!!Story So Far!! Chapter 1

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I know many have joined later or will join us over the duration and so this is a summary of the episodes from the start.. : D
(None of this so far belongs to me. This has been taken from the written updates from Phulwa forum however I will be editing it...)


I will keep updating the story every week...Big smile

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!!...Story So Far...!!

All the villagers have gathered around the Kali Temple and a group of people are pulling a calf, which has its head smeared with sindoor, towards the sacrificial altar. A small girl is watching the proceedings and feels very sad for the calf. She asks the woman standing beside her as to why the calf is going to be sacrificed. The woman answers that it's going to please the Goddess. The child counter questions that it's the same Goddess who has created the calf as well.


The child stops when she hears the assembled villagers chant the name of Thakur Charandas, who bare-bodied comes to the temple for the Puja. The pandit is about to put a tilak on his forehead when Charandas stops him, and tells him that pure color is derived from blood only. And once the sacrifice is made, the Pandit then may put a mark on his forehead with the blood. he then picks up the sword, carried by his follower in a silver tray, and is about to strike, when a huge sound is heard.


The young girl who is watching all these is petrified and closes her eyes. When she opens, she finds that the bullet-ridden Thankur has fallen on the floor of the temple, the calf is fine and that people all around are rushing towards their home. She also sees that a group of men, with rifles in their hands, have taken control of the situation.


The Pandit urges the head dacoit to let the sacrifice be made as otherwise Devi Maa would be unhappy. The lead man tells him that the death of Thakur Charandas is a sacrifice itself and that the Devi is already happy. He then urges his other group members to go and find the otehr members of the Thakur family, and not to harm the old, the women and the children. One of the dacoits encounters a group of women who are afraid. He tells them that though they are dacoits, they very well know how to honor women and moves away.


It is shown that their Leader is climbing up the stairs of the temple and stops in front of the Thakur's body. With her flowing hair, tied with a band, she takes on the form og Goddess Kaali. She later notices the calf still tied to the post. She picks up the sword and brings it down with a sweep. The young girl, hiding behind the walls and watching everything, shuts her eyes again but opens them when she hears the calf call. She sees the calf running down the temple stairs; happily, she claps her hand. This attracts the attention of the Dacoit Leader and the others and the child is terrified.She slips down on the floor while the female dacoit walks towards her, with the sword in her hand. On reaching the girl, the female dacoit keeps the sword aside and removes her head band. She then sits down beside her and asks the child ehr name. The child anwers that her name is Neha.The female dacoit asks why she is not in school. To this the child answers that her Father doesn't want to send her to school. The female dacoit tells the girl to tell her Mother to send her to school; she then removes a heavy gold chain that she was wearing around ehr neck, and gives it to the child, telling her to keep it safe. There is a flower tattoo on the hand of the female dacoit.

She then gets up to go up the stairs once again when she is stopped by the child who asks the dacoit her name. The dacoit stops in her path and turns back, when she hears her name reverbrating through her mind. She remembers someone calling her Phoolwa.

 In the flashback, a young girl is searching for Phoolwa. She asks a lot of people in the village about Phoolwa's whereabouts when finally she finds Phoolwa tying threads around her favourite neem tree.Phoolwa is excited since she was going to the city the next day with her Father and was also enjoying the fact that people were asking her to get stuff for them from the city. Phoolwa's friend also asks for a bindi. Phoolwa replies that since she would have toget so much stuff for people, she wouldn't be able to carry a bindi back. Phoolwa's friend tells her that she can always wear it on her forehead and bring it back, instead of carrying it. The two friends giggle and joke around, when a middle-aged woman comes and hold them both by their ears. She accuses them of trespassing on her land while Phoolwa says that her Father insisits that the neem tree is on their land and not on their neighbour's. The woman slaps Phoolwa and is about to do so again when the local kulfiwala, Ramsharan, stops her by offering her a free kulfi and also by reminding the woman that she should not involve herself with the kids.

 Once the woman goes away, he offers Phoolwa and her friend ice candies of their choice. Phoolwa retorsts bys aying that though Ramsharan had promised to take her to the city, he has never fulfilled his promise. However, she informed that she was going to the city the next day and asked him what she should get for him from there. Ramsharan jokingly tells her that she should get a motorbike for him since he is tired of pedalling his cycle all day along. Phoolwa agrees to get him a bike. Once Ramsharan is gone, Phoolwa remembers that she has to collect her brother from school and rushes there. Only to find her brother enagaged in a kabaddi match with some other students. Once the game is over, the children head back towards home and Phoolwa tells her brother to study properly. Her brother tells him that if she is so interested ins tudies, then she should go to school herself and not lecture him about the importance of education, since she is not his Mother.The friendly banter continues when Phoolwa's friend calls her to tell that her Father is returning. Phoolwa runs towards the bank of the river and sees his Father shoring the boat. The two girls help him in tying the boat to the post in the shore. It seems that the Thakurain was not well and hence the Thakur and his son had taken her to the city hospital. The Thakurain jokingly tells Phoolwa that in old age, the best way to go to the city is to fall ill. Phoolwa's friend, who belongs to a poor family, and haven't eaten for days whispers to her own Father that if the Thakurain dies, then he would get some work to supply wood and then they would be able to eat heartily.

 The Thakur and his son gets off the boat, only to be stopped by a call from Phoolwa's Father. The younger Thakur returns and slaps Phoolwa's Father, asking how could he ask for money when his Grandmother was ill. Phoolwa and others are stunned. The senior Thakur also tells Phoolwa's Father that it is not correct to call anyone from back, especially for money. Phoolwa's Father tells them that he did not want money, but wanted to give back the rifle that they have left behind in the boat.

 A teary Phoolwa runs to the boat, retrieves the rifle and comes to give it to the Thakur. The Senior Thakur is not at all happy and whispers to Phoolwa's Father, that his daughter that given them the rifle back and he hoped that in future, no alliances would be formed between the families.Phulwa runs and gives the rifle to Senior Thakur. He looks at Phulwa and whispers that it is a bad omen in this Kaliyug, and hoped that a relation would not be formed between Phulwa and the rifle. (I had understood wrong last night). The Thakurs walk away. Phulwa's friend's Father urges Manohar (Phulwa's Father) to wash Phulwa's hand. Manohar pulls Phulwa towards the river and rubs her hand vigorously, asking her never to touch a rifle again. He tells her that only mehndi looks good on a girl's hand and not any arms. He then washes his hands. Phulwa cups water and drinks it. She is about to do so again when Manohar stops her. Phulwa says that she is thirsty but Manohar says that the Chambal River is cursed; it's water will quench thirst but will start the fire of rebellion in ay individual. He tells Phulwa that he will get drinking water for her from somewhere else.

 They go to the well inside the village. Manohar is drawing water from the well when Phulwa tells him that today both of them have been slapped. Manohar asks her who had slapped her. Phulwa tells him that Ramdai Kaki has slapped her when she had gone to meet her favourite neem tree. Manohar asks Phulwa to wait till the next morning when they would go to the city court, and then both that land as well as the neem tree would be theirs, and then Phulwa would be able to meet the neem tree everyday. Phulwa also says that once the judgement is passed, then their relation with Ramdai Kaki as well as her son, Lakhiya would improve and they would be able to stay together as a family. While the two are talking there is a huge commotion. A young man on a bike, followed by several other bikes as well as men, appears on the scene. Another man is tied to his bike and is being pulled along with. The man stops the bike near the well and pulls the other man up and asks him why he was passing on news to the dacoits? The other man says that he is not an informant.

 Sensing trouble, Manohar picks up Phulwa and turns around. But the young man spots him and stops him. This is actually Lakhiya. He tells Manohar to stop daydreaming about the land and to forget going to the court the next day. Manohar tells him that, as per his discussion with his brother (Lakhiya's Father), the issue can be solved amicably. Lakhiya tells him that he has also learnt from his Father that if need be, any relation can be severed. And that Manohar will never get the land. Both Phulwa and her Father are sad.

 At home, Phulwa's Mother and elder sister, Champa are cooking. Manohar settles down to eat. Phulwa is playing with another sister while her brother is also eating. Phulwa's Mom gives some malai to Manohar, but he passes on the bowl to Champa saying that she needs it more, cos she's getting married. Champa gets shy but accepts the bowl of malai.

Phulwa asks her Mother whether dacoits are good or not. Her Mother answers that anybody who fights, who kills others and snatches away their land and other property, can never be good. She then asks her son how his studies are going on. Phulwa tells her that he is doing everything but studying and that today, he had beat the sons of the Brahmin Thakurs in a game of kabaddi. Manohar is upset and advises his son to concentrate on his studies and not fight around with the other boys. His wife, however, tells their son that if the fight is for a right purpose, then he should not be afraid and that he needs to be strong and healthy. Phulwa listens to all these. However, her Mother also adds that education is necessary as well.

 It is nighttime. Lakhiya goes to the river bank and loosens the iron bindings of the boat. He then releases the rope tying the boat from the post. The boat floats till a short distance and then sinks. He thinks that now without the boat, Manohar Chacha will not be able to go to the city and not be present in the court to hear the final verdict.

 The whole family is sleeping in their cots. Phulwa is sitting on the terrace, in front of a fire urn, counting the coins. Champa comes up and asks her why she is counting the coins. Phulwa tells her that she is separating the money so as to buy stuff for various people, including Champa. She adds that once Champa decks up, then she would look very beautiful and her brother-in-law would be happy. Champa gives some money to Phulwa and asks her to buy some stuff for her as well. The sisters hug each other and Phulwa tells Champa that she is a very good sister. Champa, in turn, tells Phulwa that she is a very intelligent girl and that is what separates her from the others. And that Phulwa tries to find out solutions for every problem encountered. Their Mother calls them to go to sleep; Phulwa urges Champa to sleep and tells her that she will wait for the dawn, since she doesn't want Father to leave for the city, without her.

 Phulwa's Mother wakes her husband up. They find Phulwa standing ready to go to the city, and are amused at her exuberance.

 While walking towards the river bank, Phulwa asks her Father whether they would go shopping first and then to the court. Manohar tells her that first they would go to the court, hear the good news and then go to the market to buy the various items. He says that once the land is theirs, then he would work hard on it. Phulwa agrees to help him in farming the land.

 They reach the shore but find no boat over there. Phulwa's Father is distraught as this would mean that they can't go to the city. Phulwa asks him whether they go by road; Manohar answers that they have no transport and that if they start walking, even then they would take 3 hrs to reach the city. He breaks down and starts crying.

 Phulwa looks all around, thinks for a while. She then picks up the small bag that she was carrying and runs to the bier and jumps into the water. Manohar is shell-shocked; but he gathers his wit and jumps into the water as well. He looks all around but is unable to trace his daughter.

 Back at home, Champa is doing some household work when a trying-to-be modern lady walks towards their house, all decked up. Champa is happy to see her and tells her Mother that Sona Kaki has come. The lady admonishes her and tells her not to call her Kaki. They all go inside the house and sits down. Sona looks all around her and then finally blurts out that she has not been feeling well when she heard that someone's boat has sunk in the river. Phulwa's Mother is surprised because they are the only family in the village with a boat. She is also worried about her husband and tells Sona that he has not returned as yet. Sona is also surprised.

 Meanwhile, Manohar tries to find his daughter. He finally manages to find Phulwa swimming desperately a few feet before him. He starts swimming towards her but after a while, she again disappears. Manohar is frantic and tries to swim all around, to find Phulwa. Unable to do so, he finally reaches the other bank. He sits down and starts crying, his hand on his head. After a while, a small hand clutches his shoulder. He turns back to see Phulwa standing behind him, the bag in her hand. The girl has a smile on her face and asks her Father whether they could go to the city now. Manohar smiles and gets up.

Lakhiya is lying on his cot and his Mother (Ramdai Kaki) is applying oil on his head. Sona (Lakhiya's wife) enters the house and tells them that their good fortune is not going to last long as Mangroo Chacha (Not Manohar) and Phulwa has managed to cross the river and start for the city. She lamented that if they failed to get the land then Lakhiya would not give her the gold necklace, as promised. Lakhiya gets up from the rope cot immediately and decides to go to the court. His mother tells him that she would go along with him, as she knows the perfect solution for the problem which has led the families to the court. Lakhiya and Sona agrees and Lakhiya goes and sits on his bike, which is named as Bulbul. His mother is not keen to ride in the bike but Lakhiya tells her that it is the only way to reach the city at the earliest. Sona also tells her mother-in-law that the bike is very comfortable and that Lakhiya would drive carefully. Ramdai Kaki is still not convinced but somehow Sona manages to make her sit on the bike and they leave. During their entire trip, she keeps on urging Lakhiya to drive slowly and not drop her on the road, as she didn't want to die due to broken bones.

 Meanwhile, Mangroo and Phulwa progress towards the city on the top of a bus. Mangroo brings out a plastic packet containing the currency notes and dries them, as they had gotten wet while crossing the river. Phulwa gets more and more excited as they approach the city and especially when she sees girls driving scooters. Once they reach the city, they go straight to the court. They meet their lawyer, who takes money from them and advises Mangroo to sit nearby so that he could go inside when his name is called.

 Phulwa tells her Father that she is hungry. Mangroo gives her ten bucks and points towards a small cafeteria and asks her to go and get something to eat. While going towards the cafeteria, Phulwa sees  a woman Police constable speaking to a female advocate. When Mangroo asks him why she had not gone to eat, Phulwa tells him that she is amazed to find women advocate and police. Mangroo tells him that women in the city are very advanced, but to do all these, one needs to eat properly as well. Phulwa rushes off to the cafeteria and sees another small girl ordering sandwich. When the in-charge asks her what she wants, she asks him to give two packets of sandwich. But when the man tells her that two packets would cost Rs. 20/-, Phulwa realizes that she doesn't have enough money. She was about to start eating a piece of sandwich from her packet, but replaces it back, telling the man in charge of the counter that she is not hungry anymore and will give the packet to her Father. She then pays Rs. 10/- to the man. The man is impressed and offers her the other package at no extra cost. Phulwa refuses but he tells that to consider it as a blessing from an elder person and to give due respect for the same. In fact, he even returns the money paid by Phulwa. Phulwa refuses to take the money and tells the money that he must also respect part of her bargain. The man smiles and Phulwa rushes out with the sandwiches.

 She however stops in her path when she sees Ramdai Kaki and Lakhiya speaking to her Father and hugging him. Kaki spots Phulwa and calls her to them. Once Phulwa reaches the group, her Father tells him that Lakhiya has decided to return their land to them and as a result, they would not have to attend the court proceedings. Phulwa asks about her favourite neem tree, to which Ramdai Kaki answers that the tree is a special gift to Phulwa. Lakhiya and his Mother urges them to finish their shopping and return home soon, and promises to send the papers directly to Mangroo's home. The good-natured Mangroo believes them and leaves with his daughter, while Lakhiya and his Mother laugh together at their good fortune.

 Mangroo and Phulwa visits various shops and buys the articles they were supposed to get. Phulwa chooses a small soft toy and is about to pay them, when she notices two guys parking their bike in front of the shop. She asks her Father about the price of the bike. Mangroo informs her that it is very expensive and Phulwa looks at the bike longingly.

 Phulwa's Mother, Hemvati is standing on the river banks crying. She turns to go home when she bumps against a child. She finds that it is her own son Babu who flaunts off his Dabangg-style sunglass. Hemvati feels miserable and rushes back to her house. She sees the kids playing and Champa admiring a golden bangle, which her Father has got from the city. She then sees Mangroo washing his face. She rushes to him and tells him that she is relieved now that he is back, and that the news of the loss of their boat has reached her. Mangroo assures her that all is well and that they have got their land back.

 Phulwa is sitting on Ramsharan's bicycle and discussing about the city. She tells him how women can become lawyers and police over there and wonders about the miracle of a city life. Ramsharan tells her that although she has got gifts for everybody, yet she has failed to bring a motorbike back for him. Phulwa gives him a toy motorbike and tells him that she will gift him an original motorbike later. Ramsharan is touched by her gesture and offers her an ice lolly. Phulwa asks him when he was going to take her to the city. She then tells him that once she marries him, they would then go and settle down in the city. Ramsharan tells her to wait for at least another five years, following which they would settle down in the city. Phulwa tells him innocently that she is eating a lot and drinking milk as well so as to grow up earlier, but somehow she is not growing up at all. Ramsharan laughs at her naivety and tells her that he is going to give her a ride back to her house.

 On the other side, Mangroo gifts Hemvati a simple necklace and adds that it is not an original one; but that he would work hard, day and night, on their land and set things straight for them in the future. Hemvati is surprised and asks Mangroo how they got their land back so easily. Mangroo tells her that Bhabhi and Lakhiya had come to meet him at the court premises and apologized for creating situations, causing the families to land up in the court. When Mangroo insisted that the land belongs to him, they readily agreed to withdraw their claims on it and transfer it to Mangroo. A distraught and unaware Hemvati breaks a glass and cuts her hand. Mangroo tries to help her but she shakes his hand off and applies ash on the cut.

 She is shocked to find that Mangroo has not entered the court at all, and tells him that Bhabhi and Lakhiya has fooled him. She gets angry with him for being so nave and also for not thinking even for once that they could not be so good, after causing troubles for the past 11 years. Mangroo gets upset and tells Hemvati that women only want to create problems in the family. Hemvati agrees to believe only if Lakhiya repeats all the words he told Mangroo, in front of her.

 Mangroo takes Hemvati to Bhabhi's house. She was busy helping Sona wear a golden necklace that Lakhiya has got for her. Mangroo calls out for Bhabhi; she tells Sona to go and tell the couple that she is not at home. Sona meets the couple and flaunts her gold necklace; she then tells them that her mother-in-law has gone to the village doctor to get some medicines, as she was experiencing pain in various parts of her body, after travelling for such a long distance in Lakhiya's bike. When Mangroo asks for Lakhiya, she tells him that he has gone to Thakursaab's wrestling den.

 Mangroo and Hemvati reach the wrestling arena to find Lakhiya wrestling with a bodybuilder, and being cheered by both Senior and Junior Thakur. A lot of the villagers were also watching the wrestling. Senior Thakur is surprised to see Mangroo there and asks him about his whereabouts. Mangroo shares the good news about the land with everybody; the Thakur is happy while Lakhiya has an evil look on his face. The Thakur tells Mangroo that since it is a joyous occasion, Mangroo should join Lakhiya for a round of wrestling bouts. Mangroo initially refuses but gives in to the situation; Hemvati urges him not to go there but Mangroo goes inside the arena, saying that it's a friendly bout between an uncle and a nephew.

 Once inside the arena, Lakhiya asks Mangroo about what he wanted to talk about. Mangroo tells him that Hemvati wanted to ask Lakhiya whether he has indeed transferred the land back to Mangroo. Lakhiya, on hearing this, gets and charges at Mangroo. He picks Mangroo up, to everyone's surprise, turns him around a number of times and then pits his Uncle on to the ground. Hemvati has tears in her eyes.

 Phulwa was returning in Ramsharan's bicycle. She makes Ramsharan stop his cycle and watches the happenings. She becomes quiet.

 Lakhiya throws Mangroo on the ground. Mangroo gets up and tells Lakhiya to stop the childish pranks and to tell his Chachi that he has indeed returned their land to them and that he could start farming from the next day. Lakhiya again charges at his Uncle and twists his arm. Both Phulwa and Hemvati are shocked. Mangroo still believes that Lakhiya is mock-wrestling with him and tells him that Lakhiya is indeed strong; after all, he was his nephew and his blood. On hearing this, Lakhiya charges at Mangroo once again, who was trying to get up from the ground. He twists him over and is about to twist Mangroo's neck as well, on the insistence of the Junior Thakur, when Hemvati interrupts and pushes Lakhiya away. Phulwa tries to go to the wrestling arena, but Ramsharan tells her that she should not go there as the land belongs to the Thakur.

 Mangroo requests the Senior Thakur to tell Lakhiya to stop all the drama and tell the truth. Lakhiya sits down on the ground, in front of the Thakurs, and recount how Mangroo had failed to appear inside the court, as a result of which the hearing has been postponed for another year. When Mangroo reminds him that Lakhiya had promised to send the papers to his house, Lakhiya laughs and tells everybody that those were forged papers and that Mangroo had not even gone through them; in fact, being an illiterate person, he would not have been able to read it as well. Hemvati also requests the Senior Thakur to make Lakhiya understand. The Senior Thakur tells her that Mangroo had agreed to Lakhiya's conditions in the court premises, and then had gone ahead and cheated his Uncle. So the fault basically lies with Mangroo in being stupid. Jr. Thakur tells Mangroo to give up his dream of becoming a farmer and advised him to continue being a boatman only. The crowd around them starts laughing and insulting Mangroo. Hemvati urges Mangroo to return home, while Phulwa starts crying.

 Phulwa sits on the mound and starts crying. Ramsharan consoles her and tells her that she has to be her Father's strength and not cry and make him feel sad. He then urges Phulwa to go home since her Father would need her more.

