Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Arjuhi FF:LOVE i*m*POSSIBLE#1-edited (Page 123)

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Originally posted by Mrs-KaranKundra

Originally posted by moonkmh

Mahi plz aa ja. M waiting.
@naina,dnt worry.aunty ji ko 5sal tak koi na koi tere liye mil jayega. Hp wo similar 2 kk ho.


i hope my husband is like KK , ufff watching these drama's and reading these FF's really do spoil our heads and our expectation level go up CryCry

then in the end if our life partners are not like KK then we are heart brokenCry

u r ryt. U knw what mujhe ajkal koi v ladka accha nehi lagta. Kk dil dimag main aise bas gaya hai koi v i mean koii v acha nehi lagta.

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mahi update..
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hey mahi beautiful updates plz update soon kuch toh unke beach confession hi sahi
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                            da cool breeze of shimla mk arohi smile, jay has bookd hotel 4 dm. arjun got da keys 4 dere sut,he gv it 2 arohi and ask her 2 go. she was opening da door sme familier voice call her,arohi luk behind and cudnt belive, arun ray, da man she slapped on her interview, da day whn she met arjun, was standng infrnt of hm,4 spoiling her mood.
arun: hey arohi, i mean mrs.arjun singhania, kafi lmba hath mara.
arohi ignord hm,about 2 went inside,bt he bullckd her way.
arun: itni bhi kya jaldi he?ab to muka mila he hsab brabr krne ka, arjun ne meri cmpny tkovr kr li, aur tumhara thapar ,men kuch nhi bhula.
arohi: dunno men galti tumhari thi.
just dn elevator opnd ,arjun cm wid waiter and luggage. saw 2 of dm standng, arun ran 4rm dere,while dy both went inside and got a surprise. . .
flowers wr evrywhr, evn da bed was cvrd wid rose petals.da suit hv all da facilities, bed, t.v, washroom wid a glass door, a small cute kitchen,bt da most important "couch" was nt dere,whch made dm worried. as da waiter went, dy both feel awkwrd ,alone in such a romantc atmosphere.
arjun:cough, men ja rhan hun, hotel ki site pr.
arohi quickly thnk(sirf 2 days k lye shmla aay hen,atleast kam k bahane to dekh lun, is ne ghumne to jana nhi) : men bhi chlun gi , men abhi aati hun fresh ho kr.
arjun: chlna he to aise chlo, mujhe late ho rha he,its already noon. hurryup. he went out ,arohi show hm tongue 4rm back,and went wid hm.dy borrow hotel car and went 2 dere destination.
its getng evning,hs wrk is over. 4 many reasons ,2 go back in hotel is nt her intension. instead of stuck in 1 room wid hm, she wantd 2 saw da whole shmla. arjun decided 2 dinner in dere own hotel,bt by seeing hr face expresion,he stopped da car near a resturnt. arohi kept a big smile on her face as dy reachd dere table. arohi let arjun 2 order, soon chinese food ,hs favourite food arived,aftr finshng half he realizd she was playng wid fork and spoon, wid a face expresn like a child,whn sm1 stole hs toys. arjun cnfusd: i thnk,tum khud ordr krdo.
it ddnt 2k a sec 4 arohi 2 response, soon her hot,spicy biryani was infrnt of her. she was very hungry so she startd quickly. arjun was staring her,"she was lukng cute like a child,"hs eyes admirng hr as she was chngng her expresn bcoz of spice. she caught hs eyes, 2 hide her embarasment she offrd plate 2 hm wid pupy face. "damn y she is so cute"arjun noded in no,she again start eatng.
on da way arjun stopd on petrol pump, whch was infrnt of icecream bar. arjun leand 2 see wht she was lukng 4 a long time.
arjun: kunsa flavour ?
arohi jump in joy: mango , strawbery
arjun: 2 mix flavour ?
arohi innocently show her 2 fingers: nhi , 2
arjun was like,dis grl. . .imposible.
he came back wid three, 1 4 hm , 2 4 her.while drvng hs eyes fall on her, da way she was slipng her lips and mvng tongue on it, made hm desireable.arohi askd hm about hs icecream whch he had finshd in 3 bites only. she rolled her eyes,"only a monstr cud finish icecream in 3 mnutes" as he was lukng her wid corner of hs eyes ,he wantd 2 replce wid hr icecreams,da way she was suckng,he felt jealous. da cream sprd around her mouth,forcng hm 2 taste it. he wantd 2 wrap hs arms around her shvrng body. . .
arjun pov
wht da hell i m thnkng? y da hell she is so unresistble. i m sory arohi, mene tumhare sath buht galt kya, tumhe buht hurt kya,apne advntg k lye tumhe use kya, tumhari life spoil ki. aur tum ne hmesha meri help ki , kyn tumhe dekh kr aisa feel hota he jo kbhi nhi hua tha, kyn tum se harne ko dil krta he , sirf nxt 4 days aur sb khtam,men arjun singhania ,jo hmesha se akela tha, aaj phr kyun akele hone se dar lagta he. . .
as arohi finishd, she 2k da tissue wipe her face,bt still sm left on corner of her lips. he gv hr tissue and pointd ,bt she was unable 2 caught da spot. widout thnkng,he run hs thumb on her lips 2 clean. whch blow her mind.. . . .arohi pov
only 4 days. . .mujhe to khush hona chahey,men azad hun,men to yahi chahti thi,phr mujhe bura kyn lg rha he. . .jo kuch bhi hua,men is pr gussa nhi hun,wo apne parnts k waja se emotinaly hurt tha, wo itna bura nhi he aur ab to sb theek bhi hogya he,4 days k bad sb pehle jesa hojayga,kya kuch nhi bdla ?
as dy reachd back,arjun went 2 washroom 1st,whn he cm back saw arohi was already sleepng grabng a pillow ,her legs on floor,while half of her was on bed. he quitely 2k out her sandals ,try 2 keep her legs on bed,as he lean 2 keep pillow under her head,da close sight of hr beautiful face made hm desireable, her lips r attrctng his like magnet,bt as he was about 2 kiss her, she awake, arjun jumpd back: de rha tha, pillow de rha tha. she put da pillow ,slip undr blankt and sleep. arjun 2k da pilow and sleep on da floor,bcoz nw he is sure, he cnt resist.

