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AR FF: MY Bride.3 |Page 153|

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Thank you everyone... Hug

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Hello_01 Goldie

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Chp 23 – Nope, not yetSleepy…!

Riddhima Armaan adjusted at night hours in hospital while Naina and Billy came in morning hours - other family members were frequent visitor and today at night hours, both the oldies will be discharged, and all of them would leave to Shimla villa…! Armaan had asked his favorite Bhabhi, Amna, to go and personally shop for Riddhima and avoid sari… especially! He didn't want to create any scene in front of his WHOLE family… anyway, Riddhima was delighted to get her size dresses and that to traditional ones, which were summer colors, light pink, peach… light yellow, making her glow – and enchanting.  Armaan kept on drooling on her from time to time, making her embarrassed most of the time, but oh boy, did he cared? Nope! It was an embarrassment moment for our little cute bride, Riddhima, only! Such a shameless creature is Armaan… Poor Riddhima,

Outside the hospital, "Do take care of yourself… and I be back with few hours…" he opened the front of car for her, and "oye… take your Bhabhi home – and drive properly…" Armaan told his cousin, "Ji Armaan Bhai... don't worry!" his cousin smiled at Armaan from the driving seat. "Acha Armaan, call me once you leave hospital along with dad, dadu and dadi…!" Riddhima closed her door and he lowered his head in through open glass, "haan baba… karlunga… chalo now bye!" Armaan kissed her cheek and get out of the way, "Bye Armaan!" she waved, blushingly. "byee!" he waved at the car and walk back in the hospital… when he heard his phone buzzing, "hello… haan… did you complete it? So soon! Wow great… delivery one packet to Mumbai and other here at Shimla Villa!" Armaan told the person on the phone, "tomorrow…" he added, disappointed, "ok ok..!" and with it he cuts the phone and walks to his grandparents room.

"Armaan…" billy called him near to Dev bed where Billy and Dev were busy in some sort of serious discussion. "Jee…." Armaan spoke reaching between the two; his eyes fell on Devayani, who was sleeping soundlessly. "Armaan… have you thought how to repay for the destruction of your wedding and her birthday…" Billy referred to Riddhima, "I am thinking dad…. A gift for her is on its way… but yea I do have to plan something…" Armaan smiled at his grandfather, "shall I give a suggestion?" Dev spoke, shinning with a wide smile, "yea Dadu speak up …" Armaan excitedly settled on the stool while Billy volunteered to sit on the bed making a circle of three. "Why don't you take her out of India…?" Dev spoke, "No… that's not possible… her friend called and she had got admission for her master degree…. She is looking forward to it; the trip has to wait for 6 months… least" Armaan replied, sadly, remembering the call from Anjali and Atul, that they had completed all the formality… and the university has given a leave to Riddhima for next 10 days only… "Oh no…! Billy you can talk to University management… can't you?" Dev asked, frowning. "No… the management is quite uptight with its rules and regulation… my act would end up expelling her! They chose to get in one of the best university! " Billy wrinkled his eyes, and began to think hard. "Why not… you two go to that small cottage of ours Armaan? Trip for two days?" Dev spoke, "which cottage?" Billy Armaan asked, "Aree… the cottage build by Naina and Billy! Where billy and Naina use to go very frequently… even after your birth Armaan… here in Shimla! Don't you remember Billy…!" Dev looks at Billy astonished.

"How can I forget that cottage dad?" Billy lightly blushed and felt uncomfortable under the eye of his son and father. Armaan chuckled and decided, "Okay… fine, I will leave tomorrow, and we shall return back after two days! Done?" Armaan said, happily.

"DONE!" Dev and Billy spoke, "and please keep it a secret let it be a surprise for Riddhima ji!" Armaan added, grinning, only to get a smack from Billy. "Armaan… seriously. Take care of her okay, no mistake…! She is your responsibility…." Billy was interrupted and Dev nodded in approval. "Don't worry dad….! I love her… and I would take care of her every need and want!" pause, "now I have to make few arrangements…!" Armaan got up pulling his phone out, "What arrangements?" Billy stopped him, "I have to send a servant at the cottage to clean it up before we reach… and some settings… you know dad!" Armaan rolled his eye brows and he made few calls, "hello… cancel the location – do one thing deliver one parcel at Mumbai villa and other I will tell text you the address, deliver the package at that address okay!" Armaan spoke on phone… and went out of the reception to the parking lot.


Everyone was at home including Dev and Devyani… they were delighted to be at their home where they had lived all their life's… and even happier to see the house once more before dying… their heart swelled up with happiness as they saw each and Every member of their family. Dev knew how much Devyani had winced to see her family reunited once again before her death; and seeing her happy, he was happy too. Everyone was settled in that huge lounge, when Armaan said, "I am going to bed… you all look night owl to me right now! And Dadu Dadi…. You both get up now! Had enough of the fun for today, seriously… come on… get some rest…" Armaan helped Devayani get up, "Armaan! Beta I am not tired, "Devyani tried to justify – but Armaan's warning glare always quieted her up… Dev chuckled and for that he got a look from Devyani that shut him up! Armaan and others suppressed their laugh while Billy and Armaan helped the oldies to get them in the room, for rest.

"So…?" Billy nudged Armaan as Billy closed the door of his parent's room behind him, "So what?" Armaan asked, texting someone on phone. "You are leaving in morning… for the short trip." Billy asked as they walk to Lounge, "Yea… don't tell anyone… or else they will tell Riddhima… tell them all in morning… or else all the kids would bug me to them along!" Armaan told to his dad, Billy giggled and went away to kitchen while shaking his head. "What is cooking up between the two…. Haan?" Naina asked from one far corner, "notthhhing mom!" Armaan sang it out, grinning at her mother – he could feel Riddhima's intense gaze on him but he didn't look back and began to go upstairs,  how he wished to call Riddhima up too, but he knew his family would eat him alive if he said something, however, he really needed to sleep right now so that he could execute his plan with senses….Setting an alarm, he changed and got in the bed, a stressful day had showed a positive result on him and he had gone to sleep within a couple of minutes.


