftr watching abhay's worried face she misses a breathe of her

Abhay; pia come out of ur dreams. Wake up. Plz

Pia looks her a round and where is she. She is confused. Then abhay is relieved to see her back and den he helps her and makes her sit on rock and after 2 mins silence

Pia: why did u wake me up? It ws my mom who ws calling me. Who was wishing me on my bday

Abhay: (tries to calm her by patting on her back) pia go and grab some senses. I know u r still in shock. U were walking in sleep and u were about to jump d cliff

Den pia looks at d cliff and gets scared, and immediately abhay calms her down by sayin "dnt worry u r safe now and m with u so nothing is goin to happen"

Pia- bt I nvr walks in sleep. This is frst tym. (and dhe feels embarrassed and  guilty)

Abhay is feeling each and evry emotion of pia. And he knows what she needs now.

Abhay- everything  happens  for the frst tym. And may be u r stressed out.

Den to find out who did dis magic on pia. Abhay tries to use his power. He holds pia's hand and goes into her mind. He sees loneliness and stress cz his father has not called her on her bday. Pia is still shaking cz she has not recovered herself from shock. Bt abhay's hand on her hand is givin her feeling f secutity and helping her out to come out of sock. In  pia's mind abhay is not able to bear so much stress and loneliness. He cant see pia in so much pain. So without finding out who did dis magic on her he leaves her mind.

Abhay; hw are you feeling now? Do u need anything? U wait I will bring some water for you. (he says this soothingly)

Abhay gets up to bring water for piya. Bt piya out of fear of leaving abhay grabs his arm. D sudden touch from piya sends light bolts to abhay's body.

Pia; don't leave me. U just stay here and I will be fine (she says dis wid her uneven breath)

Den abhay sits down with her and starts patting her back to calm down her.

Abhay: are u k now?

Pia: much better.  Bt u dnt leave me here alone. What were u doing here at midnight?

Abhay; k m nt leaving u alone. (He doesn't wanted to tell lie to her) I hav habit to roam in jungle at night.  And today u left college so early.

Pia: ya vo massi came to pick me from my college for my bday

On bday she gets tensed and rmbrs dat till now arnab has not called her. Abhay see d sudden change in face expression and he knows d reason about it and he decides to cheer her up.

Abhay: so today u hav bday

Pia: no it was

Abhay: madam we still hav 15 mins to go and how abt celebrating these 15 mins wid me

Pia blushes and gives a nod in positive

Abhay: okay den lets go

Pia: where? (it was so strange for pia she meets a stranger who saves her life twice and without thinking anything she agrees to go out with him.)

Abhay senses dis and say "I guess u can trust me as I have saved ur life 2 times".

Pia looks at d ground and stands up to go wid abhay helps her to stand. Den abhay and pia walks her walks for 5 mins in jungle and in between dat abhay keeps askin her about her likings and disliking. Pia feels good coz it was for frst tym dat someone was asking about her liking and taking care her for life. For the frst tym she felt like she has some meaning her life.

Aftr 5 mins walking abhay speaks up" so this is my fav place, I jst hopes u like it". (he says dis pointing out at a waterfall)

Pia sees that place with surprise. As it was most beautiful place she has ever seen. A chilled breeze was blewing leaving anice floral scent all around. It was like some place dat a girl sees in her dream.

While pia was looking at the place, abhay was lookin at her and to him she seemed like angel who has jst landed to earth for him. And pia's eyes were filled with joy.

Abhay: do u like this place?

Pia: (in very joyous mood) are you crazy I like it, I jst love dis place. I am leaving in dehradoon since I was born bt I hav nvr seen dis place. This is so cool and calm. This is the best bday gift of my life dat I hav evr seen in my life.

Abhay softly chuckles and both of them sit dere.

Abhay: I guess if ur family finds out dat u r missing den dey will get worried 4 u.

Pia; oh no if misha finds out dat m not dere den she will ask uncountable ques ? (Piya gets worried)

Abhay: don't worry I will drop you at your place, my car is just there.