         da golden sun rays passing 4rm da big glass window ,made arohi awake. she rubed her eyes, sit up,took a deep breath. her eyes search 4 arjun, bt soon she came 2 know he has left by seeing a note on dressing mirror. "have work, will be late.arjun" arohi throw da note in frustation: stupid monster, mujhe jga nhi skta tha? kya krungi men yahan sara din ? kal to waps jana he, ek chance mila tha life men shimla ghumne ka wo bhi miss hogya" she sleep again. sm1 banged da door. arohi asked 4rm inside "waiter hun mam, bedsheet change krni he"arohi aftr a long pause: abhi nhi bad men aana".
as da way rishi trap her,was still on her mind. aftrall arun ray, was on da same floor, she didnt want 2 take risk, so she decided nt 2 open da door whole day. she start passing her time by readng magazines,books bt soon her stomach start growling. she check her hand carry,and her gud luck found packet of biscuits.she started unwrapping da gift, which shefali gv in last at da airport. a beautiful simple silk sari, in pink colour.arohi amazed at her choice. 4 passing her time, she watched alot t.v whch headache her. she decided 2 fresh up bt her bag is still having lock. and da keys r wid arjun. so she grab shefali gift and went 2 washroom.aftr da hot ,long bath, she came out and get ready. its 8:30pm, she is bored wid empty stomach, went 2 kitchen, a idea cm into her mind, she luk 4 all da ingredients, and ya her pizza will be ready. she wrapd her silky hairs in a bun and collect her sari palu ,wrap it around her perfect figure,ready 4 work. as she put her hands inside in da mixture of flour , eggs ,oil, she heard a noise, and her luck,arjun is back. arjun narrow his eyes 2 luk wht his beautiful arohi doing,arjun: ye kya kr rhi ho ? jo khana tha order kr detin.
arohi embarasd on her stupidty, and da way she was tieing her sari, bt unable 2 do anythng bcoz her hands r busy in dough. arjun mv 2 cabinet: sb ko neche hall men bulaya he , nxt week jo party he us ka invitation dena he. he took out his shirt and went 2 washroom, arohi quickly run her hand in mixture 2 finish ,otherwise it all went waste. light goes off. arohi got scared, arjun quickly cme wid da lighter, he was lukng more hotter in da light of fire, as he was wearing jeans and black under vast,wid wet hairs.arjun lightenup da candle,enough 4 kitchen: party k lye,light ka arrangement ho rha he, koi problem ho gai ho gi,abhi aa jay gi. she noded,and flour cm 2 her checks in mvng hairs ,whch mk her even more cuter.
arjun was drinkng water 4rm fridge bt hs all care was 2ward arohi, who was anoyed bcoz her silky hairs falling 4rm lose bun, her palms r dirty in egg and flour so she using her arms 2 mvin. her sari palu was slipng on her silky arms, she was mving her elbow 2 mving it up. in all dese activities her bangles r sounding like music. her hands stopped in mixture as she felt his masculine smell near her. he stand behind 2 her restng 1 of hs hand on table, wid da other hand he cres her cheeks 4 mving hairs. da way hs fingers r mvng on her cheeks,ears,neck, made her heart beat faster and faster.aftr foldng her hairs, he restd hs hand on her,start mvng 2 her arm,strokng her bangles.
his breath got hotter and hotter ,as his hand flow on arm 4 mvng her sari. she closed her eyes as hs breath was falling on her neck. his reached her shoulder and his nose touch her neck on other side. he pressed his fingers,he collect da pallu in hs hands and start cming dwn, rubbing her back. his feelings wr exposing 4rm da way,hs fingers pressing, creasing,rubbing her back,whch is quite visible bcoz of her backless blouse. she was pressing her lips 2 stop da moan. he reached dwn 2 her back, wid da excuse of sari palu in his hand, he mvd his hand further 2 her bare stomach. she wisper:arjun" as his hands stroke her bare skin. he wraped his bare arms around her soft stomach. he push da palu in her sari ,mvng hs hand dwn,whrevr cud he.
in a moment she turn her face 2 him, arjun hold her face didnt waste a sec , 2 grab her lips in his. she was holdng da table behind her bcoz of hs strong kiss. wid da other hand he was pushing her close 2 him. she bcm breathless ,mvd her lips, bt arjun again push her face and press her lips 2 gt enough 4 her. dy both parted dere lips, bt widout discntnuetn, he kissed her neck and sholdr. she pull hs hairs as he bite her neck.he kissed her madly, tracing each part of her body.
da noise of door bcm louder, arohi opened her eyes, lights were on and sm1 calling dm outside, she pushed arjun who was still busy. breathless arohi turn her back 4rm hm in embarasment. arjun frustation had no limits bt soon he came 2 real world and quickly went out 4rm dere. . . .

