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Jeevansathi (RTMC ff) Pt 12 in Pg 54 (Page 10)

Nandini25 IF-Rockerz

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Anamika welcomed the bride n the bridegroom in perfect traditional manner, following every ritual. Anamika then took hold of a  bowl of rice which another lady passed on to her. She bent down n placed the rice bowl at the threshold of the door. Anamika looked up at Avantika n smiled at her with all motherly affection.


Anamika : "Avani beta. Waise toh tum meri aur is ghar ki beti ho. Aur yeh ghar tumhara hi hain. Lekin fir bhi yeh grihapravesh ki rasam sadiyon se chali aa rahi hain. Toh agar tumhein koi aitraaz nehi ho toh tum is kalash ko apne daine (right) pair se girake andar aa jao. Maine tumhe Avani bula sakti hu na? "


Avantika smiled warmly n replied : "Aapne abhi kaha na ki main aapki beti hu. Aur maa kabhi apni beti se izazat nehi mangti. Wo toh hukum karti hain. Izazat mangna toh baccho ka farz hain. Aur ek maa apni beti ko kuch bhi bula sakti hain. Aapko mujhse poochne ki jarurat nehi hain, ma."


Tears of joy brimmed up in Anamika's eyes as she realized how correct was her choice. She had brought home a daughter instead of a daughter in law. Siddharth, too, was amazed at the genuine sweet nature of Avantika. An involuntary smile crept up onto his lips as he glanced sideways at his wife.


Anamika : "sach kaha tumne beta. Tum toh meri beti hi ho. Khuski=

smat hain hum ki tum humare jindagi mein aayi ho."


Seeing the atmosphere getting way too emotional, Shailendra decided to take charge of the situation.


Shailendra : "kya kar rahi ho Anamika. Yeh koi waqt hain kya aansoo bahane ka? Baccho ko darwaze par hi khara rakhogi kya?"


Anamika hastily wiped off her tears n smiled : "Arey nehi nehi! Main bhi na! Aao aao baccho andar aa jao."


However she was interrupted by another plump lady who was the wife of a relative of the Singhania family : "Arey aise kaise Anu bhabhi. Pehle toh bahu ko pariksha deni paregi. (she chuckled n turned towards Avantika) bura mat manna bahu. Yeh toh rasam hain. "


Avantika smiled sweetly n nodded. The same woman than continued : "yeh hui na baat. Siddharth beta ab yahan darwaze se lekar thori dur tak chandi ke thal rakhe jayenge. Ghar mein pravesh karne ka baad tumhe un thalo ko ek ek kar apne talwar se choote jaana hain aur bahu ko un thalo ko ek ek kar utha tey jaana hain. Aur haan awaz nehi aani chahiye un thaliyo ke takrane ka aur wo girne nehi chahiye. Kyunki agar wo giri ya takrai toh matlab ghar mein takraar lagi rahengi aur saare rishtey tootkar bikhar saktey hain. "


Her tone however infuriated Siddharth who was renowned for his short tempered nature.


Siddharth replied firmly in a strict n somewhat rude tone : "Chachiji aap janti hain mujhe in sab wahiyat rasmo riyazo mein na toh yakeen hain aur na hi dilchaspi. Aur mere rishtey itne kamzor nehi hain ki bartano ke girne se tootkar bikhrenge."


The aunt made an astounded face n replied : "Arey tim toh naaraz ho gaye Siddharth beta. Main toh bas wahin keh rahi thi jo rasam hain. Yeh rasmein toh sadiyo se chali aa rahi hain. Maine thore hi na banaya hain inhe."


Siddharth was about to snap back when he heard a low feminine voice clearing her throat beside him. He turned only to see Avantika,who had till the moment been a mute spectator of the argument,shaking her head slowly in negative, asking him not to argue further. He was a little taken aback but nonetheless he swallowed back the sharp retort that was about to leave his lips. Avantika looked up with a sweet smile playing on her rosy lips. A baffling calm adorned her face even at such a tensed ambience.


She stared at the aunt right in the eyes n replied in a calm, melodious voice : "Aap chinta mat kariye chachiji. Mujhe pata hain aapko is gharki aur yahan ke logo ki bahut chinta hain. Lekin ab toh yeh ghar mera bhi hain. Toh aap fikar mat kijiye. Main na toh is ghar mein koi takraar hone dungi aur na hi kisi rishtey ko toot ne dungi. Main aapse wada karti hu na ek bhi thal takrayega aur nahi main inhe girne dungi."


