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Important Is Love A R one shot

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                    Important Is Love

                        AR Story

At the highway
Its very busy road and a girl is going to her destination when she saw a car hit with the tree and people gathers around the car but no one is helping the person in the car and she immediately go to the car and seprated people and people gave her the way thinking may be she knows the person
Gi:''aap sab log pagal hai kya agr kisii ki help nahin kar sakte to yahan khade kya kar rahee hai''
She said angrily
One person from the crowd:''police case karwana hai kya?''
The girl passed him a disgusting look and move to car to saw the person in car, she saw a guy his head hit with a stearing and it was bleeding, the girl immediately release him from his seat ' belt, the boy looked at her who was leaned at him and she forwarded her hand when he did not respond
Gi:''well I know ladko ko help lena achaa nahin lagta
especially from girls par abhie aapko help ki jarurat hai to pls''
and the guy immediately break his trance of looking at her and give her his hand and the girl saw tht blood was oozing very fast he immediately needs medical facility. So she let him lay down in her car's back seat and drove to nearby hospital on highway as soon as doctors treating him she comes at nurse station to fulfill the requirements
Nu:''mam aap os patient ki relative hai?''
Gi:''nahin mai inhee jaanti nahin hai inkaa accident hua tha highway par to mai inhee yahan le ayi''
Nu:''yeh aapne bahut achaa kiyya mam varna aaj kal log police ke dar se logon ki help hi nahin karte ''
The girl smiled to her and thn doctor comes
Gi:''doctor howzz he?''
Do:''he is fine miss oonke sar pe glass lag gayya tha so we gave him stitches aur oonke shoulder ki ekk
 muscle thodi si khinch gayyi bas otherwise he is completely fine''
Gi:''thanks doctor''
Do:''ur welcome vaise u can take him home''
Gi:''yes doctor let me inform at his house''
Do:''yes please''
Thn the girl took the guy's purse and he has the driving license and his mobile phone and she called at his father's number
Gi:''kya mai armaan mallik ke father se bat kar sakti hun?"
P:''ji han mai armaan mallik ka father bat kar rahaa hun''
Gi:''namastey uncle''
P:''namastey beta par I am sorry I did not recognaise u''
Gi:''ji uncle aap mujhe nahin jaante hai vo actually
mujhe aapse armaan ke bare me bat karni hai''
P:''han beta boliye''
Gi:"uncle armaan ka highway par chota sa accident ho gayya hai, dontt worry uncle he is perfectly fine. He is in sanjeevani hospital aap ose ghr le jaa sakte hai''
P:'' thanks beta par vo theek hai na?''
Gi:''ji uncle vo theek hai''
P:''theek hai beta hum ate hai''
Gi:''ok uncle aap sanjeevani me room no 303 me aa jayiye that's on 2nd floor aapko dhundhna nahin padega that's armaan's room''
P:''thanks beta''
Gi:''u r most welcome uncle''
And the line was dead suddenly her phone start ringing
Gi:''nahin dii I wontt mai abhie ati hun aapki engagement hai mai naa aaon aise nahin ho sakta naa''
And she cut the call
Nu:''mam aap jayiye aab to oonke parents aa hi rahee honge''
Gi:''thanks sister yeh lijiye oonki medicines''
Nu:''bye mam''
And the girl smiled and leaves.
After sometime
Armaan's parents billy and ananya
Bi:"armaan kaisa hai''
Ar:''mai theek hun dad par aap yahan''
An:''kya khakk theek hai dekh kitni lagii hai tujhe? she  points to armaan's forhead and shoulder''
Ar:''mom mai theek hun dekho, vaise aap log yahan kaise I mean''
Bi:''areey vo hum eek ladki ka phone aya tha''
Ar:''vo vohii ladki hogii jisne mujhe hospital pahunchaya''
And thn he narrated whole of the incidence to them
Ar:''dad vo kahan hai mujhe ose thanks bolna hai''
Bi:''pta nahin mai dekhta hun''
Thn nurse comes
Bi:''sister vo ladki jisne mujhe phone kiyya tha''
Nu:''oh sir vo mam jo inhee(points to armaan)ko yahan layii thi''
Nu:''vo to chale gayyi hai''
Ar:''challe gaayi?''
Nu:''ji aaj oonki behen ki sagai hai''
Ar:''oh par kya aapke pas ooske koi number''
Nu:''no sir par oonhone aapko yeh flowers dene bola tha''
She handled him flowers and a chit
I am very sorry, aapko aisee chodd ke jaana pad raha hai, but not to worry maine aapke papa ko bol diyya hai vo abhie ate hongee. So sorry but merii dii ki engagement hai aaj so I have to go. Anyways get well soon and drive slowly from next time''
Bye gotta go
Armaan read the note but y she did not write her name.
An:''bahut bhalii ladki hai kyoon''
Bi:''han mujhse bhi phone par bahut aaram se bat ki. Kahin mai panick naa kar jaonn armaan ke accident ki bat sunkar''
Ar:''kaash mai ose thanks bol paata''
Bi:''koi bat nahin ammy fir kahin mill jayegi''
Ar:''hope so dad''
And he leave to his home.
After 2 weeks
Ar:''yar had ho gayyi hai, oos ladki ki yadein mera pichaa hi nahin chodti.  Vo oos din se mere sapnon me aaa rahii hai. Mere khyalon me ooska hi chehra hai, jab bhi kch karne baithon ooska hi chehra ban jaata hai mere haathon se.Mai ooska nam bhi nahin jaanta fir bhi vo mujhe har jagah dikhti hai. Mujhe oos se ek mulakat me hii pyaar ho gayya. Itnaa pyaar ki I can not imagine my life without her, par kya kismet paayi hai maine jis se pyaar hua ooske nam bhi nahin pta.yeh mere saath hi kyoon ,ujhe kch bhi to nahin pta ooske bare me. Kya karun aab mai I love her so much par kahan dhundhun ose mai''
Armaan was fighting with his feelings for the girl. He read the note which she leave for him atleast 20 times in a day today he was so frustrated about the fact tht whom he loves he did not tell her tht he love her he did not know her not evnm her name so he go to his room after returning from the work and lay on bed not know what to do thn his cousin naina come to him for food
Na:''ammy bhaii khana''
Ar:''mujhe nahin khana''
Na:''areey bhaii kya hua kyoon nahin khana aapko''
Ar:''kaha na nahin khana kyoon pareshan kar rahii hai jaa yahan se''
Na:''han to jaa rahii hun chidd kyoon rahee ho''
She left leaving a angry and frustrated armaan behind,suddenly armaan heared his dadaji's voice to call him
Da:''armaan kya hua?khana kyoon nahin khana beta tujhe?''
Ar:''kch nahin dada ji bas bhookh nahin hai''
Da:''armaan beta thoda sa kha le abhie  beemari se ootha hai''
Ar:''ji dada ji''
Da:''chalo bhaii sab baitho aur khao''
And all settled for dinner but armaan was shocked now this is limit he saw her serving him, she was wearing a red saree and armaan looked at her in daze and when she come closer to him to serve him armaan holds her hand and she shyly told her with eyes to leave her hand. But instead of leaving her hand armaan gently kissed her hand an she blushed, armaan's trace broke with the laugh of his family members, it was a dream, he was imaging her, armaan shook his head and after tht he goes to his room.
After sometime his mother come to him
Ani:''armaan yeh le doodh pi le rune khana bhi nahin khaya theek se''
Ar:''nai mom man nahin hai''
Ani:''armaan kya hua tu itnaa oodas sa kyoon hai?''
Ar:''nahin mom aisaa kch bhi nahin hai''
Ani:''armaan mai terii maa hun beta''
She said while caressing his hair
Ar:''mom I am in love''
Ani:''kya?kaun hai vo?''
Ar:''pta nahin mom''
Ani:''kahan rehti hai?mom-dad kya karte hai ooske?''
Ar:''nahin pta mom''
Ani:''armaan kya paglon jaisi bat kar rahaa hai kch pta nahin fir kehta hai ki oos se pyaar karta hai''
Ar:''han mom mai pagal hun mujhe ooska nam bhi nahin pta fir bhi I love her a lot itnaa ki ooske binaa jee nahin sakta.''
Ani:''par hai kaun''
Ar:''mom vohii jisne merii jaan bachayi thi''
Ani:''vo highway vaali''
Ar:''han mom vohii pta hai mom kitni achii hai vo''
Ani:''tujhe kaise pta tu kaunsa ose bat ki hai''
Ar:''mom ooske liyye mujhe oos se bat karni ki jarurat nahin hai. Aap oos se miloge to aapne aap samajh jaoge,mom oos din oosne bahut mehngi dress pehni hogii, vo aapni di ki sagai me jaa rahii thi naa aur pta hai mom mera saara blood ooski dress par lag gayya fir bhi oos ne kch nahin kaha aur koi kisii ki help nahin karta aaj kal aur oosne, mom  aapne sunaa na dad ne kya kaha tha oosne kitne ache se dad ko btaya jis se ki oonhe tension naa ho, dekha mom kitni samjhdar hogii vo''
Ani:''armaan beta par pyaar aisee binaa jaane ek sirff dekhne se''
Ar:''mom pyaar karna thode naa padta hai vo to ho jaata hai''
Ani:''to aab?''
Ar:''aab kya mom aab to bas vohii aapki bahu banegi shaadi ki tayari karoo''
Ani:''bilkul pagal hai mera beta nam pta nahin kehta hai shaadi ki tayari karoo''
Ar:''yes mom I am mad in her luv aab to ose Mrs. Armaan Mallik banne se koi nahin rauk sakta''
Ani:''theek hai Mr. Dreamer mai chalti hun''
And she left armaan keep the note out and kissed tht note
Ar:''well madam aab to aapko dhundhna hi padega aab to aap mujhe wifey ki tarah serve bhi karne lagii hai so I have to find u''
He drifted to sleep with these thoughts in  his mind.
After two days
Armaan was highly frustrated his mom-dad wants him to join the function and he did not want to go evn the function was in the house of one of his closest friends but  because of his parents he has to go and in the function he was highly irritated while taking a drink he bumped in someone so hard tht all the water in person's hands fell on her clothes thn armaan said
Ar:''I am sorry''
But words stuk in his mouth as he saw her and she looked at him while wiping her clothes

