Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi


Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

Mistis thoughts 18th april 2011

misti73 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 April 2011 at 12:51pm | IP Logged
Dotty -Chanda
Note.........all Radhikas dialogues in her thoughts mentioned in this post did not happen in the show and is only a part of Mistis imagination which went on an overdrive today.WinkEmbarrassed
Dhan tana… leg raised and placed on the ground……Embarrassed…another leg raised and placed on the ground…Embarrassed……then again raised and placed on the ground…Embarrassed….uffo….Tongue.don't worry this is our chanda munda Bumbum walking slowly towards Phuljhari who is singing to herself…LOL..aaja re mahi tera rasta oh dekh leeya…Embarrassed…..and then…….screeeetch...Stern Smile.....rukawat ke leeye khed hai…Ouch..I mean Dotty…D'oh..and Bumbum declares that Chirkut wants to talk to Phuljhari…LOL…..and says lets go to the car…..Dotty nods her head and Phuljhari thinks to herself…WinkLOL.Again! Why is this specimen after me? She meant Chirkut…LOL..And she lowers her head…LOL…..but then looks towards where Bumbum has disappeared…LOL.Chirkut jumps up in the air and runs to Phuljhari who promptly ignores him…ROFL……and Chirkut continues…D'oh….Bumbum solves all problems…Stern Smile….Phuljhari to herself…Wink.but looks like I have to solve this problem…Embarrassed…..and then Chirkut continues you know na I wanted to talk to you for such a long time…D'ohLOL….Phuljhari to jaan na pahchan main tera mehmaan……Silly..and keeps on looking where Bumbum has disappeared...D'oh…Chirkut continues on his bullet train that although he met her for the first time yesterday but he heard about her a lot from badi ma and Bumbum…D'oh……….and Phuljhari turns her head towards Chirkut…LOLLOL…..Arreh wah she turns only when Bumbum is present or when his name is mentioned…LOL….otherwise it is bhar main jai……LOL.Good girl……LOL.and she again looks for Bumbum and Chirkut continues on his presentation…D'oh……that I knew that I will fall in love with you…Ouch….and Phuljhari again looks and thinks……LOL…when is this useless Romeo going to stop blabbering and then she turns her attention to Bumbums disappearing bum…LOL….so Chirkut is declaring his love to Phuljhari and Phuljhari is busy looking for Bumbum…Stern SmileLOL….and then Chirkut thinks that Phuljhari might be worried that Dotty is not safe with Bumbum…Stern SmileOucharreh yaar Chirkut the entire CB audience is worried that poor Bumbum is not safe from Dotty…Ouch……please protect him Kanha so that his honour remains intact…Cry..I mean Bumbum…Tongue……Phuljhari by the way is not at all interested in all this Dotty stuff or Chirkut stuff and goes directly for her main aim and asks whether you have been to Rawal before…LOL..and Chirkut does a jig and says finally she said something…Stern Smileand Phuljhari says to herself…LOL……..Kanha from where did you get this specimen…couldn't you find someone else…LOL…..ajeeb namuna hai yeh banda…LOLWink……Chirkut answers…yes used to come as kids but I did not roam around much…Ermm…….and Phuljhari ok ok…LOLand to herself…..if I don't stop him he is going to tell his Ram katha to me which I am not interested in knowing…LOL.  So she says I want to talk to him…LOL…….and Chirkut says who…ROFL….and Phuljhari replies Bumbum…LOLLOL…..Chirkut is perplexed that after all this love shove declaration Phuljhari wants to talk with Bumbum…LOL.but says ok I will get him and then Phuljhari waits………