    arjun cm out of kitchen wid dffrnt thoughts, door again knocked,dis time more loudly. he put on his shirt opened da door,marry,a middle aged sweet talkative waitress were standing in front of him wid strange expression.
arjun: yes ?
marry: nxt week valentine party ki announcement krni he, sb aagy, aap nhi aay,manger sir wait kr rhe hen.
arjun: ready hen ,bs aa rhen hen,about 2 closed da door bt mary stopd
mary: sir, aaj dinner hotel ki traf se he.
arjun:i know , closed da door,bt marry knocked it again quickly.
arjun raised hs eyebrow,mary: to phr aap kya kr rhe the ?
arjun red in embrsment,hs expression" aise kese pta ?"
arjun: kk kya ? men kuch nhi kr rha tha !
mary: to phr ye kya lga he,cnfused.
arjun quickly run his hands on his cheeks and lips: umm. . .kya kahan, as he reached hs hairs, he bring his hand dwn curiously 2 see wht stuck 2 it and shouted: eww. . .ykh. . .
mary: sir aaj to dnner party thi phr cookng ki kya zrurat thi ? aur wo bhi aesi.
arjun annoying: g men cookng nhi kr rha tha
mary cnfusd: to phr
arjun cm 2 senses: wo , umm, i. .i luv my hairs, shmla ki thnd se khrab ho jayne,to is lye ye sb, acha hota he,hairs k lye.(smelling it ,mkng bad faces)
mary: wow, acha, phr to hm bhi try kryga
arjun fake smiled, she went and he closed da door.
arohi was still in washroom. arjun saw hmself in mirror, da reson behind hs massive hairs create butterflies in hs stomach,he cud feel da taste of her skin on hs lips"agar drwaza na bjta...",nhi , ye theek nhi he , is se pehle men aur koi stupidity krun, mujhe waps chle jana chahey,he call 2 airport,jay 4rnd, bt cm 2 knw,"no sits r availble b4 nxt week"
arohi cvrd her dupta around her neck, 2 hide hs luv bite. "mujhe bura nhi lg rha, kuch galt nhi lg rha, aisa lgta he . . .sirf use to haq(right) he . ." she cm out 4rm washroom slowly, getng courage 2 face arjun, he heard da noise of door, turn hs back,pretendng 2 talk wid sm1 on cell.arohi quickly run out of da room and bump wid arun...