Abhay drops pia at her place. When pia gets out of car den abhay calls her,"pia I want u to hav dis" (he takes out a ring from his pocket) "wear dis it will help u in keeping stress away"

Pia: dats so sweet of u abhay bt really I don't need this

Abhay:  plz keep this with you and it is jst a gift from side on ur bday and I don't hav anything else to give u"

Pia feels good dat some1 is caring 4 her so much. Pia takes d ring hesitantly which seems to be quiet antique and is of metallic color and has blue colored stone embeded in it. the ring was very pretty. She immediately wears it. and fits to her perfectly as if ring was made 4 piya only.

Pia: thanx a lot abhay dis is very nice ring and thanx 4 saving my life and thanx 4 showing me that place and thanx 4 making my bday most rememberable one(she blurts all this in excitement)

Abhay: calm down.  how many times u will say thanx to me?  and I guess now u shud leave

Pia: ya I also thinks so''. Bye see you tmrw in d college

Abhay: byeee (wid lil pain in his tone)

Den pia reaches to d gate while looking at him continuously. Then she runs to abhay and hug him. Then both of them feels dat dey hav got something. Pia feels complete. While abhay feels dat his heart again has started beating again. Then shyly pia parts herself from abhay and without saying anything she runs to misha's house wid lil pain in her eyes coz she was parting herself from him.

Den while returning to raichand mansion abhay was thinking about pia only. Den suddenly he stops d carand says to himself" how can u think about her like this she is still a innocent human" and den he drives fastly to his house".

Raichand mansion

Chaand and hssena were waiting for abhay. Den abhay enters.

Haseena: where were you.(then she smells) I can smell a girl's perfume

Abhay: actually a girl was in prolem so I helped her out. K goodnite mom. See you in d morning

Abhay leaves d hall and goes towards d room. Haseena goes towards chaand

Haseena: I hav nvr seen abhay so happy

Chaand: I knw haseena, it is jst d starting towards prophecy

Haseena: I want abhay to be happy and for that I can pay any cost

Chaand: hasseena you r getting emotional. I guess we shud call neha now.

Haseena: ya we shud call her. Now she can do something as this prophecy was done by her only

Mout college(next day)

Misha: hey miss dreamy m feeling hungry?

Pia: abhi toh tum ghar pr 2 burger or coke lekr aa rahi hoon

Misha:hey record maintainer, I don't maintain any records. I am hungry

Pia: okay you go to canteen, am comin after 5 mins as I hav to go to library

Misha: k padhakoo

Misha goes to canteen and at the counter she orders 2 burgers, 1 sandwitch and 1 coke. She was carrying  all this stuff and her food tray was filled with excessive food stuff and den suddenly she collides wid a boy

Misha: cant you see? U dumbo, see what you hav done shit now what I do my all clothes are filled wid food stuff(she says all this looking at herself)

Den she sees d face of a person to whom she has collided, ita none other than abhi

Abhi and misha together- you!!!!!!!!!!

Misha- mow m goin to leave you

Abhi- shut up you idiot and foolish girl

Misha-you shut up crazy dog

After dat both of them starts throwing food stuff dat was available in d canteen each other. Sometimes there target on each other hits and sometimes it misses. Whole canteen is shattered by both of them.

Mount college ccorridoor

A boy enters in the college by wearing a sky blue colored blue t and dark blue jeans. He reoves his shades and den he is playing with basket ball while walking in corridor. Every girl looks at him and every girl is gaga on this hot chunk. He is kabeet singh kunvar.


In the canteen misha and abhi are still fighting and throwing all d stuff on each other like wild animals. Den kabeer and piya enters d canteen and piya grabs misha to stop her and kabeer on the other hand grabs abhi

Kabeer: stop this nuisance and contrl yourself

Pia: misha calm down yourself

Misha: no pia am not goin to leave dis moron, I will show him that I m misha khanna

Abhi: bhai leave me today m nt goin to leave dis drumhead

Canteen owner: what u people hav done this now who will pay

Misha: this idiot is goin to pay cz he started

Abhi: no she will pay she started

Miha: no you

Abhi : no you' its k I believe in charity I will pay

Misha: bt I don't take charity so I will not pay

Den with force they loosens themselves by kabir and pia and again starts throwing things. Den kabeer and pia agn try to capture them and they succeed in it. canteen owner doesn't dare to demand again. And then with lots of angry looks misha and abhi goes in different  directions

Den kabeer and pia both together to canteen: kitna damage hua bhaiya?

