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FF-Tum Kaun Ho (Chapters45-70)

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Tum Kaun Ho?

A Maaneet Fan Fic

Chapter 45
Apr. 18, 2011 3:20 pm

"Maan, can you take me driving now?"

Maan looked up from his laptop, then at the time, and then back at Geet. "Well, we don't really have enough time before JD needs picking up, that's why I wanted to do it earlier."

"Maan, I couldn't do it before, I was busy, handling clients for you, I might add," said Geet sternly, when she saw Maan make a weird face. "And we do have some time. Anyway, if we don't go now, when will we go? You know that as soon as JD gets home he's going to want to play with Stella."

"We could go after JD is asleep."

"No, Maan, I don't like driving at night. It's too scary. Come on, I know you're not busy. If you were, your attention would be elsewhere." Geet came up next to Maan, grabbing his hand and pulling him out of the room.

Maan had no choice but to go with her. He could never deny Geet anything. He let her lead him to the garage and the car that they had been using for practice, without a protest. But inside he was protesting. Inside he was disappointed at how little time they had.

Sunday would have been the perfect day to spend with Geet and ask her as many questions as he wanted, except for one thing. Sunday was his day with JD. Even if Geet spent much of the day with them, he could hardly ask the kinds of questions he wanted with a six year old present. In fact, he could hardly do anything with JD present. Geet had become very strict about how much affection he was allowed to show in front of JD.

Ever since the infamous Aaron's mom had had her baby, JD had again begun to ask Geet if they were also going to have a baby. Since then, Geet had said that in front of JD Maan could hold her hand, or give her a quick hug, but nothing else. She didn't want JD to have wrong impressions. Maan understood her concerns, but it didn't make his life any easier, or help in his mission to understand what she wanted for the future. Every time they were alone, all he could think about was getting her in his arms and stealing a kiss, or two, or three. It was very difficult to keep his concentration.

Maan had hoped that they would have enough time today, where they could drive to a park, maybe Elder Lane Park, and stop for a while, just to talk. Now he didn't know what chance he might get, for they couldn't have conversation while she was driving. That would be too much of a distraction, and Maan definitely didn't want to cause Geet to have an accident. He would just have to look out for any opportunity that presented itself, and not get distracted.

Geet had only been driving for about two weeks, but she was much more confident now, then when she first started. That was why, although Maan still kept an eye on traffic, he kept quiet as Geet exited the driveway and pulled out on to Essex Road. He also let Geet choose where she wanted to go, so for the next ten minutes that drove up and down the nearby streets. Then Maan had her drive over to Green Bay Road, to practice parallel parking. Geet didn't like parallel parking, but Maan insisted that she had to practice, as it was one of the most difficult skills to master.

At one point they were stuck parked under a tree, as the traffic increased slightly, keeping Geet from being able to pull out. Without thinking to much, Maan asked, "Geet, have you thought about what you'll do once JD starts first grade?" The question was said with the hope that Geet might make some comment about not working as JD's nanny forever, thereby giving Maan the opening to ask more questions.

However Geet, who was concentrating more on the traffic and less on Maan's question, answered, "Why would I have to think about anything? Except for needing to adjust to the different start and end times at St. Francis, everything should mostly be the same. You know, I'm so glad that New Horizons has a kindergarten class that we could keep JD in. I really think that St. Francis is the best place for him, but they just wouldn't take him with his behavior problems. If we would have had to enroll him somewhere else, I don't know how that would have worked."

Maan tried to interrupt, but when his Geet got started, it was difficult to stop her, especially if JD was involved. He sat quietly and let her say what she wanted to, realizing that he would need to approach his questioning differently. Maybe he would try asking her how she like working in the office, and if she ever found it boring.

Before he had a chance, Geet looked at the car's clock and exclaimed, "Oh, it's almost time pick JD up. We better get going. I guess that's the end of the lesson for today."

Before Maan could even make a sound, Geet had moved the car back on the main road, and they were off to pick up JD. As Geet confidently drove them, Maan smiled ruefully, thinking that he had been too impatient. There was no way they could have the kind of conversations he wanted in just a few minutes. Beginning tomorrow, he would start taking her out to lunch and then for an hour of driving practice. If he didn't want to raise her suspicions, he would have to take things very slowly, and try not to mention JD. If he could do those things, he might actually succeed in his plan.

They arrived at JD's school a few minutes early, and instead of getting out of the parked car immediately, Geet turned to Maan and said excitedly, "Maan, I want to get my license tomorrow!"

This statement seemed very out of the blue, and also guaranteed to mess up Maan's plans, making him respond with a week, "What?"

"Yeah, I'm feeling pretty confident that I can pass the driving test, so I figure, why wait?"

"But, I mean, what's the hurry?"

"Well, if I get my license, then you won't have to waste your time teaching me any more. And, if I have my license, I'll be able to drive myself places, which will be a big help also. I feel so bad when I have to get you or Nakul to take me someplace."

Geet's eyes were shining at the thought of obtaining this new piece of independence, while Maan could only feel a sinking feeling in his stomach. Not only did Geet think it was a waste of time for him to teach her, but she would prefer to drive herself around. Maan's depressing thoughts continued for a few moments, before he mentally shook himself. This was Geet, his Geet. So, maybe she was showing signs of wanting independence, what was wrong with that? It didn't mean that she wanted to go away from him. Of course, it didn't mean that she wanted to be with him forever either.

Whatever it meant, Maan knew he would have to think about it later, as Geet was expecting a response from him. Trying to sound positive, he said, "Okay, I guess we can go tomorrow morning."

"Great!" exclaimed Geet, who then got out of the car and made her way towards the school.

