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PART - 3

They had arrived at the end of their term in 10th and nothing had changed in these few months... except Sneha's infatuation with Raj...which had just grown deeper with the passing time. She relished his company, loved to talk about him and resented it when Naina laughed and joked with Raj.

What made it worse for Sneha was that while Raj used to retort at her teasing, he never did that with Naina. Sneha had caught him many a times enjoying the way Naina pulled his legs. She had caught him staring at her friend quite a lot of times and the look in his eyes always proclaimed something different. She resented all of these. But instead of blaming it on Naina she used this opportunity to spread rumors against the girl among her batch mates. That something was cropping up between Raj and Naina was the talk of the town, but Naina was not aware of it.

Raj had started teasing and pulling her leg a little. He used to hide her books when she would leave her books on the desk and go out. She would in turn pull his pen from his hand and would not give it back to him. Life was fun until one day Raj took away her story book and she found it out after searching for it for half an hour. Although Naina laughed it off as a joke but she decided to pay Raj back in the same coin. A few days had passed and Raj had forgotten this incident. But Naina had not.

One day, during one of the free hours, Naina along with Sneha raided Raj's bag.  As she searched through the various pockets, she didn't find anything worthwhile.

"Kya Karen Naina?"

"Pata nahi yaar... kuch samajh nahi aa raha... mai kuch aisa lena chahti thi jiske gayab hone se wo thoda to pareshan ho...humesha mujhe satata rehta hai... shaitan kahin ka..." she fumed to herself.

"Par kuch mile to sahi..."

"Mil gaya..."

"Kya... kya...? Dikha..."

"Ye CD... itna chhupa ke rakha hai to kuch na kuch to hoga jarur isme."

'Yahi lena hai...pakka?"

"Haan... isse wo pareshan hoga... isme arur kuch important hai...warna wo aise chupake nahi rakhta. Ab chal... ye mai rakh rahi hun... ab aane de usse... let's see kya karta hai...!"

The first thing which Raj did when he came back to the class room was to check his back, and as anticipated he found the CD missing. He looked over at Naina who was engrossed in chatting with Sneha. Naina was perfectly normal, but Sneha was bursting with hidden excitement. It confirmed his doubts.

He didn't know what to say. If Naina would run that CD, all hell would break lose.

"Naina... tu ne meri Cd li kya?"

"CD...kaun si CD...?" she pretended to be ignorant.

"Ban mat Naina...CD wapas kar."

"Arey kaun si CD...kya keh raha hai tu?"

"Dekh mujhe pata hai ki Cd tere bag me hai... de de mujhe..."

"Achha...itna pata hai to aake bag check kar jaye to le lena..."

Raj didn't know what to say He was too shy to approach Naina or even check her bag.  So he fidgeted in his seat. Luckily at that time their teacher came and it put a rest to all further arguments.


Later in the evening, Naina and Sneha were sitting in Naina's study room having a discussion over the upcoming board exams when suddenly Sneha hit upon an idea.

"Yaar Naina... chal na wo CD dekhte hain."

"Kaun si CD?"

"Arey wahi jo aaj Raj ke bag se nikali thi."

"Nahi Sneha... nahi dekhna."


"Arey wo uski personal cheez hai yaar. Maine uske bag se usse pareshan karne ke liye nikali thi... par usse dekhkar mai uski privacy me dakhal nahi dena chahti."

"Arey yaar...tu bhi na... aisa kya hoga usme... chal dekhte hain..."

"Kuch bhi ho Sneha... par hai to uski cheez na... mai waise bhi 3-4 din me usse wapas kar dungi. Tuhe dekhna ho to usse mang lena... Mai nahi de rahi tujhe wo CD." Her voice was firm and Sneha knew that any further argument was worthless.

While leaving, Sneha wanted Naina to do something for her. "Ek kaam karegi Naina?"

"Haan bata."

"Raj ko phone karke bol dena na ki muhe call kare. Muhe kuch kaam hai usse aur mere ghar ke phone me kuch problem ho gayi hai...outgoing band ho gaya hai."

"okay...bol dungi."