 Once they reach home, Hemvati tells Champa to boil some milk for her Father. Champa is concerned and asks whether everything is fine or not. Hemvati assures her that everything is fine. She then gives the turmeric-milk to Mangroo and asks him to drink it. Mangroo is about to do so when he remembers all the taunts and insults rained at him, at the wrestling area. He keeps the glass away and rushes out of the house, shouting that he could never be a farmer, but would always stay a boatman for life. Hemvati runs after him.

 Phulwa sees her Father rushing out of their house, followed by her Mother. She also follows them. They reach the river bank and Mangroo searches for his boat desperately. He looks all around and not finding the boat moored at the bank, he rushes towards the thorn bushes aligning the bank and starts searching for his boat there. His hands become bloodied due to the thorns and both Phulwa and Hemvati try to stop him. Mangroo then suddenly notices Chunni (Phulwa's friend) and her Father walking along the river bank, a bundle of wood sticks tied to the cycle carrier. He rushes to Hariya (Chunni's Father) and accuses him of stealing his boat, and points out that the wood sticks have been chopped from his boat. Hariya tries to explain that he has not done so, but Mangroo is nearly berserk. Chunni then steps in and tells Mangroo that they have indeed not taken his boat.

 Mangroo rushes towards the river once again. Hemvati catches hold of him and so does Phulwa. Mangroo keeps on lamenting about his boat, saying that everything is over. Phulwa tells him not to cry and that she is his boat. Hearing this from her mouth, Mangroo gains his control. He then breaks down crying and tells Hemvati that he has been ignorant and nave, as a result of which he has failed to be a good Father. Hemvati consoles him and says that everything must have happened for a reason and that God will show them the way through. Phulwa listens to her Mother's words and starts thinking.

 At night, Phulwa goes to the temple and tries to ring the temple bell constantly. The priest appears and asks what she is doing. Phulwa requests him to open the door of the temple since she had something very important to discuss with God. The priest tells her that God is taking rest and that she should come back in the morning to talk with God. Phulwa then meets the Peer Baba who asks her what she is doing outside at night. Phulwa tells him that she has something urgent to discuss with God and is searching for Him. Peer Baba laughs at her and tells her that God resides within every human being; we just need to close our eyes and pray and He will appear before us. Peer Baba goes away. Phulwa closes her eyes and prays to God. After a while, she opens her eyes but finds no one around.

 She then goes to her favourite neem tree, folds her hand and starts speaking to the tree. She asks why her Father is always humiliated and taken advantage of, despite him being a good person. She urges the neem tree to answer her and refuses to go home, till she gets an answer to her question. She sits down at the foot of the tree.

Mangroo and Hemvati are discussing about making arrangements for Champa's marriage. Hemvati shows Mangroo some jewellery that she plans to give to Champa. Champa asks for the waistband also; Hemvati tells her that she will not give it to Champa and asks her to go and mind the kitchen. Mangroo tells Hemvati to give Champa the waistband as well, but Hemvati reminds him that they have other kids as well. Mangroo tells her to think foremost about Champa's marriage since they would already be failing to fulfill one condition. When Hemvati asks about it, Mangroo tells her that he had promised the groom's family that he would bring the baraat on his boat; but now that their boat is lost, he wouldn't be able to do so. He decides to go and speak to the groom's Father and explain the situation. Hemvati decides to go with him and they ask Champa to lock the door behind them.

 Phulwa is sitting on the ground waiting for her neem tree to respond. She suddenly hears moaning and gets up to look all around. She goes inside the forest slightly and sees a man, lying on the forest floor, writhing. A gun is lying near him and blood is oozing out of a wound on his leg. Phulwa takes a step but the man is alerted by the sound of her feet on the dry forest leaves. He picks up the gun and aims it at Phulwa and asks her to leave the place. She goes away. He tries to get up again, but falls down due to the pain and loss of blood.

 In the village, Mangroo calls the groom's Father. There are celebrations going on in the groom's house. Mangroo wishes the groom's Father and tells him that the arrangements for the marriage are going on fine. At that time, the police come and tell everybody to shut down their shops, as some bandits have entered the village. Hemvati tries to engage the shopkeeper by buying some chana while Mangroo continues his conversation. The groom's Father asks Mangroo to be careful about the size of the groom's gold ring as otherwise he would have to wear it on his little finger. Mangroo assures him that he will definitely look into it. While conversing, Mangroo tells Champa's would-be Father-in-law that a certain problem has arisen in his boat, due to which he would not be able to bring the baraat by way of river. The groom's Father assures Mangroo that it's not a big issue at all; the baraat could come by bus. He requested Mangroo to arrange for the payment of the bus. Mangroo is shocked. Hemvati asks him about what has happened. Mangroo tells Hemvati that everything is fine and that the groom's Father has agreed to let the baraat travel by bus. On insistence of the police, the shopkeeper downs the shutter and both Mangroo and Hemvati hurry home.

 The dacoit is lying on the forest floor with the gun clutched in his hand; he suddenly jerks up and finds Phulwa sitting beside him and trying to touch his wound. The dacoit is infuriated and asks Phulwa harshly what she is doing there when he had asked her to go away. Phulwa shows him a sheaf of neem leaves and tells him that the leaves, if tied to the wound, will ease his pain. She then places the leaves on and around the wound and ties them in place with one of her hair ribbon. The dacoit is touched and gives her a golden necklace (the same one that the older Phulwa gives to the small girl, Neha in the first episode). Phulwa refuses saying that her Father has told her that no goods are needed in friendship. The dacoit asks Phulwa to join films as then she would earn a lot of fame there. Phulwa laughs and tells him that her brother, Babu would actually be famous while she would be content to marry the ice lolly vendor, Ramsharan and travel with him all around. The dacoit then asks Phulwa her name and then extends his right hand. He then asks Phulwa to tie her other ribbon on his wrist. Phulwa does so, and while tying the ribbon tells the dacoit that she feels that she is tying a rakhi around a brother's wrist and that from now on, he would have to protect him. The dacoit tells Phulwa that he would certainly do so. Phulwa is happy and tells him now that they are brother and sister, she could ask for anything from him. The dacoit is suddenly annoyed and tells her that she also has put a price to their relation. He then empties his pockets of all the ornaments he was carrying and throws in on the ground, in front of Phulwa. She is a bit perplexed but then tells him that she doesn't need all those ornaments as they are like iron and copper to her. Rather she wants him to answer her question truthfully. The dacoit is surprised when Phulwa asks him about where she could find God as she had some very important questions to ask. The dacoit smiles in a hurt manner and tells Phulwa that if God was indeed present on earth, then all such bad things would not have occurred and that God must indeed be residing underground. He then blesses Phulwa and goes away.

 Phulwa goes to the village well and peers into the water. She sees her reflection and after sometime calls out to God. Getting no response, she is dejected and gets up to go home when Champa comes running. She asks Phulwa what's going on since their parents are also worried but nobody was sharing anything with her. Phulwa keeps quiet; Champa then asks her that if it has something to do with her marriage and whether the marriage is happening or not. Phulwa smiles at her sister and assures that her marriage would definitely take place.

 The next morning, Mangroo and Babu goes to the village market. Mangroo discusses about the cost involved in the travelling of the baraatis to and fro from the village, but is hapless when the cost of the same comes to more than Rs. 7,400/-. He then goes to the Senior Thakur and requests him to help them getting Champa married, as now he had neither the land nor the boat. The Sr. Thakur looks at the Junior Thakur and then tells Mangroo that they would certainly do something to help Champa get married but insisted that Mangroo thinks further about incurring the cost. Mangroo promises to return every Rupee by working hard.

 Phulwa goes to the river bank, to find Chunni dancing around. She asks Chunni why she is so happy. Chunni tells her that somebody has died in the village and now her Father would be able to sell wood for funeral; as a result of which, they would be able to eat heartily that day. She asks Phulwa to join her in her dancing but Phulwa tells her that she has some more important work to do and that she was searching for God.

 Meanwhile, the Sr. Thakur tells Mangroo that he would be able to give Mangroo the money, provided Mangroo transfers the ownership of his land to the Thakur. Mangroo is shocked, and so is Babu. The Thakur tells Mangroo that even Lakhiya ahs agreed to not contest for the land if Mangroo sells it to the Thakur and that in fact, Mangroo is getting paid for a piece of land which does not even belong to him. Lakhiya arrives at the Thakur's place at that time and tells the Sr. Thakur that he has no issues if Mangroo sells his piece of land to the Thakur. The Senior Thakur then tells Mangroo to think and decide what to choose ' his daughter or his land.

 On the river bank, Chunni tells Phulwa that God resides in the river since when a person dies and his/ her body is turned into ash after the cremation, the ash is then submerged into the river water, as a result of which there is a union of the five elements with the divine. Phulwa thinks about the answer and then decides to go into the water, in search of God. Chunni tries to stop her, berating herself for answering in such a fashion. But Phulwa catches hold of a cow and holding it's tail, enters in deep water. After a while, she dives deep while the cow returns to the surface and goes back. Chunni panicks and calls out for Phulwa who is nowhere to be seen.

 The Sr. Thakur throws a wad of notes on the cot and asks Mangroo to pick it up. Mangroo thinks of all the insults heaped on him for being a boatman and how he would never be able to become a farmer. He walks slowly towards the cot as Lakhiya makes fun of him silently.

 Meanwhile, Phulwa suddenly emerges from the water. Chunni is happy to see her and yells at her to come out of the water. Phulwa tells Chunni that she has to find her Baba soon as she has something very important to say.

 here mangroo is forced to take the money inform of land given to thakurs.phulwa still searches for god in underwater.otherway mangroo choose to take the money and give their land to thakur.thakur is happy as well as lakhya.thakur calls a lawyer to officialy take the land from mangroo.meanwhile phooli swims underwater suddenly finds the lost boat (nouka) stucked.she gets happy and tells chunni that she finds her god and answer of her question.chunni gets mad and get ran every where telling phulwa gets to see bhagwan underwater at the sametime babu rushing towards his home to tells what happen on the way he overhears what chunni said and turned to inform his father.otherway lawyer dictating the weel that mangroo has handover their land to thakur without any force.thakur gets happy and gives him the said to put thumbstamp in the paper first.mangroo just about to giving the stamp suddenly babu comes and tells phulwa has find god underwater.mangroo gots exited and tells must be something.under river phooli,ramcharan and mangroo trying to pull out the boat with rope but the bank of the river all gaonwalas waiting to puja the god.but mangroo tells that boat have been stuck at mud in underwater and tells evryone to go home.evryone denies to go and tells its gods mercy to return boat for you.A pandit tells it is a gods gift to you.phooli gets suprised.lakhya,thakurs and ramdai kaki gets angry.chunni's father tell to tie the rope to neemtree.but lakhya urges and warns him not to touch the tree.suddenly a group of farmer came to know about phulwa.phulwa gets suprised as they belive in god and will help him.then the rope tied to truckter and the other side tied to boat. Trukter accelerets to pull the boat with the help of phulwas group.but hence boat stuck in the mud the rope unties again and they failed.lakhya and thakurs get happy.ramcharan said they have to tie the rope again.phulwa gets dissapointed.the decoit (last night befriends with phooli) sees all drama.phulwa suddenly dive in the river to tie the rope again.underwater phulwa sees someone(must be the decoit) thomping the boat with the gun to free from the mud.phulwa happily tries to pull it and hence the boat get free.phulwa calls evryone to pull now. ramdai kaki gets shocked.evrybody pulls after couple of times the boat risen from the river phulwa's mother touches boat and said mil gayi nauka hamari.mangroo broke into tears and thanks to god.thakurs and lakhya-kaki gets angry.phulwa dances in joy.     

Everybody pulls the boat out of the river and is overjoyed. The women in the village come forward with aarti ki thali and pray, in front of the boat, while Mangroo's family is happy. Lakhiya, Ramdai Kaki and the two Thakurs are angry. Lakhiya comes forward and tells Mangroo that even though Mangroo has got back his boat, he couldn't go back on his words and would have to sign in the stamp paper, thus selling the land to the Sr. Thakur. Mangroo is hapless when the Sr. Thakur comes forward and tells Mangroo and Lakhiya that now that Mangroo has got the boat, he would bring the baraat in the boat only and there was no need to hire the bus. Mangroo is overwhelmed but the Sr. Thakur tells him to go ahead and make preparations for his daughter's marriage and that they would talk about the land later. Mangroo thanks him by folding his hand, but the Sr. Thakur tells him to thank Phulwa instead, without whom there would have been no miracle. Mangroo looks at Phulwa with affection; the Sr. Thakur continues that by finding the boat, Phulwa has established the connection with the Chambal river for life. He then goes away from the spot with his gang.

 Mangroo walks up to Phulwa and blesses her; he then asks for a favor from Phulwa and requests her to be born as his daughter in all his births; he then embraces Phulwa. Phulwa looks at the receding figure of the dacoit who walks away silently from the scene. She remembers about the promise he has made as a brother to protect her and smiles at him. The dacoit also smiles at him and goes away.

 Arrangements are being made in Mangroo's house for Champa's wedding. The haldi ceremony is going to happen and everybody is excited. The girls bring Champa out of the house and seat her in the courtyard. The women assembled sing while the children dance about. One by one, they apply haldi to Champa.

 The Panditji and Peer Baba comes to meet Mangroo. They tell Mangroo that since Phulwa has seen God in the river, she is a very special person and that Mangroo is fortunate to have her as his daughter. As a result of Phulwa's good deeds, the people in the village will look after the eating arrangements themselves and will bring supplies as well. Mangroo is happy to hear so; blessing him, Panditji and Peer Baba goes away.

 Phulwa goes inside and brings Champa's gold bangle; she then runs out of the house with it, while Champa follows her. They run to the riverbank where Phulwa sits on a tyre hanging from the tree, not heeding to Champa's request to return it. Suddenly, someone snatches it from behind and both Phulwa and Champa are shocked. However, it turns out to be Ramsharan who returns the bangle to Champa. Champa makes a face at Phulwa and runs towards the house. Phulwa is angry with Ramsharan and tells him that she will not marry him at all. Ramsharan asks her as to who would care for her when he was ill; Phulwa tells him that he would get admitted into a hospital then. The two of them banter around a bit when Ramsharan asks her that if they are not married, then how he would take her to the city. Phulwa answers that she would go to the city with him but still not marry him. Laughing at her answers, Ramsharan comes and sits down in front of her and folds his hand, saying that today by seeing God, Phulwa is worth respecting too. Phulwa gets worried and tells him that Devi Maa would be upset with her. Ramsharan tells her that she is a very lucky person and hoped that after their marriage, he would become lucky too. Phulwa reminds him that it is Ramsharan only who has asked her to wait for another 5 years, before getting married. Ramsharan laughs at her once again and tells her to see their height difference as well. Phulwa replies that her Father always said that a person's groW*H is indicated by his/ her wit and intelligence and not the physical qualities only.In the wrestling arena, The Jr. Thakur is engaged in a bout with one of their own men. He is so furious that he harms the wrestler and is about to kill him. The Sr. Thakur stops him and asks him to keep a control on his temper. The Jr. Thakur tells him that he is very angry with Phulwa since her claim to see God has changed the situation fully. The Sr. Thakur asks him to be patient and reminds them that a war cannot be won by brute strength only; one has to engage intelligence as well to win. Lakhiya is intrigued and asks Thakur why he let Mangroo go away. The Sr. Thakur tells him that one gives alms to the beggar not to make him rich, but to make him realize that he is a beggar and that begging is the only solution to him. He tells both Lakhiya and the Jr. Thakur that small news has created so much impact on the villager's mind, then they should think about the impact at bigger news would create in their superstitious mind. He goes onto tell them that people do not really fear God, but they fear demons.

While he is speaking, a fly comes and sits on his cup of tea. The Sr. Thakur tries to drive it away but the fly refuses to go. He then suddenly sees a servant mopping the floor. He calls out for a bottle near the bucket. When the servant gives him the bottle, he empties a portion of its content into the cup of tea and leaves it on the table. The fly drinks from the cup and dies immediately. The Thakur indicates the outcome to both Lakhiya and the Jr. Thakur; Lakhiya is impressed and touches the Thakur's feet who blesses him to be successful in his initiative.

 In Mangroo's house, everyone is celebrating. Sona comes to meet them and Hemvati invites her inside. Sona tells Hemvati that she is ashamed that her family members had tried to harm Mangroo and family; she then joins them in their celebration. Babu brings a radio outside and suddenly the RJ at Radio Sargam announces that she is going to play a song as a special request from Babu, dedicated to his sister Champa on her wedding day. Everyone is surprised and starts dancing when the song starts.

 Sona gets up and starts dancing as well, she then pulls Hemvati also to dance with the others. Slowly she slips inside the house and goes towards the window. Lakhiya appears near the window immediately and passes on a black bundle to Sona, smiling evilly all the time. Sona comes out and asks Phulwa, who is also dancing, to keep her umbrella inside. Phulwa goes in. Suddenly, an old woman turns around and is shocked to see something. The others follow her eyes and they are also shocked. Phulwa has come out from inside the room, cradling a black cat, with sindoor smeared on its forehead. Phulwa is happy and is petting the cat.

 All the women are shocked to see Phulwa coming out of the house with a black cat in her arms. Hemvati comes forward and tells Phulwa to leave the cat outside their house since it is considered to be a bad omen. Sona joins in and says that not only is it a bad omen, but also it must be the work of a witch, as she had heard of something similar in some other village nearby. Hemvati and others are alarmed. An old woman asks Phulwa from where she got the cat? Phulwa replies that she found the cat in Champa's room, when she had gone to keep Sona's umbrella inside. Champa is aghast and gets up from where she was sitting on the ground. She is in tears and tells everybody that she doesn't know from where the cat came. At that moment, Mangroo comes home and asks the assembled women why they have stopped singing and dancing. Hemvati tells him about the black cat found in Champa's room and that is an inauspicious sign. Mangroo admonishes all the women slightly, telling them that somebody must have smeared vermilion on the cat's forehead in order to have fun, and the alarmed cat might have entered their house, as such there is nothing called bad omen. He further tells the women that if he returns home at night and accidentally steps on a dog, and if the dog cries later, then it would definitely not mean that the incident that happens is bad. He adds that these are all circumstances and may happen to anybody. He urges the women to go ahead and finish the rituals and all. Sona is not at all happy but goes along with the flow.

 Back at her house, Sona tells her Mother-in-law that she was angry with the villagers for being such a fool to believe anybody's words and lamented that all her actions failed to bear any fruit, since the women decided to believe Mangroo. Her mother-in-law asks her to be patient and not to fail in the next attempt, as otherwise she would have to sit back in the house and peel potatoes.

 They suddenly hear sound coming from the courtyard. They rush out to see Lakhiya, who was earlier listening to their conversation, hitting a bundle forcefully on the wooden bench, again and again. After a while he stops and comes towards them with the bundle, which is now bloodied. He tells Sona to ensure that Champa eats whatever there is inside the bundle so that they could prove directly that she is a witch, and that this ploy would be much better than raising suspicions of the villagers. Both Sona and his Mother looks impressed.Hemvati is applying turmeric and some paste on Champa's face, while Phulwa is helping her Father to pack some stuff inside a trunk. She asks her Father why he is marking each and every item with turmeric. Mangroo tells her that the sign of turmeric is considered to be auspicious and is also regarded to ward off evil intentions of others. He then tells Hemvati that Champa's would-be father-in-law was coming to visit them the next day to ensure whether the marriage arrangements are going on fine or not. Hemvati assures him that all arrangements have been made and that he doesn't need to worry about it. She rather worries about the incident of the black cat; Mangroo tells her that it was an accident and that they should forget about it and make arrangements for the marriage whole-heartedly. He then brings out a bar of soap from his bag and gives it to Champa, telling her to use the soap the next day so that she would look more beautiful and fair. Phulwa picks up the soap and tells her Father that she also wants to use it. Mangroo tells her that it is for Champa only and that next time, he would get another bar for Phulwa. Phulwa is adamant when her Mother scolds her and asks her to give the bar back to Champa. Champa is pained to see Phulwa's teary face and goes after her when Phulwa leaves the room.

 She find Phulwa crying and tells her that she would have given the bar to Phulwa only, and that Phulwa need not have created such a  situation. Phulwa tells her that she only wanted to look beautiful as Champa and got scolded instead. Champa tells her that Phulwa is beautiful from inside and doesn't need any soap to make her look beautiful.

 Mangroo and Hemvati are arranging stuff in their kitchen when Hemvati sees a black crow on the window sill. She is alarmed and frightened to see the crow at night, and the glass container in her hands, containing aachar, falls down and breaks. This draws Mangroo's attention and he shoos away the bird. He tells Hemvati that the bird might have lost its' way and was actually looking for a way out, and might have come to their sill. Hemvati is not convinced but Mangroo allays her fear for time being.

 Champa is also worried by the incident of the black cat. She tells Phulwa that though everybody is happy with her marriage arrangements, yet something might go wrong and the marriage may not happen. Phulwa tells her that nothing like that will happen and everything will proceed on fine. She requested Champa to teach her to light the chulha as after a few days, she would have to take care of the family. Champa promises to teach her; but Phulwa insists that Champa goes off to sleep, since they had to wake up early the next morning for some more rituals.