Apr. 18, 2011 4:03 pm

"GT, Uncle, you both came to get me?" JD came running up, given first Geet and then Maan a hug as he spoke.

"That's right, and do you know what? I drove the car all the way here."

"Wow, GT, did you really? Did you drive on the big street that goes fast?"

"Do you mean the highway?" asked Geet, once she figured out what JD was talking about. When he nodded his head, she laughed and answered, "Of course not. You don't get on the highway to come here, you know that."

"Aww, I like going fast. I can't wait until I'm big 'nough to drive a car and go fast."

"Oh, no, you can't get big. You have to stay my sweet little boy, forever."

"No, GT, I'm going to grow as big as Uncle." Both adults laughed.

JD placed his left hand in Maan's right, and then grabbed Geet's arm, running his right hand down it to hold hers. Looking at their clasped hands, JD said with a frown on his face, "GT, you're not wearing your sparkly."

"My sparkly?"

"GT, don't you remember? The sparkly Uncle got you. For Valetines Day."

"Oh, you mean my bracelet."

"Yeah. GT, why don't you wear it? Don't you like Uncle anymore?"

Geet looked at JD in shock, before answering, "Of course, I like Uncle."

"Then you should wear the sparkly, right Uncle? To show that you like him."

Until JD said something, Maan had completely forgotten that he had given Geet the bracelet. With the current difficulty he was in, it was no wonder he didn't think of it, but now he realized that he had never seen her wearing it since the night of the charity auction. He knew Geet wasn't overly interested in expensive things, however it was the first gift he had given her, and he would have thought that she would wear it sometimes, just for that reason.

"Please, GT, wear the bracelet, okay?"

Maan smirked at JD's cajoling tone, before echoing, "Yes, GT, wear the bracelet."

Geet gave them both a look like they were crazy, before saying, "Alright, I'll wear it for a little while tonight. Happy?"

"Oh, no, you have to wear it all the time."

"Maan, I can't wear it all the time. It's so expensive, what if something happens to it?"

"I don't care about that. All I know is that I want to see you wearing it."

Maan knew he was sounding extremely stubborn and a little unreasonable, but he couldn't help it. He felt like he was going crazy over this proposing issue, and the thought of Geet wearing the bracelet he gave her made him feel better. If he couldn't put his ring on her finger yet, at least she would be wearing something that showed she was his.

Geet just shook her head at Maan's odd behavior, before agreeing to wear the bracelet. It wasn't a big enough deal that she was willing to get into an argument, and she could tell from Maan's face that he would argue if she kept saying no.

Apr. 19, 2011 11:42 am

"Dadi, Dadi, look at this! I got my driver's license."

Geet ran to the conservatory where Dadi was repotting plants, waving her license in the air. Maan trailed slowly behind her, trying to keep from looking upset. He had secretly been hoping that Geet would fail the driving test. He felt bad for that, but at the same time he couldn't help it. Now that she had her license, there went all those lovely opportunities for the alone time that he continually craved to have with his sweetheart, or Mishti, as the bengali Mrs. Gupta would have said.

Dadi, who was ooing and awing over Geet's license, caught a glimpse of Maan's less than happy face. Unable to resist teasing him and sure that she knew the reason for his upset, she asked, "What's wrong Maan?"

"Nothing, Dadi."

"No, I'm sure something is wrong. Instead of congratulating Geet, you're standing over there with a glum look on your face."

Maan tried to deny, but Dadi wouldn't let him speak. "I don't know what you are so down for. So what if you can't spirit Geet away on the pretext of teaching her driving. You're a smart boy. You must be able to come up with some other excuses to get her alone. And really, driving lessons, Maan? I would like to know how one goes about kissing a girl while giving her driving lessons. Unless you do a lot of practice parking, then maybe it makes sense."

Well, after hearing all that from Dadi, what could Maan do but leave before the teasing got worse. Geet hardly faired better, blushing so profusely at Dadi's remarks. Yes, they lived in America, where the culture was different, but they were still Indian. Geet felt extremely embarrassed that Dadi seemed to think that kissing was all they did when they were alone. She tried to explain it wasn't true, but Dadi wasn't willing to believe. How could she, when she would walk around corners at night and see them hugging or kissing, right out where anyone could see? Geet didn't have any response to that, but to make a hasty retreat, just as Maan had done only a few minutes earlier.

Dadi laughed at the two children, and how easily she was able to discompose them. But really, just because she was old, did they think she didn't know what was going on? Of course, she knew that they had stayed within their limits and would continue to do so. Geet was just that kind of girl, and Maan was so in love that he would never do anything that would make Geet feel ashamed. But despite all that, the two couldn't stay away from each other for long, and the way they would steal glances when others were around, well it was a dead give away for an experienced woman like her. Oh yes, she was very sure that it wouldn't be much longer before she was planning a wedding.

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Me first. Yay! <I don't know why it's a big deal though…LOL!>

So looks like the proposal is driving Maan crazy- the way they are going- he is going to have a melt down soon…the poor guy is just way too stressed!

I am very curious as to what Geet is planning, now that she has the independence that driving herself places was going to give her. 

Great update, Laxmi!

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congrats 4 d new thread. luved d update.


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Hey...great update liked how dadi was teasing them both, hope Maan gets his time to spend with Geet...Hey Congrats for starting new thread...continue soon :)

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finally u updated,,,congratulations for the new thread n d update was soooooo nice,,,,,,,maan seems to be always scared of losing geet,,,bt then y he does nt voice his feelings,,maybe tht will mk hm feel better..............

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congrats on yr new thread...awesome update....loved it...

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awesome part. loved it.
 continue soon.

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