To which both of them laughs together

Pia: I guess we shud nt start fight over dis we will pay half half

Kabeer: (laughs) ya right. By d way he was my small brother and I m kabeer. Hi

Pia- (smiles) hi. She was my cousin and I am pia

Abhay sees pia talking to kabeer whn he enters in d canteen. He feels like someone has stabbed something very hard in his heart


Pia sees abhay with neha and gets jealous and kunvar family revealed.

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Chapter 5

Raichand mansion

Haseena ia walking in d lawn impatiently at human pace. Den a girl enters and hugs her

Haseena: thankgod u r here

Neha: ya I missed u mom. This trip was very important to collect stones for bhai,otherwise I haven't left you. And last night u called me u looked worried?

Hassena: I missed u too, and why are you asking me dat why m worried as if I don't know u must hav read my mind through ur cards last night only

Neha: mom I cant hide anything from u. bt nw u dnt worry dat is just prophecy and I know at last everything will be fine. Now u dnt worry I m here and I will handle all this.

Haseena: I know u will handle all this that's why I hav called you.

Aftr sayin this they again hug each other

Neha: k mom I need to start my work now only m already late' I need to join collegeto day itself and now leave ur all worries with me

Haseena: u do whatever u want bt plz don't hurt abhay's feelings.

Neha: mom I love him too. I will do dat only which is best 4 him

After sayin this  she leaves 4 d college. Afte she leaves haseena to herself "I know u love him bt still I have to keep check on you because in dese 150 yrs I hav nevr seen abhay so happy and I want him to hav all d happiness.


College parking area

Misha clothes are stinking due to food on it. so she  calls piya.

Piya: ya mish m cumin to class

Misha: hey miss geek why do u alws think of class only. Now listen m goin to home back coz aftr dat canteen scene m smelling like sweeper. And I will send driver for you.

Piya: k mish see you later.

Den dey disconnect d phone den misha sees abhi's car dere in parking area. Den her evil mind starts working. Den she takes out some color spray from her bag and ruins his car and writes, "I am gay"''.. and den she puts some grly colors like pink and purple on it and den she murmurs "now u will get to know who is misha khanna' hope u hav fun mr. jungli"

Then she leaves d college. And after 2 mins a black color bmw enters in d college with very high speed and a girl with her shades on of pearl white complexion steps out from the car. She is wearing purple  color mini skirt wid  baby pink color halter neck top and hot pink colored bag'.. and she is playin wid bubble gum  wid her tongue.


Pia: here u go wid ur money.. and it was nice meeting u kabeer(smile)

Kabir: (displaying his dimples) same here sweetheart

On listening ti the word sweetheart abhay breaks d glass dere and den piya notice dat he is standing dere and den givin kabeer any attention towards kabeer she ran towards abhay. Den kabeer walk towards abhay. And den both kabeer and abhay look at each other wid so much hate filled eyes

Kabeer:  so we are goin to have some walking garbage in d college dis year

Abhay: (smiles) oh no! m goin to face some sniffing dogs'

Pia was lookin at both of dem wid her wide eyes. Den kabeer was about to grab abhay's collar den he notices piya watching dem wid curiosity.  And kabeer throws a chair near to him and walks away from there.

College corridor

Girl is walking and  kabeer is also walkin dere and muttering something to himself

Neha: hey fakeera, whats up wid u?? u havn't even noticed me today

Kabeer:  hey ditchy dnt mess wid me today, I hav seen dat garbage already and hav spoiled my whole day

Neha: hey mind ur language. Otherwise I can burn u here

Den kabeer starts flirting wid her

Kabeer: m alws ready to be burned by u. and u knw my offer is still open'.

Neha:  u knw my answer. And now stop keep bugging me about ur stupid and useless offer.

Den neha walks away from dere.


Pia: hello abhay where r u since d morning? I was lukin 4 u''..

Abhay mood gets a u-turn whn he listens dat pia was lookin 4 him

Abhay: I was in my class. So what were u doin dere?

Pia: nothing I told u abt mish ? hw short tempered she is' today she ruined whole canteen.  So I ws payin damage

Abhay: (chuckles and lookin around)ya I can see that)

Pia: can I ask you one personal question?

