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It started with a Kiss ch-14pg-17 (Page 7)

AKForever Goldie

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Posted: 19 April 2011 at 5:12pm | IP Logged
Hey another both the parts really good..continue soon

Thanks for the pm..

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hinal60 Senior Member

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Posted: 19 April 2011 at 5:49pm | IP Logged
really nice
superb sk first encounter

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spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 20 April 2011 at 7:40am | IP Logged
parts 5 and 6
awesome.........................oh Akshay knows how to talk and make Kashish stammer and feel Sujal and Kashish kissed.................great..................that should have been a big slap to Akshay...........................cont soon dear...............

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aamirkhanfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 April 2011 at 8:18am | IP Logged
i want to see akshay's reaction..................

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dazzling_glory IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 April 2011 at 11:33am | IP Logged
Kashish not only surprised Akshay and Sujal by her actions..but all the readers as well.
continue soon

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thegameison IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 April 2011 at 1:48pm | IP Logged
I read chapter two. I will be slow, but I'll catch up. Approve

I like it. The way you write is detailed and crisp, sometimes really simple. I like what Kashish is like and how you displayed her family. She's a good good character, I am anticipated - I am gonna like Riddhima more! Akshay was a waste basically, no? Riight. 

Wonderful writing. =]

Thanks for all the PMs! 


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meggs Senior Member

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Posted: 22 April 2011 at 12:16pm | IP Logged

thanks sumi for pointing out my mistakesBig smile..this is the edited part folk.. no name confusion any moreSmile




Kashish returned to the empty apartment she shared with Ridhima, thankful Ridhima wasn't around. Right she couldn't explain to her what had happened, she couldn't even explain it to herself. In all 21 years of her life, she had never lost self control, moreover she didn't think he was even capable of feeling such great resentment, anger and desire to hurt. But what really blew her mind was how impulsive and daring she had been! It was all Scarlett's fault! Kashish wanted to cry out in excuse, but held on to her fraying control. She took a quick bath and brushed her teeth for full 10 minutes. Trying, desperately to forget the kiss.

She had problems holding hands in public with Akshay,  she didn't use to like his hands around her waist either in public or otherwise. She never as much a let him even give her peck on her cheek!! And now she had  gone ahead and….

Kashish shook her head and looked into the mirror to check if she was the same person or not. Yep she was, but only on outside, inside she still felt queasy and somehow unrepentant over what she had done.

Soon she got ready and left for her job, in the evening she simply told Ridhima that it didn't work out and it probably never would. Ridhima was happy, coz she never liked Akshay.. Even after she had helped her, she was happy and Kashish let it go at that. She was still unable to put the kiss out of her mind. That night she dreamt about the stranger.






Another week passed ad nothing special happened, Kashish got over the shock of her actions and dismissed he whole incident as a delayed act of teenage mutiny and impulsiveness. She continued working on her job. Even though she didn't need the money now, she realized how much she enjoyed working.

The fact she would have to back in another month and never work again depressed her, so she made it her new aim to enjoy the last free month of her life. Kashish decided during her lunch break from her work as she stood in line in a bistro near her work place. She often took her break here, enjoying coffee with a croissant and some light salad she occasionally packed for lunch.

"Your order ma'am",  the teenage girl behind the counter said handing her, her order and Kashish turned around looking for a place to sit. Only a single table was available and someone else besides her was eying it too, Kashish realized that when they both moved together in the same direction.

"OH!!" Kashish looked sideways and almost dropped her tray. It was her handsome stranger who was also a great kisser.

"Hey…", He said looking equally surprised but not embarrassed. He looked at the single table again and back at her, "Do you mind?"

"Huh?", mind what?! Kashish's mind screamed replaying the kiss. What was happening to her? Why did she turn into a pervert when he was around?

"We can share the table if you don't mind..", he said clarifying giving her a strange look. Kashish hoped he couldn't read from her face what she was thinking, she didn't even dare to look at his lips. Having no other option but to share the table, Kashish nodded and moved with him. It was her favorite table by the window in the corner. Generally she enjoyed the privacy it provided, today it just made her nervous.