After an hour or two, Riddhima walked in groaning as she heard his small and light snores, "great…. Finally when we had got time – tou he is sleeping like a pig! Urghh Armaan!|" she mumbled, quickly changing she went in bed beside him, first thought to nest closer to him but then she thought he must be tired so not to wake him – she calm her muscles on her side of bed, and closed her eyes…. Eventually her mind was at rest too within minute and she was fallen in to sleep, similarly like her hubby… hours went by that is when her mind was starting to drown to a deep sleep - she felt an arm snake under her thigh and other below her head, "who is it…" she mumbled in half sleep, she was tired…. Cursing whoever was destroying her sleep, she felt she just slept a minute ago; it was 2… but then why was someone abundant to wake her up! She felt she was actually floating in a sea, she smiled and relaxed nuzzling her face with the texture right beside her face, "Honey…." She heard a very knowable voice, "Armaan…." She responded, "don't shout okay…." he whispered back as he placed her on the front seat, "what am I doing in car, and what is happening?" she opened her eyes and looked at him, questioningly, "I will tell you everything… just wait for 5 minute, I be back…" Armaan rushed back in the house, and came back within minutes with car keys and his wallet, Riddhima still didn't close her door, standing outside of the car, frowning. "Get in…" he gestured her, "nope!" she responded stubbornly, "I hate you for destroying my sleep….! I hardly slept for like what 3 hours?" Riddhima declared as she looks at her wrist watch, "aww, my baby can complete her rest of the sleep in thecar," Armaan kissed her cheek, that melted her heart within a second but she tried to show him her fake anger by silent glares and by standing at the same spot. "Chaloo.. na! Don't get us late…. Get in na jaan!" Armaan ushered her in, "No… tell me where you are taking me…?" she asked, frowning deeper, "it's a surprise… now will you please step in…. "He picked her up noticing her stubborn nature getting another no, he picked her up and dropped her on seat, closing the door right on her face as she tried to speak. He quickly walk to his side of car and drove out of the Malik villa – the watchman quickly opened the door as he saw Armaan's face and now they were on road which was literally empty… "Are you telling me? … Where this ride is leading too…?" she asked, thumping in anger, "Nope….." pause, he replied, and then sniggered at her scowl…. "Armaan….. I am serious! Tell me!" she asked as she relaxed her back on the seat, "Go to sleep…. Jaan, you will know about it with an hour or so…." Armaan huskily ordered her, she meltingly spoke, "Do you mind if I pull my seat back…?" she asked, "why would I mind…. Pagal… break it… bend it… straight it …. It's yours" He chuckled, and she responded in similar manner, and straightens her seat, laying down on it. She was tired and had no energy to do a time pass with him, she knew till she was with him… she was safe, and she didn't really cared where he took her,  awaiting for the surprise, she fell asleep.

"heey…" he softly shook her, she smiled, "did we reached?" she asked, opening her eyes half way only, "yeaa…" he whispered, bending closer to her, kissing her lips "hmmm…. Help me get up…." she spoke, her throat had got dry and she was feeling that dryness up to her mouth due to lack of water,  and her voice was telling it, clearly. "let's go…." He got out of the car and opened her door, she came out – feeling drowsy, her eyes fell in front that displayed the cottage, "hey… wow…" she exclaimed, "Do you have cottages all around the world?" she teased as they walk in through its small entrance, it was very small cottage with red roof and white walls, with garden around it, looking really pretty, and totally imaginative.  "Nope…. Only at places our family goes the most. Like one we have in ooty…. As we do go for a trip in coldest winter season, like you did came with me remember?" Armaan unlocked the main door.

"Yea… but it wasn't that cold that time…" Riddhima replied as they walk in, she noticed a two seat couch in front of a good 32 inch LCD. And at the back of the sitting arrangement there was an open kitchen, a small stair that was located on top of kitchen, the stair started and ended quite soon, having steps of 10 to 15. She smiled, "I always wanted a small house…. I love small houses…." She commented, as she wandered around, "so you don't like our mansions?" he teased, "no…. nothing like that Armaan… but this is what I think is called as home! Home for two!" she replied, smiling back at him, "hmmm… in this small house… we get to be together…. And close…" he replied, in a naughty manner, "yea…. I agree, in large house, people just wander alone while finding the other one… in small house we don't have to find one another…. We are…. We are together, so together…!" she replied lovingly though she was actually forgetting his meaning of the point.

"So shall we shift here for like forever?" Armaan asked, circling his arms around her from behind over her waist, she softly gasped and closed her eyes for a mere second, the goose bump enchanted over her skin…opening her eyes she stared at the wall painting design, "is …. Is it Possible Armaan?" she tilted her head to look at him happy about what he just mentioned but blushed as she found his lips lowering her nap, "uhm…." He looks up in her eyes, smirking at bring caught, "No… it's Not Riddhima…!i was joking pagal…. But we can come once or twice a year…" she blushed, and nodded looking straight, blushingly. "Anyway, come with me….! The final touch to the surprise…." He smirked and pulled her upstairs which led to a room, it had two rooms, one way to small and other just normal…! He took her in to a room, she smiled at his excitement and quickened her speed after him, while her hand was still in his; possessively.