Then all three land in front of Phuljhari……Tongue..for the interview session…Wink…..and Chirkut continues see Bumbum is here…LOL…….Bumbum glances at Phuljhari and then looks at any other point other than her face Stern Smile and Chirkut continues…….I was a bit worried why you want to talk with Bumbum but then realized that you might feel shy …D'ohLOLROFL……..shy who is shy? LOLLOLThis is Misti asking…Wink…..Phuljhari is shy?!! …LOLLOLahh that's what you think… carry on Chirkut……LOL…and then says you might not want to talk with your future husband ……Tongue….arreh Chirkut Phuljhari is far ahead of any village girl…LOL..she is aiming to talk with her husbandLOL…….Bumbum………..go on dreaming…Wink……kya baat karta hai…LOL..    Phuljhari and shy……LOL..and then Chirkut continues that anyway Bumbum brought the shagun so you know him much earlier than me…Big smile.yehi toh……Chirkut…shagun ki baat choro…LOL...mamala kuch aur hi hai…LOLsorry that's again Misti…Wink..and Dotty is perplexed…LOL….by the way is anything entering her head or is everything going tangentially…LOLOuch….and then Chirkut and Dotty leave……..and Bumbum and Phuljhari face to face for an interview session………and Bumbum continues so ask………and Phuljhari gets her green signal……Wink….and tells him about the night they met at the ghat.…Stern Smile..oooooh………Bumbum is now in Devdas mode…D'oh…..and Phuljhari continues…… and why they met…(Angie taking your dialogue)…Embarrassed..and Bumbum continues yes we met………jab we met…tab we met………you were you ….I was me……….now I am Devdas and you are the girl I shouldn't be even thinking about…D'oh….and Phuljhari continues….ufffo…I did not mean that…..I meant to say that we are meeting for a reason…LOL……Phuljhari when he said then you refused so when you say the same sentence he will refuse na…Wink….and Bumbum says please forget all those stuff…..Bumbum…LOL…..not happening… the way that's Misti saying….WinkPhuljhari wants you ……Big smile…Kanha wants Phuljhari to get what she wants … you can't escape…LOL….hee hee…..Dude you are stuck …EmbarrassedLOL..ok ok Misti is coming back…Embarrassed……and then Bumbum who is now again a salesman is now doing a sales pitch for Chirkut and says I never knew that Chirkuts marriage will be fixed with you and anyway he will be a better husband……OuchOuch…….arreh yaar ghochu…D'oh……I mean Bumbum…Stern Smile…..and then Chirkut lands there and Bumbum runs saying that I have to go to the muth…Stern Smile… ….he is walking away and Phuljhari is staring at himStern Smile…she then brushes away whatever Bumbum has said and says to herself that I am sure I will be able to talk to you and once I do then he will stop this marriage because we are married…Ouch..Phuljhari mmmmm…I think its won't be that easy…Confused……..maybe you will have to woo him…Wink…..


Okie dokie at Nirupa Roy's house….because of Phuljharis entrance into the higher….I mean very high strata of Mathura family…Stern Smile. Nirupa Roy has got a special permission to come to the function…Stern Smile…..Chandalika again is clapping that they will be able to go and then says oh my other daughter will also get married into the family……Stern SmileOuch….Chunnu Munnu what are you upto? Stern SmileWhy am I getting a feeling that will be Phuljhari against everyone…Ermm…..anyway so they say they will go and then the girls return and they all dress up to go…Phuljhari is thinking that she wasted her time that day and then Chanalika says chop chop we have to go and Phljhari says can I stay behind…..and Chandalika thinks if she does not got then how will w e she manages to convince her………then they land for the pooja, Chirkut and Bumbum also land there and then Phuljhari and Bumbum have an ankhon hi ankhon main ishara which goes over Chirkut who again tries to chapkaofy to phuljhari who is in turn is least interested…D'oh….then Bumbum comes and sits in front of Phuljhari…….pooja is going on Chirkut is looking at Phuljhari who is looking at Bumbum…LOL….she is least interested  in the pooja and looking at Bumbum…LOL……and then Bumbum lowers his eyes and Phuljhari follows his cues .......pandit says now finish and ask for anything you will get….Phuljhari prompty gets ready with the number 1 point in her list…LOL……….and says I only ask that I get to talk to KK…LOL..Chirkut and Bumbum, the two bhodus don't is pleased as a punch and the other a devdas…Stern Smile.LOL.and then the pandit tells Bumbum that you are an expert so please make the pavitra pot………and Phuljharis eyes follow him…… Chirkut again says that I was bad boy and didn't tell mommy but now mommy will get to know…..Phuljhari is oblivious to what Chirkut is saying and Chirkut says you again want to talk to Bumbum……LOL…….now you can ask me …Ouch……and then the man who has organized the pooja says that Phuljhari has to carry the pot and pandit asks Bumbum to give it to Phuljhari…Embarrassed…both are staring at each other…LOL……….and then their hands touch…Wink..