Kashish stole a glance at the strange who was sipping his coffee without a care in the world. How could he be so relaxed? Kashish wondered as she worked hard to keep her hands steady and picked up her own coffee.

"I hope your ex isn't bothering you anymore." He said after a minute and Kashish almost dropped the cup at the break of silence.

"Uh no.. He isn't. He… It's not like that. I… I am sorry for what I did, I don't know what came over me.." Kashish looked away, unable to meet his steady gaze.

"Self preservation?" he said giving her a half smile.

"In a way, but not how you think. I… I lied to you about him coming after me. He was the one who broke up with me, I just wanted to clarify things between us. Well actually I was hoping for reconciliation, but…. He.." Kashish shrugged and broke off, unable to continue. Despite everything which had happened later, it still hurt her to remember Akshay's attitude and words that day.

"He was mean to you about it?", the stranger asked frowning a little.

"He… Maybe I had annoyed him too much I guess. He said a lot of things which hurt me a lot and I.. I am not the vengeance seeking type but… I reached my limit for taking it, I guess. I don't know what came over me… I had never been so angry in my life. I just wanted to prove to him I wasn't a despo he said I was." Kashish gave a little ironical laugh. Saying that to the man she had used, made her even feel like a cheap despo.

"Personally I don't think you are a despo. You really liked him, I take it so you were angry… And don't get mad, but I am glad you are rid of that spineless slug." He said.

"What?" Kashish choked on her coffee. How come every person she met said bad things about Akshay. And how come he didn't think she was despo when she believed it herself.

"I told you to not get mad… I have met him once before and I didn't like him."

"But you just met him once! How could you decide so quickly!?"

"First impressions always correct."

"That isn't right.. people make mistakes. It's not fair to judge people so quickly." Kashish defended Akshay, but somehow she felt as if she was defending her own character.

"I thought you were a sweet, innocent girl when me met, tell me if I am wrong?", he asked giving her that mocking smile of his. Kashish was growing to like it. It wasn't cruel and it just… She just liked it, period.

"How could you think that after what I did?! I mean.. Oh god I am making a mess of this. I mean… As I said, I don't go around doing such stupid things ever. That time was my first… time." Kashish stopped from saying kiss. Somehow it didn't feel right to reveal that about herself.

" So I was right huh? As for what you did… you still are hung up on him aren't you?"

Kashish gave a miserable nod. All week she had been trying to convince herself it was over and here she was again being hung up.

"He's that special?  What did he do different from your other boyfriends?"

"I didn't have other boyfriends. He's the only one I ever… I didn't want to fall in love with him, but he was so persistent and now I can't stop…", Kashish shrugged and again looked away. She wouldn't spill out her heart to a stranger.

"Wow! He was your only boyfriend!! Unbelievable! How come no one else proposed to you, you are very beautiful." He said looking genuinely surprised.

Kashish blushed deep red at his compliment, "I am not that good looking, just average and.. My parents are very strict, they didn't approve and I didn't want to disappoint them or lie to them." Kashish said feeling more miserable. She had done everything she had wanted to never do.

"Are you for real? You listen to your parents that much?" he asked giving her a close inspection.

Kashish squirmed uncomfortably in her seat, "Don't you?" she muttered back.

"Don't I? you're asking me? If I don't… Do you know even who I am?" he asked.

Kashish wondered why she should know who he was and shook her head.


Sujal sat back in his chair and stared at the incredulous, strange girl in front of him. She was so genuinely different from anyone he had ever known!

"Are you from some outer space?" Sujal asked finally not able to make sense of her. How could anyone be so nave, ignorant, un-jaded and innocent and sweet?

"I am from India.. I mean I came here about a month and a half ago… Should I know you?" she asked looking clueless and worried.

"No, I mean. I am no one important, just a rich brat… You do read paper?"

She gave him a guilty look and toyed with her salad, "I started reading it now… Earlier I just thought about Akshay all the time."

"Hmm well then, I am Sujal by the way." Sujal said giving her an encouraging mile and extending his hand over the table. Despite her impulsive behavior last week, today convinced Sujal that essentially she was shy creature, unless forced to act otherwise.

"Kashish." She said, giving his hand a quick shake. "How come you have an Indian name? You sound all American."

