Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

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AFTER 5 days

arjun enterd da house, in noon evry 1 is in dere room,no 1 come 2 knw dat he is back. he iz back in 5 days bcoz he has metng wid mr.sinha, important more dan any wrk. he enterd da room, he went 2 singapore nt only 4 business bt 4 sake of avoid da kiss incident.
room was empty, no 1 is dere, he started searchng 4 file, he sit on knees behind da sofa unlock da drwaer, about to take da file, he heard some sound, peep through da sofa, and just 1 thought" plz god utna hi torture kr jitna men brdasht kr skun. . .
arohi came out of washroom, in strawbery pink towel wrapping around her creamy body, whch cvrd her body little dwn 4rm her edge to above her knees, her wet hairs r falling randomly on her wet body, with 1 hand she iz drying her hairs wid towels, and other hand talking on cell. she locked da room, on da speaker keep cell on dressing. she was talking wid shefali ,nt aware of presence of arjun, bcoz he ddnt mk any noise nor he want 2 do so, 
bcoz he just want to stare her like dis whole life, da expresin of smiling, furious,e.t.c while talking was just speechless. . she take out her dresses checkng each one in mirror,and his heart is gvng advice dat towel is best, room is full of fragrance, whch drvng him crazy, he just wantd 2 run his fingers on her silky glowing skin, and her mvng lips, still he cud fell da taste of her lips,and just wanted atleast 1 more." hw stupid i am, 1 week hun, nt 1 decad is enough 2 get rid of her magic"
she cut da call, about 2 change, bt she remembred, she turn arjun photo frame dwn, she cant bar his killer eyes nt evn in photo, she cnt understand bt only his photo create goose bumps. . .
she started 2 unwrap, arjun stabed his heart and shouted"N NOO"
arohi looked him shocked, 4 cntroling her scream put 1 hand on her mouth, and wid other hold her towel tightly. .
arjun lookng her cnfused, she turn back, her towel is loosed shwing her back, uff her mole,"wht da hell i m thinking?" he turned and said" men wo file, umm ja rha hun, umm tum chnge krlo" he went out, and instantly heard da sound of lock. . .he was waiting out. . .

arjun come out wid red face,standng outside of da door, waiting. bcoz he has 2 tk da file. he hesitatly knockd, bcoz he iz getng late. she opnend , he ran inside avoidng her, grab da file, his eyes fall on his photo frame, and he cudnt resist smile. he went and arohi closed da door again. .
kumud acidntly lokd all dis and got cnfused., her phone rang. .
mrs.mohn: hw r u kmd?
kmd: ya fine
m.m:janti hun, tum ne natasha k liye arjun ki baat krni thi rudr se, bt ab kya hoskta hai, us ne to shadi krli
kmd: mujhe lgta he ab bhi buht kuch ho skta he, sb kuch wesa nahi he jesa dikhta he, wese us ne shadi ke liye rudr ko force kya, lv mriage ki he, bt shadi ko week nhi hua tha, aur wo singapore chla gya, jane se pehle wo sari rat study men tha, aur ek din to men n sofa pr pillow bhi dekha he, aur aaj to janab ko wife n room se he nikal dya chng krte hue,
m.m: r u sure kumd? in k bich men wo kuch nhi he jo iota he? 
kmd: han mujhe aisa hi lgta he, aur mere pas plan he jis se sab pta chl jay ga.

arjun come back home tired, and quite shockd 2 see, his family iz sitting 2gether on dining table. arohi was serving 2 dem, dadi call him.
arjun(on stairs): mera dinner upar bhijvado.
arohi:yahan dinner krlo, sb k sath.
after 5 minutes, arjun come and start eating, even himself dnt remembr ,after hw long he is sitting wid evry1.
dadi: kuch acha nhi lg rha to bahir se mngva dun?
arjun(eatng rasmlai): nhi dadi, acha he, infact mujhe to lg rha he, men buht dino bad khana kha rha hun, ye cook pehle coock se zyada better he. .
evry1 startd giggling, 
dadi:oye cook nhi, ye sb arohi ne bnaya he.
arohi was sitting nxt 2 arjun wid lowrd eyes, she made alot of dishes 4 evry1 taste. 
jay: hum sb ne bhabhi ko 1st time khana bnane ka gft dy diya tha, ab tum do.
dadi: oye wo kya pocket men rkh kr betha he, chlo gft to tum log aapas men dekh lena, ab apne hath se arohi ko khilao.
dy both blushed, arjun get rid of it said: khila dun ga, akele men. arohi loked at him, all laughed
dadi(slap him): us ne bhi to khilaya na apne hathon se pka kr, sb k samne. tu khila, phir aro khilay gi.
dy both fed eachother, arohi leave da dining. after dinner evry1 left 2 dere room.
rudr come 2 arohi in kitchen
arohi: dad, aap ko kuch chahiy tha? mujhe bula lete. .
rudr: thnks beta
arohi: ?
rudr: aaj mere bete ne itne dinun bad mere sath diner kya he, men buht khush hun, he kept his hand on her head,gv hr blesings and leave.
arohi(2 herself): mujhe lgta tha ye mere sath hi aisa he, ye to apne dad k sath bhi itna dry he, ye apni family se bat kun nhi krta? ?

arjun was nt able 2 concentrate on wrk, arohi still nt cm 2 room. he ddnt want 2 accept bt he iz waitng 4 her, he cant resist and went 2 look her, he saw she was in kitchen, in pink dress wid loose hair bun, she was cuttng smthng and ddnt notice arjun. he stared her, suddenly wid his hand glass sliped, bcoz of sudn noise, she turnd and her fingr start bleeding
men . .me. .pani lene aaya. .oh god tumhare hath se to khun aa rha he, hold hr hand,
dadi cme, "ye kya hua? tum yahan kya kr rhi thi, arjun wapis aagya he na, chlo jao room men, koi zrurat nhi late night kam krne ki, chlo aro ka khyal rkho use room men le kr jao"
arohi was crying badly, on bed. arjun took da aid box, tk out bandge.
arohi: plz ye mt lgana, buht jle ga, start pulling her hand 4rm his fist .
arjun: kuch nhi hoga, and start blowing on her finger.
he rubed da bandge, she hold him tight, while crying. he bandged her finger,"hogya" dy lost in eachother eyes. phne rang, arohi leave him, he recvd da call bt no 1 speak.
arohi grab da pillow, went 2 sofa. arjun was gng 4 chng ,again phn rang,he rcvd bt no 1 speak. he went 2 washroom, hear da bell again, he cme out, bt arohi rcvd
" men thek hun MICHAEL" by hearng his name arjun eyes turn red, he dnt knw bt he ddnt like dat he cald arohi, and she is talking wid him laughing, he lay on da bed, clsd his eyes, bt he was just listning 2 dere cnvo"dnt worry men hamesha tumhare sath hun" she cut da call and sleep , bt arjun wont able 2 sleep. . .

1 week passed, and 2 thngs were bothering arjun alot, 1:his house bcm arohi land, evry1 in his house start sharing a special bond wid her, specialy dadi she cnt even leave her 4 a minute, she only tk medicine 4rm her, papa, mom , jay even da cook , and gardner want her advices. and 2:michael, he knew he has no right, she cud do anythng bt whnevr michael wanderd around her, he cud feel lava inside him.
arjun was sipping coffee in hall, arohi holding 3 cone icecreams btwn michael and jay,who were carying shopping bags in both hands. thy were laughing loudly, bt by seeing arjun, dy tried 2 cntrl dere self, and arohi quickly mvd hr hand at back 4 hiding icecream.
arohi: mom ne kaha tha, office k bad shoping pr jana, ntasha k liye gifts bejhne hen.
michael:men chlta hun.
dadi: arohi aagi,nhi dinner ka time he, khana kr k jana,
arohi: han michael, chlo ruk jao.
michael: tumhe kese mna kr skta hun men.
by seeing dis all, arjun decided he has 2 talk wid her b4 its too late.
in night, 
arjun: arohi tumhe yad he?
arohi: kya?
arjun: tumhe yahan se jana he, ye rishta , ye sb kuch jhoot he.
arohi: yad he, nhi bhooli, aur na bhoolna chahti hun,
arjun: to plz ye sb bnd krdo, jis trhan tum is ghr k sath, dadi k sath attach hogai ho, mere liye bad men unhe smjhana muskil ho jayga, men nhi chahta is 3 mnth k drama ki liye mujhe 3 yrs tk jhelna pre.
tears cm in aro eyes, ya maybe he is riht, smwhr she realy 4got all dis. arohi: meri waja se ko preshani nhi hogi. . .

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arjun was walking right corner 2 left in his room, holding his cell, wid double mind"he should call or will she?"
arohi and mchl went 2 delhi 4 imp. meeting, arjun had 2 go but he has imp. meeting wid canada lawyer so he cudnt. 2moro in delhi dy hv cntract meeting, bt bcoz no flight available, dy went in dere own car, 4 2moro meeting.
its 12 at night, dy must be reached at 10, atleast she shoul call inform him, dy reached. arjun think.
on da other hand, arohi and michael was stuck on block road near delhi, accident happend at dat road, so it clear till 3 or 4am. trafic police suggest dem 2 find out any hotel,or dy hv 2 wait whole night, bt arohi prefr 2 sit in da car and wait bcoz she knew"da cntract iz v. important 2 arjun and she dnt want 2 late"
after alot of war of mind and heart at 1am arjun called at hotel, whch is bookd 4 aro and michael, bt he came 2 knw still no. 1 reached. he becm worried, "hope she fine" is da line he repeating each sec. . he start calling on her cell. . .
aro and mchl, both tired and feelng sleepy, mchal send her 2 back seat, when arjun call dy both r sleeping, arohi cell is ringing in her bag, whch was on pasenger seat.
he call cntinusly, mchael awake and tk out her cell and recive da call. . .
micl(sleepy voice): helloo
arjun feel a stab in his heart, why, why mchal is answring aro call in night, while sleeping, 
arjun: arohi. .
mchael(still sleepy):ek minute,(he turn back 2 passanger seat) arohi, arohi , utho,
arohi(sleepy):sone 2 mchael.
hearing all dis arjn eyes turn red, his head start spining, he cudnt belve his ears,michael:tumhare ghr se phne he, 
arohi try 2 grab da phn ,bt it fall bcoz of dark
arohi: ouch, kya kr rhe ho michael?
enough, he cut da call, he cant bear anything more, his heart start beating fast, he was breathless in anger, he iz feeling like a looser, he closed his eyes and threw da cell , whch broke da mirror of dressing at once. .
arohi tried call him, bt his cell is off(bcoz it broke), arohi:arjun so gya hoga
michael:tum try kro call, kahan soya hoga, tumhare liye worried hoga
arohi(2 herself): wo mere liye worried kyun hoga? ? ?

