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..Maitree.. IF-Rockerz

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^^Banner By Me :D

Heyya Everyone! I'm Maitree,and Some of you have read my Oneshots and a Mini FF,and I had this idea,Uncontrably Tempting to Write a ArmaanRiddhima FF. So,I am really excited,and nervous,and also..Um,Happy that I'm starting an FF. I really hope you'll will like it. And Oh,Please DO NOT hesitate to say, " Its A Nonsense Piece of Crap." or Critisize,'coz I won't mind. Maybe you'd even find it boring,but whatever...Read on.
Part 1- Once Again

The Sun shone brightly on her face and she immediately turned to the other side,frowing slightly in her sleep.She wanted to sleep more.Her long flight the previous day had wore her off completely,plus the late night lecture that her dear fiance gave her about staying safe till he came there after some days had half-destroyed her beauty sleep. God! She had been back after 7 whole years!! Did anyone even take that into account? After yearning for Mumbai for seven whole long years,she was back..and no matter what,She owed Sid for that.

The instrumental Kuch Kuch Hota Hai played out of nowehere and she popped one eye open,really annoyed.Riddhima Gupta hated this thing the most-Somebody disturbing her Beauty Sleep,and especially today...When she'd decided that she'd sleep for long,owing to the fact that she was back in her home after so long. She cursed her phone,and then the person calling,and seeing it was Sid,for the first time in her life..She felt like Strangling him to death.

"Morning To-be-Mrs.Modi !"
"Go To Hell."

With that,she cut the call and dozed off again,satisfied that she could get back her sleep.Her phone rang again,and this time,Yawning wide she sat up on her bed,since once awake..She could not get any sleep further and this damn fiance of hers wouldn't allow her to sleep anyway.

"Sid,Can You Please Let Me Sleep?"
"Well,You aren't going to sleep anyway now...Since you're talking to me.",she could almost picturise him grinning from the other side,"And..Once again,Good Morning."
She yawned again,"You've already made it a bad morning."
"Hawww...Isn't that a bad thing to say,Wicked girl ! One toh you're staying away from me..and then this?"
She smiled,"Sid..Its just for two days."
"Ok..So,Why did you call?"
"Its just that I was feeling this empty void inside me which only you could fill,and my world seems so dark-Come on Riddhima! Isn't it obvious?I miss you."
"I miss you too.But So Early in the morning?"
"Sweetheart,if you can open your eyes fully,glance at your clock and see...Its 9:45 a.m. Not Early."

She rubbed her eyes and opened them with a third yawn,and saw it was nearly close to ten. She was suprised at herself,to think that the girl who used to be awake at 6a.m. everyday for jogging and her duty at Delhi..Well,she concluded,Mumbai was different.She was used to being pampered here. So she got up,the phone still in her hand,with Sid blabbering about how he hadn't slept and already had two surgeries,etc. etc.

"Okay.",he said,stopping to take a breath.She laughed.
"Finished your sad story?God Sid,you can be a real idiot sometimes."
"Really?Is it..Then maybe you fell for my idiotness,is it?"
"OOHHH GOODDD!!",came a Loud shriek from the other end.
"Sid?",she asked,worried,"Whats happened?"
"Arrey I was watching the highlights of the World Cup Finals.Phew! Dhoni just got saved!"
She shook her head,disgusted and annoyed,"To hell with Dhoni,Mister. I have to go anyway,so Bye."
"Hey Wait !"
"Um..I forgot to say what I called to say.",She waited,tapping her foot and frowning.
"I Love You.",Despite her trying,her lips instantly curved into a pleasant smile.
"Love You Too." she said,cutting the call.

She did up her bed,for being in Delhi for 7 years all to herself..She'd been habituated to do all these.Opening her suitcase she found her favourite baby pink top and black track pants..and Freshening up,she hurried to change. Putting on slight makeup,her favourite watermelon lipgloss,she descended down the stairs.She looked around her house once more,and was surprised at the sameness.She had expeted her house to be different now,after such a long time..But everything,just everything made her memories turn back to the day she left.

"Bye Ma..",She said,her voice low and her eyes dim,"Papa..",she added,hugging them both.
She looked at the gate one last time,the house...Her parents,her world,and then back at the car that was taking her to the airport.The day had come..She was leaving.
Her heart pained and tears stained her cheeks,as fresh ones rolled down.Her mother kissed her forehead,wished her luck..but all she wanted to hear,to see,to feel..She wanted that familiar husky voice,those ocean-blue eyes,those strong arms..But everything was lost,gone...Left behind.