 Next morning, the village women accompany Champa, Hemvati and family to the fields to perform some rituals. They sing a local song implying that a marriage cannot be complete without the land's blessing since a daughter is actually a gift from the land. As part of the rituals, they dig a small hole in the ground and fill it with water; Hemvati then places betel leaves and betel nuts into the water-filled hole, while Sona covers Champa's eyes. Champa finds out the leaves and nuts one by one except for the last pair which some women removes earlier, in order to tease Champa. Sona tells Champa that she has failed to find everything; Phulwa comes forward and offers a coin to Champa. Everyone is happy since it is considered to be a good omen while Sona frets and fumes inside.

hampa got scared by seeing dead crows and hearding evryone concerns.phulwa goes into terrace and sees all drama she sees champa sat on the ground and head down crying phulwa goes there and console her.inmeantime hemavati comes to the scene and ask phulwa what happened phulwa said she just came in and sees all these.hemavati tries to console champa and thought she got that mangroo,sona,ramcharan and all family comes to terrace and sees all.mangroo got scared and enchanted some god's name and console champa.chachi (that old lady) got annoyed and tells that it symbols the work of dayan(witch). Evryone shocked sona tells why you are saying so.chachi replies cause dead crows,nimbus. And champa's open hair proves that time champa's comes and asks what happened.he sees all.mangroo manages tell that someone has played nasty prank.sona involves and tell hemavati to take champa says stops.and blabbers something is wrong.he ask his servant to confirm that champa is the dulhan.f.i.l got annoyed and ask mangroo that it symbolizes that your daughter is dayan.chachi adds that yes yesterday cat found in her room and now this that confirms she is dayan.mangroo urges and requested not to tell her daughter dayan.fil got angry and said then why there is dead crows and dulhan's open hair.mangroo replied she knew her daughter she is nothing involved in it.hemavati tells what will champa got by having dayan. Chachi tells rituals of dead crow happens only in dayan room.mangroo tells chachi how she can tell champa dayan she knows her from childhood.she takes care you when you got ill that time you didnt tell champa is dayan.chachi's face got tells mangroo that you are trying to mask your daughter fault.and tells that he couldn't indanger her only beloved son for a dayan.he then slaps the servant and curses that there is only house to do rishta.mangroo broke into tears and tell him that if any fault found in her daughter he would enslave for replies what is usefull of slaving when my son is no more.i can't endanger my son's life. And announce to cancel marriage.chunni's father stops him and says how can he make life hell of another one's daughter's life to save his son's life.ramcharan enters the convo and ask chachi by saying anyone dayan he would use her brain.if she used to go in her terrace and sees dead crows she would shout isn't it.chachi nods her head.ramcharan says then i call evryone and tells that you are dayan then evryone belvies.isnt it.chachi got pooped.chunni's father tell that he will also slave like mangroo cause they trust champa ramcharan also join and all fold their gets touched. phulwa goes towards fil and tells if her sister does something he should scold her(phulwa).fil emotionally smiles. chachi wants to get out and tells hemavati to go downstair with champa.phulwa also going with champa and her mother and sees backwards towards r.c .r.c symbolize tells mangroo very quietly that hence you want slave for me for sake of your daughter.then i as a father can let my son unmarried for his sake.mangroo replies my dautgher has nothing fault and why should i ruin other life for my dautghter.fil hugs mangroo and says i understand and thats why i giving you last chance cause i belive your dautghter.but dont give me another excuse to go beyond my descesion.mangroo replies ok.fil announce to continue marriage preparation.evryone got happy.downstrais at champa's room hemavati cleaning champas forehead.phulwa ask champa whom did give her black viel champa replies sona kaki.sona hearding all behind the door and got scared.phulwa suspicious about sona and ask champ who tell her to go in terrace champa replies sona kaki who else.phulwa ask hemavati if sonakaki doing all this.sona got scared.  

Sona comments that Phulwa loves Champa a lot, to which Phulwa asks Sona whether it is wrong to love one's sister? Sona is stumped but she passes away the situation by telling everybody that Phulwa likes teasing her a lot. She pulls Phulwa's cheek very hard and the child is a bit annoyed. Champa and Phulwa hug each other when Phulwa notices something falling on the ground. She looks above to see a crow flying high above; she realizes that the object dropped by the crow is a piece of soap. When the other women get up and take Champa along with them to perform some other rituals, Phulwa calls Chunni and tells her that she has found a bit of soap. Babu and another girl is also there and they are all very excited about the discovery. They rush towards the river when Sona asks them where they are going ' Phulwa turns around and shows her the piece of soap and tells her that they are all going to bathe with it so that they all would become as pretty and fair as Champa. Champa feels shy on hearing this while the others laugh. Sona thinks that she will put an end to these tales about Champa's beauty and turn her into something which the whole village will witness.

The women of the village are still doing the rituals. One of the ladies asks Hemvati that when are Champa's in-laws coming with the water (some sort of special water). Hemvati replies that they will be arriving shortly.

Mangaroo is bringing Champa's f-i-l and other relatives in his boat. He tells Mangaroo that he kept his promise to bring the baaraat in his boat. The groom's father tells his servant that he did his first good deed in his life by find a good family like Mangaroo's. Mangaroo gets happy. The servant says something (I couldn't understand it), but he shakes the clay pot he's holding. The groom's father gets mad at him, telling him the water in it is important as his son has bathed in it, and now it is for the bride to bathe with it. The servant says he can handle it; he tells him to enjoy the boat ride. The groom's father says he's not there to have fun, but to make sure that the wedding arrangements & the dowry things are done properly. Mangaroo, at this point, gets a little tensed. Then the groom's father says that after he's checked everything, he will call his relatives and they will come with the groom. Mangaroo says he will not give him a reason to complain about anything; he has arranged everything properly. The groom's father asks Mangaroo said that he said it will take him 4 days to fix his boat, then how come the boat is fixed so quickly. Mangaroo replies that it is all because of Phulwa.

Phulwa, Babu, & her friends are taking a bath in the river with the soap she found. Chunni asks what kind of soap she has found; she says they have almost scratched their skin with it, but the soap is still intact. Babu also says something about the soap. Phulwa replies to what Babu says. The Peer Baba arrives and says to Phulwa that she seems excited as she is bathing with soap for the first time. Phuwla asks him that even the village knows about this. The Baba replies that that's how he got to know about it and that he would also get to bathe with the soap. She gives him the soap and tells him to use it properly as it would take time to get the dirt off. They keep on discussing about the weird soap. Phulwa jokes to the Baba about the soap. At that point, all four of them start scratching their hands as it is itching. Phuwla sees some ants on her hands and starts rubbing the sand on her face and hands to get the ants off. Everybody does the same. The Baba tastes a bit of the soap and tells them it's a type of sweet & not soap. The kids laugh about it.

The servant tells the groom's f-i-l that they have reached the shore & that he was worrying about nothing; the f-i-l gets annoyed by this. Some village women come and do some pooja of Mangaroo's boat. The f-i-l asks him what the women are doing; Mangaroo replies that it's their way of showing love and that everybody likes his boat. Mangaroo tells one of the women to do the pooja of the in-laws. The woman tells the f-i-l that the boat is a god's gift; she then does his aarti. The f-i-l and his servant have funny argument. At that moment, the kids are passing them and Chunni accidently bumps into the servant and a little water spills on Mangaroo but he catches the pot. The f-i-l gets mad at them. Phulwa sees him and realizes that he is Champa's f-i-l and runs from there (Mangaroo doesn't recognize his kids because of the sand in their faces). The f-i-l gets mad at his servant & slaps him. Mangaroo apologizes on behalf of the kids; he says they are misbehaved kids, unlike his Phulwa.

Sona is doing Champa's hair. She is praising her about her hair, but not really meaning it.  Meanwhile, Phulwa arrives and Sona asks what has happened to her face. Phulwa says to Champa that her f-i-l has arrived. Champa gets happy asks Sona if she can see her f-i-l; Sona says no and that it's not lucky for the marriage. Champa get upset and Sona smirks and tells her that she will plan something about it.

The f-i-l is checking the stuff Mangaroo has prepared for the marriage and the dowry. He is counting everything and making sure everything is the right amount. Mangaroo assures him that the clothing is in the big box. The f-i-l asks where the most important thing that he has asked for; Mangaroo replies that the cow is in the backyard. He asks them to check if the cow gives ample of milk; Mangaroo tells him that it gave 7 liters of milk in the morning, but the f-i-l tells him to milk it again to check. The f-i-l says he will do it himself. As he goes near the cow, it kicks him. Phulwa helps him up and tells him that whenever you do something for someone, you do it lovingly. Mangaroo tells the f-i-l that it his daughter, Phulwa. The f-i-l praises her.

Sona put a black veil on Champa. Champa asks him if it the right time to go see the f-i-l. Meanwhile in the back, Lakhiya arrives with the beaten up stuff in a bag. He shows it to Sona & leaves. Then Sona tells Champa that now they can go and then it is the right time.

 Phulwa starts milking the cow. The f-i-l is impressed with the amount of milk the cow has given. He also adds that now the baaraat will come for sure and goes to call the in-laws. Mangaroo gets happy. Phulwa says to Chunni that she is going to Champa to tell her the good news.

Sona is bringing out Champa under the black veil but she is being sneaky. The f-i-l arrives at their house. Phulwa is looking for Champa; she is worried when she doesn't find her in her room.

Sona brings Champa to the balcony entrance; Champs tells her that they forgot the keys to the balcony. Champa tells her that she will get it, but Sona says that someone might see her, so she will get it. Sona sees Phulwa coming out of Champa's room & hides. Phulwa goes to Babu & asks him if he's seen Champa. Babu isn't paying attention & starts dancing with her. Sona bumps into Hemvati. She praises the decorations and says f-i-l looks impressed. She leaves & goes to Mangaroo's room. She tries to find the keys; she finds 2 sets but can't decide which one is the balcony one.

Phulwa gets mad at Babu & asks him again if he's seen Champa anywhere; he replies that she might be in Mangaroo's room. Phulwa runs to the room. Sona is trying to get the key out from the set in a hurry and Phulwa enters the room.

 Phulwa doesn't find Champa or anyone else in the room & leaves. Mangaroo is serving refreshment drinks to the in-laws. 2 men arrive with food in big bags and Mangaroo tells them to take it to the balcony. Sona stops Mangaroo & tells him that she just got rid of rats from there (I think that's what she said). He says they can't keep the outside as it will get stolen. Sona suggests that they keep it in the kitchen as no one will go there. Mangaroo agrees and they leave.

Sona goes to Champa and gives her both sets of keys. Phulwa is yelling Champa's name, looking for her. Sona asks Champa what is on her forehead. Champa asks her what it is. Sona replies that she will clean it and sneakily put red powder on her forehead. Sona says now she can go see her f-i-l. Phulwa runs into Sona & Sona asks Phulwa where is Champa. Phulwa says she is asking her the same thing. Sona says she is also looking for her. She gets worried as Phulwa runs up to the balcony. Sona tells her to come down & says that Champa is in the backyard to pray to the tulsi plant; Sona tells her to call her.The f-i-l asks to see the bride. Mangaroo calls for Champa. She enters the balcony. Phulwa is still looking for her. Champa sees dead black crows and lemons on the balcony & screams. Phulwa, Hemvati, Mangaroo, & the f-i-l get worried hearing the scream. Champa is crying. Phulwa looks towards the balcony.

Phulwa ask her mother is sona kaki doing all these things.hemarti replies if she got mad or something.phulwa tells that it sona who ask her to put the umbrella on the room and there she got the billi,and when she ask her where champa she said sona kaki knew where she was.sona got tensed.hemarti replies dont use your small brain sona was just helping champa to meet her f.i.l.and sona helped her alot. Hemarti tell phulwa to shut her mouth and warns champa to not move. Phulwa dissapionted and consoles champa.sona get away. Lakhya taking bath angrily and sona telling ramdai kaki that whole things just setteling down that woodcutter and coolfi walah ruins the game and phulwa suspicious about her.but i manages for hemarti faith on her.lakhya gets mad and badges of the kalshi and holds sona's hand and tells that you can't do anything.sona replies that she does evrything but he can' he is ZERO.Lakhya gets angry and drags sona and tell to go away in her maika. And they both fight and curses each other.ramdai kaki enters in middle and teases that they are doing nice thing by fighting.which is said londontop.ramdai kaki says. That animails death is very cheap.evryone bothers when some nearest dies.and why not the dulha raja.lakhya smiles and knew what he have to do .sona.s dimag ki batti jali. Phulwa bathing champa and asking her why she have to bath grooms bathing water.champa thinking all the past events and scared.phulwa reply herself that it grows love. Champa says what love if marriage not happen.phulwa said not to concern and tell that truth always win and hence marriage will happen.outside band baaja baarat.phulwa got happy.chunni knocks the door and ask phulwa to join as they have to steal dulha's shoes to get paisa.phulwa denies and tells she will see that after.chunni gets upset.phulwa goes to champa.champa tells phulwa that she should born in king's palace.and should marry a prince. Phulwa replies that kulfiwala is not less than a prince and she would marry him.champa laughs. Outside baaratis coming with band baaja and servant in front.behind is dulhe raja (quite young). Hemarti does aarti with dulha mangroo put mala on dulha and fil.panditji ask for duarpuja.dulha is asked to put kalash with his feet.fil tell dulha to open shoes.chunni tries to steal the shoes.but servant got her.hemarti its phulwa's friend.fil slaps the servant and curses him and ask his son to give money.dulha does so chunni gets money but sees sona hiding something behind her stomach.chunni get suspicious.sona tells her to go champa's room phulwa doing makeover of dulhan to champa.phulwa finishes and champa looking beautiful.phulwa says she should get her she gets shoes and revolve around her champa stops her and she tells that phulwa's vision (nazar) is lucky.phulwa teases champa how should dulha look like and makes funny faces.champa gets annoyed.phulwa tells her to watch the dulha.but champa denies.phulwa ran away and tells she would say how dulha lookes.behind door sona takes out a puriya and thougts of a evil plan.

The village people have assembled in Mangroo's courtyard and marriage preparations of Champa is in full swing. Phulwa teases Champa about the groom and later positions a mirror in such a way that Champa could see the groom. The women sing various marriage songs while the children have fun. Champa asks Phulwa to accompany her to her new house and stay there for some time. Phulwa refuses saying that someone intelligent needs to stay back at home to manage everything.

 After a while, Mangroo places a table in front of the baraatis; he then brings a plate laden with gifts for the groom and places it in front of him. Hemvati also brings food for all the baraatis, as well as the groom and his Father, and keeps the dishes in front of them. The groom looks at the gifts and is suddenly upset to see the watch. Mangroo and Hemvati requests him to eat but he stay quiet and doesn't budge. His Father then comes and sits beside him and asks him why he is being so sullen. The groom replies that he had expected a watch with a chain, and not with a simple leather strap. His Father tells him that this is a small thing and could be solved immediately. The groom tells his Father that as a Father he has never given anything to him, and today was his day and that he wanted a watch with a chain. Otherwise he wasn't in any mood to marry.

The groom's Father goes to Mangroo goes to Mangroo and tells him about the groom's wish. Mangroo immediately agrees to replace the watch and sends Babu with it. The groom is happy. Mangroo requests the baraatis to eat before the marriage ceremony takes place.Suddenly, the Senior Thakur and his son (Jr. Thakur) arrive at Mangroo's home with the Sarpanch. Mangroo and Hemvati welcomes them inside and  tells the Sr. Thakur that it is indeed a great honour for them to have the Sr. Thakur there in there house for their daughter's marriage. Sr. Thakur assures Mangroo that his stars are indeed shining. He mentions that his Mother, who is bedridden, has also come to bless the couple. Mangroo and Hemvati are overjoyed to see Ammaji in their courtyard. Ammaji blesses them and tells them that though her main illness is related to heart, yet it is because of the heart's call that she has come there.

 The Panditji asks Mangroo and Hemvati to bring the bride out as time for the marriage has come. While the marriage ceremony is about to start, Jr. Thakur tells Sr. Thakur that he is not convinced that Lakhiya and his wife can do any major damage and tells his Father that he doesn't trust them. Sr. Thakur tells his son to look at the happiness in Sona's face which implies that she is definitely going to succeed in her plan and that time has come for the same. Chunni comes with glasses of sherbet and offers them to the Sarpanch, the Sr. Thakur and the Jr. Thakur. While the Sarpanch and the Sr. Thakur picks up their glasses, the Jr. Thakur waves away Chunni and glares at her. Chunni tells him that the sherbet is icy cold and will cool him down. The Jr. Thakur gets angry and lifts his hand to strike Chunni, but the Sr. Thakur controls him.

 Now, the ceremony is going on in full force and the garland exchange ceremony also takes place. The baraatis pick up the groom so that Champa is unable to put the garland around his neck. Ramsharan brings a chair and places it in front of Champa. Champa climbs up the chair and places the garland around her groom's neck. Once the marriage is complete, the bride and groom take blessings from everybody. Phulwa tells Ramsharan that indeed she would have to wait to grow up so that she could exchange garlands with Ramsharan easily. Ramsharan laughs and pats her cheek.

 While all this is happening, Sona tries to sneak away from the celebrations. She accidentally drops the packet from her hand, then picks it up and hurries inside the house. Chunni sees her with the packet and is suspicious. She tells Phulwa what she has seen.

 Inside the room, Sona empties the packet contents on a plateful of Prasad and mixes it vigorously. Phulwa enters the room and sees her; she questions Sona about what she has mixed in the Prasad. Sona alleges that Phulwa is unnecessarily harassing her and that she has not mixed anything in the food. Hemvati enters the room at that point of time, looking for the puja ka thali. She is suspicious seeing Sona and Phulwa inside the room and asks whether everything is fine or not. Sona tells that everything is fine. Hemvati is about to go away when Phulwa stops her and tells her that she had seen Sona mixing some white coloured powder in the prasad. She tells her Mother that it is Sona who had asked her to keep the umbrella inside the room when they found the black cat; it was Sona again who sent Champa to the terrace when the crows attacked her. She further tells Hemvati that Sona is not a good person. Sona feels humiliated. Hemvati doesn't know who to believe as Sona swears that she has not done so. Hemvati then tells that there is one way to solve the problem ' that she would eat a bit of the prasad to find out the truth. She however warns Phulwa that it better not be a prank. Phulwa swears on her neem tree that she is telling the truth. Hemvati is about to eat the prasad when Phulwa stops her and says that actually Sona should be eating the prasad since she is claiming that she has not mixed anything in it.

 Sona agrees to eat the prasad and picks up a small portion with trembling hands. Phulwa and Hemvati look at her intently.

Phulwa tells her Mother that Sona Kaki has mixed some powdery stuff to the prasad and that she is convinced that Sona Kaki is not a good individual. Sona acts hurt. Imarti (sorry, not Hemvati) decides to taste a bit of the prasad and picks it up. Phulwa stops her and tells that Sona Kaki should taste it instead 'cos she is the one who is refusing to have added something to the prasad. Sona picks up a small portion and reluctantly puts it inside her mouth. She makes strange face, much to Imarti and Phulwa's consternation, but after a while is ok. Imarti is relieved but slaps Phulwa for being mischievous. Imarti colds Phulwa and asks her if this is the culture that they have taught her. Phulwa starts crying; Sona acts that she is pained very much to see Phulwa crying and pulls the child to herself. She then tells Imarti that Phulwa has done a grave mistake by doubting her and that she had actually mixed elaichi powder in the prasad; she also says that children usually make mistakes. Imarti goes away and Sona and Phulwa are left behind together.

 Sona then tells Phulwa that her doubts are absolutely correct and that Sona doesn't want Champa to get married and is there to ruin the marriage. But now, nobody would believe Phulwa and that it was all a game that Sona was playing. She tells Phulwa further that she has done what she had to do to stop Champa's marriage and challenges Phulwa to try and save her sister's marriage. Sona then goes away from the room.

 Outside in the courtyard, the Panditji asks Mangroo and Imarti to bring Champa to the mandap for the final rituals to be completed. While Imarti and others escort Champa to the mandap, Mangroo goes to the Sr. Thakur and asks for his blessings for his daughter. The Thakur tells him that every outcome is as per man's own deeds. And that the auspicious moment should not pass away. Mangroo asks for Ammaji's blessings and she blesses him and his family wholeheartedly. Sr. Thakur tells his Mother i.e. Ammaji that she has been out of the haveli for quite some time and needed to go back home. He then calls the servants who take Ammaji back to the haveli.

 Once Champa is seated, the Panditji asks Imarti to get the holy Ganga water; Imarti goes inside the room to bring the water and finds Phulwa lying on the bed, crying. Imarti tells Phulwa to hurry outside as Champa is getting married and not to worry about anything. She then takes the container of Gangajal outside. Phulwa thinks of Sona's words. Suddenly something strikes her and she runs outside.