 "Light tou on karo… Armaan!" she laughed, "no… you do the honors…!"  Armaan's laughed and told her to go on and switch the light on, "it's right beside the door…. Jaaan" he teasingly yet romantically spoke… Riddhima was left speechless, Right at the top of bedpost, it was his and her photo, sharing a cheek kiss, her eyes, closed as she was feeling that moment while someone had taken a snap of their moment, 'must be Rahul,' she thought, biting her lips, she gasped at it with moist eyes – it was huge ! VERY Huge… probably 7 foot in wide, and 5 foot in height… they looked magnificent in it, "Don't … forget to notice how much crimson had you turned in this picture…" he whispered in her ear, from behind, yet again hugging her from behind, "there's another one, on that wall!" he pointed it at to right side of bed,


She looks at it, and softly gasped as she saw her placing a clam kiss on his forehead. It was not huge but just Perfect! She smiled, entangling herself from him – she walk up to it, her eyes turned moist - she was having a emotional moment, her mind was telling her not to react in a sensitive manner or else his mood will be destroyed…. But all her life never had showed so much love and affection to her, she had always cribbed for one, and once she had got one – she is afraid to lose it, keeping her palm over the picture, she recalled the days… days before marriage, "I love you…"pause, "same copy is sent to our home in Mumbai… in same manner…" he whispered, from behind, she opened her eyes and turned at him, "I love you too…. Armaan" she  whispered keeping a hand over his cheek, hesitatively she stood at her toe and kissed his lips, he was taken back but felt the arousal burning up in his heart, the circulation of blood was as fast as it had never been… "I love you…." He whispered again… nuzzling his arms around her petite figure, as he probed his joint lips on her one more time before parting away. She looked disappointed at his sudden back off, "This is… not the best moment…" he kissed her lips again, she smiled and looks away, blushingly. "I…. I need water…" she began to walk to doors, holding on to knob she turned back and stared at him, noticing him already staring at her with a smirk at the same spot where she had left him a couple second back, she blushed a little more and walk out, "OYe… hoye…" he whispered, taking a deep sigh…


What does that mean? Not best moment…! She thought frowningly she walks down, 'am I really ready for that moment? She questioned herself, yes probably I am… may be…  I don't know, the thing is: I won't regret it even if it happens, though the development in our relation will come to a new level, I am scared if I can put up with it… it won't be easy, as I look at it from here'. She was thinking probing her mind and heart strongly.

Filling a glass of water, she heard the bell ring. Quickly finishing of the glass of water, she walks to door and open it, "hello…" a small girl smiled at her, "hello…. Who are you looking for?" Riddhima smiled back at girl, "Well, I just came to deliver this…" The girl blushingly gave her a dozen of red roses, wrapped in a red ribbon. "Thank you… par who told you to give me this…?" Riddhima smilingly asked, the girl signaled Riddhima to come to her level, that made Riddhima smirk but anyhow she bend down, the girl turned Riddhima's face, and whispered shyly… "a very handsome boy… came to my house, and told my mum to deliver it here – the fresh flowers…." Girl blushed, and hell Riddhima noticed and giggled, "Oh was he really handsome…" Riddhima probed the flower girl, who nodded excitedly. "Will you like to meet him again?" Riddhima genuinely smiled and asked the little girl, "yes…. Yes! Is it possible|?" the girl stepped a bit closer and asked to Riddhima, "Off course it is… come on in…" Riddhima signaled her in… but she shook her head, in no, "mum said not to go in in someone else house… she will get angry if I did so…" The girl's face turned smaller, "aww… okay you wait here… I will get the handsome boy…!" Riddhima giggling rushed up stairs to the room and opened the door, really fast that startled Armaan, "geez! Calm down Riddhima…!" Armaan stared back at her, she whistles at his bare back… that made Armaan cock his eyebrows at her, "ohh kay…." He turns at her still bare from top. "whaaat happened," he asked pulling out his wallet, keys, mobile from his pocket. "you got the flowers for me…" she asked, shyly… "Nahh…! For the lady that live a few mile away from our cottage… oh boy, what is she… so damn bloody hell hot!" Armaan made a dreamy face, "I guess, the one whom I had asked to give flower had got the address wrong… give me the flowers – I will send it back to the correct address!" Armaan spoke, "YOuuuuu!" Riddhima angrily walk up to him and began to hit him with her small fist on his chest, bare chest. "oh come on! Sstop that!" Armaan held her wrists in his palms and twisted it right behind her back, pulling her so close that her soft body was cuffed with his tight, taut body. She gasped at him as her body brushed with his, her thin night pajama top was the only thing that was separating them. And this was soon realized by Armaan too, "It's for you dumbo…" he whispered kissing her pink angry little nose, she blushed, and lowered her eyes, and heavy long breathes. He felt her twitch under his hold though he maintained his lock on her arms, fixed. Enjoying every expression of her face.

"vo… neecha… larki… handsome boy… wanting to meet you…" she spoke, realizing that she was losing her sense, it was her body that was quite motivated with the closeness and now her breathes were motivating him and telling him she really wanted this, and he was intelligent enough to read her body and heart yearning for him while her eyes telling how nervous she was… he thought to slow it down…. "Larki? Came to meet a handsome boy? Me?" Armaan took a shirt at once and pulled it down over his head as they heard shouting, "HELLLO…. I have to leave…. CAN SOMEONE COME DOWN!" girl shouted.

