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RagVir FanFiction (Page 7)

sihame Senior Member

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Posted: 16 April 2011 at 10:57am | IP Logged

Ranvir is now awake it's friday the last day of the week before the "WEEK END" it's 7:30am he is getting ready to go to sschool he is wearing a jean a shirt and his sunglasses.

The same for Ragini and Sadhna they both are getiing ready.Ragini is wearing a purple dress and sadhna a black jean and a withe blouse.


Ranvir is now in the kitchen and is going to take his breakfast but before he is kissing his mother on the cheek , he is now sitting on the chair next to his mom and they begin to talk


-How are yo my son ?

-Im fine and you ma ?

-Also fine beta

-ma i wanted to tell you why yesterday im gone to Alekh's place

"-Oh sure tell me Ranvir"  and she showed a big smile

-Ma i was there cause i met someone and i wanted to talk with him about that

-That's fine dear.............. and how is this girl ?

-She has dark hair , she is slim, she is pretty i think i fell for her smile (with this fabulous smile that all kinrulians know   )

-My son is in love? and Vasu laughed

-Hmm............Well............I don't know .......But i think so he was hamper

Vasu smiled and Ranvir continue

-But she does not feel the same

-Why are you saying that ???

-Because yesterday we met and i kissed her but she left in a hurry

-Ranvir u must have schoked her you know her since 2 weeks and u kissed her how do you think she would react ??

-So you think it is normal

"-Yes it is ..... and a long silent" there is a long silent and  vasu told to Ranvir "Beta ull be late for school so go dear

He stood up and said "Yes ma im going" he kissed her again and run outside to take his car .


Ragini is also going to school but before leaving the house she kissed her dad an her mother and goes outside there is a big garden with roses a lac with some ducks a long entry and at least 5 cars she hasn't a house but a palace (just imagine K3gham raichand house and u can see ragini sharma's house)

-Rag how are you today ?

"-Im fine why ?" with her cute smile

"like that" said a sadhna worried for her best friend

-Sadhna I know about what you are worried But believe me im not in love with him what happened with deepak will not happened again.

-Yes i know you, you have suffered so much and u also lost the envy to love but be carefull with this guy he has a crush on you 

-Sadhna I do not need to be carefull cause this time no one will cheat on me and all these love stories are for kids im not believeing anymore in love i'll marry the one my parents will choose for me

-are you serious ?

-"To tell you the truth when i met Ranvir there was a moment were i thought i was feeling something for him but not at all i see him jst like the person who saved me" adn Ragini openned her car's door

-So ............... Everything is fine


And both laughed and sat in the car and went to school


they reached the school and everyone is happy to see sadhna back from her trip

"WAo sadi so many people missed you not only me" said Ragini

"Yes i saw that but i missed only one person and it's you" replied her sadhna

"Owwwwww so sweet of you sadi I love you" continue Rag

"I love you too" retor Sadhna

and they both hugged each other

Far away from them sat on the car under a tree there are Alekh and ranvir they were talking then Alekh repered sadhna and ragini and he asked to Ranvir

-Who is this girl with Ragini Ranvir ?

-I don't know i think i think it's it's her best friend the one who went to Agra

-acha ...... and do you know her name ??

"Yes if i have good memories her name is sadhna" he said when he removed his sunglasses

-She is really pretty

Ranvir was dreaming then he replied "Who ? Sadhna or Ragini ??"

-Sadhna idiot


Sadhna looked in the direction of Ranvir's car and saw 2 men starring at her and Ragini

"ragini" she whispered

-"yes why r u whispering ? "

-Ranvir and his friend are looking at us

-and? I don't care .......... Sadi we have to go to our science-politic class

-Yess .......... Wait, wait , wait why are they coming here ?

-What are you saying ?

when they Ragini turned she saw them arriving

and alekh said "hello girls"

"hi" replied sadhna and smiled

Ranvir and Ragini are looking at eachother

"-We are organizing a party tonight at my place you both are invited" said alekh when he understood that a big silent was stelle b/w them four

"-well thank you but i don't think we will come replied" an angry ragini who left immediatly when she finished her sentance, and Ranvir followed her

"-Ragini wait please ... Ragini" he passe in front of her and stoped her "Im sorry about what i did yesterday evening"

-why will you be sorry about what you have done yesterday ? when you kissed me you didnt think about how ill feel later .