arohi and michael reached office in noon, arohi is so happy bcoz dy got da cntract, she wanted 2 gv dis news 2 arjun herself. dy both ddnt sleep or nor eat any thng, aftr da meetng she was just impatient 2 went back.
arohi hurriedly run 2 arjun cabin happily,
arohi: arjun hmari cmpny ko cntract mil gya,,. .jb unhu. .
arjun(coldly): to ? ? jao mujhe khurana project k detail send kro, aur jldi, waise bhi tum buht time waste kr chuki ho.
arohi went out wid teary eyes, " instead of praising ,he iz scoldng hr, she was awake and hungry 4rm last night, bt he dont care, hun its my fault dat i m expectng all dis 4rm a monster"
all day passed, wid arjun ordering alot of work on arohi, all ppl left, bt arohi has 2 stay in office"over time". arohi cm at 12:30am in arjun cabin, wid pale face, 
arohi: ye file rechecked hogai he, sign krdo.
she went 2 him, he was busy in playing game on i phone, "he iz staying in office 4 playing game? he iz realy imposible"
4 her he iz playng game, bt in real he wanted 2 distract his mind 4rm yesterday incident, still dere voices are bouncing in his head,
suddenly she faint and fell on his lap. she tried 2 get up, bt no energy. .arjun hold her arms 4 getng her up, and came 2 knw .she is suffering 4rm fever. arohi put 1 hand on her head, said:sorry, sorry about 2 leave, bt arjun hold her again. he mvd her 2ward sofa, mk her seat, and mvd her legs on it.
arjun: tum pagal ho. . tumhe buht tez fvr he, aur tumhe pta bhi nhi
arohi(start crying): pta he sb pta he, k men buht time waste krti hun. .
arjun: yes u r careless,dnt care about ur self nor about other.
arohi: acha? mera fault he? agar kal delhi k way block tha, mujhe sari rat car men stay krna pra, meetng late na hojay,tumhe btane ki jaldi men ,mene kal se kuch nahi khaya, men kal se soi bhi nhi. . .sobbing . . .
arjun realized da whole matter, "wht da hell i was thnking" he felt ashamed of himself. mujhe lga. .chlo ghar,
she looked away, arjun carry her, in his arms."mujhe nahi jana, utaro mujhe" she fell asleep.arjun took her 2 his car, saying bad words 2 himself. he reached home, carry her 2 his room. he went 2 kitchen 4 aranging smethng 4 her , bt it was his 1st time so he made alot of noise.dnt knw wht 2 do, bcoz of all dese noises, all ppl of home awake.
Arjun singhania and kitchen? dis was dere 1st expresion, bt dy all smiled on his woried 4 herr. 
he gv medicine 2 her, in da 1st morning he call dr. dr gv her medicine and collect her blood sample, suggest her bed rest.
all leave da room. arohi was mving out of da bed,arjun lookd her curious,
arohi: men office ja rhi hun, wese bhi late hogai hun,(wid attitude)
arjun: ya u alwys late, so as a punishment"u r fired 4 3 days"he went wid a smirk,
arohi smiled and lay on da bed"monster"
arjun reached his home, b4 time in 1st time in his life. he cudnt able 2 work widout arohi, after returning 4rm canad ,arohi joined da office as soon as he. he entered his hall, his anger has no limit whn he saw michael standing out. mchael just saw him wid scard face, just den shefali come,
shefali: wo jiju, i mean arjun sir, wo hum arohi se milne aay the.
just den doctor cm wid rudr, arjun asked:kya hua sb theek he?
rudr: han, agr arohi nhi hoti to aaj pta nhi maa hmare sath . . .
arjun: kya hua dadi ko?
dr: hme jld se jld operation krna hoga, medicine ka course pura hota hi operation krenge. ab to sb theek he,bt zyada der nhi honi chahey, dy leave.
arohi cm 2 arjun, who was still in shocked.
arohi: i m sorry arjun, men janti hun tum ne dadi se bat krne ko mnaa kya tha. . . .maid ne kaha unhun ne medicine nhi li. . . .men bas unhe dekhne aai. . . .
arjun: thnks. . .men tumhe btanhi skta, aaj tum ne mere liye kya kya he, he went 2 dadi room.
arohi 1st time saw him emotinal, no diplomacy, no arrogant, ... just real arjun, just innocent like a child.

arohi sit nxt 2 arjun, 
arohi: tumhe yad he?
arjun : kya?
arohi: tum ne kaha tha, "ye thnk u, sorry kuch nhi hota, hr cheez ki kimat hoti he"(trying 2 copy his style)
arjun raised his eyebrow, aaj ke thnk u ki kimat? bolo kya chahy?
arohi(puppy face): jo mangun gi wo do ge?
arjun: arjun singhania apni baat se peche nhi ht ta,
arohi cm near 2 him:sure?
arjun nodded in yes,
arohi : tum 1 month k liye. . . .

arjun hesitately asked: kya ? ?

arohi: tum 1 month k liye cigrate nhi piyo ge. . .

arjun(stood up): kya?? tum pagal ho?
arohi(also stood up): chlo do apna cigrate ka pack.
arjun: nhi ye nhi, kuch aur mang lo.
arohi: ab kya hua, hogai bolti bnd, wese to bri bri bate kr rhe the, "arjun singhania . .blah blah"
arjun(irritate): tum ne kya kasam khai he mujhe pagal krni ki, meri cigrate se tumhe kiya prblm he??
arohi: mujhe yehi chaheyyy.tum mante ho tum apni bat se peche ht rhe ho,tum har gay
arjun: NOOO
arohi: YESSS
arjun(frustated): ok fine, ye lo." tum ne dadi k liye jo bhi kya , us k bdle arjun singhania 1 month k liye cigarate nhi piye ga, and handover 2 her.
arohi(happily): us k bad chahe ga bhi to nhi pi ske ga,1 mnth is enogh 4 getng rid of bad habit.
arjun: tumhe meri habits se kya fraq prta he, tum kya meri wife ho?
arohi: umm. . .pta nhi,

arjun was checking pprz in cabin, he recived arohi medical report, and his eyes opend wide
"arohi is pregnant?"

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arohi went out 4rm dadi room aftr gvng her medicine, recvd a txt 4rm arjun" in office at 7pm", arohi: arjun ne mujhe office kyn bulaya he? wo bhi aftr 7? maybe koi imp. kam ho,

arohi reached office, receptionst told her, arjun iz calling u on"5th floor", after hearing 5th floor she start sweatng, she still remembr hw her life got chnge on dat 5th floor.
5th floor iz only floor whr no 1 visit expect arjun, nt evn jay or his dad. his privt cbin, library or all, whn he want to remain alone, he went dere. no phone call, no peons,no staff.
she went 2 da elevator wid heavy head, truly she ddnt want 2 go dere again, bt ,he call, so she has 2 go.
da floor was same empty and silence as b4, arohi mv 2 arjun cabin, door was opend, he was visting da depth 4rm his wndw, holdng a wine glass in his hand.
arj:hey arohi, come in., come in, sit.
aro: koi kam tha(hesitatly)
arj:kyn kya men apni wife ko bina kam k nhi bula skta?(smirk), wahan nhi yahan betho, mere pas couch pe. drink? tum to piti hi nhi ho, shit ab mere sath celebration kese kro gi, aaj to tumhe pina prega.

aro(sit on da same couch,bt far): sorry men nhi piti, kis bat ki celebratin?

arj(happily):ya dats da point, umm guess kro,?
aro(cnfusd):noded no,

arj:gud news ye he,"men bap bne wala hun"

arohi(jumpd in shockd): kya? kyun? i mean kese?

arj(wid a big grin): kun agr tum maa bne wali ho to, its mean men papa bne wala hun.

aro(1000 watt shockd): wait, look arjun, agr tumhare brain men koi game chl rha he to bhul jao, pta nhi men ye wife ka drama kese krti hun, men ye maa bne ka drama nhi krun gi,

arj(wid villan look:D): drama krne ko kun keh rha he, men to sach men keh rha hun ,wifey

aro(mouth open): u knw wht, tumhara dimag khrab hogya he, tumhe chrh gai he, and she went 2ward da door, bt arjun block her way and locked da door.

arj: kya yar tumhe yakeen nhi aa rha, wo reports dekho table pr.
arohi pickd da report, and got schockd, went again 2 arjun
aro: arjun ye sahi nhi he, aisa nhi he, ye report glt he, koi misundrstn
arj(in anger): sari dunya galt, aur tum sahi??
aro: mtlab? tumhe kya lg rha he? mujh se zyada kis ko pta hoga ye sb jhoot he,jo chahe smjho mujhe fraq nhi prta.
she about 2 go, bt arjun hold her wrist and pull her wid a jerk,grab her in his arms"mujhe fraq prta he, aur mere fraq se tumhe bhi fraq pre ga, ab btao kya plan he"
aro(trying 2 get out of his grip): plan? kesa plan?
arj: kise ko is sb k paise dye the? ya phir koi aashiq tha??
aro: shutup arjun, she push him hard,and she fall on couch.
arjun bent 2 her, put his arms around da couch.
arj: realy manna pre ga,plan acha tha tumhara,
aro(in disgust): kesa plan
arj(shoutd): plan, mere peson k liye, is singhania empire ki malik bne ka plan, kuch mnth men men ne to tumhe dvorce dena tha, bt phr to tumhari sari ash khtm ho jati, phir se mehal se apni jhopri men aa jati is liye ya to tum ne plan A ,meri biwi bn kr kisi aur k sath soi, take logon ko lge mera bcha he, aur men apni izzat ki khatir chup rhunga, tumhe apni zindgi se nikal bhi nhi skun ga, sari zndgi mere gle ka har bn jao gi, singhania ko waris de kr.
ya phir plan b, socha hoga mujhe to tum seduce kr nhi ski, to is kisi aur k bache ko mujh pr bhi yehi show kro gi k mera bcha he, aur mujhe lgta rhe mujh se galti hoi he.
wese koi tumhare sath partner he in sb men, ya kisi ko paise dye hen,
she push him and stood up(crying and shouting): kahan na men ne, ye sb jhoot he, tum pagal hogay ho, pagal.
arjun(thrw all wine bottles on floor): han han men pagal hogya hun, aaj mujhe khud se nafrat ho rhi he, k mene tum pr bhrosa kya, pagal tha men jo tumhari ankhon men schai lgi, tumhari chehre ki innocence sach lagi.
he grab her arm, she was lookng him tears,
arjun(angry): tumne jo kya he, us ki sza mile gi tumhe, pta he pagal kya krte hen jb
pagal ho jate hen, he pressed his lips on her wid 2 pour all his anger in his touch of mvng hand on her she cud feel da hatness in his heart.she start beatng him with her soft hands 4 stopng him, he hold her wrist tight,her bangels broke and start bleedng.
he broke da kiss, she mv and pick da broken bottle, on his bleedng hand.
arohi(sobbing and shivering): mene pehle bhi apni izat ko bchane k liye, jan dene men ek pal nhi lgaya tha, aur aaj bhi nhi lgaun gi. . .