In the mandap, as per the Panditji's directive, Imarti sprinkles everything with Gangajal. Phulwa comes out and watches everything intently. The Panditji then asks Champa to light the diya with her own hand.Phulwa senses something wrong and rushes towards her sister, but by then Champa has lit the diya. There is suddenly the sound of an explosion and the fire spreads all across the mandap. Everyone is startled and moves away from the mandap. Mangroo and Ramsharan bring buckets of water and puts out the fire; Phulwa also helps them. Once the fire is put out, Champa looks at the mess and starts crying. The Panditji is worried at the happening, but an old woman from the village says that this is a direct indication that Champa is a dayaan, a 'witch'. Imarti stops her saying that she is not going to listen to any word against her daughter and asks the woman how she could forget the nursing that Champa had done to her when she was ill herself some time ago.

 The Sr. Thakur tells everybody to overlook the event saying that accidents do happen, and urges the Panditji to complete the wedding by making the couple take the saat pheras. Mangroo looks relieved but the groom's Father steps in saying that he is worried about his son's future and who would offer guarantee that nothing like this would happen in the future. Mangroo assures him that everything would be fine; but the groom's Father is adamant and says that though some steps of the marriage rituals have already been completed, yet from then onwards, the two families would have no link at all. Champa starts crying.

 The groom and his Father and other relatives walk away from the place; Phulwa runs in behind them and tells that she knows how the mandap caught fire.


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The groom and his Father and other relatives walk away from the place; Phulwa runs behind them and tells that she knows how the mandap caught fire. She says the bottle which has ganga jal is responsible for all this (What she meant was there was something else in the bottle). But when the Pujari try to assure it , it turns out to be ganga jal . Because Sona Kaki had already changed the bottle before . Though Phulwa and her father tried a lot . Her father even asks his samdhi to  think of her daughter's future  as no one will marry her after all this . He replies " He does not care , as he does not want to take a daayan to his home ".

After he left, the villagers are discussing the issue when Lakhiya and his mother arrives   , his mother says that Lakhiya had found a dead crow and lemons  inside the field (She meant  that Champa has done some black magic on their field ) . Now the old lady in previous episodes drags Champa, while she was been protected with her family members. But villegers are angry and the old lady drags champa by holding her hair. The thakurs are saying " Andhya bishwash ( supersestion) is more than viswash".They separate Champa  from her family and all ladies starts beating her when , Mangroo , Imarati , Phulwa is helpless infront of the whole village . The old lady says to villagers that they should cut champa's hair , as with  long her daayan's power gets increase . When she was just going to cut her hair Imarati somehow arrive there and takes the scissor and says if any one tries to harm her daughter then she will kill them, Then phulwa comes to champa and both sisters starts crying, Mangroo then arrives that nothing will happen , everything will be fine . But imarati replies with grief that "These villegers know it well that Champa is not Daayan" still they want to believe it . Mangroo  takes the cizer from her hand some how , and he goes to Thakur , the manipulative evil thakur then takes the cizer  asks for the scissor ( because to take last security for the family to save champa). He says that " The mukhiya ji here , he will give justice" On the other hand that old lady says " Thought champa says  cured her in her ill time , but now she feels that may be she felt ill because of champa" . Lakhiya's mother adds that " Champa has done some tona totka to her field" She says any one who has touched champa today will not survive , his/her death is sure . Phulwa , Imarati , Champa , Mangroo are are crying and waiting for the justice from Mukhiya ji .

The villagers gather outside Mangroo's home and shout that Champa is a witch and that the Panchayat needs to punish her accordingly. The Thakurs, Lakhiya, Sona, Ramdai Kaki and the Sarpanch are all happy. However, the Sarpanch tells Mangroo and the other villagers that he has himself witnessed the entire proceedings and that the Panchayat has to judge the issue. He, however, tells everybody that Champa would be given a chance to prove her innocence. Mangroo and family are a bit relieved, much to Sona's indignation. The Sarpanch adds that Champa will have to pass a test ' she would have to immerse both of her hands in boiling oil. If her hands are affected, then she would be pronounced as a witch. Otherwise, she would be considered as innocent and nobody in the village would ever raise a finger on her. Mangroo, Imarti and others are shocked, barring the evil group. Champa is half unconscious and doesn't register the words.


Phulwa questions the Sarpanch that it is injustice 'cos anybody would get their hands burnt if they immersed it in hot oil. Even the Sarpanch and the Sr. Thakur would get their hands burnt. Mangroo asks Phulwa not to interfere when elder people are talking. But Phulwa insists that Champa's hands would get burnt in hot oil, even though she is used to working in the kitchen and stuff. The Sarpanch is enraged and tells Mangroo that he had given them a chance to prove his daughter's innocence, but that they have lost the chance to do so. He delivered the final sentence over there and tells everybody to assemble in the small park in the hill the next morning, and that Champa is a witch and would be stoned to death. Mangroo begs to the Sarpanch to spare her daughter's life but the Sarpanch is adamant. He then tells Hariya to dig the ground for Champa's body after she is dead. Hariya is in tears and tells the Sarpanch that Mangroo's family is like his own family and that Imarti Bhabhi has given love to Chunni like her own daughter, and that he would not do something like that. The Sarpanch tells him that he would be offered money in exchange but Hariya refuses money. The Sarpanch then warns him and says that he has no right to go against the Sarpanch's wishes. The Sr. Thakur whispers something to the Sarpanch and he then tells Ramsharan that he was in charge of providing ice candies to all the assembled villagers the next morning, for whom breakfast would also be arranged there. He then turns to go away along with the Thakurs, asking Lakhiya and three of Thakur's henchmen to guard Mangroo's house. The Sarpanch then asks Ramdai Kaki and the other old woman (referred to as Chachi) to take Champa inside the house and lock her in a room. Phulwa accompanies them. Sona tells Phulwa that it is because of her, that Champa has to die. If Phulwa had kept quiet, then Champa would just have to take the test and prove that she is not a witch.


Mangroo runs after them and requests the Sr. Thakur to intervene and save his daughter's life. The Sr. Thakur tells him that he had once tried to do so by deciding to purchase the plot of land from Mangroo. But then, he had refused. The Thakur tells Mangroo that he still wanted the land but that he would not pay anything for it right now; cos if he offers money again for the land, then his prestige would be hurt. Mangroo stares at him dumbfounded but after a while, falls to the Thakur's feet, telling that everything in the village happened as per his wishes and that he had the power to revoke the sentence. The Thakur laughs and tells him that it is the decision of the Panchayat and that he doesn't have a stay in it. He pushes Mangroo away and tells him that while he has three daughters, he has only one plot of land. Since it's a bad bargain, Mangroo should let one daughter die. The Thakur then drives away from the spot.


Mangroo returns to his house and finds Lakhiya and the Thakur's men stationed outside. He looks at Lakhiya with disgust and closes the door at his face. He meets Imarti coming out of a room and informs her that the Thakur has refused to help them. They then sit together inside a room, deciding what to do. Mangroo expresses his helplessness at not being able to do something concrete to save their daughter's life. Imarti tells him that there is only way left for them and that they have to leave the village. She asks Babu to help her pack whatever valuables they have Mangroo tells her that wherever they go, the villagers will not leave them in peace and Champa would be proclaimed as witch everywhere. And that they would be helpless with their children. Imarti starts packing and tells her husband that they would rather beg and work as labourers, rather than let their daughter die due to a false whim, and for no fault of hers.


Phulwa is cleaning Champa's face who is lying on Phulwa's lap. She suddenly wakes up from her trance and sits up. She asks Phulwa about her marriage. Phulwa tells her that her marriage will definitely be held and that the groom will come to take her away. Champa tells Phulwa that she is a bad liar and remembers the final sentence of the Sarpanch. She goes to the room where her parents are discussing about what to do. Imarti and Mangroo are discussing about how Champa's entire life has been destroyed due to the false proclamation that she is a witch. Champa suddenly reaches there and tells them that she is indeed a witch and that she accepts the sentence passed by the village.

The episode starts with Champa coming into the room where her parents are seated and telling them that she is a witch. Mangroo and Imarti try to console her and convince her that she is not a witch and that they would do anything to protect their daughter. They tell Champa that they have decided to pack their stuff and go to another village. Champa is worried and tells them that they do not have the means to sustain such an elaborate step and that the entire family would suffer because of her and they would lose their house as well. She adds that this would make her a bad daughter as well as a bad sister. Mangroo holds her and says that her parents will not let anything happen to her. Phulwa and the other kids rush to their elder sister and assure her that they are all ready to leave the village. Champa is however not convinced since the stigma will stay with her all her life, even if they went away to a far off place. She shakes off her parents and siblings and tells them that she is ready to suffer the punishment by the villagers and will accept it as God's wish. She keeps on iterating again and again that she is indeed a witch. Once she leaves the room, Imarti starts crying and slips down onto the ground. Mangroo is also helpless.


Phulwa goes to her neem tree and asks why her sister has to suffer so much in spite of being a good person. She also asks the tree that while the evil people are happy, its innocent people like her sister who is being made to suffer. She requests the tree to show them the way and save her sister's life. Ramsharan who was passing by hears her request and says that this is the first time, that he has heard anyone seeking help from a tree. Phulwa runs to him and holds him, with tears running down her eyes. She requests Ramsharan to save her sister somehow. Ramsharan tells Phulwa that she needs to find a way out instead since she was the one who had found the boat in the water and had united the village people. Phulwa is hapless and can think of no plan. She remembers the help that Ramsharan had extended to her family during Champa's marriage preliminaries. She suddenly stops Ramsharan who was going away and tells him that Ramsharan was right earlier to mention that they looked like gilli-danda actually. She goes onto say that in fact Champa would make a better pair with him and requests him to marry Champa so that she is saved and all her dreams come true. Ramsharan is shocked and tears fill his eyes; he is unable to say anything while Phulwa goes onto extol the virtues of her sister and how she is a good cook and an excellent homemaker. After a while, Phulwa requests Ramsharan to say something but Ramsharan refuses to marry Champa and pedals away from the spot. Phulwa shouts at him from the back and asks him whether he also considers her as a witch, just like the other villagers. She tells him that her Sister is not a witch. Blinking tears, Ramsharan goes away from the spot.


It is night. Hariya is digging the ground while Lakhiya and the Thakur's henchmen are keeping a watch over him. Lakhiya tells Hariya to hurry since the would-be bride would be arriving soon. One person collects stones in a container. Hearing this, Hariya starts crying but contuse with his digging.


Inside Mangroo's house, Champa is sitting in front of a mirror and looking at herself, her face devoid of any emotions. Imarti comes and tries to tell something but she keeps quiet, tears flowing down her eyes all the while. Phulwa looks inside the room through the window, crying as well. In the other room, Mangroo is crying and bangs his head against the bed post. Babu runs to him and stops him; Mangroo hugs him and his other daughter and cries.


Ramdai Kaki, Chachi and few other village women enter the room where Champa and Imarti are there. She gives a white dress to Imarti asking her to dress up Champa in that attire when they went to the hill the next morning. She adds that the dress will further enhance the bride's beauty. Phulwa rushes into the room and tries to push Ramdai kaki away, saying that her sister will not wear such a dress. Ramdai Kaki catches hold of Phulwa's arms but Champa requests her Mother to get her ready for the occasion. Ramdai tells Imarti to listen to her daughter since she was still practical in the given situation. She then asks Phulwa to learn something from her sister, as otherwise she would get into trouble next. Phulwa stares at Ramdai Kaki with hatred in her eyes. Ramdai throws the cloth at Imarti and goes away.



Meanwhile, Lakhiya and gang check the depth of the pit that Hariya has dug and comments that the top layer would reach till Champa's waist and that its fine. Hariya cries continuously as he hears such evil comments.


Once Ramdai Kaki and the others have gone, Champa tells her Mother that she has only one request left and that they should allow her to depart dressed as a bride only. Imarti is heartbroken and sits down, crying all the while. Phulwa rushes to her Mother and tries to console her. After a while, Imarti opens the door and steps out with Champa and Phulwa. Champa is dressed in a white loose tunic; the women gathered there shouts that the only way to save the village is to kill the witch. Champa is astounded.

The villagers escort Champa, Mangroo and his family to the spot in the park where Champa is to be stoned to death. While the villagers chant anti-witch slogans, Mangroo and family are devastated. The Jr. Thakur sees the procession at dawn and is excited. He wakes up his Father who tells him not to be so impatient but to enjoy every moment.


The villagers reach the park to find Hariya standing near the spot, while the entire area is barricaded away. The Thakurs' henchmen stop Mangroo and his family from entering the spot, while Ramdai holds Champa by hand and leads her inside. However, Imarti and Phulwa are able to break away from the guards and rush towards Champa. Champa cries on seeing her Mother and Sister. Ramdai tries to stop Imarti but Lakhiya tells her to allow Mother-Daughter to spend some time, as Champa's end is near. Phulwa tells her sister that she is very afraid and asks her if she is afraid as well? Champa tells her that she is terrified; the two sisters hug and cry. After a while, Ramdai asks Imarti and Phulwa to come back. Ramdai tells them to hurry as everybody had not eaten the previous night and were all hungry. On Champa's request, Imarti takes off the white tunic; she is still dressed in her bridal yellow saree - the villagers are all shocked. But the Sarpanch and others decide to go on with the stoning.


Hariya seeks forgiveness of Champa for digging the pit for her; Champa steps into it and Hariya starts filling up the pit with loose earth. After a while, Champa is deep down into the earth, waist-down, and the Sarpanch invites all villagers to come and throw stones at the witch. He gives a stone piece to Ramdai to take the first hit, however, Ramdai drops the stone much before the target and is disappointed. Lakhiya then picks up a stone and gets ready to hit Champa; Mangroo and his family are aghast, while Phulwa covers the eyes of her two younger siblings, with her hands.


Just when Lakhiya is about to throw the stone at Champa, someone comes nd holds is hand. Lakhiya is nagry but Ramcharan offers him an ice candy. He then tells everybody that they have all gathered in the park for a good reson nd the witch indeed must be killed, but they should spare some time and quench the fire in their belly. He offers ice lolly to everybody assembled there, and requests the Sarpanch to taste the same. Ramdai sits down on the ground and pulls Lakhiya alongwith her. Ramcharan offers a lolly to Lakhiya, but he refuses. Ramcharan however persists and tells Lahiya that the lolly will quench his anger and that he should not refuse food. As otherwise, a person would have to live without food for the whole day. Lakhiya accpets the candy and everyone is enjoying the same. Ramcharan goes to Phulwa and sits down in front of her. He offers her an ice lolly as well. Phulwa is heartbroken and asks Ramcharan whether he also thinks of Champa as a witch. Ramcharan smiles.


After a while, Ramdai gets up, after finishing her lolly. But her head swims and she falls down on the ground. One by one, all the people assembled there faints, except for Mangroo's family and Hariya. Phulwa is happy and tells Ramcharan that she was sure that he would do something to save Champa. She then asks Ramcharan whether everybody has died or not. Ramcharan tells her that they have only fainted.


He then rushes to Champa and everybody removes the earth quickly. Mangroo asks Ramcharan why he is getting into the line of fire for them. Ramcharan tells him that some things are right and some are wrong, and one's heart generally knows it. And if he didn't do what his heart considered as right, then the Mountain Goddess would never forgive him. Once Champa is out of the pit, Ramcharan tells Mangroo and others that they would have to flee the village, as the Thakur's men would be after them very soon. Champa and Ramcharan then runs away from the spot.


The Jr. Thakur had dozed off while sitting in the terrace. He wakes up when a mosquito bites him and later realises that everything around is too quiet. He rushes out in his jeep, along with his people, to the park. Mangroo and Imarti are shocked to see his jeep arriving at the spot.


with the arrival of Chota Thakur , When he arrives and don't find Champa and gets to see that all the villagers are fainted he gets very angry . Whereas one member from his gang informs Bade Thakur "Daayan bhag gayi" (The Witch had escaped).

The Chota Thakur then starts kicking Chunni's father's leg and points the gun to him, Chunni is hiding behind a tree, she starts no'.. As Phulwa was faking as she is fainted, she says that she knows where they have gone. She says they have gone to the temple behind the hill.

The gang and villagers reaches there, whereas Phulwa tells Chunni that she told them about the presence of Ramcharan 'Champa is the temple because Ramcharan had told her to say so,


When the villegers and thakur arrive to the temple, They started shouting to kill Champa by calling her witch. Ramcharan then says that Champa is not Witch because she is his wife. Whereas Champa arrives with sindoor . Mangroos family is happy. Then Ramcharan says that Champa is not Daayan , As he has already married her, he is alive and The temple has not destroyed with the arrival of Daayan .

Phulwa runs to her didiya , whereas Mangroo was going to touch Ramcharan's leg but he refuses. Then he and Champa takes blessings from them and RAMCHARAN says that Phulwa is the reason for everything she is not a ordinary child. All villegers are shocked, (The expressions of Ramdulari , Lakhiya and sona was a treat to watch )when Bade thakur arrives and says "Shaadi akhir ho hi gayee" and takes chote thakur with him . Then Mangroo 'his family with Ramcharan iis leaving the temple, Chunni brings some flowers from somewhere and throws on them as new married couple.

vidayi of champa.champa goodbyes phulwa and home imarti cries thinking about inactive vidayi of champa.phulwa and mangroo comes.phulwa hugs imarti and ask that she always remember champa.imarti replies that she has done most of the household works till now.and while doing such works she always remember.phulwa doing arti to neem tree and asking as she has done right thing by giving marriage champa with she knows r.s is good person.phulwa ask neem tree how she would manage such household she is small as small leaf she picks up.a big leaf falls down she picks up and smiles and says she got her answer. Next day mangroo wakes up and ask a tea from champa forgettbly.babu ready for school.phulwa calls mangroo and babu as their tea and chapati is ready.imarti and mangroo happy as phulwa cooking herself.imarti tells babu to taste the chapati.babu shouts after he ate chapati and drinks whole lot of water.mangroo throw out tea from his mouth as its full of salt inplace of sugar.phulwa cries but mangroo and imarti consoles her and tell her that she atleast tried all these stuff to do so.mangroo got up and says he need to take out his nouka imarti also comes with river bank mangroo sitting idle and telling imarti as no one wants his ride.lakhya emerges and taunts thats it no use of his nouka and that he should eat with achar and roti.phulwa pulling two buckets of water from well but fell down on road evryone smiles but don't come to help.chunni gives a hand and ask her to give another bucket of water.chunni and phulwa both got a bucket.hariya tries to help.but chunni stops him and tell that she capable of doing all work herself.and big people are capable of watching others.panditji who was present their yells at chunni that what she talking about.hariya tells that she is right.childrens are working and seniors are just sit and watch.evryone heads river bank lakhya sitting behind rock.mangroo tells imarti to get back as no one interested in his ride.imarti sees all villagers coming their way.panditji ask mangroo to cross the river.mangroo says he will but if they want so.chachi says all black spectale are now remove as we belive phulwa has done right thing by giving marriage of champa and r.s.lakhiya stunned.mangroo and imarti smiles. Precap-phulwa discussing with chunni thats it time to take revenge on sonakaki.


Phulwa and Chunni plans to make Sona's life a living hell for what she has done to Champa and family. Chunni asks what Phulwa is planning in her mind, but Phulwa asks her to wait and watch.


Sona and her mother-in-law, Ramdai, go to the market together. First, they go to the tailor's shop to whom Sona had given a blouse to make. The tailor who is old cannot see properly but he remembers Sona's order. Ramdai tells him that he has indeed become old and that's why he keeps on forgetting about lots of stuff. The tailor comments that he is indeed old, but it seems as if the youth of the season has started residing in Ramdai. Sona starts laughing but a glare from Ramdai stops her. The tailor goes inside to find the blouse. Meanwhile, both Sona and Ramdai are feeling tired and hot; they both spy the empty chair, vacated by the tailor. They make a rush for it but Sona beats Ramdai at the tussle. She tells her mother-in-law not to lose herself in her hurry and proceeds to sit down on the chair. Meanwhile, Phulwa and Chunni had tied a rope to one of the legs of the chair and slowly pull it. As a result of which, Sona falls down on the ground - all the villagers in the market starts laughing.


Inside the room, the tailor locates Sona's new blouse and keeps it on the table. He then calls Sona inside. Phulwa and Chunni are hidden inside the room, behind the table. Sona tells the tailor that the blouse that she was wearing has torn and that she would have to wear the new blouse and go home. On hearing this, Phulwa stealthily picks up the blouse and the scissor. Sona and the tailor are searching for the blouse when Phulwa keeps the blouse back on a side table. Sona tells the tailor that he has lost his senses due to old age and then she sends him outside the room so that she could change.

After a while, Sona comes out of the room to find Ramdai arguing with the local paanwala, asking him to make the paan in the proper way. Sona walks up to her and tells that the tailor has done a fab job on the blouse. Ramdai asks her that if she is done with the tailor then they could go and get some vegetables as well. Sona points out that they get usually late due to Ramdai's travails with the betel leaf. In between, Phulwa changes the paan that the paanwala had prepared for Ramdai. Ramdai picks up the other paan and eats it, she likes the taste very much and gives money to the paanwala immediately, much to Sona's surprise, and also blesses him, much to the paanwala's surprise. Chunni tells Phulwa that their plan has failed since Ramdai seems to be enjoying her paan. Phulwa smiles and tells her that it is bound to happen since she has laced the paan with bhang.


