Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Arjuhi FF:LOVE i*m*POSSIBLE#1-edited (Page 20)

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update soon mahii... we alll r w8ing n even started spamming ..
now we ll be out of control !!LOL

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party has started , evry1 is enjoying, drinks , music, dance... arjun, jay , dhondu drinking while archna came" hey guys enjoying?" dhundu" arohi kahan he? archi pull her 4rm behind, and 3 got da shock of 1000 watt , arohi was wearing black short dress ( dat she was wearing when arjun proposed and kissed her in kmh2)
she was lookng dwn , in shy. jay , dhundu , arjun staring her continuously, wid mouth opened wide , archi wave her hand in front of dem" hey 3 idiots, lga na zor ka jhatka?"
they stand properly, jay and dhondu started praising her. bt arjun still nt cm out of da shock. archi pull arohi arm and mk her stand next 2 arjun , "nw perfect , mr. hottie and mrs.hotti , da hottest couple ever" dy 3 admired arjuhi and leave. light wents off , only disco lights r there, evry1 iz dancing in loud music, arjun went 2 da other corner of da hall 4 drink. arohi suddenly saw, arjun was still staring her 4rm far. she blushed, she looked here and dere , and saw again 4rm corner of her eyes, oh he is still staring while sipping his drink. she feel goosebumps on da way his sight is admiring her. her heart bouncing, she just want 2 get rid of dis awkward situation, wid courage she looked in his eyes, to tell her she caught him. arjun embarrased , mv 2 dance floor , soon a girl join him. arohi didnt like it, a boy cm and stand nxt 2 her
viktrant: hi beautiful
arohi: hello
vkrnt: wud u like 2 dance wid me?
arohi(look arjun): ya sure,
dy both reachd da dance floor, arohi: mujhe itna acha dance nhi aata, aap kisi aur ko join kr len.
vkrnt: oh come on, u r...
arjun cme btwn dem, broke da dance
vkrant: xcuse me
arjun: xcuse us, cud i dance wid my wife
vkrant: wife ,? mk sad fce, and mv.
arohi: kuch kam tha mujh se?
arjun: just look her ,furiously.
she smiled , she just lv 2 see him furious. 
she is about 2 leave, bt arjun stopped him,
arohi: kya?
arjun: wo..(wid wide eyes)
arohi: kya?
arjun: tum...tumhari zip khul...
arohi: point fnger 2 him, and wid 1 hnd check her back." mujhe aise cheep jokes pasnd nhi... ye to... zip toot gai. she turn herself , her back is cvrng in arj chest. while arjun lookng here and dere.
arjun: zip ka holder nikal gya hoga, press kro theek ho jayga.
arohi(weeping): mera hath nhi puhnch rha holer tk, men kya krungi ? room men kese jaun stairs pr light he, start crying.
arjun: chup ho jao, kuch krta hun, umm... ek hi rasta he...
arohi : hoo , nhi , log kya khein ge, kuch aur socho,
arjun: acha , aise jao gi to kya khen ge? soch lya, khre rho yahan sari zndgi men ja raha hun.
she stopped him, they began 2 dance in same position. arjun place his chin on her shoulder, grab her arms 4rm 2 front, 4 shwng evy1 , dt dy r dancing. dey mvd slowly slowly backward leaving da dance floor. he touch his ear wid his lip 4 shwng othr dat he kissed. bt it was nt so easy, leaving her delicious skin widout kissing is realy a big deal.. he reached da chair, as he thinked, he sit, and make her fall on her lap. most of ppl r busy in dancing, and if some saw dem, so just laughed , wht cud u expect 4rm newly wed couple. 
her back iz collide wit his chest, she was sitting on his lap. she cant bare his body heat so about to slip bt arjun hol her, wrapng his arm around her stomach. 
wid his 2nd hand, he pushed her hair 4rm her back 2 shoulder. his every single touch mk bounce her heart. he cudnt resist, and kissed her bare shoulder, she held his hand whch was on her stomach. he started kissing her shoulder and back. his hand is cressing her body, she just close her eyes, she just wanted 2 feel da moment cmpletly. he reached 2 her zip,, he placed his teeth on it, his hot lips on her bare back, made moan her.
aftr he dn, he slowly bring it down, his finger creasing her body, when he reached till end, he mvd da holer up in a jerk, her zip is closed.
she quickly got up, as well he. dy looked into eachother eyes. he pull her 2ward him, dere chest collide, he hold her face wid 1 hand, and wid other tightly press her back, kissed deeper,and stronger as he cud. 4 resisting he push his chest, bt touchng his muscular body, she gv up, her hands slipped 2 his neck. her fingers r running in his hairs , while his mving up and dwn on her back..