Gi:''oh Mr.Armaan howzz u now?''
Armaan come out from his thoughts
Ar:''umm I am fine all thanks to u Miss''
Ar:''nice name riddhima''
Ri:''thanks armaan''
Ar:''well riddhima thanks mujhe aapko kehna chahhiye oos din merii help karne ko''
Ri:''not at all armaan its all my pleasure. Well anyways howzz ur forhead and shoulder now?''
Ar:''completely fine thanks''
Ri:''I am sorry armaan mujhe oos din aapko aisee hi chodd ke jaana pada but''
Ar:''aapki dii ki engagement thi that's y right''
Ri:''aapko kaise oh han note''
Ar:''ji to sorry mat boliye vaise bhi mom-dad aaa gayye the, thanks inform karne ko''
Ri:''armaan bas kijiye itnaa thanks''
Ar:''yes actually sorry also maine aapki dress kharab kar di''
Ri:''oh yeh koi bat nahin ho jaata hai''
Ar:''but I guess I always destroy ur dresses oos din mere blood se aapki dress''
Ri:''come on armaan merii dress aapki jaan se kimti nahin hai''
Ar:''thanks riddhima.''
Ri:''oh my god anyways I have to go now bye take care''
Ar(with sad face):''bye it was nice meeting u''
Riddhima smiled and left
And armaan stood there still in daze he was feeling restless, he wants to talk to her more but he did not know how he will do this but thn an idea stuck to his mind, and he was feeling very relived and happy after thinking about this
Ar:''yes vo yahan is function ma hai to rahul ose jaanta hogaa, mai oos se pooch sakta hun aur mom se bhi ose milva sakta hun''
And he go to his mom who was talking to rahul's mom
Ar:''mom ek minute''
And she excused herself and
Ani:''han armaan bol''
Ar:''mom vo ladkii''
Ani:''armaan yahan nahin''
Ar:''mom merii bat to soono vo yahan hai vo dekho vo rahii''
Ar:''vo dekho red suit with green duppatta''
Ananya looked at the direction where armaan points and there is riddhima talking with someone
Ar:''kaisi hai mom''
Ani:''achii hai armaan''
Ar:''sirff achii mom''
Ani:''ok baba bahut achii hai''
Ar:''to aab aap''
Ani:''kya mai aab''
Ar:''mom aunty(rahul's mom) se pooch naa vo kaun hai?''
Ani:''armaan itnii jaldi''
Ar:''han mom mujhe bas bahut jaldi hai, I cantt live  without her not evn a second pls mom pls pls pls pls''
Ani:''achaa baba poora pagal hai tu iss ladki ne to shaadi ke pehle hi mera beta mujhse dur kar diyya age kya hogaa?''
She said dramatically
Ar:''mom aisaa nahin hai I just love her so that's y I do not want to loose her. But mom I always love u''
He put his hands around her neck lovingly
Ani:''han jaanti hun, ab chodd mujhe abhie jaakar saumya(rahul's mom) se bat karti hun''
Ar:''mom I love u u r the best mom''
Ani:''han aab jyada nautanki mat kar''
She said and go to her best friend saumya
Sa:''han ananya''
Ani:''tujhse kch bat karni hai''
Sa:''han bol kch jaruri hai kya?''
Ani:''han  kch aisaa hi samajh''
Sa:''han bol naa''
Ani:''vo ladki kaun hai saumya''
She said pointing to riddhima, saumya looked at her
Sa:''pta nahin shayad kisii relative ke saath hai par tu kyoon pooch rahii hai?''
Ani:''tujhe kch nahin pta kya?''
But suddenly the lady with whom riddhima talked turned and saumya said
Sa:''areey han yeh to shyad merii sister hai na akanksha ooske jeth ki betii hai''
Ani:''achaa chl mujhe milna hai oos se milva naa''
Sa:''han par kyoon''
Ani:''vo mai tujhe bad me btati hun''
Sa:''achaa ruk akanksha''
She called her
Akanksha come towards them with riddhima
Ak:''ji dii''
Sa:''akanksha insee mill yeh merii khas dost ananya aur ananya yeh merii behen akanksha''
They exchanged pleasantries
Ani:''yeh aapki betii hai?''
(pointing to riddhima)
Ak:''nahin par betii hi hai yeh mere husband ke bade bhai ki betii hai riddhima''
Ri(joining her hands):''namastey aunty''
Ani(caressing her hair):''namastey beta bahut pyari bachii hai''
They smiled and thn a child comes
C(to riddhima):''didii chalo naa mujhe aapko kch dikhana hai''
Ri(looked to akanksha):''chachi mai jaoon''
Ak:''han jao ridzi hum abhie niklane vale hai to tumhe call kar denge''
Riddhima nodded and go with the child
After tht armaan's mom tell about riddhima to armaan's dad and she asked him to talk to riddhima's uncle-aunt. And they come along with armaan to riddhima's uncle and aunt, actually they also liked riddhima so they want to tralk today itself
Bi:''dekhiye gupta ji mujhe ghuma fira ke bat karna nahin ata hume aapse riddhima ke bare me kch bat karni hai''
Ak(akshar riddhima's uncle):''ridzi ke bare me?''
Bi:''ji vo hume aapki betii bahut pasand hai hum aapne bte armaan ke liyye ooska haath mangte hai''
And both akanksha and akshar shocked hearing this
Ani:''hum samjhte hai aisee decision jaldi nahin liyye jaate aap aapne bhai aur bhabhi se bat kar lijiye aur jo bhi pta karna chahte hai kar lijiye.''
Bi:''par mai itnaa jarur keh sakta hun aapki betii humare ghr me bahut khush rahegi''
Ak:"ji bilkul lekin mere khayal se yeh shaadi nahin ho sakti''
Hearing this armaan was shocked but next moment he holds akshar's hands and said
Ar:''uncle please aisee mat boliye. Mai riddhima se bahut pyaar karta hun ose humesha khush rakhunga, mujhme koi bad habbit nahin hai uncle, mai smoking, drinking kch nahin karta. Aur uncle seeteled bhi hun riddhima ka khayal rakh sakta hun ose kisii cheej ki kamii mehsoos nahin honee doonga. Humesha ooska saath doonga har khushi me har gam me. Par please uncle mana mat kijiye mai ooske binaa jee nahin sakta I really love her''
Akshar looked at him with disappointed look
Ak:''dekhiye bhaii sahib mujhe galat mat samjhiye. Hum jaane hai malliks ek reputed nam hai aur oonki enquiry ki koi jarurat nahin hai. Aur yakeen manie aapke saath rishta jodne me hume garv hogaa, aur armaan beta mai tumhe jyada nahin jaanta par tumhe dekh kar keh sakta hun kit um humari riddhu ko humesha khush rakhoge. Par fir bhi shayad yeh shaadi nahin ho sakti aap logon me koi kamii nahin hai par riddhu ne saf saf keh diyya hai ki vo sirff Mumbai me hi shaadi karegi aur aap log''
Ar:''mai pune me rehta hun''
Aka:''han beta jab bhi hum oos se rishte ya shaadi ki bat karte hai to bas vo yehii 2 batein bolti hai ki ek to mujhe Mumbai se bahar shaadi nahin karni aur job hi ladka aap dhundoge oosme koi bad habbit naa ho''
Bi:''han to gupta sahib yakken maniye armaan me koi bad habit nahin hai''
Billy said as he did not want to see his son heart broken, his son never demanding anything to them this is first time he ask them for something
Ak:''hume yakeen hai bhaii sahib par riddhu Mumbai se bahar shaadi ke liyye nahin manegi aur hum ooski ichaa ke binaa shaadi nahin kar sakte naa nahin to age chl kar koi bhi khush nahin rahega, we r really very sorry, sorry armaan beta''
They joined their hands and billy enfugled his hands
Bi:''areey gupta ji koi bat nahin ismee maafi ki kya bat hai, har insane ke shaadi ko lekar kch sapne hotee hai aur jabardasti se rishte nahin bante''
And they smiled lightly at them and armaan go from there he feels like he lost everything in his life and on the way he saw riddhima giggling with her brother and armaan smiled seeing her million dollar smile but his smiled vanished remembering tht she can not be his.
After sometime
Mallik Mansion.
Bi:''ani pehlii bar life me armaan ne kch maanga aur hum ose vo bhi naa de payen''
Ani:''han mere bte ko bhi osi ladki se pyaar honaa tha''
Bi:''par ananya vo hai hi aisii ki kisii ko bhi aapna bna le bilkul aapne armaan ki tarah, aur pta hai jaise maine ose dekha jhooth nahin bolunga mujhe bhi aisee lga tha ki armaan sirff iskee saath khush rahega, par dekho naa kya''
Ani:''han billy humare khandan ekk hai par pta nahin riddhima ko Mumbai se bahar shaadi kyoon nahin karni''
Bi:''pta nahin aab armaan par kya beet rahii hogii dekha tha ooski aankhen jaate hue kaisee dekh rahii thi''
Ani:''han jaise oos se koi ooski zindagi alg kar rahaa ho, billy mujhe ooski bahut chinta ho rahii hai''
Bi:"ani chinta se kch nahin hogaa hum yahan kch bhi nahin kar sakte''
Ani:''kaash mere bte ko ooska pyaar mill jaaye''
Bi:''han anie hum to bas dua hi kar sakte hai''
And they sighed.
Armaan's room
Ar:''kya mujhe vo nahin milegi? Kya hai ooski is stupid zid ki vajah. Mana ki Mumbai jaise bade shehar se koi nahin niklana chahega par aaj kal aisii koi facility nahin hai jo Mumbai me ho aur pune mein naa ho,har facility hai yahan malls shopping ke liyye, restaurants ghumne ke liyye jagah aur jab chaho Mumbai aaa- jaa sakte hai fir? Par kya kisii place ki importance itnii hai ki ooske age kisii ka pyaar bhi chota pad jaaye. Pyaar ose to pta nahin mai ose pyaar karta hun agro se pta chale to shayad vo man bhi jaaye par agr naa maani to kya mera pehla pyaar adhura reh jaayega?''
He said in frustration and throw the things in his room and created a whole mess.
Next Morning
All the family members of armaan known about armaan's love and they were very sad for him, he is the gem of family, he is always there for his family whenever they needed him now they could not do anything for him so they
Na:''ajeeb ladki hai koi armaan bhaii ko mna kar diyya''
Ra:''han ammy se jyada pyaar karne vaala ladka kahan milega ose''
Ni:''pagal kahin ki Mumbai se bahar shaadi nahin karni is stupid se reason ke liyye ammy ka dil tod diyya, insan ke saath shaadi karni hai yeh city ke saath stupid kahin ki, itnaa pyaar karne vaala milta hai kahin''
Ra:''han aur armaan ki haalat osi pagal ke kaaran aisii hai''
They cursed riddhima
Ar:''shut up all of u''
Ar:''han mai tum log kyoon oos riddhima ko kos rahee ho?''
Ra:''armaan oosne tujhe''
Ar:''kya rahul? Han oosne mujhe mna kiyya? No u all are wrong.ose to pta bhi nahin ki I love her aur maine ose shaadi ka rishta bheja hai. To mujhe mna karne ka sawal hi nahin hai. Oosne aapni kch priorities btayi hai shaadi ke liyye, sabki hotii hai to agr mai oos priority mein nahin ata to ismein ooski koi galti nahin hai. Aur kya pagal,stupid bole jaa rahee ho civilized logon ki tarah bat nahin kar sakte. Aur nikki tub hi to kehti hai ki tujhe single ladke se shaadi karni hai jo aapne parents ke saath naa rehta ho, kehne ko to hum bhi tujhe yeh keh sakte hai ki shaadi tujhe ladke se karni hai ooske parents se nahin humne kaha nahin naa? Jaise hum terii priorities ke vaare me sochte hai ooski family ooski sochti hai''
Ra:''par armaan tu oos se pyaar karta hai naa''
Ar:''han rahul karta hun par ose nahin pta naa''
Ni:''vo sab hume nahin pta hume bas itnaa pta hai ki oosne aapko rulaya hai aur vo bhi kabhie''
 Ar:''not a word nikki, tum log jo ose itnaa sab sunna rahee ho yeh mat bhulo ki aaj agr mai tumhare saamne sahii-salamat khada hun yeh sab ooske kaaran hai au rose dua dene ke ilava bakwas kar rahee ho aab ooske baree me kch bole to mujhse boora koi nahin hogaa''
And he leave from there in anger and his dadaji saw all the incidence so he called him.
Da:''armaan beta itnaa gussa maine tujhe kabhie bhi nahin dekha kya hua?''
armaan is really close to his dada ji
Ar:''dadu aap hi bataon mai kya kaun aapne sunna naa nikki kaise riddhima ke baare me oolta-seedha bol rahii thi''
Da:''beta vo sab tujhse bahut pyaar karte hai isliyye''
Ar:''jaanta hun dadu par main kya karun mai riddhima ke khilaf ek word bhi nahin sun sakta''
Da:''armaan tu oos se bahut pyaar karta hai beta?''
Ar:''han dadu bahut jyada karta hun par vo shayad merii nahin ho payegi''
he said with tears in his eyes
Da:''oye mera puttar hokar rotaa hai jab oos se itnaa pyaar karta hai jaakar ose ehsaas dilaa aapne pyaar ka yahan baithe rehne se kya hogaa? jaa jaake bol ose ki tu oos se pyaar karta hai''
Ar:''par dadu vo mera matlab''
Da:''armaan tu binaa lade hi har man rahaa hai''
Ar:''nahin dadu aap sahii kehte ho mai koshish karunga''
Da:''han yeh hui naa mere puttar vaali bat, achaa aab mujhe ooska chehra to dikha jis ne tujhe pagal kiyya hai''
Ar:''par dadu kaise mere pas ooska koi photo nahin hai''
Da:''chl oye jhooth mat bol tu mera hi khoon hai mujhe pta hai kal tune ooska photo to jarur liyya hogaa''
Armaan's jaw dropped hearing him and he winked at armaan, armaan smiled and took out his mobile to show 
Ar:''kaisi hai dadu''
Da:''bilkul parii hai''
Ar:''matlab done''
Da:''han aur aab tu ise mna''
Ar:''ji dadu so riddhima be ready to MRS. Riddhima Armaan Mallik''
Armaan was in his room thinking how he tell riddhima tht he loves her and can not live without her suddenly he come with an idea.
Next day armaan was standing out of gupta mansion to get a single glance of riddhima and as per his wishes