Abhay: anything..(calmly cz he knew what ws cumin)

Pia: whats wrong between u and kabeer

Abhay: some family differences. Bt u plz stay away from kabeer

Before pia could speak anything neha enters in d canteen.. and out of excitement she hugs abhay

Neha: I missed you so much. I love you. And aftr keeping my bags at home I came over here just to meet you and surprise youhows d surprise

Neha said all this in one breath. Pia was watching neha with little tears in her eyes. She was feeling like killing neha at right that moment. She controlled herself. Abhay was so excited to meet neha aftr so many days. She was his soul sister and best buddy.

Abhay: calm down shatabdi express. I also missed you so much and It was one of biggest surprise

Neha: u know I love to give surprises

Abhay: ya  know and I love you

After listening dese word from abhay, pia completely breaks down and ran away from there

Abhay: pia wait where are you going?

Neha: who is she?

In her excitement she did not notice pia dere

Abhay: nothing I guess I need to go

Neha: this is not done bhai I m here aftr so many days and you want to go. I want u to play guitar for me as it has been one month I have not listened to my fav tune

Abhay was in no mood to handle mood swings of neha as they are the most dangerous thing on the earth according to him.

Kunwar house

Raj singh kunwar: (angrily) no abhi you bught that car 1 week earlier and now u want new car

Abhi: but dad somebody spoiled my car.

r.s- shut up your crap. Look at ur big bro, he is handling family business and college at the same time and u r busy in spending money.

Kabeer: dad its okay. He is child only. Abhi here you go. Go and get yourself a new car.

Abhi: thanx bro u r savior

Then abhi leaves murmuring to himself " I know who did this and I swear I m not goin to leave that bitch"

R.S.- kabeer u r spoiling him. He should know his responsibility and family history and you are keeping him away from truth. How long you can hide secrets

Kabeer- dad I knw m nt doin right thing. Bt I don't want to suffer him that pain so early. I want him to enjoy his life and my life also that I missed.

R.S.- I hope you know what are you doing?

Kabeer- ya dad I know. Okay dad tell me is something big goin to happen wid dat garbage clan cz I saw dat witchy in d college all of sudden. She was about to come after 15 days.

R.S.- I dint know about that bt u keep eye on her. She is important for us.

Kabeer- right dad

Dehradoon roads

Pia is walking alone om the roads while thinking og abhay whole way. When she was busy wid her thoughts wid abhay she feels like someone is following her, then she looks back and there was no one.  Then she starts walking quickly and listens the rustlingof leaves due to domebody's foot steps. Out of fear she starts running and den she reaches the misha house.

Misha house

Nats sees pia coming and she notices dat she is in bad state due to running

Nats: what happened princess? Why are you so scared  and why are you running

Pia; ma'.maass'''massii'.. someone is dere(says wid her up-down breath due to running)

Den nats looks at the road

Nats: pia come wid me in my study room(pia follows her) give me your hand(nats sees the ring in pia's hands and gets shocked) who gave dis to u?

Pia(nervously) my frnd gave dis to me

Nats: its good I was about to give you such type of ring to u. and somebody has given a better ring to you. Rather I should have given ring to u tomorrow only. And dis is due to dis ring only someone is stalking u bt not harming you. I know u hav many questions but this is not right tym to ans all questions. And I wouls like to meet friend of yours who gave dis ring to you.

Pia: bt massi what is happening around me

Nats: I told u dis is not right time

This was the first time her massi speaks so ru dely to her. Then pia leaves d study. Suddenly her phone rings and its abhay who is calling her. She was pissed off so she doesn't picks up the phone. Her phone keeps on ringing. Aftr some time whn she calms down, then she looks at phone and it is arnab's call. Suddenly dere is lil smile on her face.

Pia: hello papa. Hws u?

Arnab: (angrily) I am calling you from last 5 mins . where are you?

Pia: am at misha's house.

Arnab: how many tomes I hav to tell you that you should not visit them so often.

