Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Arjuhi FF:LOVE i*m*POSSIBLE#1-edited (Page 152)

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yes mahi, u really deserve it - keep up the good work

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kaise kahein hume is thread se kitni mohabbat hai!! i read it completely mahi!! absolutely loved it! and completely nostalgic!! i miss the sqs!!

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D bst convo of my lyf which gv me many precious thng. Cnt 4got dis pages in my lyf.
Luv mahi.
Luv my sq. Miss u guys a lot.

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Originally posted by monakmh


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The room was echoing in laughter of girls. They  all are enjoying teasing new shy bride. Dadi! entered in the room ,which was fully decorated, flower's all around the room , rose petal's on bed ,room filled with candle and many more decoration's , perfect for 1st night. ,the huge room was shining with the golden lights of candles. a smile appeared on dadi face seeing, in da circle of girls, on center of bed ,the most beautiful bride ever ,arjun's bride 

 "Mrs.Arohi Arjun Singhania"

"C'mon girl out of this room my daughter in law is tired let her rest"Said Dadi
girls giggle ,And left after wishing her luck.
Dadi kiss her forehead.) and went out, leave her alone,trembling. . ...
arohi lock the door & turn around, the romantic atmosphere of The room create lumps in her throat.She went to the table,pour water in a glass. but the  noise of her bangles irritate her" 1st of all i have to get rid of it" Thought arohi. She went toward dressing.threw her dupatta on bed.   Oh ! mangtika,necklaces,chains,earrings , From where should i start?"!arohi thought!

She started taking  off her jewelry randomly. & take out her heavy chunri. while taking out hr jewelery,she saw herself in mirror, and come to know "she could look stunning"becoz her dress...Her choli is quite short & fit showing her each curve & deep neck. on back only a net of few stripes. baby sleeves. her lehnga is starting from hr hip bone,showng her bare stomach, and ya gold chain on her stomach."Oh this chain is still here! after all being arjun malhotra's wife.what else can i expect." khank thought.Only his name made her blush,But she saw a shadow of some one on curtain of terrace."Room is locked , how can some one enter it! was some one already her ! Oh god he is coming toward's terrace door if he entered in the room" thought arohi. She grab her red dupata, and run toward the fruit basket, grab her favorite weapon knife!Someone entrerd The room, she was about stab The knife, but his good luck, he turned back,hold her wrist at right time."Its me 'arjun' ".Said arjun holding her wrist's
She surprised,but lose her balance and they both fall on bed (arohi on top) and "broke it"Unfortunately, for the help they hold the flowers chain,but broke all. flower rain started.

 The warmth of his body and touch of his cheeks made her to get up soon but.. she couldnt. For her help arjun start removing the trap of flowers but accidentally touch her bare back.This act give her a 1000 volt current. with her all energy she kept her hand on his chest , try to get up. but her "neck chain stuck in his button" and she fall again with a great jerk. her hands sliped on his bare chest. their eyes met, and lips only a inch apart so they can feel the breath of each other.
maybe "destiny has something else" in store 4 them.
arohi  got embarrassed, and try to remove the chain 4rm the button, but no use.arjun keep starng at her face.he tried 2 remove da chain, his fingers touched her soft hand. which made her heart beat more fast,due 2 the closeness he can easly feel it. Finally she removed the chain ,he hold her arms ,and help her 2 got up.she got up fast,hairs on her shouldr,snatchng her dupta with one hand,bt she cant move, her dupatta...

"He hold my Dupatta "Thought arohi . she pulled dupattta but didn't succeed ,she turn 2 arjun. Her dupta is stuck under arjun hand,but he didn't realize.becoz of the sight of hr beautiful back .she stared at his hand. he came 2 his senses and get up. she fast cvrd her shoulder with dupata and grab the knife and point  2 arjun.  "U said that ." said arohi but was cut off between arjun.  "Some guest's r staying for tonight there car got punctured so i can't go there u have locked the room i knew that that's i came from back"said arjun 
arjun stared at the  knife,she kept it down, sit on the couch, with teary eyes. 
" Know u have reached so far that u can't turn behind.What i said i have did that,Know it's Ur turn.We have to clear account"Said arjun 
arjun remove his white coat , throw it on the floor, he grab the  bad sheet ,threw it on the floor. pick 1 pillow,blanket lay on the bed showing arohi back.
arohi stood up grab the  pillow, move toward the sofa, which is showing back 2 bed. lay on it ,cover herself with bed sheet.
but both were laying with open eyes, with the flashback of "Past"

arjun opened the door of washroom,entered the room,in white bath rob. with wet hairs. he opened closet ,took out his cloth ..."oh ! arohi, arohi,wake up i have to open the door of room"Said response...while cleang his hair wid towel,he went 2 her, about 2 speak but...

arjun's POV:

She was in deep sleep,  ,her one hand(still holding knife) down 4rm the sofa. 1 hand was near the face. her face... hr eyelash arr so dark , he cheek r like petal of rose ,and hr lips , perfect ,ya perfect for kiss . his eyes moves down 2 her neck. within second his eyes,mouth opened wide. arjun( keepng his hand on his eyes and turn back) " men ne nhi deka, kuch nhi dekha,nhi dekha." thought arjun

He take a deep breath ,removed his hand,opened his eyes. pick the glass of water, turn back and throw on her face. arohi shouted "daddu"(Grand father) and fall from the sofa. She gave him a dirty look, she was not able 2 breath. 2 greatest shock of her life "water while sleepng" and "arjun in bathrobe" .  "What are u staring at huh ? I was trying to wake u up from hour's if i have'nt throwed the water yet it've took my whole life to do that , get up i need to open the door! " said arjun .She stood up,covering herself with dupatta ,and rubng her eyes with other hand. she throw pilow on da bed. took her clothes . while entering the washroom,she turnd around and mumered "MONSTER" and quckly close da door." mere kan bajty hen? pta nhi mujhe kya kya sunai deta he. bt wait ,pr hmesha tb hi sunai dete hen,jb ye aas pas hoti he. he stard washroom door in anger." Said arjun! .arjun opened the door of room : driver car nikalo jldi,late ho rha he" he shouted ,He  close his red shirt buttons, heard jay voice
Jay(in da hallway): "yar tu aaj bhi jldi uth gya? teri waja se men jldi utha hun ,tu kbhi ni bdle ga"Said jay loudly!  jay entrd da room, and lost his senses by seeing the massive room ,and the broken bed.his mouth opend wide. while arjun kept on talking: kyn daily men uthta hun,aaj kun nhi? oye jay, kya hay? pagal ho gya hay?."yar ye, mtlb yar ,umm to ne bed tor dya?"Asked jay.
"Haan unbalance hogya tu call kardena" Said arjun while brushing his hair's
"yar, 1st night  mein hi...tu ne..." said jay .arjun glared at him! furniture ko goli mar, kahan he bhabi, naraz hogai? mayke chlegai?" asked jay!

