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Updated with Chinnu and Shreya's stories ...

Others please send me your story links soon !!

P.S. :- This is for complete stories with a proper beginning and ending. funny stories,scenes,short stories etc. are to be told about in Funny Stories by CIDians thread.

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Chapter One

Hello and goodbye

It was a full moon night. A car is seen parked along a deserted highway and a man is pacing near the car impatiently as if waiting for someone.

Man : Ek ghanta  ho gaya aur yeh Vikash ka aabhi tak koi naamo nishan tak nahi. Aagar who khud aana nahi chahta, toh hume call karke yaha kyun bulaiya aur woh bhi ase sunshaan jagah pe. Kamse kam time pe toh aana chahiye . Aur tabse ushe mobile pe try kar raha hoon, phone bhi nahi utha rahe he.

The man decides to wait for some time and after waiting for half an hour , he decides to go. Through out the way, he tries to call someone repeatedly from his mobile and finally shakes his head murmuring to himself.

Man : Yeh Vikash bhi naa. Tab mobile utha nahi rahe the aur aab toh mobile hi switch off aa raha hai. Yeh Vikash toh so gaya lagta hai. Pehle toh Vikash kabhi aasa nahi karte the. Aaj use achanaak kya ho gaya? Kahi woh kisi muskil mein toh nahi phas gaye? Nahi nahi, yeh mein kya soch raha hu…. Phir bhi na jaane kyu aasa lag raha hai mujhe ke kahi na kahi kuch na kuch huya hai uske sath.

Just then his mobile rings. Thinking it to be Vikash, he picks up the mobile without seeing the caller screen.

Man : Haan, Vikash, bolo.

Caller : Vikash, kaun Vikash… Aare Abhijeet, yeh main bol raha hoon, Daya.

The man is shocked and then only he sees the caller screen after removing the mobile from his ear. Stunned, he keeps on seeing the caller screen for a few moments before coming to senses and before he knew it, his feet lands on the brakes.

Abhijeet : Daya, tum aabhi…. Woh mera matlab hai ki … Tum aabhi tak soye nahi ?

Daya : Tum mera choro aur waisi bhi woh sawaal main tumse puchne wala tha . Waise tum aabhi ho kaha aur tum kaun Vikash ki baat kar rahe the aabhi ?

Abhijeet : Vikash… Woh… Woh aasa hai ki woh mera ek acha dost hai .. Baas itna hi aur kuch nahi.

Daya : Abhijeet, maine kaha tha na tumse ke tum mujshe kuch chupa nahi sakte . Pata nahi par mujshe aasa lag raha hai ki tum mujshe jhoot bol rahe ho.

Abhijeet : Tumahra dimag toh theek hai, Daya ? Yeh kya bol rahe ho tum? Bhala mai tumse kya jhoot bol sakta hoon, hain? Suno, yaar, main aab aapna mobile rakh raha hoon. Main Vikash se milna ja raha hoon. Woh mera phone nahi uthaa rahe the jabki usne mujshe khud aapne ghar bulaiya aur kahaa ki uske tabiyaat thora kharaab hai. Mujshe uski phikaar ho rahi hai.

Daya : Par tumne toh mujshe kabhi kisi Vikash ke bare mein nahi kaha. Aur toh aur-

Abhijeet (interrupting in anger): Daya, yeh jaroori hai kya mai tumshe har dost ka naam batayoon? Main yeh jaroori nahi samjha isliyeh maine kabhi tumse yeh Vikash ke bare mein nahi kahaa.(Now his tone becomes teary) Aur waise bhi aagar main tumhe yeh bata doon ki yeh Vikash ne mera saath kya kya ush din toh tum ujse jaan se maar do ge. Isliye behter yehi hoga ki tum mujshe iss ke bare mein kabhi na pocho.

Daya : Par, Abhijeet, tum meri baa-

Daya's heart literally breaks into pieces to hear the teary tone of his best friend's voice before the call is cut. He becomes determined to console his friend and find out what happened to Abhijeet on that fated day. Because as far as he knows in all these thirteen years, he has never heard Abhijeet use that teary tone with him before. Pulling on his jeans and a shirt, and locking his home, he jumps in his Quallis and moves in the direction of Abhijeet's home.

Here, along the highway, Abhijeet do not even has a answer why his tears are flowing heavily. He, CID Senior Inspector Abhijeet , whom is considered as the brain of CID and the right hand of the soul of CID , ACP Pradyuman, is crying like a baby who has lost its mother.