"Bhulna mat please."

"Na re...bata dungi. Don't worry."

"Okay...chalo kal milte hain...bye..."



Raj was having his evening tea with his mother when the telephone bill disturbed their small meeting.

Raj's Mom: "Mai dekhti hun."

"Okay Maa..."

"Hello... arey hi Naina...kaisi ho beta...?"

Raj pricked his ear at the sound of her name. Not that Naina had called at his house first time, but then today was something different.

"Haan beta...mai achhi hun. Aur sunao...bade dino baad call kiya tumne."

"Haan mai samjh sakti hun...exams ki tension ho rahi hai na... don't worry beta...sab achha jayega..."

"Haan haan hai...wo yahin hai..."

Raj dug his head deeper into his plate as his mother looked over to where he was sitting.

\"Haan beta deti hun...Raj...Naina ka call hai."

Raj quietly took the call and looked around to see his mother settling down on the dining table to finish her tea.

"Hello..." He spoke into the receiver.

"Hi Raj..." he heard her chirpy voice at the other end.


"Sunn...tujhse kuch kaam tha..."

"Haan bata..."

"Sneha aayi thi mere ghar... madam chahti hain ki aap usse call Karen."


"Pata nahi...usi se puch lena jab baat kare to..."


"Aur haan... uss CD me kya hai Raj?" she asked mischievously.

His breath had stuck in his throat. Had she seen it... most certainly she had... the confident manner in which she questioned him pointed towards this fact. He was not sure how to reply to her question. Besides his mother sitting behind him made the matter worse. So he simply said... "iss bare me kal baat karne?"

"Your wish...bye..."


Naina slammed the receiver back on the hook and murmured to herself... "How rude... samajhta kya hai apne aap ko...ek to mai isse itne ache se bolti hun aur ye hai ki mujhe attitude dikha raha hai...kal discuss karte hain... (she mimicked his voice)...hunh... samajhta kya hai apne aap ko... mai Sneha nahi hun jo uske piche bhagun...hunh... mai nahi baat kar rahi ab usse..." she fumed to herself.

There at Raj's place, he sat down to finish his snacks. "Kya hua Raj?"

"Arey wo Sneha ko kuch kaam tha...par uska phn nahi lag raha hai...wahi batane ko call kiya tha Naina ne."

Her mother smiled at the mention of Sneha's name and ruffling his hair left the table.


He saw her walking down the road ahead of him all alone. This was the proper time to approach her. He didn't want to talk about this in the school. He quickened his steps. He neared her just as she was about to turn inside the school gates. He knew she would smile at him the moment he would see him. Her smile was magic.

But what would he say to her. He was sure that she had seen the CD.  "Kya bolun mai usse...mere bare me pata nahi kya soch rahi hogi. He bhagvan...plz usne CD na dekhi ho...warna pata nahi kya soch rahi hogi mere bare me." He prayed silently.

But perhaps luck was not in his favour. Naina spotted him just behind her when she was nearing the school gates. She turned her face away, without even smiling at him and quickened her steps. Raj stood rooted to his spot. She had never behaved with him like this before. Even before he could recover from the shock, she had disappeared inside the classroom.

He closed his eyes in pain. " kya ho gaya... ufff..." He composed himself and walked towards the class.

He tried the whole day to talk to her, but didn't get a proper chance. And whenever he tried to even look in her direction, he found her facing the opposite direction. Even if by chance he would catch her eyes, she would look away.

The weeks that followed were horrible for Raj. He had never felt so frustrated before. He badly wanted to talk to her, to clear out the misunderstandings between them, but he never got a chance. He was too shy to make a start and given the way Naina was avoiding him, he didn't have the courage to make any moves towards reconciliation.

He had veiled the hurt and heart ache in the depths of his heart...not giving away anything to his family and friends. But he had grown more gloomy and temperamental. He tried his level best to control his temper...but it was not possible any more for him.


"Kya baat hai bte...kai dino se dekh rahi hun...hua kya hai...?"

"Kuch nahi Maa...bas aise hi...mann nahi lag raha."