arjun: ise niche phenko, ab phir se koi bewakufi mt krna.
arohi: ek step bhi aa ge nhi aana, men chilaun gi
arjun run hurriedly ,hold her arm and bent it 2 back: apne pati ko dekh kr chilao gi, to log pagal smjhen ge.

arohi wa sitting wid cold expressin, arjun was standing restlessly,
dr: i m sorry mr.singhania, aap ki wife pregnent nhi hen.
by hearing dis his all senses blow out, bt in da corner of heart, he knew it, and he only wanted 2 hear, he is proved wrong, bt his heart is happy. he lookd back, arohi was missing. he lookd evrywhr in hospital, car parking bt no use.
he sit in car, and hit his head wid strng of car, bt dats nt enough, whtevr he did any thng is nt enough 4 it."why,why i alwys do like dis 2 her,always, wht happend 2 me? why i evn ddnt thnk once? da feeling dat she is with some one else,ha, i just want 2 let all da wrld on fire, she will nvr 4gv me,nor she shud do

arjun cme home in night,gng upstairs, dadi and kumud was sitting in a hall, call him" arjun aa gya, arohi kahan he, tu ne hi bulaya hoga, kahan he?"

arjun eyes again bcm teary in his deep thought,"wo, wo nhi aay gi"
dadi: kya? ,kumud loked 2 him.

nhi, ye plants yahan se kat dena"":arohi said b4 entering holdng a sweet box in her bandaged hand, wid a smile on her face.
dadi: kyun nhi aaygi ye rhi.
arjun lookd her shocked, aftr all dis he was nt expectng her, not in dis wayy.
arohi: good news he,
kumud(shockd): gud news?
arjun lookd at her wid opened mouth,
dadi: bta kya bat he?

arohi: meri behen, umm cousin gauri ki shadi fix ho gai he, michael k sathh
kumud tk a breath of relief, dadi gv hr blessings, while arjun lowerd his eyes, like he got 1 more slap, "hw cheap i was thnking"

arjun was sitting on terrace alone in late night, heard sm noise , looked back, saw arohi standng dere.

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arohi: kb se intzar kr rhi hun, tum room men kyn nhi aay, chlo sona nhi he,

arjun(shocked 2 see hr behvng more dan normal)

arohi: just a minute, tumhe mere wapis aane pr herani ho rhi he? men btati hun ,men kyn aai 

arohi: tumhe kya lga tha, men tum se naraz hun, mujhe bura lga he, men nkhre krun gi? aisa kese ho skta he, ye sb to rishton men hota he, insanon k sath hota he, na to hmara koi rishta he na hi hm insaan
tum, tum to bhgwan ho, jis k sath jb chahe jo chahe kr skte ho, aur men, ek cheez hun, jo chahe krvao ge, mujhe to feel hi nhi hota
hmara rishta? meri majburi thi, mene khud ko becha, aur tum ne khrida, apne liye, apne use k liye.
arjun lokd away wid lowerd eyes like a criminal, while arohi trying her best 2 cntrol hr tears.

buht pta he tumhe mere charctr k bare men, to phir ye bhi pta hoga k men apna kam chor kr nhi jati, men yahan sirf apna kam pura kr rhi hun, sirf 3 mnths, mujhe tumhari bat se koi frq ni prta, pehle men tum se nfrt krti thi,bt aaj mere dil men us ki bhi jga nhi

kya keh rhe the, mahal? tumhara mehal mujhe khndr lgta he, dm guthta he mera tumhare sath ek hi chat ki neche
arjun singhania, eligbl bchler,dream boy, prnce charmng? hr larki ki trhan meri kahani bhi fairy tale he bt us men koi pyar krne wala prince nhi,tum ho, monster.
tears start falng 4rm her eyes
mere bhi dreams the hr lrki ki trha, bt mujhe apne hi hathon se torna pra, tumhare wja se shadi jese pavitar bndhn ka mzak bnaya, tum ne meri zindgi men sindur ka aisa thpar mara he,jis ka nishan kbhi nahi jayga.
he close his fist in guilt, she said in disgust: men tumhare. . pais. .k liye kisi aur k sath, sobs. . tum meri nzr men sb se ghrib insan ho, kynke koi tumhara apna nhi he, na to kisi se sch bol skte ho, na hi kisi ko god men sr rkh kr ro skte ho,
she wipe her tears and wid fake smile: ok chlo suppose agar mera irada bdl bhi gya, mujhe lalch aa bhi gya, to my dear hubby(she mvd close 2 hm) to na to mujhe kise ko partnr bnane ki zrurt he, na paise dene ki,(she mvd her fngr on his face) men tumhare sath so kr, tumhara hi bcha peda krungi, chahe tum chaho ya na chaho, tum mujh dur is liye nhi ho k tum buht great ho is liye ho kynke me chahti hun, yken nhi aata to aazma k dekh lo, sweet dreams,wid a smirk she went.

arjun startd crying, bcoz her red eyes and anger he knew hw hurt she is, just bcoz of him

3 days got over, bt no chnge in arohi behaviour, same cold dry,she ws nt talking 2 arjun, just ignoring him. and her gud luck she busy in gauri-michael and dhundu-archi wedng preparatin, so easily got chance widout arjun. 

she was wearing silvr and pink lehnga in archi mehndi, lukng stuning as alwys. she ddnt saw arjun 4rm da morning, bcoz she was nt gng office,function was on peak when arjun entrd in gry shiny suit, his eyes stuck 2 her, she lukd away, still aftr 3 dys,dy both nt able 2 4get dat incident.

jay and shefali cud see sm thng must be fishy, so dy both plan 2 do best. thy pull dem 4 joining in dance, all r dncing on loud music, althoug its a mehndi function. bcoz of a push, she collide wid arjun,alot of ppl r dere, so she was just stndng , waitng 2 get a place 2 get out, arjun just want 2 stop da moment here, he just want 2 beg her" plz say smthng, scold me, say badwords , bt plz dnt keep quiet"he was mising her bak bak terribly,he just wantd 2 hear his name 4rm her,bt his luck she went out and sit wid archi.
shefali was puttng mehndi on archi hand, while othr grl on arohi, bcoz all da ladies guest force her, dat she is newly wed, so shud also wear mehndi.
jay wink shefali, she undrstud da plan,
shefali(leave cone): men to thak gai, mujh se aur nhi lgti, tum cmplt krdo
grl: lekin arohi ki mehndi to thori si rehti he
shefali: tum pehle archi ki cmplt krlo,
jay: hahan shadi archi ki he arohi ki nhi, umm ,arohi ko to arjun mehndi lga dega
arjuhi lukd at him shockd,
all da boys and grl near 2 dem started: woo, wao , hw rmantic,
arjun(tensd): pagal ho gy ho kya? about 2 leave, bt shefali said: aaj ye grls ka challange he, tum larke mehndi bhi nhi lga skte?
jay caught hm wid shoulders:dekh yar hm larkon ki izat ka sawal he, also othr boys start 4rcng hm. whle arohi starng shefali wid anger,
dy 4rcd 2 sit arjun on bent knees dwn , in frnt of arohi, dy both saw eachothr 2 get a way out 4rm it.
dhundu: men bhi archi ko mehndi lgaun, arjun se achi lgaun ga
arjun lokd hm angrly, whle jay relax hm: use chor na, tu lga,same dekh kr lgani he, man power ka sawal he.
her 1 hand is alrady fild,and da othr half whch he has 2 cmplt, he took da cone, wid oder hold her hand, dere heart start beatng fast, just a single touch iz enough 4 gvng dem gosebumps, she cud feel da care in his soft and warm hand,he was lukng inocent lk a child, he finishd, evry 1 start clapng, and lost in dere grl vs boy dscusn, he lukd 2 ward her, she mvd hr hand, stand, she dsnt want 2 lose again in his deep eyes, she try 2 went 4rm dere, bt her dupatta stuck in his butn,and slip 4rm her shouldr,fall on her arms. bcoz of wet mehandi she bcm helpless
arjun stood and tk out her dupata frm his btn. his fnger creasd her silky skin,as he mvd her heavy dupata 4rm her arm 2 her shouler,mkng her breathless, whtevr hapnd, still his precense has efect on me, whch is getng stronger and stronger day aftr day, his eyes met mine, as he tokout da pin 4rm my hairs, falling few on my face, fix my dupata. his eyes r full of honesty,guilt, sorry, just askng 4 1 chnce, why i just want 2 4get whole wrl infront of his eyes, no , nt again, i dnt knw wht is hapening 2 me, bt only knw"he is just da only 1, who can hurt me", she leave 4rm dere.
shefali: plan fail
jay: koi bat nhi, bachelor party baki he. . .

arjun: yar jay kahan na, mujhe headache he, akela chor de
jay: men bhi to keh rha hun, tu y drnk pi sb thek hojayga, yahan bchleor party men sb enjoy kr rhe hen, aur tu akela betha he
arjun grab and drnk it" ajeeb he, bt achi he"
jay: han ye le ek aur le. .