"it's a small girl!" Armaan replied, as they rushed down, Riddhima following, "what do you think? If a woman had asked me to get the handsome boy, who is unfortunately my husband – i would have replied in an okay manner and let her have a piece of you?" she replied, laughing as the walk down the stairs "oh no… all my pieces are yours and yours only sweetheart!" he winked back at her and opened the door to see a girl of his size standing annoying at the door, "oh wow… I have got a guest…" Armaan acted, "uhmm…. Hello… my name is Riya…" the girl blushed as she forwarded her hand, "Oh hello Riya… I am Armaan… you came to meet me?" Armaan asked as he bends and picked her in his arms, effortlessly. "well…" Riya shyly looks the other way, while Armaan took her in, "aww… you have got to be her first crush!" Riddhima tailed behind the two, whispering… "Shut up Riddhima!" he smilingly whispered back to her, and took Riya in the kitchen, "Riya thanks for getting the flower, sweetheart… you are really nice… and I like you!" Armaan settled her on the counter and gave her a piece of muffins, from a basket. Riddhima frowned at the basket as she didn't notice it a while back when she had came for water, maybe she was to focused in her thought, shuddering she stood smiling between the two, Riddhima was at amused when she shyly thanked Armaan and ate the cake, to which Armaan kissed her cheek, she blushed harder and pushed herself down and rushed out of the house, shouting… "Thank you…." She shouted, and Riddhima laughed. "OMG… she was soooo cute… God bless her….!" Riddhima laughed and turned to go out of kitchen when he circled his arms around her, pushing her back at him, "when is God going to bless me by gifting me my little bride…" he nuzzled her neck whispering, making her feel tickle, she slightly smiled and pushed him away. He was a little conscious and was surely taken back, "aree…" he frowned as she walk to kitchen with a quick pace, he shook his head and went after her. "To… Mrs. Armaan Malik." She read out the small tag card on the basket, "Mrs. Armaan Malik, the muffins… for you!" he spoke "Thank you Armaan… I was wishing to have something sweet chocolaty…!" she commented, looking at him as she pulled out a muffin that was covered with chocolate on top. "Riddhima… I am really sorry…" he started, as to get her attention, she looks up at him as she punched a bite, "sorry?" she asked, frowning, "I mean… in all this… we all forgot about your birthday… it was an Important birthday you know in every perspective… like you turning 20… and teen was finally over… and on top this birthday was fixed as your wedding because I wanted you to forget all the pain and misery of your past in past…. And start a beautiful life with you…" he held her hand, kept the half eaten muffin back in the basket and took her both hands in his, "with you and me… only… but that all turned into such a disaster….! Our wedding …. Your birthday… everything was left behind… and I am sorry to leave all of it behind… I shouldn't have, I hurt you in hospital… I tested your patience… I took you for granted… I am sorry… I am really sorry Riddhima…" he choked at end, "Armaan… please… its okay… though my birthday was forgotten… but the best thing is you were just beside me… all the time, I have mostly spend my birthday alone… because at that time everyone had summer holidays, and Muskan and Anjali use to be at their homes, they did call… but I still was alone…. Not this time" she was in tears, this was one more truth of her life, her birthday was, "it was just an ordinary day…. For me… but this time… it was special…" she whispered, as fresh tears grace her cheeks, he moved forward and softly cup one side of her face, and kept on removing those tears, " you… made it special… I … I love you for sake of you just being beside me… I am happy that I didn't have to sit in hostel room anymore and count numbers…. So that day could get over as fast as it could…. But now I want my birthday to come every month..." she chuckled along with him, "yea… nice way to waste money… I buying a same shirt twice is wastage of money … and when you want to celebrate your birthday every month is what? Wastage of money too…madam…" he kissed her forehead…

"Armaaan!" she softly punch his chest. "It's different when you are talking about me…" she commented, arrogantly. "In what sense? Physically… oh yea man! Uuhmmmm You are!" he checked her out, purposely…. "Armaan! Stop behaving like a disgusting man! okay!" she frowned and turned her back at him, picking her half eaten muffin… she pass by his side, outside to sitting area. While he thought to play along for a while, "you should have thought before Janneman! You are now tied up with this disgusting person for life….!" He walk behind her, tickling her all the way, in interval… from time to time, "oh… ! Ah.! Armaan! Pagal hogaye ho kya!" she glared at him as she took a seat, on fluffy couch, though the cottage was small but the things were the best ones…! "Off course meri Jaanmann! Pagal tou hoon mai! For you…." He spoke, huskily, dumping himself beside him… kissing her cheek "sooo cheesy!" pause "I didn't knew you copied the worst Indian film's dialogue!" she teased – and flipped the channels. "Bass ab yahi standard hai mera! Akhir you are my first choice… so fall in the same standard!" Armaan remark, teasingly, leaning over the couch, "YOouuu! What do you mean? Mera standard aus… aus D-grade film jessa hai!" she flamed, glaring at him, "wow…. Kaafi intelligent hou!" he retorted and snatched remote from her, "Armaan Malik! You are so dead!" she pulled herself up, balancing herself on her knee cap over the couch; she angrily started fisting his chest with the small couch-pillow. "Mai D-grade hoon?" she asked, angrily. "When did I said,…. Areee…. Par suno tou…! Riddhima!" he kept trying get up but she did gave him chance, "tum… yourself said it …yaar! Ouch… Oyeee!" he remarked and held her wrists in his hands, once he got a chance. "Junglii billy!" he whispered, pulling her body down on him, she stumbled on her knee cap and fell on top of him; his leg, bend down the couch while as she laid on top him, her legs were arch backwards in air… she breathed and try to pull herself up but he tightened his hold on her wrist, which made her look her look into his eyes, her eyes were full of question, and surely confusion. He slightly shook his head in no, and indication to her – to be where she is… but oh boy, didn't he understand, it was getting difficult to survive in such captivating place… "Ar..maan. I have to go…" she excused, looking down, noticing and obviously feeling their body brushing each other, "kahan? We are not at home, nor you need to go and help someone," he jerked her closer, leaving her one wrist he snaked it around her waist and pulled her up, brushing her body with his, she gasped and tried to pull up when his arm tightened around her waist. "and neither…" he whispered in her ear, as her body came down beside his, their cheek brushing – "neither anyone going to see us…" he kissed her earlobe, she tried to get her lobe out of his reach – as a glint of tickle pass through her veins, but he soon grabbed it – and suckled it – "uhmm….mm" she moaned with close eyes, as he grew passionate while biting her ever so lightly… "WassshRoom!" she shouted and got up startling him and herself too, somewhere…. "Riddhima…" he frowned, "Armaan …. Washroom!" She rushed up the stairs, while he huffed over the couch, with cross arms, "you always do this to me! I was sooo much in mood!" he complained shouting at her, with his eyes darting in the space.