Picking up her bag,She sighed,wiping her tears,she slowly got in the car.Her heart felt so heavy,her voice choked as she managed out a "bye"..She sobbed uncontrollably at the sight of Mumbai disappearing behind her. Her love,Her dreams..Her home,her friends,her LIFE..She was leaving behing everything there.The thought of surviving seemed impossible.The airport seemed to have arrived too soon,and she gasped as she saw a pair of eyes watching her as she got down from the car. She held the gaze,and a lump formed in her throat. It was the end..Everything was finishing.

"Riddhima..",his husky voice managed out his name,his eyes bloodshot,he tried to smile.
She couldn't take it anymore.She ran,and left everything.If she'd responded,maybe she wouldn't be able to control herself and break down infront of him.
"Riddhima!",The voice cried out.

It was the last time she heard her angel's voice...The last time,she gazed into his blue eyes.
Then,Everything was Lost.

Switching back to present,Riddhima sighed as she held the car steering.Turning on the radio,the song brought a smile to her lips and she hummed along as the breeze played with her hair,making her smile.Her emrald-green eyes sparkled at the sight of the surroundings.

Mumbai-how she'd missed everything that belonged there.The busy roads,the light breeze,the splash of the waves,the open sea..The beautiful monuments,everything.As if she was alive again,her smile widened up. As usal,her heartbeats increased,and after a long time,everything felt if it belonged there.


He sighed as he locked his empty house and went out for a walk.Somehow this city filled a little bit of the void in his heart- What if he'd lost her? He had her memories,her laugh ringing in his ears,the breeze filling up for her hair on his face..The blue sky spread across seemed as if it had her face embedded in the clouds. After 7 long years,nothing had changed..He was Still Armaan Mallik,no wait..Dr.Armaan Mallik,a 27 year old bachelor,a workaholic.

Its not like he didn't try..He did.He tried hard to forget her.But she wasn't anyone,not just a fling or timepass,she was,is and will be his first and last love..His heartbeat,his life.He wanted to be angry with her,She'd promised to love him all through her life..But she didn't come back. Did not even turn back once to have a last look when she was leaving.It made him want to die,but he remembered what she'd told her,"If You Love Me,Armaan...You will Live for me.."

Feeling frustrated with himself again,he walked past the beach,and wiped his tears. His heart felt heavy to even himself,and his life was empty...There had been thousands of women for him,his parents had tried to get him married,but she wasn't there...And He wanted her.Only Her. He kept a hope alive in his heart..Maybe,Maybe someday he'd get her back..Someday,even they'd have their LoveStory..

He soon reached the traffic,and he had to cross the road to get to the store he wanted to.Waving the dust away with his hand,he looked around to check the signal to be red. This Mumbai traffic was getting worse day by day..They had so many cases at Sanjeevani of horrible accidents.His heart went out to the people..He immediately thought if she was okay,wherever she was.

A car caught his eye.A faint breeze moved across his face,and he was surprised.And as he looked at what had captured his attention,His movements froze.He could no longer move..His heartbeats rising..


Riddhima drove a little more,exploring the city and feeling pleasure in herself. She hummed along the song,and thought of Sid,what he was doing at the moment.An instant smile plastered itself across her face.

Abhi kuch dino se suna hai dil ka
Rob hi kuch naya hai
Koi raaz kambakht hai chupaye
khuda hi jaane ki kya hai
Hai dil pe shaq mera
Ise pyaar ho gaya,

Abhi kuch dino se main sochta hoon
ki dil ki thodi si sun loon
Yaha rehne aayegi
Dil saja loon mein khwab thode se boon loon
Hai dil pe shaq mera
Ise pyaar ho gaya

The car stopped at a jerk,and Riddhima was suddenly curious at the commotion she saw at the side of the road. It looked like someone had an accident.She immediately stopped the car at a side,and ran to the place.She felt disgusted when people just stared at the helpless man and murmured among themselves,doing nothing.

"Move Please..Thank You."
Huffing and puffing she got into the crowd,and then kneeled down,but before looking at the man,
"What happened?",she asked and somebody said that he was hit by a bus.

She turned to face the man.He was smeared in blood,and had been hit pretty badly,not to mention having serious injuries.His face made Riddhima's breath catch.She gasped as her heartbeats rose,and tears slowly pierced her eyes.
The man was almost unconcious,he just turned his head side to side in helplessness,and Riddhima could swear he heard him murmur,'Basket..' very softly,only she could hear.