arohi was standing in a parking, near da car. her heart is still bouncing fast bcoz of da incident, whch happend just a momen be4. she looked up and saw arjun was dragging jay wid his collar, jay was shouting, crying. he throw jay on drvr seat, sit on da passenger seat, and she sat on da back seat. he rested his chin on his fist, start looking on da deserting road . she was sitting wid lowered eyes,

jay(crying lk a child while driving): tu hmesha mere sath aisa krta he , mujhe 4rnds k sath jana tha aur drvr bhi khali car le kr jaya, sob, bt tujhe mujh se hi drive krana he. hmesha apne muscle ka rob jharta he , marta rehta he.,... koi meri bat bhi nhi sunta.
arjun forced him 2 drive, bcoz he cant sent her wid drver in late night. nor he wanted 2 reamin alone wid her. both r quite and red in embarrsed. dy reached home, jay went 2 his room , arjun went 2 study and lock it. arohi lock her room and fall on bed, start crying...

arjun smoking, mving fingers in his hairs.." why? why alwys dis happen 2 me? whnevr she is closed, i cudnt control my self. . . dis is da 2nd time i bcm a looser, ya 2nd time i did da same mistake. . . she always made me fall 4 her, she always win , and i always lose. . . ., no, arjun singhania nvr loose."impossible" he crush da cigarret wid his shoe " I HATE HER "

arohi was crying, she threw pillows, cussion, dwn on da floor. she hold her head " why? why u did dis 2 me ?why i evn dnt able 2 try 2 stop? whnevr u just around me , i just wnt 2 sink in ur arms. . . dis is da 2nd time, u did wht u want. . . and i ? why i lose my world in seeing ur brwn eyes. . . no, i cnt fall 4 a monster"impossible" . i cnt 4get wht u did wid me, , and i dnt want 2 4get". . .
dy both curse dere fate" da prsn dey hate da most , is da one dy only kissed"

*dy both thnk da past bt me writing as a story nt pov.*

arohi was gng 4 office in hurry bcoz she iz late again, in dese 3 weeks, it becm his habit 2 gv her a lecture on punctuality..." aaj bhi bhashan sunna pre ga... late night office men stay krta he, subha kese uth jata he? oh God ye late kyun nhi hota"
she reached da hall 4 getng out, saw chachi, gauri happy wid gifts.
chachi: dekha mera beta kitna like he.
chachu rolled his eyes , and went.
sanchit: hey arohi, dekh men teri liye bhi gift laya hun. "cell phone", nxt week teri engagement he, shadi ho kr chli jaegi to mera jb dil krega, men tujh se baat...
arohi: itne sare paise kahan se aay?(serious tone)

sanchit: wo papa mujhe dantte hen na, men koi kam nhi krta , to umm.. men ne pt time job kr li he

arohi: ye konsi job he, jis men pay ek hi week men mil gai!?
chachi: arohi tum abhi tk office nhi gai,..
sanchit leave, so arohi bt she thought" she has 2 ask sanchit about dis "


jay: yar tujhe pta he last week arohi ka rishta te hogya , aur wo bhi michael k sath..
arjun: so wht a big deal?(busy on laptop)

jay: arohi and michael, mujhe acha nhi lg rha...
arjun: whts new? tujhe aaj tk kbhi kisi lrki ki shadi se kushi hui he, jo aaj hogi?

jay: yar wo baat nhi, kahan wo "cinderalla" or kahan wo..wo..flatter, loose character, yar romit to use college se janta he, wo itna acha larka nhi he aur shefali bta rhi thi" us ki mom buht greedy wo to pehle hi chahti thi, koi job wali larki mile,arohi ne chachi ke pressure men aakr han ki"
arjun: us ki prsnl life he.

jay: kya persnl, kl bhi mene use kisi larki k sath dekha, i mean nxt week us ki engagement, pr ab bhi wo hr roz ek nai larki k sath hota he... hw cheap he iz! and she is pious like a pearl of oyster...
meri bat to we serious leti nhi, tu us se baat kr..