 there she was opening the curtains of her balcony with her million dollar smile she was wearing a yellow churridar and she smiles at the sun rise and the birds and smile to her fullest and armaan just looked at her with dreaming eyes, his dream break when he saw her no more standing there. And armaan frowned and
Ar:''she is killing me ooski smile merii jaan le legii oh god I just love her so much,par ise jaane ki kya padii thi kch der aur nahin ruk sakti thi kya''
He complained but
Ar:''that's ok dude abhie kch din bad vo tere pas tere bedroom me hogii,tu ose dekh payega evn in ur arms''
He smiled at his own thoughts and next thing after sometime he knows he saw riddhima go to her car while talking to someone, armaan immediately hid behind his car so tht she can not saw him
Ri:''yar aab tum phone rakhoge tabhie mai aaongi naa, han yar I remember hume inorbit mein milna hai shopping ke liyye I am coming ya see u there bye''
And she drove to mall and
Ar:''so madam u r going to shopping, come on let us see wht u like, hum bhi ate hai so inorbit mall here I came''
And he also drove to mall and after reaching there armaan spotted her hugging a boy and it broke armaan's heart, he was shocked and he was about to go when riddhima was going to pass him, he turned so tht riddhima did not saw him and he heared
Ri:'' jeej thanks se kam nahin chalega maid ii ke liyye aapko gift buy karne me help kar rahii hun to badle mein mujhe kya milega?''
At:''jo tu chahe ridzi anjie ke liyye kch bhi''
Ri:''ooo jeej u love dii a lot and dii is really lucky to have u''
At:''not to worry ridzi tujhe bhi koi bahut pyaar karne vaala millega jaldi hi''
Ri:''rehne dijiye jeej sabki kismet anjie dii jaisi nahin hotii naa''
She sighed and
Ri:''achaa chaliye chodiye in sab baton ko chaliye jaldi se dii ka present lijiye fir aapko dii ke saath lunch par bhi jaana hai''
And they leaves and armaan heared all the conversation and he is now happy,his smile is not leaving his face
Ar:''mai bhi na kch bhi sochta hun, vo to ooske jeej hai, I am really mad but I guess I am possessive about her, so riddhima ji aapko nahin lagta ki sabkii kismet aapki dii jaise hotii hai par abhie aapko aapne is aashiq ka nahin pta naa, tumharii kasam riddhima tumhe bahut pyaar karunga aur abhie to tumhe yakeen dilwana hai ki I love u''
And after sometime atul leaves and
At:''ridzi yeh muski nahin ayi abhie tak''
Ri:''jeej abhie aaa jayegi u know vo kabhie time par ati hai kya?''
At:''han to mai rukta hun naa tere saath I know tujhe intejar karna pasand nahin hai''
Riddhima smiled at him and
Ri:''no jeej its ok aap jao dii ke pas vo jhalli abhie aaa jayegi tab tak mai ek coffee peekar ati hun thn u know naa''
At:''yes I know for tum dono ko shopping me time nahin milega chl bye take care kch jarurat hui to give me a call''
Ri:''ok jeej bye''
And atul smiled at him kissed on her forhead and leaves.
And when riddhima was drinking her coffee a curly hair girl almost shouted in her ears
Ri:''muski yar agr tu aisee hi karti rahii thn I will loose my hear capacity very soon''
Mu:''oye aaj tak kch hua hai jo aab hogaa''
Ri:''tera naa kch nahin ho sakta''
Mu:''yar tell me something new, mujhe pta hai mera kch nahin ho sakta''
Ri:''muski tu naa achaa chl aab shopping par chalein agr aapka hokum ho to''
Mu:''han chl naa kabse bak bak tu kar rahii hai''
And they go to one store and they were choosing dresses when riddhima feels someone is there
Mu:''oye yeh idhar-oodha kya dekh rahii hai''
Ri:''yar muski pta nahin mujhe subhh se aisee feel ho rahaa hai jaise koi hai jo mera peecha kar rahaa hai''
Mu:''oh someone is stalking riddhima gupta''
She teased her
Mu:''achaa sorry baba bta kya hua hai bta naa?''
Ri:''pta nahin muski mujhe aisee lag rahaa jaise koi mere har kadam pe mere saath hai, like koi hai jo mere har movement ko dekh rahaa hai''
Mu:''oye ridzi chill mar koi nahin hai tujhe vehem hua hogaa, jaise aaj kal tujhe weired dreams ate hai''
Mu:''han yar par seriously tera kaunsa koi aashiq hai jot era picha karega so thand rakh aur yeh le aapni dresses try karke aaa''
Ri:''han yar tu sahii keh rahii hai, mai jyada hi sochti hun, de mai try karke ayi''
And riddhima go to try room and when she comes out to saw muskaan howzz the dress looking on her, muskaan was not there near the try room so she come out in store looking for muskaan
Ri:''yar aab yeh muski kahan gayyi yeh ladki bhi naa''
She looks here and there for muskaan and suddenly she bumped into someone and her hands landed on the bare chest of person as his front buttons were opened and the person's hands were on her waist and his grey-blue eyes were looking in her green-almond eyes, for a moment she lost in tht blue eyes but thn she immediately seprated and said
Ri:''I am sorry armaan mera dhayan nahin tha i am sorry''
Ar:''its ok riddhima''
Thn she realized what she was wearing she does not know y she feels shy in front of him
Ri:''I have to change armaan''
And without giving him a single chance of speaking she ran to try room whereas armaan was still in shock seeing her in such an attire, for the last three times he saw her she wears Indian clothes but today's her attire completely blows him she was wearing a yellow short dress she was looking   extremely hot in tht dress

Ar:''mujhe nahin pta tha riddhima tum sundar hone ke saath saath itnii hot bhi ho, to kyat um isliiye Mumbai chodd ke kahin aur shaadi nahin karna chahti ki u lost ur freedom and can not wear these clothes, agr aisaa hai to not to worry riddhima darling  mere ghr me aisaa koi problem nahin hai aur mujhe bhi tumhe aisee dekhne me bahut khushi hogii especially on our honeymoon''
He smiled at his naughty thoughts.
Ri:''umm armaan tum yahan kya?''
Ar:''vo riddhima mai yahan shopping par aya tha''
Ar:''actually yahan merii meeting thi oar ose start hone me time tha to maine socha thoda sa lunch kar lun and some shopping''
He lied
Ri:''tu to naa mujhse bat mat kar kahan chale gayyi thi''
Mu:''sorry baba vo phone aaa gayya tha''
Ri:''chl koi bat nahin insee mill yeh hai armaan mallik''
Mu:''vahi tere dre
Riddhima hit her on her feet
Mu:''oh vo highway vaale''
Ri:''han aur armaan yeh muskaan hai merii best friend''
Muskaan and armaan met and
Mu:''oye ridzi tune vo dress nahin li''
Ri:''nahin rehne de''
Mu:''kyoon itnaa to achii thi''
Ri:''achaa armaan tumne lunch nahin kiyya chalo I show u a nice place for lunch''
Ar:''ye thanks I am starving''
Ri:''so chalo aao''
But thn armaan
Ar:''riddhima I will join u in a moment''
And he ran to the store and buys the dress for her.
And after taking  the lunch with her. He becomes friends with her, and he knows some more about her Armaan was more in love with her and his night was sleepless because of riddhima and he was dreaming about her.