Her voice choked,and her throat went dry,her lips unconciously whispered,"Armaan.."


Okayyy!! So..That's Done.Tell me what you think! Please Like/Comment! And One more thing guys,Just to Tell you..The Updates Won't Be Regular! It maybe once a week or once in two weeks,I will try my best to update! Actually its my final year in school so,I hope you all understand! Muah<33 Love You All.

My Other Works:
|| Love Notes ||(My Oneshots Gallery):

||Je t'aime||(An AR Mini FF)

||Lost and Found||(AR FF with -ZooZoo-)

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..Maitree.. IF-Rockerz

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Part 1 : Once Again (Page 1)         
                                   PREVIEW for part 2(Page 7)
Part 2 : The Sole Reason For Living (Page 11)
PREVIEW for part 3(Page 17)
Part 3 : Questions Left Unanswered(Page 21)
PREVIEW for part 4[a](Page 28)
Part 4(A) : Rewinding Memories(Page 37)
PREVIEW for part 4[b](Page 46)
Part 4(B) : Rewinding Memories(Page 56)
PREVIEW for part 5(Page 67)
Part 5 : The Echo Of Breaking Hearts(Page 76)
PREVIEW for part 6(Page 88)
Part 6 : Revelations(Page 97)
PREVIEW for part 7(Page 112)
Part 7 : Truly Blessed(Page 122)
PREVIEW/Sneak-Peak into Part 8(Page 134)
Part 8 : Beginnings(Page 140)

IMP- If You Want PMs for my FFs/OSs...Please add me in your buddy lists on this account. Maitree_FF_PM I shall be sending PMs from this account :)

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Preeti_ar_kj IF-Rockerz

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omg!!!!!maitz,it was so intresting.i enjoyed reading it.
bt ye sid bich me kaha se aa gaya.ohh no i can't tolerate him.
bt armaan loves ridhima so much.
oh god! he met wid an accident bt now his basket will save her:)
maitzz u write so well.
plzz update asap ok.
thanks 4 the pm dear.   

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caprigurl IF-Sizzlerz

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Follower Numero uno :-)
Jahan Maitree ki Writing , wahan mein :D
I love the intro- i just dont like the Sid angle :(
But Armaan---- oooh kya raaz hai behind their separation?

Keep it up ! I shall follow this FF even if i am too busy to only read it in a flash !

ARCaskettFan Goldie

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Nice start!!!
plz cont. soon
thnx fr da pm
shonadesire IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 April 2011 at 7:23am | IP Logged
hey Matriee
loved d concept so much really bad for armaan
he suffered so much
ahhhhhh nw he met wid accident
waiting nxt part eagerly
thanks for pm
plz continue soon

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Medha. IF-Sizzlerz

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Oh my God Maitree... you're FINALLY starting your own FF!  I'm sooo happy!  I just love the concept of the story. 
In the beginning, I had thought that Riddhima was engaged to Armaan, but again, you gave us a pretty big shock.  Sid! LOL  Poor guy's gonna have a heart break really soon.  The flashback was really touching.  But why did Riddhima leave Armaan like that?  Didn't she love him? 
Anyways, I LOVED the way you described Armaan's feelings and emotions.  It's really sad to know that he had been alone for 7 years.  Feel really bad for him.  And now, he met with an accident.  Thank God Riddhima at least remember's him.  Ab kya hoga?  Please update soon, and thanks for the PM.
-Medzi <33
Aubade. IF-Sizzlerz

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OK BACHI..I am here with a LAMBAAAAAAAAAAAAAA comment..
FIRST AND FOREMOST..I am warning you IF AR DOESNT GET back together..I will NEVER talk to you again..LOL..
And vaise..WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYy does she have to get engaged to SID of all people...I get pissed when I read ridhimas name with anyone..
But overall its written perfectly well..It looks like a story that will go a long way..And I am sure my bacchi can take it to even greater heights..
Its definitely an FF for shocks..But shocks ke bina kya maza..LOL..So be it..
But dont you dare keep my BP high..You have no clue how I dint sleep when there was a twist in TWOS...I couldnt sleep till she updated next..I am a very impatient soul when AR is concerned..
So keep my warning in head..and continue bachi..ALL THE BEST for this FF..may it complete 10000000000000000 threads...

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