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KDMH UPDATE 17th Feb 05

aaliyah Senior Member

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Posted: 18 February 2005 at 5:36pm | IP Logged

hi guys. sorry i didnt post the update yesterday as i was not feeling well but i am fine now and thought i would post the update. the episode was good.

The episode begins on Kritika and Kushal. Kritika says to Kushal that he scared her (for coming up behind her) and then asks him how he is. Kushal sarcastically says that he is fine but if he continues to stay in this beautiful place he may not be able to answer that question again. Kritika tells Kushal not to worry as she has brought him money (in her car), which he can use to get outside the country but as soon as things cool down she can call him back again. Kritika also tells Kushal that he has to go or else it wont be long before Samay gets to him. Kushal snaps back and says that "Jis Kajal ko pane ke liye maine Arjun ko apne raastien se hataya, us Kajal se main dhoor chala jao".  Kritika argues back at Kushal and says that she had only told him to kidnap Arjun and then slowly get close to Kajal so that even if Arjun returned Kajal would not go back to him but he didn't listen to her and by killing Arjun he had ruined her entire plan. Kushal agrees with Kritika and says that perhaps she is right but he wanted to get Kajal in any circumstance and at any cost. Kritika says that Samay took advantage of his (Kushal's) madness and if she didn't find Sahil at the right time, Samay and Kajal would have got married and neither would he have got Kajal and nor would she have got Samay. Kushal in anger says that for his one mistake he has lost Kajal forever. Kritika says that he should trust her and that once Sahil humiliates Kajal and needs support she will call him back and then Kajal will be all his. Kushal asks Kritika about Samay. Kritika says that now Samay is her husband and her duty is to maintain Kajal and Samay's distance. Kushal thanks her and then Kritika tells him to get ready for leaving. She tells Kushal that she will keep in contact with him and leaves.

Next scene shows Kajal and Sahil entering a shopping mall. Kajal is very happy. She holds Sahil's hand. They are shown walking around the mall (extremely happy). Kajal then walks ahead (into a medical store) and someone grabs Sahil's arm and brings him to the side. It is Malhaar. She is upset and says to Sahil that "You said you were busy so what are you doing here". Sahil pulls Malhaar's grip off his arm. Just then Kajal comes and asks Sahil whom he's talking to. Malhaar turns round and her and Sahil get worried. Kajal walks up to them. She recognises Malhaar and greets her. She asks Malhaar what she's doing here. Malhaar says that she didn't feel so good so that's why she come there (for shopping to cheer her up). Kajal asks Malhaar how she is and Malhaar says that's she's fine but is trying to get herself back to normal and in a few days she will go back to Delhi and try to live life afresh. Kajal says to Malhaar that she understands and that if Malhaar ever needs anything she should not hesitate in asking. Malhaar appreciates Kajal's gesture and tells Kajal that she is a nice person but thought that Kajal might get upset. Kajal questions Malhaar as to why she would get upset. Malhaar (pointing at Arjun/Sahil) says that she saw him and remembered Sahil so she couldn't keep herself from talking to him. Kajal says that's it's absolutely fine and that she doesn't need to worry about these things. Kajal then asks Malhaar to join them for shopping. Kajal walks ahead and Malhaar holds Sahil's arm. Sahil pulls her hand off his arm.

They enter a jewellery shop and Malhaar teases Sahil and says that she finally got him to come with her to buy jewellery. Sahil seems worried, as he doesn't want to get caught. Sahil waits for them at the entrance of the shop while Malhaar walks ahead to kajal who is holding a gold necklace. Kajal asks Malhaar what she thinks of the necklace. Malhaar says that the necklace is nice "Par aapke ke liye kuch different hona chahiye". Malhaar picks up another necklace and says that it suits Kajal a lot. Kajal asks Sahil how the necklace looks. Sahil says that the necklace looks very good on her. Kajal then agrees to buy that necklace. Kajal then moves away and starts looking at some manglesutre while she's waiting. Malhaar then asks the shop owner to show her some rings (gents rings). She picks a ring up and looks at Sahil to come and try it. Sahil refuses to come and gestures that Kajal is there. Malhaar silently pleads him to come. Sahil then agrees and comes forward to try the ring. Meanwhile Kajal has her back to Sahil and Malhaar. Malhaar holds Sahil's hand and test the ring on him. He then pulls his hand away. Someone brings two glasses of cold drink for them. Malhaar and Sahil pick the glasses up. Kajal turns round and is surprised to find Sahil standing there. She asks Sahil what he's doing there. Sahil nervously says that he was just having some cold drink and asks Kajal if she wants some. Kajal says she doesn't want any and then holds up a manglesutre. She asks Sahil what he thinks of it. Sahil says that the necklace is very nice, to which Kajal says that the manglesutre will be much nicer if he puts it on her. She then tells Sahil to put it on her. Sahil feels uneasy. Kajal waits for Sahil to take the manglesutre off her. Malhaar seems anxious as to what Sahil will do. Sahil then puts his glass down and takes the manglesutre off Kajal. Just as he is about to put it around Kajal's neck, Malhaar deliberately drops her cold drink on the floor. The glass breaks and Sahil and Kajal turn round. Kajal asks Malhaar what happened. Malhaar says that the glass slipped out of her hand. Kajal tells Malhaar not to worry and to relax. Kajal tells the jeweller to pack their items and informs him that her husband will be paying for Malhaar as well.