"pagal he kya,washroom men he kyun"?asked jay looking at the mess !
yar tu ne SR mnai he, ya war ki he? mujhe ni pta tha tu itna desparte tha..."Said jay. arjun  blushed of the thought that what the heck Aksh is thinking!. he gave him a tight slap on his back ,"bnd kr behudgiii" said arjun
"acha mein besharam and you, you broke the bed in 1st night" said jay
arjun beating jay ,while jay laughed  but he stopped ,becoz arohi was standing tottaly embarrassed,in her yellow suit.
"gud mrng bhabi." Shouted jay
arjun stopped but, didn't turn. still showing her back. mean while 
dadi came "ufff tu aaj bhi jldi uth gya? aur jay tu..."shouted dadi! 
"nahi dadi main office ja raha hun" Said arjun
Dadi(2 arjun):" tu to aisa hi rhega, tera kuch ni ho"... but dadi stopped by seeing the condition of room.Shanak  got freeze!
Dadi:get out u both " arjun left and jay behind him !
"gud mrng dadi" said arohi!. "gud morng dear"said dadi
"sorry dadi,., umm... men ye sb saaf..."said arohi!
"tu chor is ko,pehle tyar ho,aur ye kya pehna he? aaj shadi ka pehla din he, chal men tujhe tyar krti hunn" Said dadi!...

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arjun and jay was sitting on the dining table,eating their breakfast . Dadi came with arohi, arjun look at her,she was wearng a cherypink colour shafoon sari, wid daimnd earing,hair open. Dadi is still talking to her but she was so disturbed becoz of sari.she was so uncomfortable,maybe she tried it 1st time, bt she should becoz it realy suit her, jay is lookng at arjun ,so he lookd away.
Dadi made her sit next to arjun, and serve her breakfast. at the time "Kumud" jay and natasha mother, and arjun bua came in her night gown, shouting on maid ,asking 4 water..

she came 2 dining table ,greet every 1
"arjun , arohi Yu both waked up so early ?" Said Kumud wid a smirk on her 
face. "The people's who were invited in Ur will be still Asleep and u both waked up so early?" Said madhvi.arjun took his last sip of juice, leave the  chair and stand up ! " No, actually the reason is i did not slept at night i was awaked till morning" He said unaware of what  he said  .because  of his BOLD answer every 1 got embarrassed,including Kumud. Dadi kept his hand on her head. jay covered his face wid newspapr, and arohi slip the  juice from her mouth and coughed.
" R u alright" said Dadi. "C'mon arohi it's getting late for office"said arjun.

" Idiot On the 1st day of marriage no one work's, u go she'll not join yu" said Dadi!
" What is she gonna do in house, people don't work on 1st day because they spend time together, if she will come with me we will get to spend some time and we will do work also " said arjun. 

"We are having reception in evening, jay will bring arohi early"Said dadi.
 jay went t his room , while Shanak left for office.

"See how Ill mannered he is , how did he replied u"Said madhvi ! And left! 


In cabin, arohi was struggling with her sari , but becausenof thenstrips blouse,her sari palu is slipping 4rm her silky shoulder.She heard a voice behind her. shefali (arohi friend ,wrkd wid her): gud morning MAM. arohi turned around and throw file on her. "Oh so know i am Ur Mam huh, W8 i'll show u what i am ! " said arohi " What will u tell huh know Ur boss of our Boss "Mrs. arjun malhotra" ". Said shefali.
"ya ya i know ok , oh god this stupid sari, i have never weraed sleeveless in my life , i am feeling so uncomortable" said arohi while sitting on her seat.
"c'mon it's so nice, U r looking perfect!Really after marrigae u r glowing even more U r looking so hawt , ok so know tell na what happen yesterday" Said shefali while sitting near her !. "What" Said arohi. " What happened yesterday"said shefali! What!, Go away i need to concentrate on my work! Said arohi getting up but shefali made her sit again!. " U r changing ! remember we promised in cllege that we will tell each other what happened in our SR C'mon tell na what happened ? From where did it start?What did he said ..." Said shefali ! 

"I won't tell, i was'nt sure that i'll get married b4 u ! and ya there is nothing to tell ok! "Said arohi ! " hay hw romanticc,ok cheater ok tell what did he gave u in "mun dikhai" plzz "Said shefali !"I can't show ! 'How will i show u shefali i dun have nay gift' Don't disturb me"said arohi  . she stood ,while shefali hug her 4rm behind.. " oho what have he given Wow ! U can't even tell can't even show oho i din knewed ur KING KONG mean's kk is soo romantic "said shefali. 
" i also dun knw" she said while rolling her eye's

"Oh ok give a hint i'll guess by myself! idiot he hved singed u a song aur have done a poetry ! U can't even tell this "Said shefali , arjun coughed,both girls stand properly,wid shocking expresn on their face."arohi come to my Cabin"said arjun . "No ,..i am yes , i 'll arrange the meeting.just the paper..."Said arohi but arjun cut off! " except work i can't even talk to my wife"said arjun! arohi gulped ,shefali giggles"Go best of luck "said shefali. "Oh damn this is office ,yaha kam hi hota hai Monster !"said arohi getting angry !  
"Ya ya that's why u n boss have did a love marrigae"said shefali n left!
Me n him love,marrigae, love marriage , "IMPOSSIBLE"thought arohi.

AFTER 2 HOURS, arohi was sitting lonely  in her  locked cabin, and crying continuously.

" smjhta kya hai apne aap ko , jb dekho mujhe dante hi rehta he ...sobbing... insult krne ka koi chance ni chorta... " tarzan..., pagal... monster...
 while wiping hr tears her eyes fall on his name, ya his name which iz written wid dark maroon mehndi on her hand, kese pecha chut skta he, jb men ne khud hi uska nam apni lkerun men likh dya he. kash men us se kbhi mili hi na hoti , kash wo raat meri zindgi men aati hi na , men ne kbhi socha bhi nhi tha, meri ek glti mujhe itni bhari pre gi."said arohi!

2 months ago,
arohi was sitting in a office,waiting 4 her turn 4 interview. she was wearing orange frock wid transparent sleeves. "oh God, ye job mujhe mil jay , Dadu  kitne cnfdent the, men apni famly ka bhrosa ni tor skti. han meri family, jise men apni jaan se bi zyada pyar krti hun. mere dadu, mere best friend, retird hen bt ab bhi utne hi active . unke k pyar men kbi realze hi ni hua k mere parents ki death ,mere childhood men ho gai thi.
 chachu, a strng man ,bt sirf chachi se drte hen, aur apne boss se.
 chachi, thori si thiki hen ,bt dil ki buri ni he
 Gauri, meri cousin ,college men he, kyo ki 2 time fail ho chuke he. lekin men us ki best sis hun ,bcoz rat ko late night door men hi kulti hun
Sanchit , my cousin, bt best bro ever.." arohi thought 
she came out of her thought,wen receptn call her,Reception: sir iz callng u..
she was da last candidate, waiting 4rm a lng time.
arohi: sir, may i come in?, A tall, handsome guy was sitting in a cabin. named Abhi gupta 

"yes, come in"Said abhi, arohi  handover him CV,document. "arohi nice name " said abhi! "Thank'z"said arohi, "can u plz gv me glass of watr 4rm dat table"said arohi! "ya sure" said arohi .She stood up, pour water in glass , he was lookng at her, up 2 dwn. she handover him glass , while his hand touchd his soft fingrs. he also stood up. "ye kaam to buht tough he, i mean u itni NAZUK he kese kro gi. mere pas secrtry ki job he..."Said Abhi. " nhi, sir ill try my best. 
 she pick her file and show 2ward him. sir, meri qualifc..."said khank !