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arohi runing 2 her room, while dadi call her, she went 2 her room, she md her sit dere.
dadi: arjun se jhgra hua he?
arohi: nhi to
dadi: koi bat nhi hota he, jis se hm zyada pyar krte hen, us ki choti si buri bat bhi taklef deti he
arohi just wnt 2 scream on dadi dis line, she was lik" mere pas aur tensins km thi, jo ab ye bhi. . ."dadi aa ne mdcn li? chlo so jao
dadi: mera arjun dil ka bura nhi he, jo kuch bhi us k sath hua he, kisi aur k sath hota to wo bhi aisa hi hota,
arohi narrow her eyes"us k sath bhi kuch ho skta he"
us ki zindgi nrmal thi apne dad rudr, aur mom amrit k sath, bt jb naina, rudr ki ex wapis aagai sb bdl gya. naina ne rudr ko blackmail kya k wo un k affair ki bat expose kr de gi,rudr ye nhi chahta bcoz wo amrit se buht pyar krta,aur us pta tha k amrit bhi us se buht pyar krti he wo ye sb brdasht nhi kregi. amrit ko sb pta chl gya, arjun un ko jhgra krte dekhta, arjun k dadu ne rudr ko ghr se nikal dya, amrit mentaly buht dstrub ho chuki thi wo arjun se bat nhi krti thi,us se hate krne lg gai thi, use dekh kr use rudr ka dukha yad aata he, amrit ne sucide kr li, arjun sehma hua sb dekh rha tha, us k dadu ne rudr ko amrit k funrl men se dkhe de kr nikal dya, arjn ki halat buht khrab hogai, us k dadu use canada le gay ,hostel men. wo buht roya wo wahan nhi rehna chahta tha, sirf 8 yrs ka to tha, bt unhe lgta tha us k liye whi sahi he, phir wo khud waps nhi aana chahta tha, wqt guzr gya lekin arjun ki yaden wahi thi, is lye mene use apni bemari se blckmal kya, k wo shadi kr le, shayd wo bdl jay, bhul jay.
she lukd arohi, aur tumhe dekh kr lgta he k sb bdl jayga, tum us ki zndgi men khushyan lao gi, mujh se wada kro tum mere arjun ko chor kr nhi jaogi. . .

arohi was sittng in da room crying,she cnt cm out of dadi talk about arjun past. she is realy feelng bad and sad 4 him." us ne mere sath kbhi kuch acha nhi kya,bt god aap ne bhi to us k sath itna bura kya,men ne use kya kuch keh dya, mujhe itna bura kyn lag rha he? mujhe us ki tklef se itna dard kyn ho rha he?
she heard sm noise, opend da room, arjun was stndn dere wid his coat and shoes carying in his hand.arohi lukd hm questinly
arjun wisper: jay ne bula jute hath men le kr jao, wrna dadi k jute pre ge
arohi md face: tum pi kr aay ho??
he entrd swng in drunk, she closd da door
arjun : jay ne bola mat btana, men nhi btaunga
arohi tryng 2 cntrl hm: acha ye shoes mujhe do, tum tum leto yahan
arjun: tum mujhe order de rhi ho? men tumhara pati hun men order dunga, tum meri patni ho meri seva kro,agar men tumhari bat manung tum sr pr charh jao gi,
arohi: kya ? ?
arjun: jao anarkali hmare liye jam le kr aao
arohi holdng hm, prevent 2 fall: tumhe kuch zyada hi chrh gai he
arjun tryng 2 open his eyes wide"tumhe gussa aa rha he? ok umm tumhari aankhen buht khubsurat hen. . .
arohi just blushd of his statement
arjun: umm. . buht khubsurat hen us ki trhan. . kis ki trhan ? ? umm. .kya kaha tha jay ne?
arohi shkd: jay , jay ne kaha tha?
arjun: hmm , us ne bola pehle gussa krna, agar wo gussa kre to, tarif krna, gana gana. .
he started shoutng lik a child"dabung , dabung
she kept her hand on his mouth" chup sb so rhe hen"
pot brokd by arjun, arohi stopd hm, bt he start pickng"aouchh"
arohi: tum pagal ho, dekho kitna khun aa rha he, betho yahan, bed pr, men bandage krti hun
she bandgd him lukd hm sad" buht dard ho rha he? 
arjun fall his head on her lap, she tried 2 get him up: hun buht dard hua , jb mom ne mujhe push kya tha, buht blood aay tha mere head se, dadu papa pr buht chilay, buht roy. .mom chand pr chli gai, dur buht dur.
she cant resist 2 keep her hand on his head, mujhe dur cnada chorr gay. .buht darr lgta tha mujhe, mom k pas jana. . . he lukd up her teary face, ab men bra hun, super mann, he stud up arohi hold him, "arjunn" he fall on arohi on bed,
he wrapd his arms around her, grab her like a fluffy pilloww
arohi heart start beatng fast in his warm arms
arohi: arjun.. choro
he kept his head on hr shouler, sniffing in her neck
arohi: um plz arj. . .she felt a soft kiss on her neck
she lukd hm restless, 
arjun: tum mujh se bat nhi krti ho mujhe acha nhi lagta, he kisd on her nose , eye , chek, she lose her all energy 2 stop him, she felt his warm breath on her lips, she closd hr eyes, 2 feel da moment cmpltly,aftr 1 mnute she opend her eyes, he was sleeping inocently like a child on hr shoulder. *tum log ne mana kya tha na, is liye us ne kiss nhi kya:D*
she felt empty, she wantd hm, she lean 2 his lips bt stoped , arange pilow undr hs head, cvr blanket. thnk 2 herself"itna aagy mat jao, jo wapis aana imposible ho jay. . "

on dining, jay: chor ,mujhe kya pta kal rat ko kya hua?
arjun angry: mujhe to sirf ye yad he ,last time men tere sath tha, men ghar kese aaya, lukng on his bandgd hand, 2 himself"kya kya hoga, phr tmasha hi kya hoga"

arohi 2k da brkfast 2 dining, bt heart miss a beat whn she saw a beautiful girl in red top and skin short ,in arjun arm, hugging hm. it was her 1st experience and she didnt like it. dere hug broke, arjun lukd at arohi , who was staring dem wid wide eyes, 
arjun hesitately: ye ye natasha he. aur ye
natasha: arohi he, tumhari wife. .
sh also huged arohi.
kumud: jao fresh ho kr aao, breakfast krlena thak gai hungi.
natasha pointd 2ward boys also sitting on dining: rudr uncle, ye mere 4rnd hen rishi photographer, aman us ka asistant, usi fashin shw k liye aay hen, jis k liye men aayi hun, aur inhe india bhi dekhna tha, so cud dy stay here wid us?
rudr: ofcourse, tum log yahan reh skte ho, aur hmara india zarur dekhna, buht khubsurat hai.
rishi cntinuously staring at arohi: g realy, buht khubsurat haii.
dadi: chlo sb jaldi breakfast kro, gauri ki shadi men bhi jana he.

all da guest arived, arohi was realy happy, 2 seeing hr family happy, specialy gauri ,she got da love of her life. chachi: arohi, arjun kahan he? wo is ghr ka damad he, sb us k bare me puch rhe hen,
arohi 2 hrself: wo kyun aayga?
sanchit: jiju aa gay
he gret evry1 lik a perfect son in law, bt seeing daddu he lost his voice,
daddu: aap ko aaj fursat mil gai kam se sirr
arjun lowerd his eyes, arohi cme dere:daddu. bt he went ,arohi behnd him.
sanchit: sorry jiju, daddu ka gussa aisa hi he, wo abhi tak kuch nhi bhule, wo aro di se buht pyar krte hen, is liye,bt men janta hun aap ne jo kuch bhi kyaa
arjun: leave it sanchit, chlo phere start hone wale hen..
marriage ceremony is ging on, bt arjun , arohi and daddu were in dere own thoughts. . . .

chchi: aaj sagai he, aur itna sara kam para he. .ye gauri k sar men dard aaj hi hona tha, aarohi tum ne sweet check kr li.
arohi phn rang, she kept da flwr basket dwn and rcv call.
arjun: kya mujhe tumhe hmesha yad dilana pre ga, k offce ka time sharp 9 he(in anger)
arohi: aaj to mene leave li thi na
arjun: tum sb leave lo aur men office pr tala dal deta hun, aaj delhi men itni imp. meeting he, mr.gupta incharge the, tum ne hi un ko leave di thi beti ki shadi k liye, kya krun men?
arohi: lekin arj aaj meri sagai he,
arjun: to ghr men reh kr bche palne the na, offce kyn aai thi, drop da call in anger.
arohi: chchi kam office ka hota to men chli jati, bt delhi? meetng to 1 hour ki hogi, bt pta nhi kitna time lg jay. .
chachi: arohi functin to 8pm pr hena, tum chli jao, agar us ne tumhe job se nikal dya, us ne last leave pr bhi 3 day salry cut ki thi, i m sure, u jaldi aa jao gi, yahan men smbhal lungi, she leave.
arohi: use bhi pta tha, mene kyun chuti ki thi, us kiss ke bad subha men use kese face krti, thnk god jo drvr aagya tha, aur drvr ne wo sb nhi dekha, mujhe to ab bhi smjh nhi aa rha, mene use roka kyun nhi, aur wo bhi khud bhi to office nhi gya tha nxt day,hun, khud jo chahe kre, monster. . .
dy reachd delhi in 4 hours wid drvr and ravi, arjun cud see hw angry and desperate she is wid her actions, bt he was sure 1 thng about her "sincereity", and dats proof in da meetng, whn she kept all her anger beside, and try hr best in presentation, dy got da project. 
arohi cm 2 arjun: dekho ab tumhara kam hogya, men wapis chandigarh chli jaun plz, late hogai to ghr men sb preshan honge, men jaun bus ka bhi pta krna he, plz
arjun thoughts: wht type of grl she is? is ki jga koi aur hota to gusse men mera kam khrab krta, bt she. . .no cheating, no back stabbing, no decive. . .
arohi: plz
arjun: bus se late ho jao gi, mere sath chlo, ppr wrk ravi kr k drvr k sath aa jayga,
she smiled, he start drving, arohi call gauri: men wapis aa rhi hun, mere aane tk daddu aur chachu ko smbhal lena,ok
arohi: tum itna fast kyn drv kr rhe ho, hm aise bhi jaldi puhnch jaenge,
arjun worried: men driv nhi kr rha, break fail ho gai he
arohi: kyaaa

arjun tried his best 2 cntrol da car, bt on highway facing da trucks, was nt a easy task, his car got out of cntrol . . . .
aftr 2 hours, arjun opn his eyes and found himself undr a tree on a harsh land. his head is spinning, he woridly saw 4 arohi, and found her few steps far, he remove leavs 4rm her, try 2 awake her, he raised his eyes 4 water, bt he knew hw cud he got water in dis stupid forest at da time of sun set, he slapd hr face bt no use, he shouted her name, only 1 optin left"kiss", i kiss her? ,no nt again, its nt right , she s gng 2 engage wid sm1 else, and also i dnt want. bt 4r hr its necessary, he got furious bcoz he knew,he cudnt able 2 4get da 1st 1,and only a single touch of her is enough 4 mkng him sensless, he repeated in himself"just 4 awake her, just 4 mk hr cncios. ."he pressed his lips againt hr, lost in her taste,betr dan da 1st 1,he feel mvment in hr body, whch he was kepng on hr lap, he didnt wanted, bt he mvd his face, bcoz he knew if she cm 2 know about da kiss he"ll definately died of hr bad words.she sit holdng hr head, she lukd suspiciously at arjun ,who was thnkng"ise kese pta chla", bt arohi saw evrywhr, start shoutng, start askng hm unlimited questions,
arjun also got up grab her arm 2 cntrl her: " hmari car ki break fail hogai thi, car neche khaii men ja giri, engn men se steam uth rha he, jo dur dark men kisi ko dikhe ga bhi nhi, mera cell tut gya he, aur pta nhi tumhara kahan he? hm yahan phas gay hen, jb tk koi hme dhundne ne nhi aata, hm yahan se nhi ja skte. . . .