"Exam ki tension hai kya?"

"Na Maa...aisa nahi hai..."

"To fir kya baat hai...?"

By now Raj was losing his temper. "Kuch nahi Maa... " he answered a bit roughly. "Bas mera mood thik nahi hai... mujhe akela chod dijiye."

"Par beta..."


He pushed back his untouched lunch and got up.

"Arey par tu khana to khata ja." She tried to stop him.

"Bhukh nahi hai Maa...Aap kha lijiye." And he swiftly left the room.

It had been a month since Naina had stopped talking to him. He had hopes that she might wish him on the New Year...but New Year came and went away and she didn't even look at him though she was laughing and joking around with others. He felt a stab of jealousy for his friends. He was not as lucky as them.

Although Sneha used to talk to him and even call him up gossiping with him for about an hour or so, he felt quite restless. He could not make out the reason for his temperamental behavior.

The pre boards were round the corner and Raj didn't even have the heart to study. He had anyways been paying less attention towards his study since last month. His mother had noticed his temperamental nature...but she had let it lightly as she knew very well about his moody nature. Only this time, the cause was something deeper.

That day again he wanted to avoid his mother and her questions. He had locked himself up in his room feigning a head ache. He didn't feel he had the courage to face his mom any more that day. Bearing a fresh stream of avoidance from Naina was anyways depressing...and on top of that the questions irritated him.

He switched off the lights and lay down on the bed.

"Aisa kyun ho raha hai mere saath... kyun miss kar raha hun mai usse itna." He had to confront his inner self today. He couldn't run away any more.

He looked at his cupboard for a long time, then got up and opened it pulling out an album from its inner recess. It contained all the pictures of Naina on the annual function day. He kept on looking at her bright, shining face, the beautiful kohl smeared eyes and the luscious lips. Unable to control himself any longer, he bent down and kissed her photograph.

"Mujhe kya ho raha hai...itna kyun miss kar raha hun mai usse... jab wo mujhse baat nahi karna chahti to mai kyun pagal hue ja raha hun... kyun uske bina mera dil nahi lag raha... ye kya ho raha hai mere saath... mai aisa kyun feel kar raha hun uske liye...jab wo mere paas hoti hai to aisa lagta hai jaise mujhe puri duniya mil gayi ho...aur uske jaate hi aisa lagta hai jaise kuch chin gaya ho mujhse... what's wrong with me..." He held his head in his hands in utter despair and closed his eyes in frustration. He could feel his eyes stinging and tried his level best to stop those betraying tears but could not. And anyways who would find out that he was crying.

He went over the moments he had spent with her... the anchoring practices and the final event, the drama practices, when he had seen her fully dressed and ready for the dance, when she had looked up and found him gazing at her and smiled at him... when she had paid him the compliment...  his heart had stopped beating at that instance.

He could no longer deny the feelings of his heart... he loved her... yes...he loved her...

"Mai aur jhuth nahibol sakta khud se... mujhe pyaar hai tujhse Naina... I love u... I love you Naina... I really love you... par ye baat to mai tujhse bol bhi nahi sakta...ek to tu uss CD ki wajah se mujhse naraaz hai...upar se ye baat pata chal gaya to tu aur bhi khafa ho jayegi mujhse... abhi to tu sirf mujhse naraaaz hai...usse to mai kisi tarah jhel lunga...par agar tujhe ye pata chal gaya to pata nahi tera reaction kya hoga... mai tujhe khonanahi chahta Naina... tu bahut special hai mere liye... meri zindagi hai tu... meri jaan hai tu Naina...meri jaan hai tu...mujhe akela mat chod Naina...please mujhse dur mat ja..."