He took the  file,4rm her hand, by creasing her hand seductively. "qualities ki waja se to keh rha hun. and kept it on the table. he moved 2ward her ,"mujhe khush krdo,sari umar ash kro gi" and pressed her arms" said Abhi!
 arohi push him, and gave him a tight slap. and she start shouting and saying bad words. all the  office peeps gather dere. 
"Tum ne acha nhi kya, U have 2 pay 4 dis. u dont know me girl."said Abhi
arohi  gave him a dirty look, "go 2 hell",and leaves.! while walking on da road, she thought, "why dese worst people r alive... ghar ja kr sb ko kya kahun gi??" mean while her cell rang...

She came out of her thought, becoz of the call 4rm arjun  cabin. she on the  speaker.She went 2ward arjun cabin, jay look 2ward her... and get quite by seeing her sad. while Shaanpretending 2 read file.
"arohi, sweety kya hua"Said jay! " kuch ni, kyon bulaya?" said arohi
"Nhi yar , kisi ne kuch kaha? and he gave arjun a look, while arjun look 4rm his eye corner" said jay , " jaldi bol, men ja rhi hun." said arohi, "Shanak , mera 4rnd dhundu aa rha he ,apni fiance  Archana  k sath. wo tum dono se milna chahte hen . to plz ehsan krdo, acha behave krna." said jay!

"Mujhe us SHAHRUKH k bigre hue nkshe se nhi milna. wo kbutar buht irritated he, last time bhi mujh se maar khai thi" said arjun...," mera 4rnd he wo, aro tu smbhal legi na, acha chal smile kr"said jay !, she lookd away . jay came 2 her ,and whisper in her ear.. she start laughin. dy both wr laughng. arjun looked at her and thnk" damn her smile.,by seeing it ,any1 cud 4get da sorrows. , God knws ,men is ko dekh kr itna wild kun ho jata hun. kun itna gussa aata he mujhe"arjun thought
dhundu,archi  entered in his cabin, they introduce each other. " Hme late ho rha he,shadi ki shopng krni he, bt jay tum ne thek kaha tha,they r such a lvly couple, realy made 4 each other. inhe dekh kr to mujhe fairy tale ka khyal aat a he..." said archi  " han, han "beauty and da beast ka"said dhundu

arjun  get  angry, well all giggle. 2 chng da topic archi  spoke" wow tum log ki lv marig hui he, wo bhi 2 month date k bad, hw romantic.. ye to phir 1st sight of love hoga na?? pehli baar kb mile the? kya gift dya tha? pta he ,pehli mulaqat men , pehle pyar ka pehla tofa to hmesha yad rehta he" said archi. Shanak lost in dere own thoughts, while dhundu  speaking: han pta he hum bus stop pr mile the.. aur men ne archi ko umbrela..."said dhundu! =arjun  remembrd da flashback of slap, he got up" Mujhe kam he,he leave. while arohi. undrstood.arjun  locked da conference room, and said 2 himself  "han yad rehta he, 1st mulaqat bhi, 1st gft bhi"  said arjun


2 mnths ago,

man: sir, men ne buht koshish ki he, wo nhi maan rhi. mujh se nhi hoga. wo buht zidi he. "Theek he men aata hun." said arjun

He was going upstairs hurriedly,bump wid a girl ,she lost her balance,bt he hold her. aisa lga ek pal k liye dunya ruk gai he. she opnd her eyes. bt  both r nt hvng time 4 thnks, i ran upstair and she dwn stair!v bump in2 echoter, she lost hr balance and i hold her in my arms , she closd hr eyes in fear. dnt knw bt i felt smethng dfrnt,bcoz of da closeness . she stood up, still lookng in my eyes, maybe she also felt da same . bt 4 all dis, v both wr nt hvng time. she ran 2ward dwnstair, and i upstair.
i askd da man(lawyer) whr is she? just den i heard a voice behnd me"  
A+ blod group avalble nhi he,"
doctor: v try, bt i dnt thnk koi faida he, aap khud kahin se arange kro.

I lookd 2ward her, she...da same girl,i met on stairs... was in her own thoughts , starng on her cell, maybe she was hvng no courage 2 tell dis all 2 hr family.

i went 2 her and said: i wanna talk 2 u," she was still lookng dwn ,her face iz pale orange,like her dress, umm...dekho ye accidnt meri car se hua he... she loked 2ward me ,and b4 i cmplet, she gave me a tight ,hard slap, da ever 1st slap of my life.

I got shocked, and da ppl on dat floor of hospital got 4reeze, 
she started" ku** ho, kam*** ho, ghtya aadmi, pehle tum ne mere bhai ka accident kya, aur ab police se bchne k liye us ki zndgi ka soda krna ciahte ho , bt listen 2 me u ****** PAISE SE SB KUCH KHRIDA NHI JASKTA,HAR CHEEZ KI KIMAT NHI HOTI,NA TU KISI K EMOTIONS,FEELINGS, AUR NA HI RISHTE" she grab my collar , doctor came 2 rescue me, she brust out on dem also ,"aur aap ise hosptal kehte hen, patent k liye blood to arange kr nhi skte, agr mere bhai ko kuch hua, to men pure hosptal men aag lga dungi ", while sayng dis she broke dwn and sit on da floor, started crying badly...

I realy feel bad, dnt knw bcoz of da slap,or by seeing hr like dis. I said 2 dr. my blood group  A+ he, men blood dunga. she lookd up at me wid her teary red eyes. after giving  him blood , i went 2 her, give her da bale paprz and pen, she took it and signed , took da paprz , and said 2 her " men ne tumhare bhai ko blood dya, aur tum ne us ki kimat di,tum ne bail k paprz sign kiye , account clear , lekin jo slap tum ne mujhe mara he, us ka account abhi baki he, and trust me I"ll clear it as soon as possible."said arjun , she gave me a dirty look, i left.

I was drivng fast, i hv 2 reachd da police statin, 4 bail of jay,ya jay. my cusn,bro,only 4rnd,jay did da accidnt , i hv 2 bail him fast, bcoz he had 2 reach delhi in da morng, 4 his exam. ye us k career ka sawal tha, mujhe khudi sb kuch smbhalna tha, ghr men btata bhi to kis ko, dadi? my dad? papa,mom(jay parents), no i cudnt.Thought arjun

I bailed him, bt cnt get of my thoughts about her. hw dare she? bt den i came 2 knw ,my lawyer offerd her check, uff dats mean her anger was right.. bt wait she slaped me? hw dare she? she hasss 2 pay.Thought arjun!