at night arjun sleepng on bed,while arohi on floor. she was so worried,arun lines were flashng in her mind"itni jaldi jb bhagna, jb kal hotel ka project mujhe mile ga" 1st she ignored him. bt in da party, she heard him talkng wid mr.gupta,da incharge of project,mr.robert associate, whom arjun already handover hs presentation.he was selling hm arjun presentation, 2moro half hour b4 da cnfrnce(in da same hotel whr dy staying)on terace. arohi: its nt gonna happen.
nxt whole day arohi tried 2 tell arjun,bt he avoid her. its 6pm only half hour left in project winner anouncement. arohi headed 2ward terrace, she felt and luk behind,arun was standng dere.
arohi mvng back: men sb ko bta dungi.
arun: tum buht smart ho,bt tb btao gi agr yahan se neeche jaogi.
arohi: mujhe jane do
arun: stairs se kyun men tumhe aise hi neeche bhej deta hun.
just dn arjun cm btwn dem. mr.gupta,robert, police all came. arjun grab arohi hand: arun its over.
arun lukd dm all cnfused.
mr.gupta: me asp gupta, investign busnss croption. mr. robert aur arjun ki help se tumhare sath 4 aur busnsman arrest hue hen.
arun lukd hm angrily, while arohi cnfused. dy took arun wid dm. arjun drag arohi 2 da room.
arjun angrly: tum pagal ho ? kya kr rhi thi wahan upar ? tumhe pta he wo kitna dngeros he, kesi janti ho use?
arohi hesitatly: wo interview. . .thpar mara tha. . .
arjun: is k ilawa bhi kuch aata he tumhe ? sb arjun nhi hote jo tum jo chahe kro.
arohi: mujhe tum pr chilana chahey, jb se mene suna,men kitni preshan thi, tum mujhe to bta skte the.
arjun: mujhe kya pta tha, k tum mother india ho, hr kam men jump kr deti ho.
arohi: lekin mujhe pta tha, tum monster ho, hr kam men cheating krte ho. is project k lye tum ne itna hard work kya,tumhara dream project tha. . .
arjun: jo bhi tha,mera tha. tum terrace se gir jati to
arohi: aur agar tum har jate to
arjun,arohi cntnus angry said at same time: harta, to har jata, tumhe kyn fikar he patni nhi ho tum meri
girti to gir jati, tumhe kyn fikar he pati nhi ho tum mere.
silence. . .dy both lukd into eachother eyes,whch wr full of pain. da lines pour on dere heart like lava...
arjun in a cold tone: to chli jao, mene nhi rokaa
arohi in pain: agr rokte to bhi nhi rukti, kal contract ka last day he, chli jaoungi.
arjun: aaj chli jaoo. tum contract se azad ho.
arjun went out, arohi start crying fall on bed. arjun went out,walkng on road wid eyes full of tears, just dn a car hit him intensly, he fall on da road and hs head start bleeding. . . 

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mahi awesome update...
Thanks.! Wow...cant wait for next chappy!

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Posted: 22 May 2011 at 2:49am | IP Logged first to read! Awesome...waiting for the next part:)
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@Mahi. are such a brilliant writer ..even I could feel all the sensation arjuhi were feeling..its is such a gripping portray everything so weell from love to hatred, from emotions to passions ...keep up the good work...plz plz pz, continue soon...
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Dnt worry,nt going 2 kill u ryt nw cz i want more. Its superb yaar. U r an amazng writer. Thousand tyms hats off. Plz plz plz update as soon as possibl.

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