"awww I am sorry…" she whispered to herself, as she stared at him from the stair, she did wanted to get on with the moment…. But the feeling was too much… the moment he laid his fingers on her, she would get out of breathe… it was indescribable moment…. Yet it left her out of senses. Out of track – out of breathe, world would start to erase off her eyes – it would always leave her thoughts with her being in his arms, she shook her head as it pang with a slight vibration, may be too much thinking doesn't suit me… she thought and went to washroom, probably to freshen up… once entering in the room, she thought why not to take a bath… so getting herself free from cloths she wrapped a towel around herself,  kept her Pajama suit on the bed corner. She rushed to washroom for a warm bath, though the washroom was small, as the cottage itself was too small, so the washroom was quite small but as good as villa washroom, she stood beneath the shower after keeping her towel safe as a place where it won't get wet…! She was happy she kept her dress out or else it would have turned wet!

Mostly girls brain work when they are below the shower – as the bath time is a very important part of their life, they spend an hour or so… just to bring their own mind clean! They think over thoughts and the water surely keep them away from headache… and so was the case with Riddhima, she was just thinking over things…. May be she should give in to his wishes…. He has surely taken care of her all wishes… why not just fulfill his one wish… she knew she was making him go desperate… but that's not what she wanted! It's just…. This closeness… this touching… abit more than that…. Words seemed less to describe that fear-nervous feeling which would start to swell up in her body…! Now another thing that worried her was, what if Armaan got irritated with her this running away process… what if he left her…? She shampooed her hair….

Remembering their first night after marriage…. She knew if the knock hadn't arrived that moment he would….. They would have.... but now why was she running away - ? That night she was ready to be his, in all mean… and she should now be ready too! After all she loved him, what else was she waiting for?  Finally as she ended her shower she dried and wrapped her towel around her. Walking out aimlessly, she took a comb and combed her hair, she heard a whistle…. Her eyes popped out  as she notice him sitting on bed and surely admiring how hot she looked in a orange towel that was ending at her upper thigh… she spin around her feet balls… "ARMAAAN! "she shouted, rushing back in the washroom, she closed the door behind her, locking the door, she kept her back of the body on the door and closed her eyes, "Oh God! Armaan…. Why did you come in the room…. I hate you! Idiot! moron…!" she cursed for a minute and thought to ask for the dress, opening the lock … she saw him still looking at her as he laid on bed on his stomach… "Ar…maaan…" she called, peeping her head out of the door, "haan Riddhima…" he replied, full of naughtiness, she scowled knowing he isn't going to leave this chance… "Arm.aan….please.." she replied back, blushing as she looks in his eyes, he was looking back with such passion that her blood circulation grew… "Please kya…" he asked, keeping one palm below his chin balancing his face and gaze right in her direction.

"Mera… cloths… beside you… pass it to me, now!" she stammered, yet spoke with determination in end… "Or else?" he asked, smirking. "Armaan?" she glared at him… "If I don't pass it to you then what are you going to do?" he asked, rephrasing the whole the statement. "Armaan… please… dheko tang mat karo!" she replied, thinking what to do next… "Riddhima… please dheko mai tang karun ga!" he imitated her as he sat on bed now, chuckling at her scowling face, "Dear Mrs. Malik…! You did quite wrong with half an hour back – take this as revenge…!" He added, eventually sprinkling much more salt on her wound. "Armaan…" she spoke in a babyish voice, making bechari face with pout of her lips, "haayyee…. Haan jaan…" he replied, smiling like a goofy as he stared at her with love… "please… acha Armaan nahi hou?" she asked, still making baby faces, her hand grasp the door, for support now her back was aching with this position of her tilting her head out of the door.  "mai acha Nae hoon… sachi…" he giggled at his own statement… "wooh tou mujha pata hai!" she replied, rapidly. "Kya?" he acted to be angry… "ab tou… tou you won't get your cloths… stay in washroom! huh!" he added. "Armaan dou na… I am getting tired now!" she threw away her baby looks as if wasn't working much, at this moment.  "if you want you can come and take it! I am not giving!" he replied, stubbornly. "Urghhh! I hate you!" she lunged at him, and opened the door of washroom

"Ohh My…. You look breath taking!" Arman commented, shamelessly. And got her pajama dress in his fits, she walks while holding her towel from centre, "Chalti hou kya? Jaanemaan!" he spoke like a road side uneducated guy with the same style. "Armaan give it to me ! Armaaaann! Give me MY CLOTHS!" she marched and tried to get it but he hid it behind his back, "ARMAAAN!" she shouted at him, he was having a ball… he could let this chance go away like this…! "Armaan! Stop irritating me!" she gave up, and told him straightly. "okay fine, I won't but just come close and kiss me!" he passed a deal.

"Never…! After this tou kabhi nahi…!" she replied, angrily… glaring at him. "never say never sweetie…!" he got up… still holding her dress in fist that was rolled behind his back, "hurry up… give me a kiss or else – you would have to live in towel for like….. Ever…and I really don't mind…" he winked nearing her and her backing away. "Armaan … please… dheko… mai  I will get… really angry…" she kept on stepping back, when he snaked his free hand around her and pulled her closer to her, "hhhuhhhh!" she gasped…. As her body straightly got banged with his toned body, her eyes staring in his desirable ones, "Arm…" she was stopped as he placed his lips on her and kissed her, her eyes fell down as she felt his manly lips being probed over her delicate petals, his lips almost crashing hers, nibbling her lower or upper, while she did the vice versa, as soon as she fell in the moment and lost herself in his embrace, why did she even struggle… when she knew she was going to lose anyway, and he would win…. Her. "ah…." She sprang her face out of his way, as she felt his teeth biting her delicate lower lips, "I am sorry…." He whispered still holding her from waist through one hand, and other which was now free as her dress was out of his fist – so he used that hand to turn her face at him, seeing a drop of blood oozing out, he lowered and suckled it, with his lips, she gasped with close eyes and tilted back arching her spinal cord over his arm, softly getting her lips out of his reach, she heard him, "sorry…" he whispered while planting a kiss on her jaw, "sorry…" he whispered, kissing her throat, wetting it, "sorry… jaan…" her head tilting back, giving him a better access… "Armaan…. Armaan…" she hissed his name, "he goes up and kisses her cheek, making her stand straight in his arm, as he kissed her closed eyes and then her forehead, "Kya hua…?" he asked, as he could notice her rapid speed of heart… her calling him in emergency… "Don't you want this… Riddhima…" he asked, his own words did twitch his heart – but he do remember that before marriage he had promised himself not to force her, but seeing her beside him every day in bed – in same room…. Was getting to sophisticated for him – by not touching her by not loving her… but still if he do… he knew he would guilty to force her in something – for which she might need some time…