-Believe me Ragini i'm sorry

-I felt hamper

-Please let me apologise in a good way and accept my invitation at the party

Ragini is thinking


Alekh and sadhna are also talking

-Do you think something willl happen between them ? asked alekh

-Yes, Im sure Ragini is very stubborn she is tryng to make him pay for how she felt yesterday but she can love even if she is rejecting this feeling

-well o tell you the truth Ranvir is in love with Ragini since the first day he met her

-I knew That, Ragini is also in love with him but she prefer to think that she hates him.

-Will you come tonight at the party ?

-Maybe ................... If ragini come then yes


Ranvir and ragini are still explaining about the event

-Ill see if i can come Okk but i have to go now i have my classes in few minutes said Ragini

"Okk sure ...................... see you later" replied Ranvir

"See you later"  and she yelled sadhna's name "Sahnda!!!"

this one replied "Yes !!"

-Come we have our classes now

Sadhna said good bye to Alekh and replied to Ragini " Im coming"


They four left for their Classes

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deepa_mishra Goldie

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Posted: 16 April 2011 at 11:10am | IP Logged
Who is that Deepak Siham? Wat he had done with our Ragini.  So finally our RagVir in love with each other. Thats good. Waiting for the party. Love you Siham for your update.
sihame Senior Member

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Posted: 16 April 2011 at 11:13am | IP Logged
Originally posted by deepa_mishra

Who is that Deepak Siham? Wat he had done with our Ragini.  So finally our RagVir in love with each other. Thats good. Waiting for the party. Love you Siham for your update.
Hahahahahaha ull see it later :p u saw how is it when we all want to know who is Deepak :p ull know about him in chapter 9 or 10
sihame Senior Member

Joined: 13 April 2011
Posts: 565

Posted: 16 April 2011 at 11:17am | IP Logged
I can say u all will love the 7th chapter :) Im sure about that
Naheeda Goldie

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Posted: 16 April 2011 at 12:13pm | IP Logged
That was too sikk 
wen da nxt part cmin

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sihame Senior Member

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Posted: 16 April 2011 at 12:14pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Kinrul143

That was too sikk 
wen da nxt part cmin
ill upload it today i too thought this one was a little bit boring but the next one u'll love it dear :)
Ranvir will fight fr ragini :)

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sihame Senior Member

Joined: 13 April 2011
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Posted: 16 April 2011 at 1:23pm | IP Logged
this 6th chapter was horrible and borring i think i hope the 7th one will be better :) ill update it in few minutes
sihame Senior Member

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Posted: 16 April 2011 at 1:49pm | IP Logged

It's now the end of the afternoon b/w 4 and 5pm Ragini and sadhna are going back to their houses and Ranvir and Alekh are going to his house.


-Alekh you are sure your parents aren't here till sunday ?

-Yes i am

-Good..............and sadhna will come tonight?

-If Ragini will come then sadhna will 2 but is Ragini coming ??

-She told me she will see ........... she isn't sure



-Ragini are you going to Alekh's party tonight ?

-I don't know maybe ... and u ?

-I think we will have a lot of fun and moreover i didnt go to any parties since a long time

-Sadhna these days im really tired i want to sleep early today

-Please Rag come with me i dnt want to go all alone , ull love it im sure

-are you sure said ragini with a cute smile

-Yes i am come on .. and this Alekh is really vey Handsome

-Ohoooo so im coming for you and she began to advancing to the house's door see you at 8pm

-Ok 8pm and sadi left for her house



Ranvir and Alekh are making the arrengements for the party and Ranvir thought of prevent his mother that he will stay at alekh's place tonight

he took the phone and type his mother's number

"It's ringing" he said to alekh

and his mom pick up the phone

-Allo ?

-Allo ma im callingyou to tell you tonight im satying at alekh's place

-ok and when willl you be back at home ?

-Ma im sleeping here

-Okkk beta so tommorow morning at the 1st hour promise me ull be here .

-Sure Ma i promise you

-Ok beta have a good night

-Love u mom take care sweet dreams

-love u 2

and he hang up the call

-So let's make the party



Ragini is getting ready she is choosing what she'll wear tonight she is hesitating b/w 2 dress one blue bustier and the other pink. She decide to wear the blue one and leave her hair on her shoudlers .