 I was looking out of da window, thought" she was nt wrong, not I, bt after dat all thngs became wrong...worst, i took out my cigaratte,and smoke, maybe destiny has chosed dat path 4 us...

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arjun ad arohi are working in the same cabin, checking papers , file . for 1 hour, they both were silent, while taking out the files, and walking here to there in tension,embarrassment just then there eyes met, which made the situation more awkward, something is bothering them, but they cant figure out,while taking out file from cabin,arohi broke the silence "Damn this Sari..."
 "So take take it out" said arjun and the realizing.. , arohi gave him a shocking expression, "i,ahem,i mean, So why did wear it?" arjun corrected
"I am not interested  in doing experiment,its dadi who had put me in this horrible prob..."explained arohi. arjun concentrating on  his own work, "You can't face problems..."said arjun
arohi:Huh, Ahan So mr.Malhotra why don't u give this advic to yourself first!"said arohi giving him a smirk.
arjun got angry, because he know, that she know , he is afraid of dadi only. she was struggling with sari and her files fall, she was about to grab them. but arjun strong grap hold her arm tightly ,her sari slipped from her shoulder,
" arjun  leavee my hand"said arohi struggling with her haand
"Neither i face problems nor i solve them, i just finish them"said arjun    
 by saying this, he moved her sari to her shoulder, and open his broach,from his shirt. he moved his fingers, under her blouse strips, 4 fixing the sari. "Aise khtam krte hen prblms" he looked at her face, by seeing her red blushed face, he realized what have he done, his fingers are still under her blouse touching her bare shoulder. they were looking into each other eyes.Her heart beating fast and he became breathless. Suddenly jay entered the cabin...
"yar dadi... oops...wrong timing" Said jay and turned back.
arjun and arohi looked away and turned facing each other back.
"What is the matter jay" asked arjun
"Dadi Have called u both at home" Said jay.
"Tak her i have work to do" Said arjun getting irritate.
"So what was u doing till now?" Giggled jay..
"shutup" Said arjun
"Yah i want to go home"said arohi.
I am waiting at parking lot" Left jay laughing.
 arohi ran toward the door, but she heard a voice, "no, it cant,it impossible...
 they both turn back, and saw arohi sari was stuck in arjun sleeve button, and because of da broach ,it was tore form the mid...
 arjun mouth open wide, while she start crying,and said " Know how will i be going out?  I don't face probs i just finsih them hun, hun my foot" 
he took out his coat, take dis no 1 cud see da tear part.
arohi: itni sari dhup men coat, log pagal smjhenge.
arjun: ek rasta he...
 in da parkng , jay,shefali was laughing, arjun and arohi came, arohi wearing arjun coat, while he wrapped her in his arms.

shefali: arohi are u alryt?
arohi stard arjun..
arjun: I won't be coming with u guys,she would miss me so i gave her my coat so... (looking down)  
shefali: sir ,how romantic
arjun: better v get back 2 work. dy leave,while arohi,jay sat in the car.

jay:arohi U know what i am damn happy !
arohi: Why did u got Malaika arora phone number
jay: o ,Nah,For arjun ,for u both.
 I Still remembered 2 months before, Later on u got to know that i did the accident and u blamed arjun,he was innocent me n ashish were friends i was the only one that brought ashihsh in hospital and remember arjun handled abhi's company abhii the man who misbehaved with u in interview U thought it was arjun...

It was her 1st day,rudr introduced dem. dy pretend  that they dint knew eachothr, they shook hand, bt arjun pressed her hand tightly, 4 shwng his anger,it was painful , she want to took out her hand, bt not so..Sunil was busy on his phone.She closed her eyes and wid all her effort , she pressed her nails in his hand, arjun shouted and leave her...
Sunil: wt happen son?
 he still holding his hand bcoz of pain.
arjun lft, dy both hv 2 share da same cabin, arjun mood was Horrible bad, he was writing, jay entered, and looked his hand, da marks were visible

jay: hey arjun, hey whats that!?
arjun:a..a kuch nhi
 arohi enterd
Akashh:hi arohi , she  pretend to wrk, Shaa push him: Go away lemme concentrate! Its coz of ..a...Table yeah table. 
jay: jhoot na bol, mujhe experence he, k ye kis situatin k hen.
arjun raised his eyebrow:kis situatin ke?
jay: yar mujhe tujh se to ye umeed nhi thi, aesa kya krdya jo nubat yahan tk aagai
 Khaank file droped, 
jay: sory men bhul gya ta tum yahan ho, lekin kya fraq prta he , men to aisa hi hun.tum aadat dal lo. aur as a 4rnd tum btao, grls apne nail press kb krti hen??..

arjun grab his collar 4rm back" Come with me i'll xplain.


 jay: He hit me soo much that day,lo ghr aagya...
tum dono k bich kuch to he, wo to mujhe pehle hi pta tha, aur ab to mujhe ye bhi pta chal gya ko wo mark kis k the, dekha mujhe sb pta he.

arohi:(2 herself) tumhe ab bhi, kuch nhi pta jay.'..

dedicated to you all  Enjoy ;)
arohi was getng ready 4 da reception party,she was wearng electric blue suit, with pearl embroidry. she was lookng stuning as always , while wearing earing ,she heard shoutng...
arjun entrd da room running: nhi, dadi sorry , juti nhi.(closed da door of washroom quickly)

arohi was cnfused , dadi enterd( juti in hand)" kahan he ye ullu ka pttha ? 3 bje call kya tha, aate aate 6 bja gye? sare guest aagay hen. agr ye 10 mnt men bahir na nikle to tu bs akr mujhe bta dena. theek he? 

arohi laughed: wow kya scene tha, arjun aur juti. keep it up dadi, hope 4 more muuah. ye kya? wallclock me 4 bj rhe hen, ye bnd hogai, kahan dekhe the mene cell, milgay . mera hath nhi jayega, ye round stool le leti hun. (stand on it), shit mera hath to ab bhi nhi ja rha. 

arjun come out of da washroom , wrapped in maroon towel , wid bare chest. she suddenly lookd at him, and fall . bt she felt strong arms around her. she opened her eyes...
my eyes lost in his deep brown eyes.he was lookng hottt. his wet hairs and drop of water on him made my throat dry. my arms r restng on his wet , bare wide chest and neck. damn he iz so sexy. 
da fear in her eyes mk them more attractve. her few hairs r on her cheeks, like dew on rose. instead of cloths, i can fell da softness of her body, bcoz my arms r restng on thigh , and back.
her shivrng lips mkng me thirstyy, her heart was beatng fast , i can feel it bcoz her body is mvng up and dwn,and collidng wid my chest.. i just wanna stare her...