Then pia looses her temper and cuts down the phone and turns it off. After thinking for 2 mins. She run towards the lake

Kunwar house

Abhi in his room calls a friend "dude I need ur help to show someone what is d rslt of messing up wid abhi"

In jungle

Abhay to himself "why is she not picking up the phone? Why she ran away from the college? Why am feeling so sad? Is she okay?" aftr last question in his mind abhay gets restless and he starts running towards that direction to which his dead heart is pointing out.


Pia was crying and feeling lonely. It was one of the worst day of her. Her massi spoke rudely wid her. Somebody is stalking her.arnab called up to say stay away from mish. And most importantly she was feeling bad for abhay

Den she listens someone's footsteps

Pia- mish why cant u leave me alone whn I m sad

A manly voice" so whn u r sad you come here. By d way nice place to share your sadness"



Abhay and pia hav some nice moments at lake

Abhi plays pranks wid misha which backfires to him

Neha is shocked to see pia at college 

p.s- if u like my work den press like button and if u dont like den feel free to tell me my faults by leaving comments..... and if u like den too leave ur comments. waiting 4 ur response

guys i know today dere was lil of misha bt it ws necessary 4 storyline, i promise in next update u will get misha and her fun

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Pia looks back and she finds abhay dere. Abhay is standing arms folded against his chests. He was wearing black shirt with black trousers. Pia heart skips a beat when she sees him. Then she pinches herself to confirm that she is not watching dream. For one moment she forgets that she was sad. Abhay starts walking towards pia.

Abhay: so what are you doing here at midnight?

Pia gets nervous then she gathers little courage to speak to him.

Pia: I am counting stars(she speaks this to hide her pain which was visible in her eyes)

Abhay knows that pia is not goin to tell him why she is sad. So he decides to trick her out.

Abhay: by the way your choice is better than me

Pia: how can you say that?

Abhay: this lake is better than waterfall.

Pia gets angry as abhay was ruining her special memories by comparing between the two.

Pia: abhay please don't compare these two. Coz you are comparing my sad moments wid those special and beautiful moments spent with you at waterfall.

Abhay feels extreme happy coz pia considered moments spent with him to be happy.

Abhay: so you come here when you are sad.

Pia feels embarrassed as she was caught red-handed. She starts looking at lake as she was not able to face abhay's question. Abhay knows that she was not goin answer his question so he decides to change the topic and her mood

Abhay: so today why you left the canteen in the college all of sudden and withuot saying anything?

 To abhay's surprise to this question pia gets more sad.

Pia: actually you were busy with your girlfriend. So I thought I should give you people some private time.

Now abhay knows the reason why she was sad and why she was not picking up the phone. Then he starts laughing loudly to pia's surprise. Pia gets furious at him.

Pia: (angrily) why are you laughing? Have I cracked any joke?

Then pia gets up and starts walking and abhay stops laughing and grabs her arms. The sudden touch of abhay's hands on her bare arms makes her to loose her balance and she fells into abhay's arms. Then there is intense eyelock between both of them. Pia in his arms forgets every pain of her life and her anger vanishes like she was never angry with him.

Abhay: looks like now u hav got a habit of falling into my arms.

Pia looks away shyly and then abhay makes her sit with care like she is child who needs proper care.

Abhay: do you really think that shatabdi express was my gf.(pia looks embarrassed and lil angry on dese words). Pia u r crazy she is my sister.

Then pia feels like somebody has freed her from imprisionment. Then mixed feeling of joy and embarrassment passes her. She thinks why she thought of him like this.

Pia: (nervously) abhay I am really sorry I never knew that you and neha are brother and sister

She was so embarrassed that she wanted that earth to open up and she gets into it. abhay knows her embarrassment so he tries to cover up.

Abhay: pia its okay if there was anybody would have thought in that way. Actually she is little pamperedand being single sister of two brothers causes her to throw her tantrums on us.

Pia: no abhay its my mistake. I should have asked you  before jumping to any conclusion.

Abhay: now leave this topic.

Pia: abhay I want to ask you something but I don't know how to ask?

Abhay: pia don't feel shy ask anything

Pia: abhay what is this ring abut actually today somebody followed me when I was walking alone from college( abhay gets furious on listening to this as he was right that she was not safe) and my massi was about to give me same ring but''..

Abhay cuts her

Abhay: (gets tensed) who followed you? Were u wearing dis ring at dat point of tym. Does dat stalker did something to you. Why were you alone

Pia: calm down. It was me who was askin ques not u . remember?