The woman made a wierd face n turned away n asked a girl to bring the silver plates n place them on the floor in a neat, vertical line starting from the door. On the other hand, Anamika n Shailendra were trying really hard to suppress the riotous laughter that was threatening to burst out. They were really impressed at the way Avantika handled the tensed situation n the way she so sweetly n politely not only accepted that scheming aunt's challenge but also told her indirectly that she belonged to the Singhania family now n that the wellfare of the family is her responsibility from the moment. Priyanka,on the other hand, couldn't stop herself from giggling. Arjun too joined her. Siddharth smiled n looked away. Even he couldnt help appreciating the calm yet determined nature of Avantika.


   The silver plates had been arranged in a vertical row n then the aunt invited Siddharth n Avantika in a honey coated voice to enter the house. Both entered toghether. Siddharth approached the first plate of the row n touched it with his sword.Avantika bent down n picked it up. Siddharth touched another plate with his sword n Avantika picked it up n placed in a neat pile on her arms without the slightest noise. The same routine went on for the rest of the silver plates. Siddharth went on touching them with his sword while Avantika went on picking them up without making any noise and without letting them to fell down. When they completed the task, the interfering aunt's face was worth seeing. An expression of defeat was adorning her face. When after the completion of the task Avantika turned back to her with a polite n sweet smile, the woman plastered a fake smile on her face n nodded in fake appreciation. On the contrary, there were genuine smiles of victory playing on the lips of Anamika, Shailendra n Priyanka.


 Anamika turned towards the woman n said in a honey coated voice : "Toh ab batao Mridula meri beti tumhare pariksha mein pass toh ho gayi na?"


Mridula fumbled with words as she realized that Anamika had seen through her plan to let Avantika down in front of everyone n taunt her for that : "Meri...meri pariksha?...yeh...yeh aap kya bol rahi ho bhabhi. Main toh bas...wo yeh riwaz hain na toh isliye keh rahi thi main."


Anamika shook her head in frustration as she was well aware of the fact that women like Mridula could never be happy in others joy. They only knew how to set others' joy ablaze.

Anamika turned back to Avantika n put her hand affectionately on her daughter's head n said : "I'm so proud of you beta. Ab chalo tum dono humare kuldevta shivgauri ka aashirwad lelo. "


Both the bride n the groom were then escorted by the others to the magnificent private temple of the Singhania family. The temple was erected out of shining white marblestone n the walls were decorated with beautiful pink flowers engraved on them with suck expertise that they appear to be real. Avantika n Siddharth took off their shoes outside the temple n entered it. There was an aura of religious tranquility n serenity prevailed in the temple. In the centre of the temple was situated colossal idols of lord Shiva n goddess Parvati. The very sight of the idols of the God n the Goddess kindle devotion in one's heart. Siddharth n Avantika joined their palms n offered a little prayer to the God n Goddess alongwith the others. Then they were again escorted back to the hall which was freed of much of the luxurious furnitures as room was made to accomodate a colossal bucket which was currently situated at the centre of the room. It was filled with milk and was decorated with rose petals floating over the surface.


Avantika was escorted by the women while Siddhant was led by the men to the place where the bucket was placed. They were made to sit in the opposite sides  of the bucket facing each other.


Priyanka: "Yeh rasam koi muskil nehi balki ek pyara sa game hain. Its real fun. Isme  main is bucket mein ek anguthi (ring) daal dungi. Fir bhai aur bhabhi ko saath mein dhundna hoga. Jisko pehle mil gaya woh jeet jayega. Aisa teen baar repeat hoga. Jisko wo anguthi atleast do baar mil gaya wo jeet jayega. Par ek baat yaad rakhna bhai aur bhabhi ki jo jeet gaya raaj usika chalne wala hain. Isliye joro ki koshish karna aur bina larey harna mat. Haan ab agar aap dono ek dusre ko jeetana chahtey ho toh wo alag baat hain."


She giggled seeing Avantika lowering her eyes while blushing hard and Siddharth glowering at her as if admonishing her to zip up her garrulous lips.


Arjun now clapped his hands to gain attention n began : "okay everyone! Now lets divide the teams. Girls vs boys ho jaaye?"


