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Jeevansathi (RTMC ff) Pt 12 in Pg 54 (Page 64)

tejjo Goldie

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 10:47am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sweetsanyo

me waiting di.. jaldi dedo plz
mee too waiting Big smile

Nandini25 IF-Rockerz

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posting dearies...

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tejjo Goldie

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Big smile
Nandini25 IF-Rockerz

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Part 14
It was none else than Arjun who was witnessing the transformation in his best friend ever since Avantika entered his life, was ecstatic to such an extent that he tears of happiness brimmed up in his eyes. He beamed through tears n silently thanked n prayed to the Almighty to always bless his buddy with all the happiness n keep that smile n happiness intact in his buddy's life. With a smile of contentment Arjun left them in their privacy.

Siddharth n Avantika on the other hand were still lost in their own world of bliss n ecstacy where there was no one but the two of them. The duo were so much lost in each other that they were blissfully unaware of the world around them. It was as if they were captivated by each other's eyes to such an extent that even if they want they could not break the hold of each other's captivating gaze. However a mere drop of water played villain in their sweet, little eyelock. A pearly drop of water trickled down from a silky lock of the now dripping wet thick n shiny black hair of Avantika. It fall over Siddharth's eyes who, as a reflex, instantly shut his eyes down, freeing Avantika from the hold of his enthralling eyes. The trance was broken. Avantika blinked her eyes once n then twice. As she gazed at his closed eyes n tranquil face she recalled how she was lost in those eyes n a crimson hue slowly crept up onto her cheeks. As if on cue he slowly opened his eyes only to see a blush creeping up onto his beautiful wife's already rosy cheeks. He could just go on gawking at her without even blinking. He wondered what were these new feelings and why on earth did only Avantika's presence evoke such feelings in him which he didnt experience even with Shagun. But as usual his questions n queries were left unanswered. Avantika,on the other hand, feeling too shy to look at him. She lowered her eyelashes n tried to get off him but her movement was hindered big time as she felt a tug in her hair. She directed her gaze towards her hair n found struggling to disentangle the strands of her hair from his button. He gently placed his hand over her and she looked up at him only to see him gesturing her to put a halt to her efforts. As if hypnotized by his shimmering gaze she did follow his unsaid words and immediately halted her struggles. 

Very gently and cautiously he disentangled her hair strands from his button and tucked them behind her ears. She immediately got off him as the redness on her cheeks deepened. Siddharth too got off the bed.

Avantika finally managed to rasp out : "Wo..aap jaakar fresh ho lijiye...main dressing room men jaakar change kar leti hu."

Siddharth nodded and went to his wardrobe to grab a pair of fresh clothes n walked off to the washroom while Avantika fished out another saree from the wardrobe n sauntered away to the dressing room.

Arjun strolled into the living room only to find Anamika n Priyanka engrossed in chit chat. He ambled towards them with a wide grin adorning his features. It was when he approached them that the duo noticed him. 

Anamika :"Arey Arjun tum akele aa gaye? Sid kahan hain? Aur Avani bhi nehi dikh rahi?"

Arjun chuckled :"Dikhenge toh tab na jab ek dusre se nazar hategi un dono ka."

Priyanka asked befuddled :"Matlab?"

Arjun replied still chuckling :"Matlab ek dusre ke aankhon mein dubey hue the dono duniya bhulakar."

Anamika's eyes were moist listening n also her eyes sparkled with a new hope. Anamika :"Tu sach keh raha hain Arjun? Kya sachme humara Sid bhi..."

Arjun :"Haan aunty main sach keh raha hu. Maine aaj sid mein wo badlao dekha hain aunty. Fir se apne wohi purane Sid ki jhalak dikhayi di mujhe."

Rapture coursed through the beings of both Anamika n Priyanka. Anamika's eyes were moist out of rapture while Priyanka beamed in glee. It was as if after such a long duration that a mother n  a sister had witnessed a silver lining in dark clouds. The prospect that seemed to be a mare's nest once was now showing feasibility to become plausible. However soon the shrill ringing of the landline brought the trio out of their respective musings. With a smile playing on her lips Anamika ambled away towards the land line n picked up the reciever. She began to carry out the conversation in a low voice n hence Arjun n Priyanka was not able to hear anything apart from her greetings to the person on the other side. However they wondered why all of a sudden Anamika's face had turn pale. 