whtevr arjun said was like a horrible dream 4 her, hw cud life so cruel 2 her, 2dy is hr engagement and she stuck in a jungle. da thought about hr family worry md her extremely angry.
arohi: mujhe nhi pta, mujhe yahan se nikalo. . .ye sb tumhari galti he, meri galti he,mujhe tumhare sath aana hi nhi chahey tha. .
arjun: wht ? meri galti? ek men tumhari help kr rha tha,, men koi tarzen nhi hun, mujhe nhi pta yahan k raston ka, men yahin beth rha hun, jb tk koi aata nhi, tumhe jana he to shok se jao. . .
arohi: han ja rhi hun,tumhare sath to men ek minute nhi ruk skti,
arjun: ya go 2 helll
he sat dere angrily and she went 2 unknwm path in anger. as da time passed it getting dark and dark. at arohi house guest start ariving ,half hour left in ring ceremony. chachu ,dadu,michael try calling her, bt her cell is out of reach. 4rm ravi michael cm 2 knw, thy hd already left and may be just about 2 reach chandigrh.
da big trees and da dffrnt sounds of animals in da dark increasing arohi fear, bcoz of dark she cudnt able 2 see properly or walk, her heart ws beatng fast , just den her foot trip and she fall dwn on thorny branches, wid a big shout. she startd crying in fear and pain. she was terribly hurt, bcoz of da harsh surrounding of her,her sky blue dress ter 4rm dffrnt place,leavng marks on her soft body, her knee is bledng, just den she felt a big shadow, she got scared of it, about shouting, bt hr eyes met its brown shiny eyes, arjun ,da only word she spoke. he hold her arms, 4 helpng 2 get hr up. she cvrd herself in his wide chest,brust into tears.she hug hm tightly 2 mk sure,she was nt alone.he was wid her. he let hr cry widout interruption to wash out all hr fear,and pain. 
she wntd 2 mv far 4rm hm,bt she cudnt evn stand properly, arjun took her in his arms,she closed her eyes,in his warm arms she wanted 2 4get da whole world. he kept dwn hr in a clean place, arranging bone fire. in light of bone fire he cud see, hw much she cried,hr face was wet,widout her duppata, hr mess hairs, hr tery cloths shwng da harsh red scratches, da long 1 on hr arm , and red blood marks on her sky blue trousr. . .updtng 

alone in a jungle wid him, in a miserble cnditin, and da way he iz lukng at her is totaly awkward. he stood up , take out his coat,cm near 2 her. it was like a another horror dream 4 her. he bent his knees 2 sit near her, she put her hands on her arms 2 cvr herself ,try 2 mv bt "ouchh"
arjun: i thnk u r injured, pointed 2 her knee,gv his coat 2 her. she hurriedly grab it bcoz she nee it. he mvd her jar trouser up bt arohi kept her hand on his 2 stop hm. she lukd hm, his eyes, his eyes wr askng trust 4rm her, her heart melt in da deepness of his eyes, and her heart shouted"i trust u only u" she removd her hands,
he mvd her trousr, dere is a deep wound on her knee,she closed her eyes, he tokout his handki start bandgeing her. he tried bt whnevr his fnger touched her skin, dy both feel a spark inside dem. he got up and hurriedly went 2 his place. she lowerd her trousr.
"engagement se zyada zruri kya kam tha? its 10pm ,is waqt kun sa kam hota he? wo apne boss k sath akeli gai he na?? arjun singhania, young ,eligible bachelor??.. . . .dese ra da lines whch evry guest ws repeatng in aro engagement. 
mchel mom: mchael jst 15 mnuts, phr hm ja rhe hen, mujhe apna aur tamasha nhi bnana. . .she leave
michael: sir ka aur aro,duno ka phn hi switch off he damn.
gauri: shayd kismat bhi whi chahti he, jo hm chahte hen. . . .

aftr a long time , arjun broke da silence: men baat krun ga, tumhare ghr walon se. . .michael se. . . .
arohi lukd hm surprisd: kitna ajeeb he ye, chila chila kr bhi bolo to is ko kuch smjh nhi aata, aur kbhi khamoshi bhi smjh jata he. . a tear roll dwn her eyes
arjun: mujhe nhi pta tha, ring itna bra issue.
arohi: ring nhi arjun, meri family, pta nhi wo sb ko kese face kr rhe honge, mujhe na ring se fark prta he, na us k pehnane wale se, men to shadi krna hi nhi. . .she bite her tong, she already spoke 2 much.
arjun doubt chng in sure, dere is no 1 in her life.
da night passed talkng and fighting, nxt morning arjuhi opend dere eyes bcoz of sunlight and noises, arohi head on arjun shoulder, dere eyes open wide, whn dy saw rudr,daddu wid police standing in front of dem. . .

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in dese 5 days 2 thngs r getng on nerve of arohi, 1." sticky natasha, who alwys revolve around arjun". 2." flatter rishi, who 24hrs praising arohi beauty and offering her 4 modeling".poor arjun was just cnfused on her frustation,whch is increasing day by day.
gauri: hell aro, kesi he.
arohi: men to theek hun, tu bta? buht khush lag rhi he
gauri: men aur michael honeymoon plan kr rhe hen.
aro: dats great
guri: mchel ne jay se leave ki bat ki, to us ne kaha wo,dhundu, archna bhi ja rhe hen.
aro: jay ? akela ?
guri: nhi shefali au. . .
aro: hooo
guri: oye shefali, sur, antra, sanchit, sb ja rhe hen, aur tum dono bhi. wese bhi tum dono ki shadi ko itne din hogay, aur tum log hnymon pr bhi nhi gay.
aro: men, arjun ? hnymon ? ? ?
arohi: ye kesa hnymon he? aur hm nhi ja rhe ,tum jao.
guri: yar dhund ne archi k liye famhus liya he,2 din tk hm sb wahan enjoy krenge phr grand party he, theek he tumhe prblm he to hm tumhe akela chor denge(gigle)
aro: dekho rehne do, arjun ko buht kam he, wo nhi mane ga
guri: sur aur antra cnada se aakar kitna bore ho rhe hen, itne dino bad chance mila he busin,4rnds k sath enjoymnt ka, tere fav. crickt , antakshri, lots of fun, tu kahe to men arjun jiju se bat krun?
arohi thnk 4 a momnt: ok men akeli chlti hun hnym. . .picnic pr.
guri cnfusd: ok jesi teri marzi, kal subha.

nxt mrning aro was ready hapily, nt bcoz of picnic bt 2 dys widout arjun, ya she need it 4 cntrlng hr felngs. 4 last few dys she has b3n doing sily thngs. and da worst 1, she remain awake in late night, 4 staring arjun aftr he sleeps.
   snchit arranged a cute,small bus. all boys r fighting 4 drvng. girls r tkng dere sits. arohi was smiling in her red top and jeans,remembrng her coleg trips. just den a voice gain dere attention" men late to nhi hua?". dy all lukd at arjun, in a blk t shrt,jeans, wid sun glases, cryng a sports bag on hs shouldr.
whn dadi told hm last night about da picnic and dat arohi said 2 hr" i wnt 2 go wid my cusins and 4rnd, i askd arjun bt he said"i dnt need break"(lie) . 1 thought cm in hs mind" widout her 2 dys? naaa !!

he went inside da bus, all wr happy expect arohi. dy all tk dere sits, keep dere bags wid dem. snchit on drvng sit,while jay stnding arguing. arjun sit on da 1st sit,leavng wndw sit 4 her.
arohi: jay apna bag utha, mujhe shefali k sath bethna he.
jay: tujhy puri bus men yehi sit mili he? arjun k sath beth. men bag nhi uthata.
arohi: stndng near da sit, nhi mujhe yahin bethna he.
just den snchit start drvng, arohi lose her balance and fall on arjun lap,he hold hr in hs arms. dere eyes met and dy lost in dere own world. all giggled. jay signaled dem : 1 2 3 "all whistle 2gethr loudly" dy cm 2 senses, arohi sit nxt 2 hm wid red cheeks. arjun ignored dem, 2k hs iphone. dy all laughed and start singing"tere mast mast do nain. . ."