"it's not like that…." She whispered at him, as she saw him lost…. Confused, "acha do one thing…" he left her, smilingly, and pointed at the small back, "I have brought few fresh cloths… get change in them… hmmm" he replied cupping the side of her face with his palm, and turned to go out, "Armaan…" she whispered and held his wrist… while holding her towel from other hand. "Riddhima… change karlo… we have whole day to talk…" he smiled at her, "I am sorry Armaan…" she quickly coped as he withdrew her hand and started to go out, tears streamed out of her eyes, "Ridddhimma!" he turned and walk back at her, "sorry for what Riddhima… See I am not upset… and I love you..! And I will always love you… don't think that what happened a minute a go – and you stopping me, indirectly…. Would make me upset…. Actually I am proud you stopped me in doing a thing for which you are not ready from heart… and I promise to give you a life time…. Till you want to step ahead in this relation… till then kabhi kabhi kissy sa kaam chala lunga…!" he joke, as she hugged him, sobbing but in end eventually smacked him. "thank you Armaan…" she kissed his chest, lovingly, while hugging him, as he hugged her back, "I love you…" he replied, "I love you too…" she replied, quickly, nuzzling her nose on his chest. "but Riddhima… I really want to know what is in your mind, heart….so you should plan to tell me… hmmm…" he asked hugging her, she nodded with close eyes,

He lovingly parts her, "now don't you think… you are challenging me… to do something… seriously… this towel can be out of my way in what … seconds… so better get going or elllsssse…" he touched the place where the towel was securely locked, "Armaaan!" she back and went to small bag… "Now go out naa!" she commented as he smiled at her, and she smiled back at her, "uff…! When I was going…. Tou you stopped when I am staying …. Tou now you saying to go out! Hayee… such a stone heart you have! Ganndi!" he cheekily spoke and went out, she giggled at his behavior and grabbed her tee shirt and a pair of loose trousers… smiling that he had actually picked all cozy cloths for her, shaking her head she began to change quickly as a cold wind pass by the window.


"Armaaan! Armaaaan!" she called as she looks everywhere in the house for him. "Armaaan!" she calls all the while as she came out of the house in search of him, "armaaaaaan!" she calls really loudly, "Arhaa hooon! Pagal hogaye ho kya!" he commented, giggling at her irritated faces, "Where were you…? My tonsils were on it way in coming out but you did think of replying!" She spoke angrily, as if scolding him. He cocks his eye brows, "wow…! New Riddhima..? ehh? Scolding and all… it's okay… its suits use babie…" he replied smiling as usual, "Armaan Shut up and tell me where were you? And what are these woods for…?" she questioned as he kept woods sticks in front of the cottage where they had a three step stairs…  "Riddhima Jaan, we would fire it up at night – dad told it gets cold in night…!" he replied, and walk up to her as she stood three step up the stairs and he down…  "Shall we go in… or you plan to sit here…" he asked, smilingly, knowing she must want to have a talk… "Let's go out… and walk hmm…" she hugged him side way, "as my princess says…" he kissed her forehead, and hand his one arm around her waist for support, loose while she was hugging him side way – walking on the road, clutched to each other.

Remaining in silent for a moment, Armaan thought to let go of the topic, until Riddhima herself wasn't ready to talk about it, taking a sigh he knew – he has to wait… wait for too long but never the less, he has her for himself now, that's enough till that time – at least she was with him, in his arms… her presence is way too much then a physical relation… "Armaan…" she called, as she slightly parted and entwined her hands with his. "Hmm…" he smiled down at her, as they still continue the walk. "You want to say something?" she asked, he shook his head in no, and gave a small smile then looking ahead at the empty street. "Do you?" he asked, blankly. She shook her head in yes, "I am all eared…" he whispered, not looking at her, but still had a tight grip on her hand. "I don't know – how to put this in words…" she looks down as they took step together, "Let's sit down…" he replied, and let go of her hand – settling down on the black and yellow footpath… she sighed and followed him, settling beside him, close. Seeing his hands entwined together she felt lumps in her throat… he was ok a second a go… she thought he would circle an arm around her… but he had locked his hands together, she entwined her own hands together while looking down – her eyes grew moist… she didn't knew what to say…. "Armaan…" she spoke, with her voice scattered. "Hmm…" he replied, trying his best to look straight at the road and not at her – he knew he was ready to wait – but she need to speak up and tell him what's bothering her so much… why was she testing his patience and now her silence was touching the peak of annoyance – he remained quite to maintain his temper. He knew this was new for her but the time they had shared till now was enough for her to at least speak out her feelings too him. And seeing no progress in her was piercing his heart – making him think if she really loved him? Or was his love forced on her….! A wave of fear passes through him – if this marriage will work out…. He knew even if he put an extra effort to make this marriage work out he would still need her help to work it out… but her response to all this was looking so distant and so not appropriate which he had accepted. "I love you…" she replied, placing her hand over his arm, he looks at her and a fresh warm tear stroking by her eye.