Next day
Armaan was sleeping peacefully when he heared
Ri:''armaan ootho naa varna office ke liyye der ho jayegi''
Armaan buried his face in pillow
Ar:''sonee do naa baby pls''
Ri:''theek hai sotee rahoo fir mujhe mat kehna ki tumhe office jaane meiin der ho gayyi''
she said and turned to go when armaan holds her hand ad pulled her and make her sat beside him and he put his head in her lap and caught her hands  in his hands and kissed them and closed his eyes
Ri:''kya kar rahee ho armaan har time badmashi chodo mujhe''
Ar:''nahin naa mujhe sonaa hai''
Ri:''han to theek hai so jao par mujhe to chodo''
Ar:''nahin mujhe aisee hi achii neend ati hai aur mujhe aisee hi sonaa hai tumhare saath''
Ri:''armaan pagal ho gayye ho tum hato koi aaa jayega''
she said while trying to get out from his grip but she cantt and he hold her more tightly
Ri:''armaan pls naa chodo dekho sach me koi aaa jayega door bhi khula hai''
Ar:''ok jaan i will leave u just on one condition''
Ar:''give me my good morning kiss''
Ri:''no armaan abhie nahin pls''
she blushed when he points to his lips with her finger
Ar:''ok as u wish baby let me sleep now pls dontt disturb me''
Ri:''armaan please naa''
Ar:''baby decision is urs only''
Ri:''tum nahin maanoge hai naa''
Ar:''tumhe lagta hai''
Riddhima shook her head and
Ar:''so come on''
and he bends her head and riddhima kissed him on his forhead and the next moment he heared someone calling her and she ran
Ar:''this is cheating''
Riddhima turned and
Ri:''everything is fair in love''
Ar:''oye hoyye''
and suddenly armaan heared his alarm ringing and he get up immediately and
Ar:''oh my god i am start dreaming of kissig her tht too as my wifey shit i am going to mad in her love''
Armaan was thinking how to met riddhima thn his phone rang and it was his friend
Ar:''hey champ''
At:''armaan yar tu mujhe bhull gayya merii engagement me bhi nahin aya''
Ar:''sorry champ mera accident ho gayya tha yar''
At:''kya kaise lekin''
Ar:''kch nahin aab mai theek hun bta bhabhi se kab milva rahaa hai''
At:''jab tu kahee''
Ar:''aaj kaise rahega mai mumbai me hii hun yar''
At:''chl theek hai tu mere ghr aaa jaa mai anju ko bolta hun fir hum milte hai oos see''
and after sometime 
armaan and atul were waiting for anjali
thn anjali comes and with her armaan can not believe his stars riddhima is with her
Atul introduce them and when he introduced riddhima with armaan
Ri:''armaan tum yahan''
At:''hmm ridzi yeh mera dostt hai, the one whom i was talking, par tumhe ise kaise jaante ho''
thn riddhima tell him the whole incidence
An:''such a small world''
Ar:''indeed by the way champ must say bhabhi is very beautiful''
An:''thanks armaan but u can call me anjie''
Ar:''offcourse beautiful par vaise mujhe thodi der ho gayyi vaise anjie u seriously engaged?''
but before anjali can say anything atul smacked him 
At:''sharam kar armaan apnii bhabhi par line marta haii
Ar:''kaun bhabhi champ''
At:''armaan yeh anju''
he said while placing arm around her shoulder
Ar:''yar champ she is anjii right anjii''
he was still flirting with anjali while looking at riddhima whoso expressions was not so happy one
Ar:''yes champ''
An:''ok guyss no more teasing and armaan yes i am engaged and so happy par i dontt want to break ur heart see my sister ridzi is still single''
she said and riddhima shocked where as armaan was happy from inside
Ar:''oh han so what say riddhima''
Ri:''dii tum naa pagal ho gayyi ho aur armaan tum forget it tum aur mai never''
Ar:''par kyoon baby''
he teased her
Ri:''shutup i am not ur baby aur tum mere saamne merii hi dii se flirt kar rahee ho pta nahin vaise kitnon ke saath karte hogee''
she said while frowning and armaan was like doing dancing but
Ar:''so jealous han?''
Ri:''jealous my foot, u r not my boyfriend so y should i?''
Ar:''ya right u know i dontt believe u''
Ri:''thats ur problem mr.mallik aur vaise bhi i am not going to marry u because u do not live in MUMBAI''
Armaan's heart break hearing this but somehow he controlled and
Ar:''to agr mai MUMBAI me rehta pune me nahin to u marry me right?''
now riddhima is dumbfounded hearing this she does not expect such kind of question
Ri:''armaan kya bol rahee ho''
Ar:''sirff ek simple sa question hai riddhima agr mai yahan mumbai me rehta hota to will u marry me''
Ri:''kya armaan tum bhi naa yahan dii aur jeej ki shaadi ho rahii hai mai kahan se aaa gayyi beech me, chalo pls kch khaye i am hungry''
with these she turned to go only to be pulled by armaan and she jammed in his chest, atul and anjali shocked  anjali was about to say something when atul stopped her, he can say love in armaan's eyes for riddhima
Ri(try to get out from his grip):''chodo armaan sab dekh rahee hai''
Ar:''han abhie chodd doonga riddhima bas give me my answer and u r all free''
Ri:''armaan kya bol rahee ho tum,kch jaante bhi ho?''
Ar:''yes riddhima i know what i am saying aab pls can u give me my answer''
Ri:''armaan tum pagal ho gayye ho''
Ar:''yes riddhima i am mad in ur love''
With that armaan leave her but holds her hand and get down on his kness and before he start anjali interrupted him
An:''armaan majak ki had hotii hai agr yeh majak hai to bahut hi boora majak hai''
Ar:''no anjie i am serious, its not a joke i really love riddhima''
when he saw anjali quitened he agian looked at riddhima who still stood there with shocked expressions and her one hand is still in armaan's hold, when she did not said anything armaan looked at her
Ar:''Riddhima please mujhe galat mat samjhna I really love u, it was love at first sight for me. Mai  tumhe ekk bar dekhte hi apnaa dill kho baitha tha.Merii jaan bachane ke bad tum to chale gayii par tum akele nahin gayyi, tum mera dill merii saansein merii raaton ki neend mere din ka chain merii har khushi aapne saath le gayyi. I love u a lot riddhima itnaa pyaar ki tumhare binaa mai aapni zindai soch bhi nahin sakta, tum merii dhadkan ban gayye ho riddhima.Mai kabhie tumhari aankh mei aanson nahi ane doonga. Mai tumse itnaa pyaar karta hun ki mai tumse shaadi karna chahta hun riddhima tumhe aapna bnana chahta hun, aur maine tumhare liyye rishta bhi bheja tha par riddhima tum to Mumbai me hi shaadi karna chahti ho. aisaa kyoon riddhima, I promise Riddhima mai tumhe kisii bhi cheej ki koi kamii mehsoos nahin honee doonga, but pls dontt leave me i really love u riddhima please trust me mai tumhe bahut khush rakhunga. riddhima kch to bolo pls aisee chupp mat khade rahee''
he was still looking at riddhima with moist eyes with a hope in his eyes and the next moment he saw riddhima was not there she leaves from there, leaving a heart broken armaan behind, anjali ran behind her wheras atul was there with armaan, when he place hand on his shoulder armaan looked at him blankly and he just said
Ar:''i lost her''
and he go from there with tears in his eyes.

Armaan was crying while sitting infront of riddhima's picture
Ar:''kyoon riddhima kya ek city tumhare liyye kissi ke pyaar se bhi jyada kimti hai, kya tumhe bas ek shehar se pyaar hai insan se nahin, kya tumhe merii najron me aapne liyye pyaar dikhai nahin detaa, kyoon riddhima kyoon aakhir kyoon. kaise samjaho tumhe tum mere liyye kya ho, mai tumhare binaa nahin jee sakta riddhima, kya karun mai ki tumhe vishwas ho jaaye ki mai tumse beintha mohabbat karta hun. kyoon ayi tum merii zindagi mein riddhima jab tumhe jaana hi tha, mera pehle pyaar adhoora reh gayya''
and he cried a lot
Gupta Mansion
Anjali tell about armaan to everyone 
Ak:''ridzi armaan tujhse sach me pyaar karta hai beta''
Aka:''han humne ooski aankhon mein dekha hai''
An:''ridzi aapni zid chodd de mujhe bhi yehii lagta hai vo tujhe bahut khush rakhega''
Ri:''please aap sab log jayiye yahan se mujhe akela chodd dijiye''
but shashank told her to keep quiet and told everyone to leave her 

Ri:''kyoon armaan aakhir kyoon? tum mere saath aisaa kyoon kar rahee ho, mujhe pta hai u dontt luv me, 2 din me tum mujhse pyaar nahin kar sakte, tum bhi oonhi badii families ke bacho jaise ho jo sirff ek hi cheej chahte hai. mujhe pta hai u dontt luv me, u just want to have me. par armaan  mai koi cheej nahin hun jisee tum use kar sakoo ya buy kar sakoo. mujhe pta hai tum mere sapnon me aaa rahee the, i know i feel something for u but i can control my feeling aur aaj kebad to mai tumhari kabhie bhi nahin ho sakti. kal hi tum kisii aur se keh rahee the tht u love her aur aaj mujhse disgusting armaan''
and she also cried remembring last days incidence.
Riddhima saw armaan hugging a girl and riddhima was go to him to say ''hi'' to him but thn she heared armaan saying to the girl''i love u''
and she leave not to disturb him but somewhere she feels bad
Flashback Ends
Remembring the days events she cried her heart out,
Aur aaj tum kehte ho armaan tht u love me shame on u armaan mallik par mai tumhara biwi nam ka toy nahin banna chahti ki tum shaadi mujhse karoo aur enjoyment bahar karoo. isiliyye mujhe small cities ki big families nahin pasand, jahan restrictions sirff ladies ke liyye aur beton ko kch nahin. jahan ladies ko sirff ghr ka kam karne vaali samjha jaata hai. mujhe pta hai what i feel for u is nothing may be something but after this u and me never''
Next Day
seeing riddhima's dull behaviour no one in her family ask her anything as they know she is so sensitive.
Here armaan's condition is hopeless, he go to work, spends time with his family, smile to them but he is not ok at all and this is known by his family members, armaan is just spending the life not living the life, he is always in her thoughts just her.