Ramdai behaves foolishly as she follows Sona into the market. The people in the market laugh at Sona who is totally clueless about what is happening. She wonders what's wrong with them and is more irritated when Ramdai also starts laughing. Then she finds out that the backside of her blouse has small cuts all across, as a result of which people were laughing. She quickly covers herself with her pallu and decides to buy vegetables fast, since Ramdai was still behaving foolishly.


Lakhiya meets Mangroo at the riverside and tells him that Champa has got saved due to a sudden action by Phulwa and that Mangroo shouldn't be so relaxed. Mangroo smiles and tells Lakhiya that Phulwa has helped her own family not once, but countless times and that he was proud to be her Father. He then walks away. Lakhiya tells him that it could also happen that one day; Mangroo may repent being Phulwa's Father.


Meanwhile, in the market, Sona is buying vegetables. Phulwa and Chunni have hidden themselves under the table and they put big stones in the basket that Sona is carrying. Suddenly, some tomatoes fall off the basket and Sona kneels down to collect them. She sees both girls with stones in their hands.

The episode starts with Sona purchasing vegetables in the market, while Ramdei is still acting funnily under the influence of bhang. Sona places the vegetables in her basket, while Phulwa and Chunni, who are hiding beneath the vegetable vendor's table, keeps on piling stones inside the same. When Sona goes to keep the tomatoes, they fall off the basket and she bends down to collect them. Phulwa and Chunni are nearly caught but for the Thakurain (Sr. Thakur's Mother) who is being borne on a cot and carried by four people. Seeing Sona and Ramdei, she asks the bearers to keep the cot down and she also notices Phulwa and Chunni's antics. She calls Sona who greets her, while Ramdei keeps on looking at the other direction. Thakurain calls Ramdei and asks whether she has forgotten to greet her; Sona nudges her m-i-l who greets the Thakurain but doesn't stop at all. Sona is peeved at her m-i-l's behaviour and asks her to go and greet everybody in the market place. Ramdei does so, much to Sona's indignation, who tells the Thakurain that Ramdei ahs lost her senses and was hence acting funnily. She then calls her m-i-l and tells her to carry the basket of vegetables, along with her, since the vegetable vendor seemed to have given them more veggies than what they had asked for. Both of them start walking towards their home, with Ramdei greeting everybody along the road.


Thakurain calls the girls and asks them what they were doing and why they were troubling elders. Phulwa tells her that what if the elder people have themselves wronged others. Thakurain is puzzled and asks Phulwa what the issue is. Phulwa tells her that Sona and family are behind everything that has happened to Champa during her marriage and that she was just trying to take revenge. Phulwa however tells the Thakurain that since she is elder, Phulwa will listen to whatever opinion the Thakurain has to give. Chunni and Phulwa starts walking away when the Thakurain calls them back and tells Phulwa that if her sister was troubled like this, then she wouldn't have pardoned the culprits. She tells Phulwa to teach Sona and her family such a lesson that they would never forget. Phulwa and Chunni are happy. The Thakurain tells Phulwa that the bond between sisters are unique, Phulwa agrees and tells that if Champa had died, she would not have got her sister back again. They greet the Thakurain and then run away for the next course of action.


Sona is tried pulling the basket, while Ramdei is till greeting everybody along the road, and laughing non-stop. Sona wipes her sweat with her sari pallu and then suddenly realizes that her blouse is torn as well. She is upset that the day is going horribly for her, and decides to stop for a while. She tells her m-i-l to stop and in the melee, they drop the basket. She sees all the stones inside the basket and wonder whether they had purchased stones from the vendor instead of vegetables. She is upset and decides to drink a glass of lemon juice, before going home. Phulwa tells Chunni that now she will teach Sona a lesson for troubling her. Sona goes to the owner of the juice stall and asks him to prepare two glasses of lemon juice. She then turns and goes to Ramdei, asking her to come and drink the juice. Ramdei asks Sona to do something as she is unable to stop laughing, though she is dead tired of laughing for so long. Meanwhile, Phulwa sneaks up to the juice stall and mix a white powder in both the glasses. She then runs back to Chunni. Sona and Ramdei reaches the stall; Sona drinks her glass of juice while Ramdei, who is still not able to control herself, refuses to do so. Sona drinks the second glass of juice as well. Phulwa starts laughing and tells Chunni that now Sona will understand the effects of jamal ghota (laxative) in her drink. Sona is feeling fresh, but after a few minutes, her stomach starts paining and churning. Realizing that she would have to go to the toilet immediately, she hurries her m-i-l to go home, who in turn wants to complete the other purchases as well. Phulwa and Chunni follow them.


Walking towards their home, Ramdei keeps on falling behind, much to Sona's anger, who rushes off to home all by herself, but in the process, falling down into a mud pit. She tries to get up but realizes that it's too late for her to make it to the toilet and that her sari and all has got destroyed and dirty as well. Phulwa and Chunni are hiding behind a tree when Ramdei comes and holds both of them by their ears. She is still laughing, but tells Phulwa that she is aware that Phulwa must have mixed something in her paan, as a result of which she was still acting weird. She raises her hand to hit Phulwa, but is suddenly hit by a catapult stone. Babu comes to the scene and tells the girls that a film is never complete without a hero. While the girls go to find Sona, Babu hits Ramdei with another stone from his catapult and goes away.


Phulwa and Chunni find Sona in the mud pit and ask her what she is doing there. Sona retorts that she is definitely not taking a bath. Phulwa offers her water to wash her face first. Sona washes her face, but it starts stinging suddenly and she is unable to open her eyes. She is panicky when Phulwa asks her whether she could now feel the pain that Champa has gone through on her wedding day. She reminds Sona about her challenge to Phulwa on that day to save her sister's marriage, if she could. Phulwa tells Sona that she has met the challenge and has saved her sister's marriage; in fact, she is happy that Champa is now married to the best person in the world who will keep her happy. She then asks Sona why she had done all that to wreak Champa's marriage. Sona tells her that she had not done anything of her own, but had done under the guidance of the Thakurs who wanted Mangroo's land desperately. Phulwa is surprised.


Mangroo is busy cutting grass (for fodder) using a machine, while Imarti is laying out chili and other masala to dry in the sun. Babu and Bela (the youngest one) are playing about when Phulwa enters the house, looking completely lost. Imarti scolds her for wandering about and asks her to help her Father. Phulwa holds the grass in place while Mangroo uses the machine. She is lost in her own thoughts; her hands near the machine blades when Imarti calls her and asks her about her absent-mindedness. Phulwa asks her parents why the Thakurs wanted their small plot of land, when in fact; they had huge plots of land themselves. Both Mangroo and Imarti are unable to answer her; in fact, Imarti scolds Phulwa for trying to interfere in the affairs of the elder people. Phulwa runs away crying and Imarti tells Mangroo not to feel bad about the questions, since everybody seems to be asking the same questions for which they have no answers.


In Lakhiya's house, Ramdei is sleeping on the cot in the verandah, while Sona is lying down as well, with Lakhiya sponging her face. Sona is busy shooting expletives at Lakhiya, when suddenly she realizes that she has to go to the bathroom again. She rushes inside; Lakhiya picks up the pot and empties the water on Ramdei, asking her to wake up. Sona complains that the Phulwa, though small is very intelligent and has caused so much trouble to them. Lakhiya tells her that Phulwa is just a small girl, playing pranks and that two tight slaps would teach her how to behave.


Phulwa and Chunni walk towards the Thakur's haveli. Chunni is afraid but Phulwa is adamant to go and ask the Thakur why he wants their small plot of land. As they reach the entrance, the guard stops them. But the Thakurain was lying nearby, beside a huge covered well. She asks the guards to let the children in. Phulwa comes and greets her and asks her why the Thakur wants their plot of land. The Thakurain is upset. But at that moment, the Jr. Thakur comes and flares up seeing the children inside the haveli. He is about to hit Phulwa, when the Sr. Thakur arrives, with a gun in his hand. He is very angry with Phulwa for asking such questions and warns her not to cross lines with him in the future and that children do not question elders, they just follow their commands. As for wanting Mangroo's piece of land, he asks Phulwa to get the answer from the Thakurain. Once the Thakurs go away, the Thakurain again calls for Phulwa and tells him that the Thakurs want land because land is considered to be a gold mine. She is amazed at ho a small girl like Phulwa is able to ruffle the Thakurs' feathers. The children return home.


In the evening, Phulwa goes to the neem tree and tells that she is unable to understand the exact meaning of the Thakurain's saying and wonders why the Thakur wants their land. Suddenly she hears an answer from the back that it's greed which is making the Thakur seek the land. She turns around to find the dacoit who has become her rakhi brother. He sits down at the foot of the tree and asks Phulwa for a drink of water. He then asks Phulwa why she always comes to the tree for her answers. Phulwa tells him that the Thakur wants their plot of land, and she recounts all the horrible happenings during Champa's marriage. After hearing all this, the dacoit decides to solve the issue and picks up his gun. But Phulwa tells him, that as per her Father, no problem can be solved by using violence. The dacoit laughs at her and then decides to do something which wouldn't make them resort to violence. They sit together and decide upon a plan.


Next morning, Lakhiya is riding his bike by the field when he sees Phulwa digging the ground with a small stick. He is angry on seeing her and walks up to her, asking her what she is doing in the field. Phulwa tells him that she has heard that land yields gold, that's why she was trying to find gold. Lakhiya accuses her of causing trouble to his mother and wife the previous day, and is about to hit her, when Phulwa poises the stick as a gun, and asks him not to come towards her. Lakhiya takes a step forward when a shot rings out at him. He is completely surprised and then tries to speak to Phulwa in a sweet tone, asking her to throw the stick away. Phulwa doesn't agree; Lakhiya manages to wrest the stick from Phulwa's hand and throws it. He then catches hold of Phulwa, by her neck, and forces her to search in the pit for gold. After a while, he suddenly sees a gold bracelet. Quickly, he covers it up with soil and tells Phulwa that it was just a superstition and that she needed to go home. He shoos her away; Phulwa goes and hides behind a tree,w ith the dacoit. They see Lakhiya digging the pit and finding few more ornaments. Phulwa asks the dacoit from where he got so many ornaments; he tells her that it belongs to him and now that they would use it to teach Lakhiya a lesson.

Lakhiya takes the ornaments home with him and shows them to his Mother and wife. Ramdei and Sona are mad with happiness. Lakhiya tells them that there are more gold ornaments in the field, along with other jewels, and that they should go and recover those jewels at night, without anybody seeing them. Sona dreams of how she would travel in the village, sitting in a cot and being borne by four people, much to the Thakurain's envy. Lakhiya wakes her up from her dreams and asks to hurry. They collect wicker baskets and shovels and hurry towards the field.


In Mangroo's house, Imarti is making rotis while Phulwa is eating. Mangroo asks Babu to sleep as it is late. Phulwa asks her Mother for another roti, which she hides in a basket, covered with a cloth, once Imarti turns to the other side. She again asks for roti and Imarti is surprised. She tells Phulwa that she has never eaten six rotis earlier. Mangroo admonishes Imarti and tells her not to count the rotis that the child eats; he adds that Phulwa must be super hungry nowadays with all the running around that she is doing. Phulwa drinks milk and is about to got with the basket when Imarti stops her. Phulwa tells her Mother that she is carrying flowers and incense in the basket and is going to offer it to the neem tree, since her sister is now happy and has settled down as well. She rushes out of the house; Mangroo tells Imarti that Phulwa seems to have forgotten about the scolding that she had received in the morning.


Phulwa goes to the field and offers food to the dacoit. He asks her whether she had got the food by telling lies; Phulwa replies that a small lie, intending to benefit someone, never does any harm. She then asks him about his identity and his family. The dacoit keeps quiet for a while and tells Phulwa that sometimes its better to forget the past and to move ahead. Phulwa asks him about his friend and tells that she could do anything for her friend Chunni. The dacoit tells her that once he also had a very good friend, and they were like one soul residing in two bodies. But then after some time, things changed and now they have drifted away. Phulwa asks him about his friend's whereabouts and offers to go and speak to him and make things different again. The dacoit nods in the negative when they suddenly hear some sound coming from the field.


Both of them see Lakhiya and his family digging the field and taking out all the ornaments, and nearly going mad in the process. Both Phulwa and the dacoit laugh a lot at Lakhiya and his family's idiocy when Phulwa suddenly becomes serious. He tells the dacoit that since Lakhiya has taken away all the ornaments, this would mean that the dacoit would lose his ornaments forever. The dacoit assures Phulwa that there is magic associated with the ornaments and that he would get them back soon.


The next morning, Sona goes to Mangroo's house where Imarti is using the machine to cut grasses for fodder while Babu is studying, sitting on the cot. Sona tries to engage Imarti into a conversation and requests her not to treat her badly, since she did what her family members asked her to do. Imarti tells her, in a no-nonsense style, that there's no point in harping about the past now that her child was happy. Sona tries to flaunt her new jewellery in front of Imarti. At that time, Phulwa returns home with a pile of firewood on her head. Sona walks to Phulwa and tells her in a disguised fashion, that although Champa is settled now, yet good things happen to good people ' as a result of which she has got the jewellery. She then pulls Phulwa's cheeks in a rude fashion and walks away. Phulwa thinks that Sona will learn the real lesson pretty soon.


Sona and Ramdei, goes to the market, riding in separate rickshaws and wearing the jewelleries. They try to show off their ornaments and even ask the Panditji to do some puja so as to ward off evil eyes. Ramdei gives a Rs. 500 note to the Panditji as dakshina. The Pandit is surprised, but Sona tells him that people with a big heart can only offer bigger notes.


In the haveli, the Thakurs are speaking with the Police Officer who has come to inform them that the ornaments from the temple in the village has been robbed the previous day, and that the news of the robbery has been published in all newspapers. The Sr. Thakur tells the PO that it is indeed a shame and that the robbery would not have taken place if the ornaments had been entrusted to the Thakurs for safekeeping. At that moment, Lakhiya comes to the haveli and greets the Thakur. He then gifts him a pair of shoes; the Thakur asks him whether it is his birthday that day. Lakhiya tells him that he bought it for the Thakur as it is, and not for any occasion.


Seeing the PO there, Lakhiya asks whether everything is fine. The Thakur tells him about the robbery and also shows him the newspaper. Looking at the photos, Lakhiya is upset and agrees to help the Police find the culprit. He goes away immediately; the Thakur tells the PO that he wants the culprit in front of him before the end of the day.


Lakhiya rides fast to his house, but finds it locked. He then heads straight to the market. Sona and Ramdei visit a newspaper stall where Sona asks for a film magazine. Ramdei asks her why she is wasting time and money on such things. Sona tells her that people who have money, usually purchases such magazines and it raises there standard of living. They are busy going through the magazine, when a police jeep comes to the market and the constable comes to the same stall and asks for a copy of the day's newspaper. He tells the vendor that the Goddess' jewellery have been stolen from the temple; Phulwa hears the same and is perplexed remembering her rakhi brother saying that the ornaments belonged to him. Lakhiya reaches the market and calls out for Sona, but stops when he sees the police there.

lakhya manages to flee with sona and ramdei by bike.phulwa goes to dacoit and want.s his explanation of ornament theft.daocit replies it's for good cause.phulwa didn,t expect it and goes to tell the lakhyas house.lakhya says all thing to his family.lakhya cursing himself for being so greed.ramdai tells to take ornaments that place where it has been found.sona gets histiric and tell she wont giveaway the gold and hides somewhere.lakhya tells sona to give ornaments and where she hide it.but sona adamaned not to give it.door knocks in thakurs with police men come inside thakurs ask them to raid inside.lakhya sona got scared.p.o searches evrywhere atlast he searches at flowerpot.where sona tells lakhya that she ornament hid it there.but p.o didn't find it there.instead they get a pan.and they go away.lakhya sighs relief.phulwa just comes in to tell evrything but ramdai sends her away and closes door.ramdai tells la-na that she removed the ornaments at right time through window.phulwa thinks where ornament is then she got to dacoit place but didnt find him.chunni tells phulwa that ramdei came over his mangroo's house babu reading the paper that now land belongs to mangroo.mangroo feels ashamed to get the land.but ramdei insist to get back his land.sona get angry.finally mangroo accept it.ramdei and sona goes away.phulwa thinking.mangroo broke in tears that after 11 years he got their land back.babu bela dances in joy and tells phulwa to join.phulwa smiles and hugs mangroo.

At night lakhya,sona,ramdei standing on mangru's land.lakhya crying that if the land goes away then thakurs will not leave them.ramdei consoles lakhya and says mangru will not get the land.ramdei takes out the cloth bag with ornament and digs ornament in underground.and some ornaments hides behind stones beside tree.and they laughs ramdei that mangru will go to jail when police found ornament in their land. Next morning mangru ready for foder plant.imarti doing puja to neem tree.babu-bela doing rangoli in land.phulwa praying to neem tree that dacoit brother does this work in wrong way but for her he theft and phulwa should take the punishment.mangru praise to land that for many years he his boatman now he is a farmer all because of god.phulwa wants to join his father in foder plant (hal).suddenly police and thakur's jeep comes along with lakhy and co and panchayat.lakhya tells thakur's that mangru has the ornament and lakhya sees that ornament digged in underground in this land.mangru says evryone that he didnt stole anything.panchayat gives order to workers to digged and search for ornament.they started to dig.meanwhile sr.thakur tells lakhya if land goes away he will not leave him.lakhya assures that mangru will go to jail and will get their land.sona taunts phulwa that theft is only thing in their life and tries to grab him tightly phulwa freed herself.workers says they didnt find any thing.lakhya takes the axe and starts to dig ramdai joins him.ramdei starts to dig behind stone under tree but they found that cloth wich ornament was left constable came their and tells that they get ornament along with a letter says ''stealing for good cause is not theft'' phulwa remembers dacoit says same thing while asking for theft.and must be dacoit done this thing.imarti ask to panchayat why their house always get suspicion.thakurs,lakhya's,police gone away. Phulwa starts to cry why own people betrays outsiders help them.mangru says now its mountain dacoit (prashant narayan) playing goti and saying that wheither phulwa is not with her but he will remain forever with day phulwa and babu makes a scarecrow with mangru's dress and gives a big moustache(s.r. thakur)that by giving big moustache it resembles to rakshas and they dances.

The Thakur's jeep arrives in front of Lakhiya's house and the Sr. Thakur yells at him. Lakhiya, who was sleeping inside, falls down from the cot on hearing the Thakur's voice and tells his Mother that the Thakur has now started arriving in his dreams as well. Sona rushes in and tells Lakhiya that the Thakurs have indeed come to their house. All of them rush outside. Lakhiya touches the Thakur's feet and seeks his blessings; he then greets the Jr. Thakur as well. The Jr. Thakur angrily catches hold of Lakhiya's collar and pulls him along with them. Sona and Ramdei are shocked.


Mangroo and family are performing puja on the land while the children are dancing and playing around. Babu has brought the radio to the field and it is playing the song ' Mere desh ki dharti. The children act like farmers and all try to pull the plough, along with Mangroo. At the end, they clap together. At that time, they hear someone else clapping; they turn around and find the Thakurain there. The Thakurs also arrive there, after some time, bringing Lakhiya along with them. The Sr. Thakur tells Mangroo that Lakhiya is Mangroo's culprit but that he will punish Lakhiya himself. He slaps Lakhiya hard so that he falls in front of Mangroo's feet. The Sr. Thakur then lifts a thick wooden cane to hit Lakhiya, but Mangroo stops him, telling that punishing an individual has never helped any human being. The Sr. Thakur asks Lakhiya to learn humility from Mangroo and conduct himself; he also warns Lakhiya to stay away from Mangroo and family in the future. He then asks Lakhiya to go away from there.


The Sr. Thakur apologizes to Mangroo for doing wrong to his family and him; Mangroo and Imarti asks him not to say such things. But the Thakur insists that he wants to seek their forgiveness and has hence decided to gift them something which would show their mark of respect for Mangroo. Both Mangroo and Imarti are tentative; noticing that, the Thakur tells them that the gift is a blessing from his Mother, the Thakurain. He then request Mangroo to step forward and accept the gift. Mangroo is confused; the Thakurain catches hold of Phulwa's hand and puts keys in them. Phulwa looks at the keys; all the kids are amused at to how such a small key would help them use the plough. They all laugh together, to the Thakur's amusement. After a while, a new red-coloured tractor arrives at their land. Everybody realizes that the keys in Phulwa's hands are that of the tractors. Mangroo is visibly upset and tells the Thakur that he cannot accept such an expensive gift. Imarti also refuses and says that they cannot bear the burden of such a bequest. The Sr. Thakur assures her that the tractor is a gift and is not a payment for anything in return. Phulwa looks at her parents and realizes that they are uncomfortable. She tells the Thakurain that her Father has a dream of ploughing and tilling the land on his own; using the tractor would crush his dream. The Thakurain laughs at her and tells her to keep the gift. The Sr. Thakur tells Mangroo that he is indeed blessed to have a child like Phulwa. The group then leaves, leaving Mangroo and family behind.