Later Kajal, Sahil and Malhaar are shown carrying lots of shopping bags. Kajal tells Malhaar to take care of herself and phone her as soon as she gets to Delhi. Malhaar also tells Kajal to take care of herself and her baby. She then says goodbye to both Kajal and Sahil and leaves. As Malhaar leaves Kajal tells Sahil that they should go as well. Sahil asks Kajal if she wants him to hold her bags as well (how sweet). As Kajal is about to give her bags to him she realises that she has an extra bag with her, which does not belong to her. She tells Sahil that they should go and exchange the bag. Just then Malhaar returns and says that the bag his hers and Kajal must've accidentally mistaken it for her bag. Kajal says that the bags are exactly the same so you can't tell which one is hers and which one is Malhaar's. Then Malhaar asks Kajal that if any of her expensive item was left with Kajal what would she do to it (it appears that Malhaar is hinting out Sahil instead of her jewellery). Kajal replies "I would take it as your amanat and would return it to you at the given opportunity". Malhaar says "really". Kajal says that of course she would. Malhaar tells Kajal that "if that's the case you keep my stuff as an amanat and when ever I feel like it, I will take it off you, but you cant refuse to give it back to me then". Kajal starts smiling and says, "Ok I will not refuse to give it back". Malhaar gives Kajal her bag and thanks her for taking care of her amanat. Malhaar leaves.

As Malhaar leaves Kajal says to Sahil that Malhaar is "pagal ladki" as she is calling jewellery amanat when in actual fact a woman's real amanat is her husband. Kajal then turns round to Sahil and says "Arjun can I ask you something". Sahil gets worried as to what Kajal is going to ask him. Kajal says that "Your Abhimanyu is very hungry, can we please eat something". Sahil starts smiling and agrees with Kajal that they should go and eat. Kajal and Sahil are shown in a restaurant. Kajal is putting cake pieces into Sahil's mouth. Sahil seems a bit edgy but plays along just to keep Kajal happy. Someone on another table is recording Kajal and Sahil on their mobile phone.

Back at Punj house Kritika is shown relaxing while reading a magazine on her bed. She receives a message on her phone. The MMS shows Kajal and Sahil in the restaurant. Kritika calls back and tells the person to continue keeping an eye on Sahil and Kajal, as she wants to know everything about them.

Next scene shows Kajal and Sahil coming home with lots of shopping. They meet Manmeet in the lounge. Manmeet jokes to them that it seems as if they have purchased the entire shopping mall. Kajal laughs and says that they haven't purchased the entire shopping mall but have surely purchased half of it. They all laugh. Manmeet says to Kajal that it's wonderful to see them so happy. He then asks Kajal whether she remembered to get her medicine as well.  Kajal says that she has brought her medicine. Then Kritika comes downstairs and joins them. Kritika asks Kajal whether she has finished her shopping. Kajal says " yes I have shopped but it would have been much more fun if you had shopped with us, anyway I have brought you something, come I'll show you". Kritika tells Kajal to go and she will come in a little while. Kajal takes the bags upstairs. Manmeet gets a phone call and he leaves the room. Alone, Kritika asks Sahil how his shopping went. He says it went fine, to which Kritika asks "fine or very good". Kritika shows Sahil the MMS and tells him to look how happy Kajal appears. Kritika then starts crying and says "but it seems that you have forgotten that you have come to get revenge for all the tears I've shed and not to make Kajal happy". Kritika goes behind Sahil and says " instead of healing my wounds you seem to be making them more deeper". Kritika wipes her tears (crocodile tears) and leaves, leaving Sahil feeling upset.