   arohi passed da whole way slepng on arjun shoulder.aftr 2 hrs,dy reached dere destination. da weather,da surroundng all iz prfct. dere excitement grew as dy saw da big swming pool, big gardn wid alot of colourfull flwers,and pets infrnt of fmhouse.
arohi instantly grab da white rabbit,hr evr fav. pet. a smile on arjun face appeard seeing arohi happy. dy all put dere bags inside, and cm out soon 4 dere evr fav."cricket"
sounds of dere laughing wr echoing evrywhr. arjun out on arohi ball, bt nvr mind atleast nw she is talkng wid hm. and da happiness is splashng in hr eyes. da game end wid beatng dhondu, bcoz he lose da gm,4 his archi.
all boys jumpd in pool 4 refreshng, while grls r tkng pics, lstning music. arohi was sittng little far 4rm pool,she still afraid of it. arjun has 2 decide 4 da swim too, bcoz question of sur and antra drvng hm crazy. "hw he met aro? who propsd 1st? 1st dat,1st kiss?" and his reaction was " sari family pagal he"
grls shouted" lets cm inside, its time 4 lunch"
jay(while sitting on dining): arohi ye bathrob arjun ko de do.
she went outside near da pool,lukng 4 hm. her heart stop beatng whn she saw his muscular body,cming out 4rm pool. his wet hairs wr mkng hm more sexy. sweat appear on hr head by seeing da water drops on hm,dy wr shining like firefrckrs. dis is da 2nd time he was lokng like dat,bt 2dy he ws lokng hotter dan b4. he cm 2ward her, he cud see her cheeks turn red like her top,seeing hm in shorts. he prefer nervous cnfused ,on cnfidence mrs. arjun singhania. he was very ashamed of wht he did. bt he ddnt said sorry bcoz of 2 reasons"arjun singhania nvr say sorry","he has no courage 2 say". whtevr da situation he luv 2 tease dis "wild cat".
he took da bathrob 4rm her hand, in dis situation only 1 touch is like a electric shock 2 her, she mvd bckward ,bt arjun grab her waist,wid othr arm. her soft body collide wid his muscular chest. she sink in hs goldn brwn shiny eyes. arjun(smiled lightly): phr se slip hona he pool men?
arohi(shwng anger): slip nhi hoi thi men, poison ka effct tha. . .
arjun: whtevr. . .
jay(shoutd): tum log aa rhe ho, ya lunch bahr bhijvaun? ?
arohi mvd his hand, and hurriedly run inside.. .cntnue

aftr lunch dy all watchd mvie 2gether, grls kept cryng on emotional scenes,while boys kept mkng fun of dem. den dy play antakshri, same ,ended wid fight. all insisted arohi 2 sing, aftr all she lv 2 sing, and alwys win evry cmpetition. she refused "men ab nhi gati" arjun spoke out aftr a long silence of 1 hour" gati ho, office men". all lukd, arohi still cnt belive, he listend her? whn? arohi(cnfdnt): kb gati hun?
arjun(busy on i phn): ktni mhbt he. .
ds md her spechless, she nvr sang in 4rnt of hm, so hw cud he knw? ya he cud knw,aftr all he iz mr. arjun singhania,,,
she sang hr fav. song(kmh1 title track), 2dy seeing arjun she feelng lyrics, arjun who ws pretendng busy on his i-phone,actualy recordng it.

boys has 2 cook dinner 2day,dat is grls order.. mchel,dhundu hesitate 4 arjun, bt antra anounced he too has 2 cook,whtevr he is, he is a hubby so has 2 cook. all boys went 2 kitchn,tryng dere best 2gethr, arjun was starng dem lke stuf of museum. grls fresh up and peeped in kitchn. dhundu gv tomatoes 2 arjun 4 grnd in mxer. he put it in jug, on da mxer,"b4 closng it". all da paste fall on hs face and shrt. all start laughng. arjun glance dem in anger. all quite, at da moment arohi reachd dere, start laughng badly on inocence of arjun. all r scared of arjun reactin. arjun lukd arohi, who ws wearng black lng skrt and blck top,fittd her body, her eyes wr twinkling, and hr teeth wr shining lke diamnds earing. he just smiled wid a thought " tumhari is smile k lye men sari zndagi aisa kr skta hun"

all laughd seeing arjun relxd, dnner is ready, and arjun arohi will hv 2 mk da sweet. thy all leave arjuhi alone. arjun took out his drty shrt, " mujhe kise ne btaya nhi tha. . .mxer use krna", arohi cntrld her smile, he wipd hs face, arohi pointd 2ward da mark, he ddnt able so, she 2k da handki, cm close 2 hm, wiped da blot of paste 4rm hs face and lips, she embarsd, mvd"custard bna lete hen, jaldi bn jayga"
arjun(mk face): jaldi ? kyn tumhe halwa bnana nhi aata. . .(teasingly)
arohi: o hello ! mujh se zyada acha halwa pure chndigrh men koi nhi bnata. . . .dn hr non stop bak bak started, dat he ws msng 4 many dys. dy wr happy,enjoyng ech moment, bt dy dnt wnt 2 thnk about da reasn behnd it.

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grls r getng ready 4 da party,yesterday was a great fun 4 dem, aftr dinner,grls did "pajama party"and poor boys has 2 banged da door till 12 at noon. event manager decided da theme colour purple and white. all 4rnds arrived at hs fam,it was a grand party.
arohi,wearng white shafoon kameez,wid purple trouser,dupatta ,blouze,cm out,lukng 4 arjun. dese 2 dys wr happiest 4 her. arjun,in white who was already staring her,stand nxt 2 her. dy both hesitate,bt arohi started da convo by admiring dhondu party,in whch arjun replied"ya better 4rm da last one". dy both turned red by thnkng of last arohi calm herself by thnkng" aaj kuch nhi hoga, aaj to mere pas dupata he,aur men zip bhi chek ki he" just den hr smile disappeared by seeing natasha,wearng purple shorts and top,cmng 2 dem. 
natasha: tum log yahan corner men chuphy ho,me kb se dhund rhi hun. dy both pretend 2 smile in return.
natasha: arohi ,mujhe tumhara hubby chahey.
dy both lukd shckd 2 her.
natasha: o ho sirf dance krne k liye, agar tumhe problem na ho
arohi(try hdng hr emotins): nhi, mujhe kyun hogi,kuch bhi krne k liye, i mean dance krne k liye.
arjun(angery,2 hmself): men yahan is ko dance k lye phuchne aaya tha, aur is ne mujhe natasha k sath phsa dya, wht da hell she thnk of hrself, jhuti h4 sahi bt wife to he naa, rok skti thi. he went.
arohi(angry,2 hrslf): kese chup chap chla gya, jhuta hi shi,husbnd to he naa,mnaa kr skta tha. . .updtng

arohi all happiness washout by seeing natasha dancng near arjun. rishi cm and stnd nxt 2 hr.
rishi: hi beautiful, yahan akeli kya kr rhi ho.
arohi(frustatd,ignore hm)
rishi: tumhari jesi hot wife ko chor kr,ye wahan dance floor pr kya kr rha he. tumhare husbnd ko to tumhari kadr hi nhi he. tum mere sath chlo,tumhe buht bari model bna dunga,
arohi(angry): enough rishi, leave me alone.
rishi: ary tum to naraz hi hogai, acha sory
arohi: plz rishi jao
rishi: acha ye drnk le lo,men smjhunga tum ne mujhe maf kya, lo 
arohi took da glass and drnk: ok.
rishi mvd 4rm dere(2 hmslf): ok, v. ok, aaj ye drnk pi kr sb kuch ok hi hoga(smirk).
arohi felt hr head heavy, seeng arjun natasha 2gthr,lava is flwng in hr veins, " y i m feelng so unsecure, y i m feelng so bad, jo mera he hi nhi, use khone ka dr kyn lag rha he,tear rolled dwn hr eyes.
rishi signald waiter,he went 2 hr gv hr da drnk,whch he orderd

hr head start spining, while arjun seeing hr chngng expresion. da drnk startd its efect, hr desire overcm her and da 1st thought cm in hr mind, pull natasha hairs,and drag arjun by collar 4rm da dance floor. arjun saw her approchng hm, he went 2 hr. lukng hr curiously,he asked: tum ne pi he??
arohi copying hm: kyn cntrct men nhi tha??(giggle)
arjun wide open in worry:chup, yahan kuch mt kehnaa.he lukd here and dere,chlo oopar.
arohi drank: men,men nhi, mujhe dance krna he..
arjun grab her arms push 2 stairs. rishi saw arjun wid her, so he ddnt cm near her.
arohi: mujhe nhi jana,umm mujhe uthaoo. she wrapd hr arms around hs neck. no option left bcoz she was totally drank, so he carried her.

arjun 2k drunk arohi 2 room upstairs, he was carrying hr in hs arms, whle she was enjoying it lik a beach ride. wid a kick he closed da,whch lokd bcoz of automatic lock. arohi was cntnusly mvng hr legs and singing"men krun to sala chrctr dheela he". arjun put her on bed,just den arohi mv her arms around hs neck,and push hm 2ward her. he ddnt want 2 tk a risk of being distrct,he remvd hr hand wid great effort,sit quickly,bent left 2 tk out her sandals,bt she pull hr legs and rolled dwn 2 other side of bed" mujhe neeche jaana hee". arjun hurriedly mvd on bed,caught hr 4rm waist,(he was holdng tightly,she kept resisting)"nhi ,koi neeche nhi jana,hm kal party krenge" "mujhe jaana he,choro mujhe,she tried 2 remvd hs hands, he wrapped hr more strongly" kahan na ,meeche nhi jana,tumhari tbyat theek nhi he,so jao. tum yahan so rhi ho dats final"
arohi: theek he ,phr tum bhi nhi jaoge,yahn ruko ge,mere pas, hm yahan party krte hen.
arjun sigh: han men bhi nhi ja rha, bt hm kal pka party krenge. .he let hr lay on bed,cvr hr blanket,she pushd da blanket,he again cvr,she pushd agan,4th time he lukd her in anger"party krni he naa, to so jao,like a gud grl. arohi noded like a child.
arjun drnk water:agar is ne nashe men kisi se kuch bol dya hota to kitni prblm ho jati. jb tk ye hosh men nhi aati i ll mk sure k koi garbr na ho.
arohi pushd da blnkt 4rm face,arjun raisd hs eybrow,arohi wd naughty eyes: zip chub rhi he...
arjun blushd,coughd: to ?
arohi: meri help nhi kro ge?(tryng innocent)
arjun turn back 2 her: pagal ho, nhi, pehle bhi itna kuch. .men nhi krungaa
arohi: tum mujhe closet se kpre bhi nikal k nhi de skte?
arjun lukd hr shckd: kapre ?
arohi raisd hr eyebrw in mischv: tumhe kya lga?
arjun went 2 hr clost cnfusd,bt stopd: mujhe kya pta tumhare kapre, khud nikalo.
arohi pasd hm in same happy mood, tk out hr dress. she thrw hr dupta on bed,mvd hr hand 2 bck 4 tkng out arjun hold hs hand" pagal ho, yahan chnge kro gi, drag hr 2 washroom,"chnge kr k bahr aana"clsd da door.
he thrw hs coat,opnd hs top 2 btns, hr intensions only made hm sweat. . .


arjun was waitng outside da washroom, hr drunk state and beauty already enough 2 dstrct hm,nw she also prvkng hm, whch annoying hm." larki he ya,tufan, jb dkho ek nai aafat le aati he" jst dn arohi shouted in da washroom, arjun hurriedly opend da door,whch was nt locked. he saw" arohi was layng on floor wid closed eyes,and da water iz falling wid great pressure 4rm showers. he tried 2 stop it bt da hndle ddnt wrked. he also got drenched like her,he carried her in hs arms,close da wshrom door behnd him.