Abhay: it is about your safety. Do you understand that. You are not going alone somewhere from today.  Have I made myself clear?

Pia: you cant put restrictions on me abhay. My dad is enough for that.

Abhay calms down

Abhay: look pia it is about your safety I never meant to put instructions on you

Pia: (angrily) I don't know what is goin around me. massi talks to me rudely. Dad says stay away from massi. People don't tell me anything just give me instructions. It also includes you as I can see that you are also hiding something from me.

Abhay thinks" pia's  massi knows about ring and how does she knows about supernatural stuff and how much she knows about it. if she was about to give same ring to her then I m sure that she is protecting her"


Abhay: you need to follow instructions of me and ur massi. And if you want to go somewhere then u can accompany misha

Misha's house

Nats: misha misha''.. come down '.. I need to talk to right now.

Misha: what happened nautanki why are you giving me shock by calling me by my name. hey do u want me to kill by shock?

Nats: this is not tym to crack jokes. I am leaving town 4 something very urgent.

Misha: anything new?

Nays: ya u r goin to live at neem's house when I am out cz he is not goin to leave pia here and promise me you will not leave pia alone for one minute

Misha: okay mata chinteshwari whatever you say'.. and aye pocket money do na iss gareeb ko.

Nats: yesterday only you got  your money(misha mekes face)okay here you go. But mitho don't buy anything that is realted to pranks.

Misha: naut I guess pia is at lake

Nats: I told you not to leave piya alone ( says in worried way). And listen say sorry to her from my side cz today i behaved rudely wid her due to some work pressure and mow dnt ask any questions.


Abhay: when the right tym come and I get full info on it then I promise I will be the frst one to tell you everything.

Pia: I will look forward to it

Then a voice comes "I don't know what has happened to this nautanki. I know she is weird bt today she was best at its weirdness and here u r miss saddy"

Then she looks at abhay

Misha: hey who are you and why are you taking my place. I am the only person who can take sadness from this saddy

Abhay: (smilingly) hi, m abahy. I canot dare to take ur place. By d way lemme guess you ae misha(she nods surprisingly). I have listened about u allot from pia.

Misha: good 4 u not trying to take my place. I like you. (she glares at pia) now I want each detail from you

Abhay: so can I drop you guys at home

Misha: ya offcourse but I want to big buckets of ice-cream

Pia: u have enough stock at your place

Misha: but from today m goin to live at ur place where there is no play station  and now hw m goin to survive without it. today chinteshwari is leaving for out of station. And I hav to live at you place and she was saying sorry for her today's behavior

Pia: why where is massi going?

Misha: I don't know bt I cant believe today she baehaved badly with you, I mean dat kind of behavior is 4 ur daddy dinasour

Pia cuts her down

Pia: when you starts speaking then it is difficult to stop you

Misha: you know nly ice-cream can make me shut

Abhay was getting worried as pia's massi was leaving. Then he decides something  in his mind and speaks up

Abahy: lets go and have ice-cream den I will drop both of you

Pia's house

Misha is busy in finishing up her 2 bucket of ice-cream while abhay stops pia.

Abhay: pia plz promise u will not go somewhere alone and whenever u find something suspicious please call me.

Pia: abhay u and massi are getting worried without no reason. Maybe dat was my misunderstanding

Abhay: ya may be bt may not bebut you please promise me

Pia: okay I promise

Misha finishes her second bucket of ice-cream


Misha: hey I m goin to charge thrd bucket of ice-cream from both of u. if u keep me waiting and standing for u guys.

Pia: I guess now I need to go other wise she will kill me. bt today no one can save me from her question hour.

Abahy: byee pia and plz take care of yourself'. Byee misha and don't kill her bt you nevr-ending questions

Misha: I will try bye

Then misha drags towards home and abhay was watching her to go, and says" I will be back".

At night misha torture herwith her questions and abhay returns to pia's house after keeping his car and changing his clothes. He hides himself in the trees and safeguards her till dey were talking. When misha and pia both are in deep sleep than abhay goes to balcony and watches pia sleeping admiringly.