arjun: (sneeze on her)
arohi: eww, yuck
dy both come 2 dere senses and arjun drop her on da floor.
arohi: shouted in pain.
she got up. and turned around.
arohi: tumhe shram nhi aati , tumhe pta he yahan men hun aur tum towel men ho...
arjun: i 4got my bathrob, aur u kya chahti ho men ye bhi na pehnu.(raised his eyebrow)

arohi: huh, nhi, men is type ki nhi hun. 
arjun giggle , she reached out of da room"dadi ko bejh rhi hun" .arjun:hey arohi,no stop!
arohi in da hall thought"hw cud u do dis, hw cud u lose ur self, and 4 dat monster? jo kuch bhi us ne mere sath kya he men nhi bhul skti, no, I HATE HIM.
all da guest r greetng Shanak in reception party.same lines are echoing evrywhere "wow mrs.arjun singhania iz realy beautiful , wow beautiful cople, kitna pyar he dono ki aankhon men" . madhvi came wid her 4rnds, "cngrate arjun, realy nice choice , da other 4rnd said" mujhe to pehle hi pta tha, infact sare chandigarh ko pta chlgya tha , k tum dono ka chakar he , agr shadi hi krni thi , to itna tmasha kyon kya tha? (laughed) Shanak both become embaras , he looked at arohi, her eyes r red, and full of tears. she excuse herself, move 4rm dere. only da memory of dat night, made her cry.

jay: arohi, tum yahan corner men kya kr rhi ho?

arohi: nhi, kuch nhi.

jay: men sb smjhta hun, tum meri 4rnd ho. sb theek ho jayega, arjun buht acha he, wo bahir se macho lgta he , bt asal men wo buht emotinal he. jb use dadi k cancer ka pta chla tha , men ne usse khud study me rote hue dekha he , arohi gave her a shocking expression. jay cntnue: ghr me wo sirf dadi se hi to attach he, apne dad se to wo bat bhi nhi krta, jb dadi ne operation k liye us ki shadi ki shrat rkhi, to men ne expect nhi kya tha k wo itni jldi maan jayga . bt men buht khush hun , us ne tumhe choose, some 1 call jay and he leaves,
arohi: dadi ko cancer he? us ne ye baat mujhe to kbhi nhi btai..

arjun came out of da washroom in his night suit and bump in arohi. he took his laptop and sit on his bed. arohi stand near 2 him.

arjun(widout lookng):kya chahey?
arohi: hun... um ... tum se bat krni thi.

arjun: to ab kya kr rhi ho??

arohi: nhi, ye nhi wo wali baat.

arjun raised his eybrow, arohi also sit on da bed. arohi:arjun mujhe sb pta chl gya he.
arjun: kya(in worried)? kese pta chla ?
arohi: jay ne btaya
arjun(made face): jay ne?
arhoi(lookng dwn): han us ne btadya , k dadi ko cancer he, aur tum ne un k liye kya kuch kya... jo kuch bhi us rat ko hua... i just hate u...(she stood up) no... i still hate nw... she looked at him, his eyes r still stareing her. ... um... gud night, and ran to washroom.

arjun put his hand on his head" men to dar hi gya tha, thnk god isse kuch nhi pta chla... vrna dunya ki koi takat isse chup rehne se nhi rok skti...
arohi screamed in da washroom , arjun hurriedly mv 2 washroom... 
arjun stood up bcoz of hr scream , arohi run hurriedly 4rm da washroom , and climb up da bed and stood on it.
arjun :kya hua?
arohi: ugly... motta... chuhan(mouse)...
arjun: hw cud u dare? tum ne mujhe ugly, motta , chuhan bola? aur mere bed pr slippers se khri ho??(in anger)
arohi: nhi nhi tum nhi ...washroom men chuhan he...
arjun(rolled his eyes and closed da door of washroom): khud hi chla jayrga, utro neche..
arohi: nhi men nhi utrun gi, no use ghr se bahir nikalo..nikalo...
arjun(pulled her hand): washroom me he yahan nhi he, ja kr sojao, wrna subah full water jug dalun ga tumhare upar.
arohi: men itne heavy cloths men nhi so skti,mujhe chnge krna he, tum bahir jao ,.
he throw his cigarrate in dustbin , opend da door , bt again come back and locked da door.
arjun: men kahin nhi ja rha, starts doing his wrk on laptop.
arohi: kyun jao, men ne chnge krna he.
arjun: bahir mom hen.
arohi: unhe bol do men chnge kr rhi hun.
arjun: wo kahin gi , tumhari biwi he, neighbour ki nhi.
arohi: aisa thori hota he, agar men tumhari wo wali wife bhi hoti , to bhi tumhe bahir nikal kr chnge krti..
arjun: bt men to nhi jaata na...
arohi(furious): itne bare pearls hen is par, men in kaproon men nhi so skti
arjun: to yahi chnge krlo.
arohi: hoo, tumhare samne?
arjun: men kam kr rha hun, aur tumhe aisa kyon lgta he, men tumhe dekhun ga?
arohi: tumhe aisa kyun lgta he , k tum mujhe nhi dekho ge...
arjun: aww, shutup , jo chahe kro, i dnt care... bt me kahin jane wala nhi hun

arohi: theek he, men light off kr k kapre chnge krleti hun, tum apna laptop off kro..

arjun: enough, tum ne pehle hi mera buht time waste krdya he, aur agr tum ne ab light off ki na... to men light bhi on krdun ga aur tumhe dekhun ga bhi...

arohi: cme and stand near 2 him..,arjun asked:nw wht? arohi(puppy face): men yahan so jaun...? plzzz
arjun: men sofa pr sone wala nhi hun.
arohi: men tumhare sath so juan?
arjun(wide eyes),
arohi: sofa washroom k pas he, agr rat aagya to. men bilkul corner pr so jaungi , tumhara blanket bhi nhi lungi , raat ko cough bhi nhi krun gi( she coughed bcoz of his cigrat) men ne 4 spoon syrup pi liya he... plz mujhe yahan sone do...mujhe chuhon se buht dar lgta he...plz, plz

arjun: theek he so jao,
arohi: sit on da little place near him, almost touchng him.
arjun: pura bed khali he, yahan kun bethi ho??
arohi: ye side washroom se zyada dur he
arjun:scream , close his laptop and mvd 2 oder side"pagal larki" and lay on da bed.

arohi(lay near 2 corner): arjun mr.gupta leave pr he na?
arjun: hun
arohi: to ab project ka kya hoga?
arjun: pta nhi koi experience milna chahe
arohi: arjun tum michael ko wapis..
arjun(loked at her, cntrol his anger): tumhe equal right he,tum kisi ko bhi rkh skti ho, lekin jo kuch us ne kya, mujhe lga tum us ka face bhi nhi dekho gi.

arohi(sit): us se galti hogai,
arjun(sit): tum ise galti kehti ho?
arohi: jo kuch bhi usne kya , pyar k liye kya, wo pyar men tha, aur pyar men kuch sahi, galat nhi hota.
arjun: to jitne bhi ppl jail men he sb pyar krte hen?
arohi(lay dwn): o ho , tumhe smjh nhi aayga.
arjun:smjhna bhi nhi he , lay dwn and turn 2 other side.
arohi(2 hrself): i knew arjun tumhara gussa jaez he, kash... kash men michael se engage na hoti...
arjun was sleeping in a deep sleep , just he feel a disturbance around him. he wanted 2 turn other side , bt some thing stab him. he took da thng and wid great effort he opened his eye , in a dim light he realized , it was nthng else but arohi kameez.