he lay her on bed,sit nxt 2 her. he called her name, shake her bt she ddnt wkup.he rubbed her hands,her cheeks,check hr arms and head 4 injury. he bcm so worried" arohi, utho arohi, kya hua? men hun na tumhare sath,kyun dar rhi ho? men tumhe kuch nhi hone dunga"
arohi opened hr 1 eye,seeing arjun in worry she laughed.."pagal lag rhe ho,monkey"laughng cntnously. arjun face turned red ,she was mkng fun of hm 4rm last 15 minutes. arjun bent close 2 her,press hr shouldr tightly,"yahan meri jaan ja rhi thi, aur tumhe masti sujh rahi he? ye mazak hota he? she was staring on hm, he lukd more handsm in anger, hs drenchd hot body whch was visible 4rm hs white shrt,hs wet hairs,4rm whch drops r fallng on hr face. hs goldn eyes r lightening like fire. a smile appeared on arohi face bcoz of da thought" arjun singhania ,heart robe of many, was near her,only her. arjun shouted" tumhe hansi aa rhi he? mazak ura rhi ho?...she mv hr head quickly approach hm, gv hm soft and short kiss on his lips, plce hr head back.
it took minute 2 realize arjun wht hppnd b4. he rmvd hs hand slowly, sit up and lukd away. hs heart beating fast.his desire getng over hm. hw effortly he was trying 2 kept hmslf in limit, and only her lips destroy evrythng..

she sit up,hug hm 4rm back. hr delcate body crushd hs strong back. she started kissing hm softly on back. she creased hs chest wid nails and opened da reamaining bttns. arjun hold hr hand 2 stop her, bt touchng hs soft hands, he closed hs eyes, took a deep breath. he quickly turned 2 her,pull hr close 2 hm. pressed hs lips 2 her. arohi quickly gv hm da way inside her. she run hr hand on his neck and hairs. hs hands were on her back ,pushng her inside hm. his hand mvd 2 hr zip holder, as dere tongue touched, he pulled da zip dwn ,whch was endng above hr hips. he rund hs hand on her bare skin,she bcm breathless,she pulled hr lips away 4rm hm.he kisd hr cheeks, hr chin.she fall on bed,and he on her.hs kisses mvd 2 her neck, he suck hr neck,hs hand mvd 2 hr shoulder,he pull da strip dwn 2 hr arm. he was kissing her crazily,hs hands were rubing hr each part. she only moaned, on hs each action..he mvd hs lips dwn 2 hr neck,bt hs way blockd by mangalsutr,she was wearing. 
by seeing it, da flashback passed in frnt of hs eyes, da circumstances, da promises whch he did wid her. he quickly jumpd out 4rm bed. he run his finger in his hairs and neck. his breath was echoing in da room. arohi sit up and saw her wid questin eyes? he punched da wall and shouted "god damn it, i cant do dis, i cant."
arohi wearng only purple blouse and pant trouser, went 2 hm. arjun,shirt hangng on hs arms, mvd backward ,pointng fingers 2 her " no , stop dere.
arohi(begng in cry): arjunn
arjun: no , i cnt cheat u. i cant see hate in ur eyes.
she try 2 wrapd hr arms around arjun,bt he pushd her away. she shouted in anger" u cnt do ds 2 me, u cnt let me in ds way, i i want u, need u(crying).
arjun broke da vase in frustation,crying" ya bcoz u r drunk,bt 2dy only ,nt whole life. wth da hell, u will blame me 4 evrythng 2moro. stop it. stay away 4rm me,dnt test my patience , wht u r tkng revenge of ??
arohi cm 2 hm(shouted): u knw wht, i hate u , i hatteee u. she pushed hm 2ward da balcny, lokd da glass door. arjun lukd shockngly, arohi went on bed, took da blanket and sleep

Arohi wake up bcoz of da sunlight cmng directly on her face. she sit up rub hr eyes,hr head was paining like hell.
arohi shocked" men yahan kesi aai ? she saw herself,pull blanket 2 neck,"meri shrt". she saw it on da floor,wear it. "mujhe kuch yad kyn nhi aarha, mera sr kyn ghum rha he?(worriedly), she lukd at da brokd vase"men party men thi, arjunn. . ." she lukd 4 hm, hr eyes fall on arjun,who was sittng outside da room,sleepng,restng hs head wid da glass door. arohi hand mvd 2 hr mouth,whn se saw arjun in ds cnditn. "ye wahan ,hs hal men kya kr rha?. .men ne. .ab ye mera kya kre ga? she hurriedly get ready,unlockd da terrace door quietly, went dwn.
jay cm 2 room"arjun kahan he yar? chal wapis jana he" hs eyes opnd wide whn he saw arjun."tu yahan kya kr rha he? arjun get up 4rm deep sleep,he was staring arohi all night,so sleep late. he get up and went 2 bed.jay:tu tu yahan kya kr rha tha?
arjun slipd on bed 2k da blanket" hwa kha rha tha !"
jay: kya ? whtevr, chla sb wapis ja rhen hen.
arjun: dhndu ka apna fmhus he? rent ka to nhi he naa! mujhe neend aa rhi he, men aa jaunga bad men, arohi ko leja wo tum log k sath jaygi.
jay: tujhe kese pta??
arjun cvr hs face wid blanket"mujhe sb pta he,ja ya, tujhe door tk chor kr aaun" jay went out wid cnfused look.

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its evning and arohi 2k 20 rounds of arjun cabin. she ddnt remembred clearly about last night,she was nt able 2 sort out thngs btwn dream or reality. she was sure dat she didnt let anythng happen 2 her,she nvr allowed. bt da masculine smell dat she felt in da morning made her shiver. she just want 2 hear"kal rat wesa kuch nhi hua"4rm arjun mouth,4 hr satisfaction. she came 21st time and standng same like a statue. arjun knew she ddnt had da courage 2 ask hm,so he decided 2 clear da picture b4 dy went home.
arjun(wrkng on laptop): kal k bare men puchna he?
arohi(shockd): nhi, han
arjun: tum ne kal drink ki thi
arohi(cm 2 hm): nhi, i swear ,pta nhi mera juice kese chnge hogya...
arjun(get up): so 2dy proved,u r careless, tumhe kbhi kuch pta hota bhi he? wo to mene tumhe dekhliya,men tumhe room men le aaya. . .
arohi(quickly): phir ? ?

arjun remain quiet,lukd away. thnkng"wht he shoud say or wht nt"arjun: phr kya , kuch nhi
arohi(loudly): kuch nhi ?
arjun turn hs bk 2 hr: men nhi bta sktaa,
tears rolled dwn hr eyes, she cudnt belve ,hw cud god be so cruel 2 her. she turn hm holdng hs shoulder angerily shouted: kya nhi bta skte? men nashe men thi,tum to hosh men the na, tumhe nhi pta tha ,tumhe kya krna he?
arjun rmvd hr hand: men ne bhi wahi kya. . .mujhe late ho rha men ja rha hun. .
arohi blockd hr way,cryng badly" tum nhi jaskte,btao mujhe"
arjun: kya btaun? ok to suno, kal rat tum ovr drnk thi, itni mushkl se men tumhe oopar laya, aur sari rat tum ne. . . .mujhe galiyann di. . .
arohi: kya ?
arjun: apni sari awaz men gane suna kar mere kan pharh dye. . .jb mene roka to tum ne sari dunya ki galyan mujhe din,,mujhe mara,aur room se bahr nikal kr terrace pr bnd krdya. . .aur men ne wahi kya,jo krna chahe tha, tumhari nautanki khtm hone ka intzar. . .
arohi: kya? bas yehi hua tha ? a smile appeared on hr face. she wipe hr tears.
arjun: o , hello , ye bas tha? . . .
arohi naughtily: oops sorry, men ne jo kuch bhi kaha. . .men nashe men thi. . .ab nashe men to dil ki bat zuban pr aa hi jati he naa ! ! aur i thnk week men ek bar to aisa zarur hona chahey. . .heart k health k liye acha hota he.she giggled, about 2 leave bt arjun bullkd hr way.
he cm close 2 her,lukd in hr eyes wid hs mesterious eyes ,wispr"kal jo hua,agr dubara hua. . .to men wahi krun ga jo mera dil kahega. . .chahe tumhari health k liye acha ho ya na ho. . ." she belvd whtevr he told,bt hs eyes r tellng dffrnt tale. . .da way he was lukng ,md hr shiver. hs mstrious eyes made her lost like always. . .
he unblckd da way, she went out. arjun: jhoot bola hmesha ki trhan, zruri tha hmesha ki trhan. .

arohi was wandering in da room,here 2 dere. she was staring da wall clock worriedly. "its 2 late , arjun or jay delhi puhnch gaye honge. ek phn nhi kr skte. stupid jay ka cell bhi off he. aur men ,men arjun ko call kyn krun ? use krni chahey. proudy , arrogant , monster. agar mene sath jane se mana krdya ,to is men itna gussa hone ki kya bat he. .jay gya to he us k sath.

she grab da pillow and sit on bed in anger " tum smajhte kyn nhi ho arjun, tumhare pass hone se mujhe kitni strange feeling hoti he , pta nhi mujhe kya hogya he , tum sath ho to prblm ,na ho to prblm, jb tk tumhara phn nhi aayga, men so nhi paungi"

on da othr hand, arjun staring hs cell, " sath nhi aana tha, to atleast call kr to kr skti ho, tum kyn call krogi ? maze se so rhi hogi, bed pr . men hi pagal hun.
he get up,run hs fnger in hairs " ye mujhe kya hogya he ? arjun singhania aur wait ? arjun singhania . . .restless.canada se le kr india tk kbhi aesa kuch feel nhi hua. jb wo sath hoti he to prblm, na ho to prblm. kyn us k bger ek mnt bhi ek saal lagta he. all da romantic flash backs run in frnt of hs eyes "kyun use dekh kr. . .behekne ko dil krta he "

arohi cell rang, she happily recive bt" rishi tum ?"
rishi: han wo arjun. . .tumhari bat hui arjun se ?
arohi(wrdly): nhi ,kyn kya hua arjun ko ?
rishi: use koi red file chahy,yahan study men to mujhe mil nhi rhi, jay bhi yahan nhi he. . .
arohi: red file ? men aa kr dekhti hun.
she went 2 study in her simple yellow suit quietly,bcoz all wr sleepng. start searchng wid rishi.
rishi: maybe use lga tum so rhi ho, is liye us ne ghar pr phn kya,, hena ??
arohi: ye lo file to ye he ,bt ye to kisi aur project ki he.
rishi: maybe use koi help chahe ho, men use bta deta hun. damn mere cell ki battery to lo he. .
arohi: men cell lati hun, she cm bck rishi left da study went 2 hs room,4 chargng. arohi gv hm cell ,he call " han arjun,file mil gai . ok drvr ko bhej do, ya waitng"
he gv da cell back:drvr aa rha he,ab wait krna prega !
arohi: no its ok, tum sojao men file de dungi.
rishi: nhi yar its ok, tum agar sath ho to men sari life jagne ko ready hun.
arohi rolled hr eyes about 2 leave,bt rishi pull da file 4rm hr hand.
rishi: itni jaldi kya he ? kyun ? apne us stupid hubby k lye ,jo tumhare jesi hot wife ko chor kr chla jata he. ek bar mujhe try kr k dekho,men itna bura bhi nhi hun.
arohi pull da file in disgust,bt rishi grab her 4rm back. she protest 2 get out 4rm dere. dere struggle was gng on, just den hall light on by shockd kumud. . 