Mount college

Pia was waiting for abhay impatientlyand she was lookin at her watch 3 times in one minute. Then abhay arrives there. Abhay smiles aftr watching pia waiting for her.

Pia: where were u? today u r late

Abhay: it is 8.45 and our college is at 9(pia looks down out of embarrassment) so how was ur question hour

Pia: full of torturing questions and how was ur las night?

Abhay: (smiles devil  way) one of best  night of my life.

Mount college (corridor)

Misha  was walking in d cooridoor while listening to music on her ipod and murmurs " bhagu kis janam ka badla le rahe ho. I don't know why pia bought me so early to college"

Then she sees abhi talking to someone

Parking area

When abhay and pia were talking to each other. Dey see neha comin from opposite side. She comes there and hugs abhay. Pia looks at both of dem smilingly.

Neha: bbhai where were u last night. I ws looking 4 u..

Pia glares abhay

Abhay: errrrrrrr neha this is pia and pia dis is my sweet lil sister who has got worst mood swings.

Neha watches pia with her wide opened eyes. Her face turns into yellow from pink blushed. She looks at her lke she has seen some one from past. Her face makes her rmbrof someone else. Then abhay shakes neha to bring her to present.

Neha: (with fake smile) hi pia, it was nice to meet you. Bhai I forgot my cellphone at home. So see u guys later.

Abhay watches neha suspiciously. Then abhay and pia listens to loud bang from other side of parking area.

Pia: god plz dis tym no misha and her stupidity (pia is super tensed)

Abhay: don't worry. Lets go and see to it.

Another parking area

Abhi shouting at another guy and grabs his collar, "what have you done dis was my car and I gave you car number"

Guy(nervously):  but u gave me this number only

Den misha comes there while clapping


Abhi: hey dude dis is the number of car and you hav to damage d car so that nobody could not even recognized it"

Guy: don't worry. I will do it

Abhi: now u will know who is abhi, you wild cat. And present score is 2-0 bt through this it will get 2-1

Misha thinking "so mr. moron has got some brains. Don't worry today u r goin to loose ur brain afterthis"

Misha run towards d car and changes number plates

*flashback ends*


Misha: so looser score is 3-0 bt I wonder how do you get such a stupid idea in ur small brain. Next tym borrow some brains and think some better idea.

Abhi: hey mind ur language. I am goin to kill u bitch

Misha: how dare u call me bitch, ypu pig

Then both of run towards each other and grabs each othe collar and starts fighting wid each other. Abhay, pia and kabeer run towards them. Abhay grabs misha and kabeer grabs abhi. But still both of them were bashing each other with unbearable words.

Then a streaking voice come "stop it. I said stop it otherwise m goin to expel you people"


Entry of 2 trustees in colg

Neha tells haseena abt pia's background

Abhi and misha are punished to survive in a room for 3 hrs'.. bt dey hav quality(fighting) tym dere'.

p.s- if u like my work den press like button and if u dont like den feel free to tell me my faults by leaving comments..... and if u like den too leave ur comments. waiting 4 ur response

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This update is dedicated to aprajeetaSmile

Raichand mansion

Neha comes in her room and throws her bag at the bed. She opes her cupboard . she opens her cupboard and draws a wooden and beautifully carved box. She strt swifting the cards and haseena enters in the room.

Haseena: (putting her hand on neha shoulder) what happened ? why are u looking cards?

Neha: mom today I met a girl to whom bhai is getting close and . and both of them shares strong emotional connection, which even if I want to break cannot be broken

Haseena: (happily) then why are you worried. It's a happy news finally abhay has also got someone  and now he will be not left lonely. And why would you want to break that connection?

Neha:  (worried) mom that girl belong to family of maithali. And maithali is lost love of abhay. And moreover pia resembles to maithali. I fear if my magic will break and den again he will be gloomy and strts hating himself again. And he is still unaware of prophecy.

Haseena; don't worry I guess now right tym is cumin up and I want that grl and abhay to be together coz den abhay can share his lonely worls wid her. And regarding prophecy let him fall in love wid her and den u can break dat magic and tell him abt prophecy.

Neha; (happily hugs her) why I didn't thought this earlier ad mom you saved me doing a sin again. I was thinking to make dem hate each other.

Haseena: no let them be together(neha draws a card from pack and is shocked) now what didi you saw in cards?