Acha does no one realize what is going on here…Ermm……LOL






Liked todays episode………Phuljhari was as usual delicious and I like her aim to just talk to Bumbum…….and her attitude of brushing everyone away and just keeping quiet. Whenever she spoke today it was a sentence related to Bumbum…..Then also liked her when Bumbum refused to talk to her, she felt bad but then again got up and started looking for other opportunities…..She isn't paying attention to Chirkut and his constant chatter. Bumbum……….mmmm…..mixed response to this ghochuram……..did not like his sales pitch regarding how good Chirkut is as a husband………I mean it is not his responsibility who Phuljhari decides to marry…that's her choice and he should just butt out. I know Chunnu munu you are doing it for melodrama …..but liked it that he did tell Phuljari that he was pursuing her but he did not know about this marriage proposal and showed his regret that he is stepping back……and that Chirkut is a better choice…….so if Phuljhari uses her brain she should be able to put two and two together as to why he is refusing to listen to her and maybe later if he refuses to listen or accept the marriage then she should also be able to understand the reasons. Till today it was Bumbum stepping back because he thinks that Chirkut is a better choice as a husband so the writers are keeping the insecurity as the reason. Wonder if he accepts her on the basis of the marriage whether he will be accepting her because he loves and is happy or because of his duty to accept her as the wife and then feel guilty regarding not being the best husband in his eyes for Phuljhari and also guilty for Chirkut? And if he does not accept the marriage…….will he do that because he does not believe it just because she is saying it or because he does not want to believe it because of his insecurities? Phuljhari's mother is proclaiming to everyone that her birth daughter will also get married……….so is society going to be brought in here……..somehow I am feeling that Phuljhari might be facing an uphill task and battle with only her faith as her support. Anyway if that happen, I won't mind that……..she has it in her to face the world alone and she will. The mother is only happy that she is getting all the prominence but is not liking that Phuljhari is the cause of it………….so for her it won't matter if she gets this prestige but Phuljhari is removed from the equation. Liked Mansaram too……….he was the only person who asked her whether she could put her doubts to rest and Phuljhari kept quiet because she did not want to worry him…..Good. Now what will the badi bahu and her darling son do if they get to know that Chirkut is actively taking part in all the RP duties? Although, everyone was good but liked Rubina the most today. Her switching between expressions when she looking towards where Dev has disappeared and when Rohan was talking to her was very good.

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Loved ur analysis di..and today episode... Rubina stole today with her gr8 expressions.