(Armaan and riddhima's conditions is just like this in video)

After somedays riddhima was in pune for somework when her car broke down, she did not know what  to do thn armaan's mom saw her tensed on highway. she goes to her and after her lots of pleading riddhima comes to her house and ananya introduce to her with her family
(riddhima did not know that she was in armaan's house with his family)
and all of them liked her very much, she is like their armaan, and riddhima also liked all of them very much
Ri:''aunty mujhe aap sabse milkar bahut achaa laga''
Ani:''hume bhi beta achaa riddhima y u go and take some rest, abhie car theek hone me time lagega''
Ri:''no aunty i am fine''
Ani:''areyy riddhima sharmane ki kya bat hai tum saumya ki relative ho so u r like my daughter also''
Ri:''thanks aunty''
Ani:''naina riddhima ko guest room dikhao''
Na:''ji badii maa ayiye riddhimaji''
and riddhima moved with her when nanina's cell start ringing 
Na:''riddhima ji i am sorry aap yahan se straight lekar third room from the right pls''
Ri:''no not at all naina i will manage u attend ur call''
and riddhima moved to the room and she reached to the room and when she entered the room she is dumbfounded to saw the room, it was all covered with her pictures and riddhima did not understand what is happening there, how her pictures was there
 but her questions were answered at very next moment when someone entered in the room and her back was facing him and the person start yelling to his mom and tht
Ar:''mom mom mom mom mom''
but his words stuck in his mouth when riddhima turned to him and the same was with riddhima she is deeply confused y armaan is here 
Ar:''riddhima tum yahan i mean mere ghr mein kaise mere room mein?''
and thn she get it she was standing in his house his room and the next thought is did he really luv her so much tht he cover all his room with her pictures, she is still in her thoughts when she saw armaan's mom entering with a girl, the same girl whom she saw hugging armaan in the mall.
so next moment she was thinking ''to yeh sab drama hai, u r so disgusting armaan '' but the next thing she heared tht give her heart attack, tht girl was saying
Gi:''ammy bhaii aap kyoon chillaye''
riddhima looked to armaan and thn tht girl''she is armaan's sister''
but armaan did not answered
Ani:''armaan kya hua bol naa nikki kch pooch rahiii hai''
Ar:''yes mom i am ok''
Ni:''to fir aap mom ka nam itnii jor se kyoon chillaye?''
Ar:''nikki yar tu kitne sawal poochti hai, aab kya mai mom ko boola bhi nahin sakta?''
Ani:''aab tum dono fir shuru mat ho jaana nikki tu insee nahin milli na yeh riddhima hai aur riddhima yeh nikki hai merii betii''
she said coldly and next moment she leave from there
Ani:''riddhima beta tumhari car theek ho gayyi hai''
Ri:''ji aunty mai chalti hun''
Ani:''riddhima khana tayar hai beta kha kar jao''
Ri:''nahin aunty fir kabhie aunty''
Ani:''lekin beta armaan bol na ise''
Ar:''han riddhima mom sahii bol rahii hai  khana kha kar chale jaana''
Ri:''nahin aunty aaj nahin aaj pehle hi bahut der ho rahii hai''
she said and she leaves.
Ar:''kya mai itnaa boora hun ki ose mera chehra bhi dekhna pasand nahin hai?''
He is sad with riddhima's behaviour, one moment she looks at him and the next moment she shifted her gaze and leaves.
Gupta Mansion
Ri:''maine armaan ko galat samjha, kya vo sach mein mujhse itnaa pyaar karta hai? kahin maine ose samjhne mein galti to nahin kar dii ose hi kyoon mai aapni feelings ko bhi to galat samjh rahii thi. apnii feelings de bhagti rahii, sirff ek galti ke kaaran, maine ose galat samjha aur ose kch nahin kaha jab oosne mujhe aapni feelings ke baare mein btaya, mujhse bahut galti ho gayyi
par aab shayad bahut der ho gayyi hai. kaash mai ose bta paati ki mai oos se pyaar karti hun''
She cried feeling her deep love for armaan and the feeling tht she hurt her love makes her more miserable.

Some days passed and one day riddhima was in shopping mall with anjali doing shopping for anjali's wedding, she is totally lost but for anjali she pretends to be happy and anjali tries to make her happy, riddhima is in try room trying some dresses when there is chaos in the mall, there is a short-circuit in mall and fire occured and with such condition anjali moves and when she is out she was looking for riddhima thn armaan comes to her with atul
Ar:''hey anjie tum theek to ho naa?''
An:''han mai theek hun par''
At:''par kya anju''
An:''atul  vo ridzi''
Ar:''anjie riddhima kya''
An:''armaan riddhima andar hai store mein pta nahin vo kaisi hogii mai kya karun''
she said while crying and
Ar:''nahin aisaa nahin ho sakta riddhima ko kch nahin hogaa mai lekar aaonga merii riddhima ko''
At:''par armaan tu''
but armaan did not listen to him and he goes towards to store when police guard stops
P:''sir aap andar nahin jaa sakte''
Ar:''ji nahin mera andar jaana bahut jaruri hai riddhima andar hai''
P:''hum aapko andar jaana allow nahin kar sakte sir aag fel sakti hai aapki jaan ko khatra hai''
they caught him but armaan pushed him
Ar:'' i dontt care merii jaan to andar hai mai ose akela nahin chodd sakta''
and he ran inside and
At:''anju ridzi ko kch nahin hogaa armaan ose le aayega''
Here in store armaan was finding riddhima but he could not found her and  the fire was increasing and armaan was coughing because of fire but he is not care to his condition, his main priority is now riddhima who is nowhere at sight and he start calling her name but no response, now he was start worrying and tears were flowing from his eyes, he can not imagine his life without him, though she is not with him yet her wellness means a lot to him so he again call her name
Ar:''riddhima riddhima riddhima riddhima riddhima''
and as per his wishes, a small whisper comes
but this small whisper is enough for him he ran to the direction from where the voice comes, its from trial room and armaan start opening the door but its jammed and the next moment armaan broke the glass which was on top of the door and opened the lock and he saw riddhima laying on the floor, and she is fainted because of suffocation and seeing her like that for a his heartbeat stopped, he immediately ran to her and start waking her up 
Ar:''riddhima aanhein kholo dekho mai yahan hun, mai tumhe kch nahin honee doonga par please aankhein kholo''
Riddhima opened her eyes and
Ri(whispering):''armaan tum yahan jao tum jao yahan se yahan tumhari jaan ko bhi khatra hai please chodd do mujhe i am sorry''
and she again fainted in his arms 
Ar:''nahin riddhima tumhare binaa merii koi zindagi nahin hai tum merii jaan ho mai tumhe yahan se le jaonga''
and the next moment armaan picked her up in his arms and go to outside,
Riddhima is in i.c.u. and armaan was worrying for her. all the gupta family was there and seeing armaan is injured atul came with nurse, but armaan is not letting her do when all force him he just burst at nurse
Ar:''kya hai problem kya hai aapka mujhe koi treatmen nahin chahiye, vahan riddhima ko aapki jarurat hai aur aap yahan mujh par time waste kar rahii hai agr merii help karni hai to please jayiye aur andar jaakar dekhiye merii riddhima kaisi hai''
seeing his sudden outbrust everone shocked and atul told nurse to go, all of them was equally worried for armaan because blood was oozing from his hand and forhead and his shoulder is burned and he also need treatment but he is not let them do anything, and seeing his condition no one has courage to say anything to him, just thn shashank(riddhima's father) come out from i.c.u. and seeing him armaan literally ran to him and
Ar:''Doctor riddhima kaisi hai aab? koi khatre ki bat to nahin? vo theek to hai naa? koi ghabrane ki bat to nai? she is fine? boliye naa?''
Sh:''yes armaan riddhima theek hai bas ose abhie hosh nahin aya''
Ar:''kya matlab hai aapka abhie hosh nahin aya fir bhi aap keh rahee hai vo theek hai''
Sh:''calm down armaan vo merii betii hai so trust me she is fine,medicines ke kaaran ose abhie hosh nahin aya. aur aab please aap aapna treament karva lijiye, u need it aur agr aapne mna kiyya to i wontt allow u to met riddhima''
Ar:''no sir thanks but i am fine aur aap sab riddhima ke saath hai mai chalta hun''
He start leaving before anyone can say anthing nurse came from i.c.u and
Nu:''sir riddhima mam ko hoshh aaa gayya''
Sh:''thanks sister mai abhie ata hun''
Nu:''sir lekin riddhima mam armaan sir se milna chahti hai''
All was surprised and armaan was shocked to hear tht after looking at shashank, when he nodded armaan moved to riddhima's room.
He entered and go beside riddhima's bed and as soon as he reched near her
Ri:''thanks armaan jaane bachane ko''
she said while try to sit down and armaan helped her and when she sat up properly
Ar:''riddhima seriously yar''
but he is cut in between and she shouted
Ri:''sister sister''
and armaan is confused so
Ar:''kya hua riddhima r u in pain? did i hurt u? riddhima?''
but she did not answered him and when nurse enterd riddhima yelled at her
Ri:''sister aap log yahan logon ki help ke liyye hai aur inhee itnii chott lagii hai and u evn did not gave him a first aid''
Nu:''mam sir hi nahin man rahee the maine inhee itnaa kaha''
Ri:''yeh mna karenge to aap ek patient ko aisee hi chodd dengii''
Armaan is shocked at her sudden outburst at nurse tht too because of him
Ar:''riddhima inkii koi galti nahin hai, maine hi treatment nahin liyya''
Ri:''abhie bhi aap yahin hai mujhe first aid box dijiye''
and after taking first aid box she looked at armaan but riddhima
Ri:''rehne dijiye i will do tht''
Nurse nodded and leaves from there and riddhima start getting up from bed so she can dress armaan's wounds.
But armaan immediately makes her sit down on bed and
Ar:''kya kar rahii ho tum''
Ri:''dontt u dare to speak any word armaan, mai pehle hi bahut gusse mein hun to pls''
Ar:''par maine kya kiyye hai''
Ri:''han ARMAAN MALLIK GREAT kch nahin kar sakta naa, sab kch maine hi kiyya hai. achaa let me tell u tumne abhie tak dressing nahin karvai''
she said annoyingly
Ar:''lekin mai voo''
Ri:''care to explain tumne dressing kyoon nahi karvai abhie tak?''
Ar:''riddhima believe me i am fine yar there is nothing to worry''
Ri:''han vo to mai dekh hi rahii hun how much u fine''
she said while getting up when armaan again stopped her she 
Ri:''dontt u armaan''
and armaan shut his mouth seeing her anger and the next moment she stand beside him and she start bandaging his hand and thn his forhead, all the time armaan looked at her face, how she clean his wound and while apply anticipating she blow on his wounds so can his pain will subsided but she did no know tht this pain him more because it remembers him tht she can not be his and feeling her so close this feeling of loosing her was increasing and the next moment he heared her saying
Ri:''armaan shirt ootaro''
Ri:''armaan tum bhi naa i know u burn ur shoulder let me see it''
Ar:''no riddhima its fine please''
Ri:''armaan kya ladkiyon ki tarah sharma rahee ho remove it now''
she said to him and armaan did not know y he weakened everytime in front of her, so he unbuttoned his shirt buttons and turned and riddhima looked at his burned back, and her eyes filled with tears seeing his burned skin and she applied medicine on his back,with these time both armaan and riddhima were lost in the thouhts again each-others but for different reasons and armaan feels terrible with he  touch
Ar(in her heart):''kyoon riddhima mat karoo aisee tum, aisee karke tum meraa aapne binaa jeena aur mushkil kar rahii ho. tum nahin jaanti mujhe kitni takleef ho rahii in zakhmon(wounds) se nahin par iss bat se ki mai fir kabhie tumhare itnee pas nahin aaa sakunga aur jabki mai tumhe humesha aapne pas rakhna chahta hun. mujhe dard ho rahaa hai yeh soch sochh kar hi ki tum merii kabhie nahin ho sakti, mat karoo riddhima merii itnii parvah ki mai jo thodi si zindagi jee rahaa hun vo bhi mushkil ho jaaye''
where as riddhima
Ri(in her heart):''i am sorry armaan mere kaaran tumhe itnii takleef hui. maine tumhe itnaa dard diyya fir bhi tum aaj mujhe bachane ko aapni jaan par khel gayye. par aab mai tumhare har gam ko dur kar ddongi, tumhari aankh ke har aanso ko chura loongi, tumhe har pal ki khushi doongi, tumhe bta doongi ki mai tumse beintha mohaabbat karti hun, jis pyaar ko maine aapni galatfehmi mein aakar dur kar diyya, tumhe dukh diyya ose aab har khushi mein badal dooongi, aur tuhare liyye mai Pune hi kya kissi village mein vhi rehne ko tayar hun love u armaan''
And thn riddhima come out from her thoughts and she said to armaan
Ri:''ho gayya armaan''
Ar:''umm han thanks''
Ri:''armaan how many times i hae to say u no need to say thanks''
Ar:"umm riddhima i think u need rest so tum rest karoo mai chalta hun''
Ri:''umm han vo armaan mujhe tumse kch kehna hai ''
She did not know how she tell him about her feelings
Ar:''riddhima hum bad mein bat karenge u need rest now''
He wants ti run from there he does not know how to control himself infront of her
Ri:''armaan its important''
sensing seriousness armaan turned to her and waits her to speak
Ri:''armaan vo actually''
Ar:''han riddhima bolo i am listening bolo kya kehna chahti ho''
Ri:''armaan actually i want to say that i love u''
she said in one breath and armaan was shocked at her sudden confession, he was not expecting this and when he does not speak for few minutes
Ri:''armaan kya hua tum kch bol kyoon nahin rahee ho, i know maine oos din tumhare saath theek nahin kiyya, bat sirff yeh thi armaan mujhe kch misunderstanding ho gayyi thi aur mai aapni feelings nahin samjah paayi thi, sorry oos din''
but she is cut in between with armaan's words
Ar:''nahin riddhima tumhe sorry kehne ki jarurat nahin hai. aur please maine tumhari jaan bachai ise ek ehsaan samajh kar pyaar karne ki jarurat nahin hai aur shaadi ke liyye bhi han kehne ki jarurat nahin hai iss se hume dukhh hi hogaa riddhima khushi nahin. to please mujh par yeh jhootha pyaar karke ehsaan karne ki jarurat nahin hai, u dontt love me its completely fine with me but please apnee jhoothe pyaar se mera dill mat dukhao aur sorry bhi mat bolo. please riddhima age se yeh sab mat karna''
Ri:''armaan merii mat mai tumse''
Ar:''riddhima please mere pyaar ki insult mat karoo aur tumhe rest ki jarurat hai u take care urself bye''
and he leaves from there, leaving a heart broken riddhima behind.
Ri:''i deserve this, jab oosne mujhe pyaar kiyya to maine ooska pyaar thukra diyya aur aab mai oos se yeh kaise expect kar sakti hun ki vo mujhe pyaar kare aur maf kar de, yeh sab merii aapni hi galti hai ki maine aapna pyaar kho diyya aur aaj bhi armaan ko dukh pahunchaya, mai bahut boori hun.aaj mujhe itnii takleef ho rahii hai aur jab maine armaan ka pyaar thukraya to ose kitni takleef hui hogii I AM SORRY ARMAAN BUT I LOVE U ARMAAN LOVE U ALOT''
and she fell on her knees and cried her heart out.
And here after leaving riddhima 
Ar:''kyoon riddhima kyoon kar rahii ho tum aisaa jab tum mujhse pyaar nahin karti to kyoon symathy dikha rahii ho? just because maine tumhari jaan bacahai isliyye tum mujhe apnana chahti ho? kyoon riddhima tumse aaj is tarah bat karke mujhe itnii takleef ho rahii hai ki kya bataon tumhe takleef dene se pehle mai marna pasand karonga aur aaj mujhe tumhe yeh sab kehna padaa, kyoon riddhima kyoon aakhir kyoon mai tumse itnaa pyaar karta hun I LOVE U A LOT RIDDHIMA Kya karun mai''
and he also cries his heart out