his eyes opened wide and looked 2ward her. "da bad decision ever"
she was wearing her blue trouser, and sleeveless blue top reachng his half stomach, wid a big deep round neck,infront and back(she was wearing under her kameez).
and wid one hand, she iz grabing a corner of blanket, and pullin it her deep sleep. she is shivering wid cold, arjun just lost in her charm, she is lookng so seductve, her each curve iz visible, arjun loose grip of blanket, she pulled and cvring herself ,bt wait dats nt enough 4 him. 
he again pull da blanket, she mvd her nose, oh god , hw cute she is. anger expression made her more beautiful , she iz mvng her legs bcoz of cold , wid her 1 hand she istrying 2 cvr her other arm. damn she is so hot. she iz mvng her hand on bed 4 blanket, he put his elbow on bed and keep his head on his hand. he left da blanket , she touched it, and about 2 grab bt he again mvd it far. she wid furious mvd closed and closed , he realy enjoying watchng her, he just want 2 spend his whole life by just teasing her like dis . her expressions , her body move , and ya specialy "she was sleeping, so mean no bak bak" made her more ...

she came closed 2 him, he took da blanket and cver her , she instantly keep her arms around him , and her head on his chest.
while wraping blanket his hand touched her bare cold body, his heart skip a beat, ya somethng iz dere about her , whch made her restless . her hairs creasing her cheeks, irritating her , he blow on it, she mvd herself on him , try 2 remove da hairs, he again blow on her ,she again rub her cheeks. hez reached near her about 2 kiss , bt suddenly stopped"shame on u, u cant do dis, move 4rm here, otherwise she will kill u."

he tryd his best, bt she was holding him tight...

arohi rubbed her eyes and want 2 get up, opened her eyes and saw arjun. she was still laying on his chest. she try 2 get up, also arjun. she saw herself and cvrd her wid blanket, both r blushng. arjun got up and went 2 washroom

michael: gud morning sir.
arjun rolled his eyes and went into his cabin. michael sadly lookd away, and saw arohi standing dere .

arohi: gud morning, michael.
michael: gud morning. 
arohi:arjun ne kuch kaha?
michael: nhi,
arohi: dnt worry , men us se bat krun gi 
michael: i m sorry sh... 
arohi kept hr fnger on his lips, "no need , i already 4gv u.
michael hug her tightly" u r such a princess"
arohi: ok nw leave me, itna sara kam he.
michael: ya, thnks arohi , thnk u so much. and he leaves.

arohi: blue print to men ne jay ko dye the, bt wo he kahan?
arohi looked 4 him, and saw he was talking wid shefali by holding her hand.

arohi: jay?? busy ho?

jay( leave hr hand): nhi men to ise bta rha tha...

arohi: kya? k ye kal function men sb se achi lg rhi thi?

jay embarsed , shefali blushed and went 4rm dere.

jay: jldi kam finish kro, hme jana he
arohi: kahan?

jay(in a seductive voice): date pr..

arohi(in a serious tone): tum ne der krdi...

jay(in filmy style): nhii , ye nhi ho skta.,
arohi laughed and beat him , 
jay: tumhe date pr le ja kr mrna he mene , tumhara arjun mujhe soli chra dege, jldi se kam kro, sath men chale ge.


arjun was on stairs reachng his room , his cell rang

arjun: hmmm jay kya ha?
jay: room men mt jayo

arjun: kyun, rat abhi nikla nhi?

jay: yar rat nhi, teri sherni mere sath he.

arjun(cnfused): sherni??

jay: :\

arjun(curiously): ye sb saman mere room se nikla he??

jay: abe , arohi mere sath he, hum dhundu ki re engagement party men ja rhe hen, tum bhi jldi aajayo.

arjun(furiously): us kabootar ki to engagement last year
U.S men hogai na? us ki ring bhi us ki trhan kabootar thi , jo ur gai ?? 

jay: uri nhi he, wo to tradational party thi na, ye hmare type ki party he , only 4rnds ,drink , music, fun... aur dadi ne bhi bola he tumhe bulane ko 
arjun: k i'll come, cut call.

jay,dhundu, archi, arohi, arjun standng in dhundu room and talking, still dere r few minutes in da party , waiter came wid drinks glasses , arjun was wearing all black, arohi was wearing white churidar
arjun and dhundu grab da same glass, and all drinks fall, spoiled arohi dress.

jay: shit, tumhari dress to white he, ye saf bhi nhi hogi.

arohi: its ok, arjun driver k sath aaya tha, bahir driver he, men ghr chali jati hun, u guys enjoy...

dhundu: nhi, tum aise kese ja skti ho.,

archi: han arohi, mere pas bilkul new dress he ,men ne aaj hi li he, aur hm tumhe shadi pr koi gift bhi na de ske, ye to tumhe leni hi pre gi,