Soon she ended the conversation n after placing the reciever to its original position made her way to inquisitive duo. As she settled down on the plush couch querries were directed towards her by the duo. 

Arjun :"kya hua aunty? Aap thori pareshaan lag rahi hain?"

Priyanka tuned in with him :"Haan mom aap kaafi pareshaan lag rahi hain. Kiska phone tha?"

Anamika sighed as she recalled the phone conversation moments before n closed her eyes as she mumbled :"Kusum ka  phone tha. Wo aa rahi=


Before she could continue she was interrupted by a sweet n melodious feminine voice. The trio turned their attention to the beautiful couple descending the spiral staircase with a frown of confusion adorning the exquisite features of both of them. 

Anamika smiled at them :"Sid... Avani... Aao yahan aakar baitho."

Toghether they sauntered into the living room n Avantika settled down on the couch beside Anamika while Siddharth plonked himself down on the couch beside Arjun. 

Arjun chuckled as he teased Siddharth  :"Aho bhagya humare jo aapko humari yaad aa hi gayi aakhirkaar. Warna mujhe toh laga tha kisi ki jheel si aankhon ki gehraiyon mein khokar tu apne is bechare dost ko bhula hi chuka hain Arjun faked sniffing while Priyanka giggled n was soon joined by Anamika too while Avantika turned a darker shade of red. 

Siddharth smacked on Arjun's head n retorted :"Accha? Bahut yaad aa rahi thi meri kyun? Chal thik hain. Main na kal tereko office mein milta hu. Fir Malhotra aur Agnihotri dono projects tujhe samhalne ke liye de dunga. Fir tu din bhar mere samne hi rahega. Accha plan hain na? "

Arjun pouted as he quipped:"Hey bhagwan kitna jalim insaan hain yeh. Aapko bas kya main hi mila tha aisa jalim dost dene ke liye? Nainsafi hain bhai...bahut nainsafi hain."

All including Siddharth burst into peals of laughter. After a while when the laughter subsided, Siddharth was the first person to recall the topic on discussion. 

Siddharth :"waise mom aapne bataya nehi ki aakhir aa kaun raha hain." 

Anamika sighed as she recalled the news which she actually dreaded :"Aa raha nehi aa rahi hain. Indore se tumhari dadi bua tirth yatra karne nikli hain. Kuch din yahan rahengi."

Both Arjun n Priyanka looked at each other n then directed their flabbergasted gaze towards Anamika n screeched toghether :"HELL NO!"

Anamika sighed while Siddharth chuckled. Avantika on the other hand was utterly befuddled as she witnessed multifarious emotions on the receipt of a single piece of news. 

Arjun punched Siddharth on his shoulder as he remarked :"Has le beta has le. Tera kya hain? Tu toh hain hi unki aankhon ka tara, ladla dulara. Tera toh humesha wo gungaan karti rehti hain. Aur talwar sirf humare gale latkati hain."

Avantika was extremely confused with their reactions. 

Avantika finally couldnt retain her curiosity :"Baat kya hain? Aaplog itne hairan pareshaan kyun ho? Yeh toh acchi baat hain na ki bua dadiji aa rahi hain."

Priyanka made a wierd face as she replied :"Bhabhi aap janti nehi na unhe isliye aisa bol rahi hain. Unse milengi na ekbaar toh aap bhi bas bhagwanji se ek hi cheez mangengi ki hey bhagwan ya toh inhe wapas bhej do inke ghar ya mujhe utha lo."

Both Arjun n Priyanka sniggered while Siddharth rolled his eyes. 

Arjun corroboroted Priyanka's opinion :"Sahi hain. Bhabhi aapko nehi pata kitna strict hain dadibua. Unko toh jaise har baat se problem hain. Har kisiko har baat pe daantna unki adat hain. Unko khush karna toh matlab mt. Everest par subah jogging ke liye jaakar fir breakfast tak wapas ghar pahuchna. In short, impossible. Aap unse milengi toh khud jaan jayengi. Unki toh naam se darr lagta hain."

Avantika gulped hard as she quipped:"Mujhe toh abhi se darr lag raha hain."

Siddhart tried to calm her nerves in a soothing voice :"Yeh toh bas tumhe yuhi dara rahe hain. Itni bhi darawni nehi hain wo. Aur naahi koi sher ya bhaloo hain jo kha jayengi."