Two days passed and riddhima is heart broken, she does not talk anyone just sitting alone and lost in armaan's memory, she wants to go to armaan and tell him how much she loves him but she does not know whether she should go to pune or not, she is still in dilema what to do and when she heared atul's talk on phone, he was talking with armaan and with their talk she come to know armaan was in mumbai for some business deal and he go back today itself and it was already 9:p.m. but riddhima did not care as soon as she heared that armaan was in town, she once want to tell him tht she LOVES him so she immediately wear saree which she saw armaan was gazing in the mall when she met her and she just buys it. And she ran to armaan's hotel where he was staying but the receptionist told her tht he left and riddhima's heart break but next moment receptionist said she hearec him to go to lonavala at some cottage, riddhima thanked her and hired a taxi for lonavala and go to met her ARMAAN though receptionist say may be he did not go there and the weather is not gud also but riddhima did not give up she said
Ri:''koi bat nahin par mujhe aapna pyaar paana hai to mai jaongi aur ose bta kar rahungi ki riddhima armaan se kitna pyaar karti hai aur ooske binaa jee nahin sakti, aaj koi bhi aandhi-tufaan mujhe armaan se milne se nahin rauk sakta''
And she leaves for lonavala, when she entered lonavala there was jam because of weather and riddhima paying taxi ran towards cottage.
(please watch this video this is actuaaly what riddhima's condition)
(credit of vm goes to vm maker)
And when armaan saw riddhima infront of his eyes he was shocked to seeing her like this, she was breathing heavily and
Ar:''riddhima tum yahan''
but his words left incomplete as soon as riddhima saw armaan she threw herself in armaan's arms, first armaan was shocked but hearing her sobs armaan also embraced her and after two or three minutes riddhima detangles herself and start hitting armaan on his chest, armaan was surprised at her actions so he holds her hands
riddhima start trying to get out her hands from his grip
Ri:''chodo mujhe tum bahut boore ho armaan, bahut pareshan karte ho mujhe i love u alot par tumhe merii bat par vishwas hi nahin hai kaise vishwas dilaon tumhe ki mai tumse sachii vaala pyaar karti hun. bas merii itnii galti hai ki tumhe nikki ko hug karte dekh maine kch aur samajh liyya aur isliyye tumhe accept nahin kiyya, mujhe lga tum bhi doosre spoilt big house kids ki tarah ladkiyon ko use karte ho.par yeh sirff mujhe tumhara nikki ko hug karke dekhne ke kaaran hua, mujhe nahin pta tha tha she is ur sister. pta hai galti ho gayyi par kya karun tumhare pyaar me aisii galti ki, tumhe kisii ar ke saath nahin dekh sakii to yeh soch liyya, par tum naa bahut boore ho merii bat bhi nahin sunni aur mujhe itnaa rulaya, mera trust nahin karte. i hate u armaan tum bahut boore ho bahut boore''
armaan was shocked at her confession but he knows she loves him alots next moment he just embraced her
Ar:''but i love u riddhima''
first riddhima did not respond his hug and try to get out from his grip while hitting him lightly
Ar:''i love u  alots riddhima''
and armaan keep saying this and next moment riddhima also say
Ri:''i love u too armaan''
and hearing this armaan cupped her face in his palms and say
Ar:''ek bar fir se kahoo naa riddhima mai taras gayya tha yeh sunne ko''
Ri:''kyoon jab bol rahii thi tab to sun nahin rahee the aur mujhe kitna rulaya, jis din izhaar kiyya oos din to bol rahee the kabhie nahin rulaoge''
armaan holds his ears and
Ar:''sorry baby age se kabhie nahin karunga par please ekk bar fir se kahoo naa u love me''
Ri:''i love u''
Ar:''love u too''
and they hugged each-other tightly not wants to leave each-other.
And after spending some more time in each-other's embrace, armaan looked at riddhima who lowered her gaze and armaan with his index finger makes her look towards him, and riddhima blushed seeinh his gaze on hers and next moment armaan kissed her on her forhead and
Ar:''so ready to be MRS. Riddhima Armaan Mallik''
Riddhima just nodded her head in agreement and
Ar:''to vo tumhari condition Mumbai me rehne ki ooska kya hogaa''
Ri:''ose mai bhull gayii armaan mujhe tumhare saath se matlab hai armaan chahe tum pune me rahoo ya kisii village mein does not matter, sabse important yeh hai ki mai tumse pyaar karti hun, all IMPORTANT IS LOVE, NOTHING ELSE''
Ar:''han merii jaan aab mujhse kabhie dur mat jaana mai reh nahin paoonga''
Ri:''kabhie bhi nahin''