Ishq Ka Dard Hai Dard Hai Ishq Ka 

Ishq Ka Dard Hai Dard Hai Ishq Ka 

Ishq Ka Dard Hai Dard Hai Ishq Ka 

Ishq Ka Dard Hai Dard Hai Ishq Ka 

Meri Duniya Mein Aake Mat Jaa Mat Jaa Kahin Mat Jaa

Meri Duniya Mein Aake Mat Jaa Mat Jaa Kahin Mat Jaa

Meri Duniya Mein Aake Mat Jaa Mat Jaa Kahin Mat Jaa

Kya Maine Pa Liya Hai Kya Maine Kho Diya Hai 

Shayad Yeh Soch Kar Hi Dil Aaj Ro Diya Hai

Tu Hi To Tha Mera Apna Kaise Phir Yeh Toota Sapna 

To Jo Mil Ke Kho Jaayega Jeena Mushkil Ho Jaayega 

Meri Duniya Mein Aake Mat Jaa Mat Jaa Kahin Mat Jaa

Ishq Ka Dard Hai Dard Hai Ishq Ka 

Ishq Ka Dard Hai Dard Hai Ishq Ka 

Ishq Ka Dard Hai Dard Hai Ishq Ka 

Ishq Ka Dard Hai Dard Hai Ishq Ka 

Ishq Ka Dard Hai Dard Hai Ishq Ka 

Ishq Ka Dard Hai Dard Hai Ishq Ka 

Yeh Ishq Ki Hai Raah Mein Jin Pe Chal Raha Hoon

Is Aag Mein Na Jaane Kab Se Main Jal Raha Hoon

Main To Hoon Tera Deewana Tune Mujhko Na Pehchaana

Dilbar Mere Aisa Na Kar Chahat Mein Tu Ruswa Na Kar

Meri Duniya Mein Aake Mat Jaa Mat Jaa Kahin Mat Jaa

Meri Duniya Mein Aake Mat Jaa Mat Jaa Mat Jaa

Meri Duniya Mein Aake Mat Jaa Mat Jaa Kahin Mat Jaa

Meri Duniya Mein Aake Mat Jaa Mat Jaa Kahin Mat Jaa

Ishq Ka Dard Hai Dard Hai Ishq Ka 

Ishq Ka Dard Hai Dard Hai Ishq Ka 

Ishq Ka Dard Hai Dard Hai Ishq Ka 

Ishq Ka Dard Hai Dard Hai Ishq Ka 

Ishq Ka Dard Hai Dard Hai Ishq Ka 

Ishq Ka Dard Hai Dard Hai Ishq Ka



He kept on weeping for a long time. Now that he had confronted his feeling, he knew what the matter with him was. But now another responsibility weighed on his mind... to hide this soul shattering truth from Naina... he didn't want to lose the last strings of trust which they had... he will have to keep quiet... He knew it was going to be difficult...but he had to do it. Resolutely he wiped his tears and got up. He took one last look at the album and showered kisses on her photograph. Then he locked the album back in his cupboard and lay down on the bed switching on the radio... A soft song began to play on it which somehow soothed his torn and bleeding heart as tears continued to flow incessantly from his eyes.


Aaoge Jab Tum Saajna

Aaoge Jab Tum Saajna

Angana phool khilege

Barsega saawan, barsega saawan

Jhoom jhoom ke

Do dil aise milenge

Aaoge Jab Tum Saajna

Angana phool khilege

Naina tere kajrare

Naino pe hum dil hare hai

Anjane hi tere naino ne

Waade kiye kaie saare hai

Saanso he leher madam chale

To tu kahe barsega saawan

Barsega saawan jhoom jhoom ke

Do dil aise milenge

Aaoge Jab Tum Saajna

Angana phool khilege

Ka ba ba sa sa re ga ga

Chanda ko uta lakho mein

Yeh zindagi tere haton mein

Palko pe jil mil tare hai

Aana bahri barsato mein

Sapno ka jahan

Hoga khila khila

Barsega saawan, barsega saawan

Jhoom jhoom ke

Do dil aise milenge

pa ni sa re ma ma ga ga ga

ga re re re ga re da ni re re ma da ni da da

da ni da pa ma ma ma da da ma re pa ga

ga ma da ni sa sa re pa ma ma ga ga ga re ga sa

Angana phool khile

pa ni da ni da sa re ma ma ma ma ga

Angana phool khile

ma ma pa ni da re ma pa re re sa da

re pa pa ma ma ga ga



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Hi Gals...