"My mother is Indian." Sujal explained and tried to put her in a category. None fit her. In her own words, she was not that type of girl. well she did not belonging to any type he had met before. Sujal grinned and asked her more questions. Soon enough he was able to find all about her. Her background, her affair with the slime ball, her reason for coming here and about her broken heart.

"You know, as much as you love the guy and me having no business to interfere in your life… I still have to say that I am glad he is out of it. He is not the right guy for Kashish, he just isn't the one. Don't waste your life over him." Sujal said, feeling sympathetic and strangely protective.

"It's ok, even my cousin keeps saying that, I really must be stupid not to get it." Kashish said and Sujal wanted to punch the bas***d for her. Somehow he knew that her low opinion of herself was all his work. True she wasn't worldly, but he was sure she wasn't stupid.

"Kashish? What's the square of 19?"

"361. Why?"

"What is the rate of gravitational acceleration?"

"9.8 m/sec square, Why are you asking me such questions?"

"Just confirming something."


"I didn't think you were stupid, and I know for sure you aren't." Sujal told Kashish pleasantly but she looked quite shocked. For a moment he even thought she might cry. But then she laughed. Not one of her small close lipped smiles. But a full, head thrown back, open mouthed, loud laugh.

When her laughing tuned into giggling and finally a beaming smile, Sujal felt more happy then he had felt in the entire week.

"Thankyou. You are a very nice person." Kashish told him still smiling happily. Sujal felt himself swell with pride.

"Not many people would agree with you. I am a rich, snooty, playboy brat. Good for nothing." He said coming back down quickly on earth.

"I don't believe any of that. Ok maybe the fact about having lot of girlfriend and rich… But you aren't snooty or a brat and I definitely don't think you waste around your time. I think you are kind, generous and nice in general. Once you dislike something or someone though.. you could be quiet ruthless I think. But over all I like you."

"And you know all that just by meeting me twice?" Sujal asked closing up a little. Her account of him wasn't accurate, but she had made some point pretty close to home. Her close to correct assessment disturbed him. Not even people who claimed to know him would say all this about him.

"I just took your advice, first impression's the last." Kashish said throwing back his own words at him, Sujal smiled despite the wariness.

"Kashish, you know, you are something else. And before you get defensive, all in good way." Sujal concluded.

"You are the first nice person I have met after my cousin here too." Kashish smiled and then frowned at she looked around. When Sujal followed he gaze he saw that the bistro was empty except for them. When he looked back at her, Kashish was looking alarmed and highly worried.

"Look at the time!!" she almost shouted as she got up in a hurry.

2 hours, Sujal surprised even himself as he saw his watch. They had been talking for two hours and he hadn't even realized it. He was late.

"I'll get fired!" Kashish wailed and gathered her purse hurriedly.

"umm..  Can I drop you somewhere if you want." Sujal himself got up, ready to leave. Two hours wow!

"No, my office is very near. I am sorry I am leaving so abruptly. It was very nice meeting you."

"I am late too… So never mind, we both got carried away and it was a pleasure meeting you again."

"Yes we did… I.. Sujal, thankyou. For that da… For everything." Kashish said with gratitude filling up her eyes.

Sujal couldn't do anything but nod. All he had said was that she was beautiful and intelligent, listened to her story and kissed her to his pleasure. She shouldn't feel this thankful, he hadn't done any of it for her.

Kashish gave him one last smile and ran out on him. Again.






Once again that night Kashish was happy to back to an empty house as Ridhima was late from her work. As once again Kashish didn't know what to make of her behavior today. She had a great time talking to Sujal and it was when she got back to work, she realized she had spilled out her guts to him in a coffee shop!

She, who was closed up and made friends slowly told him her life history and almost thanked him for kissing her! How she could have let her mouth rattle off for two hours without her brain noticing anything just proved she want as intelligent as Sujal thought she was. It also proved that she lost considerable control over her mental faculties when he was around. Kashish concluded in her head as she settled back to sleep. Once again she dreamed about him, but this time she had a name.


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gupta.aditi20 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 April 2011 at 1:02pm | IP Logged

hey i just loved it...

n just continue soom

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