He sighed, as his thumb went up and removed her tear just to make way for another tear. "I love you too Riddhima…" he replied, pulling his hand back, he did felt like kissing her and probably she was waiting for one too – but right now he wanted to talk or else his desires will make the talk wash away. "I just want to know… that we were close… quite close before marriage too… you didn't run away from me… like you do now… our wedding night was surely ruined, but the moment we shared felt so right… but after Dada and Dadi accident… you remain so distant…. I am afraid to mention this… I feel all this for you…. Was just an attraction… which I guess is fading away… is it?" he looks in her eyes, with pain visible in his – and a different sort of emotion was visible in hers too which he couldn't understand… "How can you even think like this Armaan? You think my love for you is just an attraction … which would fade away?" she looks at him, tears stream down her cheek – a bit faster, "If you won't tell me what is going on in your brain and in your heart… I am ought to make out the things on my own which I feel!" he retorted absolutely matching her voice… which was full of anger. "I don't understand my own feeling… how am I going to explain you!" she retorted, standing up, she began to walk back to the cottage when he rose up angrily and turned her towards him, "Discussion is not over and you can't walk out on me…" he spoke, looking gravely at her… "Yea right! And this is the best way for you to make me talk..?" she looks at his grip on her arms – fuming, he stares at her and then at her and left it, immediately… "you don't leave me with any other option Riddhima… why am I even bothering talking to you when you yourself don't know what you want and what you don't… and all this surprise and this trip is a shit…! I shouldn't have bother coming! We are leaving right away…!" Armaan began to walk back angrily… while she followed. "Armaan…" she tried to talk, "Put all of it to an end Riddhima… I am really not in a mood to talk..!" he replied, as he quickened his pace, "yea right… you decide to talk and you decide to end… ! I am NOT Coming! You can go to hell, I don't care!" she stood where he left her and finally settled down on footpath again, crying her eyes out. "Riddhima!!" he called from far, "WE ARE LEAVING – GET HERE NOW!" he shouted as he was too far; she did hear but bother to ignore it, Armaan called her few more times and angrily marched back at her, "What is your problem? Get up!!" he spoke, gritting his teeth, in anger. "I am not coming! She replied, still keeping her head hung low, full of tears. "I will leave you and go back! I promise…" he stated, glaring at her lower head, "I don't give a damn…! Go and leave me like others!" she replied back looking up at him in anguish.

He felt like punching his face, whenever he promises not to make her cry the very next moment – he does the same…! And now he understood what his words must have made her feel like, "Riddhima… I didn't mean that…" he sat on his knee, on road, in front of her, she yank her hand out of his grasp as he tried to hold on to it… "I am sorry…I didn't mean that… I mean… I can never leave you …. You know that right…" he tried to sooth her as she cried like a baby with lots of hiccups. She shook her head in No, which meant she didn't knew if he would leave her or not…. he sighed, a yes was what he expected, he got up and picked her up in his arms, she snaked and kept her head over his shoulder, crying on it while he walks back to cottage with a crying Riddhima in her arms…! He knew he was at a mistake… this time too. He should understand the fact that she still was 5 years small to him, and they had a age difference, maybe he didn't realize he had to be 5 years smaller to under what she feels, maybe she was surely too young to understand what he wanted to say or he was too big to understand what she wanted to say… may be he needs to stop getting intimated with her for sometime… may be he just need to make her talk out her feelings her insecurities… maybe they both need to confront more to each other…. He looks down at her as she fell into a short nap; she sure was a baby at times…. But he did forget about her being small when she handles his house, his parents, his grandparents… she felt soo mature … soo much like a grown up women… but around him she would come back to her immaturity, he chortled at his thought… she was a two in one character… may be he need time himself to understand what really she is feeling…. And help her out…

Everything at this point did look messy, but he was sure if they both put 1 and 1 together, they will be able to make it 2… and it would take time but the result shall be worthy for the two…. He places her on bed and thought to go down and workout his brain.

Riddhima's eyes opened up as she saw him closing the door behind him… she sat with her back pressed on the bedpost…. She knew, she was praised as a good Daughter-in-law by everyone including Armaan…. But she knew she lack in being good wife…. No one is perfect…. Still she is trying her best… she remembered his words few moments a go

"If you won't tell me what is going on in your brain and in heart… I am ought to make out the things on my own which I feel!"

Taking a deep sigh, she thought to go clear out with him and tell him what really is in her heart, say it out whatever comes out of her mouth – without thinking twice… going down she notice Armaan on couch with his legs straightened out on the table in front of the couch, she gulped and quickly went down – not wanting her mind to work out…. Not this time, she felt a gush of fear pass through – what if he left her for her being so ridicules…

She notice he had pushed his head on the couch post and closed his eyes, maybe he was too stress out, she felt guilty for bothering his so much, she had also made a silent promise in her heart that she won't bother him much but now she felt this time she had also passed went overboard in testing his patience… she should have been reasonable at that moment… but no, she acted to immature… she thought and scolded herself mentally. Putting this at a side she thought to precede for what she had come here for, "Armaan…" she called, standing in front of him beside his legs, "hmm…" he looks up at her, "I want to say something…." She replied, "I am tired… please… not now…" he told her and closed his eyes; he knew he was rude, but he really was tired, will someone ever understand him, he thought. "I do…" she was about to speak, when he interrupted her, "Not now… Riddhima," he spoke, strictly with close eyes, "Armaan… you said you didn't know what is in my brain and heart …. My brain…" she was again interrupted, "I don't want to know!" he replied angrily, glaring at her, as he got irritated with her ignoring his words…. If he doesn't want to listen, "You HAVE TO LISTEN! ITS you which my brain thinks off-  It's you whom my heart calls for… it is you and only you whom my brain and heart loves… I love You Armaan… its not an attraction… its more to it… its just I can't pin point it… I do love when you touch me… it makes me feel that I belong to you as much as you belong to me…. The moment you let you hand on me… I get breathe less… I lose my sense… I feel I am going to die… I feel as if I am not going to survive till end… I don't know Armaan…" pause, tear moist her eyes and wetted her cheeks, while she stood in front of him, who was to shock to respond, "I don't want you to leave me Armaan… I love you… I really do… I can't describe the feeling I feel when I am in your arms… those arms of yours arm my castle… my home… my everything… I didn't have anyone to call of my own in past, my parents were not mine, and my friends were their but still at time they were not their when I needed someone…. I had no one for me… but you came out of nowhere… showered me with so much love… I don't if would be able to live… if you left me… I don't want to disappoint you in any way Armaan…" he got and took her in embrace, "I do love you… it's not attraction…" she replied, crying in his arms, clutching his shirt in her fist, "I know Riddhima, I am sorry… I should have understood you…" he rubbed her back, soothing her, "I am sorry Armaan… but I do love when you love me… it's just that moment… I get soo worked out… I get soo nervous…. I have never done this all before… I don't know how to reciprocate you… I just don't know what to do… you were right… I don't know what I want and what I don't… the only thing my mind my heart register is that I want you to be beside me in every second of my life…. Please, never leave me… I will die…" she was interrupted by his lips, as he probed it over hers, she inhaled deep breath as he kissed her with all love and affection and a new feeling with was still unnamed, call it madness, insanity, arousal of true love, desire, passion, or a feelings of great warmth and intensity, ardor that raced in them… which was still to be named – registered in their mind, and heart…. Nothing in impossible surely the couple will be able to conquer this unnamed feeling too…