Later Kajal is shown folding baby clothes on her bed. Sahil walks in and she tells him that Mum (Nitu) gave all the clothes to her and that they were Arjun's clothes when he was a baby.  Kajal picks up the clothes and says, "This is so sweet".  Sahil turns his back and walks off. Kajal gets up and walks to Sahil and says "Do you know what, mum wants our Abhimanyu to wear these clothes". Sahil seems to be irritated by Kajal's words. Kajal then puts her head against Sahil's arm and says "Arjun when you were not here I missed you so much, I missed you that much that…". Sahil then shrugs his arm away and angrily says "Stop it Kajal, stop it, why do you keep on repeating the same thing over and over again, what are you trying to prove". Kajal is shocked. Sahil turns away and continues by saying " Did I choose or went with my own choice or happiness and you were that sad that you were having a second marriage". Sahil then angrily turns towards Kajal and tells her that he doesn't want to hear anything on this topic again; he points a finger at her and says, "Do you understand that". Kajal is stunned and can't believe what she's hearing.  Kajal has tears in her eyes. Sahil looks at her and seems upset and walks out of the room. Kajal starts crying and Kritika looks at her from outside her room and smiles behind her back.

Meanwhile Samay comes home and meets Sahil on the stairs. Samay says to Sahil that's it's a promise that its only a matter of time before all his truth will be out. Sahil does not say a word and walks off. Samay goes up to find Kajal crying in her room. Samay asks Kajal what's wrong. Kajal wipes her tears and denies there's something wrong. Samay then questions her about her tears.  Kajal then starts crying again and says "I don't understand what has happened to Arjun, he shouted at me for no reason and left, I don't understand what must've I said to him that made him shout at me". Samay then tries to hold Kajal's shoulder to console her but doesn't. He thinks to himself "You trusted the wrong person Kajal, you will have to tolerate this pain, but the one who gave you this much sadness will not remain happy for long".

Sahil is shown in the garden. He is very upset and phones Malhaar. Malhaar tells Sahil that it's good that he phoned as she was thinking about him. Sahil says "I am very worried Malhaar, I cant seem to figure out what is right and what is wrong". Malhaar asks Sahil if everything is ok. Sahil says "Overall everything is fine, but Malhaar the people in this house are very nice, in a matter of a few days I have starting liking them a lot, they take good care of me and Kajal…Kajal is not as bad as we thought she was, I don't know what but even if I want I cant be bad to her, I feel agitated". Malhaar then tells Sahil to just continue with his job. Sahil says that he also wants that but is unable to do it as he doesn't understand what he should do and he rather just leave everything and go back. As Sahil says this he finds Kritika listening to his conversation. He cuts his call with Malhaar. Malhaar seems to think about what Sahil has told her (perhaps she feels the same way about Kajal). Back in the garden Kritika is very angry with Sahil. She heatedly goes up to Sahil and shouts, "Finally Kajal's magic has worked on you, I told you, she is not as she looks and you have to give her all the pain that she gave me but you are not able to do this as you have started liking her, try and to understand Sahil she has destroyed my life and that's why she has to be destroyed as well ". Sahil then turns towards Kritika and defensively says, "I know that you will not lie to me, but my heart says that Kajal is not as bad as you say she is". Kritika is shocked at Sahil's words. Sahil looks at Kritika annoyed and then leaves. Kritika is very angry.

Next morning at the breakfast table, Samay, Manmeet and Sahil are having breakfast. Manmeet asks Samay if he has gone to the bank and signed the important papers. Samay says he has but gestures to Sahil (meaning Sahil hasn't signed them). Samay has a smirk on his face. Manmeet tells Sahil to go to the bank today and sign the papers, as without all three signatures the bank will not make the transaction. Sahil refuses and says " Not today papa, as I have a lot of work in the office and I am fed up of all these financial responsibilities, they give me a head ache". Sahil then leaves the table. Manmeet smiles and says to Samay that "He's about to be a father but yet his childish behaviour has not gone, those papers must be signed today, Samay you take him with you and get those papers signed". Samay agrees and he thinks to himself that " After you've signed the papers today Sahil, your truth will be known to everyone, just wait and watch". The episode ends.


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Selina IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 February 2005 at 6:32pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the awesome update Aaliyah. Hope you are feeling better now.
*Angel Diya* Groupbie
*Angel Diya*
*Angel Diya*

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Posted: 19 February 2005 at 8:49am | IP Logged

Thanks 4 da great update!! u write such long and detailed great updates!!! i feel like i am watching it again!! keep up the great work! Wink

Fairuze Senior Member

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Posted: 19 February 2005 at 9:46am | IP Logged
hey aaliyah.........u r gr888!
thank u soooooooo much
mere_pyaar Goldie

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Posted: 19 February 2005 at 10:41am | IP Logged
thanx for the update
jazmine IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 February 2005 at 11:14am | IP Logged
Thanks for posting the update. Hope u feel better. wish I canCry
shahidlover24 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 February 2005 at 12:03pm | IP Logged
awesum update, once again!
thx! Smile
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Posted: 20 February 2005 at 8:36am | IP Logged
wow...thanx for the gr8 update...

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