Kumud: ab bhi aap ko is larki k ghatya hone ka proof chaye. is ne rishi ko call kr k bulaya tha, us k rcv call men us ka no. he, she shouted in front of evry family member,who wr standng dere shocked.
arohi face wr bcm wet wid tears, it was a trap , just a trap , arjun ddnt call , he ddnt want anythng , rishi told lie , he took hr cell just 2 pretend dat he was callng arjun, in real he deleted hs no. 4rm her cell and gv a call 2 hs own no.
arohi sobbing: aap sb mera yakeen kren, dadi , dad ,men ne kuch nhi kya, ye jhut bol rha he. . .
rishi (drama): men jhut ? uncle is ne mujhe call kr k bulaya, mujh se kaha ,agar men ne is ki bat nhi mani to ye mere upar ilzam lga degi. aap hi btaye men shrif larka aur kya krta??
arohi: ye jhut bol rha he.
kumud: bs arohi , tum kitni schi ho ,hme pta chl chuka he.
rudr: hm zyada jaldi to nhi kr rhe ?
kumud: jaldi nhi ,der kr rhen hen , is larki ko abhi utha kr ghr se bahr penkh do, ye ghr men rehna dsrv nhi krti. just den she hold arohi arm push her 2 door, bt she fall on arjun arm who was already standng dere,listning dere convo. . .

she lukd up arjun,who was seeing dis all drama wid cold expression hs face. 
kumud: acha hua tum aa gay, apni aankhon se apni biwi k rang dekh lo.
arohi cryngly: men ne kuch nhi kya, ye jhut. . .
arjun raised hs hand in anger and shouted: enough. . .
rishi smirk, while rudr , dadi lukd dwn sadly , jay,who was standng few steps back 2 arjun,closd hs eyes, natasha and aman wr tryng 2 get out of dere sleep. 
arohi slowly: koi. . .koi mera yakeen nhi krega. . .sobbs. . .koi nhi. she went 2ward da door,bt arjun brought hs arm 2 stop her. .
arjun angrly: rishi sach kya he ? sirf sach. . .
kumud: kona sach ? tum ne sb suna nhi, sach apni biwi se pucho, jhut wo bol rhi he. .
arjun determinely: jhut nhi bol rhi. . .men ne arohi ko call kr k kaha tha"men aa rha hun rishi se file le lo,wo sojayga" is lye us ne rishi ko call ki thii
rishi , arohi eyes opnd wide wid amazed, he is tellng lie. arohi lukng hm" arjun singhania aur lie , why ? 4 me "
rishi in hs defnce: t. .tum ne kb call ki thi ?
arjun cmng near 2 hm: tumhe kese pta ? kyn nhi ki thi ?
all wr lukng mouth opened, arjun grab hs collar ,gv hm a tight punch"bol. .sch kya he"
jay,rudr mv 2 stop hm,bt he stopd dem shwng hs hand, aftr all who cud stand in frnt of arjun singhania anger.
arjun beatng hm hardly,he try to escape bt no use."teri himmat kese hui" blood was cmng 4rm hs face nose,lip and head bcoz of arjun dishum dishum* tum sb k hise ka mara na,is lye* he strike hm wid table, took a big pot in his hand 2 broke on rishi head. all shoutd arjun name 4 stop hm, jay quickly run hold hm 4rm back.
arjun shouted" its nt enough 4 u naa ? ? nhi btayga naa 
rishi scaredly: sorry , sorry mujh se galti hogai , mene bulaya tha. .arjun k kam se. . .jhut bola tha. . .no. delete kya tha. . .mujhe. . .wo apne dfnce me chilaee. . .
he thrw da pot on floor,grab hm 4rm collar,gv hm a hard punch. jay , rudr try 2 hold arjun. he shoutd badly " tu bhool gya tha ? ? wo meri biwi he , mrs. arohi arjun singhania. . . agar tu mujhe is area men bhi nazar aaya to men teri jan le lunga. he hurriedly ran out 4rm da house. arjun punch da mirror hardly,his fist start bleedng arjun pointed 2 all in anger" agar bhgwan bhi aakr kahe ga,arohi k chrctr pr daag he ,men tb bhi yakeen nhi krunga. . .agar arohi k khilaf ek lafz bhi mene suna ,to men khud bhi nhi jaanta men kya kr skta hun. . .mere descn se kisi ko prblm he, to wo rha drwaza. . .he kick da table,it broked, went upstair.kumud ,natasha, aman went cowardly in dere rooms. jay , dadi ,rudr look arohi,who was standng like a statue. dy leave embarsly 4rm dere. arohi was nt in a real world, words of arjun echoing in her brain. 

she went 2 hr room wid aid box. arjun was standng near da wndw wid injurd hand. she went 2 hm quietly,without seeing hs face,she start bandgng. instead of anger,pain appear in arjun eyes by seeing arohi sad face,whch bcm pale like hr yelw dress. he wntd 2 say smthng bt stopped. arohi 2k da box,keep it on da table. arjun put da pillow on couch. arohi: t. .tumhare hath pr chot lgi he, tum bed pr so jao. . .
just dn kumud opnd da door wid glass of turmrc milk, bt hr expresn chnge,whn she saw 1 pllow on bed othr on da couch. "arjun arohi beta sorry, mujh se galti hogai ",it was just a misundrstndng"she kept glass near bed side tbl. arjuhi lookng woriedly bcoz nw kumud saw dere truth of relation. kumud wid a smirk" arjun beta men tumhari mom jesi hun, mujhe btana tha,agar koi prblm thi. bed itna chota he k tum men se 1 ko couch pr sona pr rha he,men bra bed mangvadeti"
arjun in a cool tone: aap ko nhi btaunga,to kis ko btaunga. koi prblm nhi . infact bed chota(small) nhi buht bra (big) he,is liye hm dono couch pr sote hen. . .aap smjh rhi he naa ? ?
kumud ashamed, arohi blushed,lukd surprisingly 2 arjun"is monster k paas itne romantijc ideas aate kahan se hen ? ?". . .

kumud ignored arjun bold answer,about 2 leave,bt arjun call her 4rm back" mom ,drwaza bnd kr k janaa,aur nxt time knock kr k aana,wo kya he na ,meri shadi hogai he" kumud went out in anger, hs eyes fall on arohi who still cnt able 2 digest hs convo.
j he mvd 2 hs bed bt aro stopd hm.
arohi: arjun . .men . . jo kuch bhi mene tum se kaha . . . i. .,arjun interuptd: sorry. . i m sorry arohi.
arohi lukd hm surprise, she cnt belve ,arjun and sorry ?
arohi: i m sorry,mene tumhe gusse men buht kuch. . .
arjun: mene jo tumhare sath kya. . .umm. . .kaha,mujh se galti hogai. sorry.
arohi lukng hm wide eyes 2 fgure out,exactly wht he talkng about? da insult due 2 fake report ? or da . . .whch messed up her whole life.
arohi tryng 2 chng da topic: tum ne jhut kyn bola ?
arjun abruptly: k. .kun sa jhut ?
arohi: tum ne mujhe call nhi ki thi, hw did u knw ?maybe rishi was honest.
arjun lukd hr wid hs deep eyes: mujhe pta tha, wo jhut bol rha tha.
arohi: hw?, da thng dat hs eyes tellng,she wantd 2 listn 4rm hs mouth.
arjun cm near 2 her: agar tumhe ye sab krna hota. . .to men tumhari 1st choice hota. . .aftr all men us se zyada hot hun. . .
arohi mouth opend on arjun reply, aaa ,dis proudy monster will nevr change. a smile appeard on both faces bcoz of ds stupid lie. arjun singhania trust 1st time in life ,trust arohi ,da truth ,dy both knew,bt sm tm its beter if u remain quite.
both went 2 sleep, arohi wid hr knife, thnkng about arjun 2 faces"angel and devil", maybe wo itna bura nhi he. . .bt us ne mere sath aisa kyn kya? jungle se aane k bad sb theek hogya tha, sb kush the bcoz mchel ki mom ne rishta nhi tora tha. . .mchel ne bhi kuch nhi kaha,use pta tha mere aur arjun ka chrctr,hmare bech men kuch impossible,ya phr use dusri tensn thi, gauri us ka school crush atlast in lv wd hm,hs mom nt cnvncd bcoz she wantd dughtr in law wid gud job,salary like me. only 1 option left 4 hm " he raised finger on my charcter in front of whole office staff. ,"men aesi larki se shadi nahi kr skta jis ki job apne boss ki ratte rangeen bna na ho" 
hs poisonus wrds injectd in my heart. he knew he iz tellng lie,bt why?. . .if dat time he drctly told me about gauri, na to use ye drama krna prta,na mujhe itni takleef hoti. . .
i ran 2 home crying," i wll tell evrythng 2 daddu, nw i cnt marry hm" bt seeing happiness on daddu and sanchit face,i lose courge. snchit brought da mst expnsv wedng card. . .dy wr planing about my future. i cried whole night, "my life is 4 my family, men mchel se bat krungi" i watd 4 morning wid hope,bt i ddnt knw,dis morning will brng a storm whch destroy evrythng. . .
tear rolled dwn arohi eyes.." arjun singhania messed up evrythng , he used me. . .took advantage of me. . .bcoz of hm i lost myself,my family ,my. . .evrythng..

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