Priyanka came up with a retort immediately :"haan bhai toh yehi kahenge na. Aakhir wohi toh ek hain jinki har baat manti hain dadibua. Bhai ke saath humesha partiality karti hain woh."

She pouted making Avantika even more nervous. Realizing her nervousness, Anamika placed her hand on Avantika's hand n spoke in a soothing n encouraging tone :"Avani beta daro mat. Hum sab hain na tumhare saath. Chinta mat karo beta."

Avantika smiledn nodded. A smile crept up onto the lips of everyone present seeing the sweet beaming face of Avantika. However soon the smile faded from their faces as a voice resonated in the colossal room with strictness oozing from every single syllable.

Voice :"Yeh ho kya raha hain yahan? Koi kaam nehi hain kya kisiko jo sab baithkar gappe maar rahe ho."

Precap : Dadibua's entry

            will it drift Siddharth n Avantika apart or will it bring them closer...

PS : lol so buddies u all thought the person to be Sid's mom but its Arjun. I luv twists n turns n also doing the unexpected. Wink

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lisalafaiya Groupbie

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amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lekin mujhe pm nehi mila?????????????

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sweetsanyo IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 7:24pm | IP Logged
reso jii



yeh lo jii finalyy hum bhi unres kerr rhe h..
kitna jaandaar shaandaar twist tha, by god, maine socha hi nahi tha...
aisa twist sirf aap hi kerr sakte ho...
kya twist tha...

di, but main dil se chahti thi ki yeh scene mummy jii hi dekhe..

coz, unn jaisa dard kissiko nahi hota hoga sid ko aisa akele dekhte hoe,

and yeh scne, sachi main kitni jyada healing hoti sid ki mom ke liye,
uski mom ko jyda jururat thi iski..

aap kudh bolo, originallly of course it ws his mom na...aapne aivein hi humare liye usse rohan main cnvrt kerr diya,
originally tho voh pakka mom hi thi sid ki...
voh jyada better hota...

but di, yeh bhi best h, aisa nahi h ki i m saying ki rohan ne dekha, dats not gud,..
but jab maine padh na ki its him, automatically a bit disappointed i ws...

but still i lov it...
i lov u too...
di plz bora bilkul nahi manoge aap, plz...

eyelock ka description, sachi, so authentic n romantic, aap hi kerr sakte the yeh description sachi main...
uss water drop ki tho. ganda n naughty water drop...

anamika ko acha laga, listening the news ki his sid beta is cming back, i mean shoroaat ho gyi h...
dadi bua.. sunene main thodi dangerous lagti h..
 kya yaar, rpiyanka n rohan ne bechari avni ko kitna dara diya..
 lovd the way sid tried to relax her...

lats main, itni jaldi aa bhi gyi voh bua...

hmm. sochne wali baat h, may be she will help sid n avni too cm closer...

nahi, verna aap phirse twist laaker ulta kerr doge..

okey okey.. haan voh na pakka sid n avni ko juda kerr degi...

haan, yahi hoga...

(ab tho aap sid n avni ko durr nahi hone doge na...)Embarrassed..

ud soon di, lov u vry much..

plz aap naraaz na hona mujhse abt dat rohan n sid ki mom ka case...plz

Edited by sweetsanyo - 21 July 2012 at 3:00am

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tejjo Goldie

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 12:36am | IP Logged
abhi padhkar comment karti hun Big smile

hayo rabba kya romantic n amazing ud tha

di first of all thanks 4 update

missing my avi n sid vry much

now the ud is vry nice di

dil garden garden ho gya is part ko padkar

first part kinna romantic tha

avi n sid all alone in the room n a romantic eye lock session was superb

oh arjun saw he's gud banda

im too happy that sid falling for her to forget everything

avantika kitni shy h hehehe i love her shyness

or ab yeh kya nayi musibat h dadi bua kyun aa rhi h

haye sbki baaten sunkar to lag rha h ki wo hittler h

i hope unke aane se avi or sid ke relation par koi farq na pade

i love his sis too...waise arjun n his sis looked gud together

inka bhi kuch ho sakta h

bt pehle avi or sid ka kuch karo di

wo sid ko to bhot pyaar karti h i hope avi ko bhi kare

agar wo sid or avi ke beech villian bni na to i will kill her

fab update tha di

bt pls ud soon

vry soon
luv u

Edited by tejjo - 21 July 2012 at 12:56am

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Kareena1994 IF-Dazzler

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