I have update the next part... I hope a couple of more updates and I will be able to complete this Short story...but m not sure... It all depends on what course my mind takes... LOL

Till then you all will have to bear this torture...

I haven't sent PM's to anyone... the one who reads this first please do me the favour of sending PM's to all...else I don't know when I will do it...Ouch


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nice part!!!ClapClapClap

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Too good!!!!!Awesome!!!!!!
Naina thinks Sneha is her good friend but Sneha is so cheap!!!!!Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry
Just because she has seen Raj take an interest in Naina, she is spreading rumours about them!!!!Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry
This is her so called friendship and Naina is surely better off without such friends!!!!!Stern Smile Stern Smile Stern Smile Stern Smile
It is good to see that Raj has become close enough to Naina to pull her leg and tease her!!!!!Wink Wink Wink Wink Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile
Raj ki shararat usse bhaari padh gayi when Naina stole his CD!!!!Ouch Ouch Ouch Ouch
It was good to see that Naina ne na woh CD khud dekha aur nahi Sneha ko dekhne diya kyunki yeh Raj ki personal cheez hai aur unhe nahi dekhna chahiye!!!!!Approve Approve Approve Approve Smile Smile Smile Smile
Raj thought that Naina must have watched the CD but he couldn't say anything in front of his mom!!!!!Ermm Ermm Ermm Ermm
Why did Raj's mom smile at the mention of Sneha's name??Confused Confused Confused ConfusedI don't want her to get any wrong ideas about Raj and Sneha!!!!!Unhappy Unhappy Unhappy Unhappy
Raj is upset as Naina is not talking to him and avoiding him for weeks!!!!!Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry
Poor Raj doesn't know that it is because of other reasons!!!!!Ermm Ermm Ermm Ermm
He was a bit rude that day but he didn't know that Naina would take this so hard!!!!!Ouch Ouch Ouch Ouch
He is sure that Naina has seen that CD and that is why she is avoiding him!!!!!Unhappy Unhappy Unhappy Unhappy
It is really hard for him to see the person who is the most important in his life not pay any heed to him!!!!!Broken Heart Broken Heart Broken Heart Broken Heart
He is really disturbed about this and has become more temperamental!!!!!Ouch Ouch Ouch Ouch Ouch
Raj finally realized that he loves Naina and she is his life!!!!!Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed
But he cannot express his feelings to her as he is afraid of losing their friendship!!!!!Unhappy Unhappy Unhappy Unhappy
The song is very nice and apt for Raj's situation!!!!!Smile Smile Smile Smile
He decided to hide this truth from Naina!!!!!Ermm Ermm Ermm Ermm
The song is very nice and perfect for Raj and Naina!!!!!!Smile Smile Smile Smile

I hope Naina is also missing Raj in the same way as he is missing her and only then she will realize how important he is to her!!!!!!Smile Smile Smile Smile

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heyy guglu very nice update Clap
raj is very afraid as naina has hide the cd of him and also if he caught red handedOuch
i think there is something related to naina which he has recorded and when nainawas behaving rudely with him he thought naina has seen the cd and angry with him and he was heartbrokenCry and now why did you end the update hereUnhappyUnhappy
pls update soon Big smileBig smile

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fanatic 21
fanatic 21

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an awesome part...

finally raj realised his feelings for her...

gr8 updtClapClap

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Hi Guglu..
Update was indeed too gud..Clap
Raj is so upset coz Naina is not talking to him..poor boy doesn't know that she is angry coz of some other reasons..he was a bit rude that day but he didn't knew that Naina wud take this so hard..He was already upset about that CD..he is sure that Naina has seen that CD and thats why she is avoiding him so much..
It is really hard to see that the person who is most important in your life doesn't pay any heed to you..
Raj is really disturbed with Naina's behaviour..CryCryCry
He is so much in love with her but he can't even express his feelings coz he is afraid of loosing their friendship too.
Both the songs were really gud and just perfect with the scenes..ClapClap
I hope Naina too miss Raj in the same way as he is missing her then only she'll know his worth..
Pls continue soon

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