Ramdei is putting ice on Lakhiya's face, where he has been hit, while Sona is fretting around. They are both unable to understand the volte face done by the Thakur and thinks as to what could be the reason. They wonder why the Thakur has behaved so badly with Lakhiya, who in fact has helped the Thakurs so much. At that moment, the Sr. Thakur comes and tells Ramdei that he has hit Lakhiya because he has been a fool and not done his work carefully. He then gives Ramdei some money to get Lakhiya treated and says that a master would have to take care of his pet dog. Lakhiya is disheartened on hearing this, while Ramdei wonders what the Thakur is planning now, since the Thakur understand no relation, unless and until it benefits him eventually.


In Mangroo's house, Mangroo and Imarti are discussing about the tractor when Heera (not Hariya) comes to visit them, along with Chunni. He tells Mangroo that the Thakur might have really changed and that Mangroo should accept the gift, as the tractor will help Mangroo till the land quickly and save time as well. Mangroo tells him that they have got the land back, due to the luck of the children, and that he has decided to cultivate it honestly. He made it clear that he didn't want to accept the gift, but on Heera's insistence, he decides to keep the tractor but not to use it ever. He then tells that he is going to the town the next day to buy seeds. Phulwa is excited and happy to know that they are going to the town the next morning.

Mangaroo is unconvinced by Heera, and says he will not use the tractor to cultivate his land. He also says that he will go to the town tomorrow to get the seeds. Mangaroo and Phulwa go to town the next day. One man tries to sell his seed to Mangaroo. He sees Heera. Heera says he's in a hurry. Two men are talking to Heera (looks like they are threatening him). 


Mangaroo is buying some seeds, but he is short of money. Heera comes to him and says he can buy it from his friend's shop. Mangaroo says he has never talked about this friend of his. Heera makes an excuse. He also adds that he can buy his seeds from his friend as a loan. Mangaroo says he cant do that. The seller says that he can give however much money he has, and take as much seeds and fertilizer as he wants. Phulwa says to Heera that he's really nice. 


Heera says to the Thakur that the work is done. Thakur is happy about it. Heera is crying. Thakur says that he should only think about himself and his daughter; he will take care of Chunni. He adds that make sure Mangaroo uses the tractor on his land. He says that by using the tractor, Mangaroo will have a hard time paying back the rent of it and then he will finally be able to get Mangaroo's land. (I think that's what he said). 


Babu counts all the bags of the seeds and fertilizer and accounts the amount of money. It comes out to be 20,000 Rupees. Imarti arrives with Bela. Babu tries to tell Imarti about the loan, but Mangaroo stops him. Imarti sees the bags. Mangaroo says he has taken them as a loan; Imarti seems upset about it. He says all will be alright after they start farming. They all eat. Phulwa is thinking about Champa; Imarti says she will be happy wherever she is.


Ramcharan and Champa arrive in another town. They go into a house; it looks messy and Champa asks is someone is living in the house. A voice from the back says who has he brought home. Ramcharan says she is his mother. 


Mangaroo tries to explain how to farm to the kids. He tries to dig the land with a plough for cultivation. He is having a hard time doing it, so Imarti, the kids, and Heera join him. They are tired of it. Heera says that they should use the tractor as the land has hardened. Mangaroo refuses. Heera says to keep his ego aside and adds that without the tractor, he will not be able to do it, and his seeds and fertilizer will go bad. He also questions him on how will he able to pay back the loan of he doesn't grow anything. He adds that he will have to use the tractor or everything will go to waste. Phulwa suggests to use an ox to drag the plough; Heera says it is peak farming time and he wouldn't be able to find an ox at the appropriate moment. Mangaroo and the family seem upset about it. 


Phulwa says they should use an ox for the plough. Heera says they wouldn't be able to get an ox at this moment as it is farming season and no one would lend them one right now. Phulwa says they can at least try.


At Ramcharan's house, he apologizes to his mother about the sudden marriage. Champs tries to get her blessings, but she refuses. She sees Champa's face and asks him where did he get this witch from. Ramcharan asks who told her that; the mother replies that the villagers got her the news. She makes fun of Champa. She tells her to go inside and rests and she will make food for the two of them. She asks Champa to turn on the radio on her way.


Mangaroo asks several people including the sarpanch for an ox, but everybody refuses him due to the peak farming season. Phulwa, Babu, and Chunni also try to do something about getting an ox, but they are in no luck either.


Heera tells Mangaroo to stop being stubborn and use the tractor. Phulwa comes and says if not an ox, she has found an ox carriage. She introduces the man who owns the carriage to Mangaroo. The man says he can use the ox carriage in return for their boat. Mangaroo thanks the man. Heera is upset about this and worried about the Thakur.


Ramcharan is cleaning the house; his mother gives milk to Champa to give it to Ramcharan. She tells him to take Champa in the room. Ramcharan says he was cleaning the room for her; she gives him the milk. He tells her to drink it. The radio starts. He says he will drink it and tells her to rest on the bed; he will rest on the floor. The mother calls Champa and tells her to shut the radio. She tells her to leave. She goes in the room and finds Ramcharan sleeping on the floor and smiles.


Babu is running towards the land. Phulwa and Chunni are spreading the seeds. Babu pretends that his leg is hurting. Phulwa says where does it hurt and he says in the knee. Phulwa says not to move as there is a snake behind him. He starts running around. He says that his stomach is hurting, not his knee. They all laugh at him and Imarti goes after him to hit him. He tells Imarti that he too wants to farm like his father and not go to school. Imarti refuses but Mangaroo convinces her. They are making Babu work hard so that he sees that it not easy to farm and that he would go back to studying in school. He passes out after a while.


Phulwa asks if is he happy farming; he replies that school is easy and the work in farming is hard. He says he will go back to school tomorrow. Mangaroo gives them a Dihadi (one day's wage) and gives them 1 rupee each. The kids go to the market with the money. At the market, they eat kulfi. Phulwa remembers Ramcharan at the kulfi stand. Babu leaves. Chunni tells Phulwa to get one too, but she refuses. They both argue in a friendly manner. They see a biking contest on the board, and Chunni says they should take part in it as the prize is 5,000 rupees.


Sona arrives and says they are dreaming too big. Phulwa says that God is on their side now; they got their land back and the farming materials. Phulwa asks Sona where her gold jewelry is. She gets irritated and leaves. Chunni asks her how Heera has helped them get the seeds; Phulwa replies that Heera's friend helped them out. Chunni wonders who the friend is.

with champa,s sasural....champa giving tea to her m.i.l.M.IL tells champa to do some that she checks champas room and sees RC s bed on floor and blabbers they should not bhehave like sister brother..

at thakurs place Heera saying sorry and crying that he tries to insist manhgru to use his trcktor but he fails..thakurs evil sy says that tructor fair is not enough to give your daughters that moment lakhya arrives..and says he would not fail this time and heera has done his work perfectly
thakurs insist to do the work and gives him a heeras home chunni ask her father who is rajesh...heera manages to tell that he is very old friend when she is little.and cries that he is telling mangru and chunni night sona sees a dream that rich phulwa and her family giving order to servant sona to wash dishes.sona wakes up lakhya also.sona curse phulwa.lakhya sees a salt container.
.at mangrus house mangru tells that khad is a food of plant.phulwa remember that all these days he didnt give any food to neem tree.phulwa rushes out to neem tree.lakhya spreading salt to field and blabbering that field gona get soaked like desert.phulwa comes there. Lakhya hides behind neem tree.phulwa says sorry to the tree.and punish herself to be like murga.lakhya flee away.phulwa just about to take some food from field she tastes some salt in field.lakhya says to thakurs that work has been done.s.r thakur says only final blow left.mangru along with his family tries to clean up field.heera says to mangru that he should get medicine to get rid of these.mangru and hera going to rajesh place.where rajesh meets them at mid way.rajesh wants his money back.but mangru tells that he his unable to give and wants medicine to cure the field so that he can return his money.rajesh wants his money now and denies to give any help.thakurs jeep come that thakur tells rajesh to give medicine in terms of mangru's land. Mangru shocked to heard land.precap-mangru tells imarti that thakur will not let them to leave in peace untill they get our land.imarti tells anything happens they not giving land back.phulwa cries and tells babu that they have to do something for their family.

Mangroo and Heera meet Rakesh from whom Mangroo had purchased the seeds, fertilizers, etc. Mangroo tells him that someone has spread salt on his land and that he needed medicine urgently as otherwise his crop as well as land will both be spoilt. He requests Rakesh to loan him some medicine. Rakesh tells him that he cannot offer any more loans to Mangroo; rather he was coming to meet him and ask for his payment. Mangroo is shocked. At that time, the Sr. Thakur arrives over there. After hearing everything, he tells Rakesh to give medicines for the crop to Mangroo, against the land. Mangroo understands the Thakur's game but says that it's important to save his land first. Rakesh tells the Thakur that he doesn't deal with land and stuff; he simply wants his money back. He requests the Thakur to look into the matter since he has an urgent need for money. The Thakur tells Rakesh to give the medicine to Mangroo, who would pay back the amount after 2 days. Rakesh calculates that the total amount would be Rs. 25,000/-. Mangroo tells the Thakur that it is impossible for him to raise Rs. 25,000/- in two days. The Thakur laughs at him and tells him that he would surely be able to do that, since he and his family has been causing miracles in the village recently. The Thakur adds that in case Mangroo still finds it impossible to gather the money, then he should simply come over to the Thakur's haveli with the paper for the land. The Thakur then goes away, leaving a bewildered Mangroo behind.


Mangroo and Heera go back to the land with the medicine. Everybody joins hands to spread the medicine across the field bur Imarti guesses that something is troubling Mangroo. Phulwa asks her Father if the problem has been solved; Mangroo assures that everything is under control. Heera feels guilty seeing Mangroo's family in trouble.


Back at home, Mangroo tells the truth to Imarti who is of the opinion that the Thakurs are behind all the happenings. She questions how the Thakurs would know otherwise that Mangroo was going to meet Rakesh. Mangroo tells his wife that the Thakurs will not let them breathe contentedly until they get the plot of land. He wonders whether handing over the land to the Thakurs would solve the problem and let their children grow up in a debtless, stress-free world. Imarti is surprised at Mangroo's suggestion and tells him that the land belongs to their children and that they would not give it away. She assures him that they would find a way to come out of the problem. Mangroo requests her not to tell the children as otherwise it would break their heart.


Phulwa and Babu listen to their parents' conversation and feel sad for their predicament. Phulwa tells Babu that they would surely do something to help their parents so that they could keep the land to themselves.


Next morning, Champa is doing household work when she comes across Ramcharan. Her m-i-l sees the two standing in front of each other and tells them that they need to stand beside each other and start their journey. Champa comes inside and sits down to cook, when Ramcharan tells his Mother that he is going outside to look for some work. His mother asks about the previous job that he was doing. Ramcharan tells her that he is bored of being an ice candy man and wants to do some other work. His Mother caustically remarks that since he is leaving his new wife behind at home, when there is a muh-dikhayi ritual at home that day, he might as well leave Champa back with her parents. RC is surprised. But his Mother continues that he is failing as a husband since he has not even noticed that Champa is not wearing a mangalsutra, which is the mark of every married woman. RC is ashamed, but his Mother gives him a mangalsutra and asks him to tie around Champa's neck. RC goes to Champa and hands over the mangalsutra to her, only to be scolded by his Mother, following which he ties the mangalsutra around her neck. Champa is happy.


On the other side, Mangroo and Imarti have gone to the village goldsmith to pawn the little jewellery they have. Mangroo is unhappy to see Imarti offering her mangalsutra up for pawning, but Imarti tells him that their land is much more valuable. She then decides to sell the jewellery, much to Mangroo's unhappiness. The goldsmith pays them Rs. 10,000/- for the assorted stuff. Mangroo wonders from where they would get the remaining money. Imarti consoles him and tells him that they would surely be able to arrange for the rest.


Phulwa and Babu come across the village godown where men are loading packed gunny bags onto the waiting trucks. They see the owner paying money to the men working there and helps one villager lift his load. The owner sees Phulwa and calls her; both Phulwa and Babu tells him that they want to help their parents and was hence looking for some job. The owner shows them a poster against child labour and excuses himself from making a mistake. Phulwa and Babu does some odd jobs here and there and manage to get Rs. 16/- between them.


Imarti sells the copper utensils and gets some money, while Mangroo sells his watch. Sona and Ramdei see them at the village market and laughs at their misfortune.


At that time, Chunni comes along with his Father's cycle and tells them that she was practicing to participate in the cycle race and win the first prize of Rs. 5000/- , but she falls down. Phulwa helps her get up while Babu picks up the cycle. Phulwa tells Chunni about the happenings with Rajesh, Chunni is upset and decides to speak to her Father immediately; she requests Phulwa to bring the cycle home. Seeing Babu pedal the cycle, Phulwa has an idea and asks Babu whether he would be able to ride the cycle comfortably

Lakhiya and the Thakurs are discussing about the cycle race. Lakhiya has been the winner for the past 5 years and the Thakurs are sure that he would win this time around as well. The Jr. Thakur gifts Lakhiya a pair of shoes and Lakhiya is happy. He thanks the Thakurs for always having supported his family and him; the Sr. Thakur tells him that they have always helped and supported him 'cos he has done all his work faithfully. The Sr. Thakur thinks about how to get Mangroo's plot of land ' Lakhiya tells him that they have to wait for just one more day, as Mangroo wasn't in a position to accumulate Rs. 25,000/- in two days time. The Sr. Thakur thinks that this is how they can extract revenge from Mangroo for putting them down at every instant in front of the villagers.


In Mangroo's house, Imarti and Mangroo are sitting inside counting the money that they have managed to get.  Mangroo looks all around and sees that there is nothing left in his house, except for a few basic furniture and stuff. He is very sad and tells Imarti that it seems that they have not sold the stuff, but have actually sold all their old dreams and memories. He is shocked to find that Imarti has also sold the utensils that she had received during her marriage, and which was supposed to be passed on to their grand child. Imarti tells him that they would give new utensils to their grand child and would also purchase all the stuff that they have sold, in the days to come. Mangroo is not convinced and weeps like a child. Imarti somehow consoles him and they count the money. They are down felt when they realize that they have been able to get only about Rs. 17, 510/- in total. Imarti goes and searches the house to see if there is any more saleable material; Mangroo tells her that there is nothing left in the house to sell. They sit and think about the next course of action when they suddenly hear Phulwa and Babu in the courtyard, and Phulwa egging Babu to cycle properly.


Both Mangroo and Imarti goes to the courtyard to see Babu pedaling the cycle and Phulwa holding the cycle steadily, so as not to let him fall. The children are unaware of their parents' presence ' while practicing, Phulwa tells Babu that he has to win the race so that they can help their parents repay the loan. Mangroo is surprised and asks Imarti why she had told the children about the loan. Imarti tells him that she has not told them, they must have somehow come to know about it.


Mangroo asks Phulwa what they are doing. Phulwa shows him the poster of the cycle race and tells him that if Babu wins the race, then they would be able to get Rs. 5000/- as prize money. Mangroo is unhappy and scolds the children for thinking of even participating in the race, which was meant for the adults. Phulwa reminds her Father that he has himself previously said that in matter of sports, there are no age barriers. Mangroo tells her that he doesn't want them to participate in the race, and asks Babu to concentrate on his studies instead, and not create any further trouble.


Heera and Rakesh are sitting in Heera's hut and talking about Mangroo. Heera worries about how Mangroo would be able to arrange for such a hefty amount within such a short span of time and feels bad that he is scheming behind his friend, as well. Rakesh tells him not to bother about Mangroo but to worry about his future and about Chunni, since everything was happening as per the Thakur's wishes. Heera suddenly sees Chunni standing in the doorway; he falters and stammers but introduces Rakesh as his friend who had seen Chunni when he was a baby. Chunni replies that she doesn't reply Rakesh as all, but nevertheless wishes him. Rakesh goes away from their house - Chunni asks her Father what they were discussing about Mangroo Uncle. She asks Heera to request Rakesh Uncle to grant some more time to Mangroo Uncle so that he can repay the money. Heera tells her that he has already requested so, but Rakesh is also in trouble and needs the money urgently. Chunni is not convinced; Heera tells her to stay away from matters of the adults and shows her various food that he has bought for her. Chunni is in tears and runs away. Heera thinks about he is doing everything for Chunni's sake but that his daughter is not at all happy.


In RC's house, his Mother brings the women of the neighbourhood for 'muh dikhayi'. She is shocked and surprised to see her house neat and clean; the other women ask her to be happy that her bahu has cleaned her house and made it fit for human accommodation. RC's Mother tells them that she is not used to such cleanliness; she welcomes everybody to come inside and sit down. Champa comes in with her ghunghat hiding her face. She sits beside her m-i-l who asks the women to complete the ritual first and give their gifts to the new bride. The ladies comment that Champa has not brought anything as dowry, RC's mother is not happy with the comment. She indirectly asks Champa why she has cleaned the puja place since she herself has stopped asking anything from God, or even expecting anything from him. She tells Champa that instead of worshipping God, they should worship the sun who provides light, the river which provides water, etc. Champa tells her that they should worship God not for anything but to reinforce their faith and belief in him, so that he would definitely help one and all during difficult times. The women are happy with her answer and bless her, with her m-i-l collecting the money. RC comes in at that time and is happy to see the womenfolk there. One of them notices him standing near the doorway and asks him to come and sit beside Champa. Both RC and Champa are shy. One woman drags RC inside and once he stands beside Champa, everybody comments about how beautiful they look together as a couple. RC's Mother comments they one should be bashful before marriage and not after it. She forces RC to put his hand around Champa's shoulder and stand with her. RC suddenly remembers Phulwa's words when she was trying to get him to marry Champa and how they would look great as a couple. He becomes sad and walks away, much to Champa's surprise.


Babu and Phulwa are helping Imarti in putting clothes and blankets etc. to dry. Imarti tells the children to go and eat something while she puts up the remaining clothes, Babu tells them that he is not hungry and doesn't want to eat. Imarti understands that Babu is still upset that Mangroo has barred him from participating in the race. Phulwa tells her Mother that they wanted to win the race so that the money could be used to repay the loan, but she says that if her Father doesn't want them to participate then he must be right and that they would abide by his wishes. She feels that if they don't get the money, then they would lose the land again. Imarti thinks for a while and then asks Babu to squeeze water from a thick blanket so that she can put it up on the rope to dry. Babu is unable to do anything under the blanket's weight; Imarti then asks Phulwa to help Babu. Between the two of them, they struggle but somehow manage to squeeze water from the blanket. Imarti tells them that though the race is for elders, yet two children can win it if they put their heart and soul into it and work hard. She agrees to speak to Mangroo and get his confirmation for the same.


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wow!! Gr8 job mateClap Highly appreciated ur hard workSmile

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Phulwa, Chunni and Babu are leaving for cycle practice where as Imarati thinks that" You won not by power but with will power and dedication"

Sona is trying the jewelries of Imarati and thinks of showing them to her to make her jealous and unhappy.

Lakhiya arrives in a new cycle and high spirit.

Phulwa , Chunni is encouraging Babu ,while driving the cycle he could not manage because the old cycle is for big men. Phulwa manages to add some pieces of woods (I am not sure if it was pieces of woods anyways) , so he can paddle it

Lakhiya arrives and insult them and says "Mangroo chacha is useless, so  the pressure to save the land is up to this little kids)

Mangroo arrives from back side, he is angry with it and says "If a person is poor, then his/hers head should always be down to Rich people ,else they cut their heads".

Imarati replies "She wants her children to participate in this race"

Mangroo says"He will not take care of kids if anything wrong happens to them .Champa and Kulfiwala has a conversation on their marriage and its circumstances.

