Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer


Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer
Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer

April 20th, 2011 Written Update

Wafah IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 April 2011 at 8:03am | IP Logged
Runjhun comes to the room with hot tea and snacks for Guddu but notices that he's not in the room. She wonders where he went. She then notices the sari on the bed with the flowers. She wonders about it when Amma walks in and asks her what she's thinking. She says that Guddu bought the sari and flowers for her. Runjhun looks a little hesitant, and Amma tells her that Guddu is changing, and why shouldn't he, after all it is Runjhun's prayers and devotion that's changing him. She says the man they thought was a thug for so long has a heart too. Runjhun says she doesn't know. She feels scared sometimes that it will all be a show.

Amma tells her not to worry and tells Runjhun that a marriage is a union and takes both sides for it to work. She tells her that Guddu has very lovingly bought it for her, and would like for her to wear it. Amma pulls out the sari and says that it is very beautiful and Runjhun will look lovely in it. She drapes it over Runjhun and takes Runjhun to the mirror to show her. Amma tells Runjhun that Guddu is rough around the edges but he has great taste. Runjhun looks at the sari and smiles.

Guddu comes home slightly drunk. He remembers Mittho's words about taking Guddu out of the house and is angry at Runjhun for tricking him like that. He walks into the house angry.

Mittho and Billo are by the front entrance, and Billo asks Mittho if what they said will affect Guddu or not. Bill keeps asking but Mittho is contemplating, when Guddu walks in. They see him wihtt he alcohol and looking angry and are happy. Guddu walks up to his room. Mittho says that till now she's never played a weak game that today her plot would fail. She tells Billo to follow her so that they can watch what happens.

Guddu walks into the room, and Runjhun turns to face him happily. Guddu looks at her. Runjhun acknowledges his presence and smiles at him and asks him why did he bring the sari and flowers for her all of a sudden. Guddu walks in and Runjhun urges him to tell her why. He says that she did so much for his mother, she prayed for his mom, then she stood up for him, saying he's not a thug, and that he was a nice person. Since she was so nice to him, it was only fair that he did something in return for her. He says he bought all of it thank her, since it is his duty. Runjhun says that there was never a need to thank her as it was her responsibility and she maintained that.

Guddu laughs. He laughs then leans in angrily and says that she played an underhanded trick on him. Runjhun turns away as she smells the alcohol on Guddu's breath. She asks him whether he drank and came. Guddu says it was necessary to drink today, because today Guddu Shukla lost to Runjhun Shukla. He says that today she managed to trap him with her wiles. He says it is strange but she is the most quiet, but her mind is the most cunning of them all.

Runjhun is confused and voices her confusion and asks Guddu what has happened, why is he talking like that. Guddu reiterates her questions and says he's not saying anything wrong. He takes her hand and puts it on his head and asks that did she or didn't she promise Mittho to take him away from the house for Mahadevi's proposal. Runjhun is quiet.

Guddu lets her hand go. He says his mind must be reeling. He tells her that she and him don't share any relationship, then how can he demand his rights on her. He tells her to take her Amma's promise and tell him that she didn't promise Mittho. Runjhun says that he's taking all of this the wrong way. She had made plans to do the prayer in the morning only, and it was only by chance that Mahadevi's proposal was coming the same day. It wasn't her fault. She tells him he can verify it with Amma. Guddu says he doesn't want to ask anyone else. He is asking her whether or not she promised Mittho to take him away. Runjhun looks away and says yes that she promised Mittho.

Guddu looks away and says that was all that was left to hear. He says he doesn't care anymore what she does, and tells her to get away from his sight. He tells her she can sleep on the floor or get lost if she wants to he doesn't care, as long as she doesn't come anywhere near him or shows him her face. He tells her that tomorrow when she wakes up the old Guddu will be back, all the changes gone. He tells her that she challenged him that she will change him in 30 days but now she can wait thirty generations (I don't have a countdown clock for that) but he will never change. He goes to bed and lies down, and keeps on muttering that he doesn't care what she does. He tells her to go away from him. Runjhun stands there upset at the turn of events.

Mittho and Billo listening outside hear everything and now are privy to the fact that the reason Guddu is staying in the house is because of Runjhun's challenge. Both Billo and Mittho smile knowingly.

17 Days Left...

Kalsanwali gets filled in on the challenge and is shocked to hear that the Runjhun has the guts to challenge Guddu, the one that they all fear. Rajju calls them and says instead of wondering how Runjhun managed to do that, like scholars, they should be wondering what will happen if Runjhun wins the challenge. He says that he's warning them that if Runjhun manages to change Guddu then they will be in trouble. He says that in the passing days not only his but their fortune via Runjhun will also decrease. He says that they can't let Runjhun win. Billo says that he doesn't have to worry about that.

She says that for that they have Mittho who is well versed in the old english adage, "divide and conquer". Mittho smiles smugly. Rajju asks her what is that everyone knows but he doesn't know. Mittho says that she's sowed such a bitter seed of suspicion that even the neem plant won't grow (neem leaves are considered very bitter). She says Guddu was flying too high with Runjhun as a lovebird but now it won't happen.