Sadhna is outside she's wearing a red dress both of them are gorgeous

-Waoo Rag you are so beautiful

-Ooooo Thank you sadi ............ U r seriously gorgeous in this red dress.

-Not more than you baby

"Owwww thank you but we both are sexy no one is hotter than us " and they took each other in arms and rag continu

-Dear we have to go if we don't to be late

-Yes let's make the party

And they left for alek's house


we are now back at alekh's home

Alekh and ranvir are on the dance floor with 2 girls and Ragini and sadhna are in front of the gate.These boys are talking together

-Do you think they will come asked Ranvir

-I don't know but i hope yes .......hey Ranvir let's dance we have 2 gorgeous women with us

-Yes let's dance ..... butif they see us what will they think ?

-they will be jealous and it's good ..... Hey you dear whats your name and he kissed her hand

-Im kathrina and you ?

-Im Alekh and he is Ranvir and who is this beautiful girl with you ?

-She is divya

"Oh Divya would you like to dance with me ?"asked alekh

-Yes sure

-And you Ranvir dance with Kathrina

"Yes Of course " and Ranvir smiled and took her hand and they went to dance

Then Ragini and sadhna came and saw them with these girls dancing laughing ....

sadhna said to Ragini "come with me we will dance together leave them with these girls" and they moved to the table their was a pink drink they thought it was a strawberry juice but it was a ponch in  wich they mixed alchool they both took some glasses. few time later they were drank and 2 guys to invite them but they werenr ranvir and alekh .

"heybeaytu" said the 1st one to Ragini

"hey h ru ?" replied Ragini

-fine would you like to dance with me ?

"-Yes of course" and they left on the dance floor and began to dance sadhna and the other guy followed them. Few metters away there are ranvir and alekh they both didnt notice that there are ragini and sadhna. the 2 gorgeous gils are dancing and laughing loudly, that's at this moment that Ranvir noticed them he saw this boy putting his hand on Ragini hip he thought he was becoming crazy and moreover he is schoked to see Ragini letting him do that he didnt saw that she was drank. So he left Kathrina and began to walk in ragini's directionand he think he is finally arriving in front of her someone is blocking his way. When he finnally arrived where ragini was supposed to be he only find sadhna on the ground she fainted and the guy with her ran away when he saw Ranvir , this one called Alekh and said him to take Sadhna inside:

-Alekh take sadhna inside please

-Yes of course ill take her iin my parents house there she will sleepin silent but where are you going ?

"im going to look after Ragini  she was with sadhna and she disapeared" and he run to look after her. He is asking to everyone if they sa a girl wearing a blu dress and unfortunatly they all replied no. After few minutes he heard someone yelling he didnt recogonize the voice but he decide to go and chek. He arrived behinf the house there was a big tree a lime tree , a big garden ....this guy blocked ragini on the tree. Ranvir saw her he saw Ragini yelling and crying this guy tried to kiss her Ranvir felt like killing this one Ranvir runed to him catch him and slapped him the boy tried to punch Ranvir but he caught his arm so he didnt touch but Ranvir had a reflex and punch him the boy fell on the ground and he kicked him on the belly he bend on him and pull his hair he told him this sentance ' if you are triying to approach her again ill be here and this time ill not just bit you but ill  kill you understood?"

The boy didnt want to reply so he just moved his head as a ok

Ranvir lifted Ragini inside she looked at him at his eyes and she kissed him on the cheek before fainting. He brought her in Alekh's parents' room he put her next to sadhna and sat near from her ragini sleep on his hips he was caresing her hair.

-We can't bring them at their houses in this state Alekh

-they can stay here , they can sleep in my parent's room

-ok ill call my mom and tell her that im going back at home tonight

-No Ranvir you can sleep here in our friend's room


-Now ill end the party it causes us a lot of problems tonight

–Yes i think you should

-Yes i think you should end this party right u can go ill follow you in few minutes just need the time to find somethhing wich will replace my hip for her head

Alekh smiled and said "ok"and he left the room

Ranvir put Ragini'head on a pillow and kisse her on forhead then he left the room and switched off the light .

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