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super Misti , thanks a lot

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Angie12 IF-Rockerz

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Misti,  delicious commentary (couldn't think of other word). But I was expecting it from you as it was between Chirkut, Phuljhari and Devdas.
Will comment to your funny stuff later on as I have to comment with emoticons today to your commentary as it was too funny.  You know how bad I am about emoticons and so that would take some efforts.
But liked Phuljhari a lot today and even Bumbum despite his sales pitch.  He is in full self-pity mode but the episodes are a big improvement.  In fact, I felt sorry for Bumbum because he has so much come down crashing to earth that he has moved in another direction.  He is now totally Abhay before he became irritating.  But I could sympathize with his reactions.  He is now getting a feeling that Radhika is not into this marriage, but it is too late from his POV. 
This is watch and wait mode for me for now.  Phuljhari is made pretty strong and from tomorrow onwards she would be like a rock as she finally gets the proof from Chirkut that Bumbum is her Bumbumbhole.  But will they weaken Dev in order to move the story ?  That is the question.  They showed all those dialogues from Padma and these actions from Chirkut to convince Bumbum that Radhika is getting a better deal with Chirkut.  If that and Dadaji remain the sole remain for him to back out, then it is fine.  But if they show him disbelieving Radhika's story or accepting her on that basis,  I would be disappointed.  Just as Radhika got convinced that he is her soul mate without any proof and is now taking actions to prove her faith, so it should be for Dev. 
Shanti taking people about Chanda's engagement (despite Badibahu's admonish) was a red flag for me today.  Will it be used to convince Dev to agree to this proposal?  Will Dev agree to this proposal to pressurize Radhika into marrying Rohan.  I really hope they don't go that route because Dev's character would be destroyed if they do that.  I don't want to see Dev agreeing to marry Chanda on the same day with Radhika praying to Kanha to stop the wedding and something happening in ceremonies so that ceremonies only happen between Dev and Radhika.  So no double wedding scenario and no last minute ending of the wedding where there are two brides and two grooms.
I would rather see that Dev refuses to believe in that ritualistic wedding and tell Radhika that even if it happened, it was a kids thing.  Also, he should be accepting Radhika based on what he feels for her and what she feels for him.  He should be shown realizing that Radhika won't be happy with Rohan regardless of the status and love Rohan can give her because she loves Dev.  For now,  I don't have a problem if he tries to convince Radhika to marry Rohan because he is a better choice in Dev's eyes.  But once he finds out that Radhika's beliefs are very strong, then he needs to stop trying to sell Rohan to her.  If he can not marry her for whatever reason, he also can not ask her to make the choices that are convenient for Dev.  It is Radhika's life and she has to choose it.
Also Kanha's part for now should not be emphasized much.  He did his work by bringing together Dev and Radhika and making sure that opportunities exist so that both Dev and Radhika are aware of all the truths.  If they want to show this relationship going through tests by Kanha, then they need to show that now Kanha is just a spiritual presence and both Dev and Radhika are individually and then together taking actions to be with one another.  That would be Kanha's true tests whether his devotees fight all odds to be with one another as they were meant to be.  So show Karma and not mindless rituals where Kanha is physically intervening.  We have seen that in CB1 several times and are not itnerested in such scenarios anymore.
Again,  no need to hurry the wedding but the actions of Radhika and Dev should be main reason for stopping the wedding.  Just as Radhika was shown never accepting the marriage with Rohan, so should Dev be the one.  If Shanti has spread the news, then it is Shanti's fault and not Dev's.  They need to show Dev standing up for that.  He is stepping away from marriage to Radhika and it is his choice.  But Shanti's actions don't oblige him to accept something that is not his fault and goes against  his principles.  Shanti spread the news because she was jealous of Radhika getting so much importance.
Finally on Chirkut.  He entered the dream world just as Radhika and Dev came out of it.  So like them, he would also crash badly.  I hope they do show an appropriate reaction and the change in his personality.  Dev's broken dreams have made him now serious and aloof and Radhika's have made her more resolute and determined.  Chirkut's are more than likely to make him vengeful against mainly Dev.  I hope they write up good stuff for the actor playing Chirkut.  He knows how to act and has a good chemistry with both Dev and Radhika.   His eagerness and sort of infatuation with Radhika makes him a sympathetic character for now as he is unaware of Radhika's feelings and is just happy that she wants to meet Dev to know more about him.
Chanda is as usual very one-dimensional for now and don't see her chemistry with Chirkut either.  I hope she is not made Kanika or Vishaka but is developed in a more comic/silly way because somehow I can't see her as an intelligent schemer who gets together with Chirkut in breaking apart Dev and Radhika.  I only see Chirkut using her for his own purposes eventually.

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misti73 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by -Madhu-

Loved ur analysis di..and today episode... Rubina stole today with her gr8 expressions.
Thank you Madhu.......yes Rubina was good today.
Neerjaa IF-Sizzlerz

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  Misti your comments are fun to read ...I liked Radhika, with one track mind,  not caring about Rohan , what he was talking about...Her eyes were just following Dev....Just feel Chanda the actor does not have presence, something is lacking....Even with Rohan she is odd one In Angie .s words does not have the chemistry either.with Rohan...Rohan is just like a kid, Who is lost in his own world oblivious to whats happening around him....Is Shanti intentionally broadcasting   chanda ,s marriage part to move one step ahead of Maheshwari ?

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Very cute episode ... loved your commentary ... you translated whatever was going on in Rads eyes and face in terms of a convo very well  ClapClap

Some random thoughts  ...

From the promos it appears as if Dev knows abt the marriage ... did not think they would do this that quickly ... maybe they are scared of the new show on Colors  ...

Hope Dev pushes back bcos of his insecurities and also questions her need to cling to a marriage that happened when they were 10 ... Rads does not know that Dev's life totally changed after they met 12 years back ...   whatever they show, i hope they show it well  ... each of them is stubborn in their own belief and that alone should give enough scope for drama

As you said, everyone acted well ... but Rads and Dev stood out for me  ... Rohan was very good too and I am wondering what they will do with his character as they go forward.  Thought they toned down Chanda today ....  even I dont see her chemistry with Rohan if that is where they are going ... but let's see

Why3 ... you are getting two of your wishes ... you have your Kaam (at least until he turns negative) but unfortunately we dont have our over confident Dev from CB1 here to offset that  ...   and Dev sure is hearing repeatedly abt how his praising Rads made Rohan fall in love with Rads

...Rubina was looking rested and very beautiful towards the 2nd half of the episode.  Dev is totally transformed from a happy to serious, brooding, scowling ... and this fits more with the character he is playing in CB2  

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Originally posted by zorinatm

super Misti , thanks a lot

You are welcome zorinatm. Glad you liked it.

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