Priyanka n the other young girls shrieked in unison : "Ho jaaye."


Priyanka : "Harne ke liye taiyar ho jao tim sab larke."


Arjun made a mocking face : "huh! Hum larke kabhi kisi se nehi hartey."


Instead of Priyanka it was Anamika who retorted back : "Garazne wale baadal baraste nehi Arjun. Aur hum larkiyan kehte nehi karke dikhatey hain. Kyun girls?"


All the young girls as well as women yelled in unison :"yeah!"


Shailendra smirked n replied : "Dekhlenge."


Anamika smirked n snapped back : "Dekhlena."


And then the game began. Priyanka threw the ring inside the milk laden bowl n stirred the milk. On her instruction both Siddharth n Avantika dipped their right hands inside the fluid.


After raking their hands for a while in the fluid, Siddharth n Avantika's hands moved in the same direction n they ended up clasping each other's hands. They immediately looked up n their eyes met each other's gaze.But before they could loss themselves in each other's eyes, a whistling noise broke their trance n they immediately let go of each other's hands n looked away.


Arjun smirked n patted Siddharth's shoulder : "Mere bhai! Poori jindagi pari hain tere aagey bhabhi ke haath pakarne ke liye. Tujhe hi unka haath thamkar chalna hain humesha. Abhi ke liye toh khel mein dhyan de mere baap! Marwayega kya?"


In reply he received a smack from Siddharth with his free hand right on the head.


Siddharth : "Apna lamba muh bandh rakh samjha na! Warna tereko isi doodh ke bowl mein dooba dooba ke marunga."


Arjun frowned while the others chuckled.


Arjun : "Arey yaar kamsekam apne shaadi ke din toh marne maarne par utaru mat ho ja. Bhabhi kya sochengi? Kis jungli insaan se paala par gaya unka yehi sochengi na?"


Siddharth : "Teri toh..."


He raised his free hand to hit Arjun yet again but his hand came to an abrupt halt in the mid air as a sweet, melodious giggling penetrated his ears. He turned at the direction to see Avantika giggling. She immediately stopped giggling when his gaze collided with her n lowered her eyes at once with a sweet smile still lingering in her lips.


Anamika who had been relishing the friendly banter between the two childhood best friends finally spoke up in an authoritative, motherly tone : "Bas bas bahut ho gayi larai aur khichai. Ab chalo game start karo fir se."


Again the game commensed and this time both Siddharth n Avantika were careful to evade contact with each other just to evade any more teasings. After a few while Siddharth's hand collided with something solid n he immediately grabbed it. As soon as he raised his hand out of the fluid, all the male members burst out into loud cheers as he was holding the ring between his index finger and his thumb safely. The young as well as middle aged men cheered loudly while the women n the girls scowled at them.


Priyanka edged nearer to Avantika n whispered in her ears : "kya kar rahi ho bhabhi? Humko haarna nehi hain. In akar se bhare larko ko harana hain. Ab sab appke haathon mein hain bhabhi. Bacha lena!"


Avantika whispered back : "Main poori koshish karungi."


Once again the game began. This time it was Avantika's hand which found the ring. As soon as she lifted her hand up n showed the ring, it was the girls' turn to burst into loud cheers. They showed thumbs down to the boys. Then the last round of the game began. Once again it was Avantika who found the ring. The ladies cheered for her while the men pouted.


Arjun : "kya yaar sid! Tereko bhabhiko jeetana hi tha toh pehle bolna tha na. Main bhabhi ke team mein chala jaata."


Avantika blushed n looked down while Siddharth retorted back : "Tu marega beta! Mere hi haathon marega."


Anamika giggled : "Bas bas ab aur larai mat karo. Tum larkey kabhie hum larkiyo se jeet nehi saktey. Lekin ab bas bahut hua. Sid aur Avani bhi thak gaye honge. Ab un dono ko rest karne do. Priyanka, apni bhabhi ko upar uske kamre mein lekar jao beta."


All of them got up n the girls led by Priyanka escorted Avantika upstairs to her n Siddharth's room.


Anamika : " chalo ab mere bete ko aur pareshaan mat karo aur usko apne kamre mein jaane do. Wo bhi toh thak gaya hoga. Usko rest karne do. Sid jao beta."