arohi: no, its ok

jay: wo aesi dress kese pehni g? 
archi grab her hand, kyon jb men ne pehni he? party men sb ne pehni he to ye kyon nhi pehn skti... and drag her out of da room. 
party has started , evry1 is enjoying, drinks , music, dance... arjun, jay ,dhundu drinking while archi came" hey guys enjoying?" dhundu :"arohi kahan he? archi pull her 4rm behind, and 3 got da shock of 1000 watt , arohi was wearing black short dress .
she was lookng dwn , in shy. jay , dhundu , arjun staring her continuously, wid mouth opened wide , archi wave her hand in front of dem" hey 3 idiots, lga na zor ka jhatka?"
they stood properly, jay and dhundu started praising her. bt arjun still nt cm out of da shock. archi pull arohi arm and mk her stand next 2 arjun , "nw perfect , mr. hottie and mrs.hotti , da hottest couple ever" dy 3 admired shanak and left, light wents off , only disco lights r there, evry1 iz dancing in loud music, arjun went 2 da other corner of da hall 4 drink. arohi suddenly saw, arjun was still staring her 4rm far. she blushed, she looked here and dere , and saw again 4rm corner of her eyes, oh he is still staring while sipping his drink. she felt goosebumps on da way his sight is admiring her, her heart bouncing, she just want 2 get rid of dis awkward situation, wid courage she looked in his eyes, to tell her she caught him. arjun embarrased , mv 2 dance floor , soon a girl join him. arohi didnt like it, a boy cm and stand nxt 2 her
viktrant: hi beautiful
arohi: hello
vkrnt: wud u like 2 dance wid me?
arohi(look arjun): ya sure,
dy both reachd da dance floor, arohi: mujhe itna acha dance nhi aata, aap kisi aur ko join kr len.
vkrnt: oh come on, u r...
arjun cme btwn dem, broke da dance
vkrant: xcuse me
arjun: xcuse us, cud i dance wid my wife
jay: wife ,? mk sad fce, and mv.
arohi: kuch kam tha mujh se?
arjun: just look her ,furiously.
she smiled , she just lv 2 see him furious. 
she is about 2 leave, bt arjun stopped him,
arohi: kya?
arjun: wo..(wid wide eyes)
arohi: kya?
arjun: tum...tumhari zip khul...
arohi: point fnger 2 him, and wid 1 hnd check her back." mujhe aise cheep jokes pasnd nhi... ye to... zip toot gai. she turn herself , her back is cvrng in arjun chest. while arjun lookng here and dere.
arjun: zip ka holder nikal gya hoga, press kro theek ho jayga.
arohi(weeping): mera hath nhi puhnch rha holer tk, men kya krungi ? room men kese jaun stairs pr light he, start crying.
arjun: chup ho jao, kuch krta hun, umm... ek hi rasta he...
arohi : hoo , nhi , log kya khein ge, kuch aur socho,
arjun: acha , aise jao gi to kya khen ge? soch lya, khre rho yahan sari zndgi men ja raha hun.
 she stopped him, they began 2 dance in same position. arjun place his chin on her shoulder, grab her arms 4rm 2 front, 4 shwng evy1 , dt dy r dancing. dey mvd slowly slowly backward leaving da dance floor. he touch her ear wid his lip 4 shwng othr dat he kissed. but it was not so easy, leaving her skin widout kissing, is realy a big deal.. he reached da chair, as he thought, he sat, and make her fall on her lap. most of ppl r busy in dancing, and if some saw dem, so just laughed , wht cud u expect 4rm newly wed couple. 
her back iz collide wit his chest, she was sitting on his lap. she cant bare his body heat so about to slip bt arjun hold her, wrapng his arm around her stomach. 
wid his 2nd hand, he pushed her hair 4rm her back 2 shoulder. his every single touch mk her heart bounce, he cudnt resist, and kissed her bare shoulder, she held his hand whch was on her stomach. he started kissing her shoulder and back. his hand is cressing her body, she just close her eyes, she just wanted 2 feel da moment cmpletly. he reached 2 her zip,, he placed his teeth on it, his hot lips on her bare back, made her moan.
aftr dn, he slowly bring it down, his finger creasing her body, when he reached till end, he mvd da holder up in a jerk, her zip is closed.
 she quickly got up, as well he. dy looked into each other eyes. he pull her 2ward him, dere chest collide, he hold her face wid 1 hand, and wid other tightly press her back, kissed deeper,and stronger as he cud. 
on his hairs , while his mving up and dwn on her back..

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         arohi was standing in a parking, near da car. her heart is still bouncing fast bcoz of da incident, whch happend just a momen be4. she looked up and saw arjun was dragging jay wid his collar, jay was shouting, crying. he throw jay on drvr seat, sit on da passenger seat, and she sat on da back seat. he rested his chin on his fist, start looking on da deserting road . she was sitting wid lowered eyes,

jay(crying lk a child while driving): tu hmesha mere sath aisa krta he , mujhe 4rnds k sath jana tha aur drvr bhi khali car le kr jaya, sob, bt tujhe mujh se hi drive krana he. hmesha apne muscle ka rob jharta he , marta rehta he.,... koi meri bat bhi nhi sunta.
arjun forced him 2 drive, bcoz he cant sent her wid drver in late night. nor he wanted 2 reamin alone wid her. both r quite and red in embarrsed. dy reached home, jay went 2 his room , arjun went 2 study and lock it. arohi lock her room and fall on bed, start crying...

arjun smoking, mving fingers in his hairs.." why? why alwys dis happen 2 me? whnevr she is closed, i cudnt control my self. . . dis is da 2nd time i bcm a looser, ya 2nd time i did da same mistake. . . she always made me fall 4 her, she always win , and i always lose. . . ., no, arjun singhania nvr loose."impossible" he crush da cigarret wid his shoe " I HATE HER "

arohi was crying, she threw pillows, cussion, dwn on da floor. she hold her head " why? why u did dis 2 me ?why i evn dnt able 2 try 2 stop? whnevr u just around me , i just wnt 2 sink in ur arms. . . dis is da 2nd time, u did wht u want. . . and i ? why i lose my world in seeing ur brwn eyes. . . no, i cnt fall 4 a monster"impossible" . i cnt 4get wht u did wid me, , and i dnt want 2 4get". . .
dy both curse dere fate" da prsn dey hate da most , is da one dy only kissed"

*dy both thnk da past bt me writing as a story nt pov.*

arohi was gng 4 office in hurry bcoz she iz late again, in dese 3 weeks, it becm his habit 2 gv her a lecture on punctuality..." aaj bhi bhashan sunna pre ga... late night office men stay krta he, subha kese uth jata he? oh God ye late kyun nhi hota"
she reached da hall 4 getng out, saw chachi, gauri happy wid gifts.
chachi: dekha mera beta kitna like he.
chachu rolled his eyes , and went.
sanchit: hey arohi, dekh men teri liye bhi gift laya hun. "cell phone", nxt week teri engagement he, shadi ho kr chli jaegi to mera jb dil krega, men tujh se baat...
arohi: itne sare paise kahan se aay?(serious tone)

sanchit: wo papa mujhe dantte hen na, men koi kam nhi krta , to umm.. men ne pt time job kr li he

arohi: ye konsi job he, jis men pay ek hi week men mil gai!?
chachi: arohi tum abhi tk office nhi gai,..
sanchit leave, so arohi bt she thought" she has 2 ask sanchit about dis "


jay: yar tujhe pta he last week arohi ka rishta te hogya , aur wo bhi michael k sath..
arjun: so wht a big deal?(busy on laptop)

jay: arohi and michael, mujhe acha nhi lg rha...
arjun: whts new? tujhe aaj tk kbhi kisi lrki ki shadi se kushi hui he, jo aaj hogi?

jay: yar wo baat nhi, kahan wo "cinderalla" or kahan wo..wo..flatter, loose character, yar romit to use college se janta he, wo itna acha larka nhi he aur shefali bta rhi thi" us ki mom buht greedy wo to pehle hi chahti thi, koi job wali larki mile,arohi ne chachi ke pressure men aakr han ki" 
arjun: us ki prsnl life he.

jay: kya persnl, kl bhi mene use kisi larki k sath dekha, i mean nxt week us ki engagement, pr ab bhi wo hr roz ek nai larki k sath hota he... hw cheap he iz! and she is pious like a pearl of oyster...
meri bat to we serious leti nhi, tu us se baat kr..t.b.c

jay: tu bat krna. .
arjun: kun men teri trhan pagal hun? ab ja mujhe kam he.
jay: leaves," pta nhi kon se mesterious kam krta rehta he"
by hearing jay dis cment, he mv his hand on his throat, drnk water" i will win, mr.sinha men aa rha hun"
da dy passed wid da same hectic work, arohi was checking file, michael came
michael: sari dunya ghr ja rhi he, aur tumhara to kam hi khtam nhi hota,

arohi: just dis last file, kal bhi to mujhe hi krni he naa!