Guddu is sleeping and Runjhun comes and wakes him up. He tells her to let him sleep a little while longer. She tells him how long is he going to sleep. She tells him to get up. He says the people in this house don't ever let him sleep properly. He gets up and says that she troubles him a lot. He says today he knows that she is shameless also. He says she should get a reward for her irreverence. Runjhun looks at Guddu not impressed, and he tells her not to stare at him. He tells her that he's right, that she is shameless. He unveiled her trick yesterday and today she's back trying to prove herself as a righteous woman. He tells her he's not a fool, and tells her to leave.

Runjhun says she isn't here to prove herself. She says the only people who need to prove themselves whose truth should be doubted. She just wanted to tell him that whatever he said yesterday was wrong. She never thought he would say anything like that to her. She says if she'd done something wrong then it was fine but when she didn't do anything wrong...Guddu interrupts her and tells her that he wasn't the one in the wrong she was. He tells her to stop her act. She says to let it go. She says that he was angry with her, he should have removed his anger on her and not her saris.

She says her saris didn't do anything wrong to him that he put color on them and ink on all of them and spoiled all of them. Now she has to make arrangements to get saris. She turns away and Guddu stops her. he asks her if she is drunk (that's twice in a row) He says that he didn't do anything underhanded like that. He tells her that if he had to attack it would be frontal not a stab in the back, like her. He says that he doesn't do things like that. Runjhun says did a ghost come and spoil her saris then. Guddu tells her to ask the ghost about it and not him. He tells her to leave but then stops her again and tells her to think before blaming someone. He tells her to weight the situation properly and consider all odds and angles before blaming someone.

She tells him he felt bad right. She says he didn't think any of this when he blamed her last night in his drunken stupor. She tells him that was it fair that he didn't give her a chance to explain herself when he was sober. Guddu says he's sober now, very sober. He rises and asks her whether she's came here to make him sober, and is turning all around and twisting her words, instead of getting to the point. She tells him that she wasn't at fault. She tells him that she was planning on going to the temple all along, the marriage proposal came up later. He asks her why he should believe her and there is no reason to trust her. She says he will have to trust her because even he knows that she would never take her Amma's false promise. She says that she swears on Amma that her intentions were clear on going to the temple. Guddu looks at her and relents. He says its fine. What happened, happened, there is no point in dragging it.

He lies back down and Runjhun looks at him and frowns. He asks her why she's still standing and she says that he will never admit his fault. Guddu says it was her fault and not his. He says he's not going to stay at the Pandey Nivaas. He's leaving. He gets up from the bed and walks away. Runjhun says it's good he's leaving that way she won't have to heat the water for his bath. Guddu says who said he won't take a bath before going. He tells her to quickly heat the water. Runjhun mutters about taking trouble on her head, and tells herself that she should have quiet. She mutters this under her breath but loud enough for Guddu to hear. He tells her to stop muttering and tells her to go heat his water. Runjhun frowns  and leaves but looks back from the doorway and smiles at Guddu, before she walks away. Guddu smiles too. (or there is the hint of a smile -- the repartee continues)

Precap: Guddu is going for his shower, and Runjhun keeps coming in his way. Finally she moves aside and is about to leave but he stops her and asks her to tell him if she found out or not. Runjhun asks him what, and she says if she found out the culprit behind her saris. Runjhun says yes. Guddu tells her to tell him also, so that he can give the person a good thrashing too. Runjhun looks at him and says it was her. (Does that mean she wants Guddu to beat her up?)

If yesterday's started good and went's started sour and went truly well. He really didn't look very angry in the morning.

Also here's a small treat from me for being so patient and for all your compliments and kind words...

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gauranitai Goldie

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thanks a million!

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Wafah IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 April 2011 at 8:08am | IP Logged
Okay in the precap he says whoever stained her sari's he won't leave that person...not beat up the that' means Runjhun doesn't want him to leave her...

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rani2007 Goldie

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Oh thank goodness...phewwwwwwwwww

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UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Thanx Wafah...truly an entertainingepisode....soR spoiled the spoiled the sari's to make G see the light or was it someone else?...i am confused...won't G again be again angry on her.....well will wait for tomorrow.....

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Thanks a ton Wafah...
I'm so loving every bit of interaction b/'w Mrs & Mr Shukla...hehehe
The Mamis can go rot now...I hope Guddu realizes soon that Runjhun's family is scared of losing her luck in their favour and are creating all this drama to separate them!

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Thank you Wafah.

A while back, I wrote about the wiles women learn in the womb....  Runjhun just proved me right today (well, I admit, the writers did!).
Dr. Sigmund Freud, move over, Ms. Runjhun Mishra Shukla is on her way!!!!
It was a treat to watch the show today.  Unfortunately the M &Ms know about the challenge.  BUT Runjhun taught the first lesson of not leaping without looking to Guddu.

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AreYaar IF-Achieverz

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haha sounds like a real cute epi!  The writers continue to surprise me with how they deal with these misunderstandings b/w GR and how Runjhun makes him see sense......great use of the saris being messed up example todayClap.....and the repartee is back too....Cool! lol

Thanks for the lovely update as always, Wafah!

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