Neha: mom you know maithali was witch, I fear pia soul doesn't have those powers?

Mount college

Misha and abhi stop fighting and look at the direction from where voice was coming.

A girl wid 3 files in her hand and a stern look on her face walks towards dem.

Kabeer: (mutters) abhi now u r gone. She is strict trustee of d college,panchi and now only garbage can save you.

Panchi: u people have made dis college as fish- market with your fights. Now I want both of u in detention room for 1 hour, that will teach you how to get friendly with each other

Misha: hey listen dis was''''.

Panchi: 2 hours

Abhi: but we''''''''.

Panchi: 3 hours

Both of dem gets idea dat it is better to keep their mouth shut.

Panchi: and ur punishment starts now follow me

Both of dem gets freed by strong clutches of abhay and kabeer. And den look at each other like they will kill each other.


Pia: I know she will kill him

Abhay: (holds her hand) don't worry she will be fine.i know she can handle any situation.

Pia: we need to do something

Abhay: okay lets go. I know what to do

Detention room

Abhi: you dumbhead, see what happened. Its all cz of u I hav landed here.

Misha: no its cz of u. u shud hav not made that idiotic plan. D-uh now I hav to spend my 3 hrs with this brainless creature.

Abhi: ya as if u hav brain due to you only we hav one hour extra detention

Misha: ha see who is saying that as if u were quiet' looser

Abhi: shut up you looser. I don't knw how dis college can give entry to bitc like you

Misha: how dare you fattuchand?

Aftr that both of them were scratching each other's heads. While fighting  they fell down on ground bt still dey were fighting. After some time both of them get into senses and stopped fighting.

Den aftr 3 mins silence. Misha is lookin at window with her devil smile.

Abhi: look can we try not to kill each other in these three hours (aftr watching misha smilling) what are u lookn at am talking to u mad grl?

Misha; no we cant try we can break this jail you jerk.

Abhi: what are you talking about?

Misha: now come on you looser put your muscles into some use.

Then misha and abhi breaks down the window. Abhi steps out from the window first and den he gives his hand to misha to help her out but out of arrogance she ignores it and herself tries to get out but she loose her balance and falls down but abhi saves her from falling. Then for the frst tym they stare at each other with different look.

Misha: are you taking me to parking lot while holding me. by d way I don't mind cz I am too lazy to walk to my car.

Then abhi puts her down.

Abhi: by d way, I never expected that you can use your non-existing brain

Misha: now I don't need any  intelligent certificate from you.

Dehradoon road

Abhay and pia are going together to some place. Abhay senses someone following them. Abhay stops the car.

Abhay: pia I guess there is some pron in d car. You don't move from here.

Pia: okay

Den pia puts some music on whike abhay looks after stalker but he finds no one. When he returns he finds pia's leg injured and she is lying on road and blood is flowing. Abhay urges to drink her blood. Then he goes near the tree. And control himself and then he draws frst aid kit from car and dresses pia's injury.

Abhay: (angrily) how does this happen and why you moved out when I told u to stay in?

Pia: (crying out as abhay puts anticeptic) abhay no its no no noooooooo nooooooo

Abhay: shhhhhhhhhhhh look at me'. nothing will happen'.. hold my hands tight

Aftr lookin at  him and holding him she forgets everything

Pia: actually there was knock at the door and I thought it is u and u need help and when I stepped out somebody pushed me very hard from back.

Den abhay tries to sense someone's scent but he is not able to sense it. then pia tries to stand up bt she is not able to stand.

Abhay: lemme carry you

Pia: no I can'''''.

Den abhay without listening to her carries her to the car and they drive away..

Then they reach at office  and bahy knocks at some one's office. A voice comes  "come in"

Abhay: bhai I need ur help

Sid: you shud hav called me ? what happened abu?

Abhay: bhai one of my frnd got detention in college by panchi. So I want you to being trustee of d college cancel her detention

Sid: how pitty, panchi and her cote anger on her nose. Okay lets go. I knw how to handle  that tough lady and I love to handle tough lady.


Sid is shocked to see pia in car.

Neha breaks d magic on abhay and he decides to leave pia

Stalker is revealed

If u guys like my writing den plz hit the like button below

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