Then only he remembers he told Daya about Vikash. But unknowingly, he blurted out about Vikash, his once time best friend in his teen days, whom he considered as a brother, when he was to tell Daya about his informer, Vikash. He remembers Vikash, his once time best friend, as the handsome and flirty playboy who names his girlfriends as if he was reciting a poem. Vikash always used to tease Abhijeet about his lack of girlfriend and his down to earth attitude. Because of this, Vikash always tries to set him up with some beautiful girl whom he chooses , but it always ends with the same disastrous results, with the girl blaming Abhijeet that he is too serious and needs to loosen up. Later, Vikash would laugh at Abhijeet and reminds him to loosen up otherwise girls will never come near him because of the role of bookworm, that Abhijeet potrays. Abhijeet could remember Vikash telling him as if it was yesterday .

Vikash (laughingly): Kya yaar, Abhi, tum bhi na. Bechari ladki ko aise hi bhaaga diya. Pata hai maine who ladki khas karke tumahre liye suna tha. Aur tum ho ki…. Yaar, kabhi toh kisi ladki ko dekha karo  yaar. Nahi to tum hamesha aise hi rahogi, samjse. Aur itna bookworm mat bano yaar… Tume meri tarah aish karna chahiya.

Yes, Vikash would definitely say like that . Since Vikash was from a rich family, it does not matter whether he would seriously take his studies or not because he was to take over the reins of his father's empire as he was the only child of the Narayans. But since Abhijeet was from a average family, he has to take his studies seriously. But despite this, one is from a rich family and the other from a simple family, their bond of friendship never dimmed, instead it grew into a strong one even though they went on to the college. Their friendship was the envy of many others and even though, many tried to divide them, instead it only grew strong because of the trust  and strong belief they used to have in each other.

During their days at the university, it was the same. Their friendship is always strong, never to be seen with suspicion, and even saving each other from various troubles. Before their graduation, not wanting to lose Abhijeet, Vikash has even offered the post of Vice President of the Narayan Enterprises , telling Abhijeet that he at this post while he himself as the CEO, the Narayan Enterprises will be a force to reckon with. But Abhijeet remembers himself telling Vikash that he has no wish to join the corporate world, rather he wants to join the Police Force. Though at first , Abhijeet remembers Vikash feeling sad, then he laughingly waves it off saying that he will find someone else. But even then Abhijeet could clearly see the pain behind Vikash's eyes of losing Abhijeet when he steps in the Police Force. And likewise, on their day of graduation, Vikash has been sad at having to lose Abhijeet but he made Abhijeet  promise to keep in touch as always.

As Abhijeet remembers, that has been the last day each has seen each other physically . After that, Abhijeet has only seen his friend in tv and newspapers, becoming a famous and ruthless CEO, while he himself becoming busy as a police officer, never getting time time to call and their routines keeping each other busy. Though at first, their calls have been frequent but later turned scarce and after that turned non existent. And suddenly , just like that , a call from Vikash came to him one night. It was a rainy day and at  night also, it was raining and that too,quite heavily. He was returning from a  bone tiring undercover mission after six months and he was tired as hell. At first he thought he was dreaming when he heard Vikash message on his caller machine. He could not even imagine what had forced Vikash to call him at that time of the night and that too after two whole years? Vikash has called Abhijeet to his home on an urgent matter for which he need his help. That night , as he remembers, has been the bone chilling night for the experience which he has experienced. Even thinking about it now gives him sadness for that has been the day when Vikash has betrayed him. Never before till then has he thought that Vikash will betray him in that way.

Abhijeet's train of thoughts comes to an end when his phone beeps and he sees a message alert flashing on it. He opens it only to see some words and numbers written in it.

The message is as follows :  Bl-7-5-2-0-1Real

 Big Apple Opposite LA


He quickly sees the number from which it comes and realizes that this is of his informer Vikash brother's number. He quickly saves the message in a file in his laptop and deletes the message from his mobile. Just as he was closing the laptop and planning to go to Vikash's home, his mobile again rings. Seeing the caller screen, he sees it that it is Daya. He receives it.

Abhijeet : Kya hua, Daya? Tum abhi tak jage ho?

Daya : Yeh kaisa behuda sawaal hai, Abhi? Khud jage ho aur mujse yeh saawal puch rahe ho. Ab kuch mat bolo sirf meri baat dhyaan se suno. Mai nahi jaante ki tum kaha ho par mai tumhare khar ke verandah pe baitha huwa hoon. Aab jaldi jaldi  ghar aa jao. Weather dekh raho ho tum , barish hone ko he. Agar barish mein tum bheeg gaye to tumein sardi ho jayegi aur waise bhi to tumhe sardi se allergy hein.

Abhijeet (laughingly) : Itni chinta, hain?