Finally The  day comes for which armaan and riddhima both waited, yes now they are married and riddhima finally becomes riddhima armaan mallik and now they were sitting in mallik mansion and all of armaan's cousins teasing them and armaan was like to flew away with riddhima, he wants to be with his jaan his riddhima, the moment he saw her in that red bridal attire, his heart skipped seeing her beauty and all the time in cermonies he just looked at her and occasionally holds her hand also and riddhima is also looking at him, he is looking like a greek god in his shervani and she is so lost in his eyes, at one moment she evn slipped when armaan caught her and now armaan wants to spend time with riddhima but these cousins
Na:'' areey armaan bhaii aisee ajeeb se face kyoon bna rahee hai''
Ar:''tumse matlab hun''
Ni:''areey lagta hai bhaii ko bhabhi ke saath time spend karna hai but i guess bhabhi ko humare saath baithne me koi problem nahin hai''
Ra:''han kyoon bhabhi''
now armaan looked at riddhima who nodded her head in disgreeent and armaan's face fell down and the next moment
Ar:''theek hai karoo tum aapni yeh stupid batein mai sonee jaa rahaa hun bye''
he get up looking at riddhima
Na:''nahin bhaii aap pehle nahin jaa sakte, pehle bhabhi jayengi room me''
Ra:''han chl choda tujhe tu bhi kya yad rakhega kin logon se paala pda tha''
hearing it armaan's face lit up
Ar:''bahut bahut mehrbani''
and next moment he knows naina and nikki take riddhima along them and when entered in his room offcourse after giving money to his cousins
and finally he was with his riddhima all alone and he looked at her, she was sitting in the middle of bed with veil covering her face, he pulled her veil up and looked at riddhima whose eyes are lowered due to closeness and shyness and next moment armaan placed his hand over hers and thn he took something out from his pocket and looked at her and
Ar:''riddhima jaan''
he slowly called her riddhima looked at him and
Ar:''tumhara gift''
and riddhima saw beautiful kangan in his hand and she forward her hand and armaan placed it in her hand while kissing it and riddhima closed her eyes and the next moment armaan come close to riddhima and armaan is so close to riddhima that riddhima can feel his breath and next moment she heared
Ar:''i love u jaan.''
and he kissed her on her forhead and thn he lies in her lap and take her hands in his and start finding his name in her dark mehndi while riddhima caressing his hair and riddhima was looking at him
Ri:''armaan kitna time le rahee ho''
Ar:''haw riddhima tum kitni impatient ho yar''
Ri:''chodo mujhe nahin dhundhvana tumse''
Ar:''areey baby naraj kyoon ho rahii ho dekho yeh rahaa'A', here'R',th in bet ween ur finger'M'
,thn on ur palm 'A' and here is 'A' and thn here is ur 'N' hai naa?''
he said while placing kisses on the intials and riddhima is shocked
Ri:''matlab u r teasing me''
Ar:''yes baby.''
he said while looking in her eyes
Ri:''tum naa armaan bahut boore ho''
Ar:'' i know baby well aab maine aapna name find kar liyya so my reward''
he said while leaning towards her and start kissing her on her cheeks and riddhima was melting at his touch
Ar:''so baby can i make love to my jaan ''
and riddhima nodded shyly while hiding her face in armaan's chest.
Note- next part contains adult material so if u are not comfortable skip it until the next note
As riddhima was clinging with armaan, armaan's hands were at riddhima's back and he start rubbing her back sennsously and thn he unpinned her heavy duppatta from her head, and he slowly loose her hair which were tied in a bun and when he detangles her from and was unpinned her duppataa fron her front riddhima placed her hands above his, she gasped with close proximity and armaan looked at her she is blushing very badly and armaan placed a soft kiss on her forhead and thn he he pulled her hand which was above his and kissed it and thn he slowly whispered in her ear
Ar:''dontt worry jaan i won'tt hurt u''
and riddhima looked at him, this small words are enough for her and she hugged her and now armaan start removing her jewellary, firstly he removes her nose pin and kiss on her nose tip, thn her mangtikka and kissed her there and her cheeks and thn he remove her earrings while biting on her earlobe and riddhima moaned and armaan simply place his hands onher back and e pushed her long hairs aside and remove her necklace while placing kisses on her neck and he captures her lips with his amd soon riddhima start respomding the kiss armaan sucked riddhima's lower lip and he sucked her lips makinh her moaned and soon enough his tongue was in her mouth tasting each-other's saliva and riddhima broke the kiss as she was out of breath and now his hands were playing with her dori at her back and now riddhima was laying on her back and armaan was slowly opening the thread of her dorii while kissing on  her full mouth and thn he moved to her long throat, neck while giving her kissed and now riddhima's hands were playing with his sherwani's buttons and armaan help her to remove his sherwani and now armaan remove her choli and start kissing on her upeer chest so hard making her skin turn into redand thn he bite her on her nap riddhima moaned and now armaan undo her b** and riddhima heared snap and she saw armaan's eyes which were full of love and desire and hunger and now armaan threw it off  and start kissing hard on her ni***** he held her breasts and kissing her on her ni***** and now he bit her very hard on their riddhima whimpered in pain and armaan licked her from their and she holds his hair in her fists and now armaan turned so that she was on top of him and she start kissing at his abs and make him moaned in pleasure and now armaan again turned her now he again was on top of her soon she feels his hands were playing with her lehnga's dorii and armaan open it and threw it and her undergarment and now riddhima was completely naked and armaan moved to her belly button  kissing on her navel and he was trying hard to resist himself seeing her milky skin and now he stand up and free himself from rest of his clothes and he again leaned over her and rubbed his naked body with hers and he captured riddhima's lips in another kiss while armaan's hands were on her upper thighs and riddhima gasped sensing what he was upto and she sensed that his hands were caressing her thighs and soon riddhima was charged and armaan locked her hands with his on pillow and he gently parted her legs kissing her vigrously and soon enough armaan was in her and riddhima winced in pain tears bleeming in her eyes and armaan sucked her tears and he kissed her on her full mouth in order to distract her from pain which he was giving her and whole night they make love and the sound of riddhima's bangles were fill in room.
Note-its safe from here
and next morning riddhima's sleep disturb feeling hot breath on her neck and she saw armaan was sleeping peacefully alost over her his both legs were around her while his his hands were around her waist and his face was buried in the crook of her neck, riddhima blushed remembering the night, and seeing herself in armaan's arms makes her blush more and she smiled to armaan and she tried to get up while not waking up armaan, but she is not successful and thn she feels wet kisses on her upper chest and she gasped
still kissing her
Ri:''armaan chodo naa''
but armaan did not and
Ri:''armaan chodo dekho koi aa jayega''
Ar:''koi nahin ayega''
now sucking the love bites which he gave her at night with his lips and riddhima was again loosing her control but somehoww
Ri:armaan chodo naa dekho achaa nahin lagta mujhe aab niche jaana chahiye''
Ar:''kyoon baby?''
Ri:''armaan kya bachoo jaisi batein kar rahee ho, dekho its already 9 to please aab hun chalein''
Armaan get up and sat while pulling riddhima so that her face was on his chest
Ar:''ok jaan u may go but only after u give me my good morning kiss''
Riddhima blushed at his demand, she nodded and armaan frowned
Ar:''theek hai to fir mujhse mat kehna ki maine jaane nahin diyya''
Ri:''armaan u r so mean''
she come out from his hold
Ar:''haw u r saying i am mean maine to ek gud businessman ki tarah ek fair deal rakhi hai its u who not accepting it''
Riddhima looked at him who winked at her and riddhima smiled at his naughtiness
Ri:''tum naa armaan bahut boore ho sachi me aapni har bat manva lete ho''
Ar:''aur tum bahut achii merii har bat man letii ho jaan''
with this he pulled her close and capture her lips with his in a soft and sweet kiss and riddhima too respond the kiss and thn riddhima break the kiss and hid her face in armaan's chest and armaan kissed her in her hairs and they stayed sometime like that
Ar:''vaise jaan mujhe koi problem nahin hai aisee tumhe pakde rakhne mein par tumhe jaana tha naa?''
Ri:''han armaan chodo''
and armaan leaves her and when riddhima pulled covers, armaan pulled them back''
Ri:''armaan kya kar rahee ho''
Ar:''riddhima yar i also need them u know naa baby''
and he winked at her, riddhima blushed at his mischiveous comment
Ri:''armaan please naa''
Ar:''yar aab mai kya karun achaa i have a idea y we both go to washroom together''
and riddhima's eyes widened hearing him
Ri:''no armaan no''
Ar:''y baby y, u know i want to make love to u in bath tub please''
Ri:''armaan please aaj nahin naa i am really tired and i am not feeling gud''
Ar:''hey jaan r u alright''
he asked while worrying  for her 
Ri:''han armaan i am fine its just u know my legs are''
Armaan pulled her in his lap and put his head on her shoulder
Ar:''i am so sorry jaan i think rat mein jyada ho gayya hai naa but baby i really dontt want to hurt u''
riddhima turned her face and cupped his face in her palms
Ri:''armaan sorry kyoon bol rahee ho? i also want u shona and u never hurt me armaan, aur sorry mujhe bolna chahiye mai abhie tumhe washroom''
but she is cut short when armaan placed his finger on her mouth
Ar:''koi bat nahin jaan i know how u feeling baby koi bat nahin vaise bhi we are having our honeymoon on the way''
he winked at her and riddhima hit his chest playfully
Ri:''armaan tum naa''
and armaan smiled at her and picked her up in his arms while wrapping both themselves in the sheet
Ar:''not to worry jaan i dontt do anything bas i just drop u at washroom door'' 
riddhima smiled and 
Ri:''i love u''
Ar:''love u too''
and armaan keeps his promise places her down and riddhima go to wash room and after sometime riddhima comes out of the washroom wearing green saree while drying her hair and armaan looked at her, she was looking breath taking in her saree and the red bangles and her manglsutra and she sat down beside dressing table thn she noticed armaan who was still lookingat her in daze and she blushed seeing his intense gaze on her and she lowered her gaze
Ri:''armaan jao naa ready hokar aao fir niche chalenge''
Ar:''baby jaana jaruri hai kya''
he said while coming closer
Ar:''par kyoon baby''
he comes more closer and riddhima stop him while putting her hand on his chest
Ri:''no masti armaan''
and she pushed him in washroom and smiled at him and soon enough armaan is back from washroom and he saw riddhima is sitting beside dressing table whole ready and armaan looked at her lovingly
when riddhima saw him she
Ri:''armaan vahan khade kya kar rahee ho yahan aakar merii help nahin kar sakte?''
she said while struggling with her blouse's dorii
Ar:''seedhe se kyoon nahin bolti ki romance karna hai aisee bahane kyoon bna rahii ho jaan''
armaan quitened seeing her frown and come close to her and tied the dorii while placing the kiss on her bare back
Ar:''vaise riddhima tum bahut sundar lag rahii ho jaan''
Ri:''thanks aur tum bhi bahut handsome lag rahee ho shone''
she said while correcting the collar of his shirt
Ar:''thanks baby.''
and he hugged her and they go to downstairs and riddhima is very happy with malliks. All trated her like their daughter, sister, friend and she feels blessed having such a adorable family and armaan was happy seeing her happy, seeing her so close to him, she is actually serving him, like he always dreaming from when he saw her and he saw her how his family members treat her and she herself mixed with them tht too on her first day.
In Evening
Ar:''ji dadu aapne mujhe bulaya''
Da:''han kch kehna tha tujhe''
Ar:''ji boliye''
Da:''ek minute riddhima ko ane de''
till thn riddhima comes and
Da:''riddhima yeh lo''
Ri:''yeh kya hai dada jii''
Da:''beta yeh tere aur armaan ke honeymoon ke tickets hai switzerland ke''
Ar:''sachii dadu u r genious''
armaan hugged his dadu excitedly while riddhima blushed
Da:''han mujhe pta hai chl aab chodd mujhe, jaane ki tayari karoo, tum logon ko aaj hi niklana hai'' 
and he leaves while placing a hand on riddhima's head.
And riddhima turned to go when armaan pulled her tht she jammed in his chest
Ar:''aap kahan chalii mrs.mallik''
Ri:''armaan chodo koi aaa jayega''
Ar:''aaa jaane do mai kissi se nahin darta now u r my wife''
Ri:''achaa kisii se nahin darte''
he said pulling her more closer
Ri:''kisii se nahin''
Ar:''nahin kisii se bhi nahin''
he said while leaning towards her lips and riddhima gasped feeling his hot breath but somehow she controlled and
Ri:'' areey mummy jii''
and he let go of her and riddhima laughed seeing her horrified face and armaan looked at her and understand her trick
Ar:''to tumne mujhe bewkoof bnaya''
riddhima nodded while running from there
Ar:''koi bat nahin u have to pay for it mrs. riddhima armaan mallik tht too in armaan's ways jaan''
he said and riddhima blushed understanding his comments.
She stirred in her sleep feeling something caressing her waist and she opened her eyes lightly feeling the hot breath on her neck
Ri:''armaan please chodo naa''
She said with her eyes still closed
Ar:''nahin chodunga jab se flight board kii hai tab se so rahii ho''
He said right on her nape and riddhima feels his hot breath kissing her nape and she shivered, they were on their way to switzerland  for their honeymoon feeling armaan's hands start moving on her waist pulling her saree a bit inside the blanket, they were covered in one blanket, riddhima's ears alarmed and she
Ri:''armaan hatoo naa hum flight meiin hai koi dekhega to kya sochega''
She whispered while pushing his hand aside but armaan was adamant
Ar:''kya sochega yehii sochega 2 lovers love kar rahein hai yar''
He said now placing a kiss on her nape while his hand moved to her thigh and riddhima gasped with his sensous movements
Ri:''armaan please naaa''
Ar:''y jaan''
He said now half leaning on her and covered his face in her saree pallu and start placing wet kisses over her neck and riddhima shivered with his touch and
Ri:''armaan please naa''
She now pushed him little bit aside and armaan frowned and riddhiam seeing his cute pouted face giggled
Ar:''fine haso jitna hansna hai aab tou i am not going to come closer to u u have to come fine now''
He said in finality and riddhima was surprised hearing him and his words he is just like a kid and then she whispered leaning towards him but armaan turned his face and
She called him slowly but he covered his face with blanket by saying
Ar:''mujhe neend aaa rahii hai good night''
He said and
Ri:''good night nahin janab good morning''
She said while looking outside and armaan frowned hearing her giggling and he said while pushing a blanket a bit down
Ar:'''ok fine good morning to good morning sahii''
And he covered his face again and slept.