michael: han to kal krna,(close her file), ab utho, aaj men tumhe ghr chor rha hun

arohi: nhi its ok michael men chli jaungi.
michael: kya yar tumhara kuch nhi hoskta. . . colege men bhi gauri aur sanchit jate the tum kbhi nhi jati thi, life ko enjoy krna sikho jese tumhare cousins krte hen. . .itna acha mausam he,hmari shadi hone wali he, ek date ka haq to bnta he na mera. . .
she just want 2 stick wid her chair after listnin wrd"date", shefali all speeches start spinin in her head" touch , hug , kiss" , no ,never, she is nt ready 4 dis all, ya she knew michael 4rm college,4rnd of her gauri sanchit, oftenly come 2 her house wid mom , mchael mom liked arohi as a "sensible girl" , asked her hand 4 his hand. bt she dsnt want 2 marry, she wanted 2 live wid dadu, bt chachi forced all 2 agree. she loved her family more dan her life, so 4 da sake of dere happiness, she agreed. . .
michael grab her wrist, 4 broke her thoughts. his touch made her angry, bt she controled. ya she is gng 2 engage wid him, bt her heart still cnt expect him, she feel nthng new , nthng change , no flwers , no wind , no music as shefali told her. . . her heart still saying 2 her" no one hv right on u, bt only. . .," she calm herself" maybe i m new in da relation, and nt of dat type of girl, maybe it took time. . ."

arjun entered, michael still holding her wrist, and arguing.
arjun(shouted): michael
michael leaved her, she looked arjun wid grateful eyes , he looked like a prince, who came 2 rescue her.
arjun: han michael, report ready he?
michael: yes sir, aap k cabin men he.
arjun: arohi survey cmplt hogya?
arohi: nhi , wo
arjun: kb hoga, i want right nw,
arjun about 2 leave, stopped looked michael" tum bhi ovrtime kr rhe ho"
michael: no sir, me just gng. he went quickly.
arjun mvd 2 his cain"jay sahi keh rha tha,. . .mere samne to kenchi ki trhan zuban chlti he, aur us idiot michael k samne . . , i dnt care,
arohi was doing happily her work in separte cabin, she was staying in da whole office alone wid him, bt nt a single wrong thought cme in her mind, he iz proudy, arogant , monster rude, bt about his character she has no doubt, bt she is shocked he cud undrstnd her felings, fear, bt michael. . .

AT 11:40 PM
arjun was smoking, tired, leaving 4 home. he heard a decent voice of singing, saw"arohi was sitthing on table, file on lap and wid her foot plyng wid chair, arjun:arohi, she stand up, arange her dupatta, "tum yahan kya kr rhi ho" "wo survey cm.."
arjun:pagal ho? pure week ka kam ek din men krogi?
arohi: wo tum ne. . .
dy both quite, 
arjun: chlo, late hogya he ghr chlo. . . main gate band he, back door se chlo
arohi joined him, dy went out, cool breeze is blowing,

dy went out,cool wind is blowing arjun went 2 parking, and arohi 2 road, lookng eachother wid corner of eyes.
arjun stopped da car near arohi. . .arohi raised her eybrow, arjun: ahem. . um. . . aao tumhe chor dun, um. . .rat zyada hogi he. .meri waja se. . um. . .bus bhi nhi aaygi ab. . .txi bhi nhi. . .chor dun . .txi tk.
arohi: taxi tk? (2 herself): is ne kunsa raste men gari khrab hone ka bahana krna he. ok, (sit) wese bhi tumhara fault he. . .
arjun was drivng fast bcoz of deserted road, both spoke in da same moment
arohi: kitna acha mausam, roled dwn window
arjun: kitna khrab mausam he, rolled up windw
looked each other, rolled dere eyes, cool breze blowing arohi hairs, she is enjoying like a child, her twinkling eyes, glwing cheeks, curved lips in smile ,force arjun 2 accept dat jay was right. she is inocent like a child , in her white dress she iz looking angel, radio was on bt aftr news a romantic song played, whch create an awkward position, on da same moment dy try 2 off da radio so dere hands touch, touch of him mk hr shiver, dy both embarased.
sudenly car stoped, arjun: ise kya hogya start kun nhi ho rhi, arohi gv hm a suspicious look. arjun: men ne kuch nhi kya, den rain started, arohi: jao ja kr check kro, arjun: ye drvr k kam hen, men nhi krta. he called driver 2 bring another car. arjun: tum pagal ho wndw upar kro, sara pani andar aa rha he. .arohi ignord him , and enjoying rain. arjun bent 2 her, spining da handle 2 close wndw. arohi started mvng his hand, " nhi ye meri side ki wndow men nhi bnd krne dungi, agr dadu ne mna nhi kya hota to men bahir chali jati" in arguing he hold his hand , his 1 arm is restng on her lap and other grab da back of her sit, she looked him he was so near 2 hr, she cud fell his breath on her lips. due to sound of lightning ,she came 2 hr senses and mvd her face. arjun got embrsd of da thought dat come 2 his mind bcoz of her closeness, he went out of da car in da rain, open bonet of car. he felt shelter on his head, he lookd, arohi was standng nxt 2 him wid umberela, arohi(puppy face) daddu kehte hen pehle mausam ki pehle barish men bheegna acha nhi hota" he mvd half of da umberela 2 her, bcoz she was drenched, arjun:daddu ki bat to sb ko man ni chahey". dy both smiled, dis is da 1st time, dy r behvng properly. strg wind blow and her umberela also flew away, she ran behind it, arjun: rehne do, wapis aao, mausam theek nhi he car men betho, drvr aa rha he. her white dupatta also flew and stick da tree, , she got tensed and trying 2 grab her dupatta. arjun was lookng dis all 4rm little far. he knew its wrong bt he cant even mv a eye 4rm her. she is drenchng in rain, her skin is fully visible in her white suit. her suit is sticked on her each curve, exposing hw s*** she is. with 1 hand she is trying 2 cvr her uper body, and wid da other snachtng her dupatta., da blushing bcoz his cntinus stare, mad her red.
4rm da back he kept his coat on her shoulders, she turn back lost in eachother.
arohi: he was lookng so cute wid his wet hairs, da faling drops of rain on his face is just like a fire, his muscular firm body is fully visible in his white shirt, his hot breath is mkng me sweatng evn in rain, he is hot, 2 hot 2 handle

arjun: evry name jay gv 2 her right, bt da best name 4 her is" fairy, fairy of fairy land", no 1 cud explain her beauty, no match of hr in dis wrld, princess of beauty fairy, she is pure, new,untouched, like fairy, who evry man wants 2 touch , and he too. 
drop of rains n hr lip, realized him he was thirsty 4rm decaes. . he just wanted 2 taste her siled lips. . .hw cud he resist, she is. . .too. . . 4 ber. .
da rain drop was about 2 slip, he hold it by pressing his lips 2 her. . . his soft lips and hot body, took her all senses, she nly did wht he want . . .

arohi come dwn stairs , her head is spining of da thought dat hw will she face arjun aftr yesterday incident. . .bt she got unexpected news, arjun left 4 singapore for some business wrk, and will cme back in 1 week. . . she dsnt knw dat she is happy or sad, bt sure of 1 thng dese days r enough 4 4getng yesterday. . .

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