Daya (teasingly) : Aare mujshe kaha itna chinta ? Woh mai sirf apne hone wale bhabhi ki taraaf se bol raha hoon warna toh woh yehi samjegi ki mai apne bhai ko bharish mein bheegne ke liye chor ke aa gaya.

Abhijeet : Daya, bakwaas band aur daat under.

Daya (trying hard to control his laughter, resulting in snort) : Main kaha haas raha hoon?

Abhijeet : Daya, sudhar jaa, samjhe, warna tum gaya samjo.

Daya : Ok boss, tum khali aao jao wapas jaldi se. Tumhara bina yeh dil nahi lagta mera …

Abhijeet (smily tone): Yeh kiski taraaf se bol rahaa ha, hain?

Daya ( teasingly) : Dr. Tareeka ke taraaf se.

Abhijeet(in anger) : Dayaaa….

Daya : Aa jao jaldi wapas, boss. Main wait kar raha hoon…

Abhijeet : Yaar Daya, ek baat hai, suno. Mujshe Vikash ke ghar pe jana hai aur main yeh keh nahin sakta ki mujshe kitna der ho jayega. Isliye tum chale jao.

Day : Main hilna wala me se nahi hoon samjhe. Tum jab tak nahi aaoge main kahi nahi  jana wala.

Abhijeet : Yaar, Daya, meri baat mano aur tum ghar chalo jao.

Daya : Par Abhij-

Abhijeet : No ifs and buts. Chalo, apne ghar jao and goodnight.(Softly) Aur Daya, aapna khayaal rakhna, ok.

Daya : Abhijeet, tum theek hona na? Pata nahi, par mujshe bohot daar lag raha hai tumshe. Tum aise kyun keh raho ho jaise yeh hamari aakhri mulakaat hai? Tum kuch kaarne wale toh nahi ho?

Abhijeet : Nahi toh. Mai baas aise hi. Kya ek baaray bhai aapne chotay bhai ke liye khayaal nahi rakh sakte? Tum aaksar meri takleef ke baare soch soch kar khud ko bhul jaate ho. Isliye keh raha hoon ki apna khayaal rakhne ke liye. Chalo,aapna phone rakhta hoon, bohot baat kar liya aur Daya, aapne ghar jao aur so jao, ok. Main bhi Vikash ke ghar pe jake apne ghar ke taraaf jaonga, ok.

Daya : Par, yaar, tum uske ghar abhi ja rahe ho aur woh bhi itni raat ko? Tum kaal ke liye nahi ruk sakte kya? Tab main bhi tumahre saath ja sakunga . Aur waise bhi woh tumahre saath-

Abhijeet (interrupting softly): Daya, jo ho gaya so ho gaya. Ab beeti baat par rone se kya faida, hain? Usse mujshe jaroraat hai, toh mujshe jana parega ki nahi, yeh tum hi batao? Isliye main uske paas ja raha hoon. Aisa kuch bhi nahi hoga jaisa tum soch rahe ho.

Daya ( convinced) : Theek hai, yaar. Mujshe tumpar bharosa hai. Goodnight aur tum apna khayaal rakhna, ok.

Abhijeet (softly) : Tum bhi, goodnight.

Daya keeps on thinking about Abhijeet's unusual night ride, finally moving in the direction of his house in his quallis, detemined to ask him the next day.

Abhijeet keeps on watching the deserted highway for a few minutes after ending Daya's call. He felt as if there was a big lump in his throat. Not only has he lied to his closest friend about Vikash but he has also kept everyone in dark about his real intention. For a moment , he muses what will happen to others if they comes to know of his real motive. But he knows that he cannot back now that he has the upper hand. But his tears again threatens to come out at the prospect of others whether he will see them again or not. Finally, he wipes his tears.

Abhijeet (deteminedly): Ab rone se kuch faida nahi hone wala. Jo hoga woh baad mein dekha jayega. Daya, mujshe maaf kar do, yaar. Agar main tumhe yeh sab kuch bata deta to tum…. tum mujshe kabhi akela jaane nahi dete. I am really sorry, Daya.

Saying this, he closes his eyes for a minute and when he opens them a minute later, his eyes becomes hard and he becomes the CID officer that everyone knows as Senior Inspector Abhijeet. He switches off his mobile and starting his car, he moves in the direction of Vikash's house.

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hey max3 ... well this thread is just a collection of all stories links on IF ... I suggest yo to open a new thread with the name of your story title and post it there and I'll add the link here. Please do not post stories in this thread !!!
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Any stories missing ... please post the links here
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Thank you ... will wait till tomorrow for any more left out and update in bulk Smile
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