Baba while practicing says that he does not thing by this cycle he can win with Lakhiya.Phulwa says "he is right" ,When Chunni says they should try .Phulwa says "They will change the style not the determination."

lakhya,s house ramdai and sona taking care of lakhya and giving confidence for cycling challenge.sona says she got relief while seeing mangru and sona fighting.lakhya says how he can lose against a piddhi (little one) opponent.suddenly babu comes outside riding a regular bicycle.(his size).phulwa and chunni also there.lakhya comes out. babu taunts thats now the competition is level to level.lakhya tells phulwa to take babu home and take care.babu tells now he can beat lakhya with this cycle.lakhya laughs and says ok if it so then he challenges babu to race him till the mandir.if babu wins lakhya will call him kaka.babu accepts it.race starts.phulwa and chunni cheering babu.ramdai and sona cheering lakhya who is overconfidendce that he will win for sure.lakhya riding his cycle very fast babu left behind but he riding very steadily.phulwa and chunni cheering babu and running behind.ramdai and sona also.meanwhile jr.thakur blabbers that all lands belong to them exept mangru's assures that mangrus land's destiny written in thakur's hand.jr.thakur sees lakhya racing with babu.thakur's goes there.race is on lakhya riding and babu little behind.lakhya blows durt infront of babu.but babu stand still and acceleretes lakhya follows him.mangru goes to a farmer ask him to lend some money but he unable to.someone tells mangru that babu racing.mangru says that he is not with them.lakhya left behind babu. babu riding the mandir nearby lakhya rides.but babu bashes onto a tree.phulwa sees imarti cheering them.and shouts loudly.babu sees his mother and starts riding lakhya resting but when he sees babu riding he starts.babu levels lakhya.phulwa prays to nearby god.lakhya and babu levels and together goes together winning post.sona assures that lakhya would win.lakhya loses energy and slows down and babu croses him lakhya stunned as babu wins the race and shouts in cheer.phulwa opens her eyes and cheers babu imarti hugs him.lakhya heads down and his face is must watch.babu cheers now that lakhya will call him kaka.thakurs jeep comes there and invite lakhya into their home.phulwa smiles

The Thakurs are mad with rage at Lakhiya losing the race to Babu. They bring him to their akhara and insult him badly. They make him wear a gold necklace and bangles and tell him that he's not fit to be a man. The Sr. Thakur threatens Lakhiya that if he loses the main race and if Mangroo's land escapes their clutches once again, then he would ensure that even Lakhiya's own Mother and wife would fail to recognize him. They then push Lakhiya out of the haveli. Lakhiya feels badly humiliated.


In Mangroo's house, Imarti is serving food to Phulwa and Babu, while praising her son for winning the firsts round. Mangroo is busy hanging the lantern in the room. He listens to their discussion but remains unresponsive. He goes near the eating place and picks up the mat, while Phulwa and Babu thinks that he is going to hit them. Once Mangroo leaves the room, Phulwa and Babu wonders how they would be able to win over their Father. Phulwa decides to go to the neem tree searching for the answer. The two kids run out to the neem tree.


Champa is lying on a cot in the terrace at night, looking at the sky and crying silently. Her m-i-l comes and asks her why she has not eaten. Champa tries to search for a reason when her m-i-l tells that people stay hungry either when they are sad or when they remember their parents. She senses that Champa's missing her parents and tells her to call them through her mobile and speak to them. Champa tells her that there is a shop nearby where she could call, but that she doesn't remember the number and that it is written on a chit of paper in her room. RC's Mother asks her to get the number. Champa looks at her with gratitude when her m-i-l comments that though she looks like that, yet she possesses some amount of intelligence. Champa goes downstairs to get the number.


It is night time. Lakhiya is sitting on the trunk of a tree, his cycle perched in front of him, him still wearing the bangles and the necklace. He remembers all the happenings and is angry and hurt. He takes off the necklace and bangles and throws them on the ground when he hears Phulwa's voice coming from the field. He becomes cautious; picking up his cycle he hides behind a tree. He sees Phulwa and Babu walking towards the neem tree. He picks up a stick from the ground when he hears Phulwa requesting the neem tree to show them a way to win the race as well as their Father. Lakhiya thinks of a plan to end the trouble forever so that there are no obstacles in his path. He leaves his hiding place and starts walking towards the kids slowly, when he suddenly hears Imarti's voice, calling out for the children. Lakhiya hides behind the tree once again. Imarti tells Phulwa and Babu that Champa has called at the shop and wanted to speak to her family. They all make way for the shop. Lakhiya is angry and throws the stick back on the ground.


They reach the shop to see Mangroo speaking to Champa lovingly and enquiring about her and her in-laws. Champa tells them that she is very happy and that everyone is very good. She next speaks to Imarti who asks her daughter about her welfare to which Champa tells her that her in-law is much better than what they could even think of. RC's Mother goes away from the terrace leaving the girl alone to speak to her family. Champa then speaks to Phulwa and Babu when Phulwa asks about RC. Champa saddens a bit and tells her that he is away at present. Champa instructs Babu to study properly and work hard; Babu tells her that they are all working hard, helping their Father with the land, and as well as practicing hard to win the cycle race and thus help Mangroo retain his land. Champa is wary immediately while Phulwa takes away the receiver from Babu's hand and tries to cover up for the mistake made by Babu.


At home, Phulwa gives Babu a glass of milk to drink saying that he needs all his strength to win the race. Once Babu is finished drinking milk, Imarti and Phulwa make Babu lie down on the cot while they massage his legs with oil. Imarti tells Babu that oil massage will strengthen the muscles; Babu tells them that his only aim is to win the race and get the money. Chunni comes in on her Father's cycle. She is unable to manage and falls down on the ground. Phulwa and Babu laugh at her while Imarti asks Phulwa to help Chunni. Chunni tells Phulwa that she knew that she can't ride the cycle but she had to come quickly and hence used it. She handed out a few almonds which she had got as prasad in the temple; she tells Phulwa to give them to Babu so that he would get the strength to do well in the race. Imarti is touched with the girl's gesture. Babu tells them that with so many well-wishers there is no way that he would lose.

 At that moment, Mangroo comes and tells Imarti to give him the papers of the land from the almirah; he tells them that he would hand over the papers to the Thakur the next day. Everybody is shocked and Phulwa looks hurt.

 With Lakhiya returning home late at night, where Ramdei and Sona are waiting for him. Both of them taunt Lakhiya for losing to Babu and are worried that Lakhiya may even lose the main race the next day. Sona is worried that her husband will also lose the prize money and asks him whether he is bothered at all about his wife and her aspirations. Lakhiya loses his cool and picks Sona up and places her on the bicycle. Ramdei rushes to Sona's help and blasts her son for taking out his anger on Babu over Sona. Lakhiya turns around and enters the room and shuts the door behind him. Ramdei calls after him and requests him to open the door, telling him that they were simply making fun of him. She goes on to say that it being night time, dacoits may come and that she definitely didn't want to be out of the house, with her daughter-in-law. Lakhiya thinks of the turn of events during the day time and thinks of a plan to win the race the next day. He is excited about having his name announced as the winner of the race for the sixth time around.

 The racing place has been brightly decorated and the participants are slowly gathering over there. Chunni has already reached the arena and wonders where Babu and Phulwa were. She hears an announcement requesting the participants to come and collect their numbers for the race. The announcer further says that if any participant arrives late and does not receiver his number, then the organizers are surely not to be blamed. Chunni walks over to the man distributing numbers to the participants and requests for a number tag. The man laughs, telling her that she cannot participate in the race. Chunni tells him that it is for her brother Babu who is somehow late to reach the racing area. A few villagers ask Chunni if it's the same Babu who had defeated Lakhiya the previous day. Chunni nods in affirmative; the man gives her the no. 15 tag for Babu. Chunni is happy, but is still worried seeing that Babu and Phulwa have still not reached the venue.


Next morning, Babu and Phulwa are getting ready to go to the race, Imarti is doing Babu's aarti; when Mangroo comes out and sees them. He is not at all happy. Babu walks over to him and bends down to touch Mangroo's feet, Mangroo backs away much to Babu's and Phulwa's surprise. Phulwa notices that Mangroo has the papers of the land in his hand. Mangroo tells Imarti that he is going to the Thakur's haveli to give the papers to him. The children go away to the racing arena. Mangroo is about to leave when Imarti tells him that he could have blessed his children. Mangroo tells her that though he wished to do so, yet his head stopped him from doing so. As a Father, he simply wanted the children to be safe and secure. He further tells Imarti that she has forgotten the duties of a wife. Imarti replies that she is fulfilling the duty of being a Mother and requests Mangroo to wait till the race is over. She agrees to accept the outcome of the race as their fate and tells her husband that if Babu loses, then she would herself go with Mangroo to give the papers for the land to the Thakur.


Babu and Phulwa are on their way to the venue when Phulwa tells Babu that she is yet to get blessings for Babu from the neem tree. She asks Babu to pedal to the venue while she rushes off to the neem tree. Lakhiya, on the other hand, is tying his cycle on top of his motorbike, while his Mother and wife fuss around him. He gets irritated and refuses to follow any rituals, saying that he will win the race on his own strength. He then leaves to go to the venue. En route, he sees Babu pedaling towards the same place. Lakhiya increases the speed of his bike, and once he reaches Babu, he kicks the boy. Babu falls down from his cycle. Lakhiya speeds off after telling Babu to get up from the ground and join the race, so that he could win the prize money and hence save their land from the Thakurs. Phulwa reaches the spot and sees blood flowing out from Babu's wound. She tries to use her dupatta to stop the blood from flowing but both the children are helpless.


Imarti hurriedly gives food to Mangroo and tells him that she is going to watch the race. Mangroo is surprised.


In the arena, the Thakurs arrive and the villagers cheer for them. The Sarpanch and others welcome them and announce that the race is about to begin. Chunni is surprised at Babu's absence; she sees Heera at a distance and decides to go and speak to him so that he can help the children participate in the race. She goes towards her Father but find the Jr. Thakur speaking to her Father. The Jr. Thakur thanks Heera for helping them in gaining control over Mangroo and family; and also tells him that Lakhiya has taken care of Babu in such a fashion that the child will not be able to participate in the race. He then gives some money to Heera and asks him to do as per their bidding. He also assures Heera that since now he is one of the Thakur's men, he wouldn't have to think about anything and that he should lead a comfortable life with his daughter. Chunni is stunned to hear all these, she moves away to a different spot and starts crying.


Meanwhile, Imarti and Phulwa are tending to Babu's wound when Mangroo comes in. he is upset to see Babu hurt, Phulwa tells him that Lakhiya has intentionally hurt Babu. From a distance they hear the final announcement for the race, asking the participants to report to the spot at once.

The cycle race starts with Thakur breaking the coconut. Lakhiya and others (all are men) are ready. Whereas Chunni is asking his father for permission. He denise,where she replies"Yeh to aab ko karna chahiye tha,aap apne dost ke liye jo nahi kar paye who ab hum karenge"(This was supposed to be your duty , What you could not do will be done by me).He had to agree .

Phulwa hears the announcement of the race, she tries to go where Mangroo stops her. She cries and tries to convince his father that Chunni needs her.

After her hard try Mangroo convinced and had to leave her .She runs to Chunni .  Whereas the race already started and Chunni as expected in last in the ongoing race.

Ramdai and Sona give coconut water and shades of umbrella to lakhiya who is winning the race. But another person crosses him, he again runs for the race.

Phulwa meets Chunni, She says Chunni to stop, but Chunni says she will try .Whereas a dog runs behind them, which creats a fear to them and in her fear Chunni runs more and more fast.

She manages to run faster than some participant and she gets her confidence. Phulwa says"Run Chunni '.Khel abhi baki hain Lakhiya kaka.

Chunni boost cycle speed and passes three oponent. lakhya at first position but announcer warns about chunni racing but in last position.peer baba and pandit admires chunnis bravery.and someone tells them that its lakhyas plan to hurt babu.pandit and baba goes for a plan.chunni riding very fast but behind opponent crosses her easily and teases wining is fair inany way you get it.suddenly baba and pandit pour bucket of water on them and two opp falls down as chunni goes away.announcer says that chunni coming in 6th position.sona and ramdai reaches at top to see lakhya in 1st position but concernes about chunni.sona sees a mud barrel strikes a plan.ramdai changes the sign of correct road direction but phulwa sees that and correct it by hitting a stone as chunni passes in right direction.ramdai again side it opposite but this time other opponent foloww that dir and slips down to mud poured by sona.announcer says chunni at 4th postion lakhya hurries.thakurs get pissed off.jr thakur order a cycling opponent who is ahead of chunni. To get rid of her.cycler stops wait for her and levels chunni as cycler tries to hit her cycler accidents himself.and chunni get dragged and bypass to shortcut lane.chunni starts riding after falling.lakhya hears that chunni got the shortcut and maybe she win.lakhya loses temper.lakhya stops chunni's cycle.lakhya slap her and tries to hit but heera stops lakhya and says he might get bribe for daughter but can do harm to her.lakhya punches heera badly as two opp holds chunni (jo jeeta wohi sikandar scene).lakhya rides cycles and two opp mamages them.chunni bites opps hand as heera tackles with woodstick and orders chunni to continue race.and mid road ramdai strikes another plan and says lakhya to slow behind chunni.lakhya agrees.ramdai then surfaces some nail pins in road and phulwa sees chunni on the way



Phulwa notices Ramdei Kaki strewing nails on the road. She rushes towards Chunni asking her to stop. Seeing Phulwa in front of her suddenly, Chunni loses her balance and falls down from the cycle. Ramdei helps pull Chunni up from the ground and tells her to rest while Lakhiya wins the race. She blows a white powdery substance in front of Chunni's face; Chunni is unable to see anything. At that moment, Lakhiya comes out from his hiding place and rides past the children. But he accidentally rides his cycle over one of the nails, but doesn't notice it. Chunni tells Phulwa that she can't see anything and apologizes for not having been able to win the race. Phulwa tells her that though Chunni couldn't see clearly, yet she could listen. She encourages Chunni to start cycling once more and runs beside her, telling her the direction to go to. The announcer meanwhile tells the crowd that though Lakhiya is leading the race, yet Chunni is proving to be a tough competition. The Thakur's Mother is also following the commentary and is happy for the kids, while the Thakurs and the Sarpanch are seething in rage.


Imarti tells Mangroo that she is worried about the happenings in the racing ground and rushes off to watch the final outcome. Mangroo joins her with Bela and Babu. On the other hand, Champa and her m-i-l are praying in front of God to let Babu win the race.


The race is nearing its completion point when Lakhiya's cycle starts experiencing problems due to the tyre puncture. He tries hard to reach the finishing line, while the villagers, Heera, and the kids encourage Chunni to move on forward. The feet of both the kids are bleeding but they are unaware of it. Chunni manages to reach the finishing line first, while Lakhiya falls down from his cycle. The crowd erupts in happiness while the Thakurs are angry with Lakhiya.


The Thakur's Mother comes to the ground and tells the assembled crowd that Chunni and Phulwa have established a new lesson as far as friendship is concerned and that it is the power of friendship which has made Chunni win the race, against the heavyweights. Lakhiya, Sona and Ramdei are fuming with anger while the Thakurs decide to leave the venue. The Thakurain stops them and reminds the Sr. Thakur that as per the rules, he would have to give the winning prize to the winner. A reluctant Thakur hands over the cash money to Chunni, who turns around and offers it to Phulwa.


Mangroo goes to the kids and tells them that today he has learnt an important lesson from the children that one shouldn't give up hoping and trying to do the best, against heavy odds. He embraces the kids lovingly while Phulwa and Chunni look at each other and smiles.



Thakur'S mother gives Chunni her "Jeet ka inaam" . All her friends are celebrating with her, When she sees her father leaving the place. Then Mangroo and Imarati is shown talking about these whole event and what they get to know about from the race.

Chunni's father is sitting under a tree and thinking about the courage of chunni and threats of Thakurs when Chunni and Phulwa come to him. Phulwa says he should be happy, Then he says  how chunni has done so much for her friend . Chunni has created a history of friendship but he has broke the trust. Mangroo with Imarati and other villagers come to him and they have an emotional conversation. They hug each other and say "Our children have taught us the real meaning of friendship "

Then Chunni's father returns to money to the person. Mangroo then gives 1 repuees coing to Chunni and Phulwa.

Lakhiya goes to Chote thakur where he is angry and holds the piece of cloth in Lakhiya's neck and his driver in bike runs it . Lakhiyas mother and sona are unhappy with all these


Phulwa calls in Kulfiwala's home where Champas mother in law takes the call . They have a funny conversation. Happy Chunni and Phulwa inform Champa about her win. Phulwa invites Champa for holi . Lakhiya arrives where he is wearing a green color saree . Everyone in the locality is smiling at him including chunni and Phulwa , But when Phulwa sees him with real pain , she says everyone to let him go , and her eyes fills with tears(what a lovely scene , Jannat was superb in it , I guess the little gem can cry without glycerin)

Chote thakur is very angry so is bade thakur , Chunni's father  returns the money to him . They beat him too much. Some villagers and Mangroo's family are conversing when  Thakurs men drops Chunni's fathers body in  half dead condition.

The goons of Thakur drops the body (he is not dead)of Chunni's father where Mangroo's family and other villagers come and shocked to see his condition .One person from that crowd says that if from now on any one tries to do something against the thakur's , his/hers condition will be like this'

Imarati says we should not be frightened, when we are in fear and distress, they get their motivation.

Thakurs are eating banana and insulting Lakhiya when Chote thakur thinks that the villagers will be frightened seeing Chunni's father's condition .But they did not know that villagers are angry with them so much and they joined their hands and are in front of their home. They demand their lands from thakurs .The bade thakur says he will inform everyone about it on the day of Holi .

In Mangroo's home all of them and Chunni's family are having food, when Phulwa comes and informs them about villagers and Thakur's conversation.

ANGAD HASIJA's Entry as Shankar

A man bare chest and wearing a white dhoti is shown sitting in a lonely place and two men are making him bath with milk. The face of him is not shown. His hugly build body is shown from various angle and a musk of Raavan is shown as the man symbolizes Evil Raavan .

Chote thakur is very angry and wants to kill Phulwa and her family by gun.  But Bade Thakur says that there is a one person who is more dangerous than fire. and Angad is shown doing some puja with agnikunda. One man is shown been beaten by Angad and his face is shown. His name is Shankar. He gets a phone call . They have some conversation

Phulwa and Chunni with babu are making preparations for holi when Lakhiya arrives drunk and threats them that this holi their life will be changed.



while lakhya threatens phulwas that this holi will be color of sadness.mangru and pandits came their and warns lakhya that if somethings happen to their family they will not let lakhya live.lakhya goes away while blabbering.evryone smiles.SGP part: champa doing houseold works.while R.s comes with colored face M.i.l teases r.s .champa cleanes off colors from r.s faces. R.s sees champas mangalsutra.m.i.l says r.s to take champas father house in holi.r.s says ok.then some goon type men came and take r.s with them for work.m.i.l assures that r.s will take him her home. Phulwa and chunni making color powders.phulwa plays with color with chunni.imarti gives them ladoo.imarti says about champa coming home.phulwa assures that kulfiwala will take champa in their house.r.s with some men comes to a place where they discussing about ammo supply and police checkpost but someone assures shankar is their.r.s hears this and ask but they avoid and a bike going through.r.s in jeep curious bout a lock roadway theres police and bike stops.inspector comes from his jeep and searches for illegal things in box in bike but finds a havaldar finds a box in jeep.inspector goes to open it.then jeep ghostly reverse back.inspector sends his men.but nobody finds anyone.then stealthly shanker(angad)strangled the man behind and thrashes in road.more men came but shanker stealthly put on their feet and beats them.inspector himself came with gun shanker cuts his hand with a dagger and ties him with rope .r.s stunned.shanker tells their men that some daku has come and beats policemen.and shanker goes away with jeep. Mangru's doing party for holi.heera playing drum.just then thakurs came and wants to join the party.mangru welcomes them.but pandits refuse thakurs and said this time holi is different as phulwa said.


while lakhya threatens phulwas that this holi will be color of sadness.mangru and pandits came their and warns lakhya that if somethings happen to their family they will not let lakhya live.lakhya goes away while blabbering.evryone smiles.SGP part: champa doing houseold works.while R.s comes with colored face M.i.l teases r.s .champa cleanes off colors from r.s faces. R.s sees champas mangalsutra.m.i.l says r.s to take champas father house in holi.r.s says ok.then some goon type men came and take r.s with them for work.m.i.l assures that r.s will take him her home. Phulwa and chunni making color powders.phulwa plays with color with chunni.imarti gives them ladoo.imarti says about champa coming home.phulwa assures that kulfiwala will take champa in their house.r.s with some men comes to a place where they discussing about ammo supply and police checkpost but someone assures shankar is their.r.s hears this and ask but they avoid and a bike going through.r.s in jeep curious bout a lock roadway theres police and bike stops.inspector comes from his jeep and searches for illegal things in box in bike but finds a havaldar finds a box in jeep.inspector goes to open it.then jeep ghostly reverse back.inspector sends his men.but nobody finds anyone.then stealthly shanker(angad)strangled the man behind and thrashes in road.more men came but shanker stealthly put on their feet and beats them.inspector himself came with gun shanker cuts his hand with a dagger and ties him with rope .r.s stunned.shanker tells their men that some daku has come and beats policemen.and shanker goes away with jeep. Mangru's doing party for holi.heera playing drum.just then thakurs came and wants to join the party.mangru welcomes them.but pandits refuse thakurs and said this time holi is different as phulwa said.


mangru,imarti,and champacharan all drunk with bhang.phulwa and chunni tries to ambush babu.but mangru tells drunkly to shanker that phulwa behind tree.shanker goes there and found babu.rampa plays holi both.phulwa chat with m.i.l.m.i.l talks about wishing well.phulwa interested in it and ask r.c to give her rupees.phulwa and chunni goes there to find well.shanker asked r.c about phulwa.r.c drunkly tells him.and pour water to shanker.and r.c recognized.and tensed about phulwa.jr.thakur waits and sees phulwa and chunni going towards.shanker hits r.c head and faints him. Lakhya tells shanker where phulwa is.shanker meets jr.thakur and pointed phulwa and chunni sitting well.