Arjun put his hand on Siddharth's shoulder and muttered in a barely audible voice in his ear :"Jaise ki tu sach mein rest karne wala hain. Khudko9 chor tu toh aaj bhabhi ko bhi reast nehi karne dega. Bechari bhabhi!"


He winked at Siddharth and chuckled at his bewildered face.


Siddharth glared at him and retorted in a similar quiet voice : "Arjun ke bacche! Tu abhi chup nehi hua na toh main kuch aisa karunga ki tu bahut pachatyega. I will kick u right at the place where it hurts the most and I'll make sure you wont have any child of your own."


That successfully wiped off the cheeky smile from Arjun's face and he gulped as he was quite well aware of the fact that Siddharth never gives blank threats. He will actually do what he said. So its better not to infuriate him any further.




Siddharth, alongwith Arjun and other boys, approached his room. But as he was about to enter his room he was stopped by his own sister and other girls.


Priyanka smirked : "Arey arey bhabhi se milne ki itni bechain? Aise kaise? Aap aise nehi jaa sakte andar bhai."


Siddharth cocked up his brows : "Aise nehi jaa sakta matlab? Yeh mera room hain toh main andar kyun nehi jaa sakta?"


Priyanka giggled : "Haan haan pata hain yeh aapka room hain. Lekin aaj apki nayi nayi shaadi hui hain. Aur isliye aaj aapko entry lene ke liye entry fee deni paregi."


Siddharth : "Arey ajeeb gundaraaz hain. Mujhe mere kamre mein jaane ke liye in gundiyo ko hafta dena parega?"


Priyanka's eyes narrowed into mere slits and she snapped back : "Gundi haan? Accha gundi hi sahi. Chalo nikalo humara hafta. Aur ab toh bare bhi kuch nehi kahenge humein. Yeh shagun hota hain aur humara haq bhi."


Siddharth chuckled at his sister's naughtyness: "Accha bolo ab kitne paise chahiye?"


Priyanka smiled: "Yeh hui na mere bhai wali baat. Chalo nikalo dus hazar rupai (ten thousand rupees)."


Instead of Siddharth, its Arjun who spoke : "Dus hazar. Thora kam nehi ho sakta?"


Priyanka : " Arjun bhai agar beech mein bologey toh aapse double paise usool karungi. Karu kya? "


Arjun : "Arey bapre nehi nehi maine kaha kuch bola hain. Main toh kab se chup khara hu. Sid! Mere bhai! De de paise yaar. Warna yeh humari choti behen tere saath saath mujhe bhi poori raat yahin khara rakhegi."


All the boys and the girls accompanying them giggled at his remark while Siddrath smiled and taking out a bundle of notes, he placed it on his baby sister's outstretched hand.


Priyanka replied with a smug smile : "Hmm…Ab aap ja sakte hain."


She and the other girls parted and made way for him. Siddharth shook his head and finally approaching the door to his room pushed it open and entered. He turned back and closed and lock the door behind him.




























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tat was really cruel..! u cant end d part ter..!!!!AngryTongue anyways d part was sweet.loved all d games..woman like tat chachis should b banned frm wedding..!AngryLOL but loved avi's reply..Clap waiting eagerly to c teir 'happy married life' ahead...Embarrassed

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awesome nice part

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amazing loved it

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lisalafaiya Groupbie

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di awesome update i always loved det ring ritiual thnx 4 including it!!!!!!!!!! loved arjun and sid's chat!!!!!!!!!! cant wait 4 da next update 2 c wat happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! update fast

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Manipadma Senior Member

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it was very swt part... Smile ...aise laga ham b shadi njoy kar rahe hai Wink ...n wats dat...sid n jungli Confused Wink ...ab hamari avanti ka kya honga Embarrassed LOL ...hey u hv to update fast this time...i really lov this ff...plzzz nandu iss baar jaldi update karna ...n thnx for pm Big smile

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Rukmini13 Groupbie

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Hey i m silent ff reader(ab tak to thi);)...i really luv this ff nd i enjoy this part sooo much... Chachijiki to bolti band ho gayee... the way of teasing to sid amazing:D:D...

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Rukmini13 Groupbie

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Hey i m silent ff reader(ab tak to thi);)...i really luv this ff nd i enjoy this part sooo much... Chachijiki to bolti band ho gayee... the way of teasing to sid amazing:D:D:D:D...nw i m waitingfor next part ud soon...nd plz add me in ur pm list

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