They were finally in switzerland and riddhima was pissed off with armaan, they were sitting in taxi to their hotel, and riddhima was trying to catch armaan's attention but he was ignoring her like anything as if not knowing her and riddhima was just pissed off with his behave and
Ri:''armaan kya ho gayya hai tumhe bat kyoon nahin kar rahein ho mujhse kab se bula rahii hun tumhe''
But he did not reply and keep on looking outside and
Ri:''armaan please batao naa kii kya hua hai tumhe?''
She asked making him face towards her and
She caressed his cheeks but armaan moved a bit
Ar:''riddhima koi dekhh legaa yar hatoo naa''
He imitates her and riddhima frowned and then she remembered y he was behaving so indifferent and she smiled and
Ri:''armaan i am sorry naa please mat naraz ho naa its our Honeymoon jaan please man jao naa shona''
She said holding his hand tightly as they entered in their hotel making their way to their room and armaan so enjoyed him so much attention so
Ar:''kyoon riddhima aab log nahin dekhh rahein hai?''
He asked suppressing his smile and riddhima shook her head and she was now worried did she really makes him so angry
Ar:''bolo aab?''
He asked bringing her back from her own thoughts
Ri:''armaan sorry naa jaan please we r on our Honeymoon''
She said while leaning her head on his chest making him smile, he has strong urge to engulf her in his arms and kiss her like no tomorrow but he controlled himself, his desires, he has something else in his mind for her and he has to think for it
Ar:''ohk if u say so par aab jab mai tumse naraz hun tumhe mujhe mnana padega maine kaha tah naa kii aab tum aaogi mere pas''
He replied while closing the door after paying the bail boy and riddhima was surprised
Ri:''armaan please naa''
She said but armaan was adamant
Ar:''choice is urs riddhima aab tum lao aapne armaan ko aapne pas''
He finished with a wink and moved to washroom for freshen up while riddhima sat on bed thinking about him.
After few minutes armaan came outside and saw her sitting and thinking to herself armaan smirked seeing her like that, he was looking so cute yet so damn beautiful that armaan would like to drag her on the bed and make her love crazily but he controlled himself and his wild desires, thinking what she should do now and saw him leaning on the door and looking at her riddhima smiled thinking he will now forgive him but armaan just burst her bubble of happiness
Ar:''riddhima mai kuchh der ke liyye bahar jaa rahaa hun bye''
And without waiting for her reply he walked outside but she called 
But he did not listen and riddhima fumed in anger
Ri:''had ho gayyi hai armaan kii yeh koi bat hui humare Honeymoon par mujhe akele chodd ke challe gayya yeh kya bat hui ooska akele ka Honeymoon hai kya stupid kahin kaa, aisaa bhi kya kiyya hai maine jo aisee react kar rahaa hai had hai yehii kahaa tha naa aagar flight meiin koi dekhta aur vo aisee naraz ho gayya hai jaise pta nahin maine aisaa kaunsa bda gunah kar diyya kii mujhe humare Honeymoon par akele chod ke challe gayya aagar aisee hii karna tha to akele ata naa Honemoon par mujhe kyoon laaya idiot kahin kaa duffer.
(she cursed him and slumped on bed after few minutes she when her anger subsided a bit thinks)
                 par ose mnana to padega naa nahin to nahin maanega jaanti hun kitna ziddi hai mere pati dev jo thehere aab to ose mnana hii padega nahin to yeh humara Honeymoon romantic nahin ban paayega so riddhima tune naraz kiyya hai naa ose aab tu hii ose mna par kaise hmm aab yehii karna padega so armaan mallik aap chahte the naa kii aab mai aapke pas aaonn to my darling hubby aab aisaa hii hogaa so wait and watch.
(she giggled at her thoughts and moved to her luggage and finally get what she wants and smiled and immediately moved to washroom)
                aab dekhte hai armaan kaise naraz rehte ho tum.
(she blushed with her thoughts)
                  wait and watch armaan aab mai tumhe kaise manaogi.
(and she smiled to herself and finally went to get ready)
After sometime coming out from the relaxing shower riddhima wrapped in her bathrobe and she sat in front of dresser and applied some kajal and lip liner and pinch of vermilion and changed into the dress and then she looked in mirror and she was just astonished seeing herself, she was thinking will armaan like her like this, what will he do seeing her like this.
She blushed and hide her face in her palms thinking about his reaction and she winked to mirror while saying
Ri:'' wait for ur best evening armaan.''

Continued On Page 10

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heyy nikkk...HugHugHugHug
wowww amazing, superb, mind blowing, outstanding , fabulous, fantastic OS yaarClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapStarStarStarStarStarStar...i loved it from the core of my heart...yaaarrr sach mein bahut badiya os hai...from starting armaan accident n ridz helped him to taker hospital then uski family ko inform karna  saari baat sambhalna...n our hero fell in love with her at first sight yaar...loved how armaan dreamt ridz take care all his work as a wife how sweet he is madly love with him...hmmm second meetying also superb when armaan said main har baar aapki dress ruin kar deta hun hehehe...armaan show ruidz to his mom...n they talked about this ridz chacha-chaachi...oh ridz condition be armaan k sapne tod diye...he was heartbroken...but he is armaan how can he leave his heroin...but how he stalk her n understand her...mall scene was superbb mujhe laga muski kahne wali hai tera dream wala armaan superb...this scene was amazing...anji's finace atul is armaan friend...hehehe ridz is so jeaolus when he flirt with anji..loved it yaar..loved armaan proposal how caqn any girl refuse him...but ridz ne maana kar diya...pehli jo thodi umeed thi armaan k liye vo bhi tut gai...ridz visit armaan home n all her misunderstanding was clear superb...yipeee she is also love with armaan ...armaan saved ridz from fire n finally ridz confessed her love yeyyy,,,hospital scene was mindblowing...,,oh God kabhi ridz kabhi armaan dona galat sochte hai hmmphh...lonavlya scene was outstanding...finally both r together...they both goy married yeyyy...bedroom scene was hot dearWinkWink...woww they r going to honeymoon...ridz bhi  naughty  hai...honeymoon scene was extremely hot...loved armaan gussa n ridz ka manane ka style... they enjoyed honeymoon so much...ridz n armaan ki duri amazing hehehe kya baat hai jo ridz apni town ko chodkar jana nhi chati thi ab vo vahan rehna nhi chah \ti use toh bas apne armaan k paas rehna hai...hmmm IMportant Is Love...thanku yaar such a wonderful OS...i just loved it sooo much...mindblowing...

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nice part. Waiting for the complete part

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complete it

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nice part
complete it soon

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hey awesome part
 loved it totally!!!!!!!!!
pls cont soon

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nice part
complete it soon

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