n hospital chunni still in coma heera crying mangrus family consoling him.phulwa cries and tells chunni to wake up and play holi both,that she want her to go home and eat food.phulwa gets angry and tells she would not talk to her unless she wakes up.phulwa turns back and stop thinks chunni stopped her but her dupatta stucks to chunni's bed.phulwa broke into tears.ramsharan standing there dissapointed remember shankars encounter.and gets fed up and get thakur yells at cthakur for killing phulwa at his own hand and get dirty.cthakur gets frustated and tells that he cant see fathers disgrace in front of thakur gets emotional and console him.cthakur tells when his trusted shanker cant do but his son can.some man in blanket coming towards phulwas house with color when lakhya pours him color and it reavaled the dacoit brother of phulwa.lakhya laughs drunk and tells about news phulwa being drowned in well and shes in hospital.dcaoit get hospital evrybody concerns.ramsharan sees dacoit asking about phulwa.dacoit peeks thru window sees phulwa ok and snackstop shanker and his men discussing about some puja.suddenly shanker sees a child labour beaten by shopkeeper cause kid wants more money.kid cries.shanker came and hold the kid.shopkeeper gets tensed and give the kid some more paisa.shankar tells kid about slap revenge.kid picks up some dirt and mitti and put them in washed dishes.ramsharan concern outside chunnis room.champa asks what happen and tells all about shanker that he might came to kill phulwa instead chunni. Foolish lakhya laughing comes to house.and tells that phulwa's days are gone.ramdai tells it chunni in hospital.lakhya got stumped.A lady police with two rosses came to thakurs thakur greets her and potrays as senapati cames to kings palace. Lady police introduce herself S.P Tiwari.and give thakur a rose.thakur tells its good to give respect to big ones.tiwari said that giving a flower also potrays in dead body.and she said that now in new world rajtantra(kingdom) is over now its prajatantra(republic).praja ka raj.thakurs are shocked and out of thinking.



nsp tiwari continues to tell about freedom and republic.thakur sr pissed off.insp offers another rose to jr thakur.and he throws it.insp tells thakur to tie he is unhuman.jr tries to slap her but insp holds his hand and pulls him away.thakur goes in middle and stops jr.insp tells them to be carefull.thakur sorry to that time she got call of case.and tells them abt it.jr mistakenly says it phulwa who falls in well.isp suspicious and goes away.jr goes mad but thakur slaps him. At hospital chunni still in coma and evryone worried.lakhyas family come there and talks about that shanker might have done this for thakurs saying.and tells evryone to keep quiet.lakhya false consoles that time insp tiwari cames and inquire about heera.heera tells that ramsharan comes with chunni in hospital.insp ask more.and heera tells that chunni and phulwa goes to play holi.insp quite exited to hear about phulwa and wants to meet her.phulwa tells that she and chunni goes to wishing well.were she left off.insp shows evidence shankar's gun and phulwa recognize it and tries to tell but ramsh says not to tell.isp emotinally force phulwa to tell but she cries.suddenly doctors ambulance came and goes to chunni's room gives heart shock to re start heart beat.but she shocked it but didnt waked said evryone that chunni in coma.and define about it that its upto god.heera shocked.phulwa cries to see chunni s house evryone (mangrus whole family) discussing about shanker and phulwa hears it and said that she sees shanker in jungle at well.evryone shocked


phulwa ask mangru and family why they should hide the truth mangru says that shanker is dangerous and not be involve in this.phulwa agonies and cries she have to do something for her friend.phulwa praying in front of neem tree that why evryone hiding the truth.dacoit cames from behind and tells phulwa cause evryone loves chunni.and thatsy loved ones want to avoid and save you from brutal man.sametime shankar doing puja for loved ones that past away due to some incident. firey flashback.mangrus family taking phulwa and sent her to champas house.but isp.tiwari stops them.jr targetting practice thakur intefares and ask about evidence isp got jr reavals the truth that he jelous shanker.thakur slaps him and said that shanker has a debt on us.isp tiwari force phulwa to tell truth emotinally in front of chunni.and phulwa tells shanker has done it.


isp tiwari heards the truth and rushes to meet shanker.mangru stops her that if something happens to phulwa.insp assures they will protect her.thakurs come in place where shanker doing puja and tells that phulwa witnessed about him and insp coming to caught him. Shanker tells that he cant caught.and tells thakur that he would take care of phulwa. Thakurs smile.and getaway.shanker continues his puja.isp jeep get obstacle in road.finally isp got their but shanker was nowhere.thugs got scared.she got phonecall and goes to station where tiwari sees shanker sitting under cell.jailer says that he is in jail for few days.tiwari interrogate shanker.phulwa get mask to scare chunni,but she in coma.phulwa heard a noise and she about to turn some man hold her mouth and naps her.shanker tells tiwari to bring the witness.isp smiles.
Precap- mangru crying and falls in feet of thakur telling to save phulwa.thakurs assures that he will talk to shanker.


A thug lifts phulwa and goes away.police next day comes to take phulwa but mangru find only dupatta.imarti cries and fainted.tiwari gets the news and throws the phone towards jail ed shanker.and sits in rage.some man untied phulwa who s in a warehouse/safehouse phulwa got scared and prays to god.mangru didnt find phulwa imarti cries and blame shanker cause she witnessed.sona goes to mandir wearing white saree.and says to get mourne for missing phulwa.dacoit hears it and tensed.phulwa tweeting with a little bird and bird replying to her. Mangru goes to station where shanker freed.shanker places tiwaris phone and chalk.and goes away.mangru asked why she let him go.tiwari shocked to see the chalk.and goes inside jail where shanker draws in wall giving a clue that phulwa in house.and giving a car number 4016.tiwari moved out with forces and assures mangru.tiwari chasing shankers car.shanker knows it and smiles.mangru and r.s goes to thakurs haveli and ask to save phulwa.thakur assures that evrything will be ok and he will talk to shanker.r.s goes out with mangru and he tells that thakur will do nothing.mangru cries and ask then who will save her. In far dacoit hears this and says that it time to do something for phulwa,remembers phulwa tied red band to him. Dacoit says shanker may be a big man but not lesser than bhawani (dacoit's name).and takes out a photo where dacoit and shanker are friends.dacoit says it time to reunite with a old friend for same reason that we got separated.

Shankar takes tiwaris car to a wrong house.and shanker get away.phulwa says to little bird that police is coming to rescue.tiwari enters the house and sees herself funny drawing in wall and mera hi jalwa song playing in a tape.tiwari gets in anger and throws the tape.and get outside.there she find a thug hiding tiwari catches him and takes him with car.the dacoit hanging under a car.and thinks that it difficult to find shanker only he knows where he is. Phulwa got scared seeing shanker.shanker targets a gun towards phulwa and ask her why she said her name to police.phulwa says shanker is not good.shanker try to scare phulwa with gun.but phulwa ask him why shanker try to kill her,or throw chunni into well.and ask to let her go for sake of chunni.phulwa ask shanker that friend is he also has a friend.hearing this shanker goes mad and thrushes his hand to glass and hand got cut.shanker gets angry and point gun towards phulwa.babu attack lakhyas house.blaming lakhya to kidnapped phulwa lakhyas family got angry.champa stops babu and tells not to harm anyone.ramsharan assures babu that phulwa will be ok and they both hug each other.shanker and phulwa.phulwa sees shankers hand coming blood out.phulwa rubs shankers blood.shanker gets angry.and tells phulwa to go and would tell police that its not shanker's gun.phulwa ask why would she tell lie.some man tells phulwa that police is coming.shanker shocked.and goes outside with phulwa.tiwari and her forces came but didnt find anyone and finds broken bangles.tiwari intoragate captured thug.and sees in wall written in hindi mera hi jalwa.tiwari in anger.shanker and phulwa in mountain top.phulwa ask shanker if he cant do anything for his freind.shanker gets angry again.phulwa says good friend get colors in life and true friend create history.hearing this shanker stunned remembers the dacoit says same words to shanker once playing holi.



Phulwa tells to shanker that hes not good guy,and didnt understand meaning of freindship.if he knows it then he will ask her to meet chunni.phulwa walks backward.shanker remember his old freind.phulwa slips and fall from mountain.shanker panics,phulwa hold a stone and hangs in there.shanker holds phulwa's hand and ask who said the friendship words to her.phulwa replied bhawani bhaya,shanker remembers how is old friend were meet,and shankers sister got sindur by bhawani,he slaps bhawani,all this shanker remembering and phulwas hand slips just then bhawani (dacoit/prashant) holds phulwa s hand.and both shanker and bhawani sees each other.bhawani pull phulwa up and settles in mountain.shanker says it god mercy that bhawani met today to avenge my life making ruined my sisters life.shanker takes out his knife and goes to stab bahawani.bahawani tries to understand but shanker adamand and both got fist fight bahwani stops his knife and hand got cut.shanker says bhawani dokhebaaz and push bhawani into ground bhawani throws durt in shankar's eye and ran away with phulwa.shanker chases them.tiwari's search continue and goes to that place where she finds broken bangles.and goes into the jungle with forces.bawani runs with phulwa.shanker chasing them.shanker got clue blood of hospital chunni regain concsius.evryone happy.she continues to blabbers phulwa name.and again get unconsious.bhawani holds phulwa and ran fast but a snake front in middle of jungle.they both got scared.bhawani falls in grave and his leg got stuck in stone and cant get up.phulwa tackles the snake with a stick.bhawani tells phulwa to go but phulwa denies and put some fallen leaves into bhawani to hide him.but its too late as shanker arrives


Phulwa hides bawani in bushes and hides herself behind tree,phulwa sees insp tiwari and tries to call but shanker grabs phulwas mouth from behind,force goes away.shankar grabs phulwa,phulwa shouts bhayia,bawani covers out.shanker sees him and leave phulwa,shanker tells to bhawani u cant leave from death.and stamps bhawani's leg with foot and torture him.shanker tells him that it is more pain u gave,phulwa ask shanker to leave bhawani as he is her brother.shanker hears it and thinks about a plan.bhawani knows it and ask shanker to leave phulwa,shanker says it is sister for sister,u make my sister life hell.bhawani tells him that phulwa is not his real sister,as she ties rakhi only.shanker tells but bonding is same and strong.shanker lifts phulwa in shoulder and goes away.bhawani shouts and says that shes little.and cries.tiwari came there and arrest bhawani .bhawani ask to help phulwa.tiwari sees there.shanker holding phulwa and going through the jungle and remembers in flashback when shanker gets to know bhawani loves his sister.shaanker slaps bhawani and yells at him that he help him to stay at own home and he betrays him shanker breaks freindship with him and bhawani goes mangrus house champa bring some sweets for babu but babu not in mood.evryone remembers phulwa.mangru ask god why it is happend to her daughter.champa's came in and give mangru mata ji's idol and ask to pray.shanker ties phulwa in tree.and says that bhawani married his sister and left her.he remembers goes into flashback that shanker's sister requesting shanker that she loves bhawani also.but shanker tells her that marriying bhawani has no feuture.his sister tells that her descesion might be wrong but they both will live happily.shanker denies it and ask that family coming to talk about marriage.shanker's sister forcibly makes her mind.shanker now remembers the scene of sindur in shankers sisters forehead. Phulwa ask shanker to leave her.

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thank u sooo much for ur effort .. much appreciated !

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All family members of phulwa is praying to devi maa, while shankar is angry and remembers his past, he thinks his house was burnt by bhawani as told by her sister..He open the gate of the temple with force ' he goes to the devi ..Takes some sindor from the thali  .he says to himself .he will take revenge .

Bhawani tells ssp that he is ready for punishment.. But they need to ve phulwa from "animal" Shankar.

The diya in mangroo's house is almost going off when champa controls it.

Shankar who actually tied phulwa by tree, was going to fill her maang, she tries t convince him to stop.

Phulwa remembers her mother's words about marriage and sindor'.

On the meanwhile ssp and her team has managed to be around shankar, ssp warns him, but he makes this plan to jump in the river beside'. He leaves phulwa for a while but when ssp shots him in leg he jump over the river with phulwa..

Mangrus family tensed as diya get blew off.babu upset.ramdai says some false consiousness.imarti yells at them.heera informed insp comes.mangru goes into meet them.lakhya and thakurs making fun of tiwari.lakhya informs about bhawani as friend of phulwa.thakurs get serious.police jeep cames in mangru ask tiwari about phulwa.tiwari says that phulwa and shanker drowned in river.evryone stunned.but bhawani assures that phulwa is ok and she is with shanker.he says that shanker taking revenge of his sister by kidnaping phulwa.telling phulwa is his sister. Phulwa and shanker comes up in shores.shanker wounded as bullet in his leg he let phulwa to go.but phulwa fell pity on shanker and goes back.she sees shanker fainted.phulwa bandaged his leg and he wakes up.tiwari ask bhawani how he confirms shanker alive.bhawani tells it hard to beat shanker.mangru ask what phulwa has done.bhawani tells himself as responsible.phulwa and shanker walking through jungle.and ask phulwa to go.but phulwa didnt.shanker force him to go.phulwa follows him but get lost

Phulwa is frightened to see herself alone in the jungle. She looks around the forest but could not get to see anything than trees, she starts crying in fearActually Shankar was sitting in front of a tree wounded by tiwari , he asks "why are you crying?"

Phulwa" I don't know the way to home"

Whereas Sona kaki and ramdai spreads the news in the village that bhawani dacoit is phulwa's brother, and phulwa is with Shankar in the jungle.(Such evil characters)But the villegers did not believe them and they say "You are always behind phulwa , one opportunity and you start saying against her "Ramdai is trying to influence the villagers and ramcharan, mangroo were passing by them with hopeless faces.

In the jungle Shankar says to phulwa the way to her village, when she sees Shankar's wound and the bullet,

Lakhiya arrives at thakur's house and informs that Shankar and phulwa is still missing if tiwari somehow manages to find them then their game will finish.After he leaves junior thakur says that if that would happen then all their bad deeds will be open to all , even the past sin he had committed( I feel he was involved with Shankar's sister and the burning of his house)

Phulwa is sad, she takes some soil from the ground and she spread it in his wound after a while he feels okay, Phulwa with little conversation with him calls him :Master ji " when he asks her the reason she says "Babu's master ji is ver rude like him that's why , when Shankar becomes angry and scold her .Shankar s walking and phulwa is following him when, he shouts at her again, she says if you are good person, why you dropped chunni into the well. When he angrily replies he has not done that, phulwa is actually spreading this rumor.

He leaves her and orders her to stay there for some time,

Tiwari with her force tries to find them when she gets some fresh blood in stones near the river , she thinks Shankar is near .

In the night Senior thakur was playing cricket, he wins the game, when junior thakur arrives seeing all these when he asks him question, sr. Thakur replies he would make a plan to win over three(Shankar , Bhwani , Phulwa)

 Phulwa is very scare due to darkness in the jungle when she tries to move inside the jungle to find Shankar , she sees him lying unconscious.

Rain starts phulwa tries to stop blood from shankers leg.phulwa sees a shade and tries to awake shanker.shanker wakes and goes along with phulwa and shanker lies down again.phulwa prays to god and sees a matchis in shankers pocket.phulwa get some woods and lit fire to get some wramth.shanker still in unconsious.phulwa prays to god.tiwari still searching in jungle. Next morning shanker calls for water.phulwa goes to bring some water at pond phulwa get some water suddenly someone chlorophomes phulwa from behind and unconscious phulwa lies under tree wearing a pink hospital chunni regain conscious but fell aspleep again blabbering phulwa.heera cries.mangru broke into tears along with imarti as it no hope to get phulwa back.ramsharan informs police brings phulwa back.evryone get happy.except ramdai and sona.evryone sees hawaldar holding phulwa(quite sedate) in arms.phulwa hugs evryone.imarti cries and concerns about phulwa.imarti sees phulwa covering forehead and body with pink dupatta.imarti concerns that phulwa is ok or not.imarti uncovers phulwa's forehead and sees sindur applied on it.everyone on scene shocked.

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Imrati is kissing Phulwa's forehead when she sees "sindoor" , she is shocked , all others including villagers are shocked . They take her inside their house and try to clean the sindoor. Phulwa is unaware about all this. but when she sees that read thing from her forehead to ground , she is stunned and runs inside her room .

 Ramdai and Sona are standing inside Mangroo's house, seeing all these they says"Koi kand to hua hain" . Champa's mother in law, seeing all that gets angry and shouts at them and closes the door infront of them (The way she behaves was just superb, these evil people need this kind of powerful person)

Phulwa is looking at the mirror and thinking about the things happened to her in the jungle, she is in tears. Mangroo and phulwa and family had a conversation, where Mangroo says he believes Shankar has done all that, when Phulwa says Masterji is not like that. He has not done that .Mangroo gets angry.

Shankar is in a car with his gang, when he asks about phulwa they say, they only got him unconscious inside the forest. He is shocked to find sindoor in his hand.Bhawani says to ssp that Shankar has done this .."behen ke badle behen ..sindor ke badle sindor"Champa is trying to clean the sindoor from phulwa's forehead, when She is crying. Champa's mother in law comes with food. She says about Chunni (Chunni has got her consciousness twice and only said about phulwa) sad Phulwa smiles, Champa's mil says Champa to go with phulwa to meet chunni

Thakur's meet Shankar and says why did he make phulwa's life hell?"He said Shankar ne phulwa ka maang bhara hain .Shankar says he has not done anything, when sr. Thakur says even if he has not but the villegers think he has.Lakhiy and villegers are having meeting about phulwa , where lakhiya says Phulwa is married she should be out of this village . Village heads are not happy with all these, they want to listen to phulwa about what happened to her .Old lady says Lakhiya and her family does not like phulwa , so they are doing all these '. Lakhiya says Phulwa has not only brought sindoor in her maang , but her character is also gone'.Mangroo hears all this and becomes very sad

Lakhya still telling to villagers is phulwa must go to that place where she get that sindur.mangru says that phulwa doesnt mean of sindur.lakhya replies if phulwa is not small anymore.mangru losses cool and fight with lakhya.after that mangru cries and apologize.phulwa meets chunni.chunni wakes up and both chat.chunni didnt belive that phulwa get married with sindur only.they both hug.babu goes to play with friends.but no one plays with him.and badmouth phulwa.that phulwa get married to dacoit.babu gets angry and beat down evryone.imarti (nupur) cames and stops babu.their parents came and yells imarti babu.lakhya at hospital healing wounds.thakurs also there suprised when some children and parents came to heal and say that babu had done.chote thakur gets angry at mangru and tells that as they relate to a dacoit it will happen.tiwari came hospital chunni tell phulwa that chote thakur throws into the well.phulwa shocked.tiwari overhears it.chote thakur taunting that phulwa doesnt deserve to live in village.tiwari slaps him and states he is one who culprit.thakur dg ask about proof.tiwari watches behind at phulwa.

When SSP says Phulwa is the proof  , Then Sr.Thakur says how can phulwa be the proof. Her brother is a dacoit, she has been missing now she arrives with sindoor. Shankar was bad for her. now he is good.Phuwla  denies. He says Phulwa is making his son culprit to save Shankar .Sr.Thakur says Chunni and phulwa's words has no importance. He does not believe them .Then they leaves the place.Imarati arrives, she says "forgive me, ma'am, We don't want to share our emotions with anyone.SSP says"She is there to help them.Imarati says "Where was she when they kidnapped the little kid(phulwa),In front of her , those people questioned the little phulwa's character .SSP tries to convince them but mangroo and family leave the place

In the car thakurs are going somewhere. Junior thakur says how his men did the thing,How in unconscious state they filled phulwa's mang with sindor by Shankar's hand .Manngroo with his family arrives to his house, when phulwa started crying and everyone is unhappy and sad. Mangroo breaks down; .He says phulwa has to promise to keep quite.One doctor check Shankar and says if someone had not given "mitti ka lape"in his wound, then it could turn worse.Thakur's haveli Lakhiya arrives and informs them about everything , when he gets some moneya from thakurs .Sr. Thakur says "aag mein ghee dal ne ka kaama yeh karega(He will give ghjee to the fire)

R.s consoles phulwa and goes to market to help.mangru.mangru unable sell any phulwas cause no one buying from mangru.imarti and champas m.i.l goes to vendor.but they are warned not to sell any thing to phulwas family.all get upset.chunni gets ok.heera tells mangru cause of phulwa.tiwari wants to convince phulwa to support for truth,also ask to meet bhawani.but phulwa denies.heera give some daal to imarti.phulwa cries.tiwari still searching for clue in well.but thakurs threaten her.but tiwari challenge them.babu didnt want to eat dry he sees some one has written in their wall. "Dakait ki patni rehti hai is ghar mein naam hai - phulwa" evryone shocked.lakhya taunts them.its sona and ramdai who written this.babu returns from school get some box of laddu and get that home.lakhya smirks.

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