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aweome ...u r tooo good mahi..Smile
silverleaves Senior Member

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Aw,feel bad for arjun getting the wrong idea Unhappy
Nice chapter though,showing arjun's worry for arohiSmile
Shorter than usual,hope your next update is soon! Smile

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it would be great if they confront each otherSmile
Manan_love123 Senior Member

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its really awesome ...update soon
now i want arjuhi 2 realize their love...Smile
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arohi and michael reached office in noon, arohi is so happy bcoz dy got da cntract, she wanted 2 gv dis news 2 arjun herself. dy both ddnt sleep or nor eat any thng, aftr da meetng she was just impatient 2 went back.
arohi hurriedly run 2 arjun cabin happily,
arohi: arjun hmari cmpny ko cntract mil gya,,. .jb unhu. .
arjun(coldly): to ? ? jao mujhe khurana project k detail send kro, aur jldi, waise bhi tum buht time waste kr chuki ho.
arohi went out wid teary eyes, " instead of praising ,he iz scoldng hr, she was awake and hungry 4rm last night, bt he dont care, hun its my fault dat i m expectng all dis 4rm a monster"
all day passed, wid arjun ordering alot of work on arohi, all ppl left, bt arohi has 2 stay in office"over time". arohi cm at 12:30am in arjun cabin, wid pale face,
arohi: ye file rechecked hogai he, sign krdo.
she went 2 him, he was busy in playing game on i phone, "he iz staying in office 4 playing game? he iz realy imposible"
4 her he iz playng game, bt in real he wanted 2 distract his mind 4rm yesterday incident, still dere voices are bouncing in his head,
suddenly she faint and fell on his lap. she tried 2 get up, bt no energy. .arjun hold her arms 4 getng her up, and came 2 knw .she is suffering 4rm fever. arohi put 1 hand on her head, said:sorry, sorry about 2 leave, bt arjun hold her again. he mvd her 2ward sofa, mk her seat, and mvd her legs on it.
arjun: tum pagal ho. . tumhe buht tez fvr he, aur tumhe pta bhi nhi
arohi(start crying): pta he sb pta he, k men buht time waste krti hun. .
arjun: yes u r careless,dnt care about ur self nor about other.
arohi: acha? mera fault he? agar kal delhi k way block tha, mujhe sari rat car men stay krna pra, meetng late na hojay,tumhe btane ki jaldi men ,mene kal se kuch nahi khaya, men kal se soi bhi nhi. . .sobbing . . .
arjun realized da whole matter, "wht da hell i was thnking" he felt ashamed of himself. mujhe lga. .chlo ghar,
she looked away, arjun carry her, in his arms."mujhe nahi jana, utaro mujhe" she fell asleep.arjun took her 2 his car, saying bad words 2 himself. he reached home, carry her 2 his room. he went 2 kitchen 4 aranging smethng 4 her , bt it was his 1st time so he made alot of noise.dnt knw wht 2 do, bcoz of all dese noises, all ppl of home awake.
Arjun singhania and kitchen? dis was dere 1st expresion, bt dy all smiled on his woried 4 herr.
he gv medicine 2 her, in da 1st morning he call dr. dr gv her medicine and collect her blood sample, suggest her bed rest.
all leave da room. arohi was mving out of da bed,arjun lookd her curious,
arohi: men office ja rhi hun, wese bhi late hogai hun,(wid attitude)
arjun: ya u alwys late, so as a punishment"u r fired 4 3 days"he went wid a smirk,
arohi smiled and lay on da bed"monster"
sorry, knew its nt so gud,writng in hurry. try my best 2 update tonight again.
*if u want pm add me in ur buddy list*

PRECAP: party time. . .arjun papa bne wale he. . . .bt kya arohi mom bane wali hen. . .???

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