She slightly bang her body with his torso… and he was lost in the moment that he lost balance and fell on the couch behind him with her still in his arms, for a moment they did break the kiss but once they were on couch, he kissed her again – know she did love it when he touched, and now he understood why she always run away – just because it was too much intimacy… for her… may be time would ease her out… he was relax to know that she was nervous … that all she was… else she loved him and was devoted to this commitment of marriage as he was… "I love… you…" he whispered, revolving his palm over her back, arousing her more and she moved her hands over his cheek, kissing him with equal love and eagerness. A slight part of her brain was telling her to stop why the rest of her was telling her not to as this all she wanted… to be his, forever…

She never knew when he led his hand in her shirt, until she felt his hand almost touching her inner wear, "Armaan…" she slightly pick herself but still remaining close, pulls his hand away… he smiled as he saw her blush… "Gosh… Riddhima if you move in this speed – then what will happen to us…? I don't want babies when I turn 50! Okay!" he joked, lightening the mood that was still flaming with the discussion and with the passion….

"Tcch! Armaan! Would you stop being dirty… and talk like Humans….!" She rolled off him and sat on the couch, feeling a bit light, "what? I was talking like humans only, Riddhima… babies happen only when two human become one…!" he replied, probing her more to irritate her more… "Why do you have to be soo filthy…!" she glares at him, and crossed her arms over her chest, "tch tch tch… bechari Riddhima baby… you are locked up with this filthy man forever!" he changed his position and kept his head over her lap, and laid on couch, now he was relax… few moment a go he thought she would be really angry… at him… but he appreciated the fact that she had decided to talk it out and not sulk in a corner like him, she looked so grown up… and he did look dumb a moment back. "I am sorry.. for being a dog…. A moment back…" he sincerely apologized… looking up at her, she lowered and kissed his pointed nose, "I am sorry not to tell what I feel – how I feel for you…" she replied smiling and combing his hair of his forehead, cute, she thought, "I know… this all intimacy is new for you… I won't force until you want it to continue… but at time when I go over board and you don't think you are ready – just push me back okay…" he spoke seriously… she chuckled and turned her eyes away from his, "what…. I mean, you aren't thinking like I would stay away…! Right? And even if you are… then No I am not staying away… we still will share bed and room, off course…!" she was about interrupted when he spoke, "no okay, shut up Riddhima…. Fine you are not ready for it, I get it! But kisses and hugs and few make outs are all I want… how I will survive if you cut them too! No way okay!" Armaan was about to get himself straight, when she bend over him and kissed his lips, he closed his eyes and felt her kiss lips probing his together, he smiled and gave, but when he felt her pushing herself up, he moved a hand over her hand in hair and lowered her head and continued the kiss…. He knew this meant, it meant the kisses, hugs and make out was allowed….lol!

She grew breathe less, and slightly used on of her finger and poked him on the side of his waist, he felt tickled and let go of her head, "You…! I was only giving you a peck and you took your chance! Besharam!" she commented glaring down at him, who smiled like goof, "oye… sharam nae atti… you poke you husband!" he retorted. "nae … tumhare saath reh kar besharam hogaye hoon!" she retorted, "oye hoyee… tou chalo phir room mai… you me …" he teased, "eww Armaan! Here You go again!" she tried push his head out of her lap, "oyee… where are you going…?" he asked as he sat on couch and she got up, "My mouth stinks … need to brush my teeth…" she joked to tease him, "Riddhima ki bachii!" Armaan got up and began to tickle her, "Ohh aahhh Armaaan…. Heheheheee… stoppp… hahahahha… ARmaaaaaan…..  sorrrrry… hahaha …. I was joking… hahahahha sorrrrrrrry" he tickled her; she turned and fell in his arms, breathing heavily… "You are too bad….. Too bad…" she replied, getting her breathes back, "I know… so are you..!" he replied, circling her lightly, "I am hungry… I will make up something…" she parts, blushing as she goes in kitchen

He smiled tenderly, so they were back to their old banter and love, he sure was scared few hours back but now everything felt right… this trip wasn't feeling shit anymore… but quite useful… they had sorted out the tension and get their thoughts sorted too…

He knew now what he should and what he shouldn't do… and off course, she was sure that she did right by talking, talking and telling everything to your loved ones will always ease the stress – and now she felt really light hearted and less nervous, actually she felt that mess created was slowly and tenderly sorting out … and that next step of their relation and marriage surely has to wait till the best moment comes, for now… they just need to work out their relation more… the more they talk – the more they understood each other, the more they would love each other and appreciate each other's feelings, that's what really is the base of any relation…. And before completing this – if they tried to jump a step ahead – they would ruin the relation…. So mentally both understood this and thought to cherish each others presence till the best moment arrives… at its own pace….


I gave my best, hope not to disappoint you...Embarrassed

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This is the first time ever that I m the first one to comment on any thread and that toooooooo this one


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Mindblowing update yaar

really, hope to read the hot one sooooooooooooon

continue very soooooooooooooonnnnnnn

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Loved the update. felt good after reading the whole update , its been ages.... 

So thanku for an lovely update 


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congrats for the new threadClapClapClap

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continue soon

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do i need to say anything 
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